Tuesday, September 29, 2009



DR K Prabhakar Rao

After the sad demise of YSR, his followers played all tricks and game to bring his Jagan’s the Chief Minister of AP state. Moment they knew that YSR was no more the started singing in chorus the song of Jagan. YSR was not even cremated and the dirty politics were played. Poor soul of YSR must have surely wept without a stop looking at the opportunists. Some of the ministers and MLA, cried loud that the statae would collapse if some other person became the CM. For them Jagan was the only candidate who could save the state from collapse and from anarchy as if there was no one present. The sycophancy has gone to such extent that media was fully managed and media presented whole show in favor of Jagan highlighting as if the entire state was behind Jagan. But it was not to be.
Already there are many senior guys watching the situation and playing their cards too. The very fact of installing the veteran Rosiah as the CM was a sufficient indication about the things to come. But the message was not seen. The coteries thought that with their ranting and projected mass support ( Many are of opinion that everything was managed) would make difference. Sadly it made no difference. The bootlicking has gone to such an extent that the honorable legislators opined that a CM needed no experience and any one could be installed. The only qualification needed was that he should be the offspring of the powerful person. What a disgraceful show from the so called learned men (?)

As time passed passions too reduced. The high command knew very well that sentiments would slowly reduce and real picture would soon emerge. It happened. The seniors in AP congress have nailed the coffin. Jagan had no experience to take up mantle of the post as CM. How he would manage a large and difficult statae as CM. How he could lead the state congress that si plagued by bickerings,. He is not a towering personality like YSR. YSR slowly emerged as an important congress leaers of reckoning. Jagan is no match to him. The coteried in fact played game keeping Jagan in the front. The high command from time to time made it very clear that Rosiah was the actual CM and not a care taker CM. He would soon shift into the C block. The first action with Rosiah is to assert that he is the actual CM and if any one not willing to work with him should be allowed to resign . As per the reports one minister is not willing to work with Rosaih as CM. She should go. Why have unwilling horse. Another person can be sworn in. No experience is needed as per the legislators.
The incidents in Khammam party meeting is a shame. Congres party workers tore off the flexi hoardings of Sonia Gandhi protesting that Jagan should be made the CM. Is it a democracy or a street show? The latter appears to be correct.All these funny happenings have destroyed the smallest chance for Jagan. He has lost the boat.Wisdom lies in withdrawing gracefully and allow Rosiah to work peacefully. All dissidents should be axed without mercy. The state is not going to gain any thing from this tricksters and horse traders. Earlier the better. High command should make it clear that Rosiah would stay till 2014. This would hammer the last nail in the coffin.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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