Tuesday, December 1, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Past Indian leaders wrote something called the constitution
Soon this was known to be a mere substitution
The leaders soon played havoc with this book
While India was ruled in all corners by crooks

Kindly look at the contents of this book today
You shall get giddy and to God you will pray
The book is full of amendments and great change
Your faculties surely you have to rearrange

Changes are made to suit the crooked leaders
They have been mere proven germ breeders
The country has been brought by them to this pass
While people of the nation are made a stupid ass

The past leaders copied from western laws
They never knew that there would be many outlaws
Family rules are the order of the day
While you and me can simply bray

A simple man can never win elections in India
While people are at the mercy of the media
Money plays the dirty game in all elections
It makes sure that the shady are sure to pass the selections

People are to day at the mercy of these cheats and crooks
Who contest at every election fray
The rickety constitution is helpless and looks other way
The cheats are sure to rule come what may

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