Tuesday, December 30, 2008




( Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi is seen singing Ramdhun sitting under a tree at the outshirts of City of Sanjose in California State. The scene is serene, with calm wind blowing. The sun has already set and light is very dull .Large trees are swaying.)

Gandhi… Ram…... Ram… .Raghupathi Raaghava Raaja raam… Pateetha pawana Seetha ram…..Seetharam jai seethe ramm.. Sab kp sanmathi de Bhagwaan… Jai Raghunandana…Jai sia raam..

( salutations to Lord Rama. The liberator of sins.. Oh Ram. Give some wisdom to all…)

( Gandhi is engrossed in the song and closes eyes while clapping.. In the mean time a lean and vey thin famished Muslim Gentleman is seen walking on the road and he sees Gandhi and goes to him. He is putting on a long Shewani ( Long Muslim coat) and sports a fez cap. He looks as if suffering from TB)

Muslim Gentle man. Hello sir.. Did you recognize me?

( Gandhi opens his eyes and appears surprised)

Gandhi.. Namste Jinnah Sahib. What a surprise?

Jinnah. Aadab ( Muslim salutation) Gandhi Sahib. We did not meet ever since 1947

Gandhi. True. Where was time? I was shot dead by Godse soon. You also died soon

Jinnah. True. All have to go some day. By the by what are you doing here? Why sitting on the road side? You were father of nation.

Gandhi. That is till I was alive. Once dead, everything is on paper. Laughs. Ha..haaa.haaa

Jinnah. Heee…..heeee….heeee. Sorry I have disturbed.. Go ahead with your prayer

Gandhi. Thanks.( Sings)

Raam naam japna…. ( Sing name of Lord Rama)

Jinnah.. Aur poora maal apna ( And entire things are ours)

Gandhi. Nahee ( No) Na poora Maalka Sapna..Naa poor maal hai apna

( No..No.There is no dream of entire thing of being mine or entire thing is not mine)

Ram nam Japna…

Jinnah. Parai maal apna ( Others property is mine)

Gandhi. Very true. Jinnah. You are singing what exactly you have done

Jinnah. What I have done? Mohan das. Tell me

Gandhi. You took away a portion of India. That was not apna mall ( own property). It was parayaa maal ( Others property).

Jinnah. Come on Gandhi. Muslims had to stay out. So I got Pakistan. Laughs heee.. heee.See. How you are suffering even after 60 years?

Gandhi. But you are suffering more. Your country is about to disappear. It is in million problems. No one can save it

Jinnah So you are very happy

Gandhi. No least. I want all to be happy and flourish

Jinnah. I also want that way. But my successors have ruined everything. Our army will not allow democracy to flourish.

( In the mean time, some youth come that way selling some snacks, Toffees. They come to Gandhi. They are Santosh and Sajjan )

Santosh. Hello.Sir. Mind some snacks. Very cheap

Gandhi. No thanks. I am old and should not east those things. You guys appear to be

Indians. What are you doing here?

Sajjan. Sir We were software engineers in silicon valley. We lost jobs with recession. No money to go back. Surviving like this sir.

Santosh. If we go back to India what can we do there? It is still worst there

Jinnah. But after all, it is your motherland.

Santosh. It is no ones land. It is soon going to be a terrorist land

Sajjan. True. Sir I belong to Hyderabad. But I do not know where I am .. in Pkaistan or India… All troubles start from there. Half the Bangla refugees hide in Hyderabad and plan ill. Some time I feel I am in Karachi.

Jinnah.. Do not say that. It is not that bad

Santosh. Sir what he says is true.

Gandhi..( eee….eeee.. Cries) Shouts Mera Bharat.. Mera Bharat ( My India)

Jinnah. OK Boys. My time for Namaaz is getting close. I have to go

Gandhi. OK. Jinnah Sahib. Keep meeting whenever you find some time. But do not run for others property.

Jinnah. Ok Bye Aadab

( Jinnah goes away)

(Santosh and Sajjan also go away shouting.. Toffees, snacks, cheap.. come purchase…)

Gandhi gets up, picks up his stick and with a long sigh starts walking on the roadside.. on the wrong side.. Suddenly a speeding car is about to hit him and comes to halt with big sound.. A well built man shouts from the car..)

Man from car. You Joker. Why are walking on the wrong side of the road? You would have been killed

Gandhi. There is so much of space for you boy to go. Any how I am already dead

Man from car. Look I am not a boy. I have two wives and three kids. You are alive and talking. How do you say you are dead?

Gandhi. Hee…heeee When did America allow men marrying twice? You can not have two wives at one time. It is crime in America

Man. That is none of your business. Why are you violating rules?

Gandhi Look! Rules are there to be violated. Otherwise why make rules?

Man.( What a logic )Scratches his head. What type of argument?. You appear to be well educated

Gandhi. Yeah.. I am bar at Law from London

Man. Oh! How strange?

Gandhi. What is strange about it?

Man. You do not appear like that. You are so poorly dressed

Gandhi. I am poorly dressed. But I am not naked. Is not it? Do I look naked? What do you mean by being well dressed? Is Putting on a suit called well dressed? Better know it my boy.

Man. Oh . this guy appears to be some nut . I am getting crazy .eee….eeee.( pulls his hair.) I am driven to nuts.. oh…( Drives away in a zig zag manner.)

(Gandhi starts walking shaking his head laughing haa…haa.hhaaa sings….)

Ham hai rahi pyar ke.. Ham se kuch na boliye

Jobhi pyar se mila ham use ke holiye.. Ham usee ke holiye..

( I am a traveller of love,
Do not say any thing to me
Whoever meets me with love
I belong to him…)

From opposite side a horse man is seen coming. The man trots and reaches Gandhi

Gandhi. Hello Washington sir. How are you?. Nice to see you in this part of west coast

Washington ( Looking surprised) Sir! You told that you would go to India to take care of Indo Pak trouble. How come you are here? Is the conflict settled?

Gandhi. Sir . How can it settle so soon?. Both countries are shit sacred of each other. Both have atom bombs. But no country has really taken initiative so far

Washington. So it is some type of mock fight

Gandhi. True. Indians are shit scared about Pakistan that could drop nuclear bomb without any hesitation

Washington. Even then I am sure India would sing Ramdhun..

Gandhi. Please do not joke sir. We are not that bad.

Washington. Why they are hesitating then? Just see Israelis? What they have done to Hamas? That is the way Pakistan understands. For one kick received give back one hundred kicks.

Gandhi. Sir Indian guys have lot of patience. They are Gandhian to core. Till Pakistani come to India Gate at Delhi they may not react

Washington. Laughs … Haa…. Haaa….hiiii….hiiii. Even God can not help you guys. Even if Indian air force attacks the Pakistani terror targets, Pakistan will not use nuclear weapons. They will react with air force and rockets. This is the time you must hammer them black and blue.. They have limited fuel stocks. Hit them hard now. Their air force will be grounded. Do not allow Saudi oil to land. God only helps those who are daring and with guts and not for the nuts. Remember this. Know it. Digest it. I am telling from my own experience of civil war ( Sings).

You guys are famous for inaction
It appears it is your way and fashion
The guys next door hammers you
Then you are with us and cry as if having flu

( the horse dances while Washington sings)

Gandhi. Thanks sir . I shall convey to the high command. What is going on in India is pure puppetry.

Washington. That is your headache What else can you do? Do not call your inability to being tolerant.
OK bye Mr Gandhi. Better wake up you guys soon. Or else You will go for eternal sleep. History will not excuse you.

( He gallops away while Gandhi walks slowly with his stick.. At the corner of a road bend Kundan lal Saigal the great singer from India is seen sitting with his harmonium and singng He has scarf around his head like Shirdi Saibaba… He is seen gulping drops of whisky occasionally)

Saigal ( sings)

Chaha barbad kare gee hame maloom nathaa… Chahaa…
Routhe Routhe hi kategi hame maalum na tha.. Chaha Barbad..

Mout bhi hampe hasengi hame malum na tha
Zindagi Rog bane gi hame malum natha… Chaah..

( I did not know that desire would ruin me
And I did not know that the life would be spent crying
I never knew that death would laugh at me
And did not know that life would be full of pain and disease)

Gandhi. Listens to song and cries.. eee….eee.. and he gets hiccups

(Saigal sees Gandhi and runs to him)

Saigal.. Bapu what happened why are you crying. When did you come to east coast? Last time I met in Washington DC

Gandhi. Saigal sahib. I heard your song. It is so befitting to us. What you sang is true. I never knew that running after independence from Englishmen would cause ruin to us. I never realized that we would land in misery due to Pakistan next door troubling us. We are unable to die and are unable to live. Even death is laughing at us. How true is the song from Movie Shahjehan

Saigal. True Bapu. The biggest desire at that time was to get independence. If we did not run after independence there would not have been Pakistan and there would not have been the crisis of Kashmir and terrorism due to it. English men would have taken crae of our security. We are unable to take care of our own country.

Gandhi. Truly said

( Saigal picks up a whisky bottle and gulps some liquor )

Gandhi. Saigal sahib that is bad. I am still here

Saigal. Bapu .Look other way ( Sings)

Koyee bhi manush kitnahi bura ho

Hothee hai thodi bhi bhalayee….

Eeeswar ka gunek yahee bhi

Kaaton mein phoola khilaa dena….aain…

Saath manush ke gayi burayee
Rah gayi uski bhalayee
Tum bhi manme prem ko rakhna
Aur katon ko hasaa dena… Aain…Yum bhi manme...

( A man may be any amount bad
Yet he has some good quality
The God has one of the qualities
And he makes flowers to blossom among thorns
With death man’s illness goes away
And good only remains
You must keep love in your heart
And make thorns laugh)

Gandhi. Too good Saighal Sahib. What a nice song and philosophy

Saigal. Bapu. It is from movie Lagan a great musical hit from 1937. By the by Bapu. I forgot to ask. Why you have come this side? Why are you alone walking?

Gandhi. You know! Pakistan and India are at logger heads now over Bombay terror attacks. I came to seek some American help.

Saigal. Bapu. Could you get some thing?

Gandhi. Nothing much. Washington was skeptical about our capabilities. He says we are unable to take any decisions. I am sure he thinks us to be clueless lot.

Saigal. I think he rightly said. What is wrong in that

Gandhi. Come on Saigal. Are we that bad?

Saigal. Bapu I did not say we are bad. As a nation we are not assertive. We are shit scared lot. We are scared to take actions. We are most vote concious. Our policies alawys are tagged with votes that too of minorities. Remaining in seat is more important than nations honour and well being

Gandhi. So Are we going to be condemned soon? Oh God! Pakistan would blackmail us eternally.

Saigal. But Bapu this is truth( Sings) Panchi re.. ye.. ye..Panchee… Kahe ko Hota udaas… Pancheee

Too Thodana mun kee aas panchee… too thodana mankee aas Panchee…

( hey birdie why get into despair

Never loose hope Oh Birdie…)

Gandhi.. True Saigal. We must have hope. Some day a strong and dynamic leader would rise and save India like Indira Gandhi. Like a sphinx rising from ashes

Saigal. True Bapu. Let us have hope. That means first we must turn into ashes…. So be it Let us cheer up..( Saigal gulps some drink while Gandhi looks other way) Cheer up
Saigal sings…

Aai dil e bekara jhoom aai dil e beak rar jhoom

Aab ye bahaar aagaya… Doure fiza chala gayaa

Ishk muraad paaa gaya…..
( Gandhi claps….An American bald eagle sitting on a tree nearby laughs at Gandhi and flies off flapping its large wings slowly)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, December 26, 2008



(Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru are seen walking on a street in Dallas Texas in evening hours. They settle down on a bench on the roadside.)

Gandhi. Jawahar. Have you seen the sky? How gloomy it is?

Jawaharlal. True. Bapu, It is really gloomy

Gandhi. I also see some clouds slowly coming towards us. They are dark too.

Jawaharlal. Bapu. They could be war clouds

Gandhi. True. I heard Pakistan is making lot of preparations for war. They are flying war planes too close to Indian borders

Jawaharlal. I learnt it Bapu. All this could be pressure tactics. Pakistan is in economic shambles. If it goes to war it will slip back by another 50 years.

Gandhi. But General Kayani, the new strong man has muffled all civilian leaders. Their mouths are shut now. They sing Kayani song

Jawaharlal. Uh. India some time or other is always in problems. This wretched neighbor to India needs to be taught a lesson

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Come on! You can not speak like that. You have created Kashmir problem. You have goofed up entire thing. Who asked you to refer Kashmir problem to UNO. Did I ask?

Jawaharlal. Bapu We are guided by your non violence policy. Already there was so much violence at the time of partition and later in 1948 war. I wanted to halt it.

Gandhi. (Holds his head).Oh. What a guy?

(In the mean time Indira Gandhi strolls in. She sees Bapu and her father Nehru. She bows to them and takes blessings )

Bapu. How are you Indira

Jawahar. How are my girl

Indira. Fine. Nice to see you both at one place. Father I heard there was a big bomb blasts and attacks in Bombay recently

Gandhi. Yeah. Pkaistan guys did it. Police caught one guy and rest were shot dead

Indira. That is great.

Jawaharlal. What is so great about it. They were prepared to die. They had to die in any case. But they killed nearly 170 guys including foreigners

Indira. Now What is our PM doing. Is he waiting for some orders from the high command

Gandhi. Why not. He can not act by himself

Jawaharlal. Hee…hee…heee.. But that guy is simple and a good finance man

Indira. But we want a guy who means business

Indira. What is Pak doing now

Jawahar. India wants Pak to hand over some terrorists who were behind the attack. They want all terror camps to be destroyed

Indira. Haaa… haa…haaa.. What a joke dad? Do you believe pak guys will do so

Jawaharlal. Indians are bringing pressure from USA and England

Indira. What a fun dad.How can you believe that they would give those guys. Even a school child knows this is not possible

Jawaharlal. But Indian foreign minister shouts at pitch that Pak must give them He also states India has kept all options open.

Gandhi. But PM states that India will not go for war. Even defence minister stated that India will not go for war

Indira. Then what options are there for Pranabji. Pak understands only war

Jawahar. If Pak does not hand over what do you think India would do

Indira. For me it looks that USA has already dumped India. England has no voice and who will listen to it? India can now only suck thumbs

Gandhi. Now Pak is changed its plate. It is shouting that it is prepared for war. Now it is also blaming India for some terror acts in Pakistan.

Indira. That is the policy. Infact India has delayed actions very much. Now the iron has become cold. Pak knows that India is cluless. It is sure India is timid and can not risk a war. They may shout any amount

Jawahar. True. I do not know what type of guys are there

Gandhi. Our men only…White Topewallahs ( Sings)

All these guys are our own congress men
They can be always happy with paper and pen
They make only some hollow sound
While Pakis chase Indians like an English hound

They sound like empty tin
Making however great din
At dinners they are busy with lime and jinn
And at enemies they can not use even a pin

Indira.. Haa….haa..haaa..Hoo..hooo. Hii. Hii Bapu well said. You have seen what I have done to those guys. Their country was made into two pieces once for all. They surrendered with I lakh troops. Taught them a lesson never to forget.

Jawahar. Where has that valor gone now in India?

Gandhi.They are more Gandhian than me

Jawahar. Hee…heee..heee

Gandhi. I feel sorry for these guys. They could not protect Indians. They are scared to take any action

Indira. Dad! Do you think Army is prepared to take Pakistan army frontally?

Jawaharlal. I have my doubts. Recently I heard there was great unhappiness in services over pay commission. I was told they were given poor pay jumps compared to civilians. Now the corps commander is made junior to Director General of Police too. You can imagine degradation done by the civil guys.

Indira. That is bad. If that is so bad how can army deliver.

Gandhi. True

Jawaharlal. That could be a reason for not going for any war in present state. Morale is so low

Gandhi. But why this messing up?

Jawaharlal. In democracy army is under civil control. But now it is under civilian babu control

Gandhi. What is this babu. Plesae tell me. A new word to me

Indira. It is the derogatory word rather used for IAS officers by defence guys

Jawaharlal.. laughs, haa….haaa….haaa. hooo. Hoo. Hooo.

Indira. If Army is degraded, the country will be buying problems by themselves. The day army has to fight for its wages, remember the dooms day for the country has set in. Last night I read the blogs on web site Pragmatic Euphony and so much has been revealing. Whole country must read this site. What a shame? Can the army to day be the same army what I had in 1971 that dismembered Pakistan for all times to come? Just look at the photograph of General Niazi the GOC in C of East Pakistan surrendering to Indian army commander Jagjit Singh Aurora. It is so inspiring to all of us. It is eternal shame to Pakistan. Their blood must be boiling all the time teething for revenge. Ever since then Pakistan has been planning against India. I am sure.

Jawaharlal. Yes. I agree

Gandhi. Can I be of some use? Can my Ramdhun work? Should I go to Pakistan and tell them that they should behave well.

Jawaharlal. Bapu. Forget. You are of some use only during elections that too for congress party and during your birth day and death day for doing some Tamasha at your grave in Delhi. The so called leaders dress in whites from top to bottom and squat on a white spread sheet and do some spinning of yarn symbolically. Then they sing Ramdhun and many close eyes as if in great dedication. The moment the function is over your memory is left to winds and the guys run out as if they were forcibly kept there. In evening of course usual partying will be there with usual Chicken and mutton. Drinks too could be there.. Bapu believe me, the guys have misused your memory for the last 60 years. Better you stay in heavens and don’t come down..( Sings)

Gandhis memory is used for vote bank
While Army gets a sitting duck Arjun Tank
Gandhi is a liability for most of the men
Their evil deeds are difficult to even pen

Gandhi. Ok Jawaharlal. No more. I am upset and shrinking. I am also getting stomach ache.

Indira. Bapu. I am much upset. These Indian leaders have given a long rope to Pakistan after Bombay attack and see the result. See what happened? Now they have turned the plate and blaming India for terror attacks in Lahore. It is a shame. We have given Pakistan great amount of time to regroup and plan strategy against us. Now they are craving for war. Give them back with double the force. See General Kayani and his gusto. It is just a matter of time before he takes over Pakistan. Appears a war monger. He was ISI Chief earlier. Naturally he has to be Indian hater.

Jawaharlal. But the joke is that our guys are begging that we are not going for war. They are apologetic. Why they should make such statements? Who asked them?

Indira. Now Pak is one up in this struggle

Gandhi . That means we are now apologetic

Indira. Yes. Our guys wasted time in calling all ambassadors of whole world and briefing them. It is O.K. they will give you some moral support. But they are not going to fight your war. You have to fight your war by yourselves. Don’t expect that America will fight for you. For everything they do some thing for you there is a price tag attached to it. Bapu!. Indirectly you have done great damage to India. They guys feel that for everything highest tolerance must be shown.

Gandhi. I never said that. Injustice has to be fought, by non violence. But when necessary one must fight.

Indira, Bapu. Your theory is misunderstood.

Gandhi. I am not responsible for that

Indira . But India is suffering

Gandhi. Did I say that India should swallow everything from Pakistan? Did you fight previous wars with Pakistan after consulting me?

Indira. If we have done so probably India would have been in Pakistan

Jawaharlal. Please Indira. He is Bapu. Our Great Bapu .Apostle of peace, Understand that

Indira. Ok Dad. That does not mean that we get screwed every time by Pakistan

Jawaharlal. No. Not that way. Pakistan must be taught a lesson so that they never repeat

Indira. It is high time India goes after Pakis all out and crushes them once for all.

Gandhi. No comments

Jawaharlal. Indira. It is your way. I had my own way.

Indiar. Ok Bapu and dad. Hope Indians will have erect spine and react to Pakistan appropriatekly. Now they are like earthworms. Or else the Country is doomed.Thanks dad. Kindly excuse me for harsh words

Jawahar. OK baby, Bye

Gandhi. Ok Indira, Thanks for the visit

(In the mean time a American police car comes that way and halts before them. A police officer gets down from the car)

Sergent. Hello. Who are you these guys sitting here at this odd hours. You appear to be Indians

Gandhi. Officer. True We are Indians But we are dead

Sergent. What does that mean. If so how come you are talking?

Jawaharlal. We are ghosts of the deaparted men from India.

Sergent. Come on Donot try pranks with me. This is USA, Not India. You can be in prison for 200 years

Gandhi. That you can not do. You can not catch us

Sergent. I will show you

(Sergent pounces on Gandhi to catch him and he struggles in air)

( Gandhi and Jawaharlal and Indira depart while usual song Saaare jahaanse Accha Hindostan Hamara…. Is played)

(Sergeant appears bewildered and shouts Oh… Ghosts and runs away in the car)

Dr K Prabhakar Rrao

Thursday, December 25, 2008



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

Pakistan has been harboring all thugs, militants, terrorists and anti social elements and yet is blaming such men as the persons responsible for acts of terror and states that they were non- state persons. But the fact is that they are in Pakistan. The question is how it can allow such outfits to function from its soil after knowing their credentials? Thus Pakistan gets nailed that it organizes, aids, grooms and abets terrorism blatantly and most shamelessly. There is a saying that all roads lead to Rome. Similarly all terrorist actions, their homes and planning in the world for terrorist actions are leading to Pakistan (1). This is a naked truth although might appear bitter. Saddest Part is the American ostrich attitude towards this truth. Pakistan also has been demanding proofs that their citizens or those living in Pakistan were responsible for the terror acts. The lone terrorist captured by the security forces/Police in Bombay proved to be a Pakistani citizen He has also submitted a letter requesting for legal help from Pakistan(2). His father has recognized him. He is known to be from the village of Faridkot in Pakistan. Yet, Pakistan is refusing to accept him as its citizen. It tries to support its claim from district records. Who will believe such records? They can always be created and no one can have access to such records and they would be fictitious and none can verify them. What can India expect from a nation that is born out of hatred and is surviving on mischief, falsehood, untruth and hatred apart from mischief and trickery? The fact is that a country would never accept involvement in terror acts in another country or neighboring one in particular. It is rather foolish to expect that Pakistan would accept Indian evidence pinpointing source of terrorism. It is also true in case of India where Pakistan charged that certain acts of instability in Pakistan are the outcome of outfits in India. India too will never accept such charges. Thus it is a fruitless effort made by India in trying to force Pakistan to accept Indian version. Any amount of truths and evidences will not make Pakistan agree to Indian charges (3).
Although initially the stance taken by the Pak civilian leaders was more responsive and progressive and they agreed to send ISI chief to India, soon they changed their version and obviously army played the shots and Pak leaders meekly surrendered to the guys in uniform (4). The shadow of uniform shut the mouths of Pakistan leaders even if they are wise and responsible. Former Prime MinisterNawaz Sheriff and the dissident leader, who accepted that the captured terrorist was a Pak national (5), soon changed words obviously under army pressure. What is going on in Pakistan is nothing but a shadow irresponsible rule by Pak army and inability of Pak civilian leaders to come out of the evil influence of Pak army (6). Pakistan under various dictators particularly from the days of General Zia ul Haq abetted terrorism and guerilla actions particularly against Russians occupying Afghanistan. It has also unleashed Islamic Jihad in Kashmir. These outfits and the concepts have gone out of control in Pakistan and are fully entrenched in Pak soil. Terrorism has become a national past time and national policy in Pakistan for army, ISI, tribals and others. The terrorists also struck against their own leaders like Madam Bhutto and many others. It is like Satan devouring the creator itself. To day Pakistan is caught in this evil spin (7). Surely United States of America has to be blamed for such emerging situation as rise of Taliban was abetted by USA to counter Russians. The guerillas created as Taliban became fundamentalist Jihadi and paved way for conniving with Al-Qaida at a later stage resulting in 9/11 in 2001 (8). The same Taliban are now entrenched in Pakistan and Talibanization of Pakistan is almost getting completed. In fact Taliban has opted and promised to fight along with Pak army in the event of a war with India. How can Taliban suddenly become nationalists in Pakistan? Obviously Pak army , terrorists and Taliban are hand in glove and the present Bombay attack can be evenly traced to Pak army (9).
Pakistan in the latest effort is trying to resort to offensive Defense. First it charged that Indian fighter air craft violated Pakistan air space and later denied. In a show of strength now it is building up war hysteria in the country by displaying its air force might in which Pak fighter air craft are making sorties within Pak air space over some of its important cities (10). Various statements have been made by the Pak leaders that Pak army was fully prepared to counter any attack by Indian armed forces. This is a strategy by Pakistan to counter pressure from the India (11). But the fact remains that India is desperately trying to pressurize by international opinion by calling all ambassadors of various countries for a briefing. Such acts of building world opinion could be of some use in which India would score one up on moral front. But it has to be seen how such opinion would influence Pakistan.Will it be like throwing water on a buffalo. Pakistani civilian leaders are nothing but mere puppets in the hands of General Parvez Kayani the army chief who is now calling the shots and emrged as the real leader in Pakistan. It is only a matter of time before he establishes his army rule reverting to dictatorship an usual thing in a failed state. This is clear as stated by Fareed Zakaria in News week (12) :

“When one speaks of the Pakistani government, it's necessary to be precise. The elected, civilian government appears to be something of an innocent bystander in this affair. Initially, President Asif Ali Zardari denounced the terrorists and offered full assistance to Indian investigators. His prime minister offered to send the head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency to New Delhi to help. Then, after the Army weighed in, the offer was withdrawn. Zardari's statements became more evasive and defensive. If anyone wondered who actually ran the country, it soon became clear”.

The Pak army is emerging from the back bench and the voices are being heard now. Even the previous Kargil operation was masterminded by General Musharraf and it became a bitter fight and finally ended as a fiasco. He way the Bombay attack was planed and executed has left many international experts surprised. It has been revealed that the attackers were trained in four places in Pakistan by men with titles like colonel and major. They used communication channels that are known ISI channels. All this can't happen without the knowledge of the military," David Kilcullen, a counter-insurgency expert who has advised Gen. David Petraeus that the Bombay attack was a. a three-stage amphibious operation. Where the militants maintained radio silence, launched diversionary attacks to pull the first responders out of the way, knew their way around the hotels, were equipped with cryptographic communications, credit cards, false IDs," The operation was a master piece and was like a classical special forces or commando operation than a terrorist one (13). No group linked to al-Qaeda and certainly not Lashkar has ever mounted a maritime attack of this complexity. Such operation could be planned and conducted with the connivance of Pak army and nothing less than this. The Indian reaction was pathetic, timid and is more aimed at introspection than craving for revenge. There has been public uproar for the failure of the government and concerned agencies than calling for the devastation of Pakistan. The saddest part is that in spite of warnings from foreign agencies that a sea borne attack could be imminent even naming Taj hotel, Indian security agencies ignored and slept and Navy and Coast guard too failed in their duties to secure India from an attack through sea. They have failed to perform the basic duty for which they were created. The reasons for such failure can not be understood and would be never made public because it was a government failure (14). The whole thing has been apparently brushed under carpet with one apology from Prime minister of India to the nation. A very simple thing to get away from the electorate who vote like a flock of brainless sheep in all elections (15).
Pakistan army is now coming into open and its voice is being heard. It appears that they would prefer war than yielding to world opinion. They also know and are confident that in view of its strategic importance USA would not take tough actions except giving occasional admonishing and tough remarks. Although America appears to be more on the Indian side in pressurizing Pakistan diplomatically, it is very unlikely that it would do another Afghanistan in Pakistan although it is very much essential. India has to fight its own war and uphold its honor and secure its stability. Already time has been lost and India has given Pakistan sufficient loose rope and time to regain its composure and has indirectly helped Pakistan army to emerge stronger on its national scene. This is surely a major failure on India’s part after the devastating terror attack. However some senior think Tanks are of the opinion that India has shown restraint greatly and is much desired (16). Restraint is surely desired. But any such thing or Gandhism overdone sends a wrong signal to the adversaries and this has been already done causing India a great damage. It is most appropriate to quote Mr Anil Bhat (17) on goofing up of the recent pay commission in which armed forces are reportedly badly let down and degraded:

“It remains to be seen how swiftly and effectively we undo past damage and make some urgently required course corrections”


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

The shoe throwing at American President George W Bush is disgusting although some guys are much happy about it in America and India too and Muslim world. There are many even in America who feel elated at the treatement meted to their President. They have no national honor. Such people are infact enemies of their own country. On certain blogs who are surely Americans I found such people much elated and consider the act as a proper treatment to the man who waged war agaisnt Iraq . What type of people are these? Such guys stay in USA and feel happy that their President has been insulted. Thus there is no doubt that USA has its own enmies within their own home land. Probabaly such men are many more than those who are outside. Thus my earlier atricle on faithcommons.org that USA has to fight its on enmies within own home land than outsid in Oct 2006 is highly relevant. As long as such peope remain in America the country is not safe. They will be abetting the enmies of the nation. George Washington has correctly said in the drama that insult to the president is Insult to American people. See Blog kuntamukkalprabhakar.blogspot.com. But sadly all Americans do not feel that way. It is a disgrace. Even in Indian Press I have found a small article highlighting and glorifying the act of the mad man and praising the shoes as some novelties and pieces of great possession. Shame indeed. It shows poor and partisan journalism. Disgrace to the news paper. Any American who glorifies shoe throwing on President Bush is anti national and must be tried for treason. Every one knows the punishment for treason. They may have different opinion about policies on Mr Bush. But he represents Ameruican people when he goes out. Any insult to him is insult to great America as a nation and to the people of that nation.. Such men are enemies to the nation and must be tried.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, December 22, 2008


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)
( Washington is seen seated in a room on a posh and magnificent seat. With him John F Kennedy is also seen.. In the mean time the guard comes in and reports..)

Guard.. Sir A visitor has come from India, Can he be allowed in?

Washington. Please

( Gandhi walks in with his stick )

Washngton. Welcome Mr Gandhi. Please be seated. Whats the matter. Recently you were here.

Gandhi. True sir. I came for some work with respect to Pakistan

Kennedy. Sir what is that?

Gandhi. Sir You know Pakistan was involved in recent Terror attacks on Bombay. We have been pressurizing them to hand over some of the criminals responsible for these attacks including Dagwood Ibrahim.

Washington. I know. Even we are pressurizing them to take strong action. Recently Mrs Rice strongly admonished them.
Gandhi. All these are not really making much difference

Kennedy. Look Mr Gandhi. We also told them to act or we would act

Gandhi. That means are you going to attack?

Washington. That we can not say now. It is better get Bush and Obama here

(Washington twists his hand in a gesture and soon Mr Bush and Obama appear there)

Washington. Welcome Gentlemen . Be seated

Bush. Good afternoon sir

Obama., Hello sir. How are you

Washington. We are fine here. But Gandhi appears unwell

Gandhi. ( Slightly irked up). It is not like that. I came because I thought you are our well wishers

Washington. Surely we are

Kennedy. Please be cool Mr Gandhi . We are here to help you.

Gandhi. Look Mr President Bush. These Pakistanis are dilly dallying the issue. Till date they have not taken strong action

Bush. Yeah. I learnt it. We have been pressurizing them

Obama. I also said if India takes any action I shall fully support it. But you have not taken any action

Bush. You have lost time I feel

Gandhi. Sir. How can we all of a sudden go and fall on them. We have to give them time to act

Bush. True. So you gave them time and we also sent Mrs Rice there.

Kennedy. Mr Brown was also there

Gandhi. But nothing much happened. They said they put some people under arrest and Jaisha e Masod was banned. That does not solve problem

Bush. But you guys are not strong. You keep shouting that you do not take any military action.. Laughs .. haa. Haaa..

Washington. That was the joke . Why should you say that? You must keep other guy guessing

Gandhi. That is ok.. After wards Pranab Mukharjee said all options are open

Kennedy. What is the use?

Washington. Now Pakistan knows that you can not do any thing except to shout around as usual. You made a joke of yourselves.

Gandhi. Now what we should do? Should we suck our thumbs

Washington. Mr Gandhi. Do not be desperate. If you want to suck thumbs how any one can stop you? You are very famous for Ramdhun and non violence. Why don’t try some thing?

Gandhi. Sir Hope you are not joking

Washington.. No .. No Not like that. Every time you cane you preached non violence and forgiveness to us. Hope you remember it.

Gandhi . Sure. I remember

Washington. Then what prevents you from doing it? Go to Pakistan India border and do fasting and sing Ramdhun….

Gandhi. Probably that is only course left to us. Now Pakistan has changed tones also. They say that they were prepared for war. Their airforce planes flew over their capital as show of strength.

Washington. Look Mr Gandhi. Your planes also flew here and there. It may not be possible for us to directly involve militarily at present unless guys in Pakistan do another 9/11 in America

Gandhi. Should we wait till then?

Kennedy ( Laughs) haaaa…..haaaaa.. I can see desperation on your face Mr Gandhi…

Gandhi, No Mr Kennedy. Please do not underestimate India. We are very strong

Kennedy. Yes . In words of course. When comes to action, the limbs shake. Knees give way.

Gandhi. You harbor very poor opinion about us

Kennedy. I have seen in 1962.

Gandhi. Sir! Why remind us about 1962 defeat? We left it much behind, Afterwards we won two wars and also Kargil war

Kennedy. What is the use. You can live on past laurels always

Gandhi. True.

Washington. Look Mr Gandhi. Every country has to protect itself. If some one has to help some price has to be paid

Gandhi. What price we have to pay for American help?

Washington. You will know very soon.

Gandhi. We have already signed nuclear deal although communists were against it.

Washington. Much thanks for it.

Kennedy. Why there is so much anti American feelings in your country? Your communists are against us.

Gandhi. That is their philosophy. You believe in Capitalism. So they have to hate by force.

Washington. Do you know Gandhi? The children of most of these communist guys are in USA earning dollars.

Gandhi. That I know.

Washington. Mr Gandhi. It looks your problem is already dead. You guys had no guts to smash Pakistan and show what you mean. Can you achieve some thing with Pakistan by pleading. Those guys will never hand over any one to you. You have to lump it down your throat. If have guts go al out and teach the guys a lesson.

Give those guys a good kick
With your long stick
Or else keep finger in mouth and lick
All will be OK in a moment flick

Kennedy.( Laughs) haaa….. haaaa….. Take clue from Israelis. How they manage their enemies, Just have a look. You stand no where. That is the only way Pakistan understands.

Gandhi. Thanks sir.. Let us see what can we do

( He gets up and walks away with his stick)

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, December 20, 2008




(Washington and John F Kennedy are seen strolling on the lawns of white House in Washington DC. Washington in ceremonial army uniform with sword while Kennedy wears full dark suit.Suddenly a sentry runs in and goes to Washington and smartly salutes..)

Washington. Yes Guard. What is the matter?

Guard. Sir! There is an urgent message for you

Washington. What is that?

( The guard hands over a note and Washington reads it..)

Washington, Oh God! Look John. Some stupid guy attacked our President George Bush with shoes in Iraq

Kennedy. What a crazy guy in deed.

Washington. But Bush escaped both throws.

Kennedy. We should be happy that he did not use a fire arm

Washington. True. See John. You were a victim of such attack by Lee Oswald in Dallas Texas.

Kennedy. Yes ( wipes tears ). I was at the prime of my career and it was cut short by some nut

Washington. I am sorry John. I reminded the incident

Kennedy. It is ok sir. Now how is the president?

Washington. He is fine. The shoe thrower has been arrested by the security guards and now is in hospital with broken limbs and chest ribs. Now it is said the guy is feeling ashamed and sorry for his action. Probably Irqis may hang him for such action.

Kennedy. What is the use now after doing it?

Washington. Jesus said to forgive sinners and even enemies

Kennedy. We are not Jesus and not even Apostles. We are ordinary human beings

Washington. Ok Let us go inside. It is cold outside. I have some sore throat. We may see news on the TV

( Both walk inside and are seated. Washington switches on the TV and News channel is tuned. On the screen the incident of shoe throwing is displayed repeatedly
Kennedy. Why these guys should display it so many times as if some great thing has happened

Washington. Look. There are many guys in America who oppose Bush and you have seen the result in elections here. Bush lost majority in both houses. Now Barak Obama is elected from Democrats.The Democrats are up agisnt Bush. They derive satisfaction by seeing the TV clip.

Kennedy. Yeah. Soon Obamawould be sworn as the president. But all this does not mean that Bush is to be denigrated. Tomorrow it would be your turn. He is the President. He represents all Americans and the great nation of USA. It is unfortunate some sadist guys are deriving pleasure out of it. Sir. The mad guy could have used a o.455 hand gun. Bush is lucky.

Washington. ( appears annoyed and gets up from the seat.. He draws his sword and raises it to the sky. Looking into sky.. he sings)

How dare a guy can insult us the great American people?
The guy has not thrown shoe at Mr George Bush
Remember my words uttered on this solemn day
And we shall smash such guys into a pulp with great push

Look! Saddam Hussein was hanged to the pole
He hanged lifeless looking at the departing soul
Iraqi guys must know the truth and display sense
Or else I shall react with my power that is immense

I am the father of great American nation

And my name is General Washington

I brought freedom to this great land

And shall ensure in world America plays its band

(Washington’s face reddens and he swings his sword wildly into air.. He is gasping with anger)

Kennedy. Sir. Very well sung. Please cool down. (Looking at the Guard at the door) Guard. Go and get coke chilled soon

(Guard runs and gets a coke from the fridge and presents it to Washington in a silver plate. Washington cools down and replaces his sword in the scabbard and sits in the chair.. He takes coke and sips slowly)

Kennedy. Sir! You got excited at the news

Washington. Why not? Insult to Bush is insult to all of us, the great American people, Both Republicans and Democrats ( sips Coke and feels relieved)

Kennedy. Sure sir. I agree with you.

( In the mean time Gandhi walks in with his stick and he gtreets Washington and Kennedy)

Gandhi. Good evening gentlemen. How are you?

Kennedy. Welcome sir, Please be seated

Washington. Hello Mr Gandhi. How are you? Hope you are comfortable in this land

Gandhi. Sure. Now I am getting used

Washington. That is nice indeed

Gandhi. I heard about the shoe throwing at Mr Bush. What type of people are these Iraqis?

Kennedy. All Iraqis are not bad. They are with us. Bush has given them a new life

Washington. He got rid off Saddam Hussein, a great killer of his own people and Kurds

Kennedy. Americans are unhappy that no WMD were found in Iraq for which Bush waged war

Washington. If Saddam Hussein was allowed to continue he would have turned into a great evil in few years. It was a good riddance.

Kennedy. But the guy was against Iran and that advantage is lost now.

Gandhi. Where is the problem? Iran can be contained by non violence that I practiced in India

Gandhi gets up from his seat, throws his stick and claps singing...)

Raghu pathi raghava Raajaa ram.

Pateetha paawana seetha Raam

Hare rama Hare krishan

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Washington ( Holds his head) Oh No! Mr Gandhi. Keep your non violence and your prayers to yourself and India. Don’t bring up here in this land. This is different altogether

Gandhi. No sir. This is the universal formula. Give me a chance once. You shall see the results. You shall put all your enemies in your basket.

Kennedy.. Laughs. Heeee. Heee. Haaa. Haa

Gandhi, What is there to laugh?

Kennedy. What is there not to laugh?

Gandhi. In fact when Bush suspected WMD with Iraq he should have taken up fast to death along with his cabinet. That could have moved the hearts of saddam Hussein.

Washington. Dear Mr Gandhi. You do not know what type of man Saddam was. He shot his colleagues on the conference table who did not agree with him. He was more cruel than Adolf Hitler

Gandhi. I think you are exaggerating sir. One can not be so cruel.

Washington. Poor Gandhi. This is not like dealing Englishmen in India

Gandhi. Sir! Oh! you decided that violence is the only answer. How are you going to withdraw from Iraq. Will you come out lock stock and barrel? Will it be like Dunkirk

Kennedy. We are not fools. We shall withdraw respectfully and not with apologies or bitterness. Neither it will be Dunkirk

Gandhi. Please remember me if you need at any point of time. I am there for mankind( Sings)

I am the Gandhi bald and bold
In India of course I lost my complete hold
I practice non violence to the core
Although for you it may look very sore

People like me in the world are few
Many think in head I have a loose screw
Some also pass me off as a big nut
As I prefer always to stay in a hut

( Gandhi does some jig while singing this song while Kennedy and Washington clap…)

Washington. Thanks gandhi. But No. Keep to yourself and leave us to our fate

Gandhi. Your bad luck ( He walks away with his stick)


Thursday, December 18, 2008



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

The Euphoria of Indian 9/11 at Bombay is over. The burning cinders appear to have died out. The city is slowly has returned to normal. The hotels and other joints are getting full although at some places crowds are thin. The news papers also are not flashing any anything worthwhile now days. After the apology of Prime minister to the nation that he and his team has failed to protect the city from the killers, everything appears to be normal. Tempers have cooled. Indians have great faith in Gandhism. If some one asks to be pardoned, he should be really pardoned. The PM has publicly begged to be pardoned. That was the easiest thing available to him and he could not offer any excuses. The failure was glaring and open. There was no escape. Thus apology was to be given. Chidambaram also said. “Yes there was a failure”. Shivraj Patil and Deshmukhs were eased out as first step. We are not sure of any other executive being eased out. All others are probably pardoned as it was a collective failure (1). So better it is to pardon every one. Why sack poor well dressed and smart Shivraj Patil and Vilasrao” Deshmuks? They are no way inferior to others in this country.
Pakistan as usual is playing cat and mouse game by keeping some militant leaders under house arrest and sealing their offices. It is repeating that it will not handover any one to India and if proof was given they would be tried in Pakistan courts and punished. Can this be believed? On the other front, USA has mellowed down and said India and Pakistan must help each other. The initial hard language has disappeared. Mr Brown the PM of England went to Pakistan and nothing concrete came through. There is no doubt that Pakistan would not hand over the militants to India. As it is, India has already lost its ground by getting to negotiations and pleading with Pakistan. Our top leaders repeat that India will not take any military action. What is compelling them to make such statements is not known? Are the leaders trying to project themselves as apostles of peace? It is not known what type of action India would take. We are already bowing and begging them to listen to us promising that we will not attack them (2).
In this instant, it is essential to recall how India handled Bangladesh when there was some trouble some time ago. Bangla rifles attacked a border post and took away some BSF soldiers and tortured and killed them in the most inhuman way. They were put in boiling water and eyes were gouged out and ears cut (3,4,5,6). Their bodies were transported as if they were taking a dead cow by tying to a pole (7). The response from India was very tragic. We have swallowed everything. Except some diplomatic protest, nothing was taken up . It has gone to the world that India is incapable of taking any tough actions. The present situation is no different. The calamity of present incident is very large. Yet India is unable to take tough actions. There is always a limit to diplomatic efforts. After the limit is crossed, a stick has to be brought into use. Where was the necessity to shout around that India would not take military action? Then why Pakistan should bother for us? Where is the fear for them? Is Pakistan dependent on us? Surely not. Why they should dismantle terrorist camps in their land? They will not do. They would only laugh at us and at our incapacity to assert. Mohammed Shahbuddin Ghori the ruler of Kabul in the past must have laughed to his fill when he was set free by Indian ruler at Thaneswar, Prithviraj Chauhan after he was captured in a battle. He went to Kabul and came back with more force only to defeat Chauhan in a battle. Chauhan was imprisoned. Without any mercy he was killed by Ghori and established Muslim rule in India. The present state of India reflects same state that was there centuries ago. Indian rulers have not learnt any lessons inspite of many reverses in past.
There is no doubt that terrorists would plan again much more vigorously this time to cause devastation to India. The days of planting some small hand made make shift tiffin box bombs here and there are over. The strategy would be Fidayeen type assaults by suicide squads armed to teeth where they have nothing to loose as they are ready to get killed. As Martyrs, they claim that they would directly go to heavens as guaranteed in Holy Quran. One will not be surprised if car bombings also become a regular affair in India which is very common in Pakistan and Iraq. We have many large and important installations such a s nuclear reactors, naval yards, air ports and big shopping centers, crowded market places that are mostly and surely sitting ducks for any determined Jihadi attackers. The pot bellied, pawn and Gutka chewing police men wielding lathis or dilapidated ancient bolt action rifles at most of the places can not be trusted that they would be able to protect our heritage structures and vital installations from the determined Jihadis.. There are numerous and innumerable heritage structures and temples in India that remain unprotected. How we are going to be saved by these lethargic and action- less rulers? God only knows. Should we wait for 10 th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Kalki Bhagwan, the Hindu god? Singing Ramdhun as practiced by Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi is not going to save us and our installations. It is also learnt that a National investigating agency (NIA) has been mooted by Chidambaram. How it is going to solve the problem? Probably he only knows. What is now required is to prevent future attacks than waiting for calamities and then to be investigate by various agencies doing post mortem along with the new NIA. We will be adding one more agency to confusion, chaos and jealousy and departmental rivalries. God bless this nation from strange people. In heart and heart Pakistan must be laughing at India for the incapability.


1. Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao, American failure in Containing Pakistan from promoting terrorism, DR K Prabhakar Rao’s Blog, December 09, 2008, 06:24 and also on Progressive Islam.org on December 10, 2008

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)
Truth is pungent as ammonia gas

And many join army and turn into molassis

Many turn their head other way

While scores nod heads and happily sway

The guys reaching top in uniform slept all these days

Although they swallowed perks in hundreds of ways

Dozens of orderlies worked and toiled in their dens

While they ruined others reports using their dirty pens

These guys have no right to shed tears now

Who want to stay in front row some how

The ruined guys have lost the solace and light

The senior guys of course look to be happy and bright

These pay commission tricks would help only seniors lot

While others are thrown into a dirty shit pot

The same old story is sure to repeat

And all the guys would finally are sure to retreat

Army guys in India are at receiving end

The country’s ways they are unable to bend

The guys are happy with some tidbits thrown in

And they happily beat an empty mess tin

All is not fair with these guys

Who are floating like buoys

They swing left and rightLooking some time bright

They put on uniform for so long

Then finally became oblong

The body at the end had only bones

Although while young they were like Indiana zones

Indian army was butchered in the past

At some places they fought to the last

Nehru was sad and atlast gave up his soul

But no one had guts and shouted foul

The guy in the academy is clue less
And is ignorant what awaits him ahead
As the years roll on the guy gets rotten
devoid of thrill in life he earns his daily bread

The dynasty goes on to rule

People in elections become a fool

The same old faces are again on the screen

Although they are sick with damaged spleen

Has guys in army developed cold feet?

Although After eating tons of rations and meat

Their shouting have gone over the fence

While rank and file remained in silence

Are they waiting for the final tidbits?

Or ready to pack off with their kits

When a soldier has to fight for his dues in a land

Know that country’s future would be in deep sand

Dr K Prabhakar Rao



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

(In heavens, George Washington is seen sitting on a grand seat in a posh room. Two statues of lions are in front of him on the sides. He is majestic and imposing. In the mean time a sentry comes running to him through a door that is kept open)

Washington.. What is the matter soldier?

Sentry. Sir, There are news. Great news to give you sir

Washington. Tell me. What is that? You appear to be highly excited

Sentry. Yes sir. India has been attacked.

Washington. Who attacked? Was it Pakistan as usual?

Sentry. Not directly sir. There has been a great terror attack on Bombay. The terrorists captured some five star hotels and hundreds have been taken hostages and commandos of army are already fighting them. At present great fight is going on,, Sir You may watch on TV also.

Washington. (Gets up smartly and switches on TV and tunes a channel for Indian news. Scenes of terrorist attack are displayed)

(The door opens and John Kennedy walks in. He is smartly dressed in suit. He pays respects to Washington)

Washington. Hello, John, Welcome. Please take your seat. I am watching the Indian news. You know India has been attacked by terrorists

Kennedy. Yes sir. I also learnt. I saw Taj hotel burning. It reminded me WTC attack.

Washington. Poor guys. They have been suffering for the last 60 years due to Pakistan

Kennedy. True. But it is their own self doing.

Washington. How do you say that John.?

Kennedy. Their trouble started in 1948 only. Pakistan attacked India in 1948 trying to occupy Kashmir. India army fought tooth and nail and regained Kashmir except the areas that are now in Pakistans control. India could have regained all these areas had they continued to fight

Washington. . Why they did not fight?

Kennedy. Sir. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, my close friend of course decided to refer the matter to UNO and called off the war.

Washington. He wanted to go down as apostle of peace, I was told, a Gandhian fad. It looks like that. Now I know. UNO could not decide any thing till date. They are at each others throat. Look John. These Indians do not understand the strategies of war. One should not give long rope to the enemy. Or else you will be buying serious problems. In every war I think they captured areas in Pakistan and again gave back them to Pakistan in good gesture.( Laughs Heee…heee) But Pakistanis did not respond. They took advantage. They think Indians to be some type of cowards incapable to fight to the last.

Kennedy. Sir! Nothing has come through UNO except long discussions and meetings. Pakistan fought two more further major wars and an unofficial war that is called Kargil War and lost all.

Washington. I know. In 1965 war Our Patton tanks supplied to Pakistan earlier could not be handled by them and they brought bad name to us and our weapons

Kennedy. True .. Haaa..haaa.haaa

( ( In the mean time Jawaharlala Nehru and Gandhi both walk in. They wish Washington and Kennedy..)

Washington. Welcome my friend Mr Gandhi. Please take your seat. Recently we met. I never thought you will be back so soon. (Looking At Pandit Nehru) May I know you sir? I am meeting you first time

Nehru. Sir. I am Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India

Washington.. Yeah.. Just now Mr Kennedy spoke about you. I am happy to see you here.

Nehru. I see. Thanks sir

Gandhi. ( Looking at Washington) Sir. You must have learnt that Bombay has been attacked by terrorists who came from Pakistan

Washington. Yes. We learnt about it. What you want us to do?

Nehru. Sir We want your moral support against Pakistan

Kennedy. It will be there surely. We are birds of same feather. We also suffered 9/11

Gandhi. Now we also are suffering similar fate. I am happy we are in same boat. Commandos are still fighting at Bombay.

Kennedy. I learnt that your government took many hours to dispatch commandos to Bombay to fight the thugs. Are the commandos in Delhi to enjoy life? Have nice time. Why you could not take safety measures? Terrorists had ample time to kill hostages picking one by one. Americans also have been killed by them. Can you bring our people back to life?

Gandhi.. No..Yeah.. They should have done. Sadly Indians wake up only after some screwing. This is very common with them ..( Sings )

Indian leaders are slow as snails
Most of the time they bite their nails
In free time they plot games for catching votes
And they are masters in pocketing tonnes of notes

( Gandhi does breakdance singing the song)

Nehru. Bapu This is a bit too much

Gandhi. Did I say anything wrong?

The moment I died guys had great relief
They prayed in my memory for a moment brief
Guys became masters in swindling the nation
Talking high of course is today’s fashion

Washington.. Haa. Haa. Well said dear Mr Gandhi. I like it

Kennedy. Mr Nehru. What is going on India now? Do you know why it is happening?

Nehru. Dear Mr Kennedy, I didn’t understand

Kennedy. You were responsible for creating Kashmir problem. When it was in your hand you could not solve. You wanted a great name for you in the views of International forums and referred the matter to UNO. Was it not a blunder? In spite of all this and your non alignment( NAM), you did not get Nobel peace prize

Washington. John Dulles told me that NAM was great joke. It was a sin also, I was told.

Nehru. I could not care- for peace prize.

Washington. Come on guys. What is the use of fighting now over it. Pakistan became a staunch enemy to India. Kashmir is the focal point. Terrorism by Pakistan is due to Kashmir problem. This is no doubt deduced.

Gandhi. I agree. I have a solution. Why can not we hand over Kashmir to Pakistan. We can also give Hyderabad that was taken over from Muslim ruler Nizam 7, Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur, Fateh jung, Nizam ul mulk Asif Jah 7.They are after all our brothers. I got them 55 crores of rupees in 1948 although they attacked India. Nizam was my friend too.

Kennedy. If those guys were so much attached to you and had gratitude, they should have made you father of Pakistan. But they made Mohammed Ali Jinnah. So you were shot dead by Nathuram Godse. .. A guy vexed up with your policies as stated by many Indians. I read the book of Gopal Godse, brother of Nathuram Godse. It is stirring.

Nehru. The killers of Gandhi were Hindu fundamentalists, of course

Gandhi. I am happy Godse shot me and removed me from the scene. I was already becoming a bottle neck to the government. I am a happy that he did not miss while shooting. His shooting was accurate at point blank. If I had survived, there would have been problems. God was kind to me. I was already 79 years old. I was already father of nation. If I wanted I could have become President of India without any opposition for my life.

Nehru. Bapu, you are unfair to us.

Gandhi.. Jawahar.. Truth has to be told.

Washington. It is ok. Gentlemen ,You may fight when you go back. We have our own problems, Do not create further to us.

Kennedy. How do you think you can solve problem at Bombay

Gandhi. Any how all the terrorists would be killed. They are handful while Indian troops are many.

Washington. That is not a great show any way. How you are going to prevent attacks in future

Gandhi. I have a good idea. I shall go to Bombay and do some fasting in front of terrorists and later on infront of Pakistan embassy. I shall take up fast upto death

Washington. Do you think they will change? Any how you are dead already. Every one in the world knows it. Then how you are likely to die again?

Gandhi..( Scratches his bald head) Yeaa. It is a problem surely

Washington. Look Mr Gandhi. Do not think that your tricks would work against terrorists, What they understand is a good kick. Give it to them if you can

Nehru. Probably true. I failed to give it. My successor Lal Bahadur gave it in 1965. My daughter gave to Pakistan in 1971. ….

Gandhi.. Giving kick is not the answer. We must change them. We must love them. We must forgive them. We must pardon them.

Washington. Mr Gandhi. You know. Jesus did it . He was crucified. You believe you have done it. Godse shot you. Buddha did it. Many attempts were made to kill him. Listen. Luther king in America did. He was slain, apostle Paul did it. He was slain. A wise and practical person will not pardon his enemy. Enemy will be set right and taught a lesson. In to day’s circumstances our slogans will not work.

Gandhi.. Ok Sir. Thanks for what all you said. We take leave
Of you.

( Gandhi and Nehru move out of the room slowly)
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, December 15, 2008



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

Does any country hand over its national to other country particularly when its relations are strained? The answer would be surely “no”. Will India hand over some one if some country asks for him? It may do as per the existing extradition provisions between the countries in case of criminals. It will not be that easy too. In the present case, the guys who are required to be handed over are the terrorists who are believed to be the masterminds of the attack on Bombay. No terrorist organization would be able to survive in a country without getting the support of the country in which it stays. Lashkar E Toiba that is based at Muzaffarabd in occupied Kashmir is fundamentally operating to free Kashmir from India. In their opinion and of Pakistan India is forcibly occupying Kashmir and therefore is required to be freed.. India however does not subscribe to this and claims occupied Kashmir. It is an open truth that Lashkar e Toiba is housed quartered, armed and cared for Pakistan government through its own agencies such as ISI and Pakistan Army. All fingers are pointing to LET for the Bombay attack.
Speaking at a joint news conference with visiting US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said there was "no doubt" that the militants had come from and were coordinated from Pakistan.” What action will be taken by the government will depend on the response we have from the Pakistan authorities," he said, referring to India's demand that Pakistan hand over 20 terrorist suspects."I am expecting the response, (and) after obtaining the response, whatever the government considers necessary to protect its territorial integrity, safety and security of its citizens, the government will do that," he warnedHe said he had told Rice "that there is no doubt the terrorists were individuals who came from Pakistan and whose controllers are in Pakistan (1).
Was India till date able to lay hands on the underworld thugs who are hiding in Pakistan? Obviously it could not. Yet, India is expecting certain nationals of Pakistan to be handed over after terrorist attack on Bombay recently. In all probabilities it would be like chasing a wild goose from which nothing would come out. The commandos and police could capture only one terrorist during the operation and he is seen as a prize catch. The Bombay attack is linked to Lashkar e Toiba (LET) and India claims that it has sufficient evidence in this direction. Fortunately in the present scenario, America, Britain and Germany are with India and have been pressing Pakistan to act. President elect Barack Obama of America has openly said that he would support any action taken by India. At United nations, India was able to get motion passed to declare LET frontal organization as the international terrorist organization and its members as international terrorists. Its earlier attempts were thwarted by China. Pakistan has acted as earlier declared by keeping some leaders under house arrest and closing their offices and sealing their accounts It is like wiping tears on some ones face. No major actions are taken. The question is how it is going to change the situation? America and India however have been stating that these house arrests and detention and sealing offices will not do. They expect Pakistan to do much more. What is required to be done is not spelled out. As it is, Pakistan is unable to catch and destroy Taliban and Al-Qaida leaders hiding and operating in their country for the last 7 years in spite of large US aid. Whole world knows that Waziristan is literally not under its control. Its fiat does not work there. India knows that in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, terrorist camps are located and they thrive under the umbrella of ISI and Pakistan government. Army has to be glove in hand in this affair. Obviously India expects that these camps are destroyed once for all. Really a wishful thinking. Even primary class student would answer that it can not be achieved. Ways of India are weird indeed.
The next question will be what happens if LET shifts to Waziristan from where it can plan future actions and also be safe from Indian air force? For all practical purposes, Pakistan would allow LET cadres to slip into Waziristan and in all probabilities by this time this must have been done. India with support of USA and Britain is trying to pressurize Pakistan for more action. Pakistan also declared that it would take action and try men in their courts in their country if proof was given to them. The fact is that no country has acted in such cases. Even the criminals handed over under the provisions of extradition treaty get assurance that the trial will be fair and he would not be sentenced to death. This happened with Portugal when it handed over an offender to India. With present Indian policy of giving long rope, India has surely allowed LET cadres and camps to escape from Muzaffarabd to other safer places. The surprise that could have been achieved has already been lost for Indian air force. America has already toned down its language against Pakistan. That indicates the trend. By naming an organizing as banned really may not make much sense. A new outfit would soon start and it will be old wine in new bottle. LET would clandestinely carry out its nefarious activities under different name. One can not stop this. Every one is wishfully demanding that terrorism is wiped out from Pakistan. India also makes statements that all options are kept open. On the other hand, Pakistan is demanding more aid for fighting terrorists in the country. It has already been sufficient amount of air by USA. Now it wants more from other countries too. Pakistan is going through great financial crisis at this juncture.
What India can do if Pakistan whiles away time dilly dallying the actions? What actions it can take. One of the most important actions is war with Pakistan. Every one knows that the present rulers develop cold feet at the word WAR. Generally this is the thinking across the country. India could not do anything when its parliament was attacked while in session. At least it moved armour and troops to the border in a show of strength. But now it has not taken any such actions. In any war invariably both countries have to suffer. Progress could be retarded for some time. More over Pakistan has now some nuclear weapons. One of the reasons for holding back could be the nuclear threat from Pakistan. But this time India has full support from UK and USA to counter Pakistani nuclear threat (2). India should carry out strikes into Muzaffarabd and certain vital areas to strike and devastate terrorist camps and India has the right to do. It has to take cue from Israel that is surviving in the middle of innumerable hostile neighbors. Israel retaliates immediately for any terrorist action against it. This is a strong reason for their survival in such hostile conditions. They have eliminated all the killers of their Olympic team using special squads. They have smuggled out World War II Nazi criminal Adolf Eichman from another country where he was hiding and hanged him in their country after a trial. Unless India acts boldly now, Pakistan can not be contained in future (3). India would be facing more disasters soon.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Saturday, December 13, 2008



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

The attack on Bombay by the Pakistani based criminals and thugs is slowly merging into history. The initial euphoria and public outrage appears to have faded (1). Are Indians reconciled to their fate at the hands of present rulers? Human memory is very short and soon things will be forgotten. The reasons and circumstances that resulted in the debacle of Indian army in 1962 war with Chinese army has been coolly forgotten. The national shame that India collected was no doubt was the result of poor policies, overconfidence in oneself, self glorification and glory hunting by certain individuals enjoying power (2). India has now very dearly paid after 45 years for the laxity in security, for ill planning in all aspects of national security, failure of counter intelligence and the most important factor i.e. the lack of will to fight enemies of the nation within and outside the country. The present calamity in India is being termed as 9/11 of India as if it is a great achievement to be emulated. We want to be at par with the super power on every thing. On this account too we have now achieved equality. India has been facing the terror from the Pakistani inspired elements since long and the attack on Indian parliament some years ago clearly exposed the Indian apathy in this direction. There were many blood chilling attacks such as attack on Raghunath temple, attack on Akshardam temple in Gujarat, Attack on Kaluchak military camp, Attack on Ram janma Bhoomi in Ayodhya, attack on Jamm and Kashmir assembly, Train blasts in Bombay twice and in spite of these incidents, India has not learnt any lesson. India is also credited in handing over a bunch of terrorists to Taliban in Kandhar after an Indian airliner was hijacked. The tragedy is that the Defense representative went to Afghanistan and handed over the thugs on a silver plate to their brothers. What a pity? What a shame indeed? (3)
India has been playing cat and mouse and Tom and Jerry game with Pakistan. Every time, the Prime Minister and Home minister made statements in parliament that India would crush all types of terrorism with iron hand. They read long statements prepared by the glorified clerks of Home Ministry. But nothing of that sort took place and every time the terrorists across the border came with new plan and exposed our weakness apart from committing mayhem and murder. Infact while Prime minister was condemning terrorism at international forums, the terrorists engineered blasts in Indian cities killing innocent people. The pseudo secularists bask in the sun enjoying their game plans to corner minority votes while the country gets raped by the terrorists within and outside the country. The Muslim world is fully convinced that India is incapable of any strong action and India is treated as a happy hunting ground for all types of terrorists (4).
There have been reports in news that India was fore warned that attack through sea was being contemplated and there was a need for preventing such mishaps. But sadly all these warnings mostly from US went unheeded. India's intelligence service failed to act on intercepted phone conversations that an attack on Mumbai was imminent and the subsequent response to the terrorist strikes was "amateur", security experts have claimed. It is also learnt that our sea protectors got information that LET commandos abroad a vessel were trying to cross sea into our waters. They claimed that they searched, but the ship was in international waters and therefore could not do any thing. Later on, reportedly they lost touch with the vessel and gave it up. They failed in detecting the hijacked fishing trawler in which the terrorists travelled to Mumbai despite alerts by the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the country's overseas intelligence gathering agency, that an attack via the Arabian Sea was imminent. (5). Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) vessel attempting to infiltrate into Mumbai was shared with the Coast Guard as well as the naval intelligence, Home Minister P. Chidambaram said , while asserting that India cannot go back to "business as usual" with Pakistan. Probably they woke up when Taj Hotel was being blasted. India is basically over confident apart from being careless too. The leaders do not show the same type of enthusiasm in preventing terrorist attacks which they display in framing up their critics and opposition leaders on various charges in their political games to protect their parliamentary or assembly seats. The security agencies take things very light. The most important question people ask is , “ Why the government has failed to detect and prevent such conspiracy although India was forewarned and why people should suffer for the slackness of the rulers and the officials. The only silver lining in hair is Prime minister’s apology to the nation (6). Apology is not going to bring back the lives of nearly 171 people who died in this outrage. Neither it is going to restore the confidence of people in the rulers for their ability to rule. Unfortunately people in India have to suffer having elected pseudo rulers and incompetent people. We get government what we deserve (7).

As expected, the Defense minister Shivraj Patil was made the scape goat and he had to go along with his trim and pressed suit and neatly combed strands of oily hair. Also was Vilas Rao Deshmukh in pure white cothes (8). But these men would soon be accommodated in some other jobs and they are not eternally condemned. There is nothing to loose for them except some official position for few months or days. How about the real persons who are directly responsible for the security, such as Intelligence heads in Bombay and Delhi? What was Coast guard doing? How about Naval intelligence? They were caught unawares. No one is asking why and how Navy and Coast Guard have failed to protect our shores. What were their plans to prevent such mishaps? Do we wait for things to happen and then learn? We already fought two major wars with Pakistan and in one of the wars Indian Navy sunk Pak submarine Ghazi near east coast. How security has become relaxed now? Why Navy does not update its security measures for national security and prevent such mishaps? How can a large country like India with extensive coastal line neglect this aspect? In fact some articles appeared in news papers some time ago that coast line was not safe for India. Do we act only when some thing happens and then take adhoc measures? Our Navy in international waters near Gulf of Aden recently protected and rescued foreign ships (9) from pirates and we have glorified and beat chests and drums in appreciation while back home it had no clue about the attack coming from sea. The terrorists walked into Bombay from sea coast as if for a picnic. How can they prevent commando led under- sea attacks on our naval battle ships and aircraft carriers. They could be next targets. Navy failed to deliver and so too is coast guard. What is the use of having such large fleet that can not guarantee Indian coastal security? The same is true for coast guard. The failure at sea was probably due to parallel roles and overlapping responsibilities and inter service rivalry. It turns out to be no ones baby.
In India for every establishment in defense services there is again a civil counterpart in some form or other. The duties overlap. The command is confusing. In nut shell, security is left to winds. Most of the time they are busy squabbling for equivalence and status and superiority of command. The necessity for pin pointing failures by such agencies is being avoided. Or else many skeletons would roll out of the cup boards. It is well known that small time officers such as Sub inspectors, Inspectors and constables in police forces in states are taken to task and suspended on small matters. But nothing has come through involving the higher ups in Police and intelligence wings and Navy or Coast guard for the failures and breach of security involving the nation that is most serious and can not be forgiven. In fact, there has been collective failure. Right from the politicians to the executive level there has been a security breach and country has been let down by the politicians and executive. this appears to have melted down with apology of the great Prime Minister. This is the sad part of the sordid drama in nut shell. The new defense minister admitted the government failure and assured that stern steps will be initiated to prevent such future occurrences. This is a routine assurance. He is planning to open many schools to train commandos. How it is going to change situation is not known? Some more law enforcing agencies also are likely to be opened adding to the present confusion and chaos adding to duplicity. When too many agencies are there, passing the buck will be too easy and finally situation would develop where no one owns responsibility and none can be blamed either. These are only avenues for promotions to some senior ranks to wear sword and baton and heavier brass and for expansion of their empires and areas of influence. Probably, the current Bombay blasts case is the result of such chaotic functioning in the executive involving police , coast guard, intelligence agencies and of course the Navy too, a difficult pill to swallow.
In fact, safety of Bombay city is the sole responsibility of Bombay police. But they are probably busier in other activities of usual political games and normal social unrest due to politicking. In recent times, there have been too many troubles such as Raj Thackeray case, violence against North Indians, underworld problems, usual smuggling scenario, Prostitution and smuggling of girls etc. In nut shell, they have no time for securing the city. Maharashtra government is erecting a mammoth statue of Maratha warrior Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaaj on the sea coast at Bombay. Hope the great Maratha warrior would safeguard India in future as he has done during the times of Aurangzeb, the evil Mughal emperor. Till then Indians particularly Bombaywallahs have to suffer the insecurity and be satisfied with the speeches of Dr Man Mohan Singh on TV screen. Probably Shivaji Maharaaj would feel sorry for the fate of his people whom he protected throughout his life and fought tooth and nail to uphold honor of his men against the evil designs of Mughals. While Shivaji Maharaaj was as fast as a panther in his raids our people took lot of time to transport the commandos from a distant place and few hours were lost during which the hostages and others were freely killed. All credits must go to the heroes who killed the terrorists all except one as claimed in spite of these limitations and chaotic functioning.
It is opined that bringing Chidambaram into the chair of Defense ministry would make no difference to the security of the country in any way except some pacification and cooling of tempers in the society and some variety to the scenario. There has been also news that the Prime Minister has most cleverly got rid of Chidambaram as finance minister on this pretext. Without embarrassing some one he has achieved his aim. With one shot, he killed two birds. There were pressures due to his non performance and the inflation. Sadly it is basically the national policy and directions that are lacking in the country that are leading to disasters one after the other.
Terrorism is having free and happy run in India with continued blasts at various places frequently (10). The security agencies are mostly on wild goose or wood duck chase that evades them. While PM was away abroad and probably giving speeches against terrorism at renowned places over decorated podiums and much fan fare recently, back in India in Delhi another blast killed two guys. The blast was a small one. Delhi police struggled to catch the thugs and recently killed some and captured another one from Indian Mujahedeen. Sadly the brave police inspector Mr Sharma died in shoot out. All praise for him and bravery in fighting the anti nationals. He actually died as a hero, but not as a mute witness during the drama. How long we shall loose such brave men? Even in recent Bombay strikes many soldiers, an army officer Unni krishnan and some senior police officers also died. Major Unni Krishnan did not come in to lime light. He went unsung. We have sacrificed our brave men for the cause of India. Why police is unable to show its real teeth? Is it because they are not being allowed to function? Or their teeth have decayed. The force is armed with weapons that are no match for those of terrorists. Police officers armed with revolvers and magazine pistols that are useless weapons against terrorists. It was unfortunate that senior police officers at Bombay were shot dead soon by the terrorsits. It is so sad. Can we expect them to fight the dangerous terrorists armed with modern AK 47 automatics with the pistols as if in Hindi movies? In fact the police failures are because of political interference in police matters and practice of pseudo secularism and appeasement of minorities? It is time all anti national terror outfits are banned and the members are put behind bars and conduct summary trials. The normal law is too slow. They can not be treated as usual murderers by giving ample chances to prove themselves as innocent and continuing court cases eternally. Here the crimes are against the nation and mostly treason. Punishment for treason has to be death and nothing less than death has to me promulgated against them (11). At every incident, the government assured that they would strongly deal with militants and in fact it was a mirage. Nothing of that sort happened. The POTA act has been sidelined giving freedom to lawlessness. Every time, the militants became bolder and acted with impunity. Terrorists flourished in the country and outside too while India bled continuously. Think of the mothers, fathers, wives, sisters, brothers, husbands and children of those who were killed in various terrorist activities. The government and rulers have no answer. In a routine way, the government announces some exgratia, paying homage and washes its hands off. The guys have to run around the government offices to receive the financial help not before wetting the hands of various Babus in line. Such tales are plenty and appear in news papers too to be seen and forgotten. This is not the failure of any one day. The failure has been continuous for the last 61 years of our precarious existence with Pakistan as a spear in the side. Internal terrorist outfits such as Student Islamic movement of India SIMI is converting entire India into a battle ground duly abetted by Pakistani elements. SIMI is a serious threat to Indian State and it has to be decimated at the earliest (12) ( 13) (14). No doubt there was a hue and cry by Bombaywallahs that either the government must act or go. There was no much great public uproar across the country against the government failure in protecting the country. In fact all non performers have to vacate. Either you save the country or go. But sadly that does not happen. Guys are thick skinned and can weather storms. For some to be in top positions is a life time ambition and positions can not be sacrificed easily. They hang on. It is for the people to become wise, throw out incompetent and choose some who can save the country from intimidation and disaster.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao




Wednesday, December 10, 2008



Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Colonels berets have been made blue
And they were stuck on skulls with sticky glue
The lions on the berets were quickly put in a cage
And were sent into history's page

The guys cried in great despair
Damage done was beyond repair
They fumed and fretted in disgust
While the senior guys let down the trust

Colonels became Tom Dic and Harry
Every one in silence felt sorry
They pulled their left out hair in darkness in vain
Their downgradation was real and plain

Cadre review doomed the service men
The damage caused can not be put down with a pen
The Generals were the real gainers in the show
While others cried like a thirsty and wailing crow

Why only blame the civilian guys for this rot
Top Brass itself acted sleeping on cozy cot
They have to take the eternal blame
While army burns in disgust like funeral flame

Dr K Prabhakar Rao