Wednesday, January 19, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru and patel are near the international airport at Hyderabad . There is a crowd at the airport and many are seen wailing. They get perplexed and also are curious)

Gandhi. Patel. What happened. Why so many guys are crying here and waiting here.

Patel. I also do not know. Let me find out.

Nehru. Unfortunately some one might have died somewhere and the body must be awaited.

( Patel goes to a person and enquires. His name Ramdas)

Patel. Bhai Sahib. What happened here?

Ramdas. Sir . Don’t you know? Many pilgrims from this state died in a stampede near Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala in Kerala where they went to pay respects to lord Ayyappa.

Patel. Ohfo. How sad it is.

Ramdas. I think 30 persons died in the tragedy. All these people are their relatives and friends. I am also waiting to see the body of my close friend who passed away in the tragedy

Gandhi. Shocking incident indeed. Kindly accept my condolences..

Patel. I think the aircraft has arrived from Kerala and the bodies would be brought out soon. Some formalities have to be done. As usual some police checks will be there at the airport. They have to send the dead bodies through security scanner.

Gandhi. Will it be so.?

Patel. It will be so.

( In the mean time all dead bodies are brought out is boxes and are kept undera verandah and the relatives are asked to identify them and complete formalities so that they could be handed over.. Persons waiting wail loudly and some curse the Kerala government and Temple administration of Kerala for not providing proper facilities when lakhs of pilgrims visit the site. They throw choicest abuses at them. The waiting police personnel and officers try to pacify them. Some state govt ministers are also seen supervising the arrangements. Police guys are busy saluting them and trying to get their attention.)

Gandhi. It is a very sad situation. I can not see it. Let us go from here.

Patel. Is it greater than the situation when trains of dead bodies arrived from Pakistan after partition?

Gandhi. That was different and this is different.

Patel. At that time there were no one to receive dead bodies. Any how it is a past issue. Every issue is sad in this sub continent. But I was told this was purely negligence on part of the Kerala Government. Official declaration is that 120 people died in stampede.

( The trio walk away from air port and sit on a roadside culvert. Cars are seen passing fast)

Nehru. Iam not still clear why so many guys go there. I was told that every year this practice prevails.

Patel. At Sabarimala in Kerala state there is a temple of Swami Ayyappa and it is ona great hill amidst thick mountains and forests. It is difficult to go there.

Gandhi. Iam not familiar with this God. I never heard about him.

Patel. He is widely worshipped in South India. He is believed to be the offspring of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in female form Mohini. As an young lad he performed many great acts and he became very popular figure. Every year Lakhs of people observe strict moral discipline for more than a month, perform Pooja and then go to the Sabarimala temple. They put on the prescribed black dress with special facial markings and all these days lead pious life wit strict diet and conduct and even do not wear foot wear. It is a great penance with reverence.

Gandhi. That is very good. It is a great self discipline. It is good for body and mind too.

Patel. True Bapu.

Gandhi. Is there any specialty in these rituals?

Patel. When the visit Sabarimala the wait for Makara sankranthi and on this day a great source of bright light is seen among distant mountains and is called Makara jyothi and there is a great rush to watch it. Lakhs of pilgrims converge at Sabarimala to watch the light.

Gandhi. I see. This rush must have caused the tragedy.

Patel. I think it is true. The stampede occurred when a jeep and auto collided with graet force and thee was panic and it was utter darkness. Lakhs of people ran over the guys who fell down and 120 guys lost lives. There were no rescue operations immediately as there was great confusing and the police force was very much limited.

Gandhi. How can Kerala government be careless towards people when every year Lakhs of people visit the temple on same day.

Patel. That is Kerala government. Earlier too there were stampedes and accidents and study teams suggested widening of some mountain roads and regulation of traffic and vehicles. It looks none bothered. Why they should do? It is loot mar going on like at every place. Our Temple towns are centers of loot mar. Government is more worried in making fast buck that improving things at these places.

Gandhi. I was told Tirupathi is slightly better.

Patel. Less said is better. Every place has its peculiar problems. Swindlers are there everywhere.

Gandhi. What is this light source called Makara Jyothi? Is it scientifically established by astronomers.

Patel. Bapu. Things are not good. There are many reports that the light source that is called Jyothi is man created.

Gandhi. How do you say that? Plesae do not hurt sentiments of south Indians.

Patel. That means I can hurt that of north Indians.

Gandhi, Come on Patel. Plesae no jokes please

Patel, Sorry Bapu.

Gandhi. Relax. That is fine.

Patel. It has been established in 1990 by some some rationalists who secretly visited distant mountains and burst open the secret. They found that some persons looking like govt officials burnt large amounts of camphor on the particular day of Makara Sankranthi in large vessels that were raised and the burning flames were seen as Jyothi by the pilgrims at Sabarimala with great reverence. This was photographed by the rationalists.

Gandhi. Ohfo. What a fraud indeed on people!

Patel. This is known to Kerala government and Temple officials too. They have not publicized it.

Gandhi. How bad it is !

Patel. Unfortunately the gullible masses from mostly states of AP, Karnataka, Tamilnadu are taken over by sentiments and visit the shrine and see the Jyothi every year. No one is against the faith and worshipping the Lord Ayyappa. But this fraud of Jyothi is surely bad. These reports have come in news papers too and I read them. Kerala Government is a party to this drama and they are after the revenue and are hood winking people.

Gandhi. Kerala govt must be sued in Supreme court of India. If required I shall argue the case. I am a barrister from England and practiced law in South Africa.

Patel. Great Bapu!

Patel. I think some one is already filing a case accordingly.

Gandhi. the court shall bring out all truths and failures of Kerala govt in hoodwinking the truths about the Jyothi and for not providing facilities to the pilgrims.

Patel. Let us pray that it will succeed. Any how we are sorry that such sad incident has taken place.

Gandhi. I am much upset at the things that are happening in this nation.

Patel. Bapu. Plesae take things lightly. Now the truths will be out and hope people will come out of this Tamasha of Kerala Govt.

Gandhi. Let us hope. Patel. It is getting late. Shall we move.

Nehru. Sure Bapu. I am feeling sleepy too. Let us go.

( The trio slowly walk away singing Ramdhun)


Monday, January 17, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi and Nehru are sitting in a park on a bench in Hyderabad and Patel walks in with a book. )

Gandhi. Patel. You are having a book in your hand. What is that book? You know I am very fond of books.

Patel. Bapu. This is one of the books that I brought from the library of an Institution.

Gandhi. Which is that Institution?

Patel. We visited that Institution last week. Have you forgotten Bapu?

Gandhi (Scratches his head vigorously). Which one? My memory is fading.

Patel. It is IIMS AR.

Gandhi. What for it stands for?

Patel. It is called Indian Institute of mischief studies and applied research .

Gandhi. Yeah. Now I remember that we went there. If I am correct we saw a statue of Dawood Ibrahim and large size portraits of Hajji Masthan and Dawood Ibrahim and halls are also named after them and ex minister Raja.

Patel. Now you are correctly oriented.

Gandhi. What is that book?

Patel. It is titled “How to spoil things authored by Ruoy and Raddy. If you permit I shall read some portions from one of the chapters.

Gandhi. Most welcome. Go ahead please.

Patel reads from the book in style:-

How to spoil things is the books theme
Its contents give feeling of eating Ice cream
The tricks of spoiling are plenty and have no limit
Learn these without any doubt and everything is fine and fit

Gandhi. Theme is great.

Patel. More things will come Bapu. Listen:-

All books old and new can be easily be burnt in fire
You can show your complete revenge and ire
All type pencils can be easily broken with hand
And rub the pilot tipped pens in a heap of sand

All type of utensils be clubbed with a bar
While water filters can be dropped on ground devoid of tar
Refrigerators be ruined by breaking the condenser at rear
And all pipes be cut with a saw that is very fair.

All ovens be dipped in water and then switch on
I am sure they burn away my dear son
Gas lighters be broken to pulp under a hammer blow
And all is inner parts would be seen to flow.

Tape record cassettes be ripped open
Pulling away the tape ribbon with a tip of pen
Spools of the tape recorder can be spoiled in a similar way
This makes all cockeyed songs to be kept permanently away

Nehru. Is the book full of such poems

Patel. Yeah. The book title is “How to spoil things”. What we can expect?

Gandhi . True. We must appreciate the creativity and the ingenuity of the author

Nehru. ( Takes a stone and hits his own head shouting Kill me.. kill me)

Gandhi. ( Pulls away the stone) Come on Jawaharlal, What happened to you? Why get upset?

Nehru. What I should do? Is this a book to be read?

Patel. What is wrong in it?

Nehru. The book must teach some good things to people.

Gandhi. I agree. Unless we know how things can be spoiled, how designers will improve the things?

Nehru. OK Bapu. I agree. Take case of a pencil. It has to write on paper. It has to be held in hand between fingers. It can not be heavy and it has to be very light.. Just because it can be broken easily should we make it out of steel? If it is made of metal it become heavy. It has to be in the way as now it is and accept that it can be easily broken.

Gandhi. Good argument by Jawaharlal.

Patel. This may be an odd example Bapu. Pencils are also made of metal tubes with lead inside that can be made to project out when required

Gandhi. Yes I used such things.

Patel. Bapu. Do you want to hear more from this book.

Gandhi. We shall hear some other time..

Nehru. God saved me.

Gandhi. Patel, What are the news?

Patel. Bapu. The locals are celebrating Sankranthi (Pongal festival today)

(In the mean time a person arrives dressed in a village folk style and brings along with a colorfully decorated bull. He has a Sannai (Musical instrument) pipe with him. He plays sannai in front of the trio. The bull tries to dance)

Gandhi. Look Patel, The bull is so weak. It appears as if it has not eaten since long.

Patel. It looks like that.( Looks at the villager) Hey. Have you not fed your bull?

Villager. Sahib. From where I can feed it. For the last few years agriculture has failed in AP state. Cyclones affected us . We lost farms and agriculture.

Patel. I think govt gives you some thing as relief.

Villager. Where is relief? By the time we get some thing, it is almost eaten away by middle men like sarpanches, District officials, Mandal guys, village officers.

Patel. I feel bad really

Villager. Sir. Your feeling bad does not fill our stomachs.

Patel. True Bhai. But we are also helpless. These days leaders have become thick skinned like komodo dragons and they are after looting the nation right from the village level. Politics has become a shit pot.

Villager. What is this komodo dragon ?

Patel. It is a very large monitor Lizard and lives in Indonesian island Komodo and surrounding islands. It is very dangerous Lizard and even eats human beings. It is sucha great meat eater that it eats meat equal to 80 percent of its body weight. Two dragons can eat away a buffalo in a matter of 40 minutes and leave only bones. Our leaders are like these dragons. Their appetite for money is so great that they loot almost 80 percent of funds .

Villager. Then what we can get from relief and developments.

Gandhi. Patel . are things so bad?

Patel Very true Bapu. What happened ins spectrum scam? Is Rs 176000 crores a small amount?

Gandhi. Certainly not.

Villager. In this state how can we feed our animals? You must be happy that we have not eaten away our animals.

Gandhi. I am happy. But look at that animal. It is a mere skeleton. You want it to dance to your music. Will it do? It has no stamina. It has no strength.

Villager. What can I do? I thought I can earn few coppers

Patel. Look Bhai. Plesae do not trouble that animal. Kindly take this Rs 100 note and go.

Villager. Thank you sir. You are so generous. I shall purchase some grass for this bull and some rice for us to day.

Gandhi. OK Bhai. Plesae go and be happy.

( Villager goes away with the bull)

Gandhi. Look Patel. I am much upset with this nation, its governing and the nuts who are ruling it. Others are also no good. ( sings and does jig))

This nation is being ruled by mere nuts
Who have mismanaged this nation
I do not know which way the country is going?
And poor guys are denied simple ration

These leaders are managing Swiss accounts
But the nation is unable to explore truth and close eyes
The cheats are swindling the country day and night
While their eyes are colored with a thick dye

Patel. Hera .. Hera.. well sung Bapu. What you said is very true.

Nehru. Bapu is only seeing negative aspects of Indians development

Patel. How can you talk like this? What use is the development w hen nation can not ensure food for every one. Do you know the cost of onions to day? It is more than Rs 50 per KG. What is the cost of onions to day? It is Rs 60 per kg. Can poor people survive?

Nehru. How leaders are responsible for onions and vegetables?

Patel. Who are ruling the nation? Are they not political leaders and swindlers?

Nehru. They are leaders no doubt. But can you blame them only? I think USA is responsible for all this.

Patel. That is shit talk. How USA would be responsible? Have you forgotten help of Kennedy to this nation when you bungled Chinese war? He held our hand while the guys from USSR looked on. But for the threat by Kennedy Chinese would have sat in Delhi through Tezpur. Indian army was very well hammered and although they fought bravely at some places, it was an utter shameful defeat. Till date wounds have not healed. We are scared of the Chinese army lurking on our borders. It is entirely Indians doing. These nuts have no priorities. For their failures they always blame USA or western world. In what way others are interested in us? It is over grown country with no control on population, with no self discipline and control. Most of today’s politicians are bred in the streets playing street politics. They are called Galli leaders. Each character is pulling in his own direction and there is no national awareness at all. Then what will happen? The democracy of adult franchise and multi party system has screwed up everything in this country.

Gandhi. Yeah. Very truly said. You know former President Abdul kalam suggested two party system as a method to overcome today’s ills. He was eased out by these Congress guys. Congress party will be happy with multi party system as votes can be easily divided. The policy is divide n and rule. The foolish Indians are clueless and vote like a bunch of asses. In the end Congress makes to the chair as no other party gains majority over congress. Then they can not combine. Every joker wants to become the PM of this country as if there is nothing in this world than becoming a PM of this foolish nation.

Patel. Bapu. The clever Europeans wisely left us to get screwed once they knew that it was not worth holding on to us. They are all smiling to glory and laughing viciously behind us. Churchill must be the first guy to laugh at us.

( Suddenly W Churchill appears in his usual attire of black suit and cigar with a hat)

Gandhi. welcome Mr Churchill. You are in time.

Churchill. Thanks. How is your country running? I think your leaders have thoroughly bungled things as I predicted.

Patel. They have not left anything. Bungling is almost complete. They screwed up every department and Institution.

Churchill. I knew it.

Gandhi. Are you happy now?

Churchill. Why should I be happy?

Gandhi. You were the guy opposing independence to us.

Churchill. Yes I did. It was correct. You guys were not fit for self rule. You were selfish people and opportunists. I was well aware of it. Hence I opposed. I was much concerned about poor Indians. I knew that you guys would screw them up.

Patel. Dear Mr Winston sir. You were a wise man. You opposed it. We were concerned about our freedom. Some how We guys wanted to gain power. Some of our guys wanted to become Prime minister, Defense minister, Education minister, External affairs minister, Foreign Minister. So on and so forth. The moment you guys left there was a great chaos during partition and we lost millions. Pak also lost many. It was torn subcontinent. The fissures have developed deep. They can never be cemented. It will be only a patch work.

Churchill. I knew that you guys were not capable to adjust with each other. It was your luck that Mr Atlee took over as PM of England. If I was there you would have never got freedom.

Patel. Probably many think that it was better.

Churchill. Forget all those past things. Nothing can be done now. No one is ready to govern your country even if you guys give free. All the guys feel that you guys should be left to suffer, fight internally and perish. Subhas Chandra Bose the most capable Indian leader also vanished to your luck. Or else he would have straightened your nation and your leaders.

Patel. Do you think Subhas would have made difference.

Churchill . Very true. He knew what is needed for your country. Was it Ramdhun or a stick? He knew stick was more appropriate to you guys as the nation lacks discipline. Probably during freedom struggle Gandhi could gather them and influence. But once we went away it was free for all. No one was accountable. Every one thought Freedom meant free for all. Slowly it degenerated as free looting by all. What is happening now is mere loot mar and free for all and thorough looting in all sectors. If you look at your people on the roads it reflects your country very well. The way they drive, the way they overtake. The way they park vehicles speaks very much of the nation. When rice is cooked it is not necessary to test all grains. It is enough to test few grains of rice. Your country is also like that. It is chaos absolutely.

Gandhi. Mr. Winston. You have very strong views about us

Churchill. True. Mr. Gandhi. Please do not feel bad. I tell fact. Try to swallow things and gulp. (Sings and does jig)

You guys are big nuts of no use
In fact they have to be left to disuse
Some how you got freedom
All but think it is their kingdom

The nuts who rule are selfish guys
They are clueless and have no truthful ways
The guys cheat their souls
And in the night devour country fowls

Patel. Hee… Hee.. Well sung sir

Churchill. Thanks Mr. Patel. Iam grateful to you.

Patel. Never mind sir. Iam honored.

Churchill. I came to know that in fact you were to become the PM in 1947. But Mr Nehru was pushed into the chair.

Patel. He has blessings of Bapu.

Churchill. That means you did not have

Patel. He was the blue eyed boy of Bapu. He was made the PM. Rest is history.

Churchill. Mr. Gandhi. It was a great blunder on your part to do that. Every one now knows that it was a mistake of the last century

Gandhi. But Patel became deputy PM

Churchill. Look Mr. Gandhi. A deputy always becomes a deputy. Mr. Nehru bungled many things. Every one knows it.

Nehru. Al I required here?

Churchill. Why you want to run away? Face realities too.

Nehru. I feel insulted.

Churchill. There is no insult in this. Did you not bungle Kashmir issue in 1948?

Nehru. It was spot decision suitable at that time.

Churchill. It was a cockeyed decision. Look your nation has been screwed up by Pakistan ever since 1948 over Kashmir.

Nehru. I thought world body would solve the problem.

Churchill. This world body did not solve any problem

Patel. Hee..hee

Nehru. Why do you laugh?

Patel. Mr. Winston sir. Please ask about 1962 war with Chinese. How he bungled it?

Churchill. It was great defeat indeed. Chinese know that you can not stand against them. Recently your Naval Chief also declared that you are no match to them.

Gandhi. I also heard it. He gave out truth.

Patel. When China attacked India Jawaharlal declared in Parliament,””I told Indian army to throw out Chinese”… heee..hhee We were thrown out in fact. What a shame?

Nehru. Is there any thing more against me.?

Patel. There are ample things. Why dig graves now?

Nehru. You have already dug up my grave as Jats have dug up Akbar’s tomb at Siknadra.

Patel. These things happen. We are only trying to prove how bas was Bapus decision in making you the first PM

Gandhi. But nothing can be done now.. The screwing we have done now can not be unscrewed.

Patel. Hee..hee hhaa

Churchill. Haa..haaa..haaa..haaa

Nehru. Now you guys must be very happy about lot of mudslinging

Patel. Look Jawaharlal. This is not mud slinging. This is true analysis of past mistakes that screwed up this nation.

Churchill. True. Very correctly said Mr. Patel. I am proud of you. You are very frank and outspoken.

Gandhi. Mr Churchill, I know that great mistake was committed by me in pushing Patel to back seat. I had my own compulsions. Now it is all over. It is all destiny. India had to suffer. So these things happened. But look. India has made great progress in agriculture and industrial production. Technology, fertilizers etc. Life expectancy has improved

Churchill. But your leaders have become greatest scamsters in world. Recent spectrum has proved it beyond doubt.

Gandhi. What can I say about it? Such nuts get elected to the parliament and state assemblies.

Churchill. Your democracy is based on false findings. In fact you are not mature for democratic functioning. Look. Your rulers are scared of ordering JPC to investigate spectrum scam. If none of them are involved why the rulers are scared of it?

Patel. Haa..haaa. True . Very well said sir. I am very happy about it. But every leader of this ruling party is trying ways and means to belittle CAG findings. Kapil Sibbal has also joined the game now.

Churchill. That is the fun part. All world leaders are laughing at you guys.

Gandhi. What to do? This is our fate.

Churchill. Look Mr Gandhi. No one can help you. You guys have screwed up every institution in your country. Some say that Defense forces are left out from this.

Patel. I wish so.

Churchill. But lot of fingers are being pointed that all is not well there.

Gandhi. ( Cries) eee..eeee…aaa…aaa.. I wish I did not bring freedom.

Churchill Mr Gandhi. please do not be under any illusion. You did not bring freedom. You guys were just given by us and left to your fate to suffer.

Patel. Whatever it is we are suffering. I remember one thing. In the Red fort palace it has been inscribed, “ If it is a heavens on this , It is here”. Now I must say If there is a hell on this earth it is very much here.

Churchill. Hee..heee OK Guys . Thanks see you agin. Bye

Patel. Bye.

Gandhi. Thanks for the visit.

( Churchill disappears while the trio walk away)



Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is Delhi and life is as usual. Cars are seen speeding up on roads and Police appear to be more in numbers than people. Every one is seen as suspect and Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen walking on a city street. They are as usual in their dress and composition. They come to a roadside gathering and halt there. They are inquisitive.)

Gandhi. Patel. Look ,what is happening?

Patel. Sure Bapu

( Patel gets past the crowd and sees some people sitting under a tent and a banner is displayed. Patel looks at it and nods his head. He returns after discussing with some guys)

Gandhi. What is happening there?

Patel. Some guys are doing dharna.

Gandhi. What for?

Patel. It is called jala yagna. Former MP from Kadapa Jagan Mohan Reddy the son of Late YSR and former CM of AP is leading the Dharna.

Gandhi. Why they came all the way from Hyderabad to do Dharna.

Patel. Recently the dispute between Karnataka, Maharashtra and AP state over river water sharing was decided. Poor AP guys lost their battle against Maharashtra’s Alamatti dam and case has gone in favor of Maharashtra state. Some eye wash has been given to AP being a cry child.

Gandhi. Then what happened?

Patel. It is alleged that AP govt did not argue well at the tribunal and was casual in approach. They were clueless and lacked depth in arguments. The advocates were incapable as per the claims made by the agitators.

Gandhi. Now what Jagan wants to achieve?

Patel. He only knows it. He is desperate as he did not become CM after his dad’s death.

Gandhi. I like to talk to the guys.

Patel. I do not think any thing will be achieved by that

Gandhi. What is wrong in trying?

Nehru. There is nothing wrong in it. Let us go there. If required we can also join them in Dharna.

( The trio gets past the crowd and reaches tent where Jagan is seen sitting. Some MsLA who are sitting along with him see Patel, Gandhi and Nehru. They are perplexed. The trio approaches them )

Gandhi. Hello guys. Good morning to all of you. I am MK Gandhi, the Bapu, Your father of nation

Patel. Hello guys. Have you not recognized me. Iam Sardar Patel. The Iron man of India.

Nehru. Hello friends. I am Chacha Nehru the first PM of India

Jagan. Hello guys. It is good that you have come here. It adds to our show. You are well dressed exactly like Gandhi, Nehru and patel.

Patel. Plesae do not be under any illusion. We are real Gandhi, Nehru and Patel

Jagan. We are not impressed by the talk. You can not fool us. Even a new born child knows that you were dead long ago. How can you be real guys now?

Gandhi. You are on peaceful Gandhian Dharna. Iam happy about it.

Jagan. We were always peaceful.

Gandhi. That is really good. But who will bother for your show? How does this make any impact ?

Jagan. Time only will tell. Have you seen all these guys around me.

Patel. Yes. We are seeing them. They are normal guys and there is nothing special about them.

Jagan. These guys are Congress MsLA from AP. Now they are with me. They are supporting me.

Patel. What are you trying to do?

Jagan. The message has gone clear now to high command. They are unable to swallow realities after seeing these MsLA with me. If the high command removes them from party, their support becomes fully open. The state government becomes minority government. It will loose no confidence motion when moved by Chandra Babu Naidu the leader of opposition in the state legislature.

Gandhi. Then why don’t you give open challenge. Why do you want high command to dismiss them from Congress?

Jagan. That is the trick

Patel. If all these MsLA are with you let them form a separate group under different name and if the strength is sufficient they are safe. Govt will surely fall

Gandhi. Haa..haa. Be pen and bold. If you are sure of their support there is no reason why are delaying things. Look Jagan. In war and love there should not be delay. Decisions should be very quick and success will be yours.

Jagan. I am only hesitating that the govt formed by my late father will be dismissed when they loose majority.

Gandhi. Look son. There are no sentiments in politics and war. Prithviraj Chauhan was taken over by sentiments after defeating Ghori and capturing him . Ghori was let off and that rascal killed Chauhan at the earliest opportunity when he defeated Chauhan in the next battle at Tarain.. If Chauhan had killed the cheat and rascal Ghori, India would not have fallen to Islamic rule. Even Chanakya in his political treatise suggests that Enemy should not be spared and must be hammered with all power when he is weak. Success will not come to the guys who are wavering and indecisive. As days pass by your opposition will get time to plan and take measures against your plans. They are in power and have everything at their disposal.

Jagan. There appears to be some truth in your arguments.

Patel. Bapu speaks truth always.

Jagan. If the govt falls after these Ms LA with draw support, still I may not become CM immediately.

Gandhi. Even now you are not the CM and you are measuring roads.

Jagan. If the center finds that no party is able to form government , they may resort to Presidents rule.

Gandhi. It can happen. Why should you bother? Like every one you also will be there making your plans.

Jagan. You guys appear to be very cleaver. Are you really Gandhi, Nehru and patel.

Patel Very correct ( sings)

In fact know guys we are they
And also know they are surely we
I am Patel , the iron man of India
Act now whatever the result is going to be

Jagan. Very confusing poem. ( Scratches his head)

Gandhi. What are you thinking? I am sure you are clear on your action plan

Patel. Never give your enemy a chance to be one up above you. Power comes to those who are bold and take risks. Think of Alexander the great who vanquished Porus by crossing the river Jheelum at an odd place, at odd time in a most unexpected way.

Jagan. I agree with you. I must act very quickly. I should not give my opposition any thinking time. I must act.. I must act. I should act.. act…act…act

Gandhi. That is the spirit. Go ahead

Jagan. Thanks for all the motivation you gave

Gandhi. That is my duty. In democracy these things are very common. Just remember how Chaudhry Charan singh lost his majority in parliament. You are doing nothing wrong. These are political games. There is no place for sentiments. Best of luck. Go ahead

Jagan. Surely.

Patel. Bapu, Shall we go now.

Nehru. I think we should go before police lands up here. Jagan in fact is in enemy camp

Gandhi. Let us go.. Bye every one.

( The trio walks away singing Ramdhun)



Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen strolling near Rajghat where Gandhi’s ashes lay buried tightly under a black heavy Marble with security all around. Gandhi takes a glimpse at his Samadhi)

Gandhi. Look Patel. I can see my Samadhi from here. How serene it is?

Patel. Yes Bapu. Now people remember you yearly twice, once on your birth day and another on your death day.

Nehru. It is not respectful to call it a death day. It is respectfully called Vardhanthi. Oh I forgot. Today it is your Vardhanthi. I do not want to see the Tamasha that goes on here.

Patel. Let us enjoy the Tamasha.

Nehru. I am not keen. I think we should not watch it.

Gandhi. I do not feel so. If you are not keen stay away and sit in the park some where and sleep.

Nehru. OK.

Patel, Bapu. Let us coolly, sit behind the Marble, behind a bush and watch.

(Gandhi and Patel enter the premises. They are stopped by the security guys. They are many and armed with all types of weapons including, SLR 7.62, AK 47, LMG, 0. 303 Enfield bolt actions, pistols, revolvers, twelve bore guns and muskets too. Some have only Lathis)

Gandhi. Please allow us inside. To day it is Gandhi’s death day.

Patel. Mere Bap. Please allow us inside.

Constable. We can not allow you. To day all VVIP will be visiting this place. Their program is very long and probably we may not allow any one. Please do not create problem to yourself and leave this place.

Gandhi. Mere Bhai ( My brother). I am MK Gandhi, The father of nation of India.

Constable. If you are MK Gandhi, how you are alive? Just now you said it is your death day. Are you fooling us?

Patel. You will not understand this aspect.

Constable. Please go away immediately.

Patel. Bapu. Let us move from this place. We know what to do later

( In the mean time a convoy arrives and from it gets down the PM, and from other vehicles get down the cabinet ministers, Ministers of state and speaker and many officials. All are behind PM with folded hands with drooping shoulders. They come to the gate. The security guys get active and they see Gandhi and his friends still hanging around. They shower choicest abuses and one constable gives a blow to Gandhi on his head. Gandhi shuots loudly.. Patel pulls away the stick from the hands of constable. There is a minor scuffle. The PM and his close associates arrive at the scene. They see Gandhi fallen on ground)

PM. What is happening here? To day Gandhijis Vardhanthi. Why you guys are beating him?

Inspector. Sir. To day we don’t permit any outsider due to security reasons. These old men are pestering us since an hour.

( PM sees the old man lying on ground)

PM. He looks like Gandhiji. How it is possible

Patel, He is Bapu. Real Bapu.

PM. You also look familiar. You are looking like Patelji.

Patel. Iam not looking like Patel. Iam real Patel

PM ( Smiles). That is fine. It is a good effort to dress like them on this day. I appreciate well. I think I must reward you.

Patel. No thanks sir.

PM. Then what do you want?

Patel. We want to go inside.

PM. I do not interfere with duties of security people. They will decide.

( PM and his coterie moves inside and proceed to Rajghat Samadhi. Gandhi and patel are not allowed inside. Gandhi is found bleeding. No one cares for him . Patel takes him to a side and wipes his head with his dhothi and comforts him. Inspector with few police men go to him)

Inspector. Have you got a lesson now? Pack up soon or I shall put a bullet in you.

Patel. Are you threatening us? You can not fire because there are no bullets in your hand gun.

Inspector. I shall show.

( He takes out his revolver and opens the cylinder and find no cartridges in the chambers. Yeah. Where they have gone?)

Patel. They are here ( He shows the cartridges in his palm)

Inspector. How it is possible? Is it some magic?

Patel. You know better.( Patel throws the cartridges into bushes) Take them now.

Inspector. Come on constables . Catch these guys and put them in van. We will give them some treatment of Delhi police.

( The constables fall on Gandhi and Patel and they vanish suddenly and land behind Rajghat Samadhi and hide behind bushes. In front of Samadhi large white cloth sheets are spread and some charkhas are also kept. PM and his flunkies are seen sitting and trying to spin yarn from Charkahas)

PM. I am trying to spin some thing since half an hour. The thread breaks off everytime and I am able to only spin the wheel.

Speaker. Sir . that is enough. In fact no one can spin charkha effectively now a days.if we atlesat act as if we are spinning that is OK.Bapus soul will be happy.

Gandhi ( Behind bush) Look Patel. How bad are these guys? They want to act. To please whom? Let God bless… oh no curse these nuts.Let all these guys spend billions and billions of years in hell suffering the pains.Let them be born later as insects in shit pots.

Speaker. ( looks at PM) Sir. It is time to sing Ramdhun.

PM. Yeah..Yeah.. It is time surely.

( One official arrives and distributes script of Ramdhun to all)

PM. This is good. Most of us do not know the words completely.

( They start singing Ramdhun in chorus and all have scripts in hand )

Patel. ( From behind bush) Ram nam Japna .. Parya mal apna. Ho Paraya mal apna.

PM. ( stops singing and looks at his secretary) Look some guy is singing from somewhere and his words are of concern. He is singing all trash.

( Patel continues singing loudly. Secretary and an Inspector from security look around and find none)

PM. Let us continue with our singing.

( They start singing and again Patel starts singing his tune much louder)

Ram nam Japna
Paraya mal apna
Sara Mal apna
Duniyaka mal apna

Karodo roopya lootna
Aur swiis banko mein dalna
Ho Ram nam japna
Paraya mal apna

Kursee ko garam rakhna
Saare mulk ko lootna
Mauka shayad phir na aana
Chalo mulk ko lootna

Haa Ram nam japna
Paraya mal apna
Ho Parya mal apna
Saare Duniya apna

PM. This is much embarrassing. We are unable to sing Ramdhun . Let us go from here. Iam feeling upset.

( All ministers and officials also get up looking at each other and they walk behind PM and go out of the gate.)

PM. Look secretary. Please find out how this lapse has occurred in security. How some guys were allowed inside and they were singing all nonsense although there was great truth in his song? Get all the security staff sacked. They should be dismissed and no pension should be given to them. To day we escaped great threat. They could be terrorists.
( Suddenly a voice is heard)

Patel ( Hidden ) Hello Bade Bhai ( Big brother) Just think who is a threat to day. Is it me or some one. Your own consciousness will tell you. You guys are all well educated and hold degrees like masters and doctorates.Try to find who is the real threat to this nation.

PM. Who are you? Come out and speak?

Patel. Hee. Hee. Keep getting worried all the time. Be of your own. Act on your own. Have some courage. Have some spirit. Or else there will not be a golden page in history for you.You shall be called charitra heen.. Bye.

PM. Come out.. You fool. come in open.

( No one comes out and PM and his coteries leave the place. Every one leaves and security guys fan out in Rajghat searching every place for intruders. They find none)

Gandhi. patel. Enough for today. Let is go to Jawaharlal. He must be sitting and sulking on a roadside bench.

( They go out and meet Nehru and the trio walks away singing Ramdhun


Monday, January 10, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen travelling in a bus enroute to Nagarjunasagr that is about 140 Km from Hyderabad city. It is at the border of Nalgonda district with Guntur district. They are in great spirits.)

Gandhi. I am seeing this project for the first time.

Patel. Same is the case with me

Nehru. In fact I inaugurated this project if I remember correctly in 1956.

Gandhi. That is good. You were the PM of free India.

Nehru. Bapu. Your words are strange. What do you mean by free India. Even now India is free.

Gandhi. I never meant that Britshers are ruling us even now. We gained freedom from the English crown. But…butt….but..

Nehru. Why are you hesitating Bapu. Plesae be frank.

Patel. Bapu wants to state that India has been enslaved by corrupt politicians who have hijacked democracy in India. These politicians are leaving no stone unturned to make money out of governing and the rulers are scared to call a spade a spade. Look at the latest spectrum scam that has duped nation of 176000 crores rupees. The only thing is that Raja the former telecom minister resigned and going around free making mockery of justice in this country. CBI is doing a camel walk in its investigation. Raja is not behind bars and is free man. God only knows when he will be punished if at all brought to justice

Nehru. Bapu. I think we are going for a picnic.

Gandhi. True

Nehru. Let us talk something different from the usual politics and corruption.

Gandhi. That is nice too.

Patel. Do you know history of Nagarjuna sagar

Nehru. What can be there. This project has been named after Acharya Nagarjuna who was a Buddhist monk and a medical man too. It is believed that he knew how to make gold out of other metals. That is called Rasa siddhi in ancient language.

Patel. It looks you have done a bit of home work

Nehru. You know that I wrote discovery of India.

Patel. I am aware of it and its contents too.

Gnadhi. Did Nagarjuna stay at the project site?

Patel. He was not there when the project was being built. He died centuries ago. It is learnt that he cut off his head with a blade of grass.There is a place called Nagarjuna konda. Konda in Telugu means hill. There are Buddhist sculptures at the site. It was Buddhist center in ancient days.

Nehru. Patel. You also know something of history.

Patel. Thanks. But it is strange that this project was not named after Rajiv Gandhi. Some how it escaped.

Gandhi. Why do you remind the guys in ruling party. Soon they will wake up and name it Rajiv Nagarjunasagr sagar. Hee..hee..

Nehru. Bapu. Are you making fun of Rajiv?

Patel. Why should he do? He is telling that because the AP guys in particular shamelessly are renaming every things after Rajiv Gandhi or Nehru and Indira Gandhi. Disgusting indeed..

Gandhi. Otherwise there is no existence for them. They will be sacked once for all.

Nehru. Iam sure you guys are highly biased.

Patel. We are not biased. We are telling truth and reality. You are unable tom digest facts. Are you not happy that many projects, Institutions, Roads etc are named after you?

Nehru. I never asked them to do that.

Patel. But you never prevented too.No one tells after death. This is the best example of hero worshipping and bootlicking in other words .

( The bus stops at a way side hotel and most of the passengers get down to have tea.. Gandhi looks at the price list that is displayed on a board. He reads it loudly to Patel and Nehru)

Gandhi. Cost of Tea is:

Full standard cup.. Rs 6
Plastic use and throw cup full.. Rs 4
Plastic use and throw small cup. Rs 3
Mini plastic cup use and throw.. Rs 2
TwoTable spoon tea ..Rs 1
One Table sppon tea ..Rs 0.5
One tea spoon tea Rs 0.25

Eee..eee.. what is this nonsense. Does any one take tablespoon tea

Patel. Probably some take

( Some passengers are seen sitting on a bench in a line and tea vendor pours two teaspoons full tea in their mouths. They feel happy and satisfied. Gandho orders three full cups of tea . The vendor brings tea and the trio sip happily. The bus driver honks the Horn and all run to the bus jolting and pushing. In the melee Gandhi falls down and many walk over him. Gandhi cries loudly)

Patel. What is this happening? Is the bus running away. There is no discipline at all among people.

Gandhi. Is this new Patel. This is an undisciplined nation to the core. It starts from top right to the lowest level.

( The trio slowly gets into bus and sit in their seats. They see the driver smoking in his seat. Patel goes to him)

Patel. Namste Bhai. Will you put off the cigarette please

Driver. Are you telling me? Don’t you want to travel in the bus?

Patel. Why ? I want to travel. But what is that to do with your smoking.

Driver. I shall not take you if you insist on my cigarette.

Patel. Come on Mr Driver. Smoking is prohibited in bus

Driver. Look The warning is written in passenger area in bus and not to driver

Gandhi. Bhai. It is for all. This is a public place. Know that.

Driver. So you are adamant. Now look.

(He stops bus suddenly and gets down and keeps smoking. The passengers start fighting with Gandhi and Patel for arguing with driver)

Passenger. Look friends. We have to reach Sagar in time. Why you guys are picking up quarrel with him? Can you reform the nation?

Nehru. Look friends. We can not reform nation. But we must make efforts

Passenger. Please do not be idealistic. I have seen many guys like you

Gandhi. What you have seen in them.

Passenger. They want some attention.

Patel. You are mistaken bhai. Better keep quiet.

Passenger. Whoa re you to tell me shut up.

Gandhi. Bhai. Please do not get angry.

( In the mean time the driver cools down and gets into his seat and starts the bus. All feel relieved. The driver still appears annoyed and is seen driving the bus at breakneck speed. He suddenly stops the bus as goat crosses the road. The jolt is so high that many passengers fall off from their seats and land on others. Some are injured. Some ones lip is cut. Some have bruised arms, knees and feet. They start shouting at the driver. Driver appears least bothered. He continues to dive faster.)

Patel ( shouts from his seat) Bhai driver sahib. Plesae drive carefully and slowly. We are not in hurry.

(The bus running at very high speed takes a rapid right turn and all the passengers fall over others and are injured. A lady losses some of her teeth. Some vomit. Conductor too is injured as he develops bruised fingers)

Passenger. We must report against the driver once we reach Sagar.

Nehru. If we reach safely

( Patel goes to the driver and asks him to stop bus immediately and driver does not respond. The bus is stopped only when Patel pulls the driver by hair. He pulls up the driver from the seat and drags him out. All the passengers gather around him and the driver is thoroughly beaten black and blue. Some hit him with shoes and chappals ( Slippers)

Passenger. Now how we go to Sagar?

Patel. Just relax. We shall contact RTC guys. They would send relief bus

Gandhi. Are they so efficient?

Nehru. They may even book a case for beating govt servant on duty.

Gandhi. What you are talking? If a govt servant keeps doing as he feels like will the people keep quiet.

Nehru. What they can do. They must complain. But they should not take law into their hands

Gandhi. That is OK. By the time guys would die with a driver like this joker.

Patel. Will I get into trouble now. I could not care less

( In the mean time a police van arrives with loads of constables. Some RTC officials too accompany them. They see the passengers)

Inspector. It seems some of you have beat this driver. Whoa re they. Own up or you had it.

RTC official.. Iam chamcha Ram. Why you have interfered with duty of driver

Passenger Laxman. This driver was driving very rash. He was about to meet accidents after every tow minutes. Thrice he almost went off the road and aws about to fall into a roadside valley.

Passenger Narsamma. Look. This driver appears to be drunk too. He was also abusing us when we asked him to drive safely

RTC Official. You can not interfere. He is an experienced one. He has about 20 years service.

Passenger Laxman. But he appears to be a clown. We would have surely died if we continued to sit in the bus.

Inspector. But you guys have no authority to take law into your hands. Interfering with durty is an offense. I may have to arrest the offenders.

Gandhi. Please arrest all of us and hang us.

Inspector. I do not have power to hang you guys. If I had power I would have surely done it. Last night I had a dream that I was a hangman in the service of East India Company and worked in Jabalpur.

Patel. You guys are no less even now.

Inspector. Who are you? You appear to be the ring leader in this group.

Patel. I am Sardar Vallabhai Patel the Iron man of India

Inspector hee..hee A joke. That character died long ago. I was not even born then.

Patel. You shall not understand this aspect.

Inspector. Who is this baldy and moving skeleton with long stick.

Gandhi. I am Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi, Father of India.

RTC Official. A joke indeed. That man died many years ago. He was cremated and some of his asdhes are buried many metres below earth at Rajghat. That character can never resurface.

Patel.. hee..hee.. Hu. Hu

Inspector. Now tell me who beat this driver.

Patel. All of us beat him

Driver. True all beat me black and blue.

Inspector. Now I shall arrest all of you and go and sit in the bus. This area comes under Sagar Police station. We have to go there.

Patel. Thank god. We will be seeing Sagar. Thanks for the trip.

( All passengers are made to sit in the bus and the driver is asked to drive. Some Constables also sit in the bus. Police inspector gets into his van and asks the driver to follow him)

Gandhi. Ohfo. Our whole day is spoiled. There is no picnic now. We will be troubled by the police guys.

Patel. True ( Sings)

We are now going to sagar dam
While the guys in Delhi are busy in a scam
Driver of this bus is foolish one
We kicked this guy correctly that we have done

Gandhi. That was nice.

Constable. No singing in bus.. I shall wrench his neck if he sings next time.

( All passengers sing in Chorus and the police man is lost completely. He picks up his cell phone and informs the Inspector. The driver of the bus suddenly speeds up to sucha great speed that it plunges forward and crashes into police van that is in the front. The van is crushed and the bus climbs over it. All the RTC officials and the inspector are very badly injured. Every ones limbs are broken. They shout… hoo. Matraya.. Bacho.)

Inspector. Oh My leg, My hand, My teeth, My thigs, My knees are all broken. Plesae save me.

Constable from the bus gets down and asks the passengers to help save the victims)

Laxman. We are prisoners. What we can not do?

Patel. Bhai. We can not do any thing. We are prisoners..

( All passengers refuse to get down from the bus)

Gandhi. Look Brothers. This is not the time to act like this. We must help them or else some of them might die too

Patel. It will be a good riddance for the nation.

Gandhi. That is really bad.

Nehru. Bapu. Iam with you. We may get some award too.

Patel. What type of nut you are?.

Gandhi. Awards or no awards. We have to save them on humanitarian grounds

Patel. So be it. Come on guys. Let us help the guys)

(All the male passengers get down and rush to the van and pull out the injured guys and are made to lie on ground in line. In the last they pull out the Inspector. He is very badly injured )

Inspector. Haye.. margayare.. Mera Kya hoga, Mera career khatam ho gaya.. Mera pair kat jayega aur mera hath bhee.. Oh Amma.. ayya. Ab kya Hoga

Patel. Look Inspector. You are atleast alive. I told you about the driver and you never cared, You again asked him to drive vehicle.

Gandhi. Inspector. You should have been careful. Now look. You a re suffering. The RTC officials are all very badly injured. Some lost eyes too. None have any teeth left.Fifty percent of them lost hands and another fifty percent have lso legs. Theyw ill become lame and langda.

Inspector. Eee..eee… Do some thing for us.

Patel We are arrested guys. What we can do?

Inspector. You are free. Please do some thing.

Gandhi. OK. Some how we shall take you to the hospital at sagar

( Gandhi speaks to Patel and Patel quickly gets into the bus and drives it backwards and gets it freed from the van. All injured are loaded into the bus and the passengers too sit in it and Patel drives off towards Sagar Hospital. Van is completely crushed.)

Patel. Bapu. Our picnic is fully screwed.

Nehru. What we can do? What is to happen will happen.

Gandhi. Good philosophy. Let us hope all these jokers will survive of course as lame and langda.

Patel. Hope so

Gandhi Let us sing ram dhun in chorus

( Al passengers sing Ramdhun and the bus proceeds to Sagar hospital


Saturday, January 8, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is the border area of Karnataka and Andhra states. There is no flat ground any where in the vicinity. There are deep gorges some even kilometers deep to an extent of miles and miles. Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen sitting near a rock and are making tea over fire with the help of dry twigs.)

Gandhi. I think we are caught in some very inhospitable terrain. After seeing this, I feel I am in Nevada State of USA.

Patel. Hee.. You are correct.

Nehru. Bapu exaggerates and Patel claps shamelessly.

Gandhi. What I say is very true. Some years ago before partition of India, I came to this place. All these areas were covered under bush forest and rocks. It was a rocky plain. There was some wild life too. Now look. What is there?All has been looted and eaten.

Nehru. Changes do occur.

Gandhi. But this is man made change.

Patel. Bapu. There are two guys called Gali brothers from Karnataka. They are ministers too in Karnataka. They got lease for mining in this area some time ago.

Gandhi. Does this mean they dig out entire state? Are they not humans? Probably they are beavers. (Gandhi coughs) ugh…ugh…ugh… Give me some water Patel.

Patel. Bapu. There is no extra water. Tea is ready for you.

Gandhi. That is fine.

(Patel gives a cup of tea and Gandhi takes some sips and feels comforted)

Gandhi. Yeah I was telling some thing about this area.

Patel. Indian miners are like vultures and beavers, In India, we do not have beavers, We have moles ( Pandi kokku in Telugu ). These moles can dig up any thing to any extent. I was told that these Gali brothers have an army of some few million moles and these are fed by them. They dig up every thing here. However recently the hydraulic monsterous Shovel diggers called JCB have come up and work has been made very easy in mining.

Gnadhi. They have lease of few hundred acres of land. But they dug up entire thing. I was told that they made deep tunnels in to AP state few KM under the ground.

Gandhi, That means AP state is in danger. All poor old buildings are now standing on false foundations.

Patel. True. Like our country is on false foundation with dynastic rule and showing that it is worlds second largest democracy. hee..hee

Gandhi. Is there no end to this?

Patel End is there. That is with end of AP state.

Nehru. Please do not exaggerate things. How AP State will end?

Patel. These miners have dug deep tunnels mining off things and these tunnels are a kilo meter under ground. Probably these tunnels have now reached even Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Nalgonda and Medak, Mahboobnagar in Telangana, Kadapa, Kurnool, Ananthapur and some more districts.

Gandhi. It looks AP has become hollow under ground and people are sitting on a hollowness.

Patel. Bapu. This could be also very risky too. Slightest earthquake can cause collapse of residential areas. Even dams like Nagarjunasagr, srisailam could break if tunnels are dug under ground. These tunnels must be surely several hundred feet wide and deep too.

Gandhi. Ohfo. It is so dangerous to the state.

( Gandhi and his friends get to the edge of a deep gorge and look down. Suddenly Nehru shouts and vomits. With great difficulty Patel holds him from falling down)

Nehru. Eee..eee.. My head is spinning. My eyes are also spinning. I can not stand vertically. What happened to me? eeee..eeee My end has come.

Patel. Nothing happened to you.Any how you are already dead. You are not used to look in to deep gorges. You were always sitting on thrones aping Englishmen. So it is like this.

Gandhi. Patel. I feel like going down in to one of this gorges and explore things.

Patel. Sure Bapu. I am also ready. How about Jawaharlal?

Nehru. I am also ready. I am no less.

( The trio slowly start getting down the gorge and after long struggle, they get down to bottom and it almost dark by the time they go down)

Patel. Bapu. It is getting dark. Is it safe now to get into a tunnel?

Gandhi. There is not one tunnel. There are several ones. We shall choose the central one. Look . This tunnel is almost half a kilo meter wide.

( The trio slowly walks into the wide tunnel and start moving. The floor is uneven. Gandhi has a pen torch and he guides rest probing with his stick. They move on several kilo meters inside.Gandhi occasionally says Ram..Ram..)

Patel. Bapu. We have been moving for many hours and it is time we rest now

Gandhi. True. Poor Jawaharlal is also tired

( The trio rests for the night and sleep on the ground. ) After few hours they wake up a and start walking again. )

Patel. Bapu. We must have walked several kilometers. No we do not know where we are. Many other side tunnels have joined our tunnel. We can not go back either.

Gandhi. So Gali brothers have dug away entire state.

Patel. True Bapu. There must be very few supporting areas between tunnels. Some day whole state could go down suddenly.

Gandhi. That means physically they will go down. Otherwise too the state is sunk with political crooks playing the game of Telangana, Separte Andhra, Rayala seema and now Hyderabad state.

Patel. If the state collapses physically nothing will be left. Even Charminar will break into bits.The Charminar can never be rebuilt because all projects would be swindled. More over there will be no place left for foundations. They have to start building foundation from two or three Km from down.Golconda fort is already eaten away by people. Nothing will be left. Gandipet and Himayt sagar, Hussein sagar will flow into thee gorges.

Gandhi. How about sriram sagar,Srisailam, Nizam sagar Hussein sagar and singur dams?

Patel. SriRam sagar will not have water after Aalamatti dam (in Maharshtra state )height is increased in Maharshtra. Nizam sagar is always dry.It has dried up with Nizams rule. Srisailam, Nagarjunasagr and Singur will break and flow into these gorges along with buildings men and women.

Gandhi. Gali brothers will surely escape because in India no scamsters in past have been punished. They are above law. Only investigation is done and are let off as CBI is doing now about Katrochi..

Patel. How about AP universities?

Gandhi. If these tunnels have reached under AP universities surely they will collapse. I am hundred percent sure that everything is standing on just hollowness.Osmania University would be the first as it has old and very large buildings. Ap state woudl be too happy because it has becomea major head ache to governmnet.

( The trio spends several days in these tunnels wandering aimlessly as they are unable to go back.They are surviving on biscuits held with them. At last they see some light at a distance )

Patel. Bapu. It looks like the tunnel is ending surely. Bapu . Have you noticed thelight?

Gandhi. Sure. Soon we will be out.

( The trio at last reach the source of light. There is a small opening to one side of tunnel and with difficulty crawl into the narrow opening and walk for some distance on their knees. They now get into a small tunnel hardly for a man to go. They walk for few hours through it and get into a dry deep well)

Gandhi. We have landed into an ancient tunnel that led us into this dilapilated well.

( They shout loudly for some one to see them)

Gandhi. Bapu. I see some fort walls at a distance and I am sure this must be in some old fort.

Nehru. There are many forts in AP.

Patel. Hoo..ho.ho Is there any one here? Please help

( After some time a person peeps down the well and he is scared)

Gandhi. Bhai. Please save us

Stranger. Iam guard of this fort. Who are you? How you have fallen in this well.

Patel. We shall tell everything. Please save us.

Gurad. Keep waiting. Please take these biscuits and eat.

( He throws two packs of Tiger Biscuits which Nehru grabs immediately and distributes. After some time, a fire Brigade team arrives after full three hours and they take the trio out. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are in bad shape much exhausted. The fire officer comforts them. Gives them hot tea too.)

Officer. Who are you guys? How you are in this old well? This is Golconda fort near Hyderabad. You look very sick too. I shall call a doctor

Gandhi. Thanks, there is no need for a doctor.I am not sure of our doctors. I am not confident of them. Many can not give intravenous injections.They are bad indeed. I am scared of them. We shall be OK soon. We need some good hot water bath and some food to revive.

Officer. Please tell us how you got inside.

Patel. In fact we never entered this well from Golconda side. We actually were exploring Gali mines at AP Karnataka border and travelling through the tunnels of mine we reached after many days. Now what is the date?

Officer. It 01 Jan 2011 .

Patel. We entered mines on 01 December 2010. That means we have spent full one month under ground.

Officer. This is very great and something very interesting too.

Gandhi. Officer. The mining guys have dug up entire AP state. We are all sitting on hollow ground.

Officer, eee..eee.. Now what will happen to us?

Patel. God only knows.

Gandhi. One can not rectify it too.

Officer. Sir Some TV guys have come to interview. I told them that you are very tired and they will meet you after two days rest. We shall take you to Fire control room and please stay in our gust house till you recover.You neen not pay us anything. You look like MKGandhi.

Nehru. Thanks. I am much pleased.I am not looking like him. I am real MK Gandhi.

Patel. That is good sir. Iam real Patel

Officer. That is great really. But they died long ago.( Scratches head). We shall see that later on .

(The trio is driven off in a car to guest house and all disperse. It is learnt that the guard at the fort was recommended for a bravery award for rescuing the trio and the officer got promotion for directing the rescue operation.)


Friday, January 7, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are chatting and seen moving near Gachi bowli of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. They are as usual in their dress and appear to be active)

Patel. I think few days ago you said that we shall visit the newly established IIMS.

Nehru. But the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences is not in Hyderabad.

Patel. This is not that Institute. This is Indian Institute of Mischief studies and applied research established at Hyderabad. Then we must call it IIMS AAR.

Gandhi. So be it dear. Thanks for correction.

Patel. Bapu. Shall we go there? I was told the library is excellently furnished and stocked with many strange books.

Gandhi. sure .. sure . why not?

( The trio lands up at the Institute . At the gate the security stop them to enquire)

Security Inspector. Where do you want to go sir. Who are you?

Gandhi. We came to see the Institution and its library. We have come from a very far off place.

( The security Inspector writes a pass and sends them in)

Gandhi. Patel. I think this is the first time that we have been allowed inside an organization without any fuss.

Patel. True Bapu

( They enter a large porch inside and see a big statue at the entrance)

Gandhi. Iam not much familiar with this person. Patel> Do you have any idea?

Patel. Bapu. It si very simple. Just read the name on the plaque

Nehru. Hee..hee

Gandhi ( Reads) It is written, Dawood Ibrahim. The notorious international smuggler and mischief maker. But why he is here?

Patel. Bapu. This is Indian Institute of mischief studies and applied research. Keep seeing things.

( They enter the large porch nad on the walls are hung large oil paintings of some personalities. The trio watch them)

Patel (Reads the title) this is the portrait of Charles Shobhraj, the great killer and smuggler.

Nehru (Reads the title of another portrait). He is Raja the multicrore spectrum scamsters

Gandhi ( Reads another title) He is Haji Masthan the former Bombay smuggler and Don

( The trio sees the class rooms, seminar halls and waiting rooms. They are furnished very well. The trio then enters the library. They are welcomed by the Librarian)

Librarian. Welcome sir. Plesae sign this book. We shall be honored. Now please tell me what you like to know sir. This is a very great library in world. We have ) We have one Lakh volumes and more than 1000 international journals. We do not care for national journals. Still we get about 650 national journals.

Gnadhi. These are great figures indeed. We like to go around books nd see ourselves.

Librarian. Welcome sir. I shall send an attender with you who will guide you.

Patel. Thanks sir.

( The trio go into text book section and see books)

Patel. Bapu . see the titles. How strange? I shall read out some to you. They are:

How to spoil things?
Treatise of mischief
How not to work
How to avoid work
How to demotivate .. by Rao and Reddy
How best to ruin working things.. by. Fool and fouler
A text book of ridiculous thinking by Masthan
A treatise of poor maintenance of machines by Rao and Reddy
Tips for screwing up things.. by slipster
Design and formulation of evil plans by Degrease
Disgusting thinking methods.. by Nutshell
Evil plans made easy… by S Raja
A text book of evil thinking.. by A Raja
A treatise of wild behavior.. by RS Negate
A gateway to ruining By RS Negate
The treatise of kidnapping techniques by Stoopid
The text book of dishonesty.. by Cown and Clown
How to be a misfit in a team .. Free and tree
How to ruin good Institution… selected readings.. by Jing and Bang
Case studies in financial mishandling. By Bang and Tring

Gandhi. Ohfo. What type of books they have? Patel. Here also there are strange books. Many are India authors too. I shall read some.

Case studies in major mischiefs
Get start with ruining things
How to spoil computers in effective way
The treatise of spoliling Electronic goods
The text book of destructitve technology
A text book of ruinous thinking
A treatise of destruction of electrical motors
How to play dirty with measuring instruments
How to short circuit high voltage lines in the most effective way.. A treatise
Design and creative appreciation of breaking things
Tips on hacking computers and web sites
Destruction of naval equipment
How to steal electric power… A treatise

(Gandhi and patel return to librarian. Nehru is still sitting there

Librarian. I hope you have seen some good books

Gandhi. Yeah. There are many.Jawaharlal. Why you have not gone around. It is a great experience indeed.

Patel. There are some good books of your interest.

Nehru. What are they?

Patel. I remember few names. They are:-

Cockeyed discovery of nation
How to loose a war
How best to downgrade others
How to mislead a nation
How to ruin a nation.. A policy
Policies of appeasement
How to self glorify
Treatise on self image building and letting down others
How to circumvent things
How to mismanage.. expert lectures
Design of destructive policies for a developing nation
How not to get motivated
A text book of misleading others
How to get misled by others
Be a sinister
Nut like thinking
How to be crap and crook
The art of crookery

Nehru. Come on stop that nonsense

Patel Why are you getting annoyed. We have come to a place of Institution that specializes in all these activities and spreads knowledge.

Nehru. I am sure you have no better thing to do.

Gandhi. Why are you running away from realities of life. All these things are being practiced now in India.

Nehru. Is this Institution required to be established? It will ruin society further.

Patel. People think such things are also required. These are part of life. Bapu. I have borrowed tow books after depositing some money with librarian. One is how to spoil things by Rao and reddy and another one is How to demotivate by Rai and Pai. I shall read them after going to our place

Gandhi. That is better. You should have become honorary member of this library. Reading such books is a time pass.

Patel. Good. Bapu. It is time now. Shall we go

Nehru. God saved us.

( The trio thank librarian and walk out and at the gate they are again thanked by the security guys)


Thursday, January 6, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Patel and Nehru are sitting in a room in heavens. The room is simple with minimum gadgets. Gandhi is lying in a cot in a corner. He is weak and coughing too. An old Charkha is lying in a corner that has collected plenty of dusk. News papers are seen scattered in the room. A earthern pot with water and a glass are seen in a corner.)

Gandhi. ohfo ( sings)

Mujhe apni sharan me lelo ram

Lelo Ram. Mujhe apni sharan mein… lelo ram…

( He sobs and gets hick ups. Patel goes to him and gives him some water and consoles him)

Patel. Bapu. Now what happened? You were active till yesterday.

Gandhi. Shh… What to say? I am much upset with all these scams in India.

Patel. True Bapu. It has become a land of scams. The present government appears to be the expert in engineering the scams and trying to manipulate things to escape.

Bapu. True. But the government will not own up things. They always to try to find ways and means to erscape and thwart attempts by opposition.

Patel. True. We have seen how the ruling party was adamant and refused to appoint JPC for probing spectrum scam.

Nehru.. ee… Hee..hee

Patel. Plesae do not laugh. We are discussing serious matters.

Nehru. These things can not be solved overnight. It will take some time.

Patel. By that time everything is forgotten and a new thing starts.

Nehru. Do you want the guys to be hanged immediately? Justice has to be given slowly

Patel. By that time the culprits will destroy evidence and escape law.

Nehru. That will happen in democracy.

Patel. So democracy can be defined as the system of apathy, laziness, inaction and free for all

Nehru. So be it.

Gandhi. ( suddenly goes to the bath room and closes the door. Inside he is doing some thing. He does not return quickly)

Nehru. Bapu has not returned quickly. Has he fallen down? Let us see.

Patel. (knocks toilets door) Bapu.. Bapu.. Please come out. We are worried.

( there is no answer from inside)

Nehru. Bapu.. Bapu.. What happened. Plesae come out.. Plesae come out. Bhai Patel. Some thing is not correct. See from window)

( patel takes a stool and climbs and peeps through window. He seen Bapu hanging from ventilator bar)

Patel. Oh fo.. Jawaharlal. Bapu has hanged himself.. ohfo ..noo.. eee…eeee..

Nehru. Bapu.. Mere Bapu..

( Patel kicks the door of tolet and it collapses. He rushes and lifts Gandhi. Slowly Nehru also helps and they bring out Gandhi. He is laid on bed)

Patel. Hope is still alive

( patel senses breathing of Gandhi)

Patel. He is breathing very faintly. He is in last in stages. They rub hands and feet and after some time Gandhi opens his eyes and looks at them)

Nehru. Bapu. Why you have done this? What happened? What are you going to achieve now by this?

Patel. Bapu. Why you have taken this extreme step.?

Gandhi. ee..eee.. I am vexed up with what is going on in India, that too when congress party is ruling.

Patel. Bapu. Is this the answer for it?

Gandhi. Then what is the answer? I am vexed up with these leaders. They do Ram nam Japna .. Paraya mala apna. Parya mal apna .. ho saara maal apna.

Patel. That is the national anthem Bapu. Jana gana man has no meaning now. It is a forgotten story. Bapu.. Once I went to see a movie and sat through full three hours. In the last six minutes I saw most of the guys getting up and running away. Then the national anthem was played. Most of the guys were rushing out of the exit doors. The flag was fluttering on the screen. That is the national spirit in India. Hee..hee. Any how you are a great fighter Bapu. You have seen many ups and downs. You have not committed suicide when India was divided. You took it in stride. Why this tamasha now? On the day of partition if you committed suicide things would have been different. People would not have suspected you at all.

Gandhi. Those days were over. I was fighting against alien. Now we are unable to fight our own people.

Patel. Bapu. It is our government. We gave them freedom. That is freedom from all worries. We gave them freedom to do all things less good and more of bad things. We gave them freedom to commit scams and get away too. We gave them freedom to open Swiss accounts. We gave freedom to manipulate. We gave them freedom to cheat, smuggle, loot and mismanage. We gave them freedom to ensure dynastic succession.

Nehru. Look Bapu. He is again hinting at me.

Patel. I am not hinting at you. It is for all. It is happening with all political leaders.

Gandhi. What to do? I never imagined the leaders will be selfish and corrupt.

Patel. We have to accept facts. Any how, you did a mistake. You should have gone on fast for dismantling congress after independence. Instead you went on fast to give 55 Rs Cores to Pakistan. That was the turning point in history of India. Godse got rid off you.

Gandhi. True. This congress party survived all these years on my Charisma only and singing my bhajans. They misused my name. All my children are no where now and vanished into dust bins of history. No one talks of them. They got no positions. They never rose in politics. Nehru dynasty is flourishing. It is their family business. This has been recently revealed in wiki leaks. Hee..hee.. No leaks were required. Every guys knows it. Can we do some thing now?

Patel. We have to see. If constitution lays down that no leader can be elected for the post second time. Many ills can be solved.

Nehru. It is not fair.

Gandhi. There is a point in it. First is that leaders will try to swindle as much as possible in shortest time as they may not get second chance. Their main motto would be to loot in quickest way and shortest trick. Another thing is that more and more people will get chance to swindle one after the other as the posts will last for a fixed duration.. All swindlers will make a queue. It would be the queue of swindlers.

Patel. Very true Bapu. You correctly guessed. But the present system is giving chance to only selected guys to swindle all the time whenever they form the government. (sings and does jig)

In the present system few can swindle
They do it with greatest care and ease
They plan, wait and do all the mischief
While in pubs girls do striptease.

Gandhi ( claps) Hear,,hear

Patel. This is because the guys from fixed families are making to the posts of influence. Soon these families could make business in different political parties. They will have members in each political party so that all swindled money will remain with the same family. Aim is only to swindle. Who wants to serve the nation? So all games are fair. There is saying that in war and love all is fair. I shall add to it. In swindling public money all is fair. These are the lessons from the outcome of Indian democracy

Gandhi. Shouldn’t we call Demoidiocracy.

Patel. Bapu, It is the most appropriate word. Bapu. You must be given an international literary award for coining this new word. I think there is time for Nobel award for literature.

Nehru. Are you guys going crazy with this all nonsense talk?

Gandhi. Why you are getting irked up? Patel. Plesae join us. My mood is returning after our inspiring conversation. Now I am feeling inspired too.

Patel. Bapu. That is good. Bapu. Have you heard the news?

Gandhi. What is that?

Patel. Some group has opened an Institution and named it as Indian Institute of mischief studies. The greatest scamsters will probably head it. Worlds best cheats and scamsters would be on faculty. People like Sobhraj could be delivering guest lectures to the students. There will be chairs in the name of best crooks in world.It has applied for deemed University status and is likely to award Degrees and diplomas and certificate courses. I went to see the library. Ohfo. There are some strange books there. Some of them are titled.. How to spoil things, How best to ruin things, How to rob and steal, The art of kidnapping, The art of smuggling, The rascals smile, Treatise of Fake notes printing, Treatise of arson and mischief, Manual of duping and mischief making, Art of crookery, Devil in me, The art of shady living, Trust the devil in your hand, My experiments with some truths of spoiling, How to swindle and Treatise of scams, design and execution. Most of the books are published by Devils and crooks oriental publications, Nai sarak, New Delhi and Dark and black hole house publishers, Sadar Bazar, New Delhi. Haji Masthan and Dawood Ibrahims huge photos are displayed in the halls. The auditoriums are named Haji Masthan hall and Katrochi Hall and Raja Hall.

Gandhi. These are strange titles. Some one is really genius too. What are the likely degrees being offered?

Patel. They are Bachelor of economic swindling ( BES), Bachelor of scam design( BSD), Bachelor of mischief ( BOM), Bachelor of crookery( BOC), Bachelor of Herapheri ( BHP) and many more. There could be some PG level courses. Research programs are also being offered leading to Ph D degrees.

Gandhi. Political parties may send their leaders for such courses. Some present leaders may do part time PhD programs.

Patel.. yaeh…

Nehru. What nonsense you are talking Patel. I am getting sick

Patel. Try to face realities brother.

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal, What Patel said is very true. For 16 years you were at the helm of affairs. Country has gone down the moral plain like nuts. Don’t you feel bad about it.

Nehru. Why should I. I did best.

Patel. That is best of worst

Gandhi. What is this strange word?

Patel. It means of worst of highest order

Gandhi.. Hee..hee.. Patel . Let us go and visit that Institute. I am itching. Look how I have scratched my hands and legs.

Patel. OK Bapu. We shall go there. Jawaharlaal get reday . We are going there

Nehru. What can I do? I shall come

( The trio gets up and go out slowly)


Monday, January 3, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

. There are many heroes and Heroines in the history of India who fought invasions by foreigners to protect this land. Many have vanished into pages of history without any recognition unsung and unheard. Due ceridty has not been given to them. Rani Laxmi Bai shines gloriously in Indian history . She fought the Englsihmen in the war of 1857 and lain down her life. This war took place not many years ago and comparatively is a recent one. Prior to her Rani Chennamma of Kittur, Veera Pandya Kattabomman of Panchala Kurichhi, Velu Thambbi the PM of Travancore Cochin state fought the East India company and resisted their domination. They laid down their lives cheerfully. They were fiercely patriotic.Alluri Seetha RamaRaju who waged war against British administration in Andhra agency areas in last century was very recent hero. Rani Abbakka from Karnataka state in 16 th century was one such woman of great patriotism who fought Portugese invaders fiercely. She has not been due credit in our recorded history.
Rani Abbakka was the queen of a Ullal in Tulunadu which is a principality in the region of Mangalore in the present Karnataka state. She is one of the earliest freedom fighters of India much before Jhansi Rani Laxmi Bai ( 300 years). She resisted the Portuguese tooth and nail till she breather her last. Though her kingdom was small she was a woman of great courage, fiercely patriotic and had clear fore thought. Her intense wars with Portuguese are not well chronicled in History. But whatever is available speaks of this great personality of great valor and bravery. It is believed that there were three Abbakkas, mother and two daughters who fought Portugese between 1530 -1599. The second daughter is known to be the most valiant. But legends consider all the three as one. She was popularly known as Abbakka Mahadevi.She was from Chouth dynasty
According to local ballads, Abbakka was an extraordinary and exceptional child and as she grew u and showed signs of being a visionary. There was no equal to her in military science and warfare, mainly in archery and sword fighting. Her father encouraged her in this and after she was well versed in all areas, she was married to a neighboring local king of Bangher. The marriage did no last long with Abbakka breaking the ties The husband thus nurtured revenge against Abbakka and later on joined the Portuguese in a treaty, to fight Abbakka.
Ullal fort, the capital of Abbakka’s kingdom, is located just a few kilometers away from the city of Mangalore, on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It is a historical as well as a pilgrim spot because of the beautiful Shiva Temple built by the Queen and a unique natural rock, called the Rudra Rock. The rock appears to change colors every second, as the sweater splashes on it.

The Portuguese in their first attack in south Canara coast in 1525, destroyed the Mangalore port. Rani Abbakka was alerted by the incident and started preparing herself to protect her kingdom. In 1555, the Portuguese sent Admiral Don Alvaro da Silvereira against the Queen of Ullal Abbakka Devi Chowta who had refused to pay them the tribute. They were repulsed by the queen Abbakka. The Portuguese Army in 1558 in another wanton cruelty on Mangalore, put to death a number of men and women, both young and old, plundered a temple, burnt ships and finally set the city itself on fire.
Again, in 1567, the Portuguese army attacked Ullal, showering death and destruction. The great Queen Abbakka Devi Chowta (Bucadevi I) resisted it.The same year General Joao Peixoto was sent by the Portuguese Viceroy Antony Norohna with a fleet of soldiers. He captured the city of Ullal and also entered the royal court. However the Queen escaped and took asylum in a mosque. The same night, she counter-attacked the Portuguese army, with a help of 200 of her soldiers and killed General Peixoto and 70 Portuguese soldiers.The invaders were forced to flee to their ships in disgrace. The Portuguese soldiers who remained in Ullal were dead drunk, in over confidence and were dancing. Taking advantage of this opportunity, about 500 Muslim supporters , Abbakka Rani attacked the Portuguese and killed Admiral Mascarenhas and the foreign army had to leave the Mangalore fort.In 1569, the Portuguese Army not only regained the Mangalore Fort but also captured Kundapur (Basrur). Abbakka Rani was a source of threat to the Portuguese. They won the confidence of Abbakka’s estranged husband, Bangher and started attacking Ulla. Abbakka Rani fought vigorously.She formed an alliance in 1570 with Deccani Sultan of Ahmed Nagar and the Zanmorine of Calicut, who where also opposing the Portuguese. Kutty Pokar Markar, a General of the Zamorine fought on behalf of Abbakka and destroyed the Portuguese fort at Mangalore but while returning he was killed by the Portuguese.
Abbakka lost the war as her husband assisted the Portuguese by revealing to them her strategies of warfare, which he was familiar with. She was arrested and jailed. However, the warrior that she was, she was, she revolted in the prison and died as a soldier – fighting. Although Abbakka lived in the folklore efforts are being made to revive her memory. But these are not sufficient. Probably there are some more valiant personalities who have gone un noticed and it is most essential that such personalities receive their due credit..
It is very tragic to note that pseudo leaders are being glorified at present by naming everything in their names as in the case of Nehru, Rajeev and Indira as if the whole nation was conceived and developed by the, You look at any thing India it is being named after them shamelessly. The Chief Ministers of congress ruled states shamelessly are after this game of sycophancy to win favors for themselves and eat crumbs of bread for some more days thrown at them by the dynasty.

1. Abbakka Rani, Wikipedia i
2. Kailash kr Mishra, Abbakaka Rani unsung warrior queen,

Into the past with pain..178


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at Indian Satellite and Research Organization and they are seen loitering near the gate. They are seen by the security guys and they are doubtful about their intentions. An Inspector of security goes to them)

Inspector. Who are you guys? What are you doing here? What work you have? From where you have come? What are your names? What is the purpose of your coming here? Why are you in this strange dress?

Gandhi. Are there more questions sir?

Inspector. First answer these questions. We shall talk of others afterwards

Nehru. Hee..heee

Inspector. What is there to laugh? Is it a joke?

Nehru. Did I say that it is a joke?

Gandhi. Jawaharlal . Plesae relax. Look Inspector Bhai. We are simple people. I am called MK Gandhi, i.e Mohan das Karamchand Gandhi, He is Jawaharlaal Nehru. The last one is Sardar Patel. The iron man of India.

Inspector. The names appear familiar.

Gandhi. Thanks for it.

Inspector ( Scratches his head). I remember such men died long ago. We now have their statues at some places. Of course there is nothing wrong in having such names. It is ones wish.

Patel. Thanks to that extent.

Gandhi. We came here after learning that A large rocket is about to be tested from here. We came to see it.

Inspector. You are not allowed inside. This is very high security area. All nuts and bolts are not allowed to witness the event. Only VVIP are allowed.

Gandhi. Don’t you think we are VVIP.

Inspector. You guys appear to be nuts. Look the way you are dressed. You do not have permission letter and Pass. We have no such information. How can you go inside.

Patel. That is fine. Keep watching us.

Inspector. That means are you planning some mischief? I shall not allow.

( He picks up a phone and rings up his boss)

Inspector. Hello sir. Here are some strange looking guys and they say theya re Ganfdhi, Nehru and Patel. They want to get inside to watch Rocket launch today.

Voice. Are they mad. Who are they. Be careful. They may be some terrorists. Keep them away. If required take them into mcustody nad hand over to police.

Inspector. Thanks sir. ( looks at Gandhi) You guys just pack off from here or you will have from me.

Patel. Look sir. We came from great distance. He is Bapu, the father of nation. Have some consideration for him

Inspector. I am helpless. Go away from here

Gandhi. Can we watch the rocket from here?

Inspector. Go to some distance and sit and watch the rocket when it goes into sky.

Nehru. What is the use of watching like it?

Patel. True.

Inspector. Guys. Plesae go away and do not trouble us more.

( Gandhi, Nehru and patel vanish and land at the Rocket launching site and hide behind some bushes. Some scientists arrive to check last minute things)

Scientist A. I think today will be a great day. This mission will be feather in our cap.

Scientist B. But we do not wear caps. How can we wear feather. More over we are bald also although very young. No feather can be stuck in hair

Scientist A. You fool. It is not that we are going to wear a feather really from to morrow. You are a bloody nut. Wearing feather in cap means it is a great achievement by us.

Scientist. I see. But I do not like you calling me a fool. I am a senior scientist like you.

Scientist A. Then what should I call you. Shall I call you great CV Raman?

Scientist B. Did I say that? I only said that you should not call me a fool. I am of course weak in English. I studied in Telugu medium up to inter.

Scientist A. Where did you study Engineering?

Scientist B. I studied at Rambharose College of Engineering, Technology, Science and research studies in Andhra Pradesh. It is affiliated to Amma Ayya Technological University that has been recently established.

Scientist A. Hee..heee

Scientist B . Why are you laughing. I am a joker? What do you mean?

Scientist. Why are you getting worked up?

Scientist B. then What should I do. I shall report against you to the director.

Scientist. (Holds the neck of other guy) You son of a Bit… Will you report? Swine of the first order and crack pot of tenth order. I shall show you what I am

( The Scientist A hammers up the guy ferociously. The scientist B falls on the Rocket and gets entangled)

Scientist B. Bacho .. Bachao

( The scientist A quickly goes to him ad pulls him away and in the mean time a siren is heard giving an alarm that count down has begun. This is being watched by Gandhi a and patel)

Patel. Bapu. What is this comic scene going on here?

Gandhi. How do I know? I am with you.

Patel . These jokers are at blows. With such guys will the rocket go up?

Gandhi. Yes It will go up in its own way

Nehru. Hee…heee

Patel. Haa..haaa

Gandhi. Plesae laugh slowly

( In the distance the scientists are seen rolling over the ground biting at each other and abusing each other. The countdown is continuing.. It is about to reach zero.. All of a sudden the rocket blasts off and with ferocious flames and gases coming out slowly lifts up from the pad)

Gandhi. What a seen.. Great indeed. Indians are great really

Patel. Bapu. Wait for some time..

Gandhi. Look. How well it is climbing into sky

Nehru. Yeah.. great

Patel. Bapu.You.. There is some smoke there.

( In the sky they see suddenly a great explosion and fire ball)

Gandhi. What is that?

Nehru. That is called a Rocket.

Patel. Fool. Every one knows it. The Rocket has exploded into bits

Gandhi. Will it fall on us?

Patel. No we are safe. It will fall in Bay of Bengal

Gandhi. Thanks god.

Nehru. This has been a fiasco.

Patel. These scientists fought and one guy fell on the rocket. Some thing must have gone wrong then,

Gandhi. Let them break their heads. Jokers indeed. So much money has been wasted.

Patel. They are doing good job. They are atlesat not swindling like in Spectrum scams

Gandhi. To some extent it is correct.

Patel. Bapu. Will they be able to take men to Moon as promised?

Gandhi. I doubt that. Even if they take it they can not bring them back to earth.

Patel. Then who will go there?

Gandhi. I think we must volunteer.

Patel. But we are not scientists.

Gandhi. We can get fake qualifications. In India we can get plenty of certificates by paying up. Rayala seema and Dravidian University will award PhD certificates easily. I was told. First we shall register there.

Patel. True Bapu. We can also pay them something. With money we can solve every issue.

Nehru. Iam not interested to go to moon. I may not return.

Patel. Hee.. you are shit scared guy

Nehru. So what ?

Gandhi. OK Guys . Let us go from here before things get comlex.. Now let us walk off

( The trio walks off from the main gate and are seen by the security guys)

Inspector ( Rubs his eyes) Shh. Are these the same guys. I sent them away?

Constable. Yes sir . But they walked through the gate. How did they get in?

Inspector. Strange indeed. Let us catch them.

( They run after the trio and the trio vanishes into distance in front of their eyes)

Inspector. Ohfo. Strange guys. What answer will we have if some one asks?

Constable. No one will ask sir as no one has seen them.

Inspector. I am sure they are ghosts

Constable (Wraps around Inspector) Ohfo no sir I am scared. Iam scared of Ghosts.

Inspector.. shhh.. shh. Leave me.. You clown . Are you a constable?

Constable. Sorry sir.

Inspector. It is OK. Do you know what happened? The rocket exploded after going up for some time. Now do not talk of this thing. We may loose our jobs.

Constable. OK sir.. I have not seen anything.