Friday, April 2, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi , Nehru and Patel are seen roaming around in Hyderabad. They are dressed in usual dress and chatting continuously. In between Gandhi chants Ram,, Ram.. Hare Rama. Hare Krishna.. Krishna. krisha.. hare..hare )

Gandhi. Patel. I heard there is some trouble in Hyderabad. Shall we go and see?

Patel. Bapu. It is not good to go to such areas. It is risky too

Gandhi. Is it Patel speaking? Has the iron man of India developed cold feet?

Patel. Bapu. It Is not like that. We may add fuel to the fire. But if you insist we shall go.

Nehru. What is there? We must do what Bapu wants, (sings)

We are just Bapus slaves
And also w are simple naives
We have no thought of our own
And we simply follow like useless clown

Patel. Hee..heee

Bapu. If you guys are upset please do not come. I can go myself. I know how to take care of myself (sings and does jig)

Look. Nehru and Patel
I can take care of me by all means
You may go the way you like
Or kill me with a sharp spike

You guys know I led the freedom struggle
Although many followed behind me with a giggle
Remember that I can not be cowed down
And I made India from white to brown

Patel. Bapu. Please do not get angry. We are with you. Let us go.

Bapu. Thanks. I am happy that senses have returned to you guys.

(All of them slowly walk towards old city. The slowly reach Afzal Gunj through lanes and on the main road confront police personnel. The constables catch all of them and take to an Inspector of police of rapid action force)

Inspector. Who are you guys? What are you doing? There is a curfew around. Don’t you know this. There are shoot at sight orders too

Gandhi. Ameen (Sub inspector) Sahib. We do not know that there is a curfew. Look I am Bapu. The father of nation. These two are Patel and Nehru (sings and does jig holding stick.)

Look Bhai I do not know there is some curfew.
Around here and there I found few
How come they are moving around here?
Kindly tell me Inspector oh dear.

Inspector. Enough of this singing. What are you up to. What is there to see at Charminar. Every thing is closed.

Patel.We heardsome groups fought each other.

Inspector. That is normal in these areas. Please go back to your place, We have orders to shoot if people violate Curfew.

Gandhi. We are not violating. We have come to you.Allo us to go to Charminar. If you want you may shoot too.

Inspector. What? Are you not scared of police? Don’t you value your lives?

Patel. In India there is no value for life. People are killed by taxes itself imposed by government. Most of the people are already dead. They are living ghosts.

Inspector. Are you sadists?

Gandhi. It is not the question of being sadists. Personally I feel police should shoot real culprits, and not the guys who are taking their children to a doctor during curfew. There is no way out for them.

Inspector. Till now we have not shot any one like that.

Patel. Your are telling us that you would shoot us. Are we looking like arsonists?

( In the mean time some miscreants come out of a lane and throw stones at police. One stone hits a constable and another hits Inspector. He reacts angrily)

Inspector. Constable. Shoot those basta… Sons of bi..

( Constable lifts up his rifle SLR 7.62 mm and shoots at the miscreants. The bullets hit three guys and they fall down. Others run away. Police run to the fallen guys)

Inspector. Ohfo. These are mere children. They are dead already.

( Police personnel drag the bodies to a side and call for an ambulance. They return again to Gandhi)

Gandhi. What you have done Bhai? You killed children. They are not even 10 years of age. Was it must to shoot at them.

Inspector. That is none of your business. Look old man. Behave. You have not seen any thing. If you open your mouth, I shall shoot you first. I am an encounter expert.

Gandhi. I shall surely speak to press. I shall also give witness if required.

Inspector. That you can do if you are alive.

Patel. Look Inspector. You can not do any thing to us. You behave first.

Inspector. This is high time I discipline you.

( He draws out his 9mm pistol from the holster, cocks it and aims at Gandhi)

Gandhi. Haa…haa. I have seen many pistols like this in my life. British police aimed their pistols Smith and wesson, Webley and scot, Harrington and Richardson, Army and Navy, Colts, at me during freedom struggle. You can not do any thing to me.

Inspector. You appear to be a nut. I shall show you

( He opens fire and shoots 5 rounds at Gandhi. Gandhi throws his hands into air and laughs)

Gandhi. Haa..haaa..hee..heee Look fool. Nothing happened to me. Show these guns to some another one.

Inspector. ( Looks aghast) Are you putting bullet proof jacket?

Patel. No. We are dead people. We are opaque. Our bodies are not solid

(Inspector tries to feel Patel and Gandhi. His hands just pass through them)

Inspector. Oh.. No.. You are bhoots. Eee..eeee..

Patel. heee..heee

( Patel rushes at Police men with raised hands. Police men leave their guns and run away shouting bhoot ..bhoot…)

Gandhi. Now let us go to Charminar

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel walk towards Charminar singing Ram dhun)


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