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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Rani of Tulsipur is one of the bravest queens in India who revolted in 1857 war and preferred battle field in preference to comforts of cozy palaces. She is much revered in the regions of Awadh ( Oudh) in Uttar Pradesh state. Tulsipur state’s northern border covered present day Nepali territories and southern border covered present day Indian territories. In Nepal, it was known as Baise Rajya "Tulsipur / Dang", one of 22 principalities and in India, it was known as "Tulsipur Pargana", one of various Taluqs of Oudh ( Avadh/ Ayodhya) Kingdom. Awadh kindom include present Lucknow, Faizabad, Ayodhya, Barabanki, Pratapgarh, Sultanpur and some more prominant areas and consists of vast territory. In fact, the nawabs of Awadh played very important role in the Delhi capital as Vazirs and held most prestigious appontments in trhe court of Mughal emperors.Safdar Jung was one among them. His tomb is in Delhi. Before annexation by Gorkhali Rajah Prithvi Narayan in 1760 AD and later annexation by the British East India Company in 1857 AD, the Rajah of Tulsipur ruled from Caughera (present day Chaughera, Nepal). His kingdom included wide regions including Dungoura-Deukhuri-Tulsipur (present day Dang Tulsipur, Nepal), Chilli (currently in Chhili, Nepal), Phalabang (present day Nepal), Caughera (currently in Chaughera, Nepal) and Tulsipur (present day India). . The kingdom was roughly 150 miles by 150 miles in terms of territory bordering Salyan (present day Nepal) in the North and Balarampur (present day India) in the South. The King's summer palace was in North and winter palace was in South. The Kingdom in current day terms would have spanned over two countries, both in India and Nepal.
The Tulsipur sate was ruled by Chauhan dynasty that claimed lineage from Sun god and were called Surya Vanshi. Tulsipur rulers claim Prince Lava (son of lord Rama the king of Ayodhya )of Uttar Kosala as their ancestor . Lord Rama placed his son Lav as the ruler of North kosala at Sravasthi as capital at the foot of Himalayas. His brother Kush was placed as ruler of south Kosala at Kusavathi at the foot of Vindhyas . Patan Devi or Pataneshwari Devi is the family deity and a temple exists in Tulsipur where grand celebrations are held every year 7 days before Chaitre Dashain. The dynasty claims many rulers from the yore.

Raja Suhel Deo ( 995 AD -1050 AD) a ruler was known for his valor and he defeated Muslim invader Masud and slew him on June 13, 1033 after bitter struggle and battles. Islam was thus kept away from the region for the next 160 years till Shahbudding Mohammed Ghori invaded India and defeated Prithviraj Raj Chauhan in. 1133 AD. Iltamish one of the sultans of slave dynasty established Islamic control over the ares around Awadh. In the 1700s, British author Hamilton noted that among the most powerful Taluqdars of Avadh/Oudh were Rajah of Tulsipur, Raja of Baiswara, Raja of Balarampur, Rajah of Momudahbad, Rajah of Nanparah and Raja of Tiloi. Each of these Taluqdars had elaborate forts with guns. Tulsipur had 12 guns in its fort according to author Hamilton.
King Nawal Singh ( 1715-1790) was considered the 40th chief King and Raja of the Chauhan dynasty (Source: Hamilton - British author). King Nawal was also known as Nawab Singh by his Muslim subjects. He ruled from Caughera (present day Nepal). He has been identified by various names such as Newal / Nehal / Nawab / Nawal Sen / Singh. King Nawal's state borders at this time were Madi River (currently known as Maaddi Khola) in the east, Balarampur in South and Salyan in North and West. In 1760 AD, while King Nawal was away at the southern palace during winter months time, his district Dang (Baise Rajya - one of 22 principalites of Nepal) was annexed by Gorkhali King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Dang region was given as a dowry in the marriage of King Prithvi's daughter to Ranabhim Shah in 1763 AD King Prithvi did this as a reward to King of Salyan for helping or staying neutral during the war against King of Dang / Tulsipur. Unhappy that King Prithvi had attacked his land while he was away in the southern part of his country; he went to war against the Gorkhali King and Salyani Raja. He was defeated in 1786 and was forced to move to southern part of his land near Balarampur (currently in India). He ruled from his southern palace as Rajah of Tulsipur hence forth. - "Rajah" Dan Bahadur Singh (Born 1775 AD - Died 1845 AD) 42 ruler
went to war and killed Kanslir Shah (Rajah of Salidna) in 1822 AD. Lord Amherst "Governor General of India" came to visit the King in 1828 AD . The plesaed British Governor increased the Rajah's purse and recognized Tulsipur as an independent state. There is suspicion that King Dan Bahadur Singh was poisoned by his son Rajah Drigraj Singh who wanted to become King sooner. 43rd Ruler , "Rajah" Drigraj Singh (Born 1800 AD - Died 1855 AD) became the subsequent ruler. He was banished to Balarampur in 1850 AD by his son Rajah Drig Narayan Singh who became the 44 ruler.( 1825- 1859). There is also a suspicion that King Drigraj Singh was poisoned by his son, Rajah Drig Narayan in 1855 AD while imprisoned ( confined) in Balarampur.
He resisted paying tax to the British in 1850s. After few years Sepoy Mutiny broke out. British East India Company considered King Drig Narayan a barrier to the British expansion plan. British force from Delhi was sent to capture the King. He was imprisoned and kept in confinement in Lukhnow at Residency where he died in 1859 AD. His consort, Ishwori Kumari Devi, Rani of Tulsipur was Joint Leader of the War of Independence during 1857-1858 AD. The Rani was considered a heroine during the freedom fight. While Rajah Drig Narayan Singh was a prisoner in Lucknow fort, Rani of Tulsipur was siding actively with the freedom forces in Bahraich to free her husband and her country from the British. Her contributions to the cause of freedom were remarkable. She had collected a large force to assist the freedom forces and strengthen her own position. Raja Riasat Ali Khan of Utraula had also joined the freedom forces at Gorakhpur under Mohammad Hasan who once was the nazim of Gonda-Bahraich.
The Rani of Tulsipur and the Raja of Gonda Bala Rao never surrendered. Bala-Rao later died in the malaria-infested jungles of Nepal. British crushed the 1857 Mutiny uprising with the help of Maharaja Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal. The "freedom fighters'' principalities were confiscated in April 10th 1859 AD when they refused amnesty. State of Tulsipur was bestowed to the Raja of Balrampur who sided with the British throughout the revolt. Raja of Gonda Devi Baksh Singh, Raja of Peshwa Nana Saheb and Rani of Awadh Begam Hazrat Mahal escaped to Nepal territories.The last Rajah of Tulsipur, Chauhan Drig Narayan Singh, a political prisoner of the British East India Company, died as a Martyr during the First War of Independence in 1859.

The enraged Rani of Tulsipur, refused to give up without a fight, escaped capture by the British only to die in 1865 AD of exposure or disease in the wilds of southern Nepal, a fate she may have preferred to slavery. They were far superior to the Indian princes and rulers who betrayed the cause of freedom fighters and preferred comforts and luxuries in the palaces and of course the rewards, titles and gun salutes. They no doubt disappeared into dark pages of Indian history unceremoniously.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is Pakistan and at air port Rawalpindi ( Capital) there is great commotion. Many army senior guys along with PM and President are milling around. There is great security around. Many armored cars with aimed guns are at positions. Gandhi, Patel and Nehru suddenly appear at some corner of the airport and start watching the scene. They are spotted by some security personnel. They rush to the trio alarmed aiming their guns.)

Inspector. (Aiming pistol at Gandhi) Who are you guys? How you are here? You do not look like Pakistanis. I am Jihadi Khan Afghani and my assistant is Loot mar Khan Sindhiwala.

Gandhi. True. First remove Pistol from my face. I am not seeing a pistol for first time. I have hundreds of pistols of Britsh police and army officers when I fought them . We are not Pakistanis and neither do we not want to be. We are not running away too. We are completely unarmed. Look at us. Do we look dangerous? Now listen, we do not belong to any country. Whole world belongs to us. We are world citizens. We have international travel permit from almighty.

Jihadi. Come on guys! Talk some sense. Show me your pass ports with Visa entries.

Nehru. We do not have passports. I already said.

Patel. We can land just like that in any part of the world. We are empowered to do that. ( Does jig shaking hands wildly..eee..eee.. Sings)

Do as you can oh clown and fool
We are now surely in your place
Your whole army would be useless
And surely you would loose the grace

Jihadi. Are you joking with us? How dare you dance and sing!Why are you dancing when I am interrogating you? If you guys do not show valid papers, you will be arrested and will never be let off. You know, there are many Indians in our jails for the last thirty years because they came here as you have come. Many were abducted at borders. Do you want to see them and be with them?

Patel. Iam again telling you that we do not need any documents.

Jihadi. Then you are under arrest. (Looks at his assistant) Look, Loot Mar, Take care of these guys. I have urgent work and I am in PMs Security. You know a VIP from America is landing now. If these guys try to run away shoot them promptly. Have no mercy. We Pakistanis have no mercy on any one. Hope your pistol fires. Do you have sufficient ammunition with you?

Loot Mar. First, I shall loot these guys. They may have some gold. My Pistol is working well. Yesterday only I shot dead three persons near my house. They looked like Indian sympathizers from Pakistan. They did not stop when I asked them. They threw stones at me.

Gandhi. Look Bhai. What we can have? We are very poor. We have only our clothes. If you want, we shall give these too. We are left with undies then. Shall we do that?

Loot mar. No.. No.. Do not do that. By the by, Who are you guys? You look simple guys. What work you have in Pakistan? This is already a broken and chaotic nation. No one knows what happens here. It is all fools paradise. I do not know when Taliban will take over here. Each one is a mad guy here. No one knows when army takes over here. They blackmail Zardari and Jilani everyday.

Gandhi. We heard so.

Loot Mar. Though my name is Loot Mar, I am not that bad. I am from Karachi Sind. I am like Robinhood. I loot and give to poor.

Patel. I see. There are many good guys there. You appear to a good one. May Allah bless you with many promotions? They are also fighting to get separated from Pakistan. Hope they will succeed.

Loot Mar. I wish that day will come soon. I am rotting asa sub Inspector for the last twenty years. We are tired with these guys. Tell me who are you? I shall not disclose to any one.

Gandhi. Look, I am Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of Indian nation, This person is Jawaharlal Nehru and he was the first PM of India. The third one is Sardar Patel, the iron man of India. We came here to see what is happening here. We read in news papers that recently Bin laden was killed by US commandos and Pakistani Army guys did not know any thing. They were caught with their pants down. Hee..heee..haaa..haaa

Loot Mar. I doubt they have their pants on now.heee.heeee

Patel. Hee.Hee

Loot Mar. You guys, Stand behind this large bush and I shall come after some time.

Gandhi. That is fine. We shall not run away. Believe us.

Loot marl. If I do not return after half an hour you may go. I will manage Jihadi Khan.

( Loot Mar Khan goes some where and the trio hide behind a bush. In the mean time, a large plane lands on Tarmac and comes to a halt at terminal. From the plane embark many Americans and Hillary Clinton leads them. She is received by Pak Junta)

Jilani. (Bows low)Welcome Madam, Mere Aka, Welcome to Pakistan. We are obliged by your visit.

Hillary. Thanks dear.

Zardari. (Bowing low) Welcome Madam. Mai bap.We are honored by your presence.

General Kiyani. Welcome Madam, We welcome you to this land, The land of heroes and Martyrs

Hillary. (Within herself.. The land of terrorists., goons, rascals and world mischief makers.) That is good General. You look smart. Have you not retired?

Kiyani. I got three years extension as army Chief.

Hillary. Everything is in your hands. Why only three years General? You could have made yourself Field Marshal. Who stops you? ( Within herself..( In fact you are the boss here.))

Kiyani. Yeah. No one can stop me. But I am modest. That I can do any time. Jis kaa lathi uska Bhains ( Buffalo belongs to the guy who has stick) ( sings and does jig)

I am the master hero here
And I dictate to these men and have fun
These guys can not do any thing
And their fate lies within my gun

At any time I can become the boss
And put these nuts in dark cell
These guys are helpless creatures like worms
And I can make their lives real hell

These guys are like in shallow waters
I can put them to rest when I like
Till these guys have some nice time
Finally they will be put on a sharp spike

I enjoy when fish struggle out of water
Munching chicken I rejoice when they and cry
At last they are quiet and dead on the mat
Then I make a curry out of fish fry

Hillary. We know that you are capable of it. In fact we expect it to happen everyday. As a matter of fact, you guys are more enterprising in action and politicized unlike your counterparts across the borders. They are quiet guys doing left right..left right. Left. About .. turn.. Kadam Tal.. Saj.. Dahne saj.. Khuli line chal, Nikat line chal, Bajoo shastr, Bagal shastr, Salami shastr, sangeen Nikal, Nikal kirch.. Salute.. Samne salute etc. hee..heee..

Kayani. Madam. You are great. You know all the drill commands of our counterparts.

Hillary. We know everything of them. We are Americans and rule world. Any doubts? Koyee shak? Agar shak nahee tho shuroo kar.. haa..haa ( If no doubts are there start..)

Kayani (Laughs loudly) That was nice Madam.. You have great sense of humor too.

( Zardari and Jilani look at each other with a worry. They appear scared. After some time, the VVIPs drive away in a posh cars to the conference hall). They straight away attend the conference without wasting time. In the mean time Gandhi, Nehru and patel enter the room. No one can see them as they have no bodies. They make themselves invisible. They stand behind the VVIP and watch things)

Hillary. Look Gentle men. I have come here on a purpose.

Gnadhi (within himself). Yeah. Otherwise why she should come?

Zardari. We are at your door Madam. What you want us to do?

Hillary. That is so good from you. I am happy that you are ready to co operate with America the mightiest nation in the world. (American anthem is played for few seconds)

Zardari. Madam, In fact, we also expected the President Mr. Obama too.

Hillary. He might also visit soon.

Zardari. Thanks Madam.

Hillary. You guys know that our commandos killed Laden in a quick operation in Pakistan.

Jilani. We know that and we came to know about it after he was killed. Any how, it was grand work. The joker was put to rest after so many years. We are relieved too.

Hillary. Whole world is happy about it except some fools in your country who are un happy that he was executed in his own house within Pakistan. It is a blow to Islam they feel.

Kiyan. Why use that word executed? Word shot dead is better.

Hillary. In fact, President of USA ordered that he should be disposed off if he could not be captured alive. The commandoes captured his dead body after he was shot down like a rat in hole. There was some resistance. Our Navy seals are great. Theya re ruthless. We are proud of them.

Gandhi ( unseen). Yeah. He was killed like a Rat. He was a rat of course dirty rat Hee..hee

Jilani. Who is the person speaking? Only we speak here. Rest will keep mouths shut.

Hillary. OK. That is fine. But you guys always told us that Laden was not in Pakistan. We killed him right in your house. What you can say on this?

Zardari. What we can say now? We maintain that we were not aware of his presence. Kindly pardon us. We are ignorant.

Hillary, How can we believe it?

Kiyani. Madam, I request you to believe it. I beg you. I pray to you. We really do not know. Please listen and believe us.

Patel ( unseen) Haa..haa.. What a lie indeed! Pakis are big liars.

Kiyani. Who is the guy speaking here, that too against us? It was already told that no other guy will speak. Only we shall speak. I am again saying that. I am the army chief. Better know that. I shall skin him alive next time he speaks and I find him. What does he think of himself?.

Hillary. The entire world is laughing at you Mr Zardari. Laden was in your country living right close to your capital and Army academy and you say that you were not knowing. Who shall believe your words?

Zardari. We are at loss Madam. But we are telling truth.

Hillary. I understand, But there is great commotion in our country that you have been cheating us all these years. You took away billions of US dollars and took us for wild goose chase. All these years you have cheated us, You can not be trusted, they say.

Patel. Why did you give the money to these nuts and unfaithful guys all these years?

Zardari. Come on. Who is this guy disturbing us here? Who is he ? Find out. Shoot him immediately.

( The commandos posted look around for strange persons. But no one is there. They settle down).

Hillary. Any how, things are over. The rat has been killed once for all. But some of his deputies are still hiding. Al Zaveri is still absconding. There is another criminal Mullah Omar equally dangerous.

Kiyani. Madam. Please believe us. We shall make all efforts to catch them. Give us chance.

Hillary. We retain the right to strike again, if we know that some important target is available.

Kiyani. That means you are trespassing our sovereignty. After all we are not your slaves.

Hillary. What to do? We can not keep looking like fools when some one is planning to kill our citizens and out friends in other countries sitting here in your country while you close your eyes.. We are not Indians to play Ramdhun and give out Gandhi sermons even when Bombay and Delhi were attacked.. We mean business. We kick and when we kick it will be very hard.

Kiyani. In that case, please give us information, we shall catch them and hand over to you.

Patel . ( Invisible and loudly) Are they fools Kayani? They know that immediately you will hide them. That is why they did not tell you when they killed Laden in your country. Do not think they are fools. You are not the only clever one in the world. Haa..Haa.. Hoo. Hoo. Oh fool. Think wisely atleast once in your life time.

Kiyani ( Gets up from his chair and draws his pistol and cocks it) Come on. Who is that Ba..sta.. son of.. B.. Who is talking like this. I shall remove his skin. I shall drink his blood.( Khoon Peejawunga).. Sar Kaat doonga. ( I shall cut head). Chamdee utar doonga. ( I shall skin him) Kutta Kaun hai tu.. bahar aa. ( you .. dog .. Who are you.?. Come out). I shall make example out of you. Come on.. Come on., Come in front of me if you are bold.. and believe in your god.. Allah ho Akbar…

Patel( Invisible) Look General Kayani. Keep your pistol in your pocket. Do not act like a Bombay film hero Amitabh Bacchan in movies. This is a conference. You can not do any thing. Why are you getting upset at real facts?

Kiyani. Come in to open and speak, you rascal.. if you drank mothers milk… come out.

(Patel does not respond. All is quiet)

Hillary. Some thing is wrong here. Mr Zardari. Have you not made proper security arrangement for this meeting? I think some enemies are in this meeting. They are hiding too. We are scared. I should have brought CIA with me.

Zardari. Madam. This is a very high security area. Not even an ant comes inside.

Hillary. But American Helicopters came in to your country and killed Laden. Ha..haaaa..hee..hee. What security you have? Now I doubt about your nukes and their safety.

Zardari. They are safe at their places. Ok, Madam Let us go ahead with our agenda.

Hillary. Next thing is about your nukes. Are they safe? When you could not make this meeting safe, how we can believe that nukes are safe? Taliban will surely aim at them.

Kiyani. They will take them over our dead bodies.

Patel (Invisible). I am sure Taliban will get them. Keep looking at them. They will have it. Haa..haa..

Kiyani .. You rascal. I shall teach you a lesson.

( Kayani draws his pistol and fires in the direction of voice. The bullet goes through a window and strikes Jihadi Khan the Inspector who is standing outside the window as guard. He dies shouting Ya.. Allah. Mar gaya, Mujhe Jannat Dede ( Oh God Iam killed, Give me heavens) All are scared , Many get up from chairs and run here and there ).

Hillary. Zardari. What is this happening? Your army chief is loosing control over himself. Has he gone crazy and lost mental balance? Are your days numbered?

Zardari. Look Kayani. Please control yourself and do not over act. Are you a police inspector ?

Jilani. No arms were permitted into the hall. Why you brought a pistol.?

Kayani. Iam the army chief. If I can not have my pistol, then who will have it? Will you have?

Zardari. There are commandos too.

Hillary. I am sure you have no control over nukes. Better we take care of them.

Kayani. That you can not do. We are sovereign.

Hillary. We respect it. But it ends when you become a threat to us and others.

Kayani. What will you do?

Hillary. I can not say that. Time will tell you.

Zardari. Hope you again do as you have done to kill Laden.

Hillary. I need not say what we do. We have to save ourselves from mad Taliban and remaining Al Qaeda. Thugs.

Kayani. Madam. This looks like a threat to us. This is not acceptable to us.

Hillary. So be it. Our safety is more important to us than others. Please do not think that we keep looking at things when things get dangerous to us and our future. Americans will be saved at all costs. Long live America ( National anthem of America is played loudly)

Zardari. OK Madam. We shall be careful and co operate with you. Please do not stop aid. We shall go begging. We shall not have anything to eat. We have to sell our clothes. There will be civil war here.

Kayani. I have nothing to say.

Jilani. I also feel same. Please do not stop aid. In fact give us more. Otherwise India will blackmail us. We made all nukes only to scare India and to use against them. Only thing is we are waiting for an opportunity to use them against India. We are in fact itching for that..

Hillary. If you use once, your country will not be there. Indians also will use them.

Kayani. Allah will only decide it who will stay and who will go.

Hillary. Please control emotions my dear friends. I have come here to see that you are on right rack. We need your cooperation in sorting out Taliban and remaining Al Qaeda thieves.

Kayani. We shall see that.

Hillary. Thanks. I think we should call it a day.

Zardari. Madam. There is a lunch after this and later you can fly back. We made excellent Punjabi chicken and Afghan turkey as a special dish. We alos have Pak Biryani and mutton chops. Of course red wine is there.

Hillary. Thanks all of you.

(. Every one stands up. National anthems of Pakistan and America are played)

Gandhi ( Invisible). Look Guys. I am Gandhi and my friends Patel and Nehru were also in the meeting and saw everything. Madam Hillary Clinton. Please do not trust these guys. They will go back on everything. They are liars in fact of first order.

Patel. Better take away all nukes from them and defang them. Deflate them once for all. They have been wagging tails all these years. These guys are behind Bombay attack. All things are being revealed in Hadley trial in USA. Beware of these guys. This is the worlds most dangerous terrorist nation. All terrorists of world are here. They plan all nefarious activities here. Plesae do not trust them. You must brand them accordingly. Declare them as a terrorist nation. Stop all aid to these guys. In fact this country should be dismembered as one of their journalist recommended recently. Better luck to Americans and all. Bye. Bye.

( The trio suddenly make a brief appearance in their skeletal form in front of every one and does jig and vanish from there laughing loudly. Haa..haaaa..hooo.hoo..hoo)

Kayani. Catch them.. Catch them fast. Let them not escape. I shall show them what I am.
I shall hang them. I am Kayani the army chief.. Allah Ho Akbar…

Patel ( from distance) Mr Kayani. Please take care of yourself and your country first. Thanks.. see you.. haa..haa .. We are off…. Mff…mfff…hoo..hooo

(Security guys in hurry surround the area and Hillary is escorted to safety along with Zardari and Jilani. Kayani roams around fuming and fretting with pistol in hand while the body of Jihadi khan is carried away in panic)


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen walking at Jhansi bazaar. They are conversing with each other and discussions appears to be tense )

Gandhi. patel. This town does not appear very big. It is medieval in appearance.

Patel. True Bapu. This is an ancient town and has great historical importance.

Nehru. It became famous only after 1857 war due to Rani Laxmi Bai’s involvement in the war.

Gandhi. I hears so. You are a historian. Please throw some light.

Nehru. That is fine Bapu. But Patel will say something. He always critical. He can nota appreciate my work.

Gandhi. Why? Why he should say? Even if he says what bothers you? Look Jawaharlal, please try to accept criticism too. You have been PM of India for 16 years.

Nehru. There was no opposition to me except Dr Ram Manohar Lohia, the MP. Even he was respectful and we had great regards for each other.

Gandhi. Ok. I want to see the Jhansi fort today before it is dark.

Patel. Let us go there. Iam also itching to go there.

( The trio go to the fort that is very much within city and purchase a ticket and enter the fort)

Gandhi. What a fort! How strong it is! Can our guys build such edifices?

Patel. Surely not Bapu. Look at our projects. Many dams have been breached after few rains. Innumerable roads have been destroyed after little rains. Where is the quality? The government engineers are hand in glove with the contractors and siphon off funds. There is a share everywhere to all people. Even some engineers are know to have acquired degrees from some university where they were exempted from passing two subjects.

Gandhi. How? How such guys can be given degrees. Which is that university?

Patel. Why name it Bapu? Every one knows it. Soon the number of subjects exempted my rise too. Any thing can happen in India and in AP.

Gandhi. Oh, That means it is in AP. Now I got it. I have zeroed it.

Patel. If such guys get into service what can be expected from them? Any how it is hundred percent sure that Indian guys can not build forts like Jhansi at present. They will eat away the money. These forts withstood large canon shots during 1857. If our guys build there is no necessity of cannon fire. If some fires a Diwali pistol at it the bastions will collapse.

Nehru. Please do not exaggerate things.

Patel. It will be like that only.

( They go around the fort with lot of interest. They come to the place where the Rani of Jhansi jumped over the wall and escaped after the fort fell to the Englishmen.)

Gandhi. It is amazing indeed. The Rani seated on horse jumped over the wall and escaped.

Patel. Such were the heroes Bapu. We must appreciate things.

Nehru. Why she should escape? Is it not showing ones back to enemy?

Patel. It is necessary to retrieve situation from some other place. It is not Mahabharatha war. There is no point in getting arrested and being hanged by East India Company.

Gandhi. I learnt from some book that a traitor opened the gate of fort after taking bribe from Europeans.

Pate. Bapu. It was always like that. Traitors are there everywhere. Our history is full of such incidents. Even in Mahbharatha war and Ramayana traitors were there. In Ramayana Vibheeshan the brother of king Ravana of Lanka was dubbed as traitor. Even people who are traitors today are called by name Vibheeshan. Ramayana has its own clarification for it. Vibheeshan also gave away the secret to kill Ravana to Rama and said that unless his stomach was shot through, Ravana would not die. This was because nectar was present in the stomach. So, Rama shot an arrow at Ravana’s stomach. However shooting below naval was against individual battle code. So Rama shot an arrow high and god of wind at the request of Hanuman made the arrow to bend its path and struck Ravana’s stomach and he died.

Gandhi. Good explanation it is. Patel, You appear to be well versed in the scriptures.

Patel. Thanks Bapu. I can tell many things.

Gandhi. Please go ahead. This is very interesting.

Patel. Vibheeshan also betrayed Ravana’s son Indrajeet.

Gandhi. How?

Patel. At one stage during the battle Indrajeet went to perform Yagna to appease gods and once he performed it, he would have become invincible. Vibheeshan gave this secret to Rama and soon Hanuman led Laxman to the site and they challenged Indrajeet by disturbing him. In the ensuing battle Laxman killed Indrajeet. In Mahbharatha war also great warrior Shalya was undermining Kaurava cause.

Gandhi. What he did, Iam not sure of it?.

Patel. Shalya was the charioteer to Karna when he fought Arjuna. Shalya always derided Karna, thus demotivating him. When Karna’s chariot was stuck in ground he refused to help him to lift the wheel and ultimately Arjuna killed Karna while he was unarmed trying to lift the wheel of chariot. There is also a criticism against Shakuni too. He planned and saw that Kauravas were destroyed. This is because his sister was married to the blind king Dhritharashtra.

Gandhi. So our ancestors too were victims of these things. What a shame!

Patel. Bapu, You know that during medieval times there were many traitors in India, They helped our enemies and India was enslaved first by Muslims and then by Europeans.

Gandhi. Who were they? I have poor memory.

Patel. They were Ambhi who betrayed King Porus in his battle with Alexander. Jai chand betrayed Prithivi Raj Chauhan king of Thaneswar when he fought Shahbuddin Mohammed Ghori. Then Mir Jafar betrayed King Sirajuddaula at battle of Plassey when he fought Clive of East India Company. In 1757. Abdulla Pani betrayed King Abul Hasan tanasha and opened gate of Golconda fort in Deccan when Aurangzeb laid seize to the fort. Even Jhansi fort was betrayed to East India Company by a greedy commander of Jhansi. Maratha commander in 1857 war, Tantya Tope was betrayed by his friend to East India Company while he was sleeping. Chatrapathi Maharaja Sambhaji was betrayed at Sangameswar by his brother in law Shirke to the Mughal commander and he was hanged later after great torture. He became Dharmaveer.

Gandhi. Patel. This is amazing indeed. You know so much of our history. I am impressed.

Patel. Thanks Bapu. Iam obliged.

Gnadhi. Any thing more?

Patel. Sarvai Papadu the daring ruler in Telangana in 18 century in Deccan was betrayed by some of his associates while he was sleeping to Mugahl commander. He was killed later. Aliya Rama raya of Vijaynagar was betrayed by his Muslim generals when he was about to win the battle of Tallikota in 1565 fought against Deccani sultans. He was captured and killed immediately. Vijaynagar was devastated completely by Muslim troops.. Velu Thambi the PM of Travancore cochin who fought East India Company in 19 century was betrayed to EIC forces while he was hiding at a temple along with his brother at Malladi in Kerala. He committed suicide. Rani Chinnamma was betrayed by a commander during her war with EIC at Kittur in 19 century. The betrayers ensured that gun powder was soaked in water. She lost war to EIC and was imprisoned for life. Vijayramaraja, Raja of Vijaynagaram colluded with Bussey the French governor in 1757 and betrayed Rao Gopala Krishna Ranga Raya, Raja of Bobbili in AP where all the warriors of Bobbili fought and died to save the honor.

Gandhi. Ohfo. There were so many Gaddars in India. Iam astonished.

Patel. They continue to be even now. What is happening now in India? There are some separatist outfits such as SIMI, Dargah E Shahdat, and some more who are colluding with enemies of India trying to destabilize India and again break it . They are the traitors.

Gandhi. I understand the seriousness. The country is not progressing by the acts of such criminals. They must be hanged immediately.

Patel. Is this Bapu saying?

Bapu. Why? What is there? Am I wrong?

Patel. Your words appear strange to me. You are known as apostle of peace and pleaded that people should be pardoned and excused.

Gandhi. Did I say That criminals should be excused?

Patel. You are known to be a man of appeasement of Muslims. You want to settle everything peacefully. Non violence was your motto. Why this strange words?

Gandhi. I can say some thing now. The acts of some traitors are debatable. Some say they are fighting for their genuine cause. Are we not glorifying Bhagat singh although he killed English police officer Saunders? For them he was only a criminal and he was hanged. Like this we had Alluri seetha Rama Raju from AP state, Veera Pandya Kattabommana from Tamil Nadu, Mangal Pandey from Meerut, Tantya tope the 1857 Maratha commander, These acts are therefore subject to much discussion. Some jihadi elements claim to be freedom fighters. Can we accept them? Surely not. But some world bodies probably are sympathetic to them.

Patel. Bapu. We see from our angles. Traitors have to be punished summarily. What is happening now is traitors are being treated in Jails with all comforts. Look at the cases of Afzal Guru and Kasab. The nation has already spent crores of rupees on them. Till now they are not hanged. Bapu, have you noted this?

Gandhi. I know it. There may be compulsions on the govt.

Patel. What compulsions they can have? They have nothing. It is pure vote bank politics to get minority votes and appease J and K guys.

Gandhi. Will you be happy if they are hanged?

Patel. Why not ?

Gandhi. Then why did you not hang Kasim Razvi the notorious Hyderabadi Razakar of 1948?

Patel. The court gave him lesser punishment of 10 years prison.

Gandhi. That too was reduced later and he was allowed to go to Pakistan and hang around there.

Patel. But he could not do any thing further. He lost his face and was neglected in Pakistan. He died there after some time.

Gandhi. But Razkar atrocities were very horrible. Kasim Razvi was squarely responsible for it. People thought that he would be hanged soon.

Patel. The trial team had judges from three religions, Hindu, Muslim and Christian. They knew it better. What we can say now after so many years? They knew it better. They go by evidence infact. He was not convicted for Shoibullah murder case

Nehru. Who was this Shoibullah?

Patel. I thought you knew him. He was the editor of Imroz daily, He was fearless., He was against Nizams policy on Hyderabad and wrote against Razkar atrocities. He was killed by Razakars.

Gandhi. Poor guy. May his soul rest in peace. Any how, all these things are old now. What we can gain by digging graves?

Patel. At times police digs graves to collect evidence in sorting out criminal cases. There is nothing new.

Gandhi. That means do you recommend retrial of Kasim Razvi?

Patel. I did not say that. Any how he is dead now. We can not retry and hang him now. As it is we are wasting time and money on Kasab and Afzal Guru. This shows that we are too lenient on traitors

Gandhi. OK Patel. We came here to see the fort. Let us see it fully.

( The trio keeps going around and enter an old dilapidated building. It looks damaged in shelling during 1857 war. The area is dark and looks haunted. Nehru is a bit worried)

Nehru. Bapu. Is it necessary to go into it? It may not be safe there. There may be snakes there.

Gandhi. Come on Jawaharlal. You are a freedom fighter.

Nehru. Bapu. Please do not call me by that name. In India now freedom fighter means, the guy who wants everything free. Phukat ka Master in Hindi.

Patel. Well said Jawaharlal. Hee..heee.

( Suddenly they come across a figure in Darkness . He appears to be a warrior and has a small child tied in a cloth behind his back. He is well armed with swords and shield. He has royal look and gait?)

Stranger. Hello. Guys. Who are you? What are you doing here at this time?

Gandhi. Sir . we are visitors to the fort. We came from long distance.

Stranger. That is good. What you have seen?

Patel. We have seen the fort. We have seen the great gun Kadak Bijli on the bastion. We have also seen the graves of Khudah Baksh and , Ghulam Ghouse khan. By the by, who are you? Why you are strangely dressed in this medieval costume?

Stranger. Iam Laxmi Bai of Jhansi. This fort belongs to me. This state belongs to me,

Gandhi. Oh. Jhansi ki Rani. We are honored by your visit.

Laxmi bai . You are the visitor. I belong to this place. This is my place. I never gave this place to the wretched Englishmen.

Patel. We knew your valor. You were an icon.

Gandhi. We are happy to see you. Madam Raniji. We are sorry to know that you lost the war and also your life in the war.

Laxmi bai. Nothing comes without sacrifice.

Gandhi. I agree. But only few princes fought the war. Many stayed away.

Laxmi bai. True. They were selfish men. They saved their skins. They had no commitment to national honor, Many preferred slavery to self respect.

Gandhi. But they were of opinion that you had specific grievances. So you fought and rebelled. They had no grievances.

Laxmibai. Haa..haa. They are selfish men and opportunists. They preferred cozy rooms of palaces and not battle fields. They preferred gulping liquor in their cozy palaces. They preferred embrace of wives and concubines in their palaces than embracing a warrior’s death on battle field. They did not want to fight against foreign domination. Who were these Englishmen of East India Company to dictate to us? They were to be thrown out. We fought for our commitment. In war, victory and defeat are in the hands of almighty. We did our job. We might have failed and died too. So what? We have become martyrs for a cause. We did not die like rats in holes. We have shown in the battle field what we were. Our swords spoke our words.

Patel. We are highly impressed Raniji. But for your sacrifice, the rule of East India Company would have continued. After the war, India came directly under Queen Victoria.

Gandhi .Raniji. We are much impressed with you. You have become an icon in India and role model.

Laxmi Bai. I am unhappy the way country is progressing. People have become selfish. I heard you have some type of system called democracy that has been usurped by a dynasty. It appears no other guy can rule apart from dynasty.

Nehru. Raniji. You are wrongly informed. Democracy prevails in India. Any one can rise to position.

Laxmibai. But the system has become so polluted and corrupt that honest men can not rise to positions. It is crooks galore in India.

Gnadhi. Changes do occur at some times.

Laxmi bai. Your system needs overhaul if the country is to be saved from disintegrating and domination by individuals.

Patel. I also said same thing Raniji. But no one listens. The multi party system has ruined things. Guys want to be in power till they go to grave. There was a wheel chair CM in India a month ago. We had a president in past who could not stand and walk. He had to be lifted up all the time. We have PM who is a mere dancing puppet . They have no individuality.

Laxmibai. That is disgraceful and shameful too. But you guys are happy like that. So suffer. Indians have lost all self respect. They fall for tid bits thrown at them I also learnt that ministers are corrupt. No one can change you. Your nation is doomed. Better I leave. No one can save you.

( Rani Vanishes waving her sword)

Nehru. Bapu. Iam scared. Better go away from here. It is also getting dark. If we come across Tantya Tope, the Martha commander in chief, we can not live. He will not spare us. Better run from here.

Patel. Iam not scared.

Gandhi. Patel. Better we leave, It is already getting dark.

Patel. As you say. You guys are shit scared lot.

Gandhi. That we are.

( The trio quickly walks back and goes out of fort of Jhansi. Nehru tightly holds hand of Gandhiji. He is scared to look back at the fort that stands imposing behind them)


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The war of 1857 is dubbed as Sepoy Mutiny by the English historians while Indians claim it as first war of Independence. The war was mostly confined to Delhi, Kanpur. Meerut, Lucknow, Bareli, Faizabad and Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, Arrah in Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh. Other north Indian States and south India were peaceful although some isolated actions were fought that were crushed easily. The causes for this war were many. However they can be briefly stated as :
a. The arrival of missionaries had caused great unease among the Indians. Evangelical
Christians had little understanding of, or respect for, India's ancient faiths. The attitude of scrupulous non-interference in religious affairs that had characterized British rule in the 18th century was forgotten. Native populace started to believe that the British wished to convert them. The passing of Act XXI of 1850, which enabled converts to inherit ancestral property, confirmed this belief; the new law was naturally interpreted as a concession to Christian converts. Hindus and Muslims were forced into Christianity. The British were rude and arrogant towards the Indians who they described as barbarians without any culture. The European judges hardly ever convicted British for their crimes.
b. Thousands of soldiers and nobles got unemployed when Lord Dalhousie annexed Avadh. Under his 'Doctrine of Lapse' the princes were denied the long-cherished right of adoption; in this way Dalhousie annexed the Maratha States of Satara, Nagpur and Jhansi and several minor principalities. On the death of the ex-Peshwa, Baji Rao II, the pension granted to him was abolished and the claims of his adopted son, Nana Sahib, were disregarded.
c.British administrative laws ruined both the peasants and landlords. Indian handicrafts completely collapsed and the craftsmen were impoverished. India became a market place for finished goods from England. Poverty increased and the discontent among the masses motivated the Indians to join the revolt in large numbers. Thus, the British drained India of her wealth and all her natural resources.
The most important personalities who had grievances against the British rule were Nana Sahib, adopted son of former and last Peshwa of Maharashtra, Rani Laxmi Bai ( Widow of ruler Gangadhar Rao) of Jhansi, Begum of Awadh, Kunwar singh of Arrah, Emperor ( Namesake) Bahadur shah ( Zafar) II at Delhi (2). Unfortunately many princes of native states did not join the struggle. They did not want to take risk of loosing their states, dynastic rule and power over their subjects. They preferred to be with the Company at the crucial hour. Probably they were not sure of the victory of the rebels and considered the English men and the company army to be superior and were sure of their victory. This would have turned scales in favor of them. They also must have lacked self confidence, national spirit, true patriotism, conviction, strong determination and commitment to the motherland. They were taken over by narrow sectarian interests and inner rivalries among the princes apart from family feuds.

They were many rulers in this class. The ruler of Indore state was one among them. He was Maharaja Tukoji Rao II Holkar. He is from one of the prestigious dynasties whose name became associated with the very title of the ruler, which was generally known as Maharaja Holkar or Holkar Maharaja, while the official full title was Maharajadhiraj Raj Rajeshwar Sawai Shri Tukoji Rao II Holkar Bahadur, Maharaja of Indore, with the colonial style of His Highness. Tukojirao Holkar II (1835-1886) was installed on the throne on 27 June 1844. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, he was loyal to the British East India Company and palyed to their tune. During the 1857 revolt, the Purbia and Pathan infantry in the Holkar army and in the British subsidiary force at Indore and Mhow, joined their revolutionary brethren in the EIC army, just as they had at Gwalior. And after the revolt was subdued the reigning Holkar (Tukoji), like his contemporary at Gwalior, was rewarded for his loyalty with titles and gun salutes; although in the latter respect Indore remained an also ran with a salute of 19 guns against the 21 guns for Gwalior! In October 1872, he appointed T. Madhava Rao as the Diwan of Indore. He died on 17 June 1886 and succeeded by his eldest son, Shivaji Rao.
The state was Indore was merged with Indian union after 1947 and the rulers were namesake Maharajas with privy purses. They lost the purses and titles too during Mrs Indira Gandhi’s time and merged with society. They were soon forgotten and vanished into some corners of Indian history. So was the case with the ruler during



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The First War of Independence in 1857 or the Sepoy Mutiny as the British preferred to describe it, was mostly confined to Meerut, Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Barrackpore, Gwalior , Jhansi, Arrah and few more other areas. However some isolated incidents took place at other areas too in the country. These were quickly suppressed. Hyderabad too was witness to one of its own. We cannot forget the role of Turrebaz Khan, who attacked the castle of the British Residentt in Hyderabad. This magnifiecient building of Residency also called Kothi is now converted as Womens college under Osmania University. Although much portion of the fort walls have disappeared the imposing bastions in good condition built out of chiseled granite stones are sill there with their firing ports along with inner steel sliding gates. They are at Putli Bowli areas ( Southern walls) and Eastern side walls of the fort.
After the Nizam signed the Treaty of Subsidiary Alliance with the East India Company in 1800, there were bouts of anti-British rebellions till 1857 led notably by Raja Mahipat Ram, Mubarez-ud- Dowlah, Moulvi Allauddin, and Turre Baz Khan. Among the noteworthy places of such uprising were Aurangabad, Udgir, Nizamabad, Raichur and Karimnagar. Within the Nizam's army and the Subsidiary Troops of East India Company, men revolted against the European officers. Behind some of these rebellions were communities such as Bhils, Hutkers and Marathas. Afzal –ud-daula the fifth Nizam belonging to Afafjah dynasty ascended the throne of Hyderabad after the death of his father just before the mutiny started.Certain amount of trouble was expected in the Hyderabad province too although no major unrest was foreseen. Name of Turrebaz Khan shines gloriously in the history of Hyderabad who raised the banner of Revolt in Hyderabad in 1857.
After a meeting at Mecca Masjid, Turrebaz Khan led a band of soldiers, Rohillas of Afghan descent and Arab rebels and mounted an armed attack on the Residency on July 17, 1857 at 5.45 p.m. about 500 Rohillas marched to the British Resident Col Cuthbert Davidson's koti and took up positions in two houses belonging to money lenders Abban Saheb and Jaigopal Das and opened fire at the Residency. Then the brought down the walls Azim Ali Khan's house and tore off the hinges of the entrance near Putli Bowli as their comrades gave covering fire from the two double-storied houses.
Housed inside the prison in the Residency was another of their comrades Jamedar Cheeda Khan. Led by a fiery Moulvi Allaudin (who preached revolt in his Friday sermon) and Turrebaz Khan, the mob wanted to free Jamedar Cheeda Khan who had revolted against the British when Hyderabad Contingent's 3rd Cavalry was asked to march to Delhi at Buldhana and fled with 15 others to Hyderabad to bring the fire of mutiny to the Nizam's turf. The moment Cheeda Khan reached Hyderabad, he was arrested by Nizam's minister Salar Jung I who handed him over to the Resident as he was a British soldier. He was jailed as well as tried inside the Residency building.
Of course the Rohillas failed to free Cheeda Khan. The British troops who were led by Major S. C. Briggs opened up their artillery, kept ready by the Resident, who was alerted by Salar Jung. The lightly armed men led by Turrebaz Khan were no match for the trained soldiers of Madras Horse Artillery who fired from stationary positions from the fort. The firing went all night long and by morning, there were a few bodies and pockmarked buildings and scared residents of Putli Bowli and Sultan Baazar. Turrebaz Khan who escaped was discovered and shot dead near Toopran, his body was dragged back and hanged near the Residency building. Moulvi Allaudin was caught near Mangalampally and was sentenced to deportation where he died in 1884. The houses of Abban Saheb and Jaigopal Das were blown away after the mutiny . The Nizam Afzaluddaula and his minister Salar Jung received laurels from East India Company for their unflinched support during the troubled times and for letting down the rebels. . The British government will not forget that it has owed to his highness the Nizam and his most able minister," wrote Col Davidson.
The road infront of the Residency was named after Turrebaz Khan and a plaque was also displayed for long. The outer walls of Residency have lost all its history and now looks pale and drab devoid of any past glory. The city builders who were clueless of past history and the need to preserve have done immense damage to past heritage by demolishing ancient structures and heritage buildings. Today memory of Turrebaz Khan has been lost in the midst of milling traffic, thousands of autos, squatting buffaloes and cows, roadside Romeos, girl watchers, shady characters, two wheelers. hawkers, bus stops, waiting people spitting pan on roads, filth and garbage thrown around everywhere. There is a stone memorial also with elephant heads at the site for the heroes of 1857 rebellion and no one knows what it is and why it is there. Once in a while, some leader ( apology for it) arrives to garland it on some occasion and is happy when he is photographed. Turrebaz khans soul of course must be wondering at the ways of people.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


DR K Prabhakar Rao

The war of 1857 is dubbed as Sepoy Mutiny by the English historians while Indians claim it as first war of Independence. The war was mostly confined to Delhi, Kanpur. Meerut, Lucknow, Bareli, Faizabad and Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, Arrah in Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh. Other north Indian States and south India were peaceful although some isolated actions were fought that were crushed easily. The causes for this war were many. However they can be briefly stated as ( 1) :
a. The arrival of missionaries had caused great unease among the Indians. Evangelical
Christians had little understanding of, or respect for, India's ancient faiths. The attitude of scrupulous non-interference in religious affairs that had characterized British rule in the 18th century was forgotten. Native populace started to believe that the British wished to convert them. The passing of Act XXI of 1850, which enabled converts to inherit ancestral property, confirmed this belief; the new law was naturally interpreted as a concession to Christian converts. Hindus and Muslims were forced into Christianity. The British were rude and arrogant towards the Indians who they described as barbarians without any culture. The European judges hardly ever convicted British for their crimes.
b. Thousands of soldiers and nobles got unemployed when Lord Dalhousie annexed Avadh. Under his 'Doctrine of Lapse' the princes were denied the long-cherished right of adoption; in this way Dalhousie annexed the Maratha States of Satara, Nagpur and Jhansi and several minor principalities. On the death of the ex-Peshwa, Baji Rao II, the pension granted to him was abolished and the claims of his adopted son, Nana Sahib, were disregarded.
c.British administrative laws ruined both the peasants and landlords. Indian handicrafts completely collapsed and the craftsmen were impoverished. India became a market place for finished goods from England. Poverty increased and the discontent among the masses motivated the Indians to join the revolt in large numbers. Thus, the British drained India of her wealth and all her natural resources.
The most important personalities who had grievances against the British rule were Nana Sahib, adopted son of former and last Peshwa of Maharashtra, Rani Laxmi Bai ( Widow of ruler Gangadhar Rao) of Jhansi, Begum of Awadh, Kunwar singh of Arrah, Emperor ( Namesake) Bahadur shah ( Zafar) II at Delhi (2). Unfortunately many princes of native states did not join the struggle. They did not want to take risk of loosing their states, dynastic rule and power over their subjects. They preferred to be with the Company at the crucial hour. Probably they were not sure of the victory of the rebels and considered the English men and the company army to be superior and were sure of their victory. This would have turned scales in favor of them. They also must have lacked self confidence, national spirit, true patriotism, conviction, strong determination and commitment to the motherland. They were taken over by narrow sectarian interests and inner rivalries among the princes apart from family feuds. They were many rulers in this class. Maharaja Jayajirao Rao sindhia of Gwalior belonged to this group who preferred to support the English men than throw themselves into the burning cauldron of 1857 war.
The original name of Jayajirao was Bhagirath Shinde, and he was the son of Hanwant Rao on 19 January 1835. The former Maharaja of Gwalior, Jankojirao II, died in 1843 and he had no heir to succeed to the throne. His wife Tara Bai adopted Bhagirath Rao who succeeded to the Gwalior gaddi under the name of Jayajirao Sindhia on 22 February 1843. His maternal uncle Jankojirao II, was chosen as a regent.His succession to the throne was not smooth and Dada Khasgiwale, the comptroller of the Shinde household overthrew Jankoji Rao II as the regent causing great disturbance amounting to a civil war. The British East India Company interfered by withdrawing their Resident Colonel Sleeman and demanded the surrender of Dada Khasgiwale. A British force under Sir Hugh Gough in 1843 defeated Gwalior army at Panniar and . Khasgiwale on 29 December. Khasgiwale was imprisoned and he died at Benares jail in 1845.
The Englishmen took advantage and Gwalior had to hand over Chaderi District and large amounts of lands as expenses of war. the State army was reduced, and a Council of Regency was appointed during the minority, to act under the residents advice. Jayaji Rao was good friend of the East India Company although his ancestors did not have a good time with the English men . The troops of Gwalior were under unrest and were inclined to join the rebels in 1857 war. However, his minister, Dinakar Rao, along with Major Chartres Macpherson, the British representative to Gwalior, convinced him to initially stay neutral and later to side with the British. Gwalior became an active area in 1857 war as many battles were fought by Tantya and Jhansi Laxmi Bai in this sector. In fact Jhansi and Gwalior are not far off from each other and the mighty fort of Gwalior was impregnable too. It has seen many historical battles right from the ancient era much before Mughals arrived on the scene. It was ruled by illustrious rulers in the past and the fort changed hands too several times. The strategic location of Gwalior had impact in the 1857 war and it could not isolate itself from the conflicts.
Rani Laxmi Bai the widow of late Gangadhar Rao of Jhansi was much aggrieved over the company’s decision to hand over Jhansi after the case of her adopted son was refused by the Englishmen as per the doctrine of lapse.. She refused to part with her state. Initially Jhansi was peaceful when conflicts took place at several places after rebellions broke out at several places. She ensured that all small conflicts were put down strongly and Jhans was peaceful. There is still some controversy over her role in the massacre of the British HEIC officials and their wives and children on the 8th June 1857 at Jokhan Bagh Jhansi was soon invaded by Sir Hugh Rose accompanied by the army of East India Company who laid seize to the fort on 23 March 1858. The Rani resisted and directed the defense of the fort against the enemy . Rani Laxmibai with her faithful warriors decided not to surrender. The most faithful warriors and commanders were Gulam Gaus Khan, Dost Khan, Khuda Baksh, Lala Bhau Bakshi, Moti Bai, Sunder-Mundar, Kashi Bai, Deewan Raghunath singh and Deewan Jawahar Singh. The fighting continued for about two weeks. Shelling on Jhansi was very fierce. In the Jhansi army, women were also carrying ammunition and were supplying file food to the soldiers. Rani Lakshmi Bai was very active. She herself was inspecting the defense of the city. She rallied her troops around her and fought fiercely against the British. An army of 20,000, headed by the rebel leader Tantya Tope was sent to relieve Jhansi and to take Laxmi Bai to freedom. However, the British, though numbering only 1,540 in the field so as not to break the siege, were better trained and disciplined than the “raw recruits,” and these inexperienced soldiers turned and fled shortly after the British began to attack on 31st March. Lakshmi Bai’s forces could not hold out and three days later the British were able to breach the city walls and capture the city. In fact the city of Jhansi was betrayed by a greedy commander in Jhansi who allowed an important gate to be opened to the enemy. Thus Jhansi fort fell to enemy. Yet Laxmi Bai escaped over the wall at night and fled from her city, surrounded by her 25 guards, many of whom were from her women’s military.
Along with her son the young Anand Rao, the Rani decamped to Kalpi along with her forces where she joined other rebel forces, including those of Tantya Tope. She was defeated at Kalpi by the company troops. The Rani and Tantya Tope moved on to Gwalior, where the combined rebel forces defeated the army of the Maharaja of Gwalior after his armies deserted the rebel forces. They then occupied a strategic fort at Gwalior. The Maharaja of Gwalior supported the Company and she obviously received no cooperation from him. Recently there has been a allegation that Rani Laxmi Bai was given a weak horse by the Maharaja of Gwalior and the horse failed to jump over canal and thus the Rani was forced to engage the enemy in desperation. She was very seriously wounded in this battle and she died consequently on 18 June 1858. As she was in male attire the enemy did not recognize her and her body was cremated in great hurry so that the enemy did not lay hands on her. The aspect of weak horse can not be conclusively proven and thus the Maharaja can not be blamed for it either. But people are however of the opinion that the Maharaja could have plunged himself into battle along with others instead of supporting the Englishmen. He should have been patriotic in this regard instead of letting down the national cause. It is widely believed that it would have made great difference to the result of 1857 war if the rulers such as Maharaja of Gwalior, Baroda, Hyderabad and Punjab kingdoms took part in the war along with rebels. But it was no to be. Selfishness, fear and rivalries played great role and such rulers stayed away and sided with Company troops. They were the allies of English men and did not think right to support the hands of the rebel leaders and troops who were fighting to throw out the aliens. There was no sense of belonging among them. Each one was greedy, self centered and selfish and in consequence the war was lost. They preferred slavery to self respect and dignity.
Slavery in India continued for another ninety years. It is a bitter truth that great Maratha empire was lost only because there was great in fights during succession of Peshwas earlier that resulted in subsequent Anglo Maratha wars and consequent destruction of Maratha power in India. Role played by Raghunath Rao Peshwa who tried to usurp power after killing shrimant Narayan Rao Peshwa at Shaniwar wad in Pune is more damaging to Maratha history than the Panipat war III fought against Abdali in which many Maratha troops including great Sadashiv Rao Bhau and Valiant Viswas Rao lost lives in fierce battles. The prominent Maratha local rulers like Sindhia of Gwalior, Gaikwads of Gujrat, Holkars of Indore did not support the rebel cause. Bhonsles of Nagpur earlier lost their kingdom under doctrine of lapse and lost relevance. These are nothing new for 1857 war. It was lost as many rulers did not take part in it and sided with the national enemy and they thought that they were wise by saving their skins. This has been a great curse in Indian History that our own princes and rulers betrayed national cause at appropriate moments. It is also destiny that these princes did not rule eternally and after independence in 1947 and they lost power to Sardar Patel who absorbed all these kingdoms into Indian union. For some time, they remained kings on paper and they lost the privy purses and titles during the regime of Indira Gandhi. They became common men in India. They turned their forts and palaces into hotels and resorts. Many of their forts have become ruins. Their flags no more fly over the ramparts and bonnets of their cars. Their ego is confined only to their palaces and drawing rooms.
. Maharaja of Gwalior received laurels once the war was over. In 1861. Jayajirao was created a Knights Grand Commander of the Order of the Star of India for being the great supporter and ally of the English men throughout the war.. His photos appeared in the London press and were regarded as the friend of the British Empire. In 1877, he became a Counselor of the Empress and later on a GCB and CIE. On his death in 1886 he was conferred 21 gun salute. His official full name was His Highness General Maharajadhiraj Maharaja Shrimant Sir Jayaji Rao SHINDE Bahadur, Maharaja Scindia of Gwalior', GCB, GCSI, CIE, Kaiser-i-Hind. He was succeeded by Madhav Rao Sindhia. All the heroes of 1857 war have occupied golden pages in history of India while all those who supported the Englishmen are lost in wilderness into dark pages of history. No one remembers them although as rulers they might have contributed to growth of their states during their regime. Maharaja of Gwalior is also credited as a ruler who developed his state once the war was over.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen travelling in a train in second class compartment. They have boarded a train at Patna and are planning to go to Delhi. As usual, it is over crowded although it is a three tier reserved bogie)

Gandhi. Look Patel, It is long time I travelled in a train. The trains appear to be a bit modern with diesel engines or electric engines.

Patel. Yes Bapu, the good old steam engines have been discarded in the process of modernization. They are running in some corners to remind history.

Gandhi. Patel. I think we are travelling in reserved bogie. Why this rush? There are more guys than the seats. It looks like a general bogie. What is the use of reserving seats?

Patel ( looks at few co passengers. They are Darya Ram and Munna ram) Bhai. Are you having reservation? This is a reserved bogie.

Darya Ram. So what? There is a place. We shall travel. What can you do?

Patel. Plesae do not get angry Bhai. But is this the way?

Munna Ram. This is the only way. This is Bihar Bhai sahib. No reservations here. Jis ka lathi us ka Bhains ( Buffalo belongs to the guy who has stick). Ye Lalloo ka state hai ( this is Laloos state). Kya Karlego? (What can you do?)

Patel. If the ticket collector comes he will ask you to get down.

Darya Ram. Haa.. Haa (Laughs). They dare not. Have you seen this ( He shows a country made pistol)

Gandhi. Look Brother, Why are so you violent? Is there no discipline? There is a marking that this is second class bogie.

Patel. Bapu. Earlier we had First, Second and Third class coaches,. Indian govt can not improve standard of life of people in real sense. So they removed third class completely and made only two classes.Garibi Hatao ( Remove poverty) was Indira Gandhi’s slogan. She could not achieve a bit of it. So Amiri Hatao ( Remove rich) is the answer. Government is at it. In fact it is a third class, but redesignated as second class. They made fool of people. The nuts feel happy that they are now second class passengers. Haa..haaa. Indians people are mere fools in fact. They can be taken for a camel ride very easily.

Gandhi. Ha.. Haa.. But this is real cheating infact.

Patel. That goes on everywhere in India. Every day starts with cheating. First the milk guy cheats by adding water. Auto guy on road cheats with faulty meter. He mixes kerosene in petrol and cheats all. Bus driver does not return change after giving ticket. He gives a dirty look and walks away if we demand change. At Petrol bunk, the guy does not return change after paying him. He pockets it. At sabji ( vegetable) market , the vendor cheats using tricky balance. The fruit vendor sells mangoes that are ripened using carbide. They are tasteless. Measuring weights used are drilled at bottom and metal is removed. It is then replugged with seal. Inside it is hollow. In match boxes fifty percent match sticks go waste and they do not burn. Rice is mixed with white stones. Ground nuts are mixed with pebbles. Oils are adulterated. Pulses are adulterated. Sugar is mixed with fine sand. At cinema halls tickets are sold in black. At hospitals, the doctor prescribes all types of tests even if not required. He gets commission from the labs. Where is the end to these troubles? Bhai, Cheating is birth right in India.

Gandhi. Patel. I hope you are not seeing only negative aspects of this country and life.After all we struggled get this country freed.

Patel. Bapu. You have done the biggest fault of your life. These nuts do not deserve it. Subhas said, you give me blood, I shall give freedom. We had no such strong slogans. We only sang:

Raghupathi Raghav Raja Ram…
Poora swarajya mere naam..
Chodo hamko Ham kare pranam
Karte hai ham lakho sallam
Jai raghunandan Jai siya Raam
Chodo mulk ko mera Pranam

Raghupathi Raghava Raja ram
Poora swarajya Mere naam
Maaf karo hame oh! Gore lal
Chodo hamko kare salam
Ho.. Jai raghunandan Jai siya Ram
Khathe Lathi phirbhi salam

Maro laathi tumko salaam
Maro Goli par kare salaam
Ladddu peda tere naam
Ghas ki sabzi mere naam
Jai Raghunanadan Jai siya Ramm
Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram

Gandhi. haer..Hear . Very good Patel. Once more.

Patel.The Englishmen got vexed up and went away. They are very happy now having got rid off us. I am saying facts. Now Anna Hazareji wants Lok pal Bill to come up. Can he remove all these things? Poor Hazare. He is over expecting. Along with him you find another saffron clad turbanised guy called swami Agnivesh.He is in many controversies. Guys who want some popularity like some retired police guys have joined him now. Now everything is quiet after initial halla gulla. The tamash appears to be over .

( In the mean time Darya ram and Munna Ram get down at a station before train stops not before robbing some passengers at gun point. All are relieved)

Patel. Bapu. Those guys are gone. We may stretch legs for some time.

Nehru. Iam also tired. I want to relax. I shall occupy upper birth.

Patel You may. After all you are a VIP. You need upper birth and not lower one..

Gandhi. Hee,,Hee, OK Jawahar lal, Relax for some time. Patel. How about a song? You know many.

Patel. Ok Bapu, As you wish. How can I refuse?( sings)

chho.D musaafir maayaa nagar
ab prem nagar ko jaanaa hai
is duniyaa kii safar ba.Dii hai
jiivan kaa na Thikaanaa hai
ab prem nagar ko jaanaa hai ...

(aalam saaraa jaa rahaa hai
teraa din bhii aa rahaa hai) - 2
(prem kaa saudaa kar le musaafir
piichhe nahii.n pachhataanaa hai) -2
prem nagar ko jaanaa hai ...

(putra potaa ko_ii na apanaa
ko_ii na apanaa ko_ii na apanaa) -2
(maayaa rath kaa jhuuThaa sapanaa) - 2
dekh musaafir kadam kadam par
jag kaa daND chukaanaa hai
ab prem nagar ko jaanaa hai ... (Great singer actor Pankaj Mullick)

Gandhi. Great.. Great philosophy Patel ( Claps )

Patel. Thanks Bapu.

Ram Naraian( Co passenger). Very well sung brother. Lagta hai Pankaj sahib waapas aagaye hain. ( It looks as if Pankaj Mullik has returned)

Patel. Thanks Bhai. I am obliged.

( The train stops at a station. Suddenly about 20 guys along with some luggage barge into compartment. They swarm the place.)

Patel. Bhai. This is reserved bogey and not a general one. Please go to some other place.

Buddhu singh. What do you talk. Is this your das property. Shut up and get up and sit down.

Patel. What is this julum( oppression). I shall call police.

Buddhuram. Call them. What they can do? Ye Bihar hai. We have no tickets, Still we travel. We shall see what happens to us. I shall teach lessons to all. Sit down now and do not lie down. When so many have no seats how can you sleep and travel. Get up now..

Patel. ( Gets up) You guys will not listen like this. I shall take care of you.

Gnadhi. Bhai. Please do not fight. Plesae come and sit down on my seat. I shall stand.

Patel. What are you doing Bapu? These are ruffians. Please do not have sympathy towards them.

Gandhi. Look Patel, The satisfaction one derives from giving away to others who do not have is great. Plesae understand this.

Patel. Bapu. Those days are over now. This is 2011 and 1947 was over long ago.

Gandhi. Values are same every time and they do not change.

Patel. We fail to understand you even now.

Gandhi. Plesae think coolly. Muslims wanted Pakistan before partition and we agreed. We gave away great lands to them. They are having a separate country. Many wanted to stay back in India. We accepted and again we gave away. I feel so happy by giving away things.

Patel. Now probably Indians have to give away Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan

Gandhi. Time will decide it. If it is inevitable and gods wish who can stop it.

Patel. Bapu, Come on stop this talk now. The country already suffered much.

Gandhi. Look Patel. Just now you sang a beautiful song. You preached in that song that nothing belongs to us here in this false world. This is illusion.

Patel. Bapu, It is high time you change yourself.

Gandhi. I can not change myself at this stage. ( sings)

Pyar bant te chalo.. Pyar bant te chalo
Ya Hindu ya Mussalman
Ham sab hai bhai .. bhai.. eee..
Pyar bant te chalo…haa..

Pyar bant te chalo.. ho
Pyar bant te chalo… heee

Pyar bat te chalo

(The train halts at a station and all the ruffians get down a nd one of the guy takes away Bapus shawl. Bapu gives up happily)

Patel. Look Bapu. The goondas have robbed you of your shawl.

Gandhi. No... No . I happily gave it. If some one is happy with it why keep it. Give it away. That is what I did with my life too. When Godse wanted my life I gave it away. If that guy was happy killing me, let him have it. When Godse shot me I did not resist.I simply gave up.

Patel. You could not do anything Bapu. You were so old and fragile.

Nehru. You guys, Can you stop discussing all nonsense for a while Iam getting vexed up.

Patel. Bhai. What is the matter? Why are you getting angry?

Nehru. This is all shit talk. All is irrelevant. Iam having serious headache listening to you.

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal, You were yes master to me. Suddenly you are talking too against me.

Nehru. Even a cat will react if driven to wall.

Gandhi. Oh. You are now turning to be a tiger.

Nehru. I did not say that. I was only getting worked up with your talk

Gandhi. Please learn to be patient. It will benefit you some day.

Nehru. What benefit I shall have except to wreck my brains? I can not again become a PM of India.

Patel. So, you want to become PM of India again if given a chance.

Nehru. Who does not want?

Patel. You are already dead. How can you become?

Nehru. That is the tragedy.

Gandhi. It is a comedy in tragedy. Why do you want to goof up again? You have done enough of it.

Nehru. If I have goofed up, my dynasty would not have continued till now.

Gandhi. A good point.

Patel. This it is the goofing up. Imposing dynastic rule in a democracy is the biggest goofing up.

Gandhi. Did I promote my sons in politics? If promoted my sons who would have prevented me. I was the supreme.

Patel. It is a point. That is why you became Mahatma.

Gandhi. Haa..haa

Patel. Hoo..hoo..hoo..hee..hee. Loook Jawaharlal, Average Indian is clueless of what goes in government. He is carried away by slogans, sentiments and slogans. He is not much worried about scams. The information does not reach him. Sympathy factor is thegreatest one in India.

Gandhi. I agree to what Patel says.

Patel. If a political leader dies that too while in power his son or wife would surely win hands down. People vote blindly as per sympathy factor. Look at Jagan in AP. Look at his winning pattern. He bull dozed all opponents. Opposition leaders from Congress and other party lost deposits. He got more than 5 lakh votes. What a down fall for congress in AP! They have bought congress to ground. This happens everywhere. When you died of course Lal Bahadur was propped up as Indira Gandhi was very raw. For her luck, the Lal Bahadur died within two years after 1965 war. It was a golden chance for Indira. There was none to oppose.

Gandhi. . People like Yashwant Rao Chauhan and few more were there.

Patel. They had no say. They were not all India figures. YB Chavan was more powerful as a Maratha leader. Of course Gulzarilal Nanda was an honest man. But he was good as a guarding sentry for PM s post.Ledaers used him. He could be eased out at any time. So he was made twice the care taker PM. Poor guy. In his evening hours of his life he used to go on bicycle in Delhi while the guys who worked under him drove past him in AC cars without paying any attention to him. It was sad day indeed. When Indira was killed the sympathy wave was great for Rajiv and he was pushed into PMs chair. There was noopposition in Congress although some murmurs were there. By that time inner party democracy aws already killed in congress party. Only Nehru dynasty has to rule. No other guy had chance. When Rajiv died at Madras, there was none from dynasty to take up POMs post.

Gandhi. But Sonia had a chance.

Patel. Sonia kept herself away. She was grieved woman. Her kids were young. Narsimha Rao as PM was the choice and he was the honest south Indian guy and other Bengali Bapus and few more had to be kept away. Luck laughed at Pranab several times and vanished. When Narsimha Rao was to be replaced, Sonia had problems and she preferred to be lady who sacrificed the throne. She is waiting for Rahul to rise one day. Dynasty is around corner. Although Sonia is not PM, practically she runs the show, The present Man Mohan singh is a puppet dancing to tunes of high command and singing yes sir Yes sir three bags full.. Ba..baa black sheep have you any wool.? Image for Rahul is being built up everyday.

Nehru. You guys are after me and dynasty.

Gandhi. We are not against any one. This is after all democracy and every nut can become a PM if he manages himself. Indians keep reminding the world about our success as a democracy and world knows what happens here.

Patel. What would have happened Bapu, if you decided to become the PM of India after 1947?

Gandhi. I would not have been given title mahatma. Aspirants were there. All were itching. I was already old. It was good that I did not become the PM. I gave to Jawaharlal. I thought he was a more accepted candidate compared to Patel. Minority card was there. We had to appease them. Patels views were straightforward and minorities would have had some apprehensions. So I made Jawahar the PM. The show went on. Then 1948 war was there. Pakistan attacked India and wanted to grab Kashmir.

Patel. That was a turning point. You were knocked off by Godse finally.

Nehru. What do you mean by that?

Patel. There was surely great opposition to Bapus policies in India. It culminated into his assassination.

Gandhi. I agree. I had no choice.

Nehru. It is all destiny.

Patel. True. This is the last resort for humans. It is destiny. Tomorrow we loose Kashmir, will it be destiny?

Nehru. It has to be.

Patel. Come on , Jawaharlal. It is our failing. Surely not mine. All of you are responsible for it.

Gandhi. Why fight now? Let it happen. Then we can say.

Patel. The way the Indian leaders are acting on Kashmir policy, only god has to save it.

Gandhi. We are all slaves in front of god.

Pate. Bapu. God also helps only those who help themselves and do actions.

Gandhi. True.

Nehru. Bapu. The station Delhi has come. Come on pack up.

Gandhi. Ohfo. We have reached Delhi. Iam happy. It has reached and not fallen any where.

Patel. Why worry for it. We are already dead. We can not die again. Haa..haa

Nehru. No Jokes now. Let us go.

(The trio gets down the train and walks away)


Thursday, May 19, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. Every where one finds heaps of rubble, broken mansions, buildings, stables and over grown bushes. Great cannons on bastions and here and there stare into distance at unknown enemy. Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen at the fort inner gate)

Gandhi. Patel, I have been itching to see this place since long. To day we had some time to see this place.

Patel. Bapu. It is good to see. I do not know what will happen to morrow.

Gandhi. What can happen here? This is there since many years.

Patel. Bapu, I know that. But the way locals are stealing away the fort property daily, I am sure one day there will not be a fort here. All stones are being taken away by the locals, miscreants who trespassed into the fort lands and trying to build houses.

Gandhi. How this happens. What govt is doing?

Patel. Govt is there. This fort is with archeological dept of India. They do not have many guards to take care of this vast area. Army also is occupying a gate near Arty center.

Gandhi. What govt can do? Where is the time for them? They are busy with politicking and guarding their chairs and power. In fact no governing goes on.

Patel. Wells said, Bapu. You are great.

Nehru. That was good Patel. You already started your sycophant game.

Patel. What I have done?

Nehru. What else you will do? Whatever Bapu says, like a clown you dance clapping.

Patel. Look Jawaharlal. Behave yourself. Bapu is great. His words are great. His knowledge is also great. He has great intelligence. You can not underestimate him.

Gandhi. Come on guys. Have we come here to fight? Let us go into the fort.

(The trio purchases tickets at the counter and enter the inner gate)

Patel. Bapu. This is the important entrance. If some claps here the sound can be heard on top of the fort and it is called Bala hissar,

Gandhi. That is great indeed. This fort looks very large. But it is badly maintained.

Patel. Most of the fort is damaged as it was neglected for centuries.

Gandhi.. Iam not very sure of its history. Probably Jawaharlal can throw some light. He is an historian. He wrote a book too . It was discovery of India.

Patel. True Bapu. He is considered as a reputed historian too. He has many qualities. This is one among them.

Nehru. Bapu. This fort belonged to Kutubshahi dynasty that ruled here.

Gandhi. Where the dynasty has gone? Are they settled in USA now.

Nehru. No.No.. the fort was over powered by Emperor Aurangzeb in 1687 and the last ruler Tanasha was captured and sent to Daulatabad and he died there later .

Gandhi. Ohfo. How bad it was? I know Aurangzeb did not like other Muslim rulers. He was aSunni and these guys were Shia. Only he wanted to be the ruler. He considered himself to be a puritan.

Patel. From then onwards, the fort was neglected. Later Nizams too neglected it.

Gandhi. This has to happen one day. Otherwise how the local guys will get their house building materials for their houses around Golconda all these years.

Patel. Ha..haa..haa. It is a joke .

(The trio keeps walking and suddenly they come across an old Muslim man sitting on a large stone. He appears weak but has aristocratic look. He is reciting some poetry from a old book. Gandhi and Patel go to him.)

Gandhi. Hello Bhai, Salam walekum.

Stranger. Walekum salam. I am Mohammed kuli

Patel. That is great name.

Gandhi. Are you related to the royal family?

Stranger. What do you mean? I am Mohammed Kuli Kutubsha, the former ruler of Golconda.

Patel. Sir. Please be happy. When we say we are Gandhi and patel, people laugh at us.

Stranger. How dare you talk like that? I was the sovereign ruler of Golconda. I was the 4 th ruler and son of great Ibrahim Kutubshah who built the Purana pul in Hyderabad over Musi river.

Patel. Where is the river now? It is a dirty stream full of night soil.

Kuli. It was Great River full of water when I was the king..

Gandhi. The guys built reservoirs over it in last century. So there is no water. Now people can wade through. But no one ventures. It is so dirty. Hyderabad is known by Charminar and dirtiest Musi river. If we consider the worlds rivers, Musi will get international award no 1 for being the shittiest river.

Kuli. Please do not talk like that. I feel pained. I used to cross it over horse to meet my girl friend,

Patel. You mean Bhagmati.

Kuli. Yes sir. Later I named her Hyder Mahal after I married her. I also built this city of Hyderabad around Charminar.

Gandhi. I saw Charminar. It is great. But the area is very congested and filthy too.

Patel. Bapu. Less talk better it is about old city. It is the most congested, trouble some and dying city. Nothing can be developed.

Gandhi. Sir, I learnt that Old city of Hyderabad has one organization called Quli Kutubshah urban development authority ( QUDA). People call it QUDA fondly.

Patel. Haa..Haa..Haa. Bapu. In Hindi KOODA means all dirt, Kachra, filth, shit and non sense items put together.

Gandhi. hee..hee.. What a coincidence indeed. Poor city planners must have never thought that it will be like that.

Patel. It has turned to be a KUDA indeed. Talk less. There are no funds with them. It is a dead organization like this Golconda fort.

Kuli.( weeps) What happened to my golden city of Hyderabad? It was Bhagya Nagar ( City of luck).

Patel. Please do not cry sir. These things will happen. All emperors have vanished
into dark pages of history. Only few are remembered once in a while. You are one among them. People know that you were a poet too. Once in a while people go to your grave at Kutubshahi tombs and conduct a function on your birth day. I do not think now they are doing. Who has time? People are busy in politics of filth and city is neglected.

Kuli. I have not seen city after my death.

Patel. You can not recognize it. It is den of miscreants and unlawful elements too. Recently a MLA of a political party from old city was stabbed right in old city in his constituency. Luckily he did not die. The guys is still in hospital. Things are bad there.

Kuli. I feel ashamed to hear these. How is Charminar, my Charminar? Are there still four Minars to it?

Patel Yes sir. Luckily there are four ( Char) Minars. Receltly some plaster pieces came off and fell down and luckily no one was hurt. Govt is trying to repair them.

Kuli. Will they be able to do?

Gandhi. I doubt that can do a good work. Some chow… chow work will be done. Much money will be eaten away. It is sorry state of affairs in city.

Kuli. Iam sure one day it may loose one Minar.

Patel. Then it will be a theen ( three) Minar. I am hundred percent sure our guys can not build the fallen Minar. They may try., but it can not be like original. People will be scared to go there. It will be then called lamed Charminar.

Kuli. ( cries) aaa.., aaa.. ee..eee ( sings)

Oh My Charminar, the lovely one
Are your days numbered soon
I feel bad to hear all this today
Oh my city has become den of goons

Gandhi. sir, Please do not cry.

Nehru. (In slow tone) Bapu. Do you think he is real Kuli Kutubshah?

Gandhi. We have to believe him. We are also asking people to believe that we are real Gandhi, Nehru and patel.

Nehru. This argument is also true.

Kuli. Sir, Do you doubt that I am not Kuli?

Gandhi. Please do not mind sir. He is a master of doubts.

Kuli. Dear sir , what happened to my Purana Pul? Is it there?

Gnadhi. Yeah. Once we went there. It is still there.

Patel. They built another bridge next to it. They spoiled the entire show. The city planners are bunch of nuts. They have no aesthetic sense and a sense of beauty. They made some cockeyed bridge. It is already showing cracks.

Gandhi. your old bridge has been occupied by all types of vendors. One can not even walk there. It is a chaos. No one can set them right. Police does not venture to go there and bring some order thee. It is free for all . Haa..haaa…

Kuli. ( Cries loudly) Oh my Hyderabad.. Oh My Hyderabad.. What happened to you? Are you dying? Are you being killed?

Patel. Maa Badaulat .Please console your self sir.

Kuli. Iam very happy. You are addressing me as king should be. But I am helpless. I can not give you any reward.

Patel. Please do not mind sir. Your word is more than enough.

Kuli. You appear to be a very polite and honest person. What were you?

Patel. I was deputy PM of India of , this nation after 1947.

Gandhi. Deputy PM means Naib Mir Jumla in your times.

Kuli. That was great. I am happy to know that. By the by what are you ( looking at Gandhi)

Gandhi. I was no one.

Patel. Sir. He was a great leader. He is Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi, He is from Gujarat state. He has been conferred the title of father of nation meaning Qaid E Azam in Urdu language.

Kuli. Oh. That is very great sir.

Gandhi. Sir. Please do not glorify us. We are happy like this. We are simple guys.

Kuli. How about the third guy ( looks at Nehru).

Patel . He was the first Mir Jumla of India after 1947.

Kuli. Am happy to meet people like you. But I feel sad to know about Hyderabad city.

Patel. Huzure ala.. Maa Badaulat. You also must know that in Mecca Masjid that was completed after your death, had some trouble too. Few years ago, some miscreants put bombs there and Few died . Later there was trouble and some died in Police firing.

Kuli. What is this police?

Patel. They take care of law and order.

Kuli. Oh, that means they were soldiers of kotwal.

Patel. True. Things are bad in Hyderabad. Iam sure thins are going out of control. Most of the international thugs are hiding in the old city. Police has great difficulty in catching them. They merge with locals. Pakistanis and Bangladeshis look like us only and some locals protect them . Some time ago men of Harkat ul Jihadi Islam ( HUJI) from Bangladesh were caught in old city.

Kuli. Why this Jihadi word. Sir?

Patel. Sir, Now some sections in India are waging Jihad against India.

Kuli. That is bad. Why they should do it? Are they mad persons?

Patel. Looks so.

Kuli. During my time no such nonsense was there. All were happy.

Gandhi. Your times were different. Now things are different.

Kuli. I feel pained to hear these things.

Gandhi. Better Relax sir. You can not do any thing.

Kuli. My soul haunts over Golconda most of the time. I feel upset seeing these ruins. Look at Red fort at Delhi. That was fort was as old as Golconda. But it is still standing majestically there. See my fort. People of Hyderabad have eaten away the fort.

Patel. This is Hyderabad sir. If we are not careful even we will be eaten. Even your graves at Kutubshahi tombs are not safe. They are already crumbling. People are waiting to grab stones and building materials from these places.

Kuli, Oh , true I must run to my place and see that my grave is still there.

Patel. Please go sir, or you may be late.

( Kuli vanishes)

Gandhi. Patel, It is getting dark now. Look Watch man is coming here.

( In the mean time watch man arrives)

Watch man. Sir. It is already dark. Where were you sir? We were searching for you. Things are not safe here. There are many snakes too. Ghosts are also there.

Gandhi. What ghosts will do? Only human beings are dangerous. Will ghosts take away these stones? Poor souls they cry here.

Watch man. Sir. Are you not scared of Ghosts?

Patel. We are not scared because we our selves are ghosts.

Gandhi. Come on . We are not joking Bhai. We are real Ghosts. Please touch us.

Watch man . Sir. You re joking with me, haa..haaaa

Gandhi,. No. No we are ghosts in real

Patel. Please look at me.

( Patel displays his skeleton in fading light)

Watch man. This is ghost, Please save me.. run from here

(Watchman runs away in panic)

( The trio walks away laughing haa..haa..hee..heee..hoo..hoo)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are walking on Hyderabad roads. They are at Basheer Bagh crossing . They find many people dancing on the road while crackers are being burst. Band also is being played)

Gandhi. Look Patel. What is going on? Why this merry making?

Patel. Bapu, Don’t you know? Kadapa election results are out.

Gandhi. What happened? There was great tension everywhere.

Patel. What else can happen? Jagan won with hands down. He got more than 5 lakh majority.

Gandhi (throws his hands into air and does fast jig) Yeah.. Yeah.. That was great indeed.

Nehru. Bapu, Are you with Jagan?

Gandhi. Iam with none. I am appreciating the great winner. Winning must be like this. Nor scraping through. It was a convincing win.

Patel. The AP government has been white washed. The CM has lost his face along with his coterie.

Gandhi. Why so?

Patel. All these days he left no stone unturned in the state to ensure defeat of Jagan. He sent nearly 18 ministers and many Ms LA and all the district administration was sent on leather hunt by his.

Gandhi. Why he should do that?

Patel. This is the way elections work in India.

Gandhi. Haa..haaa.. Is this democracy?

Patel. Bapu. Many candidates lost deposit. They are hiding faces now. They boasted high at top of voice.

Gandhi. Why this wind fall win for Jagan?

Patel. There is great sympathy factor for Jagan in his state. His mother too won with great margin. She bull dozed all.

Gandhi. Now what will happen?

Patel. What can happen. The CM, his coterie. Congress state president, High command and Chidambaram will suck their fingers for rest of their lives.

Patel. Better I hide my thumb and Bapu you also hide your thumb..

Gandhi. Patel. But these nuts were shouting that Jagan is finished and he will loose badly and they started a campaign against him.

Patel. Nothing worked . They went for a six.

Gandhi. That was good lesson for congress for persecuting Jagan. He was hounded out of the party.

Patel. Bapu, have you heard this? Every leader now says that they accept people’s verdict, as if he has some choice. These guys are just nuts and pose as if they are great democrats. They are just crap and opportunists of first order.

Gandhi. What else they can do? They jolly well do it. ( I do not want too say bloody well) Do you think they have a choice? To say these words it is a joke. They say as if they are clean and great democrats and parliamentarians. Most of them came up being street politicians and street shady men.. More over the CM declares it as a dark day as if only his candidate should win. Only he wins whom people like and vote for. Will people vote for some one because CM says he should win. Haa..haaa..haa..heee..hee

Patel. Bapu, Indira Gandhi once had a choice. She imposed emergency when she lost court case at Allahabad.

Gandhi. I know. It was a do or die for her. But these characters can not do any thing. What they can do except suck their thumbs as you said.

Patel. Any how it looks the state will get into trouble. Jagan has been saying that he would pull down govt soon. He is finding difficult because Telugu Desam party is supporting Congress govt against his moves.

Gandhi. How long Chadrababu will do?If he does he will loose his ground.

Patel. Iam sure slowly the MsLA will turn to Jagan and desert CM. Then it will fall.

Gandhi. That will be a great fun. Musical chars will start. Patel. I have a sixth sense that the present CM will be shown the door as he has goofed up things in this leection. Jagan won with such great majority. What face he can show to Madam Sonia?

Patel. True. Probably he will go on wild goose chase and leather hunt.

Gandhi. Let him enjoy. He had enough. Then who can become CM
Patel. It is left to high command. There is no inner party democracy in Congress party. These guys will leave every thing to high command. They have no voice of their own. They are mere puppets and dance to tune of Delhi. Like this.. see Bapu

( Patel acts as if he is a puppet and dances singing)

I am a puppet of high command
And I have no voice of my own
I jump like a clown from a circus
Whenever a string is pulled under my gown

I dance this way and that way
And I behave like a comedy clown
Entire state laughs at me with wide teeth
While my faculties are buried deep down

Hee.heee,,heee ..hee
Ou..Ou..Ou Ou..ou..ou

Gandhi. ( Claps ) Very good Patel. What a dance and song too!.

Nehru. You guys, Can’t you better speak something different?

Patel. Look Punditji. This is the hottest topic now. Plesae you also take part

Nehru. Better I keep quiet than indulge in all shit talk.

Patel. Better Relax. Bapu. Punditji is getting upset. Let us go.

Gandhi. That is fine. Let us go.

( The trio walks away singing Ram Ras bares re manwa……)