Monday, December 21, 2009


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The periodic election in India
Only results in rise of the wicked
Crooks galore is the ultimate resultant
While you and me are thoroughly tricked

Shady brokers enjoy corners of power
Who spare no time in swindling the money
Morals and ethics are thrown into a river
And they swallow the grants as sweet honey

Indian famer has remained ultimate poor
While the rulers have built up their real estates
Honest men are framed and kicked out
While India remains the poor third world state

Political parties harbor the criminals
And they intimidate the gullible voters
Result is the birth of armed radicals
Who laugh at the ways of democratic jokers

Rulers in the state find ways and means
To fool around the people in various ways
Younger folk is happy with foreign jeans
And they hope to see happy and merrier days

The nation has been fooled for six decades
With dubious promises of unscrupulous men and women
Corruption is down the cascade
While the leaders enjoy in Delhi’s den

People are suppressed with iron hand
The moment a party gets into power
Ruffians and goons fill up the party band
And the rulers sleep in ivory towers

To be continued

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