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                                      INTO THE PASTWITH PAIN…277
                                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are standing at bus stand near Residency in Hyderabad. They are waiting for a bus.)

Patel. What is the plan for today? We decided that we should go to Salarjung Museum today. Is there any change now?

Gandhi. I have to think.

Nehru. What is there to think? If we have to go there we jolly-well go there. If we decide that we should not go there we will not go there. Going or not going  anywhere is in our hands. Going to places is not much problem now. But problem is that Patel does not like the place where I want to go. I  do not like to go to the place where Patel wants to go. Then you may not like to go where we want to go and then we may go or we may not go to place where you like to go.

Gandhi. Eee..eee..eee.. What is this  Go.. go.. go…? Eee…eeee.. Please save me. I am out. Save me.

( Gandhi faints on the road and kicks around his hands and legs violently. People gather around them)

Laxman ( On looker) Bhai. What happened? Why he fainted? Poor guys. He  is  aged.

Patel. He suddenly developed some  problem.

( Some one brings a bottle of water and sprinkles on Gandhi’s face. He opens his eyes and stares.)

Gandhi. Where I am? Am I alive? Am I OK .Please lift me up.

( Soon he is lifted up and he holds his stick and looks at Nehru)

Gandhi. Eee..eee…eee, Save me. Save me..

( Gandhi sprints seeing Nehru and runs through the traffic)

Patel. Oh Bapu. Please hold on. Please stop. Why are you running?

Laxman. Bhai. Is the old man scared of this man ( points towards Nehru)

Patel. Why should he? We are all friends. We have to catch him at any cost.

( Gandhi while running through traffic stumbles on a scooterist  and the vehicle falls down taking the rider and Bapu. Bapu gets up quickly and runs again through traffic. A police constable arrives soon and blows wqhizzle. He is after Bapu while the scooterist is carried away to a hospital.)

Patel, Look Jawaharlal we must catch Bapu. Otherwise it will become a problem for us.

Nehru. True, But my legs are aching. I can not walk.

Patel. OK. Then sit down at the bus stand and do not go any where. I shall catch Bapu and bring him here.

   ( Patel now runs after Bapu shouting Bapu..Bapu. Seeing this some police men also run after them. Entire traffic  comes to an halt. Gandhi dodging  patel hides behind a   large  truck that has special folded boom with a bucket  at the end. It is used to life people safely to repair high mast lights on the road. Bapu sits in the  bucket and hides. Patel keeps searching hear and there. In the mean time the operator of the truck arrives and starts the  truck   and operates the boom and lifts it up. The bucket goes into sky with Bapu inside. After some time Bapu realizes. )

 Gandhi. Oh.. Save me. Save me. I will die here..eee..eee..eee

Patel. Bapu, why are you there? Didn’t you find a better place to hide?

Gandhi. Please save me. I can not even jump from this height. I shall break my legs.

Patel. We shall save you provided you promise that you shall not run again.

Gandhi. Sure. Sure

( Patel speaks to the operator  and he tries to  lowers the  boom. But it does not work. The boom is stuck in high position)

Patel. What happened mechanic sahib?

Operator. Some trouble. This has been giving  problem  since a week. I told in the electricity office also. But they sent me for work.

Patel. Now what will happen?

Operator. He has to stay there till it comes down.

Patel. But he is an old man. He might die there. Please try something.

( In the meantime some monkeys playing on a tree jump near the  bucket and one of the monkey seeing Bapu snarls at him )

Gandhi. Shh..Shh. Please save me.. This monkey might attack

Patel. Bapu. Please do not say  any thing to that monkey. He is not human. He is better than us. It will not do anything to you unless you do something to him. It is not like our leaders who can harm others  for their self elevation. It happened to me in 1947. I was to become the PM, but Jawaharlal played cards and became PM.

Gandhi. Hanumanji. Please  excuse me. I shall bow to you ( Sings Ramdhun)

( Monkey nods it’s head  and  goes away. In the  mean time the boom is repaired and it is  brought down.
 Gandhi gets out of bucket. Patel immediately catches Gandhi and  he  is pleased. In the mean time, the constables arrive. )

Constable. Is this the man running around in traffic?

Gandhi. Yes that is me. Can’t I run?

Constable. Yes , You can. But not on public roads where you can be nuisance. You look elderly. Are you playing here?

Patel. No. No. Sepoy sahib. He was scared of some thing. Please excuse him.

Constable. OK. Please take care of him. We have many other important things to do than this. If he does this again we shall take him to Erragadda  hospital where such men are lodged for life. By the by what is his name?

Gandhi. I am Gandhi, the Mahatma, father of this country.

Constable. ( looks at Patel) What you said is true. He is not OK. He thinks he is  Mahatma Gandhi. I feel sorry for him.

Patel. Please leave him. I shall take care of him.

(Constables go away cursing the guys)

Patel. Bapu. What was the necessity to run like this? They would never  believe that you are MKGandhi.

Gandhi. But I am MK Gandhi. I can not tell a lie. What to do? Jawaharlal was telling me something  and I could not take his phrases. I had no other go than except to run.

Patel. Ok .Ok. Now let us go back. At times we have to tell lies too.

Gandhi. OK. But tell him not to talk like that.

( Patel and Gandhi walk back to bus stand while people around melt away laughing. At bus stand, Nehru sees them)

Nehru. Bapu, why did you run like that?

Patel. No questions now please. Now tell me where we should go today?

Gandhi. I think we had enough today. I am also tired of running. We shall go some other day.

Patel. OK. Again please do not run. We are also tired.

                       ( The trio walk away singing Ramdhun)
                                               CURTAIN FALLS


                                 INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN….276
                                                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Patel, Nehru and Gandhi are  sitting in a room in heavens. The room is poorly furnished as usual. Gandhi occasionally coughs. In the corner of the room a gramophone is kept. Patel goes to it and plays the songs after winding the  spring and changing the needle. A song blares out from the cone)

 Doosron ka dukhda dhoor karne wale
 tere dukh dhoor karenge ram
Kiyeja tu jag mein b halayi ka kaam
Tere dukh dhoor karenege ram                  ( Kavi Pradeep)

Gandhi. Aha. What a song! How true it is. Who is the singer and writer of the song

Patel. It is Kavi Pradeepji. He wrote and sang too. He was highly talented.

Gandhi. How well he said! You help and mitigate the hardships of others and god would take care of you and will remove your sorrows.

Nehru. True Bapu. Is it possible to help every one?

Patel. Jawaharlal. Remember, If you can not help him atleast do not create problems for him. That itself is helping.

Nehru. I think you mean some thing hidden against me.

Patel. What can be there. I told plain truth.Why you feels so. You always feel guilty.

Gandhi. Come on guys, please relax. What are our guys doing in India sitting at Delhi?

Patel. Do you mean Dr Man mohan singh and his team?

Gandhi. True. I mean them.

Patel. What they can do. They are sunk in neck deep scams. They are helping themselves.

Gandhi. I know that. What they have done recently?

Patel. Bapu. The govt increased the  prices of Diesel and cooking gas by large amount. They also restricted number of gas cylinders to individuals.Theya re allowing Foreign investment in retail trade in India. Wall Marts will come to India soon.

Gandhi. How bad? This will effect common people. It will not affect the top guys.

Patel. Yeah. True. They will get all free and Phukat. It is only common men who are at receiving end. Bapu. Is there no end to this suffering?

Gandhi. End has to be there. All good things for the ruling party would soon come to an end.

Patel. Bapu,the whole Bharat observed Bandh on 20  September.

Gandhi. They will do that. As usual PM will not open mouth and observes silence as silent Buddha.

Patel. Hee..hee.. Haa..haa

Nehru. Why do you guys laugh?

Patel. Then what we should do? Should we cry?

Nehru. I did not men that.

Patel. Mamta Banerjee the coalition partner and CM of   Bengal  withdrew her support to the govt on the price rise issue.

Gandhi. Then what happens. I think PM is prepared for that. He will rope in other parties whoa re waiting for that. Money can purchase any one.

Patel. Mulayamji is a tricky guy. He will fish in troubled waters. He has to be given his due if his support is  sought.

Gandhi. They will do that. I do not think that the PM has not foreseen these things. He is silent but clever too.

Patel. I am sure the days of this govt are numbered.

Gandhi. Let it be. There is no love lost. Another govt will come.

Patel. Now every one wants to be a PM.

Gandhi. So be it. More the merrier. Any how they have ruined the country. People again will elect all these guys. It will be old wine in new bottle. Heee..heee

Patel. Haa..Haaa.haaa Well said Bapu.Whatever is to happen it will happen. If Indians  are destined to suffer they will suffer. If Manmohan goes some Jagmohan will come. All arte same.

Gandhi. Patel. The record is over. Please change it or stop it.

( Patel goes and changes the record. A song blares out.)

Dukh ke.. Dukh ke Ab din beetat naahi
Dukh ke.. Dukh Ke
Sukh ke   Ek sapna tha.. Sukh ke
Dukh ke
Na my kisi ka.. na koyi mera
Aai.. Yaro
Ghor Andhera.. aain. Yaro
Ab kuch soojhat naahi
Dukh ke                                    ( Immortal singer actor KL Saigal from Devdas 1935)

(Gandhi sobs and is comforted by Patel and Nehru )

                                                 CURTAIN FALLS

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                    (It is Chanchalguda jail in Hyderabad and the area is like a garrison with scores of police vehicles and police men with weapons. Black commandos, special force personnel in fatigues are roaming with AK 47 rifles. Every one is alert. Roads around the jail are blocked) Few constables No 544 and No 247 and No.420 are seen talking to each other.

No544. Hellow brother 247, how is life?

No247.Where is the life without a wife. I am not married, What can be life in police? You know it better. You spent more time than me.

No544. You are lucky. You are alone. I am vexed up with these duties. I do not know why so many police guys are required to guard this jail. Only common criminals and political prisoners are here. I do not think terrorists are kept here.

No 420. True. We are clueless. In what way we are bothered ? For us all are criminals.

No544. What happened to this and of Gandhi?

No420.Nothing happened to the land. Only people have changed. The country has been hijacked by thieves, criminals, corrupt, jokers, shady men, nuts, crooks, and womanizers too.

No544.In society all such people will be there. What is new?

No420. True. But they were under check when Gandhiji, Nehruji and patelji were around.

( Suddenly a flash appears and Gandhi, Patel and Nehru stand in front of them)

No544.eee..eeee..Who are these men? Look like terrorists, Be alert.

( All the police men get alert and point the rifles at the trio.)

Nehru.eee…eeee.. We are not bad men. Please do not shoot.

No420.This is high security area. How you have entered here?

Gandhi. We are from heavens. We can go any where we like.

No 420.This is all humbug. You have surely come to do some mischief.

Patel. Do we look like that?

No 420.Thieves to day need not look like real thieves shown in comics. wearing Banian, Folded multi colored lungi and belt. They also tie a scarf around their heads. All will have moustaches.

No 544. True. There are some ministers and big politicians in this jail who swindled money in scams. They are all well dressed and look polished. Still there are many outside waiting to be brought in.

Gandhi. Brother, Look, We are really honest men unlike these politicians. In fact what has been revealed by agencies in present scams is only a tip of iceberg. Many are yet to be discovered. Latest one is coal scam and govt is trying to defend itself.

Patel. Tamasha is that CAG is being blamed as if CAG is not an approved agency. It is a govt agency. It does not belong to RSS or any other opposition. Their job is to audit and find deficiencies and irregularities. They have done the job. But truth is very difficult to swallow.

No.420. Come on guys. Stop discussions and do not divert attention. You have to leave this place.
Patel. What will you do if we do not go back. shall know soon.

Patel. Haa.haaa.haa.Keep looking at us. Try to catch us if you can.

( They vanish while the police men appear lost and bewildered)

                             CURTAIN FALLS


                        WE HAVE FORGOTTEN CHANKYA NEETHI

                                          Dr K Prabhaakr Rao

         Chanakya also called Kautilya was the Prime Minister of  Magadha Kingdom during the time of Chandragupta Maurya. He is considered contemporary of Alexander the great who invaded Indian subcontinent long ago. He is famous for his book on Arthasastra a political treatise. He wrote:

 In a state where the ruler lives like a common man the citizens live like kings
And the state where the ruler lives like a king the citizens live like beggar

     How true he said! We have forgotten what he said. Unless  a ruler sacrifices his personal comfort  he can not make his people happy.But what is happening topday is opposite and this is happening now in India.  The great administrator and scholor Chanakya threw out Nanda dynasty that ruled at Pataliputra lock stock and barrel with the help of Chandraguta Maurya.They were the most powerful people in north India. Nandas were slain. There was bloodshed no doubt. Remember without bloodshed such revolutions can not succeed.If Chanakya went for non violence practices as taught by Buddha probably he would have been annihilated. It is also true that freedom gained without bloodshed will not be respected by people and they will not understand the value of it. Americans gained freedom by bloodshed. France gained it by blood shed. Russians threw our Czar by blood shed. Recently Egypt threw out Hoshni  Mubarak by blood shed. In Libya Gaddafi was out by blood shed. In recent times during WW II  Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose said, Give me blood and I shall give you freedom. In India people are scared of giving blood for blood banks. What can be expected of them. In India, the people are suffering at the hands of elected rulers continuously and there is no end. There is no guarantee that the next govt can change things after 2014 elections Common man remains a sufferer and a victim of the pseudo economists. The recent  diesel and petrol and gas hikes will not effect the leaders. It affects common man. Even after fresh elections mould  would be same and castings have to be different. Can it happen? Chanakya stated that unless the rulers sacrificed their personal comforts they can not make people to live in comfort . Chankya was insulted by Nanda princes and he was thrown out by holding  his tuft.   He took an oath that he would destroy them soon and then only would take care of his tuft. In a forest he stepped ona thorn  andf  it pierced his foot. In anger Chanakya removed the thorn from his leg, burnt it to ashes mixed the ash in water and drank the water  in  vengeance. Sooon he found a man of his interest in Chandragupta and with his help he threwout Nada dynasty and Chandragupta was made the emperor of Magadha.

                   Today the rulers have forgotten their duty. They live in ivory towers and fleece people in different ways. It trickles  down to all levels. Just think of a district collector. At what pomp and show he lives!. Is it required and at whose cost he does? The attendees behave as if they are slaves. People still fall at feet of him at different meetings. The same is true for all central services guys. They are legally protected from prosecution. Nothing more is to be stated about our leaders. They are being treated as if they are specially born and brought up. They never identify themselves with common men. This trash buildsup up to the top to the highest level .Our President can not stay in a small house. He has to stay in the exGovernor Generals house in Delhi. There is no Indianization by Brown sahibs. Gandhi/s simplicity ( A good point of MKG) has been buried at Rajghat in 1948. Chanakya was very right. But we are now in Rakshasa Raj where devils rule. There is no Ram rajya.This is Ravana or Daitya Rajya.

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               (Dil hi bujhahua ho tofasl- e- bahaar kya)
           ( MD...Ashok Ghoshji   Lyrics by.. Neelkanth Tiwariji )
                        Dr K Prabhakar Rao       

dil hii bujhaa huaa ho to fasl-e-bahaar kyaa

saaqii nachaa, sharaab ha.Nsaa, ab ??? kyaa

duniyaa chale chalaa hai jab hasarato.n kaa bojh

saathii nahii.n hai, sar pe gunaaho.n kaa bojh kyaa
dil hii bujhaa huaa ...

baad-e-panaa quzuun ? hai naam-o-nishaa.n kisiike

jab ham nahii.n rahe to rahegaa mazaar kyaa

dil hii bujhaa huaa ...

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                                        From  old  Film Dukhiyari

                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Jab   dil na ho pahlu mein to  jeene ka mazaa kya
jeene ka mazaa kya

dil todne wale yeh bataa tujh ko mila kya
tujh ko mila kya

jab dil na ho pahlu mein to jeene ka mazaa kya
jeene ka mazaa kya

 peene mein hi ghut ghut ke mare jaate hai armaan
jab dil pe lage chot tadap  utthahai insaan

do taraf hai barbaadi muhabbat ka balidaan
kya  karan  mein tumko  mazaa aata hai bhagwan

insaaf se kah de yahi insaaf hai tera
insaaf hai tera

jab dil na ho pahlu mein to jeene ka mazaa kya
jeene ka mazaa kya

duniya yahi duniya hai to duniya ko jala doon
o,  agar bas chale mera abhi akaash hilaa doon

in ashkon ke tufaan se dharti ko bahaa doon
sansaar mein har chaaro taraf aag lagaa doon
aag lagaa doon...oo

kyon prem ki basti mein hai sog ka phera
sog ka phera
jab dil na ho pahlu mein to jeene ka mazaa kya
jeene ka mazaa kya

jab dil na ho pahlu mein to jeene ka mazaa kya



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Key words: Ashraf, Ajlaf, Jihad, Khilafat, Razakar, Moghalistan, Police action, Mandal commission, Babri Maszid,

Muslims in Subcontinent had many leaders among them before partition. There were many intellectuals, Maulvis, statesmen, political leaders, poets, Nobles and eminent lawyers among them. Muhammed Ali Jinnah ( Later Qaid E Azam of Pakistan), Poet Iqbal, Shaukat Ali, Mohammed Ali ( Called Ali brothers), Maulana Abul Kalam azad, Chaudhri Khaliqzzaman( Bengal), Nawab Ismail Khan, Sheikh Abdullah, Aga Khan, Muzaffar Ahmed, Nawab Vikar ul mulk, Nawab Salimullah,Khan, Sultan Mohammed Shah and Bahadur Yarjung of Hyderabad were the prominent ones among them (1). Formation of Muslim league and subsequent development like Khilafat Movement after WW I finally resulted in partition of greater India in 1947.Facts leading to Partition are still under debate and many skeletons are stored in cupboards and they would roll out if the matter is investigated. Therefore it is not touched and present generation is in dark and blindly believe what has been written in the govt approved text books and nod their heads like faithful asses. Most of the Muslim prominent leadership went away to Pakistan while Maulana Azad stayed with India having fought all the years for an united India. Leaders from Hyderabad like Vikar ul mulk and few more including Bahuduryar jung left for heavenly abode in course of time before partition having done their duty for their brethren in dividing India after sowing and nurturing the seed of separation. Bahduryar Jung of Hyderabad had meteoric rise in Hyderabad state of Nizam before 1947 and the ruler Osman Ali Khan at one point of time had to put him under restrictions at the suggestion of Resident of British Govt in India. He was emerging as a very strong political leader with the masses and it is believed that he was poisoned at a function. Had he lived, surely the affairs of Hyderabad state would have been different (2).
After partition, there was surely all India leadership deficiency in India among Muslims. Maulana Azad was with Congress party. He was kept away by the non congress party Muslims. Partition has resulted in great mistrust between the two communities and Muslims mostly withdrew themselves from the main stream. Hyderabad was annexed after Police action in 1948. Kasim Razvi the Razakar leader was jailed for 10 years convicted in Bibinagar dacoity case while the king Mir Osman Ali Khan Nizam 7 was pardoned and made Raj pramukh by Indian government to appease Muslims. Laik Ali the PM of Hyderabad escaped from House arrest in 1950 and escaped to Pakistan. ( 3) Former Nizam 7 later became MP also and finally withdrew from public life and passed away at his King Kothi palace in oblivion. A chapter ended with his passing away and former Hyderabad state vanished after formation of Andhra Pradesh.. Other Muslim leaders in Hyderabad withdrew from active politics soon.

Majlis Ittehad ul Mulsimeen ( MIM) the party of ill famed criminal and rapist Razakars was handed over to Wahab Owaissi by Kasim Razvi before he left for Pakistan after serving 10 jail term. MIM was banned for some years after police action in 1948 and later was allowed to function. After Wahab Owaissi, his son Sultan Saluddin Owaissi nurtured the party for many years before he handed over it to his sons Asaduddin Owaissi and Akbaruddin Owaissi. Sultan saluddin Owaissi made attempts and dreamt of emerging as all India Muslim leader after Babri Mazid incident. But he failed although he stoked passions. There were other stalwarts from North like Syed Bukhari etc to counter him. Sultan Saluddin’s sons are leading the party as MP and MLA respectively. MIM was changed to AIMIM during the times of Saluddin Owaissi. Although in name it looks like an All India outfit, it has only local influence in Hyderabad old city and in districts of Telangana. It is purely a local and provincial outfit. Although AIMIM is locally strong, it is not free of problems. Lack of democratic functioning in the party and family dominance resulted in fissures within and Majlis Bacho Tehrik (MBT) a breakaway faction was formed by late Amanullah Khan, a dynamic leader of Hyderabad and MIM. But after his death, MBT has been cut to size in Hyderabad area. ( 4) Asaduddin Owaissi the MP has recently confronted the govt after Assam riots and has been trying to become an all India leader. It is very unlikely that he would emerge as one. His utterances in Parliament of likely terrorist threat by Muslim youth in India in view of Assam problem was condemned by all. He is unable to come out of his narrow religious views (5).

Uttar Pradesh Muslims and Aligarh Muslim University played very great part in Freedom movement and creation of Pakistan. .The net result of partition and independence in 1947, was the division of the Urdu speaking Uttar Pradesh Muslims. It also led to major social, political and cultural changes, for example Urdu lost its status. The abolishment of the zamindari system also had a profound impact, as these large landowners provided patronage to local artisans. This was especially true of the Awadh region. But Muslim artisan communities have held their own, with the growth of specialized industries such as lock manufacturing in Aligarh. The Muslim peasantry in western Uttar Pradesh benefited from the Green Revolution, while those in eastern Uttar Pradesh did poorly. Another important event was the demise of the Muslim League, with most Muslims initially supporting the Indian National Congress.Muslims in general are categorized into Ashraf and Ajlaf groups. Ashraf community belongs to higher strata of Muslim society from nobility, landed nawab class and convertees from upper caste Hindus. To be precise, groups that claimed actual or putative foreign ancestry were referred to as Ashrafs. Over time, a fourfold division arose among the Ashraf, with the Sayyids, the actual or claimed descendent of the Prophet Mohammad ( PBUH), the Shaikh, communities signifies Arab descent and comes under high Baradari of society, however majority are the native Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya clans who used the title of Sheikh after conversion to Islam, the Mughals, descendents of Central Asian Turks and Mongols and the Pathans, descendents of Pashtun tribesmen from Pakistan and Afghanistan were among Ashrafs. Occasionally, important convert communities such as the Kayastha Muslim of eastern Uttar Pradesh, were also granted Ashraf status. The post partition period also saw a reduction in communal violence between Hindus and Muslims. This was also a period where Muslim leadership was still in the hands of Ashraf leaders such as Abdul Majeed Khwaja in Aligarh and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai in Barabanki. However, from the late 1960s onwards, there has been an increase in the number of communal riots, culminating in the destruction of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in December 1992. This period has also seen the decline of Muslim support for the Congress Party. (6)

The last three decades have seen two issues confronting the Muslim community, often referred to as Mandir and Mandal. Mandir refers to the building of a Hindu temple in the town of Ayodhya in eastern Uttar Pradesh, on the site of Babri Mosque. This cause has been championed by the Bharatiya Janata Party, and as a consequence, there has been an increase in communal violence. The other issue is commonly referred to as Mandal, a reference to the Mandal Commission, which was set up to consider the question of seat reservations and quotas for people to redress caste discrimination. Among the groups identified for reservation included a number of ajlaf communities. This has led to greater assertion of Ajlaf political power, and a decline in the Ashraf leadership. A major controversy is a demand for the Muslim community to receive reservation as a whole, which is being opposed by many Ajlaf communities. There are also demands to extend the scheduled caste status, which the Indian Constitution restricts to Hindu castes only, to Muslim Ajlaf groups like the Halalkhor and Lal Begi Famous Muslims from Uttar Pradesh include the famous writer and poet Javed Akhtar, actress Shabana Azami, Vice President of India Mohammad Hamid Ansari, Maolana Dr. Kalbe Sadiq Vice President of Muslim Personal Law Board, actor and director Muzaffar Ali, Journalist Saeed Naqvi, Persian Scholar Dr. Naiyyar Masud Rizvi, Governor Saiyed Sibte Razi, historian Irfan Habib, politician Salman Khursheed and cricketer Mohammad Kaif (7).
There is no real All India Muslim party in India with a strong leader that could muster support of all Muslims in India like Muslim league of pre partition days. Situation has changed. The erstwhile leadership worked on the two nation theory and it became very attractive for Muslims as religion binds them all. Muslims in India are now divided. Many of them involved in state politics tow the line of various local parties or of national parties to share the power. They know that they can not capture political power in India through ballot by virtue of the numbers. Therefore they play religious politics whenever opportunity arises. Other political parties throw bait towards them to corner votes in state and at national level. No Muslim leader is able to articulate All Indian Muslims Most of them want to stay in India peacefully. It is an open secret that caste system has very greatly influenced Muslims society too and they are engaged in struggle within themselves for gaining superiority. All the shortcomings found in Hindu caste system are equally prevalent in Muslims. The attempts of Backwards classes, Scheduled castes and tribes among Hindus to throw out Upper caste Hindus from political power have made inroads into Muslim society too. Ajlafs are struggling to throw out Ashrafs supremacy in political field among Muslims. Thus there is great vaccum of leadership among Muslims at national level.

A misguided section among Muslims has taken up to militancy by establishing unlawful outfits like SIMI, Dargah E shahdat, Deendar Anjuman, Indian Mujahideen, Bangla based HUJI ( Harkat ul Jihadi Islami) apart from many Kashmiri militant outfits and Assam based terrorist outfits ( see Appx). These misguided elements work on sedition and they get ample support from the nations across our borders. Each outfit has its own leadership and operate independently and also I in collusion with each other. Pakistan failed to control anti Indian terrorist outfits from their soil and infact has been abetting them right from the days of President Zia ul Haq. Youth are misguided based on the assumption of superiority of Islam and the wahabi cult (8) ( 9) (10). It is also known that certain elements in India work hand in glove with Pak ( ISI) and Bangla planners of Jehangir University to achieve Moghalistan by destroying unity of India (11). Systematic crossing of border takes place by the Bangla Muslims and they enter Assam and other Eastern states clandestinely. This has been a constant problem and vested interests in the political setups in India have encouraged for gaining votes. This has recently resulted in riots and clashed in Assam and scores were affected. Although Hindutwa parties had been agitating against this clandestine immigration from Bangladesh, the rulers apparently turned Nelsons eye and crisis is deepening day by day. There is no sane Muslim leader in India to advise the community on amalgamating with the society in general and free them from the mutual hatred and conflicts. Men like Syed Bukhari fish in troubled water and in the past made anti national statements too. The Muslim leadership in general has been keeping religion in the forefront than the national issues and solving them. They apply religious color to all problems. This is a major shortcoming among them in the larger interests of the nation.
 Some of the Mulsim intellectuals felt the shortcoming and expressed it too. The visionary leadership quality of Dr.Hedgewar was highlighted by Sri Aaloor Shah Nawaz, Director of Documentary Films, in a seminar on the topic ‘Muslims – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ held at Pallaptti in Karur District of Tamilnadu on 20th November 2010, organized by Uswa Library. In his special address Sri Aaloor Shah Nawaz on ‘Foundation 2010, Goal 2050’ blamed the Muslims, particularly the Muslim leadership for having failed to notice the continuous struggle carried out by RSS to get a judgment in 2010 in respect of the Ayodhya dispute. He pointed out that Muslim leaders have failed to formulate action plans to counter the strategy of RSS. RSS has sown the seeds way back in 1942 itself by opening up Hindu schools and incorporating the epic of Rama in the curriculum and produced leaders to carry out their plans out of those who have internalized them. He questioned, ‘Do we have any one such leader like Hedgewar who could effectively plan and teach his followers of next generation to win? Is Hedgewar a real leader or are our leaders real?” (12)

One has to appreciate the compliments given by the Muslim leaders at the seminar stated above regarding Dr Hedgewar. It is correct up to that point. It is not out of love for him. There are certain aspects that have to be considered and these are :-
a. The leader appreciated the vision and organizational ability of Dr Hedgewar.
b. He did not compliment the Dr for RSS manifesto and its contents. He complimented him for the way he planned the action.
c. He cried that such person did not come up within Muslim community who could organize Muslims to produce more leaders. He did not mention whether such leaders should have been Progressive minded and not Community oriented with religious phobia.
d. Dr Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was highly educated and established Aligarh Muslim university in UP. He was also knighted by the English emperor. But this gentleman was the first person to sow the seed of partition in India when he stated that in a free India where govt is formed based on counting of heads, Muslims would never be able to come to power. This was the first step towards creation of Pakistan. He was not progressive. He was well aware that Muslims were minorities .At a later stage Poet Iqbal too coined partition idea. Then Mohd Ali Zinnah exloited to the core and realized Pakistan. Thus Muslims never tried to project nationalistic leaders except few who were ready to sail with Hindu majority community. Most of them in past were separatists and wanted Pakistan. In contrast, Dr Hedgewar never wanted Muslims to go away from India and foresaw equal oppertunities for all. However he did not succeed in his mission.
e. Unfortunately for most of the Muslims, religion came first and nation came later and it continues even today. Thanks to the fundamentalist Mullahs and Jihadis with in and outside this nation. The community has not woken up even now and clear division exists. Unless the community sheds religious frenzy they will never be able to throw suitable leaders in the country. Staunch Islamists consider the existing accomodating Muslim leaders such as Ghulam nabi Azad of congress and others who are members of Congress , BJP and other parties towing the line of congress as out castes and this happened with past President Abdul Kalam too w ho appreciated Bhagawadgita and read it too.In fact many considered as a non Muslim.
Thus it is seen that Muslim leader has lamented that his community failed to produce leaders in the community while Dr Hegdewar could do. The appreciation is not out of love towards Dr Hegdewarji but out of frustration to create such leader among Muslims. (13).
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APPX .. Terrorist outfits
• Muslim United Liberation Front of Assam (MULFA)
• Muslim Security Council of Assam (MSCA)
• United Liberation Militia of Assam (ULMA)
• Islamic Liberation Army of Assam (ILAA)
• Muslim Volunteer Force (MVF)
• Muslim Liberation Army (MLA)
• Muslim Security Force (MSF)
• Islamic Sevak Sangh (ISS)
• Islamic United Reformation Protest of India (IURPI)
• United Muslim Liberation Front of Assam (UMLFA)
• Revolutionary Muslim Commandos (RMC)
• Muslim Tiger Force (MTF)
• People’s United Liberation Front (PULF)
• Adam Sena (AS)
• Harkat-ul-Mujahideen
Terrorist Outfits in Kashmir
1. Lashkar-e-Omar (LeO)
2. Hizb-ul-Mujahideen (HM)
3. Harkat-ul-Ansar (HuA, presently known as Harkat-ul Mujahideen)
4. Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT)
5. Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM)
6. Harkat-ul Mujahideen (HuM, previously known as Harkat-ul-Ansar)
7. Al Badr
8. Jamait-ul-Mujahideen (JuM)
9. Lashkar-e-Jabbar (LeJ)
10. Harkat-ul-Jehad-i-Islami
11. Al Barq
12. Tehrik-ul-Mujahideen
13. Al Jehad
14. Jammu & Kashir National Liberation Army
15. People’s League
16. Muslim Janbaz Force
17. Kashmir Jehad Force
18. Al Jehad Force (combines Muslim Janbaz Force and Kashmir Jehad Force)
19. Al Umar Mujahideen
20. Mahaz-e-Azadi
21. Islami Jamaat-e-Tulba
22. Jammu & Kashmir Students Liberation Front
23. Ikhwan-ul-Mujahideen
24. Islamic Students League
25. Tehrik-e-Hurriat-e-Kashmir
26. Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqar Jafaria
27. Al Mustafa Liberation Fighters
28. Tehrik-e-Jehad-e-Islami
29. Muslim Mujahideen
30. Al Mujahid Force
31. Tehrik-e-Jehad
Other Extremist and Secessionist Groups
1. Mutahida Jehad Council (MJC) -- A Pakistan based coordination body of terrorist outfits active in Jammu and Kashmir
2. Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF)-- The dominant faction of this outfit declared a ceasefire in 1994 which still holds and the outfit restricts itself to a political struggle.
3. All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) -- an alliance engineered by Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of 26 diverse political and socio-religious outfits amalgamated to provide a political face for the terrorists in the State.
4. Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) -- an outfit run by women which uses community pressure to further the social norms dictated by Islamic fundamental groups.

Monday, September 10, 2012


                                            Dr K Prabhakar Rao
An Institution for studies on late Bahuduryar Jung of Nizam 7’s times has been set up in Hyderabad. He was the originator of MIM ( Majlis Ittehad ul Mulimeen) party of which Razakar force of Hyderabad in 1948 was the sword arm during Kasim Razvis time. Bahadur yar jung was a great orator and could stir passions easily with his vocabulory and he played very important role in preparing Muslims for partition of erstwhile Hindusthan. It is believed that Bahaduryar Jung was assassinated by poisoning by mixing Cyanide in his Hukka at a party by the Hyderabad state agencies as he was growing too powerful and he could spell danger to the Asifjahi monarchy some day. He was succeeded by the Latur ( Presently in Maharashtra) lawyer Kasim Razvi who donated his entire property to MIM. Thus the evil man acquired the title Siddique e Deccan. These actions need curbing in the beginning itself or else some day they would lead to revival of Khilafat movement that resulted in partition in 1947.Why a person who worked for partition of India till he lived should be glorified in India? The state govt keeps looking on helplessly at all these activities and turnsa Nelsons eye. One will not be surprised if land and funds are allotted to such Institution by the state soon.


                            Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Truth is always bitter and disliked.The nation has failed to hold Annaji's hand at a crucial hour . Candle light demonstrations, fasts and displaying placards and Dharnas and Ram Bhajans did not bring change in society. Probably the country is going through a situation which was similar to that of France found itself before the French Revolution.Only difference is that France was under monarchy at that time while we are under different type of monarchs.We are practicing democracy no doubt.But is it a democracy really? It is an apology to the word. Great French people changed the society and world took note of it.Many changes took place in world after it. France progressed greatly.The present political system has taken advantage in the constitutional loop holes that was written by stalwarts expecting people to behave properly. But Sir Churchill told long ago before granting independence that power in India would go to crooks and rascals and we see same thing today. People are helpless after electing the men and women who turned into great crooks soon in every state and center.Nation is inching to disaster as every day passes. Poor Annagi expected Gandhian tricks would bring changes.Sadly it did not work.Gandhisim died in India long ago. It has been buried at Rajghat and covered well undera black marble stone. This happened because the leaders are not Gandhians.They are power mongers.Gandhiji did not accept any power after 1947.Soon he died shot by Godse in 1948. Sri Nehruji ran after power unlike MKGandhi.There were many like him.The system has deteriorated to such an extent that it needs to be corrected with iron hand.From where iron hand will come? It comes from no where.It has to be from within. The people have to bowl out the present corrupt men in elections. Will they?I doubt.Then where is solution? A Russian commented after seeing India that he started believing god after seeing India.Can RSS set things right in India?Better People of India give them a chance once till they prove otherwise.It is the only civilian disciplined set up left in the country except that it has a tag of Hindu orientation. It is not really true. In next elections the present govt must go in all states and a new order should come. If we fail, then there is no solution except dictatorship with iron hand in this country.Any system that can rein the corrupt guys and punish them and bring order in the country is welcome.


                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Janab Asaduddin Owaissi Hon MP spoke in parliament recently on Assam trouble and threatened that a third phase of violence by Muslim youth of India could start if Assam Muslims are not accepted as per his demands and suggestions. He made a clear threat amounting to starting of another Khilafat movement which Late MK Gandhi supported after World War I was over.Caliphate was annulled by after WW I ( Ended in 1919) and Arab nations were not eager on it's restoration. Turkey became a democracy.Even today fundamentalist Muslims are after the blood of Turkey. Ata Turk transformed Turkey into a democratic country where Islam has been confined to personal practice.Even today this is most desired for any democratic state. Religion can not be practiced in streets. In Turkey, religion has no control over governing the state. It was very bold action. In India ofcourse the cause was taken up by Ali brothers and was supported by Late Moulana Abul Kalam .MK Gandhi jumped into fray and supported it to win hearts of Muslims which he always did. Sadly it did not happen. Inspite of his preaching always that Hindus and Muslims are his two eyes, one of his eye was pierced through soon and partition became a reality.The slogan Hindu Mulsim Bhai .. Bhai only remained a slogan. Khilafat movement finally paved way for partition of India. It is shame that the MP made such threats inside parliament being it's member.Why he was not sacked as an MP is not understood? Why parliament has swallowed his blatant statement? Were his remarks removed? It is time he is shown his place and to keep a rigorous eye on his organization that plunged Hyderabad state into chaos during the time of Nizam 7 in his hey days under the leadership of Kasim Razvi. It is only that in Hyderabad AIMIM has strength.Adding AI infront of MIM could not make it an all India organization. Although they call it so, it has no all India strength.Late Janab Saluddinn Owaissi could not emerge as an all India leader whose word was not accepted throughout as a dictum.He tried to emerge as All India leader and spokesman after Babri Maszid incident.It is purely a local outfit and it has to be checked before things get out of control. His threats are required to be taken seriously and investigated for depth,reality, purpose, intentions and available resources and intended plans. He appears to have lost his balance in a hurry to emerge as all India Muslim leader and emulate Qaid E Azam Mohad Ali Jinnah or Bahaduryar Jung of Pre-partition days. This is very grave development and all actions should be taken to snub and control the weed of Congress grass in the bud itself. Or else the nation has to repent later.


                               VALIANT     BATTLE OF SANGRAMGARH
                                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                       Sangramgad is located at Chakan near Pune and  an important fort during the rule of Shaivaji Maharaj. The fort was commanded by Firnagoji Narsala a reputed warrior in Maratha Army. The forts has become famous for the battle against Mughal  forces commanded by Shaista Khan in 1660. He was the  maternal uncle of emperor Aurangzeb.Shaistakhan was sent by the empror to crush the Maratha king at all costs. He chose to attack Chakan fort as first target with a force of 10000 men and guns.
               Firangoji Narasala was prepared for this attack, however, even though he had only 200 soldiers. Just before this attack Shivaji had asked his commander to leave the fort. However, Firangoji decided not to abandon the fort and instead started a fierce guerrilla war against the Mughals and defended the fort in this way for almost two months.The Mughals tried another way of taking the fort. They dug a tunnel up to the fort; which was a challenge because of the water around it. They filled this tunnel with explosives and blew up the wall of the fort. This was a major setback for Firangoji and his soldiers; 75 soldiers died in this attack. The Mughal army rushed into the fort; fierce fighting ensued and many Maratha soldiers were killed.
Shaista Khan was astonished by Firangoji's bravery, and offered him Mughal Sardari. But Firangoji refused to accept it; instead Shaista Khan gave him and his soldiers safe passage. Firangoji came to meet Shivaji and apologized for surrendering the fort. But Shivaji was very happy with him as he had defended a small fort for almost 2 months. He said "if it took 60 days for Shaista Khan to take a small fort, imagine how many days will be required to capture an entire swarajya (kingdom). Shaista Khan will be here for few days, he is not going to take Sangram Durg with him. Whatever you have done is praiseworthy". Shivaji rewarded Firangoji and made him Killedar of the Bhupalgad (Bhupal fort )
                 Shivaji Maharaj could succeed in his mission of establishing Swarajya owing to the unstinted support and bravery and commitment  from his Generals and men. Shivaji Maharajs credentials attracted all the brave warriors around him and made common cause of liberating Hindus from the oppression from the Mlechhas ( Mughals). Where such men have gone today? Has the blood of our ancestors become watery? If we look at our failures today in liberating ourselves from the corrupt regimes that rule us in India, we have to hang our heads in shame. Why the spirit of Shivaji Maharaj has gone into hibernation today? A point to ponder over indeed.