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Dr K. Prabhakar Rao

Indian subcontinent was full of men and women following native religions in the yore before Islam ventured into the land. India (Hindustan) was invaded by many foreign barbarian invaders from time to time and they finally merged into society. With Islam, such thing did not happen. Major invasions took place at evil hours under Bin Kasim from west. But he retreated without establishing any Islamic rule in the land. Bin kasim paid for his deeds and he was got killed by his own master. There was some lull in these invasions after this. Although earlier, Greeks invaded under Alexander the great, he departed leaving his governor in India. Over a period, Greeks lost their identity and it is believed that they merged with locals. Similarly invaders such as Huns, Kushans, and Scythians merged in Hindu society. In all these invasions, scores were killed and or taken away as slaves. But many Indians believe that the real history is mostly recorded by the Europeans and they blindly nod their heads like sheep. Some even are critical of Indian ancient texts and say these are mere stories of imagination and gossip ( 1).

One may subscribe to the view that the Englishmen have recorded history to create fissures between Hindus and Muslims and probably the atrocities committed on Hindus by invading Muslims and their successors could not be true. The victories of Islamic invaders have been described by the contemporary historians who glorified the murder, loot and killings with great tempo and glee. Destroyed monuments and defaced idols and temples stand testimony to the naked truth. These writings thus can not be ignored and brushed aside. In general, people in this beleaguered nation turn a blind eye to these happenings with attitude of an Ostrich. Some may even question, : “Why dig the past? What benefit one will get except bitterness?”. This is the general attitude with most of the Indians (Hindus); a disgusting attitude indeed. They turn away their heads from realities like Ostriches.(2)

Afghanistan was in fact a Buddhist state and the great kings like Kanishka ruled the areas and Buddhism flourished. This state was called Gandhara in our epics and ancient texts. Great Buddhist sculptures still exist in Afghanistan such as Bamiyan Buddhas at silk route. The killings and eliminations of Buddhists and Hindus in Afghanistan and surrounding areas would have been so devastating that the mountain ranges in these areas were named Hindukush meaning slaughter of Hindus. Till today, the name exists. Nearly 15 lakh persons were slaughtered in West Afghan town Heerat as per Afghan historian Khondamir. We can imagine the extent of slaughter of Hindus in Islamic invasions in wars and subsequent persecutions. The figures could be mind bogging. We all know that Eccentric and bigot Taliban rulers caused immense damage to these sculptured by firing field guns at the statues recently when they were in power in Afghanistan. Indians helplessly looked at them, passed resolutions in parliament after shedding crocodile tears. They were soon thrown out by the American forces .Almighty desired such fate for such criminal bands claiming as rulers. Death and fear of death stalks every Taliban every minute to day. Which is a price they are paying for their misdeeds?
The murders commencing with invasions of invaders and killers Mohd Ghaznavi (1000AD) to Persian king Nader shah (1739 AD) and Ahmed shah Abdali Durrani later (1761AD) and their successors probably amount to colossal figures and exact numbers can not be really fixed. Prof Lal estimated that between 1000AD to 1525 AD the Hindu population reduced by five crores due to mass killings, extermination and persecution by the Muslim invaders and the rulers (3) . History states that medieval crank Timor Lung who invaded Hindustan in 1399 AD killed one lakh Hindus in a single day while Bahmani sultans who ruled at Gulbarga (later at Bidar in present Karnataka state) in South India during 14 and 16 centuries took oath to kill one lakh Kafirs every year. Surely they would have done these grim acts while many Hindus smile at them today. Baber the cruel invader in 1527AD from Kabul wrote in his memoirs that the ground in the valley of Milamat (presently in District Hoshiarpur) was completely soaked with blood of Kafirs that were slain and he had to shift his tents thrice. He also wrote that he erected a tower using the skulls of slain men and sat on it over a throne and called himself Gazi meaning protector of faith. This was a great fad among Islamic invading rulers in those bygone evil times. The current Jihadis are no different and dream for such achievements. He erected similar towers at Chanderi and Khanwa after winning battles (4). There are other despots and cruel religious bigots who did similar things in India in the past after Baber.

Jalaluddin Akbar much glorified as emperor the great by our pseudo historians mercilessly got slaughtered more than 30,000 Rajput men women and children after the fall of Chittorgarh on 23 Feb 1568. His noted and distinguished court noble Abul Fazal narrated the incident proudly in his book Akbar Nama. When some Rajput nobles of Akbar approached him to stop the mayhem in Chittor Akbar replied:-

“ I am in no mood to listen to the sound of good words. My ears are at present attuned only to enjoy the clang of sword. Leave me alone. I am in communication with the Amir ( Timor) send me a good reciter. Let him read to me in loud voice chapters seven to twelve of Shahnama..blood, not nectar, holds the key to the success of a sovereign,. Give me war. Peace in no avail to me.” (5)

How can any one forget the atrocities committed by the troops of Deccani sultans at Hampi and Vijaynagar after the battle of Tallikota in 1565AD? The troops of Deccani sultans from Bidar, Golconda, Ahmed nagar and Bijapur (Berar stayed out of the war) entered the defenseless cities Hampi and Vijaynagar after the killing of Aliya ( Araveeti) Rama Raya and defeat of Hindu armies at Tallikota due to treachery by Muslim Generals of valiant Aliya Rama Raya. They stayed for five months in these cities systematically destroying all edifices and killing innumerable citizens mercilessly without any reason. Their innumerable deplorable actions can not be even described. Disgracefully our history books turn a Nelsons eye to such acts and turn other way or else our brothers might feel offended. This is not from distant past. It is just 450 years old and each and every building, rock, rampart, pillar, and stone ( In Bellary district) speak of vandalism unleashed by the confederation armies of the sultans and how such atrocities can be ignored by our historians? (6) (7) Surely national spirit is lacking in Hindustan where a section of leaders and men for self elevation try to rub actual history under mat with pure aim of appeasement of others.
It is a disgrace that the history of Vijaynagar was forgotten by Hindus till European Sewell wrote the book, the forgotten empire. Is it because Hindus did not want to remember the shame? Probably true. A real shame to forget history. More damaging is the inability to correct ourselves to prevent such incidents again. Probably, the atrocities committed during the times of Aurangzeb are far less compared to those from the times of Ghanznavi and Mohammed Ghori and his successors at Delhi. Although some crazy pseudo historians claim the period as glorious times of amalgamation of Hinduism and Islam, it was the darkest period in Hindustan’s history. No amalgamation took place although some mutual influence took place. Severe division existed. Creation of Pakistan in 1947 and current divisive actions are solid proofs for this (8).

Some may argue that remembering the past atrocities could further divide the society. Unless the facts are not known how any reconciliation can take place? There is a fear in pseudo secularists that digging the past would antagonize the society further and they take shelter in hiding things and avoid such facts. Every one knows that most of the Muslims who are in subcontinent are the convertees who took to Islam in the past may be due to growing pressures, circumstances and to avoid persecution. The descendents of Persians, Arabs, and Turks are few. If these atrocities are not condemned generally it would be believed that such things were appropriate and common in those days. The current Jihadi craze against Hindustan is the result of this mental attitude.

The world witnessed massacre of Jews in Germany at the hands of Hitler the fuehrer. No one glorifies Hitler today. No one hates Germans either as nation. Acts of Hitler are universally condemned. But in India the murderers such as Gahznavi are given clean chit by none other than great and much glorified Pundit ( Wiseman and learned) Nehru in his book Discovery of India. What a fallacy indeed! Emperor Akbar who was in no way less than any other cruel ruler of past is glorified in movies such as Mughal e Azam, Anarkali and few more in Hindi and other regional south Indian languages. Shah Jehan another Mughal who cut off the hands of artisans after building Tajmahal has been glorified as great lover in movie Taj Mahal. Our Historians forget everything and pseudo history is thrust down the throats of innocent kids at schools. The society itself turns a blind eye to all these atrocities and closes eyes. Why this apathy and casual attitude to our own suffering? If we draw attention to the recent Razakars atrocities in Hyderabad state under Nizam 7 in1948, we have to hang our heads in shame. Such atrocities took place just before 60 years ago and sufferers and victims must be still living (9). Our rulers after police action had no courage to punish Nizam and his coteries severely and more over the Nizam was made a Raj Pramukh to appease the section. Prime Minister Laik Ali was allowed to escape to Pakistan.Kasim Razvi was not hanged but given a jail term. In any other country such criminals would have been summarily shot in front of public view. Most of the Razakars merged with society and escaped law. The old smell has not subsided and occasionally erupts.
Hundreds of movies were produced on atrocities on Jews during World War II and Europe has not forgotten those acts. Even today these are not forgotten and still remembered. What happens in India is different. Indian producers glorify mere killers, womanizers and persecutors as great administrators, lovers and magnificent rulers with great vison and culture. Shivaji lived and suffered for Hindu cause and he established a Hindu kingdom right under the nose of religious bigot Aurangzeb in the most critical times. Bhagavad-Gita states that whenever Adharma ( evil) rises beyond certain limits, the Lord would take birth in the land to punish the guilty and eliminate them. Shivaji can definitely be seen as the incarnation of lord Shiva to arrest Islamization of India and he really achieved it agsint all persecutions by cruel Aurangzeb ( 10). His successors such as Sambhaji, raja Ram, Sahu, peswa, Balaji Viswanath, Baji Rao I, Balaji Baji Rao, Madhav Rao, Baji Rao II, Nana Saheb fought tooth and nail in his path from 17 th century right into 19 th century (11).

Why the Hindi cinema that is the biggest in the world that is based in the home state Maharashtra has not produced a single good movie on life and achievements of Shivaji Maharaj. Is it because all heroes are Khans in Bolly wood? The producers want to make money and patriotic spirit is probably missing among them. Shivaji was not a romantic hero and contemporary history of Shivaji no way reveals such romantic activities. He was a warrior hero always wielding sword and protecting Dharma. But Shivajis life has excellent events that inspire the youth and children. Jijabai inspired Shivaji my merely reciting the stories from our epics and building his character. To day cinema is a great facility to influence youth. What prevents to glorify our own heroes? There was only one good movie Jhansi ki Rani in nineteen fifties. It is necessary to appreciate South Indian cinema that produced excellent movies such as Veera Pandya Katta Bomman ( In Telugu and tamil), Maha mantri Timmarusu ( Great Prime minister Timmarusu) of Vijaynagar empire ( In telugu) few decades ago.. It is well known that Shivaji Killed wretched Afzal Khan the Bijapur General in self defense at Pratapgarh and Muslims even recently protested for highlighting Shivajis heroic deeds on posters or books?

India is shamefully trapped in the hold of Gandhi inspired appeasement and pseudo secularism. If Hindus do not glorify men like MahaRana Pratap, Durga Das Thakur , Amar Singh Rathode, Subhas Chadra Bose, Shambhaji Maharaj, Ahalya bai, Rani Durgavathi, Rani kitturi Chinnamma, Rani Rudrama Devi of Warangal, Jaimal and Patta of Chittorgarh, Rana sanga, Velu Tambi from Kerala, Guru Gobind Singh, who will do? Will Pakistan do for Hindus? Indian ministers visit Afghanistan and pay respects to Baber at his grave who destroyed temple at Ram janma bhoomi and got a mosque constructed. It was a very serious insult Hindus. The grave of Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammed Ghori are also believed to be close by in Afghanistan. They have no time to visit Chauhans grave and pay respects to him while Muslims throw stones at Chauhan’s grave after they visit Ghori’s grave. Our pseudo leaders bask in glory of false life of appeasement and the history will not forgive them. Back at Hyderabad, the dignitaries from Samarkand in central Asia visit the descendents of Baber ( as claimed by them) in Hyderabad and there is official patronage for this tamasha of appeasement. Should we glorify Baber who was an alien and destroyer of Ram temple at Ayodhya and who killed thousands and thousands each day and erected towers of skulls and assumed title Gazi. Whom one is fooling around? They are fooling themselves. One will not be surprised in future if special dark pages will be catered for them in history as betrayers of nation history. False history must be scrapped and realities must be revealed. This is the requirement of the hour before utter darkness takes over the country. ( 12)


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Mohit said...

Dr. Prabhakar,

your blogs are very informative. Small correction though. Bin Qasim did not come to India all the way from Arabia just to conquer Sindh. However his plan were frustrated by Bappa Rawal and Lalitaditya in Battle of Rajasthan.

These two gentleman were an exception and had the foresight to do what was need of the hour. Bappa went on to take the offensive back to western world while Lalitaditya consolidated his rule in India. The idea was to turn India into a republic after conquest was complete....