Monday, September 28, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The drama of forcing through by the supporters of Jagan has just quitened. Sonia Gandhi has probaly asked the shouting brigade to shut up and keep quiet. It was a nice game plan of his supporters to force their way through using sentiments and the situation. All is not well in state congress.YSR actually kept all dissidence under thumb. He even kept old horse Rosiah away from contesting for Assembly. Jana Reddy former Home minister also lost the birth. Srinivas however lost the elections. It was sufficinent to keep him under thumb. those guys who have shown some dissidence became now defensive and towed the line. Hanumath Rao as usual is vocal.He is unhappy that he is not getting chance to become CM.The famous Kaka the very old rickety horse is much disgruntled having been denied Presidential gaddi that went to Pratibha Patil. His only plus point is that he is in congress for many years. Nothing else as people see. Probably he atleast harbors the idea of becoming CM of the state. But having toyed with the idea of Presidential post he can not openly express his desire. He internally is frustrated.Rosaih as days pass would become strong and probabaly will not like to make way for Jagan. Poor old man has the life time chance. He shall let it not go. He has limited years infront of him.So make hay while sun shines is for him. High command also probably will keep him there till all sentiments an euphoria dies and would confirm him or would bring in some other horse. Jagan is too young and lacks administartive acumen and experience to put state in his feeble hands. Congress is shit scared about next elections. As it is, congress just scraped through this time. It was no win.Next time they may get clean bowled.Jagan is thus no answer to keep congress in power. All popular actions of YSR may not bring congress to power again with splinter groups operating in congress. Thus congress can not take rash decision to say OK to Jagan.Many say that this is not a personal Jagir of Nizam Sircar that after Father son succeeds. It may be OK for congress at center for Nehru family. But not for others. Same rule does not apply everywhere. If Chadrababu naidu is clever must play cards and divide the congress and his way will be smooth. Let us see what happens in this murky game of AP shitty politics.

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