Monday, August 25, 2014


                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

`Kittoor Rani revolted against the Englishmen
And was put in prison and  she died on a floor mat
The Englishmen punished her for act of revolt
While we hail her for her bold and valorous  act

Velu Tambi raised sword against the Englishmen at Travancore
In the eyes of the English he was a traitor of many fold
He is one of our great national martyrs
While the English men tried to hang him at a scaffold

Tantya Tope  led war of independence
And was hanged on a scaffold once caught
He is our national hero of the 1857war
While for the Englishmen he was only to be shot

Alluri was shot in cold blood by the Englishmen
Having declared him as a terrorist who lead a revolt
For Indians he is a great hero and martyr
While the English shot him  cocking the rifle bolt

Bhagat singh and his friends died at the gallows
For killing police officer Saunders and dropping bombs
They are the great heroes for Indians
For the English men  they are only  to be buried in tombs

Veera Pandya revolted against the English men
And fought valiant battles against them like waging fire
He was caught and hanged at the end with his  men
And we glorify his deeds and call him a great  martyr

Crimes are at times purely  relative
For rulers the acts would be only crimes and misdeeds
But those who wage struggle against occupation
However they see their actions  as valiant

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