Sunday, December 27, 2009


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Constitution of India has miserably failed
To give India a good government
Innocent are found framed and jailed
And we go through periodic parliamentary tournament

Elders contest not from their area
Scared of loosing precious deposit
Gullible people of distant ands
Make them win under shadow of deceit
Parties fight bitterly as cats and dogs
With speeches full of choicest and filthy abuse
However at parties they eat like hogs
As urchins gather to collect roadside refuse

Parties biting at each others throat
Gang up at the end of national election
National interests are thrown into deep moat
As poor reduced to moving skeletons

Criminals, thugs, thieves robbers and dacoits
All are found in the election fray
Indian masses are thoroughly exploited
As killers ad thugs have their sway

Great Churchill surely is having the last laugh
Know, his predictions have become very true
Destitute Indians are down with woofing cough
While leaders are stuck to seats with sticky glue

Gone are the days of some glory in parliament
When some great men walked in the corridors
Saddest days of election tournaments
Today bring in the shady as the crusaders

Noble mother India is wounded and bleeding
Its own sons having speared with sharp lance
Honest Indians are found weeping
As people of India are lying in a state of trance

Great scarifices made by the peers
Have failed to inspire the shdy devils
The Indian leaders are all without tears
Who failed to realize the imminent perils

Fall in the standards of public life
And greed for power as for water in oasis
Threw our nation into a state of strife
Thus men in India have to face the crisis

The nation that abounds in moral corruption
That is sure to land in disasters
Present trend will lead to eruption some day
When the nation is devoid of a true master

The states are fighting with in tooth and nail
While every one wants the top most post
Useless men are leading the nation today
And for criminals they play a happy host

Sir Winston Churchill spoke long ago
That India would be in the hands of scoundrels that bray
What we see today throughout the nation at every corner
Is sure to make Churchill happy delightful and gay

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