Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Although Nehru was at the helm for very long
Failed to remove the evil of corruption
The crooked have now become very strong
And they have swindled public money with great dedication

Mundra affair was the scam in his time
When such men have brought the nation discredit
Krishnamachari had to lick lime then
And nothing much came out of the so called audit

None has been sent to the gallows
The affair was closed with one guy who left
All was healthy and found fine soon
While the scamsters continued to commit fraud and theft

Always the wicked crooks get away in India
While innocents become scapegoats
Public uproar in India has no say
And the crooked are found escaping from the steep moat

Some how I failed to guess Indian character
When freedom was gained from sacrifice
The constitution of India has no original chapter
Amended at will only to suffice

Caste has become basis of Indian politics
No one wants a casteless society
Castiest politics are today’s trick
And the nation is ruined that was mighty

My worthy followers have vanished from earth
As the bird disappeared that was DODO
My principles were dead long ago
While the ethics are down the falls of Colorado

Indian leaders are mere political wolves
Ready to swallow political infants
Truth and wisdom are stuck in the rusty sieve
While leaders are ready to swindle the government grants

Oh Men of India! have wisdom and some shame
While casting votes shamless as dumb sheep
Kindle your mind to be a burning flame
And throw off the crooked down the mountain steep

Where are the great sons of India?
Who have passed into poor history?
Present leaders are busy with media
Who are specialized in the art of crookery

Many heroes have laid down precious lives
They did not care for material comforts
Leaders of today hold on to their knives
And rise to power with criminal’s rapport

Nehru, Patel, me and Subhas are dumped in a corner
Their memories are dumped in the gutters
Leaders of today turn into mourners
When power is lost and they get into jitters

Some parties are for dynastic rule
Or else they would be nowhere
They exist as parasites on some one’s name
Without him they are as good as naked and bare

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