Tuesday, December 29, 2009



DR K Prabhakar Rao

once on a moon lit night, I was at Rajghat@

At the banks of lovely river Yamuna Ghat

Wanted to pray for the dead soul of the slain leader

And I remembered a poem from a nursery reader

I thought I heard a sound from the black marble

Where poor Gandhi’s ashes were covered under rubble

Some one laughed at me from a nearby grape vine

As shivers went down from my chilling spine

I thought dead Gandhi spoke from the grave

Yet I was putting a face mighty brave

The marble echoed Hare ram Hare Ram

While a child cried from a nearby parked pram

Gandhi asked from grave whether I was scared

“Not at all , least”, I blared

Across the road lay the dirtiest Delhi of shitty politics

Where dreams of Gandhi are now with shady fanatics

Again there was a weird Gandhi’s laugh

I tried to look clam and gave a cough

Do you feel sorry for Gandhi? He quipped low

‘Not even once” I said without raising my eye brow

Dreams of Gandhi lay shattered across the road

Where politicians behave as the dirtiest toad

“Are you happy that Gandhi died?” I heard the voice

“of course” I said for the politicians to rejoice

Again the eerie laugh I heard from the marble grave

My nerves trembled although I appeared brave

“Come close to me my son’, Gandhi spoke with a smile

I was lost in thoughts for a while

I felt sorry for Gandhi turning in his grave

While his dreams were burnt in an autoclave

One and all are busy in the murky rat race

Ready to break the heads with a heavy iron mace

Tears dropped from my eyes on the green lawn grass

As the flame on altar flickered in a pot made of brass

I really felt sorry for Gandhi who gave up his life ( infact taken away)

To give freedom to a nation that was on strife

Thankless nation has forgotten grand old man

His teachings are more or less under a pan

Poor Gandhi must be feeling sorry for his fate

While the sentry at Rajghat was gulping rum at the gate

I turned back wit heavy hear and smoggy head

While my stomach craved for a piece of bread

Looking here and there I caught a running bus

And the conductor pocketed the change after making a fuss

Gandhi’s soul is buried deep under the marble slab

The slab is cleaned daily with a swab

His ideals are thrown into the polluted air

And present leaders feel mischief is right and fair

@ Rajghat is a place on the bank of river Yamuna in Delhi where a memorial for MK Gandhi is built. On the black marble platform a lamp burns continuously duly protected from wind. Hare Ram is inscribed on the memorial.

Monday, December 28, 2009




Prof Col Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hampi and vijayanagar stand testimony even today
Wanton acts stare at us by the muslim kings
Linger fresh in the minds of all
As muslim kings in Deccan formed an evil ring
Belur and Halebid temples mock at us
With defaced idols and broken statues
Hindu culture stands vitiated to the core
While pseudo secularists lack basic virtues

Looking back at these temples across our land
That lay scattered across our nation
Idols and sculptures stare with broken limbs
And my heart aches with sorrow and pain
Solid granite was sculptured as if by the gods
While Indian sculptors struggled day and nights
Wanton acts of invading blockheads
Have done untold harm in the useless fights

Scores of Hindu gods and SivaLingas
And the gracefully sitting stone bulls
All are put to fire and hammer
Damage has been done by the clouded and dull
Ghazni broke the Linga into pulp and dust
Took away the stones to his kingdom
Alas!the stones were spread on stairs at a mosque
While lakhs of Indians met their martyrdom

Pseudo secularism is the order of the day
To appease some the leaders are ready to eat even grass
Our history books are filled with distorted versions
And the nation has been brought to a pathetic pass
It is high time the things are set right
And children are taught truthful things of past
Pseudo secularists be floored on the mat
Only then the truth would eternally last

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

• Hampi and Vijaynagar was the capital of Vijaynagar Emperors in 14 to 16 Th centuries, was vandalized and destroyed by Muslim armies of Deccan after Tallikota battle fought on 23 January 1565 between Aliya (Araveeti) Ramaraya of Vijayanagar and the combined armies of Bijapur, Ahmednagar, Golconda, and Bidar. His treacherous Muslim generals and their troops betrayed Ramaraya on the battlefield at the call of Islam, which led to his capture and subsequent killing at the hands of Hussain Nizam Shah of Ahmed nagar who held a personal grudge against him. Some also claim that one of his Muslim General stabbed Ramaraya from behind with a spear on the battlefield. The shamless acts of destruction as a result of Hindu hatred can be seen even today which our pseudo historians try to hide to appease a section of people, else their sentiments would be adversely affected in secular India.What a tragedy indeed? It is time to show the pseudo secularists the door so that the country is saved from disaster and doom, which is lurking around the corner. Some of the Indian pseudo secular historians down played Ramaraya and his sacrifice and it is time to show such historians their rightful place. These historians have abetted the fanatic muslim historians of the times and attributed false incidents to Ramaraya and stated that Ramaraya encouraged destruction of mosques, burning of Islamic religious books and violation of muslim women when he conquered Ahmednagar defeating Hussain Nizam shah which was totally false and baseless. Ramaraya in those eventful years played political games no doubt and it was the order of the day. Entire Indian History right from the days of Ghazni invasion to the invasion of Abdali from Afghanistan in 18Th century is full of wanton acts of destruction of Hindu heritage, violation of Hindu women, murders of our men women and children. Our Pseudo historians down play all these atrocities on Hindu culture and heritage and accuse Ramaraya of excesses when he conquered Ahmednagar.The most recent example of pseudo secularism is the elevation of Nizam VII, Mir Osman Ali Khan of Hyderabad as Rajpramukh( Governor) after Police action on Hyderabad in Sept 1948.The leaders like Nehru who mattered and were at the helm of affairs after gaining Independence lacked moral courage infact to bring the Nizam to face the law and were overtaken by pseudo secularism. In fact Nehru was down playing the acts of Nizam and but for Patel the Nizam Hyderabad state would have been a central Pakistan in heart of India. The Nizam as the ruler was no doubt was squarely responsible for abetting the Razakars who committed heinous crimes, like murders, mass rapes, dacoities and lootings of Hindu population in former Hyderabad State. As a ruler of the cosmopolitan State, he abdicated his moral responsibility of lawful governing and blindly followed the dictum of the devil Kasim Razvi the leader of MIM the party of fundamentalists , the commander and self styled Field Marshal of infamous and murderous Razakar bands. The pseudo historians to gain official favors and few coppers wrote false history of India and it has been thrust down the throats of innocent children in India. The atrocities of Razakars are not found in History books taught to students. The pseudo secularists want all to forget the things and lick boots of those who created Pakistan destroying united India. Is this the nationalism? It is more of self defeating attitude that leads country no where. The situation is no different even now. Secularism means uniform civil code on first count and removing religion from politics. But sadly in India it is opposite. A Hindu is in fact is scared to call himself a Hindu. If he does open worship he is dubbed as fundamentalist while the same does not appear true for minorities. What is actually going on is rape of Hinduism in this country. People should realize this and should vote accordingly instead of getting influenced by the pseudo images of past leaders who although fought for freedom did more damage to the country in long run.

Sunday, December 27, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Pakistan is the nerve center of terrorism today in the world and all fingers point towards this nation. It has become center stage for all nefarious terrorist activities. But it has managed to stay on his right side America in spite of being exposed several times. President Bush patronized it fully like any other past Presidents. Even though Barak Obama occasionally is strong in words towards Pakistan, the actions are not that strong. He threatens that soon Drone attacks could push into other interior regions apart from Waziristan. But will he violate his friend a sovereign nation? In all probabilities surely no. If he antagonizes Pakistan, he may loose grip in the region. India is of no help because it has no common border with Waziristan or Afghanistan. So the game will be blow hot and blow cold. Pakistan fully understands this weakness of USA and thus exploits it fully and grabs billions of dollars as aid out of which most of the money is spent towards developing its military capabilities and nuclear weapons. That is the truth. Thus Pakistans is an Achilles heel for USA and has to live with it. If Pakistan falls to Taliban which looks likely one day soon, the way for USA will be clear. It can go for all out war against this murky nation. USA no doubt has helped in rearing a dirty serpent Hydra in the region that is called Pakistan and it has engulfed the area an even threatening the world. USA has to come out of its hold and slay it soon. Certain facts in this direction are ennumrated that has resulted in todays situation.

1. Pakistan is born out of hatred towards Hindus. It is against all Kafirs more so about Hindus

2.Eversince it was born, generation after generation grew with anti Hindu philosophy and Jihadi thought. Even a small child will utter anti Hindu slogans there. They are brought up in that way.

3.Pakistan has no base for rule of democracy and leans towards religious Islamic state. Out of its 60 years of Pathetic survival more than 70 percent of time was under military dictatorship. Its army is completely politicized.

4. General Ziz ul Haq the dictator was the inspiration for anti India tirade and he has successfully converted Pakistan into a state of Madrasa where Jihadis are produced. It is good that this guy perished in air craft explosion and that was the will of Allah in correct direction. One must thank Allah for it.

5.They created Taliban to counter Russian occupation and let them loose into Afghnaistan. USA abetted the drama. Finally USSR pulled out from the region and Taliban became the devils on the earth.

6.Afghanistan under Taliban became the nerve center for cheats, thugs, drug peddlers,arms smugglers, killers and terrorists. Al Qaeda grew there and planned anti US activities while Pakistan watched things.

7.Although AlQaeda was thrown out along with Taliban from Afghanisrtan they are taking assylum in Pakistan. this is Waziristan the den of thugs for many years.

8. USA had to sleep in the bed of Pakistan by compulsion as it is next to Afghnaistan and is unable to come out of the embrace.

9. To keep regional balannce, Pakistan is supported by USA in all matters. Thus India is given lip sympathy and Pakistan gets maximum chunk of help from USA.

10.Pakistan has been harboring all types of terrorists while swallowing US aid and billions of dolars and US is literaly helpless . Occasionally USA waves the sword and does saber rattling. It is fuly confirmed that AlQaeda leadership is entrenched in Pakistan and it is unable to capture them.

11. While USA attacked a sovereign Taliban ruled Afghnaistan after 9/11, it is unable to attack Waziristan in full strength.

12. Pakistan can never capture AlQaeda leadership and its survival depends on the continuing terrorist groups on its soil.

13. Pak nukes are hanging in balance and can land into the lap of terrorists. All ready three times they attacked nuclear depots. Taliban came very close to Pak capital.

14. Pak army too has links with the thugs and one will not be surprised if they abet Taliban.

15.Unles Pakistan is strongly disciplined amounting to nuclear disarming them, success for USA is unlikely

16. Remember, Pakistan is the sole mischief maker and needs to be fixed once for all. It needs to be dismembered without any mercy.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Constitution of India has miserably failed
To give India a good government
Innocent are found framed and jailed
And we go through periodic parliamentary tournament

Elders contest not from their area
Scared of loosing precious deposit
Gullible people of distant ands
Make them win under shadow of deceit
Parties fight bitterly as cats and dogs
With speeches full of choicest and filthy abuse
However at parties they eat like hogs
As urchins gather to collect roadside refuse

Parties biting at each others throat
Gang up at the end of national election
National interests are thrown into deep moat
As poor reduced to moving skeletons

Criminals, thugs, thieves robbers and dacoits
All are found in the election fray
Indian masses are thoroughly exploited
As killers ad thugs have their sway

Great Churchill surely is having the last laugh
Know, his predictions have become very true
Destitute Indians are down with woofing cough
While leaders are stuck to seats with sticky glue

Gone are the days of some glory in parliament
When some great men walked in the corridors
Saddest days of election tournaments
Today bring in the shady as the crusaders

Noble mother India is wounded and bleeding
Its own sons having speared with sharp lance
Honest Indians are found weeping
As people of India are lying in a state of trance

Great scarifices made by the peers
Have failed to inspire the shdy devils
The Indian leaders are all without tears
Who failed to realize the imminent perils

Fall in the standards of public life
And greed for power as for water in oasis
Threw our nation into a state of strife
Thus men in India have to face the crisis

The nation that abounds in moral corruption
That is sure to land in disasters
Present trend will lead to eruption some day
When the nation is devoid of a true master

The states are fighting with in tooth and nail
While every one wants the top most post
Useless men are leading the nation today
And for criminals they play a happy host

Sir Winston Churchill spoke long ago
That India would be in the hands of scoundrels that bray
What we see today throughout the nation at every corner
Is sure to make Churchill happy delightful and gay

Thursday, December 24, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

The BJP in fact is washing dirty linen in public. The episode of book of Mr Jaswant Singh the former central minister is the glaring example and it has created great uproar in the party and finally resulted in sending him packing ( 1) into winds and oblivion. His thirty years of painful slogging after quitting Indian army as Captain vanished in a flick of moment. Mr Jaswant singh although appears to be composed and brave probably, wrote his earlier book about his army career and his views on army were much disliked. There were scores of unsavoury comments on the site Pragmatic euphony by Army officers retired and serving with pseudo names. The book was very much discussed on the web site Pragmatic Euphony…..Jaswant Singh.. Indian army better awaken to reality…. ( 2) ( One my read on site and feel happy too). Most of the commentators that were army guys ( retired and some serving too writing under fictitious names) were much offended and were hostile too. Mr Jaswant Singh was dubbed in unpleasant terms. However Mr Singh decided to write the book much after he left the portfolio as Defense Minister. There were responses in his favor too. However the present book is much serious and disturbed Hornets nest.
What prompted him to write the book? He tried to dig skeletons and exhume rotten buried bodies out of graves. In fact, the truths of partition are still submerged in thick mist and actual facts are not known (Infact hidden). The congress party takes credit for leading the nation under the leadership of MK Gandhi towards independence. Although there is some truth in this, the sacrifices of others such as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and other revolutionaries including Sardar Bhagat singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Chandra Sekhar Azad, Ramprasad Bismil, Uddham singh ( Mohammed Singh Azad) and many others can not be ignored and brushed under carpet. The World War II and its crippling effect on great Britain was the greatest factor forcing England to part with India although Sir Winston Churchil the Prime Minister was much against granting independence to India ( 3). India got independence only after departure of Sir Winston Churchill and during the tenure of Mr Atlee.
What really happened that forced Muslims to opt for a separate nation remained an intriguing question all these days. Every one wanted to avoid this question. Probably Mr Jaswant Singh tried to answer this question in his book. The most important seed for separatism was infact sown by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan ( 1817-1892) the founder of Aligarh Muslim university. He is much glorified in India by Muslims. He wrote (4):-


Poet Iqbal was the next Muslim gentleman who suggested for formation of a Muslim State. In a 1930 lecture, Iqbal suggested the creation of a separate state for the Muslims of India. Although Iqbal died in 1938, nine years before the formation of Pakistan in 1947, it was his ideas that have been the main force behind the creation of Pakistan (5).

Thus we see that it was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was the first one to sow the seed of hatred between Hindus and Muslims followed by Poet Iqbal in 1930 from which advantage was taken by the cunning and clever Jinnah at a later date. In fact, the first two were the bigger villains to put straight in this murky game of partition and probably Jinnah deserves slightly lesser degree of condemnation than them. It is very sad that these two men who were infact behind formation of Pakistan are much glorified in India every day and Indian army and other uniformed forces of India unfortunately march to the tune of Iqbal’s song every day. In central schools this song is much glorified. Netaji’s songs of INA are rather taboo in this country. That is the part of much debated India’s secularism (Pseudo?).

In Hyderabad Sir Syed Ahmed Khan memorial lectures are being conducted regularly at Nampally at Sir Syed Ahmed Khan hall. Earlier Mir Osman Ali Khan Asif Jha, Nizam 7( former ruler of Hyderabad state) memorial lectures were conducted and after some objections and hue and cry, it was changed to the present one. It is well known to all that Nizam 7 abetted Razakars under Kasim Razvi and unleashed a wave of terror agsint hindu population in the state with an intention of staying independent after 1947 and finally he was deposed by Police action in 1948 and the state became part of india. Probably it was agreed that these two were slightly less danger than the Nizam 7.
Nizam 7 although was good builder of buildings, osmainia university and few reservoirs and thus had some credits in his own way ( He was also considered a poet in urdu in his own way), he abetted Razakars and the crimes committed by them along with the rascal and Islamic fundamentalist Kasim Razvi. Some credit must be given to Nizam for his earlier good activities as a ruler. But this will not absolve him from the crimes committed by his Razakars and for his policies of inability against activities of Razakars. He wanted to remain independent as a ruler while Sir Khan and Iqbal were the master minds behind partition that was a bigger crime in fact than what Nizam did. Unfortunately these two men were accomplished men in their spheres of activities but they did not rise over the narrow outlook of Islam and tolerance towards Hindus. But those men died much earlier after doing the damage and poisoning the minds of Muslims in India. Gandhi’s slogan Hindu Muslim Bhai..Bhai just vanished into thin air inspite of his loud chest beating and singing Ramdhun at pitch of the voice everywhere and every time.

Then comes the role of Jinnah in this murky affair of partition who did practical implementation of the plan of the earlier men. It is essential to know the sequence of events in general before partition of India.



1. BBC NEWS | South Asia | India state bans book on Jinnah
20 Aug 2009..
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2.Pragmatic euphony..Jaswant Singh. Indian army awaken to reality, http://www.google.co.in/search?hl=en&q=+Pragmatic+Euphony..Jaswant+singhs++on+Indian+army+&btnG=Search&meta=&aq=f&oq=

3.Dr K Prabhakar Rao, Strategic studies in Muslim fundamentalism its rise in india and its growing threat to India security across the borders, PhD( strategic studies) thesis, 2003

4. Majumdar, RC Roy Chaudhry, Kalikinkar datta,Advanced history of India, St Martins press, New York, edition III, 1967, PP 893

5. Mohad Iqbal,

Monday, December 21, 2009


Dr K prabhakar Rao

The mighty British have left our nation
Leaving the Indians to suffer miserable fate
Kashmiris are given subsidized rations
While other Indians have slipped into poorest state

Gone are the days of fair elections
When people voted without fear
Criminals now contest for selections
And they stare at the voters like fearsome sloth bear

Booth capturing is the order of the day
Throwing bombs has become a national past time
Police stand watching with dismay
While mischief is found to be at its prime

Empty promises are the order of the day
While voters are taken for along rough camel ride
The voters are treated as a bundle of hay
While gullible people are thrown on roadside

Indian democracy is the greatest mockery in world
Where voters are duped to the hilt
Leaders have specialized in the art of crookery
And they are devoid of morals and drowned in guilt

Subhas and Patel have vanished into wild
Leaving the nation to a bunch of crooks
Those are not needed who are honest and mild
As ruffians rule India at every nook

Alas god only can save this nation
That has sunk to the depths of falsehood
Know the dishonest need kicks with wooden oars
There is a need for rise of Indian Robin hood

Gimmicks called elections are periodic rituals
Whichever party the result is same
The poor in India are denied single meal
Those on top mint money without any shame


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The periodic election in India
Only results in rise of the wicked
Crooks galore is the ultimate resultant
While you and me are thoroughly tricked

Shady brokers enjoy corners of power
Who spare no time in swindling the money
Morals and ethics are thrown into a river
And they swallow the grants as sweet honey

Indian famer has remained ultimate poor
While the rulers have built up their real estates
Honest men are framed and kicked out
While India remains the poor third world state

Political parties harbor the criminals
And they intimidate the gullible voters
Result is the birth of armed radicals
Who laugh at the ways of democratic jokers

Rulers in the state find ways and means
To fool around the people in various ways
Younger folk is happy with foreign jeans
And they hope to see happy and merrier days

The nation has been fooled for six decades
With dubious promises of unscrupulous men and women
Corruption is down the cascade
While the leaders enjoy in Delhi’s den

People are suppressed with iron hand
The moment a party gets into power
Ruffians and goons fill up the party band
And the rulers sleep in ivory towers

To be continued



SCENE.. 81 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is a hunger strike camp in Hyderabad in AP statA e and there is a great rush with hundreds of supporters and on lookers. Many are holding congress flag Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in the crowd)

Gandhi. Patel. What is happening here Plesae find out

Patel. Bapu please stay here only. I will return in few minutes. Jawaharlal, Kindly take care of Bapu in this crowd

Nehru. Ok Please do not worry

(Patel goes to some onlookers)

Patel. Mere Bhai, What is happening here?

Appa Rao. My name is A. Appa Rao. Here a leader is on hunger strike up to death.

Patel. What for?

Appa Rao. He does not want this state to be bifurcated into Telangana and Andhra regions. He wants united Andhra as existing now

Patel. I see. Can I go and see him?

Appa Rao. You may. But the organizers are not allowing many people to come close

( Patel goes to Bapu)

Patel. ( sings and does jig)

Bapu, oh my bapu
There is a guy here on fast
He is lying in a cozy bed
I do not think he is counting his last

Gandhi. I see. Why he is on fast?

Patel. ( Sings and does jig)

Andhra Pradesh is being split into two or three
And Telangana as a state is emerging out
The Andhra guys are very angry and sore
They are getting ready for a duel and bout

( Looking at Patel doing a jig and also singing many on lookers gather around them and leave the fasting guy. They clap when Patel does fast jig)

Gandhi. Look Patel. Is he really doing a sincere fast? Please find out.

Patel. I have found out. He is sleeping on a very cozy bed with al comforts like AC, Telephone facility, with nearly 20 doctors attending him and monitoring his health. Saline bottles are also being used

Gandhi. Is this the fast. What a joke indeed.

Patel. Bapu. I was told that all types of vitamins and medicines are being sent into him through saline and injections. Now where is the fast?

Gandhi. Hee..Hee.Plesae find out whether that guy is coolly eating idlis clandestinely in the night . his party friends must be helping him in that way.

Patel. That I can not say. May be true too. These fasts are the latest joke in India to blackmail government and drive passions in people.

Gandhi. Such men must be forcibly fed through mouth. Any how let us wait and watch the tamasha

( In the mean time there is a lot of commotion around and Patel runs to the crowd to find out and he returns after some time)

Patel. Bapu. Have you heard this?

Gandhi. What is that?

Patel. The guy who fasting has ran away in a car. His supporters brought hundred cars of same model and color and he vanished in it while police men were watching.

Gandhi. Haa…haaaa.. Poor guy could not withstand hunger and ran away

Patel Bapu. Some guys are saying that in the car he was seen eating pastries and samosa

Gandhi. God save the nation. These are not leaders but just tricksters fooling all

Patel. True

Nehru. True, Such men should be taken to task. Such guys must be deprived of the parliament seat for life time.

Gandhi.. True. Patel. Enough of the tamasha. The administration is just missing in India. It is all crooks galore. The guy has made mockery of my fast. Let us go

(The trio hold hands and start singing and does jig)

Oh fools of India and my dear sons
Better wake up, think, know and also see
You are being fooled by your leaders
You elect some jokers who behave as busy bee

( All the onlookers clap and also do jig)

(The trio slowly walks off singing Ramdhun after thanking the people)


Saturday, December 19, 2009


DR K Prabhakar Rao

Subhas once said you give me blood I shall give you freedom
Our leaders get scot fee after committing crime
Government offices are dens of corruption
While children are happy with nursery rhymes

Buddha’s teachings have disappeared long ago
Terrorists are now at us with a cutlass
Pundits in Kashmir are cut and put in a basket
While leaders of the state look on like a stupid ass

Naxalites are running roost in the states
Where they run their law without any hindrance
People at the top remain mute to the crimes
While poor are yet to get the deliverance

The leaders are busy in eltion gimmicks
While common man suffers great pain
Only aim in elections is to win
While their hands are covered with victims blood stains

Soon Naxals would roam free with guns
Making mockery of Indian laws and codes
Rule of law would finally vanish
And history woul record our insane episodes

The day is not far off when hoodlums need no gun license
While you and me have to follow the law
Cheats and killers get Scot free
It would be the final and last straw




Dr K Prabhaakar Rao

Assemblies in states are dens of noise and shrieks
Where the leaders assemble to shout at each other
Each and every one has looted the nation and Indians
And promoted their wives, sons and brothers

The Prime minister of nation was blamed in scams
Although he put a brave face
Nations money is swallowed by dubious men
Who chant the name of Gandhi to keep up in race

Poor Gandhi must be surely cursing the fate
Having been shot and killed by Godse’s bullet
Poor old man I am sure is happy to die
Or else would have cut his own feeble gullet

Leaders who chant Gandhi’s name
Are the biggest frauds on the nation
They aim at swindling the people
While army wants more and more of peace stations
Crooked devils lurk at the corners of power
With sole aim of making a fast buck
Common man is running from pillar to post
As every one is trying to catch a flying duck

India that was a mighty nation
Presently has fallen from great heights
Leaders in India get fat with cheese and butter
While the state has been made their family right

Greta were the days when Gandhi treaded
Morals were said to be at a peak
All are now greatly frustrated
While the hoodlums play hide and seek

The land of sages and poets is now a confused state
Nation has been turned into a fire grate
Periodic elections promote crooks and devils to power
Who like mongrels run after a hot bitch to mate

Criminals loot passengers enroute
An set the bus and inmates on fire
The culprits then escape the gallows
While the souls of the dead look at distant haze

The killers were part of down trodden caste
And they claim for mercy after killing the innocent
The top most man saves them from the hanging ropes
As law of land goes down to depths from his men


Political parties rally around each other
Once the elections are finally over
They gang up to forma crooked front
With sole aim of capturing political power

The nation is doomed to eternal shame
The parties squabble like dogs to mate with a roadside bitch
Common man is put to eternal grief
As parties join up without any hitch

Dynastic rules have been thrust on the country
Where sons or daughters rule one after the other
Common man is looted by the political thugs
While a son gets power after death of his mother

The nation would be lost into wild soon
Unless the corrupt are thrown out and shown the door
It is time for the people to rise
And throw out the cheats having become wise

The Indian society should build up morals
And make sure that rowdies do not win at elections
It is time for Indians to rise as a lot
And throw out the goons out of periodic selections



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are see Bashirbagh junction and are sipping tea at a roadside tea stall. There very few people gathered there as groups. In each group only three or four people are there)

Gandhi. Patel what is this? Very few people are standing in a group

Patel Bapu. Section 144 has been imposed in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. Why?

Patel. Since few days Andhrites and Royalaseemites are agitating for united Andhra. They are against breaking up the state

Bapu. Look Patel. I am hundred percent sure that before center made announcement all these guys expressed support for Telangana demand. Naidu openly declared that if a resolution is brought in Assembly or Parliament they will extend support to it

Nehru. Even Prajarajyam President Chiranjeevi said same.

Patel True. All Andhra leaders said they will abide by the directives of high command. They are good at doing High command Bhajan

Gandhi. Then why this back tracking?

Patel. These guys are saying that they were not consulted and the matter was not discussed with them. Where was the requirement if making declaration at midnight, they ask

Gandhi. What type of leaders are these. It is OK . Naidu made U turn. But Congress leaders always do Bhajan of High command. How they developed guts to against High command decision? It is most surprising. At last they developed some spunk and demonstrating that they have spine too. But that spine soon would bend.

Patel. Hee..hee..

Nehru. Hee..hee..hhoo..hoo..Aau.aua

Patel. Bapu. The biggest joke is the reason given by these leaders. They say that they never thought that center would give Telangana.So they gave assurance outwardly. Are these leaders? Or some….(?) What a Tamasha they are playing!

Gandhi. What to do? Our so called leaders are like this.( sings and does jig)

Look Oh My dear sons
Lovers of Michel Jackson
Do you know how to rule a state?
Getting screwed is your only fate

Why are you playing with peoples lives
Stop showing your dirty knives
Better leave politics and this game
What I see is that you shall loose your fame

Patel. Hear..Hear. How correctly said. You are great Bapu

Gandhi. I was always great…..tt. tttt...Only some had doubts.. Not majority guys. Majority people did my Bhajan.

( In the mean time some police men the trio and go to them)

Inspector. You old guys. What are you doing? Why you have assembled

Patel We are only three. You should object if we are more than four

Constable. Including me we are four. So get dispersed.

Inspector. That is good Constable.

Constable444.. Hee..hee.Sir I am working under you. I learnt tricks of trade from you

Inspector. Haa..haa. Very good 444.( He lifts up his chest proudly)

Gandhi. That is unfair

Inspector. What we say is fair and that is law. How can you challenge police

Gandhi. I shall go to human rights commission

Inspector. What they can do? They may pass orders. That is maximum that they can do.Who cares for them. Recently they passed orders that police should not go into University. Do you know what happened. Read in news papers, We went in and screwed them well. That is police. We shall have last laugh every where..haa…haa.haa

( In the mean time Patel and Nehru walk away and stand at distance.)

Gandhi. Look Now we are only two. Your law fails

Inspector. You can not be standing close and with in talking distance

Gandhi. That we are not ( sings and does jig)

Look oh crazy police guy
Please catch and give a try
You shall surely fail
And soon fall to crawl like a sticky snail

Inspector.( sings wielding lathi)

You bloody old man
I shall make you into a broken punctured can
Although you appear to be fair and white
I shall turn you into color of dark tan

Gandhi. Plese try

(Inspector rushes to Gandhi thinking that Gandhi was real physically and falls flat on the ground breaking front teeth and also fracturing knees. He cries and starts crawling like a snail)

Pate. (Comes to him) Just now Bapu said you shall crawl soon.

Nehru. Please leave him. Poor guy.

Gandhi. OK. Let us go. Enough for today

( The trio walk away singing Ramdhun)



The rifles rattled down the Kargil hills
Yet the Indian Jawan charged with great will
Young and innocent fell to the rain of bullets
While the leaders in Delhi gulped liquor down their gullets

The blood of soldiers went down the drain
Those in Delhi squandered the chance devoid of brains
The saga of bravery has passed into history books
While the Indian masses were fooled by the political crooks

Maimed soldiers are already on the street
With a lost hand or leg with no one to greet
Assured benefits remained empty promises
While those in uniform remain mere novices

Kargil martyrs are already forgotten
While administration in India is rotten
Benefit schemes remained in a sealed sack
While maimed soldiers faced the final sack

Lame and now old soldiers remain in long queues
Those to get remain very few
War widows travel in corridors of train
While fake freedom fighters cause us severe money drain.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hills in Kargil trembled with booms of guns
While leaders in Delhi were having funs
Those on top were busy with papers and files
Lo, the enemy was grinding his swords sharp with files

Indian intelligence men were made big duds as asses
While enemy sneaked in through mountain passes
Those in Delhi were down with booze
As neck of India was getting into a strong noose

Guys on top were busy sacking Naval Chief
And they failed to detect the sneaking thief
Navy chief was said to be a great security risk
While Pakis were getting ready to give us a mighty kick

Missiles and mortars sneaked in across the border
While intelligence agencies were out of order
Enemy was found deeply entrenched
While navy chief was sadly retrenched

The army at last woke up from sleep
As citizens in Kargil ran like flock of sheep
Enemy rifles rattled in high hills
While those in Delhi were having midnight thrills

To be continued

Monday, December 14, 2009




Dr K Prabhaakar Rao

Assemblies in states are dens of noise and shrieks
Where the leaders assemble to shout at each other
Each and every one has looted the nation and Indians
And promoted their wives, sons and brothers

The Prime minister of nation was blamed in scams
Although he put a brave face
Nations money is swallowed by dubious men
Who chant the name of Gandhi to keep up in race

Poor Gandhi must be surely cursing the fate
Having been shot and killed by Godse’s bullet
Poor old man I am sure is happy to die
Or else would have cut his own feeble gullet

Leaders who chant Gandhi’s name
Are the biggest frauds on the nation
They aim at swindling the people
While army wants more and more of peace stations
Crooked devils lurk at the corners of power
With sole aim of making a fast buck
Common man is running from pillar to post
As every one is trying to catch a flying duck

India that was a mighty nation
Presently has fallen from great heights
Leaders in India get fat with cheese and butter
While the state has been made their family right

Greta were the days when Gandhi treaded
Morals were said to be at a peak
All are now greatly frustrated
While the hoodlums play hide and seek

The land of sages and poets is now a confused state
Nation has been turned into a fire grate
Periodic elections promote crooks and devils to power
Who like mongrels run after a hot bitch to mate

Criminals loot passengers enroute
An set the bus and inmates on fire
The culprits then escape the gallows
While the souls of the dead look at distant haze

The killers were part of down trodden caste
And they claim for mercy after killing the innocent
The top most man saves them from the hanging ropes
As law of land goes down to depths from his men

Saturday, December 12, 2009




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Hyderabad city and Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen near Charminar enjoying the beauty of the edifice. The area is full of hawkers, rumi Topiwallahs and some urchins)

Gandhi. Patel. I find this place different from what I have seen earlier.

Patel. It looks so

Nehru. I do not find any major change. Charminar is like that only. It has still four minarets. Mecca Maszid is also there. Chudi bazaar is still there. Same old congestion and filth all around.

Gandhi. I did not mean that Charminar now has five minarets or three. I speak about the atmosphere.

Nehru. What did you find different.

Patel. Hyderabadis in old city during 1947 and48 used to wear Rumi Topis. Subsequently the practice reduced. Occasionally some old timer used to sport it. Now I find maximum guys having it. It is looking like Turkey.

Gandhi. Hee..Hee

Patel. Let us ask some one.

Gandhi. Oh Bhai. Mere Bap.Why all of you are suddenly putting on Rumi Topi? Why this change?

Amjad. Look friend. First thing is that I am not your Bhai.My name is Amjad. Now every one is asking for a separate state. Telangana is being formed. Andhra and Royala seema also would be formed. Why not a separate state for old city of Hyderabad. It is completely different from other parts of Hyderabad. People are different. Atmosphere is different. Activities are also different. Then why not a separate state? So we are building the case for it. First thing we are doing is to have a uniform and unique style of dress that others do not have.neraly 6o years ago we had this dress during the time of Ala Hazrat Osman ali Khan , Nizam Sircar

Gandhi. But That Nizam has already gone into history and Hyderabad is part of India.

Amjad. Even now Old city would be part of India. Only thing is that it will be a separate state.

Patel. Haa.haa.. well said. Go ahead. What all I have done is being undone.( Sings)

I was the iron man of this nation
And saw that al kings joined us
Look What is happening today
They guys are again making a fuss

Gandhi. Patel. Changes do come. But giving statehood for old city of Hyderabad will be a problem. Old Delhi also will ask. Similarly Agra, Rampur, Ali Garh and all such cities would also ask state hood. That will be the funniest part of Indian democracy.

Patel. Hee. Hee. Bapu In which world you are staying. Do you think democracy is there in India?

Gandhi. Why not? We gave them good morals and a system

Patel. Bapu. There is only a family democracy in India. Look . In parliament nearly 100 guys are the sons of previous MPs. Look at Congress party. Do you think there is some democracy there. Every one does only one act. That is hero worship. Look at PM. He never faces polls and is a member of Rajya Sabha. He becomes the PM. If he faces polls I am sure he will loose deposit. This is the democracy we have here.

Gandhi. But this is not my congress. It died long ago. The present congress has hijacked it.

Patel. So be it. Why bother for them. We have done our job. They are doing their job. Let them be happy. We shall be also happy

Gandhi. So be it. Let us go. It is getting late. I am getting upset after seeing this place an the politics
Patel. Bapu. Don’t you think you should take rebirth and again guide the country on right path

Gandhi. Never.. Never.. It is stinking place. No one can change them. It is a gone case. It is a question of time before this country dissipates

Nehru. Bapu. This is your country and these are your people. Please do not wish them so. I want to see Rahul as PM and then his son and grand son as PM. Till then at least bless them.

Gandhi. Why not for Rahuls grand grand grand grand grand grand grand son

Nehru. I shall be thankful for that

Patel. Haaa..haa..haa..haaa

Gandhi. Haa…haa…haaa. Jawaharlal. Have a heart. What are you talking? Is this nation meant for only your family

Nehru. Why not? We sacrificed so much for the country.

Gandhi. So others also did.

Nehru. But ours was far superior

Gandhi. Ma god bless you

Patel. So be it.Let us go

Gandhi. Tell all the guys, Better work hard and come up

Patel. Thanks

( The trio slowly walk away from Charminar while an auto rikshaw races past them through a mud pool and the dirty water is splashed and them..Gandhi wipes dirt with his dhoti and they walk away singing Ramdhun )


Friday, December 11, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is Osmania university campus in Hyderabad and it is looking like a fortress. It is surrounded by Police forces. They are armed to hilt. Only thing is that they do not have armored cars. Students are inside the campus and they are seen shouting slogans and abusing police personnel. Suddenly Gandhi, Nehru and Pastel are at the scene. They try to enter the gates and are stopped by a fat police Inspector.)

Gandhi. Oh Bhai. Kindly allow me to go inside.

Inspector. You can not. The campus is under seize. Although students are inside there are some unsocial elements are also inside.( Sings)

I shall see these guys
Will also hammer them black and blue
No one can challenge on this earth
What I say is always true

Patel. Look .You appear to be super motivated cop.But we are harmless old guys. Can’t you see?

Inspector. Even students appeared harmless initially.

Patel. Please do not compare us to students

Inspector. What will you do there?

Gandhi. We shall try to pacify them. They are agitated.

Inspector. It is waste of time. They will not listen. I am sure they are being used by the politicians for the agitation. Students are there to study. Why should they indulge in these activities

Patel. Students are our strength. They also form part of society.

Gandhi. During independence struggle even students took part. Many left colleges and joined the agitation

Inspector. But now we are free. Why all this ?

Patel. Now the students want to be free from Andhra dominance

Inspector. What dominance you are speaking. I am from Vishakha patnam and my name is Avatharam.I am doing my duty in police. Is this dominance

Patel. Which Avataram you are.( May be Narasimhavataram.. he utters slowly within himself).The students see that Andhra Police personnel are being used against them

Inspector. heee..hee Nonsense talk .

Gandhi. (Sings and does jig holding stick)

Oh Inspector! Please allow us in
Can’t you see we are very sick and thin?
We shall meet the guys inside
Plesae look at our shrivelled hide

Inspector. Look old man. Are you from any drama troop? You are singing and dancing too.

Patel . No Inspector. He is MK Gandhi, We are Nehru and Patel ( sings)

Look . He is Nehru and I am Patel
Just now we had tea in a small hotel
We are also feeling tired and hungry
And do not make us weep and cry

Inspector. Any amount of crying will not help. I can not allow you inside.

( In the mean time some students throw stones at police personnel. Police also pick up stones and throw at the students. This goes on for some time and students are happy with this game. In the confusion the trio slip into university campus and go to students . Some students Ashish, Yadav, Rakesh and Krishna form a group and throw stones. Girl studets collect stones thrown by police and hand over these to the boys. Gandhi goes near them_

Gandhi, Hello. Guys. Plesae stop this.This is bad

Ashish. Sir Who are you. Plesae go away from here. You may get hurt

Patel. Do not worry. Nothing will happen to us.

Gandhi. Please stop throwing stones. This will not help your cause

Krishna. Polie Is not allowed to enter campus. They have to take permission of VC

Gandhi. What is this VC. Is it very cool?

Rakesh. It is short form for Vice Chancellor.

Patel. He appears to be a very cool guy. Here Police is playing war while he is very cool

Krishna. Sir . That isi our bad luck that such guys are holding posts

Gandhi. That is too bad.

Krishna. Sir . Two days ago we were dragged out of our hostels and hammered with lathis, shoes and batons. I thought they would kill us.

Patel. Is it so? Yeah. I saw on the TV screen. But police is meant for this work only. It was like that earlier also.

Nehru. Do you think police will love, kiss you and pamper you. They have clear orders to maintain law and order at all costs

Gandhi. But the way they beat students is something too much. Is police fighting war? Are the students are from foreign lands?

Patel. Bapu. Students are sent by parents to study and stay in hostels for that. Not for playing politics

Gandhi. But youth power can not be put down. Today’s students are tomorrows leaders. Any how students are usually exploited by political leaders. Look Usually in all agitations students are roped in. Office going people can not usually take part in these drams. They have to earn bread for families.Those working in private agencies may loose jobs too. So they take part in silent strikes and protests, pen down activities.
Patel. Students get on to roads and anti social elements usually join the crowds and they burn buses and stone shops etc.

Patel. Bapu. Do you think students do not burn buses.

Gandhi. Some times they do in frenzy. Mostly urchins are involved in these activities. They mix up with students. Can not be identified easily.

Patel. Poor RTC is at loss. When do the people realize that burning buses is not the solution? It is national loss. I am vexed up.

Gandhi. ( sings and does jig holding stick)

Do not get worked up dear
Life is like that and stop shedding tears
India is handed out to crooks
They are ruling at all nooks

Burning buses is part of the game
No one should feel bad and rise to fame
This is a path to become leader in politics
Never bother for these usual antics

Stoning is also very good
It is sure to strengthen ones muscles
They may improve by using larger stones
In all the police and student tussles

Patel. Hee…hee.. What a poem Bapu! You are great

Gandhi. I was always great

Nehru. Bapu is great..Clap .clap.clap

Rakesh. Enough of these poems old man. You look like Gandhi

Krishna. Who is this Gandhi?

Rakesh. He is Indira Gandhis father

Patel.Bapu. Plesae take a stone and hammer my head. I can not hear such answers ( Sings). These guys do not know who we are. Hello son Do you know me atlesat. I am known as Patel

Rakesh. I think you are Jasu Patel the Spinner who defeated Australia at Kanpur in 1960.

Patel Chee..cheee… Shame in deed

Nehru. Do you atleast me?

Rakesh. You appear to be familiar. Your statue is in Abids. You are called Pandit ehru.

Nehru. Thanks .

Rakesh. I do not know why you are called Pandit.

Nehru. ( gets upset). That is a title honoring my wisdom

Rakesh. Is it for bungling Kashmir or getting screwed by Chinese in 1962

Gandhi. Come on guys. We are deviating from our mission.Look. How long you will continue agitation

Rakesh. Till we get Telangana.
Gandhi. What happens to your studies>

Rakesh. That university will take care.

Krishna. Where is the problem. We can pass even if we write some thing whatever we know.

Rakesh. May not be same subject. Evaluators see the weight of answer books now a days

Gandhi. Chee..chee..What is the use of such degrees

Krishna. Who cares? Once we get in to politics no qualification is required. We must be good in shouting, abusing..If we go to jail nothing like that. We can always get into assembly

Patel ( Holds head) Oh fo.. Bapu. I am feeling giddy

Gandhi. Take care Patel You are steel man of India. You can not say this.

Patel. So do you feel that some of you become leaders soon to get into assembly

Krishna. Why not? The present old leaders were also like us earlier. They took part in Telangana agitation in 1969.

Gandhi. I was told Chenna Reddy ditched Telangana movement. He became CM.

Krishna. True.

Patel. What is the guarantee that same thing will not happen now

Rakesh. No. KCR is strong

Patel. Time only will tell.

( In the mean time police personnel rush in doing lathi charge . Someof them rush to the trio and hammer the students and they flee shouting Jai Telangana)

Inspector. You old guys run from here. Don’t you feel ashamed to be in this agitation?

Gandhi. What is there to feel ashamed? In fact you must feel so

Inspector. You.. swine.. son of a ; bi… How dare you challenge Andhra Police? I am grown with Idli Samabar. I shall make sambar flow down from you.. Take this.

( He swings lathi at Gandhi while Patel and Gandhi laugh)

Patel. Haa…haaa..hee ( Does fast jig and sings)

You can not do any thing to us
Run away from here without any fuss
Eternally that we live
You clown run into your beehive

Although we are dead we live still
I shall tear you like Narsimha sitting on the sill
Get lost oh Police guy
Go and ask your boss how and why

Inspector. I shall see you.

( He swings his lathi again and twenty police men surrounf the trio and rush at them wilding lathis. They can not feel them. The lathis strike each other and all of them fall down with bleeding injuries)

Inspector. Run.. Bhoot .. Bhoot

( He runs away)

Gandhi. That si good. Let us go. We have dome our job

( The trio holds hands and sing Ramdhun and walk off)


Thursday, December 10, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The ways of Indians are weird indeed
One has to feel sorry for their deeds
Look back into the days of freedom struggle
To know the facts and on face show a dirty giggle

Great souls who fought for freedom are forgotten
While history books are filled with stuff rotten
Netaji Bose is pushed into a state of oblivion
His acts of valor are not liked by selfish men

Netaji said he would give us freedom if we gave blood
Freedom is cherished only when it comes out of flowing red
British have left us vexed with the worldly state
Leaving us to our miserable and condemned fate

Deeds of Netaji are no less than that of Gandhi the great (?)
Although he was unlucky owing to the Japanese fate
He mighty National Army that he raised in Japan
Made the English men to grant freedom in two years span

He rulers who ruled India after getting freedom
Ensured that Subhas was denied the deserving stardom
His deeds are shown as cursory line in the books
While true history is denied to children by the selfish crooks



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Mafia gangs are running the roost
Those in Delhi have milk and rich boost
Fathers for kids reserve school seats
And then make their wives pregnant
Tonnes of money are down the dirty drain
Truth is simple very sour and plain

Medical seats are sold to the nuts for cash in Lakhs
And then produce only killer dangerous quacks
Engineering seats are filed with rotten stuff
From which come out only a big bluff
Militants are dragged to road side hillocks
And then shot as dumb bullocks
No tear drop is shed for these souls
They pass into history in meeting their goals
People are killed in police lockups
While girls get pregnant in social welfare hostels
All these crooks get Scot free
And innocents are shot point blank at a nearby tree

Cinema halls were burnt to cinders
When a leader was blown with a Lankan bomb
Women are killed by their spouse
Then they are burnt in a roadside stove
Yet they enjoy corners of power
Lauded by those sitting on a tower
Crooks enjoy ticket less cricket
Yet they obtain the party ticket

Many are with a concubine as a mate
They become leaders of the state
Where all we being led?
By these thugs, thieves and crooks
Who are there to capture political power
The nation is doomed
To eternal disgrace and shame
The crooks rule all over
While the army is shit scared to take over

You and me are fully shaken
Poor Gandhi hysterically weeps
In far off heavens away from us
Assorted leaders cross moat of elections
Having cheated people to the hilt
Then make a group of concoction
To steal the chair with great grit
They do tight rope walk all the time
Already they crossed their prime
These men have no plans
Aim is to hold together all their clans
Pathetic living they lead
As enemies cause us to bleed

Pakistanis kill innocents in Kashmir
Their leaders call it a war of independence
Spineless men are at the helm of affairs in India
They bow to the enemy to win their grace
The Pak General under the garb of President
Made mockery of Indians at Agra
The man who caused India to bleed without a stop
Deprived mothers of their valiant sons
And created many India widows
Was honored with Indian army salute in our own land
Shame on Indians whose spine is bent like a bow
While the Pakistani terrorists have taken a vow

India has not learnt any lesson
In spite of years of back stabbing
We extend a warm hand with a wide grin
While Pakis play the same old band
The nation is on a crash course
Those at top have no remorse
The enemy is to be pad I same coin
To make them realize they face a sturdy lion

Scores of scams are the order of the day
Those in upper houses can only bray
The scamsters get Scot free
After enquiries as big as a tree
Our nation is full of scamsters and cheats
In al fields we have scores of gangsters
India has earned dubious distinction
And also as one of the leading corrupt nation
Poor old and bald Gandhi weeps and sleeps
As rich are happy to sleep with their fleshy keeps



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Under hand dealings
And rampant corruption
What else and what not
All around you
Or you are around
Everywhere they are
In the corner
Or in the street
In shops
In hospitals
At bus stations
And at railway stations
They stare at you
While you develop swine flu

The corrupt stare at you
At municipal office
And at transport office
At air ports
In schools and at colleges
Bus depots or
At food depots
At Mandal office
And at Ration shops
At Collectors office
Everywhere and around
The corrupt snare you plumb
And helpless you suck your thumb

Hunger deaths on left of road
Food godowns locked
Tightly locked an sealed
The express trains on vintage tracks
Meet miserable fate
Ministers charged in crimes
Yet sticking to their seats
As if with gum and glue
Shady deals in arms sales
Scams abound in chopper sales
The guys have swindled nation
The thieves kept tons of money locked abroad
While the poor are running around
Just for a single square meal
Look at the share market scams in lots
And peoples money in shit pots
Make me think why was I born
Only to be swallowed as pop corn

Violence here
And violence there
That is a mans nightmare
Bomb blasts in railway stations
Extremists attack police stations
Let loose freely to alls glee
While the poor struggle and flee
Atom bombs are the order of theday
All are running to eat Hay
The miseries of Hiroshima
Leaves me in great trauma
I feel sorry for living
Can’t help being a human being

Slogan shouting
Waving flags black or red
All for drawing blood
Put others on a run
Just for fun
Life is a spinning top
None can bring it to a stop
Army children once strangled to death
While police is busy collecting wealth
Police once was hammered by army
And that took place in right in their station
Army is busy collecting free rations
Makes my head hang in shame
While are not free from blame

Criminals thrive in politics
Politics in crime also thriving
All the good are on roadside
And being taken on camel ride
Schools named after great saints
However managed by devilish giants
Militants are busy in world
Killing those on roadside
Mafia gangs are running the roost
Those in Delhi are drinking boost

To be continued



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The crowded streets
And the traffic jams
The blaring horns
And the screaming cars
Factory sirens
Tighten my gums
And makes me mum
Where will we run
Morning to noon
And noon to night
With speed of light
Till the sun rise
But all are wise

The singing milk men
Pedaling their bicycles
Now on scooters
Dirty milk spots
And rusty cans
With dents and dots
Might be powdered milk inside
This makes me sulk
The starved cow milk
Splashing from tins
Dirty flies from nearby drain
Filthy mosquitoes merrily sucking
All are around the leaking can
The showering rain
And I feel in vain

The snaking queues
For the bottled milk
Cockroaches in bottles
Lizards dead in milk containers
Dead flies in milk bags
Half open corks and lids
And semi filled plastic bags
But all are in the run
That have some and cry
Or else they will go dry

The road side cow
Hungry and slow
The sulking calves
That is moving skeleton
Sucking empty dry nipples
Watch with glee
While dirty flies fly and flee
The naked urchins
Playing around shacks
Sitting at road side dust bin
And feeling as if at Rajbhavan@
Sort out the filth and waste
However all are in haste

The passing infected doggy
That has hair shabby
The flying stones
Cursing urchins
What a nice feast
That makes me a beast
Wailing children
Barking dogs and bitches
Hungry men hardly clad
Who are skeletons moving;
Booming flesh trade
Pimps and prostitutes
In dark corners of streets
Ready to solicit and greet

@ Governors residence is called Rajbhavan
To be continued

Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Although Nehru was at the helm for very long
Failed to remove the evil of corruption
The crooked have now become very strong
And they have swindled public money with great dedication

Mundra affair was the scam in his time
When such men have brought the nation discredit
Krishnamachari had to lick lime then
And nothing much came out of the so called audit

None has been sent to the gallows
The affair was closed with one guy who left
All was healthy and found fine soon
While the scamsters continued to commit fraud and theft

Always the wicked crooks get away in India
While innocents become scapegoats
Public uproar in India has no say
And the crooked are found escaping from the steep moat

Some how I failed to guess Indian character
When freedom was gained from sacrifice
The constitution of India has no original chapter
Amended at will only to suffice

Caste has become basis of Indian politics
No one wants a casteless society
Castiest politics are today’s trick
And the nation is ruined that was mighty

My worthy followers have vanished from earth
As the bird disappeared that was DODO
My principles were dead long ago
While the ethics are down the falls of Colorado

Indian leaders are mere political wolves
Ready to swallow political infants
Truth and wisdom are stuck in the rusty sieve
While leaders are ready to swindle the government grants

Oh Men of India! have wisdom and some shame
While casting votes shamless as dumb sheep
Kindle your mind to be a burning flame
And throw off the crooked down the mountain steep

Where are the great sons of India?
Who have passed into poor history?
Present leaders are busy with media
Who are specialized in the art of crookery

Many heroes have laid down precious lives
They did not care for material comforts
Leaders of today hold on to their knives
And rise to power with criminal’s rapport

Nehru, Patel, me and Subhas are dumped in a corner
Their memories are dumped in the gutters
Leaders of today turn into mourners
When power is lost and they get into jitters

Some parties are for dynastic rule
Or else they would be nowhere
They exist as parasites on some one’s name
Without him they are as good as naked and bare

Sunday, December 6, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(There is a large crowd at a hospital at Khammam in Andhra Pradesh. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are also seen in the crowd. There are thousands of police men armed to the hilt. An atmosphere of war is prevailing at the site.)

Gandhi. Patel. What is the problem here? Why so much of crowd? Has any leader gone very sick? Is he counting last minutes?

Patel. I shall find out. Oh Bhai, What is the problem here? Why so much rush ad why police is present?

Narsimha. I am Narsimha, not Bhai, A Telangana leader is fasting here. He was arrested at Karimnagar and brought here.

Patel. Bapu. Have you heard what he said? There is a guy following your path. He is on fast up to death.

Gandhi. What is troubling him?

Narsimha. He is a leader of TRS party that is fighting for Statehood for Telangana.

Gandhi. Oh I see. I think I am in Andhra Pradesh the land of Telugu who speak Telugu language

Narsimha. True. But we are not Andhrites.We are Telanganites.

Gandhi. This is strange. Although all of you are Andhrites you have some differences in speech depending on the regional effect. But all are Andhrites.

Narsimha. You old man. Behave. We are Telanganites and do not call Andhrites

Gandhi. Ok. Ok . Please do not get annoyed.

Patel. Bapu. Plesae do not involve yourself in arguments. The atmosphere is highly tense. The guys may harm you if you unnecessarily speak.

Gandhi. True. Let us watch.

( In the mean time, the crowd starts shouting Chanrsekhar Rao Zinabad. Telangana Zindabad.. we want Telangana.. Andhra guys go back. Idli Sambar go back.. Go back)

Gandhi. Patel. In the morning we had Idli Sambar at a Udipi Hotel. Why they want Idli Sambar to go back?

Patel. Idli sambar is the preferred breakfast of people from Andhra Region, i.e. beyond Vijaywada. It was earlier called Bezwada. The Englishmen called it Blazewada due to high summer heat. Slowly the word changed to Bezwada and to Vijayawada.

Gandhi. Hee..hee..hee

Narsimha. Why are you laughing? What is there to laugh?

Patel. Is laughing a crime too?

Narsimha. You are mocking at Andhrites and their breakfast.

Gandhi. We do not mean it. We are sorry if we have hurt you.

Narsimha. That is OK.Next time better behave.

Patel. Bapu. Let us go from here.

Bapu. No Not now. I want to see Mr Rao and bless him.

( Gandhi tries to go past the crowdi to the hospital and he is topped by the police)

Gandhi. Bhai. I am MK Gandhi. I want to see Mr Rao who is fasting

Inspector. We can not allow you. He is on fast and his condition is not very good. Plesae go away from hee

Gandhi. Look Inspector. Did you not recognize me. The Bapu. Your Bapu, father of Indian nation

Inspector. He died long ago. From where you have come now?

Gandhi. True I died long ago. I came from heavens

Inspector. Please do not waste my time. Why are you playing these tricks. You are so old and looking sick. Why don’t you take rest at home? But I must appreciate. You took great efforts to dress up like Gandhi

Patel. He is not dressed up. He is MK Gandhi in real.

Inspector. Whu are you now speaking in support of this old man

Patel. I am the iron man of India . Sardar Patel

Inspector. haa..haaa..hee..hee. Good joke indeed. Get lost

( In the mean time there is a commotion in hospital as Chandrasekhar Rao is trying to get free and escape)

Nurse. Pkdo..Pakdo ( catch .. catch). M Rao is trying to run away He has removed saline pipe

Attender. Pakdo..Pakdo

( In the mean time Me Rao finds a broken window glass and holds it)

Rao. If any one comes near me I shall cut my throat with this

Inspector. Sir. You can not do this. Please cool down and go back to bed.

Rao. No I shall kill myself.

(suddenly a police man holds Raos hand and takes away the glass piece and Rao is take back to the bed. The crowd shouts jai Telangana.. Rao zindabad. Polive Murdabad. Andhra Police Murdabad.. Hoi..hoi..In the commotion Gandhi manages to sneek into the hospital and reaches the bed of Rao)

Gandhi. Hello. Mr Rao.. I am Gandhi. I am happy you are on fast and fighting for a cause

Rao. Sir. Thank you. I am following your path

Gandhi. Good. Keep it up. Be Brave

Rao. Bapu, We waited for long. Look. These Andhrites are dominating us. This Telangana problem is very old one. This was never part of Andhra. We were with Nizam state. Initially Andhra state was formed from Madras state. This Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1956 against all wishes. The struggle is going on. In 1956 itself there was Idli sambar go back agitation against forming AP

Gandhi. That si good. I am sure you will succeed.

Rao. Thanks. How come you are alive?

Patel. Great men never die

( In the mean time Police steps in and try tocatch Gandhi and patel . The can not hold them). Their hands move in air)

Gandhi.Look guys. You can not feel us. It is a futile attempt

Inspector. Are you some ghosts. You are tricksters. Ishall see you

Patel. Please see us thoroughly through and through

Gandhi. We are transparent. You can see us . Bur you can not feel us. So you can never catch us

Inspector. Bhhoot.Bhoot. Run from here

( He runs away with his men The crowd laughs).

Gandhi. OK Boys. Pray for Rao’s health and success. God bless him. Patel. Let us go

Patel. OK

Nehru. OK Bapu

( the trio walk away slowly singing Ramdhun while the crowd shouts jai Telangana)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

I am the noted Indian holy cow
Who gave this name why and how?
I am much revered in Indian texts
And I am lamenting in some context

I am worshipped by the Hindus in India
And much glorified by the media
Next door a Muslim butchers me on the road
On the flowing blood are seen many jumping toads

People suck away last drop of my milk for their treats
Once I am dry leave me on the cruel street
I roam around eating filth and paper and rags
However my name as holy cow is printed on shopping bags

On festivals people worship me praying hoarse
Once over I am whipped without any remorse
My calf is forced out from me
And sold to butchers a truth it could be

Banning cow slaughter is an election trick
The slogan was heard by Muslims with great prick
In a land of Hindus I have no say
My meat is gulped and blood will flow come what may

India is in the hands of crooks and nuts
Who have no potency and lack guts
For capturing power they will sell the nation
While I and my calf are deprived of simple ration

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Prof Dr Colonel ( Retired)K Prabhakar Rao
India copied its constitution from Western democracies. But in practice has made a mockery of it. The country boasts as the largest practicing democracy in the world at all world forums. But the truth is far from it in real sense. There are many scamsters, cheats and anti social elements facing court cases and some were convicted too who are continuing in the government. Family rule has become a right. When a leader dies, his son or wife or daughter succeeds him to the position. It is a game of rehabilitation. In fact, the highest house of elders has become the place of political rehabilitation and to appease some old horses who can not run.... Indians suffer from slavish mentality and degradation and do not display any self thinking and prefer to act like a flock of sheep devoid of thinking brains that is the usual practice. The puppet show at central government goes on .. In fact, it is a mockery of democracy in spirit and action and apology to the word of democracy....These are expressed as poems:

India that was once a great nation
Presently has fallen from lofty heights
Leaders get fat with rich rations
And the state has been made their family right

Great were the days when Gandhi treaded
Morals were said to be at their peak
You and I feel greatly tired
While ruffians play hide and seek

Noble was Gandhi who died in a state of despair
While leaders took a sigh of relief
Political rot that is beyond repair
Has brought us misery and great grief

Great was Churchill who spoke the truth
That India would in the hands of crooks
State of the nation across the girth
Shows that crooks rule India at every nook

Leaders have made the mighty nation
Part of their flourishing real estate
The country is looted by the shady clans
As the nation is plunged in to a sorry state

Violence in India is at it's peak
Where men blown into tithering titbits
Leaders on top slip and sneak
As the innocents loose their worldly wits

Nation was looted on Bofor sales
Copters procured in sdhady deals
Those on top cover up these tales
As the poor are denied a single meal

Leaders who loose at their places
Contest from an unnown land
Party workers get their solace
While shouting slogans in a party band

Elected leaders gangup at nights
Digup graves for their dearest chiefs
Mighty Titans with lofty heights
Fall and fade in a moment brief

Ethics, morals and values are lost
Sunk in a sea of filth and mischief
Dishonest the corrupt and the crooked the most
Quickly rise to other's disbelief

Noble dance of Indian origin
Lost to the greedy five star culture
Dance as Kathak@ has met it’s doom
As dancers gyrate for lusty vultures

(@ Kathak is an Indian ancient traditional Dance with origin in Orissa State )
Dancers display their swinging breasts
And show off their fleshy thighs and arms
All those in hotel watch with lust
And I feel sorry for the fallen norms
Crooked devils lurking in a corner
Plan and kidnap innocent dames
Helpless parents turn into mourners
As the police twist it into a political game
Merit in India is already buried in a sump
Deep in the pits at a garbage dump
Caste is the basis for ones rise
It is high time the youth rise and be wise
College seats are sold to the worthless
Who are ready to pay in Lakhs
Bright and needy remain jobless
And move about with empty sacks

The bright and smart leave the country
They settle down in foreign nations
The guys take a vow never to return
And this has become today’s fashion
Gandhi the apostle of peace was shot and killed
Leaders have wiped off his memory and are thrilled
Indian future is in shambles and bleak
As criminals smuggle at Mumbai’s creek
Poor Gandhi who brought us the freedom
Never thought, it would be a family fiefdom
Political parties gang up after election battle
While Pakistani rifles at border always rattle
When a leader in a blast kicks the bucket
His wife is sure to get the assembly or parliament seat
The parties remain a family right
As the cadres are suppressed with all might
When Indira Gandhi died to the sten gunsof the body guards
Rajiv was pushed into her mighty chair
He also died in blast of a Lankan suicide bomber
And Sonia’s claim to the chair was thought to be very fair
The nation is in midst of crooks galore
As pseudo secularists enjoy dames, money and fanfare
Age old values of Gandhian era
Have gone down the drain without an aura
1. Prof Dr Colonel ( Retired) K Prabhakar Rao, Anguish of an Indian ( Engish poetry), Cow Books, Sindhu printers, Shop no. 20, Municipal complex, Medak, AP, India..502110, PP 23-25

Real mockery
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 07:30.
The real mockery in the Indian parliamentary system arose during the election of the President. Invariably people do not want a contest for the post and the candidate should be acceptable to every one. The country had some great men as the Presidents in the past. Some were mere politicians while some were people of distinguished merit in literature, philosophy and academics and labor movement. Dr Abdul kalam was an internationally recognised scientist of great caliber and is known as missile man of India. He earned great admiration from the world all over. His tenure was getting over and he sensed that his time was up and should step down gracefully and also declared accordingly. Some opposition parties however approached him and compelled him that he would be able to get support from all and he acceded for running for the post provided he was sure of winning. However opposition failed to get all parties to support him. Communists were vehemently against him because Dr Kalam once said that India must have two party system to prevent horse trading. This was not palatable to the communists. They said they wanted a President well versed in politics than one who wrote poetry and stories. Finally Dr Kalam realised the futility and withdrew. Congress managed to get Pratibha Patil elected to the post being the first lady as the President. India was denied the second term for Kalam as President by the selfish politicians who could not rise over their selfish interests. What other example is required to establish mockery of Indian democratic system?
Dr K Prabhakar Rao



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Past Indian leaders wrote something called the constitution
Soon this was known to be a mere substitution
The leaders soon played havoc with this book
While India was ruled in all corners by crooks

Kindly look at the contents of this book today
You shall get giddy and to God you will pray
The book is full of amendments and great change
Your faculties surely you have to rearrange

Changes are made to suit the crooked leaders
They have been mere proven germ breeders
The country has been brought by them to this pass
While people of the nation are made a stupid ass

The past leaders copied from western laws
They never knew that there would be many outlaws
Family rules are the order of the day
While you and me can simply bray

A simple man can never win elections in India
While people are at the mercy of the media
Money plays the dirty game in all elections
It makes sure that the shady are sure to pass the selections

People are to day at the mercy of these cheats and crooks
Who contest at every election fray
The rickety constitution is helpless and looks other way
The cheats are sure to rule come what may