Friday, August 29, 2014


                                                      INDIAN CRICKET
                                                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Indian cricket has gone to dogs
Where they are in  loosing spin
At times  only they do well
Rest of the time they loose and grin

The master has retired finally
Leaving the boat of cricket rocking
The team has failed to make a mark
After the departure of cricket king

The guys play test cricket as if in nets
And throw away  their wickets for a dirty loose ball
Guys are clueless about the game they play
Claims however they make big and tall

A  guy   also takes the girl friend with him
Dreaming of  her while at the bumpy pitch
Alas  he is  clean bowled in a flick of second
Walks away from the place without any hitch

The guy behind the wickets can not catch a ball
He keeps another guy  always with him
Wicket keeping has become a joke with us
And players faculties have become dim

The luster of our cricket vanished with master  Sachin
While the present guys are merely   passing time
They brought the great shame in a foreign land
And their faces are required to be coated with lime

Monday, August 25, 2014


                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

`Kittoor Rani revolted against the Englishmen
And was put in prison and  she died on a floor mat
The Englishmen punished her for act of revolt
While we hail her for her bold and valorous  act

Velu Tambi raised sword against the Englishmen at Travancore
In the eyes of the English he was a traitor of many fold
He is one of our great national martyrs
While the English men tried to hang him at a scaffold

Tantya Tope  led war of independence
And was hanged on a scaffold once caught
He is our national hero of the 1857war
While for the Englishmen he was only to be shot

Alluri was shot in cold blood by the Englishmen
Having declared him as a terrorist who lead a revolt
For Indians he is a great hero and martyr
While the English shot him  cocking the rifle bolt

Bhagat singh and his friends died at the gallows
For killing police officer Saunders and dropping bombs
They are the great heroes for Indians
For the English men  they are only  to be buried in tombs

Veera Pandya revolted against the English men
And fought valiant battles against them like waging fire
He was caught and hanged at the end with his  men
And we glorify his deeds and call him a great  martyr

Crimes are at times purely  relative
For rulers the acts would be only crimes and misdeeds
But those who wage struggle against occupation
However they see their actions  as valiant

Monday, August 18, 2014


                                    INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…319
                                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Patel and Nehru  are seen at a village in Medak district. They are seen seated in a small hut like house. There are three broken chairs on which they are sitting
Gandhi. Patel. I am itching to have some tea. I am tired travelling in Telangana RTC buses. They are very bad.

Patel. OK Bapu. I shall manage some how. I have some  powder milk and tea ppowder.

Nehru. That is nice. I shall also help you.

Patel. Hat is very nice of you dear.

( Patel and Nehru collect three stones and some twigs lying around and light up fire. From their bag they takeout a small utensil and start boiling water after putting tea powder. Soon the tea is ready. Patel serves tea in polythene cups to all  and sip hot tea. Three guys approach them. They are  akash, Ramesh and Lokesh)
Akash. Good morning everyone here.

Gandhi. Very good morning. What we can do for you?

Lokesh. We are the  govt survey team. WE came to collect data from people.

Patel. What data you want.

Lokesh. Yester day I came here and gave some forms to guy who was staying here.

Patel. We came only today.Thi splace was  vacant and no one was there. There are no doors too. So we are staying here.

Ramesh. Now you guys are here. So you have to give data.

Gandhi. It isinteresting indeed. Whatinformation you want.

Ramesh. Who is the owner of house.

Gandhi. None of us.

Ramesh. Are you staying on rent.?

Patel. There is no one to collect rent here. We do not pay anything to any one.

Ramesh. Who is the leader amongst you?

Patel. We are all leaders.But Gandhiji is senior( Shows Gandhi)

Ramesh. What is your phone no.

Gandhi. I do not have one

Ramesh, What is thehouse no.

Patel. There is no number.

Ramesh. Do you pay property tax.

Gandhi. We told that we are  just staying here as no one sytays here. I donot knowabout this tax.

Lokesh. Where is your water bill.

Patel. I get water from a nearby well. No money is paid.

Lokesh. Where are your adhar cards.

Gandhi. We do not have. We are niradhar.

Lokesh.  It is a blunder that you have not taken Adhar cards,

Lokesh . Can you show your pass book of bank account?

Gandhi. We do not have one.

Lokesh. How about Gasvoucher?

Patel. We cook food by burning wood. No gas is there.

Lokesh. Show me birth certificate

Gandhi. We were born  during last to last century.

Ramesh. That means you are all more than 100 years old. How it is possible

Gandhi. At that time there were no birth certificates.

Patel. We are all law graduates. These two are barristers from UK.

Ramesh. Strange. How are you living like this,

Patel. Who said that we are living. We are dead in fact

Ramesh. Please no jokes.

Nehru. True we are dead. You are speaking to ghosts infact. If you have doubt try to touch me.

( Lokesh tries to touch Gandhi and he can not feel. He tries with others and fails.)

Lokesh. There is something wrong with these guys. They appear to be not humans.

Patel. We are ghosts. Your survey fails.  Better go from here.

Ramesh. These guys  could be magicians.  

Patel. Do yo want to see what I am?

Ramesh. Show me if so.

( Patel unfold his  skeleton figure and dances around) 

Lokesh, Oh No. These are ghosts. Run from here

( The trio of survey team  run away from the place while Patel and Nehru along with Gandhi Laugh loudly)

                                      CURTAIN FALLS

Thursday, August 7, 2014


                                     INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…318
                                               Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 (Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at Abids in Hyderabad and they are strolling in road. It is already past 7 pm and crowd thinned out. Vehicles flow is also reduced.
Gandhi. Patel, What is the use of this aimless walking.

Patel. Why?

Gandhi. Today we have not yet done anything worthwhile except measuring roads.

Nehru. Heee,,heee

Patel. What is there to laugh? You are also part of this.   Let us go a bit further.  There could be some thing interesting.

( They walk further and come to a bar. Many cars are parked at the entrance.)

Gandhi. What is this joint? Is it a cafeteria?

Patel. No . No It is a bar'

Gandhi. How we are concerned here? Let us go from here.

( In the mean time, ten guys walk out from the bar and all are in drunken state)

Gandhi. Ram.Ram .What happened to this country? It is just hardly 8 PM and people are drunk this much?

Patel. That means you recommend they should drink late nights.

Gandhi. Did I say that.? You always twist my words.

Patel.I had to ask questions because your statements invite them.

Gnadhi. Haa..haaa. Well taken dear.

( The guys come close to the trio and one of them bumps into Gandhi)

Gandhi. Aaa..aaaa. I am hit, My shoulder is gone..eee…e…..eeee…eeee

(Gandhi falls down on a stone and all assemble around him. The guy who bumped in is Narsimma )

Narsimma. You rickety old man. You skeleton,Is this a place of sight seeing? Wanna Screw you bloody guy. son of a bi…..

Patel. Look brother. You bumped into him. The poor guy is old and is injured. Instead of feeling sorry  ,why are you abusing him.? Is this way you treat elders? Did your mom and dad teach you these things?Why are you using foul  language?

Narsimma. You swine ,Why do you bring my Mom and dad? I wanna kill you.

Patel. Oh! You appear to be an American Phirangee

Narsimma. Yeah, I am an American  and  I have US citizenship.

Patel. What are you doing here man?

Narsimma. That is none of your business. Be off or else I wanna eat you.

Pate. Every time you say I shall kill you I shall eat you. Are you a demon?

Narsimma. You call me a demon. I shall show you.

Patel. Come on behave. Just pack off from here.

(The friends of Narsimma intervene and try to pacify Narsimma. He does not listen . Gandhi is still on ground and unable to move his hand. Narsimma sees Gandhi and kicks him. Gandhi groans. Seeing this Patel gets annoyed. He catches Narsimma by collar and drags him on to road. He thrashes him well for kicking Bapu. Narsimma  being in drunken condition can not even stand properly. His friends  are neither in good state.)

Narsimma. Aaa… you hit me. Now I am going to  kill you right here.

( He draws a knife from his  belt that was hidden and waves at Patel )

Patel. Oh, You have a knife too that ,means  you are a  proven rowdy, Come on Come on, I shall show you what I am.

Nehru.( Intervenes.) Bhai, leave us. Please go away. Nothing happened to Bapu.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Please  relax. Do not plead to this guy. He is a rowdy and needs to be tackled well. Come aside or you may get stab wound.

(Patel pulls Nehru aside. Seeing Patel not alert Narsimma wields his knife and falls on Patel. Patel in -time steps aside and Narsima falls flat on ground and his knife drops from his hand. Patel quickly kicks the knife away from the place)

Patel Suwwar ke bachhe, Chaku marta hai. ( You son of swine, you wield a knife!)

( Patel lifts Narsima by collar and  thrashes him well. Seeing this his friends move away. In the mean time a police van arrives from which  few police man and an SI get down. They approach the group and round up every one)

Si. What is happening here? You guys appear to be drunk. ( He sees Gandhi on ground) Oh this old guy is so much drunk that he is flat on ground,

Patel. No, He fell down and is hurt,

Si. If some one over dinks  has to fall down. I have to arrest you guys for drinking and making nuisance  on roads,

Patel. We did not drink. These ten guys drank and were misbehaving with us.

SI. That means  you are cool guys. Will they just fight with you for just nothing. Now KCR has given us special powers. We are no more old Hyderabad police. We are special guys.

Patel. Does this mean you trouble innocents? Catch the offenders. Not every one.

Si. Please do not teach us what we have to do. ( sings)

I am the police man with special powers
And  can do whatever I like
I shall chew you like sugar cane
And throw you as pulp under a motor bike

Patel. Si Sahib. Do you know this drunken guy was fighting with us on the road and even tried to stab me. See his knife is lying there

SI. Eee…eee knife. Constable  go and get the knife,

( A police man goes and gets the knife holding with a cloth. In the mean time Gandhi is made to stand   and Nehru helps him and supports him.)

 SI. Who is Narsimma?

Narsimma. I am Narsimma. I am the king of this area

SI. Oh! King of the area! Please come to our palace sir. We are waiting for you.

Patel. Police men can be humorous too

SI .hee,,heee. We are also humans

Gandhi. I am slightly feeling better now. My hand is getting  into line.SI sahib. Kindly excuse these people.

Si. Law will take its own course.

Gandhi. True. Give them a chance to improve.

SI. OK Guys , You people should behave and not fight on roads. It is not good. Law is getting tough soon. Now go home.

Gandhi. Thank you SI sahib, Soon you shall become CI. I bless you.

SI. Thanks sir I am obliged.

Gandhi ( Sings)
 Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram
Patheetha  pavana seetha ram
Jai raghun nandana Jai seethe Ram
Janaki vallabha seethe ram
( All the guys assembled sing the bhajan and slowly walk away.)

                                                        CURTAIN FALLS