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DR K Prabhakar Rao

( It is a room in heavens and in the little room Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen sitting and chatting. It is Dasserah festival for Hindus )

Gandhi.. Lokk friends, It is Dasserah to day. Happy Dasserah to all of you.

Patel. We are only two Bapu.

Nehru. Patel. Why comment unnecessary

Patel. What si wrong in this.

Patel. Why are you getting worked up Jawaharlal? Bapu could have wished individually because we only two. We are not a crowd.

Bapu. What Patel said is correct. Relax guys.

Patel. What is the programme for Dasserah.

Gandhi. What can be our program in heavens,. We are dead men. The strange thing is that all my sons are dead. But no one has come to see me even once.

Patel. They must have completed their punishments in and around here and might have been reborn.

Gnadhi. That is OK. Why worry for any one. As it is, we have many worries. I think we guys are in heavens because we are enjoying the fruits of good deeds. Once the days are over we go to hell too and then get reborn in the world to suffer again.

Nehru. Is there no escape for us? We have done so much for India.

Patel. So much! Now Indians feel that we made a mess of every thing all through the freedom movement. All good work has vanished with partition. We have become villains in the eyes of most of the Indians.

Bapu.. ee. Eeee….eeee. Is it so (sings)

I have done so much for these guys
And they have their own ways
None cares in India for me
See How useless the fate has forced us to be

Patel. Well sung Bapu.

Gandhi. Thanks.

Nehru. Haa..haaa.. Hear.. Hear

Patel. Bapu.You said we go to India and see what they are doing and also celebrate Dassera

Bapu. True. Let us do some thing.

Patel. During this festival we have to wear new clothes and do border crossing and return. Dassera signifies victory over enemy.

Nehru. That means should we go to Pak border and cross

Patel. If possible we must do it.

Bapu. Will that not be risky?

Patel . You have to be bold some times at least Bapu. Don’t play safe Bapu all the time

Nehru. I am worried Bapu. Don’t hear to this Patel . He shall get us into trouble.

Patel. Why are you getting scared? Let us go.

( All of them land up at Wagha border with Pakistan)

Post commander. Hoi. Who are you guys. What are you doing here

Gandhi. I am Gandhi. They are Nehru and Patel.

Post commandeer. I am Darpok Singh, the post commander here.

Patel. Namste Darpok Singh Saheb. What a name you have? I am impressed. But seeing this in India going in India I think a proper name has been selected and it is most deserbving.

Darpok Singh. Thanks for the compliments

Nehru. To day is Dassera. What is the plan. How you would celebrate.

Darpok Singh. What we can have here? In the morning we had presentations across the border. We exchanged sweets .

Patel. We have come here to do final celebrations a part of Dassera celebrations.

Darpok Singh. What are these?

Patel. We have to do border crossing ad then return

Darpok Singh. Oh No. That you can not do in front of us.

Patel. That means we can do, you without knowing.

Darpok Singh. I did not say that.

Patel. But we have to do border crioossing.

Darpok singh. If we allow you we would loose our job.

( In the mean time many visitors gather around them. They also demand that they be allowed to do bordeer crossing. Looking at the commotion Pak rangers at the border also com close and enquire what they wanted. Pak post commander is ZalimShah)

Zalim . What they want Darpok sahib.

Darpok. They want to cross border as part of Dassera festival.

Zalim. That will be dangerous. We can not allow that.

Darpok Singh. I have been telling them that.

( In the mean time the crowd gets restive and shout.. Bharat Mata ki Jai.. Bajrang Bali ki Jai… sat sri Akal… and the Pak rangers get alert_)

Darpok singh. Look guys. Now they are tense. Probably they also informed their officers too.

Patel. Whatever happens we shall cross over. Bapu and Jawahar. Get prepared to cross. Bapu with his lathi comes forward and along with Nehru approaches the gates at the border.

( At the gate they find Pak sentries with weapons taking positions)

Gandhi. Oh Bhai zalim Shaah. Please lower weapons. It is only formality. We shall return immediately.

Zalim. You can not do that even for a second. We shall shoot you down

Patel . You can not do any thing to us. We are already dead men. Your bullets can not do anything to us

Zalim. I shall show you guys

Gandhi ( Looking at the crowd). You guys . Plesae do not follow us. Bullets will harm you. But they can not do any thing to us.

( Patel, Nehru and Bapu right in front of Zalim Shahs eys cross Wagah border sghouting slogans Bharat Mata ki Jai…)

Zalim. Fire… firee

( The sentries open fire on the trio with in pak border and nothing happens.

Patel ( Spreading hands).. Hee… Heee.. Haa…haaa. Look you fools. I told you. Nothing will happen to us.( Does break dance and sings)

We are dead but evergreen
While you burn your spleen
I am the Patel the iron man
And we move with great plan

Gandhi. Haa…haaa..haaa Look zalim. You are a nut. You can not do any thing to us. Is it enough?

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel return back into Indias border and sing Ramdhun while Zalim shah and his men remain dazed)

Darpok Singh. Look guys. I am scared. This information any how will go to Defense ministrant and we may get court martialled for the incident

Patel. Please do not worry. We shall help you in such state. Oh Zalim. Bye.. take care of yourself.. heee…haa

Gandhi.. Hoo..hoo..hoo

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel slowly walk away from the border singing ramdhun)


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