Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

In the recent meeting of esteemed Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh (much glorified as the only PM who has been elevated second time in row after Late Jawaharlal Nehru) with Pak supremo, certain decisions were taken and a strange statement was issued and in fact the entire thing is nothing but sell out. After Bombay attack, no doubt relations between both the countries are strained. India expected that Pak would hand over the criminals responsible in a silver plate for the dastardly attack on Indian hotels in which many were killed including foreigners thus maligning the nation. But nothing happened. They are not fools. Indians have become rather proven fools. India did some saber rattling as usual and the bent spine could not become erect and continued to bend further. The government enacted a puppet show for some time and reconciled and sucked thumbs. Thanks to the international pressure particularly from USA. It is highly doubtful India would have taken very strong measures against Pakistan such as surgical attacks if there was no pressure. It lacked guts no doubt. The usual dilly dallying and reciting Gandhi sermons as usual was the only option left for the nation that has made joke of itself in the international arena right from 1948. Most of the world nations no doubt must have dubbed India as a coward and impotent nation if not indecisive.

Earlier to terrorist attack on Bombay, certain talks were being held between officials of both countries on matters of mutual interest and after the attack they were suspended. All these months India moved around with an aggrieved and blown up face in all international forums as a wronged nation drawing sympathy. In fact others were showing pity on the inability of Indians to be a strong nation in spite of having strong army ( ?). Pakistan too in the mean time went through some tense moments with Taliban closing on their capital. An embarrassed nation went hammer and tongs against Taliban in Western areas and is still struggling. Success in those hazardous areas is not guaranteed. Struggle goes on under severe US pressure. Without American pressure it is doubtful whether Pakistan would go in after the terrorists in such large scale. What prevented Pakistan from containing Taliban from reaching to places that are few KM from national capital? Was it a strategy or negligence or deliberate connivance with the gangs by the army guys in Pakistan? The fingers will naturally point towards the last two factors. Recently it has also been learnt that Pak nuclear installations including bomb sites and missile stations were attacked by the terrorists. Such news are not published in the news papers widely. Pak has been claiming widely that all its nuclear bombs are safe and its army is in full control. In such situation where is the guarantee that Pak nukes are safe? They may fall into the hands of Al Qaeda and Taliban. After emergence of Al Qaeda, Islamic thought world wide has under gone great changes. There is a clamor among fundamentalists that no one has right to stay alive in the world except Muslims. They claim world was created by Allah and belongs to him. So only Muslims are the true occupants of this planet. SIMI claims that India was ruled by Muslims. So whole India should be Islamized. Muslims only should rule and non believers have to pay zizia tax. Even Muslims who do not subscribe to Wahhabi cult and thought are their enemies and are to be put to sword. These thoughts and philosophy was subscribed right under the nose of government and it took some time to ban SIMI. Again there was a clamor among a section of political parties to remove the ban. These are mere vote politics. Muslims gained foot hold in India and continue to win and lure by virtue of in fighting among Hindu rulers who never offered a common front against enemy,

When such dangerous philosophy is being propagated right across the western borders and with in the country, what is the sanity in trying to appease them and ply soft music. Singing Gandhi sermons an Ramdhun is like playing flute in front of buffaloes. The lack luster policies, spinelessness, meekness, and self defeating postures are not going to change Pak policies and they would continue to play dirty game behind the scene playing good from outside. When do our pseudo leaders learn? Is it after destroying India? These men have already let down the nation by creating Pakistan, allowing Bangladesh on eastern front and un natural existence at the time of partition and then creating Kashmir problem . a section of Mulsim have already demanded Mughalistan in north India. Right from the days of partition, blood of Indian soldiers has flown in streams down the Kashmir valley apart from many civilians while our leaders played politics of power at Delhi and were trying to save their seats and making their kith and kin climb the throne one after the other. Nizam 7 almost created central Pakistan in center of India. But for the timely Police action by Patel, this could have become a reality. Nehru would have allowed it to happen. That could have been a very strange situation with three Pakistans surrounding India. Kerala is no better. Already a section of Muslims in Kerala have shown the true colors by creating a Muslim district.

Fundamentally India has wrong and mistaken priorities. They have only priority. That is to win elections at any cost. For this purpose, the leaders are ready to eat hay and are also ready to leave no stone unturned and achieve the aim. If the country has to survive, spade has to be called a spade. One must recall the speech of the PM Singh after the attack on Bombay. What a lack luster speech it was? There was no dynamic tempo. There was no assured feelings. No one was inspired. Every one felt humiliated. There was no vigor and there was no fore thought. It was a simple meek, self defeating expression reading from a prepared text looking down the mike and unable to look into the eyes of the nation. It was an apology for a speech by PM on such occasion. The occasion was demonstration of helplessness and inability to defend the nation outwardly showing as a matured nation to the world that was not ready to draw itself into rash actions and uncalled wars. The nation never had feeling of assurance that they are safe. Indians never believed that this government could act and teach enemy what India meant. The nation got reconciled with in few minutes of 26/11 that India was an incompetent and impotent nation at the mercy of rulers whose only aim was to be yes masters to some people and it was a good demonstration of a puppet show. Being enacted at Delhi. What a shame to a nation that was once ruled by Great men like Chandra gupta Maurya, Assoka, Harsha, Samudra Gupta, Chauhan? Where the spirit of Rana sangram singh and Rana Pratap has disappeared, ( Even Bhagat Singh, Subhas Bose and Uddham singh) from Indians? Are these men ruling India not Indians? Has their blood gone white and pale? Looks probable? There has been great let down by the rulers. Should we wait for another Cromwell to rise and throw out the incompetent, selfish, in efficient, dynasty seekers in the country?

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