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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi is lying in an old cot in a small room in heavens and his Secretary Mahadev Desai is seen attending him. Gandhi occasionally utters hare ram.. ram….ram and gets hick ups and Desai comforts him. He is seen pressing the legs of Gandhi)

Desai. Bapu. How do you feel now?

Gandhi. eee..eeee. aa..aa.. I am having pain in the whole body. Ohfo. I think I burnt myself in freedom struggle by over exerting. What is the use even after so much struggle.

Desai. True Bapu. The nation is in the hands of nuts of first order

Gandhi. True. Lal Bahadur and Indira went away some time ago and did they say they would return

Desai. Probably they would. Let us see.

( In the meantime Indira enters the room and goes to Gandhi)

Indira. Bapu. How are you? You must be better after taking rest.

Desai. Yeah. slightly better he is

Gandhi. Indira. Please tell me. You nationalized banks. Scrapped privy purses. Antagonized great Sikhs and in turn got shot in cold blood.

Indira. I have no regrets. The Khalistani Sikhs were hiding in golden temple and were killing people indiscriminately operating from there.

Gandhi. But why it was allowed. I I was there I would have gone on fast

Indira.You just could not have succeeded. Your ram nam will not do the trick. What is required is hail of bullets. That si why I used army. General Vaidya, the army chief told me that he will complete the operation in 24 hours. But he took so much time and used tanks and guns.

Gandhi. obviously Sikhs were humiliated when you attacked their holiest shrine at Amritsar.

Indira. I think vaidya can answer better.

( In the mean time General vaidya enters the room. He salutes Indira and touches feet of Gandhi.)

Vaidya. ( Laughing) Madam I also have joined you. Both of us were party to the operation blue star.. Both of us paid by our lives.

Indira. Every one has to die one day. We have died for national cause. Then why feel bad.

( In the back ground nationalistic song is heard and Marshal music is herad)

Watan ki raah mein watan ke naujawan Shaheed ho
Pukar tehai ye zamin aas man Shaheed ho..

Gandhi. Look Indira. You were a ruthless ruler but so many problems have been created by you. He nation was in turmoil. It is a simmering pot. Even Gurkhas want separate state. Nagas have already been fighting for separate country. I am getting worked up.

( In the mean time ghosts of outlawed Naga army storm into the room They are holding weapons. They shouthoo..haa..hooo. haa. Long live Nagaland. We o not want to live in India. Down with India. Death to India. Their rifles have fixed bayonets)

Gandhi. Plesae tell them to away. I can not stand violence.

Nagas. Indira down down. Gandhi down.. down. Gandhi sahib Your non violence will no more work. What works is this ( shows rifle). We shall surely get Nagaland.Down with Gandhi and Indira

( Nagas leave the room shouting abuses at India)

Gandhi. Ohfo. Thanks they left ( he wipes his face with khadi hanky)

Indira. Do not get relaxed. We created many movements. Bodo land, Gurkha land, Mizoram, and even madras has threatened with separation.heee..heee. More the merrier

Gandhi. Ram…ram.this is all your doing.You ruled so long and spoiled everything.

Indira. That is not my mistake. It is a changing world. Separatist movements are part of political situations. You can not blame for this.

Gnadhi. Iam only cursing my fate. Not blaming any one. What was my country ans what it is now. Just in a span of few decades the nation is down the drain

( In the distance great actor singer Surendranath BALLB is heard singing)

Teri yaaad kaaaa..aaaa.
Dee…ee…pak Jal..aaaa.ta.aaaa.. hai

Teri yaad ka Deepak jalta hai
Din raat tere veerane méin
Teri yaad ka Deepak jalta hai
Wo paagal pan jo pehle tha
Abbhi hai tere deevaane mein
Teri yaad ka Deepak jalta hai ( From Gawaiah 1954)

(Gandhi listens to the sing, gets sentimental weeps and faints)

Indira. Desai Bhai. Bapu has fainted. Let us help him ( she runs to Bapu)

Desai. True

( General Vidya, Desai and Indira sprinkles water on Gandhi’s face and watch at him)


Monday, April 26, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(In a small room in heavens Gandhi is seen lying on an dilapidated cot and there is no mattress, A small wooden box is being used as a stool and few medicines are kept on the box. In a corner a charkha is kept. Occasionally he is uttering ram.ram.. hare ram. Indira Gandhi in green sari is sitting next to him. A red bandage is tied to het waist that still oozes some blood. She is seen offering cough syrup to Gandhi.)

Gandhi. Beti ( Daughter) Indira How are you? I am happy to see you. No..no.no.. Sorry to see you here with us. You are here rather early. What went wrong. I am getting sick of this violence in India

Indira. Bapu. I did not want to die. Why should I die? I was in full control of India. My security men shot me in cold blood. Bapu. There is no dharma in India.

( Just the ghost of Bhinderwale peeps through the window. He giggles and enters the room. Along with him some militants with weapons also enter. General ( retired) Shabeg singh is also with them.)

Bhinderwale. Sat sri akal Bapuand Madam, How is life now/ What a fate? All are together. Sorry madam. You thought you were permanent PM.
Gandhi. My son! I am much pained by your actions. I worked for unity of all religions. What you have done? Are Sikhs separate from Hindus?

Bhinderwale. Bapu. What t do? We were treated so badly. After all we also have self respect ( shouts) Raj karega Khalsa.. our aki rahe nakoi.

Indira, Aki or Baki?

Bhinderwale. Both I think.

Indira. You have been killing so many innocent men and women. What you have achieved? You lost so many of your own men. Super cop Gill has finally finished you guys.

Bhinderwale. Bapu and Madam .Listen to me You may kill any number. The moment you ill one ten may be born. We shall finally achieve Khalistan… Jai Khalistan..jai jai Khalistan

Gandhi,Son Look. You rare taking wrong actions. Did I get freedom see the country split in to Balkan states? It would have been better if I had not fought the Englishmen. All would have struggled under the Englishmen.

Bhinderwale. Bapu. Your days are over.Ab raj karega khalsa. Jai khalistan. Ok Bapu. I shall come some other time .. Bye

( Bhinderwale disappears)

( Secretary Mahadev Desai for Gandhi reports that Sir Winston Churchill was waiting outside to see him)

Gandhi, Desai. Kindly escort him with all respects.

( Churchill walks in and Indira gets up and bows to him and greets him. Churchill is in his usual black full suit with English hat and a cigar in mouth.)

Churchill. Hello Gandhiji. Nice to see you, but not in this state.

Gandhi. Namaste Mr hurchill. I am also happy to see you after long.These days I am much upset over the incidents happening in India. Look There are many problems. The congress party that I led is squabbling like rats. The original congress party is split into Congress A, B, C, D, E , F …. Etc. Is it not sheer nonsense. There are no ethics left. Criminals are ruling in India in all states. Goondas are thriving. Most of the ministers are involved in scams. Criminals are given party tickets and they are getting elected to parliament and state assemblies.

Churchil. Relax Gandhi.Did I not say at the time of being given independence in House of commons that India would be handed over to a bunh of scoundrels and it would be lost in squabbles and piece of loaf and glass of water would be taxed.

Gandhi. Yes I remember. At that time we abused you. Cursed you. You were correct and we were wrong. The time has probed that you were 100 percent correct, But the damage has been already done. (Weeps) eee..eee…aaa..aaa.

( In the distance KL saigal the great singer is heard singing the immortal song,

Jab dil hee toot gaya
Ham jeeke kya karenge
Jab dil hee tootgaya ( from Shahjehan. 1945)

Churchill. Mr Gandhi. Please do not feel bad. It is al fate. It can not be changed Did at any time I expected that I would loose to Mr Atlee.

Gandhi. I m happy that you lost. Otherwise we would not have got freedom from you guys.

Churchill. Probably that would have been better Gandhi. Any how thanks for realization. No I shall take leave of you. Take care of yourself. You very well know that heath is wealth

Gandhi. OK bye.

(Mahadev Desai escorts Churchill out of the room while Indira gets up and bows in reverence while Churchill leaves. Gandhi coughs vigorously and Indira gives him cough syrup and Gandhi gulps and says Ram. Ram..

In the distance great singer actor Surendranath BA LLB is heard singing the immortal song,

Kyon yaad aa rahe hain
Guzrehue zamane
Ye dukh bhare fasane. Ye..ye..ye
Rote hue tarane
Kisko suna rahe hain
Wo yaad aa rahe hain (Anmol Ghadi 1946)

( Gandhi gets sentimental and weeps. Indira wipes his eyes with Khadi hanky. In the mean time ghost of Babu Jagjivan ram enters the room)

Jagjivan. Bau. Namaste. I was lingering to see you. Finally I made it ( he trembles)

Gandhi. Hello Babuji . You appear to be very sick. I think I am better than you. How are you? I learnt that you could not make to the top as PM. It seems you have been denied chance

Jagjivan. True Bapu. Chaudhry Charan singh ruined everything. Neither he could continue as PM in Janata Govt nor I could become PM( weeps) eee…ee.. aaaa…aaa.I am sorry to say that Mrs.Indira ditched him and poor guy could not even face parliament. He resigned and I was getting ready..eee..ee…eee. aaa.aaa ( he sobs violently)

Gandhi. I was following events.

Gandhi. Even president Neelam Sanjeev Reddy was biased. He never me a chance onceto prove myself. After all I am from the scheduled class.. (sobs)… I could not bear it… (sobs)

Indira Babuji. Why feel bad.You joined hans with my opponents. Naturally every one is opportunistic in politics. It is aruthless game. That is my theory and I practiced it too.

Jagjivan. Madam I know it. You did not even resign after Allahabad judgment.

Indira.Why should I? I am not weakling. I know all tricks of trade. Babuji. Make hay while son shines Laughs)hee..heee.hee

Gandhi. I am not happy with what you have done. The original congress was split by you. That was the beginning of disintegration of congress which I carefully nurtured. ( sighs) Hare ram… Hare Ram

Indira. Bapu. Your days are over. The world has changeda lot. Youcould show otherside of cheek to slap if some one slaps you. Now the other guy will slap you on second chee happily. You will be treated as impotent. That is the world today Bapu.. Mere Bapu.

Gandhi. Bet , Indira. I will never agree with you. ( sighs) Probably if lal Bahadur lived longer moral standards of Indian politics would have been maintained to some extent.

Jagjivan. Perhaps Bapu. I am feeling not well. Plesae forgive me. Namaste ( He levaes the room)

(In the mean time Lal Bahadur walks in an Indira gets up and greets him with folded hans)

Lal Bahadur. Namste. Bapu. Ram ram indiraji. How is everything. I learnt Bapu is unwell. What went wrong?

Gandhi. Every thing went for a six. Couldn’t you live a little longer Lal Bahadur. What was the urgency to die at Tashkent? The country would have been different.

Lal Bahadur. Bapu. The strain of Indo Pak war was very high I could not bear. We already suffered from Chinese. Our prestige was at stake. I had to retrieve at any cost. I went all out to teach Pakistan a good lesson.

Gandhi. How?

Lal Bahadur. We reached outskirts of Lahore city. Reached Sialkot. We Raced in Rajasthan….. And.. and..

Gandhi. But I was told that at Chamb sector we fared very badly.

( In the mean time General Chaudhry walks into the room. He salutes Gandhi, removes cap and touches the feet of Bapu and stands next to Lal Bahadur in attention)

Chaudhry. Bapu. In war one loose at some places and wins at other places. I overall one must gain.

Gandhi. General sahib. You may gain useless places and loose best places. Chamb was vital for us. You know Pakistan celebrates 1965 war as victory parade. Was it a tie or draw. I am afraid it was not decisive.

Lal Bahadur (For some time he remains silent) Bapu. I wanted to make it decisive. But what to do?. The Russians were after us to stop the war. Or else the map of India would have been different.

Indira. Shastriji. I completed your unfinished work. They have been dismembered. It is fate. If you have lived long I could have never become the pm. Probably Nehru dynasty would have been out of the power line.
Lal Bahadur. Are you happy that I died within two years as PM

Indira. I did not say that. I also do not mean that. It was my luck. More over congress party can not be led b others when some one from Nehru family is there.

Gandhi. Is it your monopoly? How sad? I never visualized it would lead to dynastic rule.
Indira. Bapu. We never asked congressmen to make us the PM. They only gave u on silver plate. Ho will refuse?

Lal Bahadur. That is party’s bankruptcy. Congress men feel that they can ever win elections without a leader from Nehru family.

Gandhi. What a sorry fate and plight too! Look . None of my sons are in politics. There are any numbers of examples where political leaders have promoted their kin. My sons are no where. I even do not know where they are. Devdas Gandhi died some time ago and is never remembered.

La Bahadur. Bapu. You are an exception. That is why you are named as Mahatma.

Gandhi. I am very unhappy that things have become so bad.

Gen Chaudhry. Bapu. Lal Bahdur sir. May I go now? I think I am not required now.

Lal Bahadur. Thanks General. We shall meet again.

( Gen Chaudhry walks away after saluting Bapu and lal Bahadur and saying bye to Indira)

(In the distance Mukesh the great singer is heard singing)

Dil Jalta hai thojalne de
Aassoo nab aha faryad na kar
Dil Jalta hai tho Jalne de
Masom nazar pe theer chala.. aaain… ( From Pehlinazar 1945)

(Others get embarrassed and Indira sends Mahadev Desai to Mukesh wit a request to not to sing that song)

Desai. Mukesh Bhai. Zara ye gana math gao ( brother Mukesh . please do not sing this song

Mukesh. Why? How does it trouble you. Kya mujhe gana ganeka haq nahee ( What troubles you? Don’ I have right to sing?)

Desai. Bapu is getting hurt by this song.

Mukesh. Oh Bapu means Gandhiji. Then I will surely stop. Then can I sing another song.

Desai. Surely.

Mukesh. Thanks bhai.

Mukesh sings

Teri duniyaan mein dil lagtha naheen
vapas bula.aaa.. le mai sajde mein gira..aaa.. hoon
mujh ko aai maalik bulale…. ( FromBaware nain )

Desai. Ohfo.Oh Bhai Mukesh. This is equally a sad song.

Mukesh. What to do? My songs were mostly sad type. I tried to copy KL Saigal for many years.

Desai. Ohfo. What type of guy Mukesh is ? You may sing but in low tone.

( Desai goes away to Gandhi)

Gandhi. Thanks Desai.You prevented that song. It was embarrassing too. Lal Bahadur. I am proud of you for keeping up our traditions high. I knew you resigned the post of railway minister after the train accidents taking moral responsibility. Then you walked to your house refusing the car. You never cared for your security. That si what leader is. See now. The raiway minister says he has nothing to do with the accidents. Some gang man is fixed for the folly and nothing happen to others. No one seems responsible for any thing( weeps and beats his chest and cries)…Mera Bharat..Mera bharat…( after some time e gets composed). Beti Indira. I was much pained when I came to know that you imposed emergency.

Indira. What to do? The country was going to dogs. Jay Prakash narain was instigating people. He even asked army to revolt. The country was to be saved at any cost.

Gandhi. That is OK. Why so many people were forcibly castrated?

Indira. I do not know. My son got it doe. But he has cleaned up Chandni chowk at Delhi. Is it not good?

Gandhi. But lot of terror was created. I am getting sik of this nation that I led to freedom.

Indiara. You may eel so. That does not change the events. U can not even go on fast as you are already dead.

( Gandhi coughs vigorously a swoons. Desai runs to Gandhi and gives him water. Gandhi drinks water )

Desai. Indira and lal Bahadur. It is time for stopping this discussion. Bapu needs rest. We shall meet again and discuss things

Indira. That is OK Bapu. Please be cool and fine. See you. Bye ..bye

( Gandhi closes eyes and utters ram…ram…Hare rama.hare Krishna.. Krishna.. hare rama)

In the distane great singer actor singer Surendranath ALB is heard singing)

A raat gayee re beeth re
Ab raat gayee re beeth re
Aaya hai sawera pancheeko..o..o..o..o..
Milgaya Milan ka geeth re
Ab raaat gayee re beeth re……(From film Kamal 1949)


Saturday, April 24, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi is lying in a cot with bandage on his head. He is coughing occasionally and Nehru is seen attending him. Gandhi is half awake and some times murmuring Ram..ram… Hare ram.. hare ram.. Nehru gets up and offers Gandhi a glass of water. Gandhi slowly gets up in bed and gulps water, sighs and again lies down )

Nehru.. Bapu. How do you feel now. It is time you bother for yourself. You can not change India now. Why spoil your health worrying for these nuts?

Gandhi. Ee..eee…..eeee… Is Jawaharlal saying these words?

Nehru. Yes. I am Jawaharlal saying these words very much Do you have any doubt?

Gandhi. ( sings lying in bed)

The Indian states are ruled by great mischief makers
Who rule making money without any shame
Tons of money from dumb animal grass and fodder
Are eaten by the crooks who get instant fame

Oh my India how you are fooled by these rustics
Who pose as leaders and freedom fighters
Goons and crooks get away with their dirty antics
As blood of mother India flows down the Indian rivers

Nehru. Bapu. Very well said. There is no parallel to you. Now a days political leaders have no shame. Theya re unscrupulous crooked and down right mischief makers . Now we repent for getting them independence. We do not deserve it. We are fit for slavery only.

(In the mean time Jaya Prakash narain walks in. He says Namaste to Gandhi and wishes

Gandhi. Hello Lok Nayakji. How come you are here? We were poles apart all these days

Jay Prakash. Bapu, after more than a half century of own rule we are same. We all have faltered. Our successors have let us down. They have cheated us. First congress misrule was there for years and years. Nehruji ruled for 19 years from 1947 to 1964. then Indira ruled for another total 16 years. In between Shastri was there for two years, PV for 5 years, Rajiv for some time. Almost half a century congress guys mishandled the nation. They have to take maximum blame.

Nehru. Come on Narainji. Please do not be so harsh. All of us have fought for freedom. Some mistakes do occur. At least my rule was OK. I did not accumulate wealth. I gave everything to the nation.

Jayaprakash. But you left a dynastic rule. Is it not sufficient? That is worst than making Tonnes of money and kept in Swiss banks. A new type of dynasty is at Delhi now under the garb of democracy. It is worst than Mughal dynasty.

The Indian nation has become property of Nehru dynasty
After the Mughals who were reduced to ashes and kicked out
The kith and kin of Nehru are enjoying with ecstasy
As Indians have developed ulcers cancers and dirty rashes

Nehru. Your total revolution was also a failure.

Jayaprakash. I agree. Whatever we proposed even if they were good has been spoiled by the crooks. My janata govt failed miserably. The biggest tragedy in India is that every one wants to become the PM even if he is a worthless ass.

Nehru. Why not? This is democracy. Even an ass can become PM if it can muster support. (Sings)

Please do not insult an ass
We are also among them
All are made by the God
Many asses are also like a gem

Jayaprakash. Hee…hee..Very true. So let us describe that The nation is for the asses, by the asses and of the asses. Hee..heee. What democracy of asses and mules (sings and does fast jig)

The asses are fond of loudly braying
And there are asses and asses in this great nation
These asses are found throughout the country
And to become a PM for the asses is today’s ambition

Gandhi. Please do not denigrate the asses. They are far superior to our present leaders. They are humble, do not protest and work. The present leaders want to only enjoy , make money, run after power and positions, involve in scams, create nuisance in various houses, and also involve in land scams, stamp scams, Fodder scams, scams in defense deals. You name any criminal activity, one can always find some political leaders getting involved in it. Asses are after all animals and do not know any scam. Personally I feel Asses are the best to govern this country because they are good.
Nehru. What else we can expect him from the present nuts at various levels. Travel is unsafe in Bihar. Reservations in trains have no meaning there. Goondas are thriving there. At some point of time courts were directing administration to work. Sings)

Gandhi. (Sings and does jig)

Great was Churchill who foresaw the down fall
And claimed that India would be handed over to crooks
How true he was the nation is down the water fall
As Goondas rule at every nook

Indian laws copied from the British laws
Has been fooled by the criminals due to many flaws
The cases in courts are lying for many years
While criminals enjoy bail and money from fodder

It was my mistake that I brought them freedom
Who do not deserve it except mighty shoe kicks
All are busy making money without any reluctance
While I and Nehru stare as we are shown sticks

Nehru. Bapu. Plesae control yourself

Gandhi. Eee…eeee.. Mera Bharat.. Mera Bharat… Jawaharlal. Look we have sacrificed so much for the nation and I was shot dead without any mercy. Look you died a broken man. What is the use? Look all these guys have become millionaires. We have remained paupers finally (He beats his chest and swoons).

(In the distance great singer actor Surendra nath BA LL B sings)

Tera jaha aabaad hai
Mera jaha barbad hai
Faryad hai,, faryad hai
Hai aasmaan faryad hai
Tera jaha
Too kush ke tere bagh ke
Sab phool aakhir khil gaye
Jin ki tamanna thee mujhe
Akhir wo tujh ko mil gaye
Mere muqadar me fakat
Gam aur kisi ki yaad hai
Tera jaha.. ( From film Elan 1948)

( Nehru consoles Gandhi and wipes his tears)


Thursday, April 22, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi is lying perplexed in an old fashioned easy chair and a bottle of cough syrup Glycodine is next to him. Nehru pours small amount of syrup in a glass and offers to the old man. Gandhi drinks, coughs vigorously and viciously.)

Nehru. Bapu. Please control yourself. Last night Dr Pattabhi examined you and advised full rest. Please do not speak much. You need complete rest.

Gandhi. What is there for me? My India of dreams is in thick troubles. Last night some gentleman from Bihar came to me. He landed here after his body was found on a railway track in his state. It seems he was harassed by some investigating agency.

Nehru. What did he say?

Gandhi. He was telling about some fodder scam in his state.

Nehru. Oh ! That one I know. It happened in Bihar. What is so strange about it? No governing goes on there. It is a pace where ruffians rule roost. I think if any governing was there, it ended with Jagannath Mishra. Now it is free for all.

The State of Bihar that was once mighty
Produced stalwarts like Rajendra Prasad
It has now confined to a chair rickety
While leaders enjoy chicken and salad

Rapes, murders, dacoities and lootings
Regular routine in the state
Private armies of various social classes
Kill each other and it is their sad fate

Gandhi. Well said. Do you know how grave was the fodder scam? The ministers and officers connived with each other and ate away and swindled crores of rupees meant for these animals. They have shown in the records that ahen was provided Rs 35000 worth food in an year.

( In the mean time some cows and goats and chicken enter the room. They are agitated and shout abusive slogans)

Cows.Hoi.. Hoi… Hame mar diya. Hame loot liya is saalone. Is raakshaso ne. Hamara Paisa khalia is badmasho ne. Hmae katke khalia. Bapuji. Kuch karo. ( we have been betrayed, looted, killed and we have been eaten by these demons.) ( sings)

Leaders and officers are involved in the fodder scam
They are worst than demons eating babies from prams
They have shown us travelling in air conditioned coaches
And they looted money and put them in their poaches

Gandhi. Namaste mother cows and bhai goats and chicken -aunts. I am very sorry to hear your sad plight. In fact, I am shocked. I will see what I can do. ( He gets excited, gets up and holds stick and sings)

Oh goats and mother cow
Kindly bear with me for some time
I shall get justice to you
And ensure that the culprits are shaved and smeared with lime

Nehru. Eee… hee..heeee ( Claps )

(The goats and cows appear to be satisfied and shout slogans. Down with India .. down with Lalu and go away. Some cows appear to be not satisfied and drop dung there and urinate before leaving shouting . down with Gandhi and Nehru. Some chicken get worked up and they fly fluttering on to the heads of Bapu and Nehru and create nuisance and then run away. )

Gandhi Ohfo.chee…cheee…chee. sh.. sh…sh… What a commotion indeed? What a sad state in India. A rustic leader rules Bihar. Look . Even cows have pissed on us. and chicken have dirtied our heads

( Gandhi and Nehru go and wash their bad heads)

Nehru. Bapu. What to do? This is our fate. You know CBI wants to charge sheet the CM and they have to take sanction from the governor. Can they get?

Gandhi. In front of law all are equal. Do you know Lalu does not want to resign on moral grounds.( sings)

Indian leaders have no morals and fear
They try to cling to their seats of power
They loot the public who voted them to power oh dear
With sole aim of reaching top of tower

It is strange that leaders eat rations of animals
They are I am sure are the greatest criminals
All these nuts need a tightening screw
And such men probably few

Nehru. Bapu. How do you think such men are few? I feel such men are maximum. The country is in grip of corruption. Loot Mar is going on in every sector. Indians claim that English men looted our wealth. Now our own leaders are looting our wealth.

Gandhi. Some say , what is wrong now? The wealth remains with in country.

Nehru. This may not be true. Many siphon off into Swiss accounts.

Gandhi. I never had any swiss account.

Nehru. But many have it now.

Gandhi. Eee.eeee..eee.. aa..aaa. What happened to this country? Jawaharlal .I can no more take it. Do you look at the corner next to door? There is a stout wooden bar. Please bring it.

( Nehru goes and gets it . It is heavy )

Nehru. Bapu. What should I do with this?

Gandhi. Have you seen my bald head? It is shining Chak. Chak..Think of mother India and hit on my head with all force

Nehru. Bapu. You said Mother India. Is it Nargis Dutt who acted in the movie Mother India?

Gandhi. Come on . Hoe stupid you are? Why should we pray to her. She was only a film actress and did well in that movie. I mean you must pray to Bharat Mata.

Nehru. Oh Bharat Mata? But Bapu. How can I hit you? I can not do that. It is a crime.

Gandhi. In that case I shall take care of it myself.

( Gandhi takes away the wooden bar from Nehru)

Gandhi. Oh Bharat Mata.. Listen. I can no more take this nonsense going on in my Bharat eee… eee. Kill me.. Kill Me.. I beg you…

( Gandhi gets excited and with wooden bar hammers his own head violently. Nehru runs to Bapu and takes away the bar while Gandhi falls down bleeding. Gandhi cries hysterically and Nehru consoles)

(In the distance famous singer Mukesh is heard singing

Dil jalta hai tho jalne de
Aasu nab ha faryad na kar
Dil jalta hai tho jalne de
Masoom nazar pe teer chala
Bismil ko bismil aaur bana….) ( Mukesh from Pehli nazar. 1945)


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Acharya N G Ranga and Nehru are seen knocking at the door of MK Gandhi in heavens. )

Gandhi. Who is there? Please come in. The door is open.

(Nehru and Ranga walkin and they wish Gandhi)

Gandhi. Hello Ranga and Jawaharlal. I was expecting you rather. In the mean time, you knocked the door. After all you are disciplined soldiers of freedom fight.

Nehru. Heee..Heee

Ranga. Hee..Heee ( with in himself. I hope he is not pulling a fast one on me..)

Gandhi. Please be seated.

(All are seated in chairs. Suddenly Ranga falls down from the chair while the leg of the chair gives away)

Ranga. Oh.. Bhai .. uttao mujhe. Margaya (Please life me. I am killed)

( Nehru lifts Ranga and offers him another chair)

Ranga. Bapu. It is time you change these old chairs. These belong to your South African days. Eee..eee.. It is paining.

Gandhi. Sorry Ranga. Last time we met, we decided to go to India particularly to Hyderabad where Chief Minister NTR was stabbed in the back by his son in law to usurp power. Now let us go. We can come back fast too.

Nehru. True

Ranga. That is fine. I shall also come.

(All of them land up in Sultan Bazar of Hyderabad. Ranga is still limping slightly.)

Gandhi. Ohfo. What a place! There is no place to walk. Entire area is full of hawkers and scrap. One guy is falling over other. Pigs and dogs are roaming everywhere. Have I brought freedom to see this discipline? Eee..Eeee.. What happened to my dreams? Mera Bhaarat… Mera Bhaarat. Ise bachao bhai (Please save this country)

Nehru. Bapu Please do not sing and do jig now here. There is no place around.You may trample some one.

( In the mean time a RTC bus ploughs in and it is about to climb on Gandhi and is saved in time as Nehru pulls Bapu away from the bus. Then suddenly an auorikshaw suddenly screams in from somewhere and almost dashes against Gandhi)

Gandhi. Eee..eee.. Margaya.. Mardiya saale ne. Kahanse aagaya ye badmaash. Koi control nahee. ( oh. I am dead.. The guy has killed me.From where this crook has come and he has no control?)

Auto driver. Chal Buddhe Kisko bolrahaare. Teri baap kaa road hai ka. Side se chal Buddha kainka..( Get lost old man. Whom you are telling? Is the road belonging to your dad? Walk on the side old man)

Gandhi. Ok Bhai. Gusse me math aana. Hame maaf karo bhai.aap thoauto driver hain. Galti karhee nahee sakte. ( Oh Brother, please pardon me. You are the auto driver. You can never be wrong)

( Auto driver goes away throwing abuses at Gandhi )

Gandhi. What type of people are these? It appears there is no discipline. Independence means they can do any thing. Shame on Indians.

Ranga. Bapu. You have not seen anything. Lot of things is to follow. If you travel in auto, you shall realize every thing.

Gandhi. I am getting vomiting sensation. Look at the garbage dumps. I must clean these at once. After all I did these things to improve Harijans. But I have no bucket and broom.

Nehru. Bapu. You should not call Harijans. They will be after with a sickle. They will be up in arms. Call them Dalits. That is the latest word. They get offended if they are called Harijans.

Gandhi. Why all this now.

Ranga. Don’t know ( sings)

The caste system that prevails with us
It has been used for political circus
The nation is split into Castiest groups
People are made into different troops

Gandhi. It looks the government has not cleared garbage after independence

Nehru. How can they? When do they have time? They are busy cleaning garbage within themselves. More they clean more is produced. They themselves are a huge garbage dump. They are busy trying to hold on to power some how (sings and does jig)

The rulers in state are always busy
With dirtiest games that are lousy
Always busy in floor crossing tricks
While people have failed to give them a mighty kick.

Gandhi. Very well said Jawaharlal.

( In the mean time they see many lorries passing carrying loads of people)

Gandhi. What is this al about? Where so many guys are going?
Nehru. I think they are going for a meeting at Nizam college grounds. Leaders of ruling party will address them.

Gandhi. That is a good show. That means so many people do not have other work. This is working time.

Ranga. Bapu. This is the actual work for today. All these are paid workers hired by MsLA and their Chamchas stooges and goons. They have no other work. This is casual labor. Many come to see the city. Some come to see the tamasha going on. They are absolutely clueless. They come, shout mouthed slogans and leave. Many are left high and dry afterwards. Some are not paid also. These crowds are also experts in throwing choicest abuses.

Gandhi. How sad? They have no ethics. I think this is the order of the day. So many trucks and loads of people will surely create chaos and traffic jams.

Nehru. True Bapu, People are fooled. But who is bothered. This is all a dirty game of politics. People elect a bunch of jokers. Hence they play jokes with all like what they are doing now.

Gandhi. What a sad day for me! (Sighs)

(They keep walking on the road and come across a public meeting where NT Rama Rao is see addressing the crowd.)

Nehru. Look Bapu. He is NT Rama Rao we were talking about. He has been ditched by his son in law. He is seeking justice from people.

Gandhi. What exactly happened?

Ranga. ListenBapu. NT Rama Rao came to power after dethroning Vijay Bhaskar Reddy of congress who is always ready to hand over the power on a silver plate. This time Rama Rao married a lady Laxmi Parvathi much younger to him. It is claimed that she looked after him very well when he fell sick while his own family members did not bother. This lady boosted his image in rural areas. He won with thumping majority.

Nehru. He also promised 2 Kg rice free to all and promised prohibition in state.

Gandhi. What ? Prohibition? How can he do it? Even I failed. No one can implement. This is a fool’s game

Ranga. The joke is that he exempted toddy from prohibition/. We can drink it.

Nehru. This is unfair. Toddy is also a great intoxicant. This is all a big joke. But govt knows that they will be thrown out, if Toddy is prohibited.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Why NTR was ditched? Is it for money or sharing of loot and spoils?

Ranga. It seems NTR was trying to boost up Parvathi and make her his political heir. Naturally his sons in law awaiting power got vexed up an wanted her to be thrown out.

Gandhi. How can they do it?. She is after all his wife.

Nehru. SeeBapu. This is a changed world. At present family rules are there every where. You never promoted your sons.

Gandhi. True. My sons all died unsung and unheard. But you have established your dynasty. New type of Mughals in Delhi. Your daughter promoted her sons. This has become your family profession.

Nehru. What is wrong in this? I do not find anything abnormal in this. After all my children also have to survive.

Ranga. MereBapu. Let us not wash our dirty linen in public.

Gandhi. Then what happened?

Ranga. When Rama Rao was away from Hyderabad Naidu struck. All MLA were confined at viceroy hotel at tank bund opposite Buddha statue NTR went there with his wife and they abused each other in filthy language. Chappals and shoes also they there at each other

Gandhi. What a shame? They made state their personal property. Disgraceful conduct by a bunch of …. Mera Bharat.. Mera Bharat ( He beats his chest and weeps) eee..eeee…ee…aa…aaa.. ( sings)

Oh my mother the greatest India
You are ruined by a bunch of scoundrels
Ruled by those who have no basic idea
That is running for personal laurels?

Gone are the peaceful days once we had
When leaders strived hard for nations cause
Leaders of today are mad and make me sad
They are ruining the nation without a pause

Thank god that I died in correct time
Having been shot by the Godse’s pistol
If I lived it would have been a rime
And I would have run away to live in Bristol

( In back ground great singer Hemant kumar is heard singing..

Zameen chal rahee hai
Aas man chalraha hai
Ye kis ke ishare hai
jaha chalraha hai.

( the earth is moving
And the sky too moves
On whose directions
These are moving?) ( From Pehli Jhalak )

(Gandhi sobs and wipes tears . In the mean time suddenly there is a commotion and the supporters of NTR and Naidu start fighting. Choicest abuses are being hurled at each other. Stones are flying everywhere. It is free for all. Gandhi gets worried. He runs with his long stick towards the crowd to pacify them. In the mean time police men rush to do lathi charge. They see Gandhi running with his stick. They run and catch him thinking him to be arsonist with a stick)

Constable. You old man. How dare you are to attack with this stick? That too when we are here I shall show you mine.

(He lifts his lathi and crashes on Bapus head. Bapu cries loudly and collapses. There is a great commotion all around. Constables also bash up Nehru and Ranga too and their clothes are torn to shreds. After some time the crowd melts away. Nehru and ranga get up and wipe blood from their wounds and go to Gandhi and lifts him up. He is gasping)
Gandhi. Jawaharlal and ranga are you safe? What a tragedy here? There is no law or government here)

( Great singer actor Surendra nath BA LL B is heard from distance singing)

Kyo yaad aa rahe hai..ye..ye
Guzre hue zamanae
Ye dukh bhare phasane
Rote hue fasaane
Kisko sunarahe hai
Who Yadd aa rahe hai….. ( from Film Anmol Ghadi… 1946)

The pathetic song puts ff Gandhi and he sobs hysterically. Nehru and Ranga comfort him)

Nehru.Mere Bapu. Enough of this. This nation does not need us. They are doomed. ( sings)

Gone with the wind the Indian spirit
That has failed to reach the summit
Villains are in the front with credit
And money is swindled without any audit

Great were the days when we had some shame
People then worked for nation’s welfare
Leaders are now working for personal fame
Always busy with some type of fane fate

The country is doomed to eternal disgrace
Where all are after wealth and fame
None is there to give Bapu some solace
Who is already down with personal shame

Raga. Bapu and Jawaharji, Let us go, Bapu is highly upset. We shall come some other time..

( In the distance KL saigal is heard singing..

Pnachi re. yee.yee. Panchee.. eee…eee
Kahe ko hoat udaas Panchi…
Thoo Thodana manki aaas panchi..

( Hey birdie why get into despair
Do not give up expectation Oh Birdie)

Nehru. Look Ranga. How true is Saigal.He is telling us not to loose heart. Aftr all we must be optimistic. Ups and down always come in ones life. This is also a passing phase. I believe.

Ranga. Hope so. But I have my own doubts. Indian swil never learn from past. We were enslaved by Muslims, Englishmen Afghans, Iraninas, turks, Moghuls, porugese and even rench. Every foreigner thoroughly screwed Indians. I get worked up wheh I read our slavish history. We could not get ourselves freed for centuries. Now we are slaves of new dynasties. We are no way have to feel proud. How sad. ( sings)

People of India have been slaves
Devoid of respect and naïve
Nation was looted by outside thieves
People have failed to roll up the sleeves

Nehru. True. Really Bapu is great. He has led us to victory. But we are sorry because Indians are squandering all resources and best opportunities in terms of money and time. God only can save them.

I have no sympathy. 9 sings)

None is greater than our beloved Bapu
Reached heights more than Bhutan’s Thimpu
He feels however das for Indians misdeeds
Who are running crazy with eternal greed

Gandhi. But I am helpless because I am already dead ( sighs)

(In the distance great singer actor Surendra nath BA LLB sings)

Alakh niranjan..Alakh Nianjan
Alakhniranjan…Japore maya
Ho Bhavsagar par
Maiya Pingala
Bhikha de de maiya Pingala
Jogi khada hai dwar
Mayya Pingala

( Say god is great
Recite oh mother
You shall get freed
From this bondage of world
Give alms Oh mother Pingala) ( From film Raja Bharthruhari. 1944)

(Gandhi gets sentimental and wipes tears. Nehru cries loudly a d Ranga consoles)


Friday, April 16, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi and Nehru are seen discussing some thing in a small poorly furnished room in heavens. Bapu is sick and coughing occasionally and saying ram...ram too)

Gandhi. Jawaharal It is long time since we got news from India. I am getting bored.
Some how I got a feeling that al is not well there and Congress is having some trouble.

Nehru. Which congress ? Your congress is dead long ago. My daughter split it many years ago. Now it is Indira Congress. My daughters congress.

Gandhi. How sad? My party that I led for decades has disappeared. (Sobs).eee…eee.. aaaa…aaa ( sings in broken voice)

Oh! my party belonging to original congress
Has gone down the slope and fell into grass
The pair of bullocks on our party flag
Eaten by the others and that is a snag.

Nehru. Bapu. That is how democracy works in India. We ourselves wanted this type of democracy. Why cry now?

Gandhi. We should not have got independence. This way. We are not worth of it. I am sure more than three fourths of the country in this way. As monkeys we just aped British systems.

Nehru. Without realizing we are a bunch of fools and selfish and down right opportunists too.

Gandhi. Well said Jawaharlal. I learnt the party comes to power on some slogans, stays for some time and suddenly falls. Why?

Nehru. It is the latest trend. Bapu, in every party back stabber will be there. It is the practice from time immemorial. Even Jesus was betrayed by Judas. Betrayal is the man’s main trait. Look Bapu at our own history. King Jayachandra betrayed Prithviraj Chauhan and Ghori won and established Muslim rule in India. Mir Jafar betrayed Nawab Sirajudduala and Clive won battle of Plassey and established English supremacy., Muslim generals betrayed Aliya Rama raya in Tallikota battle ad the Muslim armies vandalized Hami and Vijaynagar. Junior Commander Abdulla Pani betrayed Abul Hasan Kutub shah and opened a small gate of Golconda fort in the night and Aurangzeb captured Golconda. Maharaja Chatrapathi Dharma veer Sambhaji was betrayed by Shrike his close relation and Sambhaji was captured at Sangameswar fort and later hanged by Aurangzeb. Raghunath Rao betrayed and got killed Narayan Rao Peshwa at Shaniwarwada in Pune.Raghunath Rao betrayed even Madhav Rao peshwa and tried to get him killed. Young sons of Gurugobind singh were betrayed to Governor of sirhind Wazir Khan and they were bricked alive. In recent times, Naidu betrayed his mentor NTR and usurped power. In yore Vibheeshana betrayed his brother Ravana by seeking protection with Rama. Tantya Tope the Martha commander during 1857 war was betrayed by his very close friend to English men while asleep and he was later hanged. Ibrahim Kutub Shah of Golconda was given asylum by Aliya Rama Raya at Vijaynagar for 7 years and helped him to become king. Later he betrayed Rama Raya and joined Deccani sultans and waged war at Tallikota in which Rama Raya was killed.Jamshed betrayed his 92 years old father and king Sultan quli at Golconda while he was in prison and got him assassinated when kuli was praying in a mosque and jamshed became the sultan. I can quote hundreds of examples. There is no end.

Gandhi. Are we so bad?

Nehru. Yes. Really bad. What about killing of Julius ceaser by Brutus that swine who betrayed his emperor? These actions are regular. Although kings have vanished in India there are new kings now. These are elected representatives called MLA and MP (sings)

Look at the history of great nations of world
Where people are found cast in the same mould
Thuggery, mischief and cheating are the order of the day
While greatest looters are found in election fray.

Parties are found on some one’s personal charm
Vote to power by those who feel no harm
All of a sudden the chief is down the drain
While some one is ready to climb the running train

Gandhi. How bad things are there in India? I am upset. People have no morals. Do the MsLA resign from party after falling out from the leader?

Nehru. No Bapu. No one dies. Are they fools? Your days are over. The latest betrayal has occurred in Andhra Pradesh.

Gandhi. What happened there? Has some one sold Hyderabad to Pakistan?

Nehru. Not yet.

Gandhi. I was told that one film star NTR has been ruling there.

Nehru. True Bapu.. He is called NT Rama Rao. He also ruled Telugu cinema more than five decades. He did all types of roles.. People are crazy of him. He established a party called Telugu Desam to oust congress party from power. It is Indira Congress.

Gandhi. Thank god. What made him to form a party?

Nehru. Indira Congress is in the habit of changing Chief Ministers in the states at will. There is no inner party democracy. CM is forced on the state by centre.

Gandhi. How ridiculous it is?

Nehru. For you it is like that Bapu. They changed many CM and brought in Anjiah a labor leader.

Gandhi. Anjiah is from Alwyn metal works and a simple guy. I like him. He is a simpleton.

Nehru. But who wants a simple one

( In the meantime Anjiah walks in. He lays himself at the feet oif Bapu and Nehru. He gets up)

Gandhi. Anjiah. You too rued AP as CM. Good. What happened?

Anjiah. I do not know. I was a simple 6 anna cooliel in Hyderabd. I do not know the political tricks. I am very loyal to amma . That is why I was made CM. People made many jokes on me… hee…hee.

Nehru. I know that. But you must know how to rule also. You are a very simple fellow. I know that incident when you were chided by Rajiv Gandhi at the Begum pet air port.. That is the start for Telugu desam. NT Rama Rao got a clue from it.

Anjiah. I was not at fault at all. How I can be blamed?

Nehru. You are too simple and every time has been screaming that you are the most loyal servant of Mrs. Gandhi.

Anjiah. What is wrong in that? Even now I shall tell the same. I was after all 6 Anna laborer from Hyderabad. Who will make me a CM ?

Gandhi. That is OK Let us not trouble him. He is too simple. He does not know tricks of trade.

Nehru. NTR went to people shouting that Telugu pride has been badly hurt and the congress has been thrusting CM on the state at will and insult to Anjiah has been made the main issue to flare up the sentiments.

Gandhi. Then what happened?

Nehru. The PM then again thrust another CM who had no clue about politics. He was Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy who was in the musical chair and in short time handed over to NT Rama Rao who won with thumping majority. This Reddy sahib is famous for handing over governments to others. He was called Peddiah ( Big brother) in reverence.

Gandhi. Is congress devoid of leaders? AP has produced great guns sucha s Pattabhi, Ranga, Prakasam Pantulu, Sanjeeva Reddy and Vengala Rao.

( In the mean time Acharya NG Ranga walks in. He is in his usual dress with Gandhi cap. He touches feet of Gandhi and says hello to Nehru with a twisted eye.)

Gandhi. Hello NG . I am happy to see you here. You have been there for very long time. Yet you did not any post I think you never ran for it.

Ranga. Yes Bapu. Unfortunately I stated there too long to see down fall of Indian democracy. It is a dirty shit pot now. Thugs are ruling the masses. (Sings and does jig)

Bapu, You know I lived in shit pot
Yet I could not stem the rot
At last I gave up my soul
India has bee destroyed on the whole

They named Agriculture University ( ANGRAU) in Hyderabad after my name. I was usually called Rytu ( farmer) Ranga. heee..hee.. That is the only recognition I had. Let us speak less about that place.

Gandhi. That is what Jawaharlal has been saying.( sings)

What a sorry state for mother India
Where leaders pay to be blown up in media
Tons of money spent in elections to win
Wile crooked leaders watch with a grin

Ranga. Very rightly said Bapu. Can you say wrong at any point of time? Mere Bapu.You are hundred percent correct. See what happened in AP? NT Rama Rao is dumped down the drain down by his own men. The joke is that it has happened second time to him. That too when he was away from Hyderabad. First Nadendla Bhaskar Rao did and he was Brutus.

Gandhi. I think the party came to power on the charisma of NTR. Other leaders have no political identity of their own. This is all opportunistic politics. What do you say Ranga?

Ranga. How can you say wrong mere Bapu. After al you re Bapu. The beloved Bapu.

Gandhi. Hope you are not joking with me. I know that you differ with me and that is why you joined Rajaji and established Swatantra party.

Ranga. Bapu. Why do you want to take out skeletons out o cup borad?

Gandhi. There was some thing wrong in alculations. I never realsed that generations woul change. Freedom has brought itsown perils. Indians are not fot for self rule. They need some one to kick them hard all the time our country lost to outsiders always and enslaved. They were made to work well with kicks on their bottoms.

Nehru. Bapu. We definitely deserve kicks Bapu. You know, during emergency imposed by y daughter every one worked very well. Bapu. You know. Adolf Hitler never had good opinion about us. He wondered how such a large country like India could be enslaved by the Englishmen for such large and long period. When subhas went to Hitler he faced this question. Our friend Subhas took long time to convince him.

Gandhi. True. Also feel like Hitler some time. It took lot of efforts from me to mobilize Indians.

Ranga. All this has been forgotten. Leaders are running to grab power. No one wants to serve people. Andhra Pradesh that boasts of Telugu pride has done and mastered the art of Brutus.

Gandhi. They are dramatists’. They produced great actors. Even Rama Rao was a great well known actor.

Nehru. Poor NTR!. He thought all his stooges would be with him all the time. He had one man rule. After all others also have ambitions. They also wield power and thus dissidence is born.

Ranga. Does it mean that every one should be a minister? After all it is government. Not a charity show.

Gandhi. But it looks like that. All nuts bolts and jokers want to become minister. If not cabinet minister atleast junior one. If you are a minister or Chairman of a corporation atlesat, your life is made for next few generations. One will amass wealth to that extent. Where is the surety that he will get it again? Make hay while sun shines. Heee..heee…haaa…haaa… hooo…hoooo.hu

Ranga. Well said Bapu. Haa…haaa..haaa ( sings and does jig )

Indian politics is nothing but a dust bin
Where all are bus as Russian Rasputin
Leaders are busy collecting wealth in tons
And the nuts like people are busy watching eternal fun

Gandhi. Well sung and good jig. When did you learn the art of doing the jig?

Ranga. Bapu. One gets automatically in Indian politics.

Gandhi. I think we must go to AP and watch the fun there. Shall we?

Nehru and Ranga. We shall. But today we are tired. Let us make it tomorrow there.

Gandhi. Very good. I am also a bit tired. It is time for me to drink a glass of goats milk. OK . Bye friends . see you.

( Nehru and Ranga go out of the room)


Monday, April 12, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(In the center of a room Bapu is seen sitting in an old chair. He is also coughing occasionally A Charkha is kept in a corner. Some time he utters Ram..Ram.. Hare..Hare.. The door opens and Nehru enters)

Nehru. Bapu. Bapu Have you heard this/

Bapu. What is that / Why are you excited/ relax a bit.

Nehru. Bapu. I heard that in parliament in India in future there will not be any member. All will be ministers. That is the latest amendment to constitution being planned.

Gandhi. That is very good. It solves many problems. As it is they are fighting for ministerial berths. People are mad after power.

Nehru. Bapu. You are taking things light. Earlier you used to feel bad and some times sob also. Why this change?

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. When you can not solve a problem better endure it. I left india in 1948. Now what can I do?

Nehru.Bapu.Still we must find out what is happening now. Bapu.Do you kow that old man Narsimha rao has become the PM now.

Gandhi. I do remember him. He was a kid when I was there. I herad he is a intellectual. He knows many languages, He is also a law graduate. He translated into Hindi a big novel Veyi Padagalu meaning thousand hoods and more than 1000pages written by Kavi samrat Viswanatha Satyanarayana a Telugu writer. It is named Sahsraphan.

Nehru. In politics he was not known much then.

Gandhi. Some times it happens. His stars are good. He faithfully served your family eversince I left, I mean congress. Rajiv died in a blast engineered by LTTE and this helped him in the career. That turned fortunes for him. He was OK as foreign minister. He was silent and more or less non controversial.

Nehru. Many thought that this was a temporary affair and Sonia Gandhi would take over. But some how it did not work, PV became pm. He has cut all opponents to size. They do not know where to go.

( In the mean time an Andhra Brahmin walks in. He touches feet of Gandhi.)

Brahmin. Sir. You may not know me. I am the poet laureate of AP state. My name is Viswanath Satyanaraya titled kavi samrat.

Gandhi. Very nice to see you sir.What makes you to be here. We are no match to you in literary skills.

Satyanarayan. Sir. I wrote a great book called Veyi Padagalu many years ago and it was also translated into Hindi by Sri PV as Sahasraphan. It was 20 years ago. Suddenly some one got interest in the novel. I was told a TV serial is being made in Hindi, Why this sudden love for this old novel.

Nehru. It is any ones guess. There are always many sychophants every where. They are more on govt. Their work is to please the top brass some how. tHey will find ways and means for these activities. This is also one among them. Rao himself is not bad.

Satyanaraya. I am known to be forthright and straight forward. I suffered a lot. You know I was not awarded even a doctorate. For achievement in literature. However I do not bother.

Nehru. Sir. These doctorates from Universities have no meaning. Now a days all types of guys such as singers, dancers, Film stars, poets, journalists, politicians are being given. Many are of no use. . In future the way things are going on even dacoits, smugglers, thieves also can hope to get one. Why not? They have excelled in their field. They are also artists.

Gandhi. Oh. I am happy. No one has given me one after my death. I wsa rather worried. Patel told me that recently he was given Bharat Ratna 40 years after his death along with Subhas, I was scared some wise guy will give me too. Then where is my position? I will also be one among the ratnas. Eee…eeee…

Nehru. Plesae do not worry. Ambedkar turn is over. It is the turn of Babu jagjivan ram and Maulana azad. One guy from minority has to be given . Otherwise they will feel bad. In future some may even demand the award for Jinnah too. Hee..heee..haa..haa

Satyanarayana.I think I made myself clear. Thanks every one

( He leaves the hall after paying respects to Gandhi and Nehru)

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal, What is the chance of PV again making as PM.

Nehru. Bapu. He is in boat without rudders. Unfortunately there are no proper leaders in Congress. Arjun singh, Pilot, Pawar, Tiwari, and many more want to become PM replacing Rao. All have been cut to size. They do not have following. At any time carpet can be pulled under the feet of Rao. But he is also clever and playing game carefully. He is the only hope for congress. All others would fight for the loaf.

Gandhi. I heard recently he expanded ministry.

Nehru. Yes. He had to please all sundry

Gandhi. Any how Rao is also very old and learnt tricks of the trade. But one can not expect too much from him. He I alos very old.

Nehru. During my time also people thought what would happen after me

Gandhi. Nothing happened. Rather it ran well..

Nehru. Bapu. This a bit too much. Eeee….eeeee…. I struggled for 16 years after independence

Gandhi. So what? You enjoyed power and comforts and prestige. You ensured that your family rules after you generation after generation. What else you want? The country has been enslaved by your dynasty after Mughals. This I never foresaw in Indian democracy.. Or else I would have ensured that no one would continue as PM, CM or MLA, MP for more than two terms. They develop vested interests.

(Bapu gets sentimental and gets up and sings doing jig)

The Indian democracy has been misused by one and all
Where the leaders made power as their personal property
New dynasties have sprung up that are high and tall
And the roots of nation have been made rickety

All are busy in projecting their sons
While few bring up their clever daughters
None is bothered for the game of reason
While common man is scared and is in jitters

I should have fore seen the things to come
Limited the posts for mere two terms
Dynastic rules are imposed by some goons
And leaders have ruined the state as dirty worms

It I high time people are taught lessons
That the state is not some ones personal property
People should wake up from drinking sessions
And throw out the leaders who made the nation dirty.

Oh Mother give these fools some wisdom
And they are running after instant stardom.
Some of them ruined nation brick by brick
As people have failed to deliver them a mighty kick
Nehru. Bapu. Please relax. You can not change the world. We have to watch and see the tamasha.

Gandhi. That is true. I am tired. It is not that easy to do jig. Oh fo. It is time I go to bed. I have to drink goats’ milk also .OK Bhai. See you tomorrow. Come soon.

Nehru. Ok..Bapu. Good night.

(Nehru leaves the room adjusting his cap)


Into the past with pain....97


Dr k Prabhakar Rao

(There is a hall in heavens where an old man is sitting relaxed on a torn blanket on the ground and he has only loin cloth around him He is bald and is of 80 years. He occasionally coughs and appears to be in poor heath. He removes his spectacles and occasionally wipes with an old cloth. Just then, an handsome man of 50 years in safari suit passes the door and peeps in)

Stranger. Hello. Who is there? Oh Gandhiji. Good morning. How are you? How is your health? I was trying to locate you in heavens since long. Dammed tired. Why the hell you are her? How pathetic you are living? How sad you look? What is the matter?

Gandhi. Oh Good evening Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto. How come you are here? I heard about you recently. But you are too early to arrive. You were a kid when I was there. Some time ago, Mohd Ali Jinnah was mentioning about you. What went wrong? I thought after partition, all would be fine. How sad? Jinnah too thought same. Poor Jinnah could not live long. I also could not live long.. Any how it is good. He left his country in time. He became Qaid e Aazam as I became father of nation in India.

Zulfikhar. You are lucky sir. I thought I would be duplicate father of nation of Pakistan. But all is my bad luck. I do not know from where this crazy Zia ul haq came in. He was mad after power. He hanged me by neck ( Cries) eee..eee…allah…eeee… he implicated me in false cases…eee..mardiya mujhko…uss kutte ne….Uss Badmash ne….uss zalim ne…us shaitan ne.. eeee…aaaa..us darindene. ( he has killed me. That dog, .. that crook. that cruel guy, ….That devil.. That bad character…)

Gandhi. Do not cry my son. Whatever happens is for our good. Zia had his strong reasons to eliminate you. Unless he killed you had no future. So all is for good only.

Zulfikhar. How can you say that sir? Do you think Godse has done right thing to you by putting lead in to you at point blank?

Gandhi. Yes. I firmly believe it. (He smiles showing teethooss mouth) I am happy that Godse shot me at point blank so that I could not escape. I am happy he did not use small 0.22 Pistol. He used a solid 0.32 Italian semi auto Pistol that was sure to kill a man. He put lot of bullets into me to make sure that I died. Haaa.haaa. What a nice thing he has done! I am very happy. Even doctors had no chance of saving me. If I had lived, there would have been problems to the rulers and new government. As it is, they were getting impatient with me and getting vexed up with me. Already leaders were un happy with my demand to pay Pakistan Rs 5 crores. Any how my role was over. I foresaw what will happen to congress. So I wanted to dissolve it. Now Look. What happened? It has become a family rule. Mughals have left.A new dynasty of Nehru’s with Gandy’s name has been imposed on India. (Sings and does jig happily)

I am happy that Godse shot me dead
As it is, I became a dead wood
All the leaders were getting vexed up
From outside however they shown smiling lips

How nicely Godse shot me
And he made sure I was killed
With a good Italian pistol that he had
My chest he then thoroughly grilled

He came very close to me with a smile
The pistol of course he hid in his palm
He did not show an iota of hate
Then he shot me appearing very calm

He bowed to me well in reverence
With a smile on his face with no ire
His eyes were fixed steadily on me
As he opened from the pistol the deadly fire

Zulfikhar. Bapu. Relax. Enough of this jig. You will get tired. I heard so. I was only a child at that time. How bad it was!

Gandhi. You heard correctly. Why feel bad? There was nothing wrong. I personally feel. One day I had to die. In fact I asked Jawaharlal to dissolve Congress party after
independence. But he did not listen. They wanted power and fame. They waited for it so long. It was right in front of them. Will any fool leave? In fact I was a fool and I refused all power. I know some how that power would corrupt people. Power will spoil even greatest saints. (Takes deep breath and sighs…). Any how Zulfikhar, why are you getting worried now. You are already dead. Nothing can change now. You were no less. You were highly anti Indian too. When Indian plane was hijacked to Pakistan and was burnt in the airport you danced at air port as a mad guy. You called Indians dogs. Why do you forget al these things? In 1971, you literally fell at Indira’s feet begging. I know every thing.

Zulfikhar. Bapu. They are all past things and tricks for survival. Bapu, in Pakistan a politician will survive only if he is anti Indian. So I had to be. I had to earn bread and make to the top place that I did.

Gandhi. Oh. What a guy! Ohfo. Look Zulfikhar.Please take that stone lying in that corner and bang on my bald head. My head is really paining like hell…eeee..aaa..eee.. My head is aching like hell… aa..aaa…hit me.. bang me..

Zulfikhar. Sir I have lot of regards for you. Without you, Pakistan would not have taken birth?

Gandhi. What is there with me? It is al Allah’s wish ( He looks at sky with folded hands in reverence) ( at the word of Allah Gandhi gets more sentimental. Fro a corner he takesa laced skull cap worn by Muslims and puts it on.)

Zulfikhar. You look better now sir. Sir I have a strong doubt. Can I ask?

Gandhi. Please go ahead son. Be bold. We have already died. No one can kill us now.

Zulfikhar. Sir. If our Jinnah sahib was made PM after English men left, I think both the nations could have been one and partition could have been avoided. Today’s all troubles and wars could have been avoided.

Gandhi. I do not think. Jinnah’s mind was already poisoned. In combined India, he thought his rule would be for a very short period. With one election, he would have been sent to oblivion. In Pakistan, he thought he would be eternal PM or President… haaa…haa..heee…heee. Poor fellow died without enjoying power for long. He was already a TB patient. He lies buried in a grave that is visited by all sundry who feel pity on him. After all God is there. See Pakistan is in a shit pot now. You pay for your deeds.

Zulfikhar.You mean Allah.

Gandhi. Oh Yes…of course.. You call anything. He is mighty.. sings Raghupathi Raaghava Raaja Ramm….eeee…

Zulfikhar. Patteetha Pavaan seetha Ram… oh sorry. I am a Muslim. I should not sing in praise of Hindu gods… I praised Hindu gods with this tongue. I must cut off my tongue.

Gandhi. Relax. Don’t be mad Bhutto sahib. Now tell me Bhutto sahib. Why should you be so ambitious? You could have taken things lightly. I think you were too scared of opponents. Elimination is not the solution. You paid for the folly. Pakistan is not India. In India, no one has been hanged from field of politics. So much of political mischief has been done since gaining independence. But no one was hanged. If it was in Pakistan, half of the leaders would have been sent to gallows. The best part in India is never ending court trials. The trials go on for life long. Godse’s case was an exception. He was hanged within a year. They were rather in hurry.

Zulfikhar. Sir. This is politics. Here fittest would survive. Your theories of all round brotherhood will not wok. One has to be ruthless

Gandhi. Zia ul Haq has done exactly the same thing to you. He was ruthless and hanged you.

Zulfikhar. Sir. I thought army would be out of politics

Gandhi. Dear. Can a Tiger keep quiet after eating a man?. You can never trust army particularly in Pakistan. You did and paid by your life. History shows it. Iskandar
Mirza,Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia Ul haq… I do not know how many Khans will be there in future..

Zulfikhar. Bapu. Atleast your country is free from this.

Gandhi.I do not know how long. Nehru knows it better. .. Even in India Nehru was damned scared of Gen Cariappa and Gen Thimmayya. He had no sleep as long as Thimmayya was there in chair. Even Indira was scared of Gen Manekshaw. Our polical bosses are lucky that army in India is free and away from politics.( With in himself.. Hope they would continue..if so, how long.Every thing looks calm… But behind every calm see tempest also lurks.) Nehru lives close by. I shall send my secretary Mahadev Desai to fetch him.

( After some Nehru arrives in his usual attire along with Krishna menon the former Defense minister of Chinese war ill fame and General Kaul. They greet Gandhiji and Bhutto. In the back ground, song Saare jahanse accha Hindostan Hamara..hamaara.. is heard in typical TV style)

Nehru. Bapu. What is the matter? You have not left me here too. Now what happened?

Gandhi. Come on. Do not be rough with me. You can not be. Please do not forget that I made you PM although every one felt that Patel was better. I bulldozed my way through. How much difference it would have made?

Nehru. Why dig the past now. Did I beg you to make me PM?

Gandhi. I do not remember it now. By the by what is Kaul doing here?

Nehru. Bapu. We are writing a book.. “ How we bungled the Chinese issue in 1962”.

Zulfikhar. Punditji. It is nice thing you bungled the Chinese issue. Otherwise how we would have been close to Chinese? How we could build Karakom highway?

Nehru. You mean I helped you indirectly.

Zulfikhar. Yes. You commit blunders and we take advantage.

Nehru. When partition took place, we thought we would live like brothers.

Gandhi. Yes living like brothers but with swords crossed.

Kaul.Bapu. Am I required here?

Gandhi. I think you are getting suffocated. That is what happened to you during Chinese war. You just vanished leaving troops in bloody front.

( In the back ground, wailing sounds of ghosts of dead soldiers from Chinese war are heard. They are singing.

Jago sone walo.. suno meri kahani

Tara rara rari.. Bhoot… bangla…eeee..eee

(Wake up Oh guys sleeping and listen to my story..) (Kishore’s song from Bhoot Bangla)

(From somewhere, the ghost of Major Shaitan singh the martyr of Chinese war walks in)

Shaitan singh. Bapu.. Bapu.. Listen. I was sacrificed at the altar of freedom by this Kaul while he ran away. See, he is enjoying in company of Nehruji.

Kaul. That is life in army. But you were rewarded with Parma veer Chakra. What else you want? In wars, some die and some live. Some get decorated for nothing. Some real deserving heroes go unnoticed.

Shaitan singh. What I will do with that? Who has bothered for my family after the war?

Kaul. Look. No one bothers for any one in world to day. . More so in army. You know, no one is bothered for a soldier once he leaves uniform. You are talking about dead? ( Yawns). How ignorant you are? God bless you.

Nehru. Come on Gen Kaul. Why are you getting into arguments with him? Do not waste time. Pay attention to our books.

( Major Shaitan singh’s Ghost disappears after touching feet of Gandhi not before shouting, “ down with Kaul and Nehru and Menon”)

( In the background, famous singer Mukesh is heard sadly singing..

Mujhe tumse kuch bin chahiye
Mujhe mere haal pe chod do.
Mujhe mere haal pe chod do….ooh…( From film Kanhiah)

Gandhi. How true Mukesh is? That is exactly is required from army. No expectations from Government, senior bosses and society. They will be happiest. Look Jawaharlal. Don’t you think we should make this song as the marching song for army? How motivating it is! It is the gospel of Buddha, absolute renunciation in spirit.. eee…eeee. So good it is.. I am getting inspired to do march past on this song over band.

(Gandhi tries to do march past with hands swinging 180 degrees to and fro and falls down unable to do. He sprains his shoulders. All help him to get up and he is given Nimusilide tablet by Mahadev Desai)

Nehru. True Bapu. But this song suits more for slow march used in funerals and inspecting guards

Gandhi. This is not a real problem. One can always modify tune.

(Suddenly Mohd Ali Jinnah walks in He is famished and sporting Sherwani and fez cap.He looks like a moving skeleton with Sherwani. He wishes Gandhi and others)

Jinnah. Salaam wale kum every one.( Sings doing jig)

Salaam walekum antaa bagunara
Meeranta bagunnara
Kallappaginchi choosthare
Nene nene bhai sab. ….Salamm…walekum…

(Salutations.. How is every one?
Are all fine?
Why do you stare with wide eyes?

This is me.. This is me..
Oh dear brother)

( Song from Telugu from film Laila Majnu by ShivRao)

Jinnah.Bapu and Nehru. You are always together. What is the discussion? I overheard Bhutoo was saying that Nehru bungled Chinese issue. Why only Chinese? What about Kashmir? See How nice it is? It is burning like Kafirs funeral pyre…

Gandhi. Jinnah. You were the head there You only allowed Pak troops into Kashmir. Isn’t it?

(Jinnah remains calm.. He is overcome by cough. He is unable to breath. He utters Yah Allah. Yah Allah. Have mercy on me.Mujhe bachalo.. Mere bap.. Yaa.. Alah)

Nehru. Why ask for mercy now? After doing everything?

Jinnah. After doing some thing only one asks for mercy. Don’tyou know this?

Gandhi. Please forgive him He accepted that he did wrong. He is asking for mercy from Alah.( sings)

Vaishnavajanako denere kahiye… ye..yee..yee
Eee….ee… beena…. parayee…eee jane re..eee…ee

Zulfikhar. ( Bows to Jinnah and sits at his feet.) Qaid e Azam sir. You have done right thing. You have ditched these Indian Kafirs very well. Kashmir is ours. No one can take it. It is a question of time. What these kafirs can do? In past, did these Kafirs win any war?Look This Gandhi glorified as father of nation and as Mahatma can sing only Raghupathi .. Raaghava..Rajja ram even when we severe his head. He can not raise his hand even. We must happy that he made the nation impotent to etrninty.He put Nehru in saddle afterindependence. He ensured that future generations continue to be politically impotent. Think of Kasim,Ghaznavi, Ghori, Baber, Abdali. All of them butchered these nuts in India. One day Junagarh will be ours, Hyderabad Deccan will be ours. I can hear the soul of Osman Ali Khan still wailing and calling for our help. Kashmir will be ours, and whole India will be ours as a matter of fact. We ruled for centuries. Remember guys. Jis kaa lathi us ka bhains ( Buffalo belongs to the one with stick)

(Patel suddenly rushes in angrily. )

Patel. Mr Bhutto. Just Shut up. This is not UNO or Pakistan where you could talk all shit. Bakwas band karo.. namune.. Chamdi uttar dunga. Zaban sambhalke. ( Stop talking all non sense. I shall skin you and cut off tongue. Chup ho jao.Naheeto… nateeja theek nahee hoga..)

Gandhi. Patel. Calm down. Jawaharlal. Please take care of him.

Nehru. Mr Bhutto. Have you forgotten what my daughter did to you?

Zulfikhar. What is so great? Our Eastern wing was very far and could easily be cut off. Is it a great victory? The Yankees let us down. My blood boils when I see the surrender photograph with Gen Niazi signing the instrument of surrender.

( From pocket he takes out the surrender photograph and tears it into pieces)

Nehru. That is with Gen Arora and Niazi with Gen Joseph in back ground. I wonder why Arora could not become the Chief?

Zulfikhar. You were dead long ago. How could you see the photo? Nehru sahib Remember. Hard work, efficiency and devotion can not ensure promotion. There are other aspects too that matter. Chamchagiri, bootlicking is a vital trait for promotion in uniformed services.

Nehru.Nonsense.. This is none of your business. Plesae know that my daughter came here after operation blue star and she brought the photo.

Zulfikhar .( jumps up in great ecstasy) Yah Alah.. Alah ho Akbar, every one pays back. She ruined us. She was shot dead. I am happy( does very fast jig happily and sings)

Indira ruined us in war
She was shot dead by her own men
Allah sees all with one eye
These deeds are written with a gold pen

Nehru ( weeps) eee..eee..aaaa.aaa... Tears roll down from eyes. He wipes tears with a clean hanky given by Mahadev Desai.)Bapu.You what this guy is uttering? My entire family sacrificed for the nation. My daughter was shot dead by guards. My dear grand son Rajiv Gandhi was blasted off by LTTE of Sri Lanka. My another grand son crashed in a plane. I lost my sick wife. Is this I have to hear from this kid? History has not been fair to me.eee..eee..aa… ( sings)

Jab dil hee toot gaya
Ham jeeke kya karenge
Jab dil hee toot gaya
Ulfat ka diya hamne
Is dil me jalayaatha
Ummidke phoolonse
Iis gharko sajjayatha….

(Why I should I live
When my heart is broken
The lamp of love
I lit in my heart
With flowers of expectations
I decorated my house…

( KLSaigal from film Shahjehan)

Gandhi. Relax dear. History has proved that political power can not be enjoyed without risks Your family members enjoyed power one after the other and you were interested too. You created a dynasty. So face music too. Any how, I feel bad for you (sings)

Raghupathi Raghava Raaja ram..eeee…aaaa.. Pateetha pavan aseetha Ram..
Looks around and no one is seen singing along with him)

Nehru.. Ram nam japana..Ho Ram naam Japna( Say salutations to Lord Rama)

Zulfikhar. Ho.. Paraya maal apna.. Ho Paraya maal apna..Hindostan hai apna ( Other’s property is mine)

Jinnah. Kashmir bhee apna..saari duniya hai apna. Allah ho Akbar ( Kashmir is also ours.. Allah is great)

Patel .. Khali rahega tumhara sapna…jo Sone hal. Sat sree akal.( Your dream will be empty.. God is great..)

Gandhi. Ohfo.. Ram..Ram.. Am I here to listen to this nonsense? Ee..eeee..aaaa…aaa. cluck..gluck…eee…eee.Haa..haa. Margaya re.. Mujhe sambhalo re… Hare Raam.. Kaha hai re. Bacho. ( faints)


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Bapu and Nehru are seen conversing in a room in heavens. The room is poorly furnished and lit too. A charkha and few glasses are kept on a rickety table.)

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. I learnt there is some deep trouble in India now a day. Let us go and see what is happening.

Nehru. Fine Bapu. Did I say any time No to you?

(They descend to Parliament Street. Parliament is in session. Lot of noise is heard. Choicest abuses are heard in loud voice. They try to enter the gate and are stopped by a sentry who points out the rifle at them.)

Nehru. My friend. We are Bapu and Nehru and came from heavens and want to attend the session. Rather see what is happening. Please take off your rifle barrel from our faces. Accidentally it may go off. As it is you do not have much training on weapons.

Sentry. No Sahib. Do you have a pass to attend the session?

Gandhi. My son. We do not have any such pass. Kindly go and tell the speaker or the PM that we have come. Don’t you recognize me, the Bapu, great Bapu, the father of nation? See this lathi and watch.

(The confused sentry goes in and after some time returns with Marshals along with speaker)

Speaker. You swindlers. Who are you? Sons of a bit… Do you think that we would believe that you are Bapu and Nehru? They died long time back. One was shot like a lame duck right in full view of public at Birla Mandir and other died by severe depression under remorse after Chinese war in 1962. Now, get lost or you shall be thrashed black and blue. I am speaker of this parliament. I speak less and do more in practice ( does fast jig shouting yeah..yeah…ippi..ippi..yeah).

(After listening to speaker and getting inspired, the Marshals move menacingly towards the pair and Gandhi and Nehru retreat steps. They run towards main road and are seen walking slowly when they confront PV Narsimha Rao. He is alone walking on pavement and there is none with him. He is rather tired and exhausted..PV sees Bapu and runs to him. He falls at the feet of Bapu and weeps uncontrollably. Gandhi lifts him up and consoles him. Nehru pats his back.

Nehru. PV What happened? Why are you alone? Where is your security squad? How about the Chamchas, bootlickers and stooges?

PV . Punditji, All is over. I am in neck deep troubles. I am fully now got stuck in court cases. All have deserted me. That old guy Sitaram Kesari got me thrown out from the altar. I am of no use to them. That old fox was planning to become the PM all these years some how.

Nehru. This is all your doing. Why did you allow him to be the treasurer for more than 16 years? One should not be allowed to stay in the same post for many years. ( sings 0

Leaders working in the same post for many years
Are sure to develop deep rooted interests
Dogs that watch the house for many years
Feel that they are at top of mountain Everest

None should be allowed to work for many long years
They should be kicked out at the earliest opportunity
The crooked would never become great sages
And would harm the nobles even if they are mighty

PV. True. I some how failed to cut down that fellow. I am feeling restless.
Till yesterday all these guys were around me licking my shoes and chewing my socks. See today.

Gandhi. That is the way of world.

Nehru. Do not worry. In politics all is fair. Did you leave the PM ship when it came to you? Didn’t you mange to stay around for years by all means? So face it.

PV. I am atleast happy that Kesari has not become PM after puling down Gowda.

Gandhi. Look PV. Who is this Gowda? I never heard about him.

PV. He was a PM from united front. That was an opportunistic conglamation of parties. They had sole aim of not allowing Bajpai to become PM. There is no other aim. The man appears simple but very cunning too and clever.. Kesri felt That PM ordered CBI enquiry against him. So he pulled the carpet. Gowda is famous for dozing off in parliament too.

Nehru. Poor guy. Even then he could not become the PM. ( sings)

The congress party in India is engulfed by congress grass
Where leaders plan others funerals
All these cynics are ruining the nation enemas
In army without seeing a war there are retiring generals.

Poor Gowda the humble lost at the centre
He also lost the state post being a poor guy
Dirty congress party politics stopped the rotor
As the carpet was pulled by Kesri who was sly.

Gandhi. Well said Jawaharlal. (Sings and does jig)

Indian congress that I lead to freedom
Has been lost in concrete jungles of India
Congress of today is some ones fiefdom
Where all run for news in the media

It is high time these men are given kicks
That they know values of democracy.
All these men need good bashing with sticks
That would make them forget hypocrisy

PV. Bapu. I gave stable government for 5 long years. In the name of united front, all funny sounding parties have ganged up. It is a shame to Indian democracy that a single party could not get majority.

Gandhi. It is al bad luck. But good for people like Yadavs. Otherwise who would vote them to power? I think 21 century would be century of Aya ram and Gaya ram.

Nehru. Only good thing is the elevation of Gujral as PM. He is a sensible one and best out of all. He is a misfit among these funny nuts. God save him.

Nehru. Hope so dear.

Gandhi. PV what are your plans now? Are you going to retire?

PV. No never. Look I shall come back with a bang All these are false cases. One by one all will be struck off. Just because some guy makes an entry in diary that money was paid to so and so, CBI has charged them laughs . hee..heee. How ridiculous!

Nehru. It is very simple common sense that these diaries can not stand in court. In that way any one can write anything in diaries about others. He may even write so and so guy committed murder. Will you hang him based on diary? Even a child would laugh it off..CBI should take legal opinion in such cases. How come they committed such blunders? It looks like free for all in India. No one knows what is to be done.

PV. That is the joke of this century.. haa..haa..haaa

Nehru. Next thing is to charge the investigating agency with defamation suits. That would be great guns. Those guys would never come out of court cases. I am sure some one must be planning such actions. May god please help them out.

Gandhi. What a sorry state in my India! I languished in jails to get what? Definitely not for these days. Eee…eee..eee.. Mera Bhaarat…... Mera Bhaarat ( Beats his chest)

(In distance a song is heard

Mukhda dekhle praani
Zaraa darpan mey
Ho…oh.. o
Papa hai kitna punya hai kitna
Dekh tere jeevan mey
Dekhle darpan mey
Mukhda dekh le prani……………. Kavi Pradeep

( Look at your face in a mirror
Oh the creature
Look for the sin
And Look for the good
That you have done
Know in your life
And look into a mirror
And see your face
That reflects all)

Gandhi weeps more after listening to the song and Nehru and PV try to console Gandhi. Slowly they move on the road when suddenly a siren is heard. A police van drives past announcing that the new PM would soon pass through the place and all people should clear the road immediately. Nehru and PV run away, but Gandhi being weak struggles and is on the middle of the road when the convoy arrives. The VVIP vehicles pass past and scores of police men land on Gandhi)

Inspector. You old fool. Joker of first order. Why are you here? Are you a terrorist? I shall show you what police in Delhi is.

Gandhi. Inspector. I am Gandhi, Bapu, Your Bapu, The father of nation.( sings and jig)

Look oh inspector
Am I looking like a crook
Please have some rethinking
And rascals hide in India at every nook

Inspector. Is it so. You bloody fellow! Whom you are fooling. Do you think I will be impressed by your poetry? Hey constable! Hold this guy tight. I shall show him what I am and who he is… Gana gaata hai. Badmaash ( rascal sings song)

(The Inspector kicks Gandhi in stomach and Gandhi swoons and vomits blood. He again kicks in the groin and Gandhi collapses. Police men laugh. Nehru and PV see the incident and run to Gandhi and the police seize them)

Inspector. So you are the accomplices of this joker. Take this.

(Inspector thrashes Nehru and PV escapes quickly and Nehru swoons and falls. The police men laugh and walk away, board vehicles and drive away. Gandhi and Nehru struggle and get up and start walking slowly limping)

Nehru. What a state of affairs in India that too in capital. British police was never so harsh. It looks in India police raj is there. Government has apparently has no control over them. Recently the police here severely beat up a civilian who by mistake entered the high security zone. Their behavior was worst than what happened at Jalian wallah bagh years ago. Ohfo what a change after I left! There is no respect to Gandhi, me and elderly men. We were surely wrong in getting independence.

( From the sky a voice is heard)

Voice. Hey !Jawaharlal. This Winston Churchill. I stated long time agi at the time of granting independence that India would be handed over to a bunch of rascals where a glass of water and piece of bread would be taxed. Hee..heee.. what I said has come true. Look at your fate today. Where do you stand? Was I not correct?

Nehru. Sir. You were hundred percent correct.

Churchill’s voice. See you. Better luck for you. You can not stay among these crooks. Better return fast.

Gandhi. Looks like that. In any system all, will not be bad. Some black sheep will always be there. Unfortunately we came across such types. More over, we were at fault. I could not cross over.

Nehru. Bapu. But it does not mean that they had to bash us up so badly. You are really great. In spite of all these hardships you are giving benefit of doubt to these men.

Gandhi. One must take things in right spirit. I have nothing against police. I forgave them already.

Nehru.Bapu. that’s why they call you Mahatma (great soul). I am only called a Pundit.
Hey Bapu. In AP there is a serious charge that Naxals are killed in the name of encounters. How sad? People say they are official murders.

Gandhi. Many people say many things. Truth will come out one day. Then they will pay for it. OK Jawaharlal. Let us go back fast . Or else some other police men may trouble us. Where is PV? Let him be happy some where. He has still time to follow us to heavens.

Nehru. Ok Bapu.. as you wish

( Both sing Ramdhun with hickups and slowly walk into distance)




Dr k Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi is lying in a sofa in the house of Bajpai while Nehru is seen sitting next to him. The atmosphere is serene. Gandhi once in a while opens his eyes and utters Ram. ram.. Uhh.uhhh. eee.. ee..aa.. ohfo.. Mera Bharat. Mera Bharat. Eeee..Eee. Nehru keeps comforting him.)

Gandhi. Jawaharlal.. Where are we now? How am I?

Nehru. Bapu. We came to Sri Bajpai’s house in Delhi. During discussions, you suddenly got excited. Probably, your BP rose. So they left and must be coming soon. They wanted you to take some rest.

Gandhi. I see.

Nehru ( within himself..) I do not se any thing here accept you

Gandhi. What did you say?

Nehru. Bapu. Nothing

( In the mean time Bajpai and Advani walk in.

Bajpai. Punditji. How is Bapu? Our Bapu. Great Bapu. Mahatma Bapu.

Nehru ( With in himself) I hope he is not sarcastic…( gets composed) Oh.. He is fine now.

( Suddenly Seshan the retired Chief Election commissioner walks in. He is a BJP candidate. He has his usual haughty and usual pose of a Toad. He greets Bapu and others.)

Seshan. What is the matter? All are here including the dead guys.

How come Bapu you are here?
I never saw you around for many years
The world has changed lot oh dear!
Know the elections in India have brought yellow fever

Bajpai. That is nicely said Seshan bhai. Keep it up.

Nehru. Hoi Seshan! I heard you lost Presidential elections miserably.

Seshan. What else will happen in India? The learned men of India want rubber stamps. They do not want strong men.

Nehru. Naryanan is not a rubber stamp. The way he handled crisis created by Kesari shows that he is strong.

Seshan. Sir. You may think so. Give me one chance. I shall straighten every thing and every one.

Gandhi. That is why you will not get chance. Let the things be like that only. If every thing is straight what will happen to our leaders, so called patriots who sacrificed every thing for the country. They have to be busy in political games and Tamasha.

Bajpai. Bapu. Well said.

Morals in Indian politics are down the drain
Where crossing the floors is the order of the day
Farmers in India are hungry without food grains
As criminals roast rooster everyday

Gandhi. Why criminals? Leaders too.

Bajpai. True criminals are synonymous to leaders and vice versa.

Gandhi. Haaa…haa..haa..hee..heee..hee

Bajpai. Some time back, the slogan by some nuts in India was Indira is India and India is Indira.

Advani. That was long time ago probably after India won 1971 war. At that time Bajpai sir called her Durga..heee..heee

( Bajpai gets a bit upset and it is noticed)

Gandhi. Some one said they will not give tickets to criminals

Seshan. Which tickets Cinema tickets?

Gandho.. No..No.. Come on Seshan. These are for elections.

Seshan ( Laughs loudly in typical Seshan style while his large ponch shakes violently) ha..haaa…haaaa..heee..heee..heee. Bapu. Where are you? Know it. In AP a criminal joined the ruling party. And the fellows organized a huge rally with more than thousand cars in spite of prohibitive orders. The biggest joke is that the home minister flagged off the rally. This is AP and Naidu style.

Bajpai. God save AP and the people of Andhra. Has the great leader Potti sriramulu gave life for this day?

Gandhi. What a sorry state in Andhra! It is den of Naxalites who run a parallel government there. There is no rule of law as it appears.
Police men can kill any one and show as encounter and get away.

Bajpai. All the CM shave failed to contain Naxals except Jalgam Venkat Rao .

Nehru. Any how, it is not our headache at present. I want to see how Sonia has started her campaign.

Bajpai. Sir. Better you go yourself. We have better things to do. How we are bothered how she is going about. .W we have our own plans.

Gandhi. OK Bhai Bajpai. Thanks for hospitality. We shall meet you again.

Nehru. Thanks Mr Advaniji and Bajpaiiji. Bye

( Gandhi and Nehru walk out of the house)

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. I shall come with you. After all I am a congress man. You are my man too. Let us go dear. ( Sings and does jig)

Look I am from congress
Although I do not wear proper dress
I gave India the freedom misused now
Even a cat in street knows why and how

Nehru. Thanks Bapu I am at your service.

Gandhi. haa …haa..haaa

( Gandhi and Nehru land up in Chennai. On the way, they see a convoy and armored car with rifle wielding police men in open jeeps.

Nehru. Bapu. See the motorcade. This belongs to her. See the protection. Even I was not given that much protection.

Gandhi. Are you feeling jealous about it?

Nehru, Why should I?

Gandhi. It is a tragedy in democracy. They want people votes .But can not face them. Everything is hypocrisy. What life they have? Shame on Indians.

Nehru. Bapu. Shall we call it hypocrisy? Any how, let us go to her. She would feel happy

(They try to go near the armored car when it slows down at a gathering. Suddenly hundreds of police men wilding weapons swoop on them)

Inspector. Hey. You Topiwalah. Cal hatt ( Move away ) Stay back. Don’t come near. Or else I shall put a bullet in your head.

Nehru. Come on Inspector. I am Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru the first PM of Inia and this man is Bapu, our Bapu, Mahatma Gandhi the father of nation.

Inspector. Laughs.. hee…heeee..hee…heee…You scoundrel of first order. Nehru died long ago. Whom you are fooling? Is this bald head skeleton Gandhi? Great characters indeed. Good way of begging.

Gandhi. How dare you are talking in this manner? That too to father of nation!. I shall show. How ungrateful you are? I gave you freedom from white skins. It s shame that congress could not produce a single leader who could lead this nation except Lal Bahadur.

Nehru. Don’t you think my daughter was worthy?

Gandhi. The present problems are her creation only. Created for remaining in power.

Nehru. How sad that you hold such views about her?

Gandhi. As your daughter I love her. But as PM I have my views.

Inspector. Enough of silly discussions. Now get lost from here.

( In the mean time Sonia sees Gandhi and Nehru and signals them to come close by and she tells inspector. They are taken to her)

Sonia. Hello guys. It is very nice to see you guys on this occasion in this dress. You have dressed exactly like them. Congratulations.

Gandhi. We are not dupes. We are real.

Sonia. Laughs hee..he.. What a joke! How it is possible for dead men to rise. It happened only with Christ. Any how you deserve some thing for this show.

(She hands over two Rupeess coin to them each and are promptly not accepted by them)
In the distance KL Saigal is heard singing

Toot gaye sab sapne mere
Ye do naina savan bhado
Barses saanjh savere..ye.ye..ye
Toot gaye sab sapne mere (KL Saigal from Parwana his last film)

( All my dreams are shattered
From my two eyes
Flow tears evening to morning
All my dreams are shattered)

The pathetic song puts off Gandhi and he hysterically sobs and cries loudly. The Inspector slaps Gandhi and drags both of them away from Sonia throwing tons of abuses.
The convoy proceeds ahead while Gandhi and Nehru are thrown aside roadside. Gandhi is seen picking his spectacles and lathi and Nehru searches for the flower that fell off from his coat.

Gandhi. What type of guys are these? They do not have any consideration for our age atleast. Look the way the police men are behaving. Have I brought freedom to see this day? The British police was far better.

Nehru. Why talk all this Bapu now? Those days are over. We threw out the British. Even if we beg them now and fall at their feet they will not come back to rule us.

Gandhi. True. They are sensible guys. They left in time. They must be happy that they are out of a shit pot.

Nehru. You are absolutely true Bapu. India is a shit pot now. Very well said ( sings)

India now no doubt has self rule
Entire world feels we are fool
Our democracy has become a great joke
Having been achieved from the English blokes

Gandhi. True.

(He gets sentimental and cries loudly beating chest while Nehru consoles him)