Monday, December 21, 2009


Dr K prabhakar Rao

The mighty British have left our nation
Leaving the Indians to suffer miserable fate
Kashmiris are given subsidized rations
While other Indians have slipped into poorest state

Gone are the days of fair elections
When people voted without fear
Criminals now contest for selections
And they stare at the voters like fearsome sloth bear

Booth capturing is the order of the day
Throwing bombs has become a national past time
Police stand watching with dismay
While mischief is found to be at its prime

Empty promises are the order of the day
While voters are taken for along rough camel ride
The voters are treated as a bundle of hay
While gullible people are thrown on roadside

Indian democracy is the greatest mockery in world
Where voters are duped to the hilt
Leaders have specialized in the art of crookery
And they are devoid of morals and drowned in guilt

Subhas and Patel have vanished into wild
Leaving the nation to a bunch of crooks
Those are not needed who are honest and mild
As ruffians rule India at every nook

Alas god only can save this nation
That has sunk to the depths of falsehood
Know the dishonest need kicks with wooden oars
There is a need for rise of Indian Robin hood

Gimmicks called elections are periodic rituals
Whichever party the result is same
The poor in India are denied single meal
Those on top mint money without any shame

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