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                                                 INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…..305
                                                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen  going on a road at outskirts of Hyderabad. They are in usual dress. They are already 20 Km away from centre of Hyderabad)

Gandhi. Patel. The road is not that busy. Not many vehicles are plying on this side.

Patel. True Bapu.

Gandhi. Do you have any idea what lies ahead. Arewe going aimlessly
Patel.Bapu. There is a medical college ahead.

Gandhi. Iam sure it must have been named after Rajiv  Gandhi like any other thing in Hyderabad.

Nehru. Bapu. Is it a crime to name after him?

Gandhi. Did I say it a crime?. Why are you getting upset about it? There is some thing wrong with you.

Patel. Leave him Bapu. He thought you remarked sarcastically as every thing is AP or at Delhi are named after Rajiv.In AP, govt is mad after his memory. They have Rajiv Khel Ratna, Rajiv sadbhavana award, Rajiv Arogya sri, Rajiv employment scheme, Rajiv awas yojna,  Rajiv Gandhi International airport… oh fo.. there is no end..

Gandhi. Haa..haaa.. They have forgotten me so soon.

Patel. You were forgotten on 30 Jan 1948 itself when you were shot dead by Nathuram Vinayak Godse at point blank range.

Nehru. Patel. Why do you say such harsh words?

Patel. Should I say Godse kissed him? Did Godse Embraced him? Then what should I say?

Gandhi. You guys relax. I am feeling pain in Bullet holes.

Patel. Bapu. How can you have pain now? You have no body.

( Suddenly, a Van stops near them and two well clad men step down from it. They are Vinay and Reddy)

Reddy. Hoi guys. Where are you going?

Patel. We do not know you. Why you stopped for us?

Reddy. I saw this old man sick and frail and thought you need help.

Gandhi. I am fine.

Vinay. Look. We are  ready to give you lift.Please do not hesitate.

Patel. OK, We do not mind as you are pleading.

( The trio sit in the van and it speeds up soon)

Vinay. Guys. Where do you stay in Hyderabad?

Patel. We do not have any place.

Reddy. Are you street children?

Gandhi. Are we looking like children?

Reddy. Sorry, I donot mean that way. I should have said street adults.//

Vinay. Look guys we need your help.

Gandhi, What help we can give you? We have no power, We are  common people.Your request Looks strange

 Reddy. Yet you can help us.

Patel. What type of help we can give?

Reddy. Now I shall come to the point.

Vinay. We are froma Medical college which is few Km ahead from here. We belong to the management of the college.
Gandhi. Are you doctors.
Reddy. No .. No.. We are not doctors. We are the promoters of the college. It is private Institution  waiting to get approval from Medical council.
Nehru. But we are not doctors either.

Vinay. Never mind.

Reddy. Tomorrow an inspection team is arriving from Delhi to inspect our College and teaching hospital

Gandhi. In what way we canbe useful to you.

Vinay.You have to act as patients.

Gandhi. Why act?

Reddy. There are many beds in hospital that are vacant and we are not finding patients.

Patel. Now I understand

Gandhi. What did you understand patel?

Patel. These guys want us to get admitted as patients in that hospital.

Vinay. We make records, case sheets and lab records etc.

Gandhi. But we are fine. We have no ailments

Vinay. I said you have to pretend and act. ( Looking at Gandhi) This man is already looking like a moving skeleton. He is a befitting example of under nourishmnet and tuberculosis of lungs

Gandhi( Caughs) Ugh..Ugh..Ughh..aa…aaaa…Ugh.Ugh

Vinay. I already said he is not well.

Patel. How I should act?

Reddy. You can  act like a mental patient. No one can detect these symptoms.

Nehru. I shall  act to have great pain in my knees and all joints of hand

Reddy. Thanks for co operation. Once the inspection is over we shall pay you Rs2000 each and drop you in city.
Gandhi. Do you have sufficient doctors.

Reddy. There is no problem.We are actually hiring few  doctors from city who are not employed in govt 
hospitals. Other staff deficiencies we shall make up by dressing up our attenders  and other low paid staff as doctors. We shall ensure that the inspection team does not interact with them.

Patel. The team may inspect their certificates.

Vinay. We have already got many certificates printed at Charminar  from a consultant who is an expert in forgery and fake certificates.

Gandhi.I am worried.  Are you going to start a medical college or a butchery.

Reddy. Why? Of course it will bea medical college.

Gandhi. But you are resorting to unethical practices.You are cheating the governmnet and people.

Reddy. Look Mr. Every one does these things now.

Patel. Look friends. We are sorry. We can not cooperate with you. This is also crime. It is unethical

Reddy. If you want we can give more money.

Patel. No thanks. Please stop the vehicle.

Reddy. We are almost at the college.

( Suddenly the car gets punctured and tyre gets flat. Vehicle is stopped suddenly)

Reddy. Ohfo. There is no spare wheel.

Vinay. Did you not check before we left college.

Reddy. I had no time.

( Gnadhi, patel and Nehru open the door and jump out of the van and run)

Reddy. Stop..stop..stop..

Gandhi( Shouts) You are scoundrels and cheats. We are going. I shall inform police

Reddy.Go and tell. Are we scared. Every one does these things. If you do not come I shall find others. There are plenty in market.

( The trio run away fast while the van  and Reddy and Vinay wait near it holding their heads)

                                                             CURTAIN FALLS

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                                                             INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…304
                                                                      Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Patel, Gandhi and Nehru are seen at Delhi near parliament house. There is a huge crowd near parliament and scores of police men are also present.)
Gandhi. Patel. I see  so many police guys and leaders too all wearing white clothes.
Patel. Every one feels  he is clean no i. White represents cleanliness. That is why all MPs and MLAS wear white dress. Haa..haa. The tragedy is that most of them are unclean mentally. Many are  involved in scams and crimes too.
Gandhi. I feel bad in fcat. Why cant they wear dress like me half naked.
Patel. Bapu. Bapu. You said most of the people of India can not afford a dress. So you chose to wear  such attire. But to day great cahnges have taken place. Every one including beggars have cell phones and watches.  Some beggars have scotters also.  They arrive at chosen places on scooters and sit for begging.
Gandhi, Why so many people are here. Is it always like this
Patel. No Bapu. To day all these people  arrived from AP state to protest and plead for stopping formation of Telangana. They are from Telugu desam. Congress, TRS,  and YSR party.
Gandhi. How this will be stopped. Govt has decided to give Telangana.
( In the mean time some central ministers arrive and Jairam Ramesh is among them. Suddenly a Congress leader from AP falls at his feet and embraces his legs)
Leader. I am from Andhra. Plesae do not give Telangana. I beg you. I am at your feet.
Ramesh. Shh.. What is this nonsense.Please get up and behave.
Leader. Sir. I will not leave and hold your feet till you say I shall not give it.
Ramesh. Am I mad to say that?
( In the mean time, some constables arrive and drag the AP leader  away from Ramesh. The leader struggles and police do not care and he is dragged off beating him)
Ramesh. Ohfo. I got rid off the guy.Appears to be a lunatic.
( Ramesh goes away into parliament)
Gandhi. Are these MP and MLAs? Why they are behaving like this?  Can’t they go on fast till they die?
Patel. Bapu. Every one wants to become CM of Andhra state. If they die the chance will go to some one else. Why they should die? They want power. For some  fun sake they sit on fast eating samosas in darkness of night. They know that any how police will not allow them to die and would be taken to hospital.
Gandhi. Haa..haa.. On party records of course they will be heroes. Otherwise they are big zeroes ( sings doing jig)
All these men and women  are mere nuts
They are mere bunch of that and this
They made mockery of this land
The country has lost gods bliss
Patel. Hera .. hear Bapu. You are great..
Nehru. Bapu. Why do you say such words?  They could be real fighters and patriots.
Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. You know them better as you ruled for 16 years. They are imposters and nuts.You also know that.Why shed croc- tears.
Patel. Well said Bapu.
Nehru. So Patel is happy now.
Patel. I am always happy dear.Haa..haa…hee..heee. Look How happy I am.
(In the mean time AP CM KK Reddy is seen in crowd. All Andhra leaders run to him)
Bapu. Who is he? Is he film star turned politician.
Patel No Bapu . He is the CM of AP. He is leading the agitation by Andhra leaders to stop Telangana.
Gandhi. But he is the CM.
Patel. That is thefun. Being a CM he is taking sides. Openly he is defying the centers orders. Recently he said he would take sanyas if Telangan is given
Gandhi. Centre will be very happy. They will get rid of this person. I feel he should take sanyas now itself.
Patel. Many are saying that he is playing double game.Nothing is clear.
Gandhi. I am sure Telangana will be formed. All these Andhra guys will soon relax. CM will go on wild goose chase. I do not know why center is keeping this guy as CM?
Patel. God knows better.
( Suddenly Delhi police constables swoop on the crowd and hammer them. Many are dragged off while  some fall down. Even women are not spared. It is free for all by police. They are the happiest guys in such times.  They can do whatever they want. No one  will ask them.Some women are also badly handled and some ladies are seen crying and sobbing.The police suddenly see Gandhi with a long stick. They rush to him)
Inspector. Who are you? Why you are carrying the arm?
Gandhi. Where is the arm? This is a stick.
Inspector. I mean  it.
Gandhi. Look Inspector. I am an old man. I can not walk without this.
Inspector. Please leave this place. Or else I shall chew you.
Patel. There is nothing to chew in him. He has only bones.. hee..hee ( sings)
He is Bapu the great
But he is full of bones
Yet he is mighty in the world
Like an American military drone
Inspector. You are talking much. You guys should go from here. I shall give two minutes
( The Inspector leaves)
Nehru. Bapu. Better we go from here.
Gandhi. True.There is no sanity here.This country has gone to dogs.
Patel Sir Winston Churchill said this long ago before 1947.
Gandhi. True.Let us go.
    ( The trio walks away)
                                         CURTAIN FALLS