Saturday, December 19, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are see Bashirbagh junction and are sipping tea at a roadside tea stall. There very few people gathered there as groups. In each group only three or four people are there)

Gandhi. Patel what is this? Very few people are standing in a group

Patel Bapu. Section 144 has been imposed in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. Why?

Patel. Since few days Andhrites and Royalaseemites are agitating for united Andhra. They are against breaking up the state

Bapu. Look Patel. I am hundred percent sure that before center made announcement all these guys expressed support for Telangana demand. Naidu openly declared that if a resolution is brought in Assembly or Parliament they will extend support to it

Nehru. Even Prajarajyam President Chiranjeevi said same.

Patel True. All Andhra leaders said they will abide by the directives of high command. They are good at doing High command Bhajan

Gandhi. Then why this back tracking?

Patel. These guys are saying that they were not consulted and the matter was not discussed with them. Where was the requirement if making declaration at midnight, they ask

Gandhi. What type of leaders are these. It is OK . Naidu made U turn. But Congress leaders always do Bhajan of High command. How they developed guts to against High command decision? It is most surprising. At last they developed some spunk and demonstrating that they have spine too. But that spine soon would bend.

Patel. Hee..hee..

Nehru. Hee..hee..hhoo..hoo..Aau.aua

Patel. Bapu. The biggest joke is the reason given by these leaders. They say that they never thought that center would give Telangana.So they gave assurance outwardly. Are these leaders? Or some….(?) What a Tamasha they are playing!

Gandhi. What to do? Our so called leaders are like this.( sings and does jig)

Look Oh My dear sons
Lovers of Michel Jackson
Do you know how to rule a state?
Getting screwed is your only fate

Why are you playing with peoples lives
Stop showing your dirty knives
Better leave politics and this game
What I see is that you shall loose your fame

Patel. Hear..Hear. How correctly said. You are great Bapu

Gandhi. I was always great… tttt...Only some had doubts.. Not majority guys. Majority people did my Bhajan.

( In the mean time some police men the trio and go to them)

Inspector. You old guys. What are you doing? Why you have assembled

Patel We are only three. You should object if we are more than four

Constable. Including me we are four. So get dispersed.

Inspector. That is good Constable.

Constable444.. Hee..hee.Sir I am working under you. I learnt tricks of trade from you

Inspector. Haa..haa. Very good 444.( He lifts up his chest proudly)

Gandhi. That is unfair

Inspector. What we say is fair and that is law. How can you challenge police

Gandhi. I shall go to human rights commission

Inspector. What they can do? They may pass orders. That is maximum that they can do.Who cares for them. Recently they passed orders that police should not go into University. Do you know what happened. Read in news papers, We went in and screwed them well. That is police. We shall have last laugh every where..haa…haa.haa

( In the mean time Patel and Nehru walk away and stand at distance.)

Gandhi. Look Now we are only two. Your law fails

Inspector. You can not be standing close and with in talking distance

Gandhi. That we are not ( sings and does jig)

Look oh crazy police guy
Please catch and give a try
You shall surely fail
And soon fall to crawl like a sticky snail

Inspector.( sings wielding lathi)

You bloody old man
I shall make you into a broken punctured can
Although you appear to be fair and white
I shall turn you into color of dark tan

Gandhi. Plese try

(Inspector rushes to Gandhi thinking that Gandhi was real physically and falls flat on the ground breaking front teeth and also fracturing knees. He cries and starts crawling like a snail)

Pate. (Comes to him) Just now Bapu said you shall crawl soon.

Nehru. Please leave him. Poor guy.

Gandhi. OK. Let us go. Enough for today

( The trio walk away singing Ramdhun)



Raj said...

Hi uncle,
I am worried about the attitude of the present Home ministers. When our country could produce Great Home minister in the form of Sardar Patel who literally was the architect of United India,why do these cheap guys literally split the regions !! Shame!!

If possible, can you write about the Sardar Patels Speech addressing the then kings of all independent states in India.


Dr K PrabhakarRao said...

Dear Raj.
It is shameful that we could not produce a single home minister like Patel. This is because Patel was as competent as Nehru while the later Home ministers were engulfed by the personality of Nehru and literally Nehru ran a dictatorial regime. So it continues till today. All the ministers are stooges of the ruling high command. No one has capability. they are just sychophants running after power , chairs and tidbits thrown by the dynasties. I shall do as you suggested

Thanks for the comment
Dr K Prabhakar Rao