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                                            NARAYAN GAD  MAHARASHTRA
                                             MUNWALLI FORT. KARNATAKA
                                                          PARAS GAD.. KARNATAKA
                                             BIJAPUR FORT BASTION.. KARNATAKA
                                        BIJAPUR FORT ARCH.. KARNATAKA.. PENCIL SKETCH


                                                          THEEK HAI BHAI..


                                             LONE BIRDIE
                                                          CHITTU BIRD
                                                     EGRETS RUNNING
                                                       WATER BIRD
                                                         IN HOPE
                                                     RESTING BIRDS

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                                        TORGAL FORT   KARNATAKA
                                                        ETHICS AND VALUES
                                                        ETHICS AND VALUES

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                                        BHUSHAN GAD FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                          TORGAL FORT  KARNATAKA
                                          ACHAL GAD  MAHARASHTRA
                                            THALNER FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                          MAIL GAD FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                            DHARMAPURI FORT  MAHARASHTRA


                                         INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…294

                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are in Delhi and are chitchatting in a park at Rajghat.  From distance black marble Samadhi memorial of Gandhi can be seen. Gandhi looks at it and sighs )

Patel. Bapu. What happened.? You look upset.

Gandhi.  Do you see from here the  memorial with black marble

Patel. Yeah. That is your grave.

Nehru. Patel. Do not call it a grave. It is a memorial. Bapu was a Hindu. He was cremated and not buried. Samadhi was not  built for him. It is only a memorial.

Patel. Oh I am sorry Panditji. After all I am not that learned man like you. You were known as Panditji.

Nehru. Please do not be sarcastic..

 Gandhi. Look. People fondly call their leaders with many titles. I was called Bapu. Patel was called Sardar. Jawahar was called Pandit, Rajen Prasad was called Babu. Bose was called Netaji. Azad was called Moulana, What is wrong in that.

Patel. There is nothing.

Gandhi. That  is fine.

( Suddenly the hear  some commotion on the road. A crowd is passing over the road shouting slogans. Down  down Advani down down.. Modiji ki jai ho..  Modiji ki jai ho… Down with Advani)

Gandhi. Arre. What is this tamasha? Why guys are after Advani. What he has done. Poor guy. He is a Ram bhakt too. Has he stopped singing Ramdhun?

Patel. I shall find out Bapu soon.

( Patel  runs to the gate and talks to some people and returns)

Gandhi. What happened. Why they are after that poor guy?

Patel. Bapu. Advaniji was against nomination of Modiji as the haed of the campaign committee for BJP in next elections.

Gandhi. I see. But why he was like that?

Patel. Bapu. Advani is the senior most leader in BJP. He nourished the party. He was no 2 after Bajpaiji. He has his own ambitions. He failed to become the PM till now. Modi is too junior to him. Obviously as BJP has chances to win in next elections with congress party in shambles, he is getting jittery   with coming up of Modiji.

Gandhi. I understand his problem.. But old guys graciously must give way to the young.

Patel, Saying is easy Bapu.  Who will do that?

Gandhi.  I am one. Once we got freedom did I run for any post?

Patel. Bapu. You were great guy. All are not like you.

Gandhi. I understand. Look Patel. Do you think Modi will become the next PM.

Patel. Why not? Stars are in his favor. Congress party is in doldrums. It is a sinking boat with a shattered captain. He does not know which way  to steer, How to steer and when to steer. He looks like an dumb helpless guy. I feel sorry for him.

Gandhi. But what he can do? His hands are tied behind and lips are locked.

Patel.  Bapu. I shall tell you one thing. Id you do not use your limbs for too long they become useless. I know a Sadhu at Mathura who has been  standing still at Yamuna ghat with a raised hands for the last twenty years. Now his hands has become like a rod in raised position  and it can not move. Similarly this guy too   would  have become useless by this time  as he was inactive for so long , all most  10 years.

Gandhi. That is his fate. I heard he is dreaming for another tenure in the chair.

Patel. Let him dream. Modiji almost on it.

Gandhi.  I think whole nation wants Modi as the PM. They are fed up of these congress guys with scams and daily tamasha going on.

Patel. Then what?

Gandhi. I think you are the strong supporter of Modi.

Patel. Any sensible guy would be.

Gandhi. But Rahul is also dreaming for it with his mom  pushing at it.  It will be now or never.

Patel. Bapu. He is no match for Modi. He has no base, except that he is being propped up. Wherever he led his party he goofed up. They lost miserably. Youth I India want Modi. They sing Jai ho Modi..

Gandhi. Advaniji is unable to swallow the change. In front of his own eyes, his dreans are being shattered. Rajnathji has nominated Modi as the chief of campaign. It will be difficult for Advani to  forget this.

Patel. Bapu. You also went through such things in past. I know the situation when Netaji won  the President ship of Congress at Tripura in 1939. He won against your Pattabhiramayya. You were much upset and you expressed it too. Advaniji is also in same situation. You did not cooperate with Bose. Finally he resigned and said bye bye..

Gandhi.  Patel. Are you mocking at me ?

Patel.  How can I do that? I am frank. You were no different. It is a human trait.

Nehru. Patel. Why do you find faults with Bapu?

Patel. I am not  doing any such things. I am only telling truths. Kabir said ( sings )

Bura na dekhan my chala
Bura na miliya koi
Jab dil my  khojoo apna
Mujhse bura na koi

Gandhi. Well said. You were frank to tell straight on my face. I like it.

Nehru. Bapu. It is getting late. This is a grave yard, I am scared of ghosts. I herad that  ghosts of all dead congress leaders roam here after sunset. I am scared bapu. Let us go.

Patel. Haa.. Haa. Haa.. What a guy you are? Hee..hee,,hee

Gandhi. Let us go.

                      ( The trio walks away )

                                                CURTAIN FALLAS


                                                       1857 WAR
                                       Dr K Prabhakar Rao 
                 The  war of 1857   is  called as Ist war of Independence although dubbed as sepoy mutiny by Europeans. It was the result of various causes during the consolidation of East India  Company.  Scores lost lives on both sides on battle field and also  subsequently . It was mostly taken up by  the princely  states that were antagonized by the policies of the company.  Many  heroes and heroines who fought valiantly and contributed to the war  went unnoticed in the recorded history. Jhalkar bai is one among them. She was  neither  a princess   nor from any zaminadr family. She was very simple y birth. This could be a reason for neglecting her contribution by the historians.
               The legend of Jhalkaribai remains in the popular memory of Bundelkhand over centuries. Her life and especially the incident of her fighting with the East India Company army on the front in disguise, continues to be sung in various Bundeli folklores. Her bravery along with her identity as a Dalit has helped to create a sense of pride and cultural unity in Dalits in North India.
Recently the name of Jhalkaribai, along with others, has played a crucial role in the political landscape of North India, especially of Uttar Pradesh. Taking advantage of her popular image, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), the leading Dalit-based party in India, projected Jhalkaribai as one of the symbols of Dalit pride and honour. Efforts were taken in research and find facts about her life and propagating them to the masses. Emphasis was given to portraying her as a historical heroine of the bahujans (i.e. masses).

                    After the death of her mother when she was very young, her father raised her like a boy. She was trained in horse-riding and using weapons. Consistent with the social conditions of those days, she could not have a formal education, but soon became well-trained as a warrior. She garnered notoriety in her region when she killed a leopard in the forest with a stick she used to herd cattle.

Jhalkaribai bore an uncanny resemblance to Rani (queen) Laxmibai.  She married an artilleryman, Puran Singh, from the artillery unit of Rani Laxmibai. Jhalkaribai was introduced to the queen by Puran Singh. She joined women's army, headed by Rani Laxmibai. After joining the army, she gained further expertise in all aspects of warfare
During the Rebellion of 1857, General Hugh Rose stormed Jhansi with a large army on April 3, 1858.  The queen was not in position to face such a big army and as planned with the rebels she has to join them at Kalpi. Jhalkaribai made a suggestion to the queen that she would go on the front in disguise as the queen and the queen should escape out of the fort  On the night of April 4, the queen escaped from the fort and left for Kalpi. At the same time, Jhalkaribai set out for General Rose's camp in disguise as the queen and declared herself to be the queen Laxmibai.  This led to a confusion that continued for a week and she was released only after it was revealed that she was not the queen but a common soldier.
Very little, if any, information is available about later days of Jhalkaribai. Some sources state that she was killed during the battle of Jhansi; others state that she was released by General Rose and thereafter lived until 1890.  She was Laxmibai's most favourite soldier & warrior.
                  Very few references are found about Jhalkaribai in the contemporary records. The diary of General Hugh Rose, who was the general of the company army, and commissioner's gazetteer has no mention of Jhalkaribai. However, Vishnubhat Godse, a contemporary Marathi traveller who travelled in North India during the rebellion and was the court priest of Jhansi during this period mentioned her in his travelogue, though he mentioned her as a maid.    One could find no references of Jhalkaribai or her bravery in early historiography. In pre-independence India, British historiographers like Kaye and Malleson or Thompson and Garratt made no mention of Jhalkaribai. Even the Indian authors ignored her feat. Savarkar neglected her in his The Indian War of Independence and Nehru did not mention her in his Discovery of India.[12] Majumdar, Raychaudhuri, and Datta did not specify the deed of Jhalkaribai though they noted that the queen Laxmibai escaped out of the Jhansi fort on the night of April 4, 1858 and left for Kalpi as Sir Hugh Rose "stormed" in Jhansi on April 3.The name  of Jhalkaribai appeared in the printed history after the Independence of India in 1947. First reference of her story in this period is found in a novel Jhansi ki Rani written in 1951 by B.L. Varma, who created a subplot in his novel about Jhalkaribai for which he interviewed Jhalkaribai's grandson.  He addressed Jhalkaribai as Korin and an ordinary soldier in Laxmibai's army. Another novel where we can find mention of Jhalkaribai was written in the same year by Ram Chandra Heran in his Bundeli novel Maati. Heran depicted her as "chivalrous and a valiant martyr  The first biography of Jhalkaribai was written in 1964 by Bhawani Shankar Visharad, a Dalit intellectual, with the help of Varma's novel and his research from the oral narratives of the lower caste people living in the vicinity of Jhansi.
As a result of Bahujan Samaj Party's policy of social mobilization, several booklets, dramas, and songs have been composed by Dalit activists, politicians, and writers narrating the story of Jhalkaribai. Efforts have been made to rewrite the history and place Jhalkaribai at an equal footing of Laxmibai.  Since the 1990s, the story of Jhalkaribai has acquired a political dimension and her image is being reconstructed with the demands of social situation.


The image of Jhalkaribai has risen to a significant place in North India in the recent years. The socio-political importance of the story of Jhalkaribai to create social awareness and a sense of pride in the Dalits has been successfully recognized and used by political parties like Bahujan Samaj Party. The death anniversary of Jhalkaribai is celebrated as Shahid Diwas (Martyr Day) by various Dalit organizations every year.
The story of Jhalkaribai is utilized not only by the Dalits. The movement to create a separate Bundelkhand state has also use the legend of Jhalkaribai to create the Bundeli identity  The Government of India's Post and Telegraph department has also issued a postal stamp depicting Jhalkaribai. .  The name of the lady Jhalkar bai  is more being glorified to propagate  self interests and  caste based partisan politics in modern India thereby dividing the society further and deeper.  She definitely needs to be recognized for her bravery and contribution free of any caste factor.  


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                                     KARNATAKA AND INDIA

                                         Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                  Sangolli Rayanna   (15 August 1798 – 26 January 1831)  has gone down the annals of Indian  history as a very brave warrior  who  fought the  East India Company with great determination till his death.  Rayanna was born on 15th Aug 1798. He was the army chief of the Kingdom of Kittur ruled at the time by Rani Chennamma and fought the British East India Company till his death. Rayanna belonged to Kuruba caste.   
                  The East India Company promulgated that the kingdoms  without a recognized successor would be annexed. Kittur was being ruled by Shivalinga Raja and Rani Chennamma was his valiant queen. They had a son  but he died young.Shivalinga Raja also  died soon without any  further issue. Therefore the  royalty adopted a boy and this was not accepted by the company and demanded that the kingdom be handed over to them. However When the British wanted to annex the kingdom to their empire in 1824, the queen of Kittur, Rani Chennamma, refused to secede her kingdom.   Chennamma fought the British bitterly and   defeated them - causing huge damage - and killed  Collector Thackeray of Dhrawar who led the attack.    Two British officers were also taken  as prisoners.  The British renewed their attack  with further reinforcements and cannons and annexed the kingdom of Chennamma in 1824.  The British arrested Rani Chennamma and Veeramma and imprisoned them at Bylahongal fort, where Chennamma died in 1829.  
             Sangolli Rayanna also participated in the 1824  Kittur war and was arrested by the British, who released him later. He continued to fight the British and wanted to install adopted son Shivalingappa as the ruler of Kittur.  He mobilised local people and started a guerilla type war against the British  He and his "army" moved from place to place, burnt government offices, waylaid British troops and plundered treasuries  Most of his land was confiscated and what remained of it was heavily taxed. He taxed the landlords and built up an army from the masses. Rayanna is considered by many historians to be the pioneer of guerilla warfare in India much before Tantya Tope of 1857 war.  The British troops could not defeat him in open battle. Hence, by treachery, he was caught in April 1830 and tried by the British; and sentenced to death.  Shivalingappa, the boy who was supposed to be the new ruler, was also arrested by the British. Rayanna was executed by hanging to death from a Banyan tree about 4 kilometers from Nandagad in Belgaum district on 26th Jan 1831.  It is an irony that  we celebrate Republic Day on the same day . He was helped by Gajaveera a Siddi warrior in his rebellion. Ryanna's mortal remains were buried near Nandagad. Legend says that a close associate of Rayanna planted a Banyan sapling on his grave. Unlike the usual 6 foot grave, Rayanna's grave is 8 feet long because Rayanna was tall - more than 7 feet. The tree is fully grown and stands to this day. An Ashoka Stambha was installed near the tree. A small temple in the name of Sangolli Rayanna was constructed at Sangolli village, in which stands a statue of Rayanna flanked by two wooden weights used for body building. One of the wooden weights is original, i.e., it was used by Rayanna himself for body building. A community hall, built in commemoration of Rayanna at Sangolli serves the villagers of Sangolli .
         It is a fact that Indian  history  books  are silent on the  valiant deeds and contributions of Rayanna  and Kittur war as whole and  are side lined. Infact  contributions of South Indian heroes in Indian  history and freedom movement goes unnoticed by historians. Contributiosn of Velu thambi of Travancore Cochin,  Veerapandya Katta Bomman of tamil nadu are not known to most of the Indians. How shameful it is!

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                             INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…293

                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen  wandering on the secretariat road in Hyderabad. They appear   relaxed and dressed in their usual attire. )

Gandhi. Patel. It is long since we came to this city. Last time we were here, there was great turmoil in the city. We now see more police men than people on streets. This looks like Police state.

Patel. True Bapu, It was the time when Telangana agitation was active.

Gandhi. Now all is quiet. Is the movement for separate state dead?

Patel. No Bapu. It is not dead. It is still there. Only thing is that all are tired of it including the leaders.

Gandhi. I  see that these leaders are not serious about achieving the state. Otherwise, it will not be like this. Has any one gone on fast up too death?  Has any leader  died for the cause?

Patel. None Bapu. Of course Prof Jay Shankar the architect of the movement passed away due to natural causes. All leaders are scared. They want power in the new state. Only thing is that they threaten often that will  go on fast. In past they did this Tamasha only to break it  soon saying that it is better to live to achieve than dying.

Gandhi. Haa..haa.. hoo..hoo..hee..hee

Patel. Bapu. The leaders in this state are very selfish. Every one wants power. The ministers and MLA from ruling party in the state from Telangana region boast that they are spearheading the cause for separate state. If they are so committed , what prevents them from resigning from the party and show their support to cause. They want to ride two horses at the same time. They want perks, power, position as ministers and MLA and also want power when new state arrives.. Haa..haa..haa What a joke. Not one, all are like this. Shall I  shout their names?

Gandhi. No . No Not required.  These guys are like Garden lizards. They can change colors every second. Leave them to their fate. History will not spare them. They will go down as traitors.

Patel. Bapu. Recently some MP from ruling party left Congress party. The high command said they are least bothered and that these guys were of no consequence. The guys who resigned  changed stance and   are still  sticking to party fearing CBI that can be let loose on them.The guys who left are spent cartridges.

Gandhi. Are things so bad now?

Patel. True.  I do not know what is going to happen to Telangana.

Gandhi. What did   Azad   say now? He keeps saying something or other.

Patel. Is it Chadrasekhar Azad?

Gandhi. Come on Patel. He died long ago in Alfred park in Kanpur by shooting himself with a pistol when he was surrounded by British Police men. I am saying about Ghulam Nabi Azad, the guy who keeps giving statements on Telangana now and then contradicting his own statements.

Patel. He said more discussions are required  for deciding.

Gandhi. How many more discussions are required. Earlier Krishan committee was there. They played flute and spent crores of rupees. They wasted every ones time aprt from wasting their own time and making Tamasha of themselves.They have been discussing.. and discussing without any outcome. Ha..haa.haa.

Patel. Ho..ho..ho..ho.. hee..hee

Nehru. Why you guys are laughing like this?

Gandhi. Why we should not laugh? This is a correct situation for laughing. Take it easy boy. Relax at times.

Patel. Bapu I shall tell a joke that is appropriate. When Panditji was in office, once  he was  giving a talk in reply to a question in parliament. He said,  I deliverd .. I delivered.. I delivered.. He was struggling for some words. One senior opposition leader shouted, “But gave birth to none”   All  broke into laughter. Now also  these central leaders and high command are trying to deliver some  judgment. But they failed to  produce any thing. Ha..haa..haa

Gandhi. Heee..hee..hooo.hooo.

Nehru. I am going  Bapu. I can not stand this talk.

Gandhi. Come on Jawahar, Relax and learn to be sportive. Learn to  enjoy humour.

Patel. These central guys are going to drag on the issue till the elections. If they do not give new state , Congress goose  would be cooked in the region. They will not win single seat in Telangana. Poor Naidu of TDP ( Telugu Desam party) is hoping to win. He would be in deep trouble as he has not supported the cause. The state party is in minority and is surviving wit the  help of TDP. Otherwise it will collapse. No  one wants to loose posts now. None is serious about the  new state. What we require are the sacrifices by the leaders. It is only youth who are  dying by hanging, drinking poison,  and by self immolation. No leader has committed such act. When the state comes through, the dead youth would vanish into history while the leaders will run for posts and power. How bad!

Gandhi. How sad! When we struggled for freedom   leaders were selfless. They left studies, professions and families and sacrificed lucrative careers. Both of you left your law practice and helped me.

Patel. But as   freedom  came close and close many developed self interests.  Is it not a fact Bapu?

Gandhi. I can not answer this. I was  not selfish. If I was selfish I would have become President of the country.My children would have been ministers. I would have established dynastic rule.

Patel. But you helped Jawaharlal to become PM although I had mandate.

Gandhi.  Why discuss the old one? There is no point in digging skeletons.  We already had plenty of minorities. We wanted a more acceptable candidate for PMs post. Your  hard views on minorities are well known.

Patel. I have only one theory. I do not do dual talk. I do not have split tongue.

Nehru. Look Bapu. He is aiming at me.  Am I a snake?

Gandhi. This is never ending argument. I am helpless. ( sings)

I am a poor half naked guy
I do not know how and why
You guys are always at blows
Light in your skulls will never glow

( He picks up a stone and hammers his own head violently)

( Nehru rushes to Bapu and pulls out the stone and throws it away. Sadly the stone hits a passer by in his face. He screams and collapses. People gather around him. Some men rush to  the trio and catch Nehru. They are Sher singh and Bhoot nath)

Bhoot nath. You guy! Why you hit him with stone?

Nehru. Did I? I only threw the stone

Sher singh. But it hit a person in the face. He fainted.

Gandhi. Sorry  brother. He did not mean to hit him. It is  a sad incident. I apologize for that

Bhoot nath. Your apology does not make him OK.

Gandhi. Then what should I  do.  If you want hit me withy stone. You are free to do it.

Bhootnath. We are not that cruel.

( In the mean time the guy who fell down gets up   and comes to them. He is Phirki ram .

Nehru. Bhai sahib. Are you fine. I never meant to hit you. It was an accident.

Phirki ram. Relax. I am fine.  Such things happen at times. You may please go.

( The trio walks away and sit on a road side bench)

Bhootnath. Bhai . What you have done? You lost a golden chance. You could have made some money from them. We would have sided you.

Phirkiram. Look brother. They appear to be very poor and old. What they can give to us? Let us go ( He walks away)

Bhootnath. Idiot guy he is. He does not know  how to live. We also lost golden chance. Let us go

( They also walk away)

 ( The trio sitting on the bench are serious )

Patel. Bapu. Forget this now. We were discussing Telangana

Gandhi. I am sure nothing will come now. People have been fooled as usual. It happened in 1956 and then in 1969. Now also same thing is happening.

Patel. Better we watch things. We can not do any thing

Gandhi. Let us go. As it is,  the place is not good. Everywhere police guys keep checking after the Jharkhand incident. All are shit scared particularly ruling party guys.

Patel. True. God bless them. Luckily there was no Salwa judum in this state.
Previous DGP in AP state Mr  Sen  was successful in curbing Maoists in the state

Gandhi. It is also learnt that center  does not want to give Telangana because this may also become  another Jharkhand.

Patel. What can we do Bapu? It is their luck

(In distance a philosophical song is heard in deep voice)

Ye jag hai pardes bande
Ye jag hai pardes.
Jana hai jeeke dekh Bande
Ye jag hai pardes
Jhooti hai  is jag ki maya
Tera kaya badal chaya
Kaal lutera  loote umariya..2
Har shabdon ka  bedh
Bande Ye jag hai pardes… (Immortal Surendranathji from Maya Machhindra 1951)  

(The trio walks off slowly )

                                                CURTAIN FALLS


                                        RAM GAD FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                        AMBOLGAD FORT  MAHARASHTRA


                                                DR MMS AFTER   AT DELHI INCIDENT


                                           RAJGAD  MAHARASHTRA
                                             SAMKSHI FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                          AMNER FORT   MAHARASHTRA
                                          DEV GAD FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                           BHANDARA DURG  MAHARASHTRA       
                                           MANGAL GAD FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                            CHAUGAON FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                            UNDERI FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                              DHARGAD  MAHARASHTRA

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                                             HOOLI FORT  KARNATAKA
                                                    HARIHAR ( HARSH ) GAD  FORT   MAHARASHTRA
                                          RANJANGIRI FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                           HEMAGADDA FORT  KARNATAKA
                                                               GOA FORT.. GOA


                                           GUDUR FORT  KARNATAKA
                                         CHIKANAL FORT  KARNATAKA


                                           MULBAGIRLU FORT  KARNATAKA
                                            SAWANT WADI FORT  MAHARASHTRA
                                            HOOLI FORT KARNATAKA