Saturday, December 19, 2009


The rifles rattled down the Kargil hills
Yet the Indian Jawan charged with great will
Young and innocent fell to the rain of bullets
While the leaders in Delhi gulped liquor down their gullets

The blood of soldiers went down the drain
Those in Delhi squandered the chance devoid of brains
The saga of bravery has passed into history books
While the Indian masses were fooled by the political crooks

Maimed soldiers are already on the street
With a lost hand or leg with no one to greet
Assured benefits remained empty promises
While those in uniform remain mere novices

Kargil martyrs are already forgotten
While administration in India is rotten
Benefit schemes remained in a sealed sack
While maimed soldiers faced the final sack

Lame and now old soldiers remain in long queues
Those to get remain very few
War widows travel in corridors of train
While fake freedom fighters cause us severe money drain.

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