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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi is seen sitting in a park in heavens and singing Ramdhun clapping hands. A lean and famished man is seen approaching him. He is clad in full European suit and sporting Hollywood hat. He has pipe in his mouth. He is Jinnah the father of Pakistan)

Jinnah. Hello. Adab, Mr Gandhi

Gandhi. Salam wallekum Jinnah bhai. How are you?

Jinnah. Walekum salaam, Fine. I have not seen you since long.

Bapu. It is nice you have come. Please sit down ( shows a place on the bench).

( Jinnah sits down)

Jinnah. Mr Gandhi, I heard there is lot of talk about me in India of late.

Gandhi. I also heard. Patel knows it better.

( In the mean time, Patel arrives strolling and he sees Jinnah and Gandhi and he tries to go away)

Gandhi. Hello Patel. Please come here. Good evening. How are you?

Patel. I am fine.

Gandhi. Is there a great talk of Jinnah in India now?

Patel. Indians have forgotten about this man long ago. But of late his name is being revived.

Gandhi. Please state clearly.

Patel. There is a guy named Jaswat singh in BJP and he is there in the party for nearly 30 years. He was the former Defense Minister too.

Gandhi. I heard he was an ex army officer.

Patel. True. He resigned from Army when he was a captain stating that he wanted to join politics. He was relieved from army.

Gandhi. Good . Then what happened?

Patel. This guy slowly came up in the party and became an important person too.

Gandhi. How he became lover of Jinnah sahib now? That too after so many years.

Patel. He wrote a book in which he defended Jinnah sahib and argued that Jinnah was not in fact the villain. It was congress inability to adjust to him that cost us and resulted in partition.

Gandhi.( Looks this way and that way and feels uncomfortable)

Jinnah. Yeah… At last some guy has the courage to tell the truth.

Patel. He also commented severely on me too. A funny guy indeed. What he knows about us?He was just a kid when partition took place. ( sings)

Look Guys I know what I am
I never was in any scam
Look at the nuts in the nation to day
All are busy with an European mom.

Jinnah. I am happy that some one tried to defend me

Gandhi. Jinnah sahib. You know what you are and I know what I am ( sings).

I know what you were
And you know what am I
We both have screwed the nations
God only knows how well and why

Jinnah. Hee..heee

Gandhi. Patel. What happened after that?

Patel. What will happen ? RSS became very angry. The book is against the RSS policy on Jinnah

Gandhi. Policy? What is that?

Patel. Jinnah is to be condemned for all the times. There is no let up. But this Singh has tried to fish in a shit pot. Bapu. In shit pot also fish survive.

Gandhi. Ram.. Ram. Kya Ho gaya is mulk ko?.. ( What happened to this country?) I used to preach.. Ram nam Japna..

Jinnah. Paraya maal apna… Ho paraya mal apna ( Others property is ours)

Patel. Very well sung Jinnah sahib. True. Very true. You took away Pakistan that does not belong to you guys. It is our land… Hindustan.

Gandhi. Relax. What happened after that?

Patel. BJP has kicked out Jaswant Singh out from the party.

Gandhi. What is he doing?

Patel. He is happy selling books in Pakistan where he has become a great hero

Gandhi. Where was the necessity of writing such things now after so many years?

Patel. He wanted to do some thing. Earlier he wrote a book on his experiences in army while he served. That too created some unpleasantness in army

Gandhi. Many time realities will not be liked. Army guys do not like them to be exposed. They follow British traditions of getting screwed and then remaining silent happily. I was told.

Patel. Better we keep quiet. There was lot of discussion on a site called Pragmatic Euphony on these subjects. Writers are many serving military officers with pseudo names while many are tired and retired.

Gandhi. What is this tired and retired? Look strange.

Patel. Tired are the military officers who leave service after superannuation or voluntary retirement. Re tired are those who take extension and reemployment in service after superannuation and hang on for some more years screwing and sucking out the government blood for some more years. They put on the last rank, but work at one step down post.

Gandhi. Is it not a shame?

Patel They do not feel so. They are happy to get salaries for some more years, They are called re.. tired officers

Jinnah. Hee…hee. Why get into army guys ? Better leave them where they are. Patel Sahib. What you think of me? You are the steel man of India.

Patel. You exploited Muslim sentiments and unleashed violence, killings and all types of things. Your hand was behind everything.

Jinnah. Am I the only villain?

Patel. Not you alone. Syed Ahmed Khan and Poet Iqbal are also the villains. You took clue from them.

Jinnah. But you guys are not condemning them. Why only me?

Patel. That is because you were alive when partition took place and you engineered it. They died long ago.

Jinnah. I see. It is up to you. You can not undo what happened.

( Suddenly Bhagat Singh appears along with Chandra Sekhar Azad and Shaheed Uddham Singh.. They shout Bharat Matha ki Jai.. Akhand Bharat ki Jai..)

Bhagat singh. Namste Bapu. What is this Jinnah doing with you? How come he is here?

Jinah. Oh Bhai. This is not India. We are in heavens. All our enmity and passions have gone with our death.

Bhagat singh. But our souls are not having peace. We can rest only when we regain our partitioned land.

Jinnah. That you can never do.

Azad. Dekhterahna Jinnah sahib ( Keep looking ) We shall do it.

Gandhi. Please Mr Azad. Do not create scene here. If you can not contribute please go away.

Azad. Bapu. Here also you are playing same game. We shall not allow it.

Gandhi. What will you do? In India you could not do any thing. You know you shot yourselves dead in Kanpur park when Britsih police surrounded you. Bhagat singh was hanged.

Bhagat singh. True. We paid by our blood. We did not partition India. It is better to die than do that and live in glory with titles. Hame fakr hai hamare kaam par..

Gandhi. Jinnah sahib. Better we leave from here before things take ugly turn

Jinnah. True. Things do not appear good and healthy

Gandhi. Ok Friends, Tanks for coming.. Ok Bye.. See you

( Gandhi and Jinnah hold hands and leave while Bhagat singh and Azad and Uddham singh shout.. Akhand Bharat ki Jai.. Jinnah go back Jinnah go back.. Patel alos vanishes from the scene )


Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

In the recent meeting of esteemed Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh (much glorified as the only PM who has been elevated second time in row after Late Jawaharlal Nehru) with Pak supremo, certain decisions were taken and a strange statement was issued and in fact the entire thing is nothing but sell out. After Bombay attack, no doubt relations between both the countries are strained. India expected that Pak would hand over the criminals responsible in a silver plate for the dastardly attack on Indian hotels in which many were killed including foreigners thus maligning the nation. But nothing happened. They are not fools. Indians have become rather proven fools. India did some saber rattling as usual and the bent spine could not become erect and continued to bend further. The government enacted a puppet show for some time and reconciled and sucked thumbs. Thanks to the international pressure particularly from USA. It is highly doubtful India would have taken very strong measures against Pakistan such as surgical attacks if there was no pressure. It lacked guts no doubt. The usual dilly dallying and reciting Gandhi sermons as usual was the only option left for the nation that has made joke of itself in the international arena right from 1948. Most of the world nations no doubt must have dubbed India as a coward and impotent nation if not indecisive.

Earlier to terrorist attack on Bombay, certain talks were being held between officials of both countries on matters of mutual interest and after the attack they were suspended. All these months India moved around with an aggrieved and blown up face in all international forums as a wronged nation drawing sympathy. In fact others were showing pity on the inability of Indians to be a strong nation in spite of having strong army ( ?). Pakistan too in the mean time went through some tense moments with Taliban closing on their capital. An embarrassed nation went hammer and tongs against Taliban in Western areas and is still struggling. Success in those hazardous areas is not guaranteed. Struggle goes on under severe US pressure. Without American pressure it is doubtful whether Pakistan would go in after the terrorists in such large scale. What prevented Pakistan from containing Taliban from reaching to places that are few KM from national capital? Was it a strategy or negligence or deliberate connivance with the gangs by the army guys in Pakistan? The fingers will naturally point towards the last two factors. Recently it has also been learnt that Pak nuclear installations including bomb sites and missile stations were attacked by the terrorists. Such news are not published in the news papers widely. Pak has been claiming widely that all its nuclear bombs are safe and its army is in full control. In such situation where is the guarantee that Pak nukes are safe? They may fall into the hands of Al Qaeda and Taliban. After emergence of Al Qaeda, Islamic thought world wide has under gone great changes. There is a clamor among fundamentalists that no one has right to stay alive in the world except Muslims. They claim world was created by Allah and belongs to him. So only Muslims are the true occupants of this planet. SIMI claims that India was ruled by Muslims. So whole India should be Islamized. Muslims only should rule and non believers have to pay zizia tax. Even Muslims who do not subscribe to Wahhabi cult and thought are their enemies and are to be put to sword. These thoughts and philosophy was subscribed right under the nose of government and it took some time to ban SIMI. Again there was a clamor among a section of political parties to remove the ban. These are mere vote politics. Muslims gained foot hold in India and continue to win and lure by virtue of in fighting among Hindu rulers who never offered a common front against enemy,

When such dangerous philosophy is being propagated right across the western borders and with in the country, what is the sanity in trying to appease them and ply soft music. Singing Gandhi sermons an Ramdhun is like playing flute in front of buffaloes. The lack luster policies, spinelessness, meekness, and self defeating postures are not going to change Pak policies and they would continue to play dirty game behind the scene playing good from outside. When do our pseudo leaders learn? Is it after destroying India? These men have already let down the nation by creating Pakistan, allowing Bangladesh on eastern front and un natural existence at the time of partition and then creating Kashmir problem . a section of Mulsim have already demanded Mughalistan in north India. Right from the days of partition, blood of Indian soldiers has flown in streams down the Kashmir valley apart from many civilians while our leaders played politics of power at Delhi and were trying to save their seats and making their kith and kin climb the throne one after the other. Nizam 7 almost created central Pakistan in center of India. But for the timely Police action by Patel, this could have become a reality. Nehru would have allowed it to happen. That could have been a very strange situation with three Pakistans surrounding India. Kerala is no better. Already a section of Muslims in Kerala have shown the true colors by creating a Muslim district.

Fundamentally India has wrong and mistaken priorities. They have only priority. That is to win elections at any cost. For this purpose, the leaders are ready to eat hay and are also ready to leave no stone unturned and achieve the aim. If the country has to survive, spade has to be called a spade. One must recall the speech of the PM Singh after the attack on Bombay. What a lack luster speech it was? There was no dynamic tempo. There was no assured feelings. No one was inspired. Every one felt humiliated. There was no vigor and there was no fore thought. It was a simple meek, self defeating expression reading from a prepared text looking down the mike and unable to look into the eyes of the nation. It was an apology for a speech by PM on such occasion. The occasion was demonstration of helplessness and inability to defend the nation outwardly showing as a matured nation to the world that was not ready to draw itself into rash actions and uncalled wars. The nation never had feeling of assurance that they are safe. Indians never believed that this government could act and teach enemy what India meant. The nation got reconciled with in few minutes of 26/11 that India was an incompetent and impotent nation at the mercy of rulers whose only aim was to be yes masters to some people and it was a good demonstration of a puppet show. Being enacted at Delhi. What a shame to a nation that was once ruled by Great men like Chandra gupta Maurya, Assoka, Harsha, Samudra Gupta, Chauhan? Where the spirit of Rana sangram singh and Rana Pratap has disappeared, ( Even Bhagat Singh, Subhas Bose and Uddham singh) from Indians? Are these men ruling India not Indians? Has their blood gone white and pale? Looks probable? There has been great let down by the rulers. Should we wait for another Cromwell to rise and throw out the incompetent, selfish, in efficient, dynasty seekers in the country?



DR K Prabhakar Rao

After the sad demise of YSR, his followers played all tricks and game to bring his Jagan’s the Chief Minister of AP state. Moment they knew that YSR was no more the started singing in chorus the song of Jagan. YSR was not even cremated and the dirty politics were played. Poor soul of YSR must have surely wept without a stop looking at the opportunists. Some of the ministers and MLA, cried loud that the statae would collapse if some other person became the CM. For them Jagan was the only candidate who could save the state from collapse and from anarchy as if there was no one present. The sycophancy has gone to such extent that media was fully managed and media presented whole show in favor of Jagan highlighting as if the entire state was behind Jagan. But it was not to be.
Already there are many senior guys watching the situation and playing their cards too. The very fact of installing the veteran Rosiah as the CM was a sufficient indication about the things to come. But the message was not seen. The coteries thought that with their ranting and projected mass support ( Many are of opinion that everything was managed) would make difference. Sadly it made no difference. The bootlicking has gone to such an extent that the honorable legislators opined that a CM needed no experience and any one could be installed. The only qualification needed was that he should be the offspring of the powerful person. What a disgraceful show from the so called learned men (?)

As time passed passions too reduced. The high command knew very well that sentiments would slowly reduce and real picture would soon emerge. It happened. The seniors in AP congress have nailed the coffin. Jagan had no experience to take up mantle of the post as CM. How he would manage a large and difficult statae as CM. How he could lead the state congress that si plagued by bickerings,. He is not a towering personality like YSR. YSR slowly emerged as an important congress leaers of reckoning. Jagan is no match to him. The coteried in fact played game keeping Jagan in the front. The high command from time to time made it very clear that Rosiah was the actual CM and not a care taker CM. He would soon shift into the C block. The first action with Rosiah is to assert that he is the actual CM and if any one not willing to work with him should be allowed to resign . As per the reports one minister is not willing to work with Rosaih as CM. She should go. Why have unwilling horse. Another person can be sworn in. No experience is needed as per the legislators.
The incidents in Khammam party meeting is a shame. Congres party workers tore off the flexi hoardings of Sonia Gandhi protesting that Jagan should be made the CM. Is it a democracy or a street show? The latter appears to be correct.All these funny happenings have destroyed the smallest chance for Jagan. He has lost the boat.Wisdom lies in withdrawing gracefully and allow Rosiah to work peacefully. All dissidents should be axed without mercy. The state is not going to gain any thing from this tricksters and horse traders. Earlier the better. High command should make it clear that Rosiah would stay till 2014. This would hammer the last nail in the coffin.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, September 28, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The drama of forcing through by the supporters of Jagan has just quitened. Sonia Gandhi has probaly asked the shouting brigade to shut up and keep quiet. It was a nice game plan of his supporters to force their way through using sentiments and the situation. All is not well in state congress.YSR actually kept all dissidence under thumb. He even kept old horse Rosiah away from contesting for Assembly. Jana Reddy former Home minister also lost the birth. Srinivas however lost the elections. It was sufficinent to keep him under thumb. those guys who have shown some dissidence became now defensive and towed the line. Hanumath Rao as usual is vocal.He is unhappy that he is not getting chance to become CM.The famous Kaka the very old rickety horse is much disgruntled having been denied Presidential gaddi that went to Pratibha Patil. His only plus point is that he is in congress for many years. Nothing else as people see. Probably he atleast harbors the idea of becoming CM of the state. But having toyed with the idea of Presidential post he can not openly express his desire. He internally is frustrated.Rosaih as days pass would become strong and probabaly will not like to make way for Jagan. Poor old man has the life time chance. He shall let it not go. He has limited years infront of him.So make hay while sun shines is for him. High command also probably will keep him there till all sentiments an euphoria dies and would confirm him or would bring in some other horse. Jagan is too young and lacks administartive acumen and experience to put state in his feeble hands. Congress is shit scared about next elections. As it is, congress just scraped through this time. It was no win.Next time they may get clean bowled.Jagan is thus no answer to keep congress in power. All popular actions of YSR may not bring congress to power again with splinter groups operating in congress. Thus congress can not take rash decision to say OK to Jagan.Many say that this is not a personal Jagir of Nizam Sircar that after Father son succeeds. It may be OK for congress at center for Nehru family. But not for others. Same rule does not apply everywhere. If Chadrababu naidu is clever must play cards and divide the congress and his way will be smooth. Let us see what happens in this murky game of AP shitty politics.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tamil nadu was under the rule of pandyas for long time. However Mohammed Bin Tughlaq ( Juna Khan) who invaded south India destroyed all South Indian kingdoms one after the other and in heart of Tamil land a Muslim state was established in 1323. It was made part of Muslim empire at Delhi. Devagiri( daulatabad) under Yadava kings and Warangal under Kakateeya kings were destroyed earlier by the Muslim invaders. The kingdom at Madhura was called Mabar. This kingdom existed for almost 44 years and these rulers were abetted by Bahmani sultans who ruled at Gulbarga initially. Bahmani kingdom was established by Hasan Gangu Bahmani at the closing years of Tughlaq rule on August 03, 1347. Later they shifted to Bidar ( Now in Karnataka). Bahmani sultans fought many wars with Vijayanagar rulers for establishing their superiority in south India. However Vijayanagar empire stubbornly fought them and stopped Islamization of south India.

Jaluddin asan Shah a commander of Tughlaq was the first ruler appointed by Mohd Bin Tughlaq. He however declared independence in 1333. He died in war after 5 years of rule. He was succeeded by a noble Allah uddin Udauji and he ruled for one year ( 1339-1340). He died in a battle fought with local Hindu rulers. He was struck by an arrow when he removed his steel cap to drink water during battle and died on the spot. His son in law Kutubuddin Firoz shah became the king. But he was assassinated within 40 days of his misrule.. He was succeeded by Sirajuddin who was the son in law of Jallal ud din asn shah the first ruler and former commander of Mohammed bin Tughlaq.. He assumed title Ghiatuddin Muhammed Danghan ( 1340-1345) and was a cruel ruler. He died due to plague. He killed Ballala III of hoyasala kingdom. His son in law Nasiruddin became the ruler ( 1346-47/48) assuming title Nasiruddin muhammed danghan shah. He was the most cruel person and he killed the son of his mother’s sister and married his wife. Ibn Batota the famous historian left the kingdom during his rule. The history of the kingdom is dark for all most 8 years and Sultan shamsuddin Adikshah ruled from 1356-1360. He died in a battle fought with the commander Saluva Mangu of Kumara Kampana of Vijayanagar. The book ramabhyudayam also confirms that the sultan was killed by Saluva mangu. Subsequently the nobles of the kingdom brought a relative of Bahmani sultan and was made the ruler.. The official language became Persian. Earlier it was Arabic.. Fakruddin Mubarak shah ( Probably relative of Bahmani sultan) became the ruler after Adikshah and he ruled from 1360 to 1372. Probably he was an able ruler as he resisted Vijanagar onslaught. After the death of Mubarak shah, Alauddin Sikander shah became the ruler ( 1372/73-1377/78). The dates are however are not sure. It is known that Kumara kampana invded Madura in 1372 and the sultan lost the war and took refuge at Tirupparkunram cave and the Hindu army followed him up and killed the sultan. Historian Afif claims that Bukan ( Bukka Raya) a Hindu neighboring ruler invaded Maduar and killed the Sultan. Madhura Vijayam written by Ganga devi wife of kumara Kampana narrates that Sultan sikandar Shah called kampana for a duel after his defeat and in the ensuing duel Kumara Kampana cut off the head of the sultan. It is also claimed that the goddess of Madhura appeared in a dream to Kumara Kampana and presented him the Pandya sword and blessed him to conquer Mabar kingdom and free Hindus from Muslim rule.
Muslims claim that Sikander shah laid down his life or the religion and is treated as Vali ( Holy peer) and they worship him by holding an Urs at his grave. The Muslim kingdom Mabar at last was conquered and was made part of Vijaynagar empire. Thus a thorn in the flesh of South India was removed lock stock and barrel by Kampana who became the governor for the region. However Kampana after short rule died prematurely. The history of the Mabar rule is sketchy and some information could be collected from the coins released during their rule, from the literary works Madhra Vijayam by Ganga Devi and Rihla written by Ibn Batootha.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The euphoria that swarmed the congress men in the state at the death of the CM Mr. YS Rajsekhar Reddy has died. No doubt the late CM enjoyed clot among the congress me in the state and was managing the show well . Although Congress came back to power in the state, the margin with which it won was not encouraging. Bickerings in TRS party, and emerging of Praia rajyam has eaten into the votes of Telugu desam and the result was that congress came back to power again. It is like two cats fighting for a piece of bread and a monkey snatches it from them finally. Telugu desam still has great clout and is a serious contender in the state. Death of YSR is a serious blow for congress in the state.

The sad part of the show was that some congress leaders started yelling that Jagan the son of CM YSR should be made the CN of the state even before the body of the late CM was cremated, rather recovered from the site. What is their interest in this? Jagan has entered politics during past elections and won seat to parliament on congress ticket from a safe place in Royalaseema that is a strong hold for YSR. Politics in India, rather in AP too thrive on family name and dynastic traditions. YSR is no exception. AP congress party too has its own problems. There are many senior leaders in the party who have been waiting to become CM. Unfortunately they did not succeed. There are people like Kesava Rao, Hanumanth Rao, Satya Narayana, Srinivas, and some more who are waiting in wings. Mnay claim that luck did not favor them. Mnay shed tears at their inability to sit in the CM s seat. Although they are not vocal they look at the situation( although very sad) favorable for a change. Rosiah who was the old veteran was nominated as CM immediately after death of CM to fill the void. The clamoring for making Jagan CM of the state reached great heights and some actors in the game shuttled between Delhi and Hyderabad in desperate bid to influence the high command. But alas! They could not see writing on the wall. The main disadvantage against against Jagan was lack of experience for running the state. The Congress leaders( Supporters of Jagan) claim that it was not a matter and he would learn soon. It may be true that they are highly committed to late YSR and the blind faith and commitment has made them to clamour for Jagan. The high command had seen this as a temporary phenomenon that would soften soon. The saddest part is that the way the congress leaders demonstrated and organized shows reveals lack of maturity in the party. Many critics demand the reason for making the son of YSR the CM. How can they believe that no experience is required to be in that chair? Is it not necessary to have a seasoned leader as the CM of the state who can command respect from the opposition groups too. Therefore in the trying circumstances Congress high command has zeroed on Rosiah the aged politician in the cabinet. Although he has own limitations, he is still far better choice at the moment. The various leaders in the state congress party who are aspiring had their own problems and probably are on the back benches all these years. None would make. Any amount of crying by the Jagan group could not make dent into high command at Delhi. The point has now gone home clearly that present CM is the permanent one and it is sure that no change would be accepted by congress high command. Thus we see that the shouting party in congress in the statae have mellowe down and one of the most vocal member stataed that whether it is Mr Rosiah or Jagan it does not matter and YSRs plans woud be materializing. What a change indeed. The usual trick in congress politics is to shout and press the center. When they fail they withdraw into cacoon. The shouting brigade while clamouring for change of Rosiah to install Jagan also make it a point that they would abide by high commands decision. None of these people have real courage to stand against the high command. Can the congress men in state go against high command and elect their leader by holding a CLP meeting.? Probably they will not. Ground will shake under their feet. Thus all the members of the shouting brigade have fallen in line and the ministers who were not cooperating with Rosiah will also behave now. Or soon axe will fall on them. They also know it. Hus the drama in AP Politics has ended and Rosiah would steer the state in years to come. Let us hope with his experience and maturity he would turn into a good leader and win confidence from the opposition leaders too. He was in the previous cabinet as Finanace minister and is known to have bad temper. He even commented that he would take off the arm of an opposition leader in anger. Such type of comments are uncalled and as CM much saner conduct would be expected from him and surely he would do. Best of luck to him. Jagan has many years in front of him and as an MP he should demonstrate his abilities to emerge as a strong leader in future. Unfortunately politics is a dirty area and no one is a friend and foe. All are opportunists in this game. When lime light is over we have to see h many of the shouting brigade would be really with him. Time only would tell this

Dr K Prabhakar Rao



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

BJP has finally paid for its laxity in politics
The people have taught them a strong lesson to bleed
They have deviated from their basics
Many are there with personal greed
Guys have to learn a strong lesson
They have now no face to show
They have to sulk in despair for next five years
And they have to be busy in creating a row

They pose secular to the nation
That put them one the mat
They no more stand for a Hindu cause
All the policies are now in their hat

Once BJP stood for Hindu cause
Now they are ready to eat hay to gain votes
Indians have shown them their place
Of course elections are decided by bundles of notes

Let the party stay and stick for Hindu cause
One day they are sure to win
Appeasing Muslims would cause grave danger
That is the biggest blunder committed and more over a sin

Dr K Prabhakar Rao



DR K Prabhakar Rao

( It is a room in heavens and in the little room Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen sitting and chatting. It is Dasserah festival for Hindus )

Gandhi.. Lokk friends, It is Dasserah to day. Happy Dasserah to all of you.

Patel. We are only two Bapu.

Nehru. Patel. Why comment unnecessary

Patel. What si wrong in this.

Patel. Why are you getting worked up Jawaharlal? Bapu could have wished individually because we only two. We are not a crowd.

Bapu. What Patel said is correct. Relax guys.

Patel. What is the programme for Dasserah.

Gandhi. What can be our program in heavens,. We are dead men. The strange thing is that all my sons are dead. But no one has come to see me even once.

Patel. They must have completed their punishments in and around here and might have been reborn.

Gnadhi. That is OK. Why worry for any one. As it is, we have many worries. I think we guys are in heavens because we are enjoying the fruits of good deeds. Once the days are over we go to hell too and then get reborn in the world to suffer again.

Nehru. Is there no escape for us? We have done so much for India.

Patel. So much! Now Indians feel that we made a mess of every thing all through the freedom movement. All good work has vanished with partition. We have become villains in the eyes of most of the Indians.

Bapu.. ee. Eeee….eeee. Is it so (sings)

I have done so much for these guys
And they have their own ways
None cares in India for me
See How useless the fate has forced us to be

Patel. Well sung Bapu.

Gandhi. Thanks.

Nehru. Haa..haaa.. Hear.. Hear

Patel. Bapu.You said we go to India and see what they are doing and also celebrate Dassera

Bapu. True. Let us do some thing.

Patel. During this festival we have to wear new clothes and do border crossing and return. Dassera signifies victory over enemy.

Nehru. That means should we go to Pak border and cross

Patel. If possible we must do it.

Bapu. Will that not be risky?

Patel . You have to be bold some times at least Bapu. Don’t play safe Bapu all the time

Nehru. I am worried Bapu. Don’t hear to this Patel . He shall get us into trouble.

Patel. Why are you getting scared? Let us go.

( All of them land up at Wagha border with Pakistan)

Post commander. Hoi. Who are you guys. What are you doing here

Gandhi. I am Gandhi. They are Nehru and Patel.

Post commandeer. I am Darpok Singh, the post commander here.

Patel. Namste Darpok Singh Saheb. What a name you have? I am impressed. But seeing this in India going in India I think a proper name has been selected and it is most deserbving.

Darpok Singh. Thanks for the compliments

Nehru. To day is Dassera. What is the plan. How you would celebrate.

Darpok Singh. What we can have here? In the morning we had presentations across the border. We exchanged sweets .

Patel. We have come here to do final celebrations a part of Dassera celebrations.

Darpok Singh. What are these?

Patel. We have to do border crossing ad then return

Darpok Singh. Oh No. That you can not do in front of us.

Patel. That means we can do, you without knowing.

Darpok Singh. I did not say that.

Patel. But we have to do border crioossing.

Darpok singh. If we allow you we would loose our job.

( In the mean time many visitors gather around them. They also demand that they be allowed to do bordeer crossing. Looking at the commotion Pak rangers at the border also com close and enquire what they wanted. Pak post commander is ZalimShah)

Zalim . What they want Darpok sahib.

Darpok. They want to cross border as part of Dassera festival.

Zalim. That will be dangerous. We can not allow that.

Darpok Singh. I have been telling them that.

( In the mean time the crowd gets restive and shout.. Bharat Mata ki Jai.. Bajrang Bali ki Jai… sat sri Akal… and the Pak rangers get alert_)

Darpok singh. Look guys. Now they are tense. Probably they also informed their officers too.

Patel. Whatever happens we shall cross over. Bapu and Jawahar. Get prepared to cross. Bapu with his lathi comes forward and along with Nehru approaches the gates at the border.

( At the gate they find Pak sentries with weapons taking positions)

Gandhi. Oh Bhai zalim Shaah. Please lower weapons. It is only formality. We shall return immediately.

Zalim. You can not do that even for a second. We shall shoot you down

Patel . You can not do any thing to us. We are already dead men. Your bullets can not do anything to us

Zalim. I shall show you guys

Gandhi ( Looking at the crowd). You guys . Plesae do not follow us. Bullets will harm you. But they can not do any thing to us.

( Patel, Nehru and Bapu right in front of Zalim Shahs eys cross Wagah border sghouting slogans Bharat Mata ki Jai…)

Zalim. Fire… firee

( The sentries open fire on the trio with in pak border and nothing happens.

Patel ( Spreading hands).. Hee… Heee.. Haa…haaa. Look you fools. I told you. Nothing will happen to us.( Does break dance and sings)

We are dead but evergreen
While you burn your spleen
I am the Patel the iron man
And we move with great plan

Gandhi. Haa…haaa..haaa Look zalim. You are a nut. You can not do any thing to us. Is it enough?

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel return back into Indias border and sing Ramdhun while Zalim shah and his men remain dazed)

Darpok Singh. Look guys. I am scared. This information any how will go to Defense ministrant and we may get court martialled for the incident

Patel. Please do not worry. We shall help you in such state. Oh Zalim. Bye.. take care of yourself.. heee…haa

Gandhi.. Hoo..hoo..hoo

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel slowly walk away from the border singing ramdhun)


Friday, September 25, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen walking on Sydney street in Australia. They are suddenly at face to face with well built white youth)

Gandhi. Hello. Friend. Kindly give me way.

Stranger. My name is Edmund Harry. Who are you? Why are you here?. What work you have in this country. Are you working some where in this town?

Patel. Are the questions over or anything more? He is MK Gandhi. Father of nation. i.e. India.

We are the Indians and great guys
And we shall never tell any lies
For sight seeing we are here now
But we have lost the way some how

Gandhi. Well sung Patel.

Edmund. I see. So you are a bloody Indian as I expected. You are also reciting some English poetry. Where did you learn good English?

Patel. Mr Edmund. You have used un parliamentary word Bloody now.What is so bloody about him? ( Sings)

Edmund. Who are you? You are quiet vocal.

Know I am the Indian steel man
I am very strong and tougher than a Cherokee van
You guys probably do not know me
Better you guys behave and stay there whatever be

Gandhi. Hear…hear..

Patel. I am the iron man of India. I am known as Sardar Vallabhai Patel. I was the first Deputy PM of India. I have screwed all the princely states in 1948.

Edmund. Hee…hee. But better pack up from here.

Nehru. Why should we go? We have valid VISA documents.

Edmund. Hell to them. You guys do not know me. I am the leader of white gang here. I have made life hell for Indian students in Sydney.

Patel. Why should you do such things? They are here to study.

Robinson. Look Mr. Patel. I am friend of Edmund. You guys are new to this place. We guys have some traditions and customs in this country. Indian students are spoiling the atmosphere.

Gandhi. I knew that some Australians are attacking Indian students regularly.

Edmund. We only attacked. We have not killed them. It may happen soon if things do not change.

Patel What?

Robinson. These Indian students are arriving in such large numbers and have destroyed our culture here.

Patel. How?

Edmund. I think I shall tell you. These jokers who come to study here are denying the locals the opportunities. Probably they are good at studies. They are not good at other things. Another aspect is that they dirty the locality wherever they stay. They throw all litter around. Spit on the roads. They talk very loudly in their native language. Probably they also abuse us in their Lingo. They piss on the road side too. I saw some guys doing that. They carry radio transistors and keep playing all the time disturbing others. They keep talking over cell phones loudly all the time. These are some cranks and shit people. They behave cheap.

Gandhi. I think you are exaggerating.

Robinson. We are telling truths. You guys appear to be sane persons and are not arrogant. These bloody Indian students are arrogant too.

Nehru. If you are telling truths we have to accept.

Patel. Indians do all the things surely in India what this guy has told.

Nehru. That is the habit and it is also a birth right.

Patel. Indiscipline is Indian’s birth right.

Gandhi. Indians spit on the streets and even on main roads after eating pan.

( In the mean time, a car passes them at high speed and through window a guy spits on the road. He is an Indian student. The dirty liquid falls on feet of Gandhi)

Gandhii.. eee… ee.. chee..cheee. quack…quack.. What a guy?

Patel. Why bother Bapu? You have been cleaning public toilets in India before partition.

Gandhi. Patel. Are you sarcastic? Why tell all those things now.

Robinson. What? Did this guy cleaned public toilets in India?

Patel. You do not know the back ground of such programme.
Robinson. Any how I can not imagine such acts. It is no wonder Indians are so dirty.

(They then see an Indian student coming out of a flat and he is seen carrying plenty of litter and dirty refuse in a bucket and he throws the contents near a Public dust bin, but not in the dust bin. The contents are not packed in a plastic container. The litter flies out here and there.)

Edmund. Look guys. See How they live and see what that guy has done?

Gandhi. I am sorry.

Edmund. Why should you feel sorry for that guy. He needs to be hammered hard.

Patel You must do that. Let us go to him.

( All of them go to the dust bin where the youth was standing)

Gandhi. Look boy. Is this the way you throw the litter?

Ashok. I am Ashok. Not a boy. I am twenty five years old. What is wrong in this ?

Patel Look. You are living in a foreign country. You are bringing bad name to India and Indians. Why you have thrown litter like that?

Ashok. Who are you Buddhe ( old man) to ask me?

Patel. He is father of India.

Ashok. We are now in Australia. Better know that . If you say another word I shall chew your ba….. Pack off from here.

Robinson. Look. You are living in our country and not in India. Better learn manners and live in a dignified manner. Do not be arrogant. I shall hammer -out air out of you.

(Ashok takes out a cigarette and lights it up. Puffs of smoke he blows out right into the face of Edmund)

Edmund. You guys. You shall not listen in normal manner. ( He holds Ashok by collar and slaps him hard. Robinson also arrives and gives some hard punches to Ashok)

Ashok. Hey…Heyy…Police.. save me.. save me… I shall go human rights group.

Edmund. What police will do? You need to be taught a lesson. Take this you bloody swine.. You bloody .. man. Why you have come to Austarlia?Is it to spoil our land? Make it dirty , filthy. Go back to India and do all these shitty things there and be happy. Get out bloody.. Bast…

Robinson. Yeah.. You swine.. Pig…Arrogant shit pot…Get lost

Ashok. Runs away shouting abuses in Hindi.. Teri….

Gandhi. Look Mr Robinson and Edmund. We are sorry at Ashoks conduct. We apologize for his conduct.

Edmund. That is fine. Thanks for understanding our sentiments. OK Better take care of yourselves. There may be some locals around and they may attack you being Indians.

Patel. Please do not worry. We are dead men. No one can do any thing to us.

Edmund. What dead men? How?

Gandhi. You shall not understand that. Thanks Patel and Jawaharlal . Let us go. We shall come again. ( sings and does jig)

Indians are the dirtiest lot wherever they are
They dirty the area wherever they go
They need to be really hammered hard
With a hammer carrying the Australian Logo

(Edmund and Robinson hurriedly go away from there getting worried assuming the trio to be Ghosts. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel sing Ramdhun and walk off into distance haze)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Indian history is replete with destruction of Hindu kingdoms by the invading Muslims. It started from the days of Prithvi Raj chauhan of Thaneswar near Delhi. Mohammed Ghori the ruler of Kabul invaded Delhi in the year 1191 and was defeated by Prithviraj chauhan. Ghori was captured and brought in front of Chauhan ( 1). The king pardoned him and treated him well, presented him gifts and let him go Scot free. The ruthless Ghori soon returned with more forces and defeated Chauhan at the battle of Tarain in 1192 (2). Prithviraj chauhan was captured and put to death. His wives were captured and taken into harem. Some claim that he was blinded and taken to Kabul where he was put in prison. As per ballads, Ghori was killed by Chauhan by a shabdabhedi arrow in the court and then he committed suicide. His kingdom was destroyed and Ghori appointed Kutubuddin Aibak his slave as the ruler of captured provinces and he returned to Kabul. Thus Muslim rulers got a strong foot hold in India. The plan for Islamization of India began. Failure to destroy the enemy at first oppertunity cost India very dearly. Such incidents are not seen in Muslim victories in India. The Muslims rulers made sure that the conquered rulers were killed ruthlessly and their women taken to harem.

There is another incident in the history of India when a Hindu king got the opportunity to annex the Muslim states. This was during the rule of Sri Krishna Deva Raya of Vijaynagar Empire in south India in 16 th century. Sri Krishna deva Raya was the most illustrious and powerful ruler of Vijayanagar empire and he ruled from 1509 to 1529. He brought entire south India under his control and kept Bahmani sultans at bay. Bahmani kingdom was established at the closing years of rule of Tughlaq. It was established on August 03, 1347 by Hasan Gangu Bahmani (3).

Ismail adil khan became the ruler of Bijapur kindom ( It became independent from Bahmani kingdom) after the death of Yousuf Adil Khan in 1510. He was a boy of 13 years when he became the ruler. There were disturbances in Belgaum ( Karnataka) during his rule and the people of Belgam revolted against the ruler and invited Krishna Deva Raya to take hold of the region. Krishna deva Raya captured many forts in Krishna – Tungabhadra doab including the strongest fort of Raichur. He captured Gulbarga, erstwhile capital of Bahmani sultans and then captured Bidar. At Bidar he freed the Bahmani sultan who was kept under captivity by Kasim Barid. The Bahmani sultan was reinstated on the throne of Bahmani kingdom. If wanted, Krishna deva Raya could have annexed the kingdom to Vijayanagr empire. Raya was bestowed with title “Yavana Rajya sthapanacharya”. What could be the reasons? It is known that Bahmani kingdom at that time was already in tatters and most of the regional nobles declared independence. Bijapur, Ahmednagar, Berar, became independent. Bidar was under Kasim Barid who imprisoned Bahmani sultan. Goconda was also free, but it did not declare independence and Kutub ul mulk was assisting the sultan with money etc. Yet Krishna deva Raya could have annexed Bidar and annulled the rule of Bahmani kingdom. But Raya probably wanted to buy sympathy from Muslims ( as our present leaders are doing) and also must have believed that keeping alive the tattering Sultanate would help in dividing the regional Muslim rulers. But sadly this did not happen ( 4). Muslim kings of Deccan always hated Vijaynagar empire.

After the death of Krishna deva Raya, his son in law Araveeti ( Aliya) Ramaraya became defacto emperor and ruled for the next twenty years.. He was an able ruler and greatly interfered in the affairs of the five regional Muslim kingdoms. He defeated Bijapur and Ahmed nagar convincingly and over ran their territories. However, all the Muslim kings except Birar joined together and fought Aliya Ramaraya at Tallikota in January 1565 and defeated Hindu army. Muslim generals of Vijayanagar betrayed Aliya Ramaraya and they joined Muslim federation armies along with their troops and this resulted in defeat of Hindu army (5). Remember that Muslims are very touchy about their religion and at the call of religion unite at all costs. Hindus lack this quality. Hence they suffered.
Ramaraya was beheaded by Hussein Nizam Shah of Ahmed Nagar when he was brought in front of him in fetters. Vijaynagar was devastated for five long months and left in ruins. It can be seen even to day (6). With Tallikota battle, The Vijaynagar power was very much reduced although it was not destroyed. The empire seized to exist in 1646. This shows how our Hindu rulers faltered in their fore thought. Had Krishna deva raya annexed Bahmani kingdom he could have successfully overcome other regional Muslim states. He was very powerful at that time. However Hindu kings were not of that mental make up and were not cruel. There was no thought of Hindu jihad. They were more considerate and treated all religions equally. This was the greatest fault with them that caused down fall of Hindu rulers from time to time. To day we are no way better. Krishna deva Raya was no different. He was noble, kind, yet very brave and patron of arts and literature. But he surely faltered in cutting down the Muslim states to size even after victories over them.

Similarly, Rama raya who wielded actual power for twenty years failed to destroy Muslim States in South India when he had ample opportunities. He was rather happy to play politics among the states although he defeated them decisively several times. He proved to be very kind to the sultans and mediated between them, gave assylum several times who in fact did not reciprocate. This is the main weakness among Hindu rulers in the past. The situation is no way better even now and pseudo secularism is eating away India. The present rulers ( In fact dynastic bred rulers and their stooges) are following similar policies of appeasement of minorities and ruining the nation step by step. It is also necessary to see how Rama Raya although very efficient and brave failed in destroying Muslim states although he had many opportunities.

After Srikrishna devaraya’s death his step brother Achyuta Raya became the king as per the will of the late king. But real power rested in the hands of Araveeti Rama raya the son in law of Sri Krishna Deva Raya. Rama Raya wilded power for twenty long years and in fact he was the actual effective ruler. Achyuta rayalu died after short rule and he was succeeded by his son Venkata pathi deva Rayalu. elder brother of Achyuta rayalu. But this young boy was soon murdered by a noble and his maternal uncle China Tirumala Raju who tried to usurp the throne. Rama Raya quicly acted and killed Tirumala Raju in a battle and ensured that Sadasiva Rayalu the son of Ranga Rayalu elder brother of Achyuta Rayalu succeeded to the throne. But Rama Rayalu was the actual king. Soon he assumed royal titles too and wielded power while Sadasiva Rayalu was the nominal king (7).

Rama Rayalu earlier served in the service of Sultan kuli the founder of Kutubshahi kingdom at Golconda as a fort commander before he married the daughter of Late Sri Krishna Deva Raya. He knew the intricacies of Islamic states. In his long wielding of power, Rama raya played key role in politics of Ahmed nagar, Bijapur, Bidar, Golconda and Birar. He defeated these sultans decisively several times. He invaded Ahmed Nagar kingdom during 1558-58 during the rule of Hussein Nizam Shah and devastated the kingdom and the city. He could have easily annexed the Ahmed Nagar state. But he kept away after devastating the kingdom. This was a grand opportunity for Rama raya in destroying Muslim states in South India one after the other as all these Sultans were totally at cross with each other. This laxity in this direction resulted in emergence of federation of Deccani Sultans with sole purpose of destroying the might of Vijay nagar.
There is a saying that grass twigs when alone can be trampled and destroyed by any one. The same grass twigs when wound together can hold on to an elephant and capture it. This has become true when all the Deccani sultans formed a confederation army ( except Birar) and waged Jihad against Vijay nagar. The both armies met at Rakshasa Tangadi or Tallikota ( north of river Krishna) in January 1565 . In the ensuing battle, the Muslim generals of Rama Raya betrayed him and along with their troops and joined the jihadi Muslim armies at the call of religion. The battle that was going in favor of Rama Raya suddenly took a turn and Rama raya was captured on the battle field. He was taken to Hussein Nizam Shah who at once cut off his head. Some state that Ram raya was stabbed by one of his Muslim generals from behind during the battle. The battle was thus lost and Muslim troops occupied Vijayanagar for five long months and destroyed every thing using fire, hammers, sickles, crow bars and all types of implement available. The ferocity of unwanted destruction can be seen even today that stands testimony to the inability of Hindu rulers to act decisively when they had opportunities to destroy Muslim states in India (8).

The only occasion when Hindu kings annexed a Muslim kingdom occurred when Kumara Kampana of Vijaynagar, Son of Bukkaraya the ruler of Vijaynagar empire defeated Sultan Sikandar Shah of Mabar ( Madura or Madurai) and killed him in a duel by cutting off his head. Madhura kingdom was annexed to Vijaynagar empire. The Mabar kingdom was established after Tughlaq armies defeated Hindu rulers in 1323. It was won over by Hindu kings in 1372. (9)

This is not to recommend vengeance. But Muslim sultans did not reciprocate in similar way and ensured the destruction of Hindu states whenever they had opportunity. Their plan was to destroy Hindu states and enforce Islam through out India. This is the truth although our History books written by Marxist pseudo Historians pampered by Indian rulers sing praises of Muslim rulers who in fact mostly were ruthless killers, womanizers, debauches and criminals of first order.

It was fine that all these happened many years ago , but Indians have not learnt lessons. The freedom movement and consequent creation of Pakistan in 1947 is the story known to all. Indian Muslim league spear headed movement for creation of Pakistan and all the Muslims voted for Muslim league. However Indian strange leaders declared that India would be a republic based on equality and Muslims could stay back in India even after screwing India thoroughly. Sardar Patel was the only person who realized that trouble would soon erupt in years to come and he declared that Muslims who stayed back in India must have full loyalty towards India and can not have dual loyalties (10). Alas! His prophecy has come true. Many Muslims are harboring dual loyalties ( In fact one sided loyalty) and abet terrorism and another partition of India ( rather many Partitions). India has allowed the grand opportunity of making India the land of Hindus to slip away and as usual in the past, the Pseudo leaders allowed creation of Pakistan yet clinging on to Muslims while Gandhi sang they were his children. Indians have not learnt lessons and the way things are going on, many partitions are inevitable unless the people wake up and save this nation from destruction (11).


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11. .Dr K Prabhakar Rao, It is high time Hindus assert themselves or perish under the garb of pseudo Secularism, kuntamukkalaprabhakar 06 August, 2009, also on

Sunday, September 20, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is air port and helicopters are parked there. There are some maintenance men, police men and others in civil dress too. Security people are Dhondu nath, Phirki Ram, Lallu Singh and Panju Ram. Maintenance mechanics are Khatara singh and Phaltu das.)

Khatara singh. Ho Bhai, Phaltudas. Get ready fast. We have to chech the chopper in next two hours for fitness. Some guy is likely to travel from here. We have very short notice
Phaltu das. Who is going? Any idea

Khatara singh. That they will not tell us. It is kept secret.

Phaltu das..hee…hee

Khatar singh. Why are you saying hee…heee. What is there to laugh?

Phaltu das. It is only we do not know who is going where. All jokers in the world know it. Even ants, cats and bats know it

Khatar singh. Ohfo How does it matter to us? We have to check the chopper. That is our job

Phaltu das. Let us go. ( they carry some tools and go to the chopper)

( At the chopper some constables stop them. They are Phirki ram and Dhondu nath)

Dhondu nath. Hery. Who are you guys. What is there in the small box? Hey Phirki Ram. Better cock your AK 47 and take position,. We never know. These guys may be some crooks

( Phirki Ram cocks his AK 47 and takes position aiming the gun at the mechanics)

Khatra Singh. Oh Bhai. This is too much. Are we looking like terrorists? We are maintenanace men of choppers. Better ask him to remove guns. I can not trust you guys and your ability in handling those latest guns. You may accidentally shoot us

Dhondu nath. Show your Identity card.

( Both put their hands in their trouser pockets to remove the cards)

Dhondu nath. Stop. Stay there. You may be having pistols in the pockets.

( He slowly comes to them and puts hands in their pockets and does not find any thing, but I cards are found_

Dhondu nath( Sweating profusely) Oh fo. What a job? OK Bhai you may do your job. Phirki Ram.. Uncock your gun. Aaraamse.. Relax

Phirki Ram Tries to uncock and forgets the procedure. The gun goes off giving big sound. It was in automatic mode and bursts of fire takes place. Phirki Ram gets more confused and swings around in confusion with the rifle and Khatara Singh and Phaltu das are both hit by bullets. They fall down bleeding. Both are hit in chests. They shout loudly.. margaya.. haye… Mardiya hamko.. ye saalene..aa…a…aaa…

( Dhondu nath and phirki ram are aghast and do not know what to do. Hearing the sound the chief security officer Jhoota singh runs to the chopper. He has a pistol in hand)

Jhoota singh. What is all this? Who are these.?

Dhondu nath. Sir . We were on duty nd we saw these fallen men coming to us with a box. They said they were mechanics when we questioned. They dddddid not show identity cards. Suddenly one of them tried to snatch the weapon of Phirki ram and he shot both of them

Phirki ram. True sir. They are some terrorists posing as mechanics..

Jhoota singh. Very good. You are very brave indeed. I shall recommend you for Ashok chakra award for bravery of excellence

( In the mean time Gandhi, Nehru and Patel walk in..)

Gandhi( Looking at Jhoota singh) Hello. Good morning sir. I am Gandhi, Bapu, Father of nation.

Jhoota singh. Good morning. But this not the time for begging. You have dressed well like Gandhi. I appreciate it

Patel. We are not beggars. We are real Gandhi, Nehru and I am Patel.

Jhoota Singh. Hee..Hee. Ok Fine. So What?

Gandhi. WE were around here watching from distance. This guy ( Showing Phirki ram) shot the men for no reason.I am sure he could not handle the gun

Jhoota singh. How do you know that? Are you expert in weapons?

Patel. That is just commonsense. One need not be an expert for this.

I heard this man ( pointing Dhondu nath ) ordering to uncock the rifle and phirki ram just could not do that. It appears to be accidental firing

Jhoota singh. What are you trying to bring up? It is not your business

Gandhi, But we have seen what happened. These dead men are innocent.

Jhota singh. Your advice is not needed.

Patel. Come on Mr Officer. Is this the way you conduct?

Jhoota singh. First tell me how you trespassed into this security zone. I can arrest you for this crime

Nehru. Hee..Hee…OPlease do it. We shall be happy. We will tell all these things in court

Jhoota singh. Hee…hee. You can not reach court unless we send. You can be easily shown dead in an encounter.

Patel. Oh I see. You are too clever.

Jhoota singh. I am from IPS

Patel God bless the nation.

Gandhi. Look officer. You have to be just. These jokers do not deserve awards. They should be punished for being careless and for killing innocents and more so for telling lies to yopu

Jhoota singh. You guys appear to be clever. I am sure you are the accomplices of these dead men. It is time I take on you

Patel. Are you mad? Are we looking like terrorists?

Jhoota singh. Why you should take so much interest in a matter that does not concern you.

Gandhi. It is just being humane

Jhoota singh. That means I am not humane

Patel. Sure. You area nut and swine too.

Jhoota singh. Be careful a bout the language.

Patel. That isi OK when you are straight and polite.

Jhoota singh ( looks at other sentries lallu singh and Pamju ram ) catch these guys. Shoot if they try to run away.

Gandhi. Hee…hee

Nehru.. Ouu..ouu..ou

Patel. Haa..haa..hhaa

( Gandhi looks straight into them and stiffens and shows them his thumb. Suddenly all the security men and Jhoota Singh become stiff and turn into mass of cement statues.

Patel. These jokers really deserve this treatment. See how arrogant they were particularly Jhoota Singh

Gandhi. It happens with power and uniform. Power corrupts men. Absolute power turns them into tyrants. That was Jhoota Singh and others. Let us go. We shall come again.

( the trio sing Ramdhun and walk away feeling sorry for the dead mechanics)

Friday, September 18, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is the white House lawn in Washington and George Washington and Obama are seen sitting in chairs in the evening hours They appear relaxed and having drink too. A smart sentry and some armed guards are waiting on guard at distance)

Washington. ( sipping drink) Mr President. How are the things now. I think you are firm in the saddle now

Obama. Sure

Washington. I learnt there was some recent trouble. There was a great demonstration against your health policies and I learnt there was big crowd

Obama. Yeah. I also learnt. These things are common. I have my own way of doing things

Washington. But public opinion is equally valid. Will you bull doze them

Obama. If required I shall do. I have lot of powers. I have become President and now it is my turn to screw the country

Washington. But the people voted you with great hopes

Obama. Could be. Can I solve their problems over night? Probably another two Presidents can not solve the current problem

Washington. That is bad. Americans enjoyed all these years. Let them get screwed for some years. Enough happy times for them

( In the mean time some agitators are seen at distance on the road near White House and they are shouting Down with Obama.. Down with Obama. Some throw stones too. One stone lands up in the lawn. The guards run to the gate to disperse the crowd).

Washington. That is bad . Our people have become lawless

Obama. True. This is the effect of outsiders coming into USA and staying down.

Washington. Do you know we have lakhs of Asians, Hispanics and all types of guys settling down here

Obama. Yeah. There have changed greatly this land. Earlier we had whites and blacks.Now we have so many Indians , Japanese, Chinese, Pakistanis and Vietnamese. They also brought their culture and indiscipline too in to this country.

Washington. True

( in the mea time a sentry reports that Mr Gandhi has arrived from India and is waiting to be let in)

Obama. Oh Mr Gandhi. Please call him in

Washington ( holds his head) Oh. No. The guy will eat our head.

Obama. Let us see. He is a bright guy I heard

Washington. But he has some strange ways and ideas some thing weird indeed.

( In the mean time Mr Gandhi walks in. He is in his usual dress of Dhoti and shawl without shirt and wearing slippers. He is also holding long stick )

Gandhi. Hello Mr Washington and Mr Obama. God Evening to you..

( Washington and Obama respectfully get up and wish and welcome Gandhi and make him sit comfortably

Washington. Mr Gandhi. Care for a drink

Gandhi. You know me well. No Thanks.

Obama. That is OK . Have some soft drink.

Gandhi. Thanks. I shall

( the bearer serves soft drink to Gandhi and he enjoys the cool coke)

Washington. How is India Mr Gandhi. Hope things are quiet after 26/11.

Gandhi. Now it is cool. Pak guys are just dodging the issue on trial of terrorists

Washington. What else they will do?

Obama. I am happy they are doing some thing atleast.

Gandhi. Probably so. Any how people have forgotten everything.

Obama. Hope they are not waiting for another thing

Gandhi. True. I am sure they are waiting for another one.

Obama. I am sure many police officers are dreaming to get Ashok Chakras too. I know everything how it happened last time.

Washington. It is their head ache. We will not give like that. One has to be really brave to get nations highes award.

Gandhi. India is different. Values are different.

Obama. I learnt recently that Mr YSR Reddy died in Chopper crash. I leant he was one of the most popular CM of India. He also came to USA

Gandhi. True . Very sad.

Washington. I feel sad for his death in that way. I heard he did many things for his state. I heard the best thing he did was by not allowing breaking up of the statae. Telangana was not given

Gandhi. It is strange. You know complete Indian politics.

Washington. That is why I am father of America

Gandhi. Haa..haa..haa

Obama. Ho..hoo..hooo

Obama. Why do you risk lives of such men by using old choppers? I was told the chopper was old and there was no proper security at the air port where it was parked. Any one could have sneaked in from the dilapilated fense. Mr Gandhi! Why you guys are so carefree?

Gandhi. All that is not bad.

Washington. I see. But look . a precious life has been lost, Can you bring him back now?

Gandhi. That we can not do. But his son is getting ready to become CM

Obama. Strange. He won elections for the first time to parliament on congress ticket. Winning was sure.

Washington. If that guy won as independent, there is some reason to believe that he was some recknoning

Gandhi. Sir In India things do not work like that.

Wasington. Indians vote based on caste, creed, Religions, sect and region.

Obama. It is only in India the leaders push their children into their positions.

Washington. That si the Indian type democracy. Hee…hee

Obama. Why you guys compare yourself as the worlds largest democracy?

Washington. Where is democracy in your country?. It is all family rules going on.

Gandhi ( feels uncomfortable). All are not like that. Look ! I did not push any one of my sons. They all died and disappeared without a trace. No one has been made PM or atlaest a CM

Obama. That si past. Say about the present

Gandhi. Yeah. At present what goes on is a mockery of democracy.

Washington. Then why call it a democracy. Better name it familycracy. That sia better word.

Obama. Why don’t you amend your constitution and make it mandatory that after father son or daughter should succeed.

Gandhi. I think you are correct.

Obama. Every day the supporters of late YSR run to Delhi and pray and beg and fall at the feet of Sonia Gandhi to make Jagan YSR’s son the CM. Don’t they have any other work as the MP. Are they getting elected to play these games and avoid work.

Gandhi. At present that is the only work.

Washington. I also learnt that ministers are not co operating with the old horse who is the CM now. I forgot his name. The Indian names are weird.

Gandhi. He is called Rosiah

Obama. Mr Gandhi. Your nation has become laughing stock in the world including your MsP and MsLA with the ongoing funny things. All have forgotten YSR.

Gandhi. What to say?

Washington. That is why sir Winston Churchill said India would be handed over to a bunch of scou…… where a glass of water and a piece of bread would be taxed. He said correctly.

Gandhi. (Within himself) It is better go away from here than getting embarrassed

Washington. What are you thinking Mr. Gandhi?

Gandhi. Sir I have some palpitation. Better I take some rest. Good night sir

Washington. OK Mr. Gandhi. Let us meet some other day.

Obama. OK Mr. Gandhi. Bye… Bye

(Gandhi gets up and walks off waving to them while his stick makes sound tak..tak…tak…)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in Tirumala temple town and are found loitering in front of temple yard. Some police men confront them)

Police man. Hello, Bahia who are you? Why are loafing around? You can not beg here.

Patel. We are not beggars. Can’t you see we are gentle men?

Police man. Hee..hee. You don’t look so. See your dress for your self. Can you be called Gentlemen? See this old man. He does not have even sufficient clothes to cover his body.

Patel. He is called half naked Fakir. He is MK Gandhi. I am Patel and the other one is Jawaharlal Nehru.

Police man. I heard your names. On republic day and Independence Day we shout their names and slogans. Why are you now in this pathetic state? If you are really those men why no VIP from Tirumala is escorting here? Why no one is doing boot licking to you?

Gandhi. What is this escort and boot licking?

Police man. Whenever some state minister, MP and central minister or even second grade leaders from state come here to see Lord, some senior officer from TTD board accompanies him so that he is given immediate audience of Lord. They do lot of bootlicking.

Gandhi. But that is unfair. All are equal in front of God. Why special treatment to some?

Police man. Hee..hee.. hoo..hooo. Which world you are in friend? You are in India. A place of all murky games and corruption that goes on in the name of protocol and democracy. When a lady minister arrives, she is always presented very costly sari and some make it regular and by the time they complete the term they have dozens expensive saris in their ward robe. There is no guarantee they would again minister in their life time.So collection goes on.

Patel. Haa…Haa

Nehru. Ou..ou..ou.. How funny it is?

Gandhi. (Picks up a stone and hammers his own head and cries) eee..eee… Have I brought freedom to see this day.. aaa… eee…eeee…ooh.. Mera Bharat…Mera Bharat… aa… eee..eee

Patel. Kindly hammer our heads too. I have some head ache.

Nehru. Not mine.

Police man. Stop old man. I can arrest you on the charge of committing suicide.

Nehru. Look Constable. He can not die because he is already dead.

Police man. What you are talking? Is he dead already? Then how is talking?

Patel. That is beyond your comprehension. Your wisdom can not realize it. More so because you are putting on uniform. The drill, parade and stamping boots shall make your head dull and dumb. You are turned into a Robot that would blindly obey orders and react to commands saavdhan and vishram, aghe badh, Piche Mudh, Baye mudh, Khuli line chal, Nikat line Chal, Tham, Left.. right… dahine, Bahe, Salami shastr, Bajoo shastr, Bagal shastr, Dahine sajj, so on so forth…

Gandhi. Hee..hee . Patel you are too good in these commands. When did you learn?

Bapu I was the deputy PM of India and first Home minister too.

Police man. I think enough we had. You guys better go away on your business. Go and see Balaji. Our hands are itching over triggers. For many days we did not open fire with our AK 47 guns. Feel like screwing guys.

Gandhi. Thanks for leaving us. Even if you fire on us nothing will happen to us.

Commando. What?,,,

( They go to the general queue and stand in the line and slowly the line moves)

Gandhi. This line appears eternal. How long this will take?

Nehru. I was told at least 20 hours

Gandhi. so long? I shall die here.

Patel. Bapu. How can you die? You know that you are already dead.

Gandhi. Sorry, I forgot.

Patel. Relax Bapu. Why tell sorry to me?

( Slowly the line moves and some times they sit on the benches provided at some enclosures. They sit on benches at one point. They find some guys who were behind them going to the front. Gandhi gets up set)

Gandhi, Hoi. Can’t you wait like me? Why are you rushing? The gate any how is closed. Where you will go?

Laxman. My name is Laxman and not Hoi. You are sitting. So I went ahead. Why are you bothered for that? If you want get up and proceed.

Gandhi. I have some discipline. I can not behave like you.

Laxman. Come on old man. Behave well. Have I done any crime by going ahead?

Patel. Mr Laxman. Relax. Why you want to pick up fight with us.

Laxman. Oh So you are his friend. I shall see what you can do to me.

( Laxman gives a punch to Gandhi and Gandhi holds his hand and twists. Laxman shrieks loudly)

Patel Bapu. Well done. This swine needs such treatment

Laxman. You called me a swine. I shall see you too. You are a pig and buffalo

Patel. All returned to you.

( Laxman gets up and starts a fist fight with Patel. Patel gives a strong punch to Laxman and he looses some teeth)

Laxman. Ah..ahh.. Margaya.. Bacho

( In the mean time the crowd collects and there is a jam in the queue. There is a chaos. Security men suddenly appear opening a side door and separate Patel and Laxman. They admonish Laxman and cool Patel. In the mean time the crowd reaches the main entrance door of Balaji where men are released. All rush madly at once. Even educated men , probably many doctors and engineers are also in the crowd. All rush madly towards the main door of Balaji temple. Patel and Gandhi and Nehru are thrown off the balance and fall down. The people run over their bodies least bothered about the fallen guys)

Gandhi. Haye.. Margaya Amma, Bachao… bacho..

Patel. You jokers, Can’t you have some sense? Bunch of fools.. fools and fools.

Nehru. Bapu.. Mera Kamar too gaya… My margaya. Mera coat has become dirty. My knee is badly bruised. Haye…haye… Bapu.. Margaya..eee…eeee

Gandhi.. eee…eee..eee.. aa..aa…aaa

(Finally they get up and go towards the main gate and slowly get in and some people help them. They follow the line and every one is pushing them from behind and they are unable to breath. At last they see Balaji from a Distance from the line. They raise hands and shout.. )

Gandhi. Govinda…Govinda

Nehru. Govinda… Govinda


(They slowly reach closer and still are shouting. Suddenly a woman volunteer named Laxmibai from security pull Gandhi away towards exit)

Laxmibai. Aai. Buddhe.. Hatt.. Nikal.. Buddhe.. Hatt. Bahut ho gaya.. Nikal.. Chal. Teri…

Patel. Oh Amma. Please look at him. See. How old he is? Is this way you treat elders?

Laxmibai. I am Laxmi Bai.. Jhansi ki Rani. I am a terror here.

Patel. Disgrace indeed. Poor Ranis name is being sullied. What was Rani? What are you? You d don’t have even common sense to treat old people properly.

Laxmi bai. Bahut ho gaya. You Buddhe. Bataata hun Tujh ko. Ek doonga is Lathi se.. Dikh Jayega Jahannum.. Mera nam Laxmi Bai…Khhon peejawunga.. Teri…ki.. Lelun…

Patel. Enough of it.

(Patel pulls her lathi off and throws it out and few security men pounce on Patel. There is a commotion in the temple in front of Balaji. Priests are running around. Some one is trying to close the temple door and cover Balaji with screen. Suddenly the new commando team from AP Police walk in wielding AK 47 and by this time Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are pushed out of temple by security guys)

Inspector. Hey. What is the problem? Why you are creating scene? Why did you misbehave with the woman security person?

Pate. Not we. She misbehaved. Look at us. We are so old. She does not bother for age

Inspector. There is no consideration for age. We treat all equally. In front of God all are equal.

Patel. I agree. But that equality is different. This is different. You guys basically lack discipline. You have become power hungry and power has gone to your head.

Inspector. Come on shut up. I shall chew your.. ba…

Patel Welcome. Before that see what I can do.

Inspector. What you can do? (Looks at the commando team) Take positions and aim
(The commando team aims weapons at the trio and cock weapons)

Gandhi.. Hee..hee ( Does jig singing)

You are a bunch of jokers in these towns
All say that you are some sort of clowns
You can kill your own people with this gun
While the terrorists play and make with you big fun

Patel. ( Does break dance singing)

Your guns can not harm us
You will be put to great shame
We shall laugh at your sorry state
And you shall meet your sorry fate

( Inspector gets worked up and orders firing by the commandoes. They fire volley of shots and bullets strike the trio. There is a great commotion in the temple and all are running here and there. Nothing happens to the trio)

Inspector. Come on fire whole magazines into them.

(The Commandoes empty all the magazines on Gandhi, Nehru and Patel. They spread their hands and laugh off)

Gandhi. Haa…haa.. Heee..hee ( dies jig)

Nehru. ( does fox trot ad laughs hoo..hooo.hooo)

Patel. ( Does break dance and laughs).Heee……auu.You bunch of jokers. Sons of Satan. Are the guns given to you to kill our own citizens? You guys deserve no sympathy.. He stares at the Inspector and commandoes)

Inspector ( appears dazed). How you guys escaped. You must be terrorists in disguise. You must have put on bullet proof jackets. Come on guys lathi charge them.. Go..

(Patel stares violently at them and twists his hand violently like Mandrake the magician and all the commandoes and the Inspector including Laxmibai are thrown off into air and are dumped into Swami Pushakarani far away from Temple complex. They shriek and shout. Many are sunk with broken limbs and heads)

Gandhi. The guys deserved the treatment. No mercy to them

(Suddenly an old man is seen walking towards them)

Old man. Well done boys. You have done correct thing and they deserved.

Gandhi. Hello. Thanks. Who are you sir? You have great glow on your face.

Old man. People call me Balaji baba. I stay here only. Thanks for all that you have done. I wanted to do same. Thanks again.( He walks off and suddenly vanishes in front of Gandhi’s eyes)

Gandhi Hey. See this trick. The old man has vanished

Patel. Bapu. He is no other one than God Balaji

Nehru. Ohfo.

Gandhi. We are blessed really. Balaji has given us Darsghan . Balaji…Balajii..

(Sings ramdhun and the Nehru and Patel join Gandhi. They slowly walk off)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, September 12, 2009




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are in Tirupathi town and they have come to see lord Balaji)

Gandhi. Ohfo. What a journey indeed to this town by train My back is broken?

Patel. True Bapu. I am also tired. How are you Jawaharlal?

Nehru. I am fine. I have some knee pain of course. Any how the ordeal of train journey is over for time being.

Patel . I was told the real problem would start now onwards.

Gandhi. I see. What can be there?

Patel. You shall learn soon Bapu.. (Sings and does jig on the road)

Bapu. Oh Bapu..Oh Bapu oh… Ba…...pu
We are now in this temple town
Having come to see the lord here
I was told we would become finally a clown

Gandhi. Hee..heee

Nehru. Patel. No jokes please. This is a pious place.

Patel Bapu. Let us go to bus stand to catch a bus to Tirumala.

Gandhi. Let us go.

Patel Bapu. That phrase was the advertisement for Alto car of Maruthi company

Nehru. Hee…hee

(They walk to the bus stand and sit in a bus proceeding to Tirumala. The bus slowly gets on to the ghat road and traverses bends. The curves are severe and sharp. There is some tension around in the bus among passengers)

Gandhi. Eee…eee.. aa.. aa What a turn?. I am getting scared

Patel. Relax Bapu. Nothing will happen. The drivers are experts on these roads.

Gandhi. But the bends are awful. Better I close my eyes.

Nehru. Bapu. I was told no major accidents have taken place on the ghat roads. Some times at best the driver would loose control and go off the railings and slide down

Gandhi.. eee..eeee… aaa…aaa. Please hold me. Do not tell me such things.

( Other passengers laugh at Gandhi)

Patel. Bapu. Take it easy. What will happen? At best bus will fall down. But we can not die again as we are already dead. ( sings)

We are already dead and stinking like a dead horse
No one I am sure is suffering from remorse
I am sure the guys are happy that long ago we were dead
While the rulers have taxed glass of water and pieces of bread

Nehru. Patel. You copied the statement of Winston Churchill before they left India.

Patel. So what.? Every one copies some thing here and there

Nehru. Are you hinting at me?

Patel. You know it better because you wrote some books.

Gandhi. You guys better do not fight. I am vexed up with you guys.

( A co passenger hears the conversation. He is amused. His name is Ram Bharose)

Ram. Hello gentle men. You guys said you are already dead. There is no dying again. What does that mean? Then who are you? Are you bhoots?

Patel. Bhai. We are Gandhi, Nehru and Patel

Ram. That is good. But you guys died many years ago. What are you doing here?

Patel. Came to see Lord

Ram. If you were dead long ago you must have gone to the Lord and staying there. What is this seeing Lord again?

Patel. That you will not understand.

(The driver who is in front of them listens to the talk and he is interested in them)

Driver. Bhai. What is going on? I am getting disturbed. Some one said he is already dead and there is no dying again.

Patel. Yeah. I said.

Driver . Let me see you ( He looks back)

( Suddenly the steering wheel spins at a bend and the bus dashes against a parapet and goes down the road immediately. There are shrieks and shouts everywhere as the bus rolls down the slope and lies flat after rolling down some distance. Gandhi Patel and Nehru are buried under heaps of men. Many are injured and are yelling.)

Patel. You guys. Relax. I am sure no one is dead. We are safe.

Gandhi eee..eee…aaaa…aaaa.. ( He crawls out along with Nehru from the crowd)

Gandhi. Oh fo. We have come out. Is there any one dead?

Patel. Bapu. No one is dead although the bus fell down from a height. That is strange indeed

Gandhi. This is the grace of Balaji.

Patel. No Bapu. It is not the grace. They have to still suffer still in this land for many years. Death will not come to them so soon.

Gandhi. What nonsense you are talking Patel?

Patel. Bapu. I am telling the truth. Generally people believe you brought freedom to India.

Nehru. Where is the doubt?

Patel . Did I say I have doubt? I said people have doubt.

Gandhi. So What happens?

Patel. They also feel that you were responsible for partition and allowing Muslims to stay back after voting for Muslim league in block.

Gandhi. Why that old talk now?

Patel. All this caused great suffering to Hindus in India. It is the curse brought on them by us. They have to suffer eternally. Their suffering period is not over. Therefore no one has died in this accident. They have to live and suffer further.

Nehru. Come on Patel. This is height of loose talk.

Patel What is loose talk in this? ( Sings)

We have ruined India into shreds
Where poor go without bread
Hindus get screwed in Hindustan to day
While the secularists loudly bray

Gandhi. Better keep quiet. I am getting upset ( weeps)

Eee…eeee.. aaa.. aaa. ( sings)

I have done so much for this nation
But the guys hate me to hilt
I can not even die as I am already dead
And a Tomb on my grave in Delhi has already been built

( He sobs uncontrollably. He faints)

Patel. Jawaharlal. Let us wait for some time till the police guys come and rescue all of us
Nehru. OK. What else we can do?

(They quietly wait next to Gandhi looking grim)


Monday, September 7, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

Gandhi , Nehru and Patel are seen at a street corner sipping tea at a road side hotel in Hyderabad. They are in their usual dress. Next to Gandhi a guy is seen smoking a cigarette and is blowing smoke like a railway engine. Gandhi gets irked up)

Gandhi. Bhai. Zara doosronka bho Khyal karo ( kindly bother for others too). Your smoke is of concern to us. I know that you will have soon problems in chest. But why should we suffer?

Bystander. Look old man. My name is Wajid. I am not your Bhai. I was not born to your mother. I have my own.

Patel. Hee…heee…Hee

Nehru. What is there to laugh? He is so rude to Bapu, our Bapu, Dear Bapu, the father of nation.

Patel. That is the tragedy.( looking at the Wajid) Do you know smoking in public places is a crime?

Wajid. From when? It is news to me. I shall see who will stop me. Uska khoon peejawunga( I shall drink his blood)

Gandhi. There is no need. We shall go from here.

(The trio move few steps from Wajid. In the mean time a procession arrives with placards)

Gandhi. What is this tamasha now? Where all these guys are going?

Patel. Look at placard and banner held by some guys. It reads Padayatra ( Marching on foot) to demand CM post to Jagan

Gandhi. I think Jagan is the son of late YSR who died in chopper crash few days ago

Nehru. True. YSR was popular and his son also appears to be

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. Does India practice democracy?

Nehru. Why not? It is surly practicing it. I made it sure during my rule.

Patel. What is the word… I ruled? Were you a king?

Gandhi. Come on Patel. It, means during his tenure as PM of India

Nehru. True. I meant that only.

Gandhi. But it does not look so. These guys are demanding son of YSR to succeed him. Is this a democracy?

Patel. This is called dynastic democracy. Why don’t you read the article.. Dynastic
democracy by Dr K Prabhakar Rao, a much revealing one?

Gandhi. Do you have a copy of it?

Patel. I shall get you one.

Gandhi. Why they want Jagan? Is there no senior leader in state who can lead the team”

Patel. There are. But the YSR group wants to maintain their hold in state politics of congress party. They claim dreams of YSR can be fulfilled only by Jagan.

Gandhi. Strange indeed. But he has no experience.

Patel. In fact why experience is required? A very senior congress leader GV Swamy said.” Where is the requirement of experience? He shall learn. Was Rajiv Gandhi experienced when he became PM?

Gandhi. So the chair is more important that has to be passed to a family member..

Patel. Hee…heee..Hoo..hooo.. There are other guys who are opposing Jagan too. They do not want to compare Jagan to Rajiv. After all Rajiv was from Nehru family.

Nehru. Come on Patel. Do not be sarcastic. Being from my family is not crime.

Patel. I never said it is a crime. Why are you getting upset?

( In the mean time some protesters shout .. We want Jagan… We want Jagan.. Without Jagan there is no state. A guy loudly sings

YSR the great died victim of cruel fate
Now Jagan has to be given this state in a silver plate
Whole action needs to done without getting late
And all those nuts who oppose we surely condemn and hate

( He does break dance while singing)

Gandhi. Ohfo. What a guy?

Patel. Bapu . You never did these tricks during your time. You did very coolly whatever you wanted to do. That was great

Gandhi. That is why I am called Mahatma. Meaning great soul. I am sure you are not sarcastic

Patel. Come on bapu. Why I should be?

( In the mean time a protestor hysterically shouts.. We want Jagan.. we want Jagan. We are prepared for any sacrifice for him. He suddenly takes out a Razor bade and cuts his hand and blood gushes out like a fountain. All the protestors gather around him)

Gandhi. What happened? Why this commotion?

Nehru. Some guy cut his hand and his vein is cut and is profusely bleeding. This is in protest because Sonia Gandhi did not respond.

Patel. They have failed to see writing on wall. Poor and crazy guy. Why should he cut his hand? It a loss for him and to his family if he dies.

Nehru. If he dies some compensation has to be paid by the interested party.

Gandhi,. True. True

( In the mean time an ambulance is seen arriving and the crazy guy is shifted to hospital and in the mean time a police van also arrives hearing the commotion. From the police van a fat inspector and some constables get down and approach the crowd)

Inspector. What happened? Who died?

Gandhi. No one died till now. A guy is likely to die if spilling of blood is not stopped. He has gone to hospital.

Inspector. Who are you? Are you with these guys? To which hospital the guy has been taken. Why are you dressed like Gandhi. Are you a beggar?

Gandhi. .( gets upset). I do not know. The ambulance has a name Rajiv arogya Pathakam. By all means I am real Gandhi and nota beggar

Inspector. Looks at Gandhi and Laughs loudly )….Heee…Huu…huu( looks at crowd) Come on guys . Get going from here

On looker. What does that mean?

Patel. It means they should continue with the protest match.

Inspector. No... No. I did not mean that. Please do not confuse. Disperse now immediately. No more a march.

Patel. Inspector sahib. Can you really stop them? They are from the party of Jagan. They enjoy lot of support everywhere. They want to make Jagan CM after YSR. Don’t you want to continue in Hyderabad?

Inspector. How I am bothered? I do not want any law and order problem.

Patel. Poor guy, Looks to be a straightforward guy. Can not last long

Gandhi. Yes

( In the mean time the constables approach the assembly and persuade them to disperse and the people slowly go away)

Patel. Bapu. Thank God the guys have gone away

Nehru. Bit tomorrow they will again do this tamasha.

Gandhi. It is up to them. ( sings)

Indians are big nuts and only nuts
They run after dynastic rule
The upper stories appear to be blank
The world thinks we to be a fool

Patel. Haa..haa..hhaa.. heee…Huu.Huu

( Gandhi. Come on guys. Let us go. We have much to watch soon . They walk off singing Ramdhun)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The drama for the crowning of next CM of AP state is unfolding revealing how fallen are the values. There is a guy who stated that he would resign if Jagan the son of late CM does not become CM. The old man Rosiah the temporary CM already stated that Jagan is fit to become CM and he is advertising for him. How a person who won his first election recently has all the experience to guide the complex state like AP? Some can always say that when Rajiv could become PM of India why not Jagan for a state in India? Very true. Thus any one can become anything in India if he is the son of a powerful guy. Very soon a constitutional amendment would surely be made that whenever a top gun passes away while in chair automatically his son should get the post. If there is no son his daughter should get the post. If they are not willing his wife should get it. When all options are over from the family, it could be offered to other person that too with the permission of the family.
There is also confusion whether the cabinet should continue or not. Some say the ministers have to take oath again. What is the difficulty in taking oath? guys are scared that they may loose the posts if a new cabinet is to be formed. Best thing is to scrap the cabinet and the next regular CM should be allowed to form his cabinet. People want to stick around at all costs. That is the spirit. Many guys have committed suicide or died hearing the passing away of Mr YSR. Very tragic indeed. Soon some people also may commit or at least threaten to die if Jagan does not get the throne. Many things can be stage managed too. Pressure would be built by the actors. But high command probably is playing safe and does not want to risk the state into the hands of an inexperienced youth. This euphoria would disappear after some time and opposition parties although are sober at present would soon bare their fangs at the new incumbent. YSR was undisputed leader and there is no doubt about it. But he also had opposition in his own party. The present acting CM is an old horse and he was coolly side lined by YSR asking him not to contest as MLA and as MLC has been rehabilitated. The council is a place where tears are wiped for some old guys who are kept in good humour and still denying post of MLA. For some it is a back door entry. Mr Rosiah also had health problem earlier and is now appearing to be confident and beaming with glow. Already there is a talk that he should be allowed to continue as CM after taking OK from the family of late CM ( as seen in TV scrolling). Taking permission from family is not understood. All sympathies are with the family on the tragic death . But why the family is to be consulted? Corollary is that some one from the family has to be next CM as per Congress ethics. Others can become only when family refuses. Strange are the Indian ways of governing and Indian democracy as practiced by Congress. God bless the state.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao