Monday, December 28, 2009




Prof Col Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hampi and vijayanagar stand testimony even today
Wanton acts stare at us by the muslim kings
Linger fresh in the minds of all
As muslim kings in Deccan formed an evil ring
Belur and Halebid temples mock at us
With defaced idols and broken statues
Hindu culture stands vitiated to the core
While pseudo secularists lack basic virtues

Looking back at these temples across our land
That lay scattered across our nation
Idols and sculptures stare with broken limbs
And my heart aches with sorrow and pain
Solid granite was sculptured as if by the gods
While Indian sculptors struggled day and nights
Wanton acts of invading blockheads
Have done untold harm in the useless fights

Scores of Hindu gods and SivaLingas
And the gracefully sitting stone bulls
All are put to fire and hammer
Damage has been done by the clouded and dull
Ghazni broke the Linga into pulp and dust
Took away the stones to his kingdom
Alas!the stones were spread on stairs at a mosque
While lakhs of Indians met their martyrdom

Pseudo secularism is the order of the day
To appease some the leaders are ready to eat even grass
Our history books are filled with distorted versions
And the nation has been brought to a pathetic pass
It is high time the things are set right
And children are taught truthful things of past
Pseudo secularists be floored on the mat
Only then the truth would eternally last

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

• Hampi and Vijaynagar was the capital of Vijaynagar Emperors in 14 to 16 Th centuries, was vandalized and destroyed by Muslim armies of Deccan after Tallikota battle fought on 23 January 1565 between Aliya (Araveeti) Ramaraya of Vijayanagar and the combined armies of Bijapur, Ahmednagar, Golconda, and Bidar. His treacherous Muslim generals and their troops betrayed Ramaraya on the battlefield at the call of Islam, which led to his capture and subsequent killing at the hands of Hussain Nizam Shah of Ahmed nagar who held a personal grudge against him. Some also claim that one of his Muslim General stabbed Ramaraya from behind with a spear on the battlefield. The shamless acts of destruction as a result of Hindu hatred can be seen even today which our pseudo historians try to hide to appease a section of people, else their sentiments would be adversely affected in secular India.What a tragedy indeed? It is time to show the pseudo secularists the door so that the country is saved from disaster and doom, which is lurking around the corner. Some of the Indian pseudo secular historians down played Ramaraya and his sacrifice and it is time to show such historians their rightful place. These historians have abetted the fanatic muslim historians of the times and attributed false incidents to Ramaraya and stated that Ramaraya encouraged destruction of mosques, burning of Islamic religious books and violation of muslim women when he conquered Ahmednagar defeating Hussain Nizam shah which was totally false and baseless. Ramaraya in those eventful years played political games no doubt and it was the order of the day. Entire Indian History right from the days of Ghazni invasion to the invasion of Abdali from Afghanistan in 18Th century is full of wanton acts of destruction of Hindu heritage, violation of Hindu women, murders of our men women and children. Our Pseudo historians down play all these atrocities on Hindu culture and heritage and accuse Ramaraya of excesses when he conquered Ahmednagar.The most recent example of pseudo secularism is the elevation of Nizam VII, Mir Osman Ali Khan of Hyderabad as Rajpramukh( Governor) after Police action on Hyderabad in Sept 1948.The leaders like Nehru who mattered and were at the helm of affairs after gaining Independence lacked moral courage infact to bring the Nizam to face the law and were overtaken by pseudo secularism. In fact Nehru was down playing the acts of Nizam and but for Patel the Nizam Hyderabad state would have been a central Pakistan in heart of India. The Nizam as the ruler was no doubt was squarely responsible for abetting the Razakars who committed heinous crimes, like murders, mass rapes, dacoities and lootings of Hindu population in former Hyderabad State. As a ruler of the cosmopolitan State, he abdicated his moral responsibility of lawful governing and blindly followed the dictum of the devil Kasim Razvi the leader of MIM the party of fundamentalists , the commander and self styled Field Marshal of infamous and murderous Razakar bands. The pseudo historians to gain official favors and few coppers wrote false history of India and it has been thrust down the throats of innocent children in India. The atrocities of Razakars are not found in History books taught to students. The pseudo secularists want all to forget the things and lick boots of those who created Pakistan destroying united India. Is this the nationalism? It is more of self defeating attitude that leads country no where. The situation is no different even now. Secularism means uniform civil code on first count and removing religion from politics. But sadly in India it is opposite. A Hindu is in fact is scared to call himself a Hindu. If he does open worship he is dubbed as fundamentalist while the same does not appear true for minorities. What is actually going on is rape of Hinduism in this country. People should realize this and should vote accordingly instead of getting influenced by the pseudo images of past leaders who although fought for freedom did more damage to the country in long run.

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