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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Hyderabad city and Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen near Charminar enjoying the beauty of the edifice. The area is full of hawkers, rumi Topiwallahs and some urchins)

Gandhi. Patel. I find this place different from what I have seen earlier.

Patel. It looks so

Nehru. I do not find any major change. Charminar is like that only. It has still four minarets. Mecca Maszid is also there. Chudi bazaar is still there. Same old congestion and filth all around.

Gandhi. I did not mean that Charminar now has five minarets or three. I speak about the atmosphere.

Nehru. What did you find different.

Patel. Hyderabadis in old city during 1947 and48 used to wear Rumi Topis. Subsequently the practice reduced. Occasionally some old timer used to sport it. Now I find maximum guys having it. It is looking like Turkey.

Gandhi. Hee..Hee

Patel. Let us ask some one.

Gandhi. Oh Bhai. Mere Bap.Why all of you are suddenly putting on Rumi Topi? Why this change?

Amjad. Look friend. First thing is that I am not your Bhai.My name is Amjad. Now every one is asking for a separate state. Telangana is being formed. Andhra and Royala seema also would be formed. Why not a separate state for old city of Hyderabad. It is completely different from other parts of Hyderabad. People are different. Atmosphere is different. Activities are also different. Then why not a separate state? So we are building the case for it. First thing we are doing is to have a uniform and unique style of dress that others do not have.neraly 6o years ago we had this dress during the time of Ala Hazrat Osman ali Khan , Nizam Sircar

Gandhi. But That Nizam has already gone into history and Hyderabad is part of India.

Amjad. Even now Old city would be part of India. Only thing is that it will be a separate state.

Patel. Haa.haa.. well said. Go ahead. What all I have done is being undone.( Sings)

I was the iron man of this nation
And saw that al kings joined us
Look What is happening today
They guys are again making a fuss

Gandhi. Patel. Changes do come. But giving statehood for old city of Hyderabad will be a problem. Old Delhi also will ask. Similarly Agra, Rampur, Ali Garh and all such cities would also ask state hood. That will be the funniest part of Indian democracy.

Patel. Hee. Hee. Bapu In which world you are staying. Do you think democracy is there in India?

Gandhi. Why not? We gave them good morals and a system

Patel. Bapu. There is only a family democracy in India. Look . In parliament nearly 100 guys are the sons of previous MPs. Look at Congress party. Do you think there is some democracy there. Every one does only one act. That is hero worship. Look at PM. He never faces polls and is a member of Rajya Sabha. He becomes the PM. If he faces polls I am sure he will loose deposit. This is the democracy we have here.

Gandhi. But this is not my congress. It died long ago. The present congress has hijacked it.

Patel. So be it. Why bother for them. We have done our job. They are doing their job. Let them be happy. We shall be also happy

Gandhi. So be it. Let us go. It is getting late. I am getting upset after seeing this place an the politics
Patel. Bapu. Don’t you think you should take rebirth and again guide the country on right path

Gandhi. Never.. Never.. It is stinking place. No one can change them. It is a gone case. It is a question of time before this country dissipates

Nehru. Bapu. This is your country and these are your people. Please do not wish them so. I want to see Rahul as PM and then his son and grand son as PM. Till then at least bless them.

Gandhi. Why not for Rahuls grand grand grand grand grand grand grand son

Nehru. I shall be thankful for that

Patel. Haaa..haa..haa..haaa

Gandhi. Haa…haa…haaa. Jawaharlal. Have a heart. What are you talking? Is this nation meant for only your family

Nehru. Why not? We sacrificed so much for the country.

Gandhi. So others also did.

Nehru. But ours was far superior

Gandhi. Ma god bless you

Patel. So be it.Let us go

Gandhi. Tell all the guys, Better work hard and come up

Patel. Thanks

( The trio slowly walk away from Charminar while an auto rikshaw races past them through a mud pool and the dirty water is splashed and them..Gandhi wipes dirt with his dhoti and they walk away singing Ramdhun )


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