Thursday, December 10, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The crowded streets
And the traffic jams
The blaring horns
And the screaming cars
Factory sirens
Tighten my gums
And makes me mum
Where will we run
Morning to noon
And noon to night
With speed of light
Till the sun rise
But all are wise

The singing milk men
Pedaling their bicycles
Now on scooters
Dirty milk spots
And rusty cans
With dents and dots
Might be powdered milk inside
This makes me sulk
The starved cow milk
Splashing from tins
Dirty flies from nearby drain
Filthy mosquitoes merrily sucking
All are around the leaking can
The showering rain
And I feel in vain

The snaking queues
For the bottled milk
Cockroaches in bottles
Lizards dead in milk containers
Dead flies in milk bags
Half open corks and lids
And semi filled plastic bags
But all are in the run
That have some and cry
Or else they will go dry

The road side cow
Hungry and slow
The sulking calves
That is moving skeleton
Sucking empty dry nipples
Watch with glee
While dirty flies fly and flee
The naked urchins
Playing around shacks
Sitting at road side dust bin
And feeling as if at Rajbhavan@
Sort out the filth and waste
However all are in haste

The passing infected doggy
That has hair shabby
The flying stones
Cursing urchins
What a nice feast
That makes me a beast
Wailing children
Barking dogs and bitches
Hungry men hardly clad
Who are skeletons moving;
Booming flesh trade
Pimps and prostitutes
In dark corners of streets
Ready to solicit and greet

@ Governors residence is called Rajbhavan
To be continued

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