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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Indian history is replete with destruction of Hindu kingdoms by the invading Muslims. It started from the days of Prithvi Raj chauhan of Thaneswar near Delhi. Mohammed Ghori the ruler of Kabul invaded Delhi in the year 1191 and was defeated by Prithviraj chauhan. Ghori was captured and brought in front of Chauhan ( 1). The king pardoned him and treated him well, presented him gifts and let him go Scot free. The ruthless Ghori soon returned with more forces and defeated Chauhan at the battle of Tarain in 1192 (2). Prithviraj chauhan was captured and put to death. His wives were captured and taken into harem. Some claim that he was blinded and taken to Kabul where he was put in prison. As per ballads, Ghori was killed by Chauhan by a shabdabhedi arrow in the court and then he committed suicide. His kingdom was destroyed and Ghori appointed Kutubuddin Aibak his slave as the ruler of captured provinces and he returned to Kabul. Thus Muslim rulers got a strong foot hold in India. The plan for Islamization of India began. Failure to destroy the enemy at first oppertunity cost India very dearly. Such incidents are not seen in Muslim victories in India. The Muslims rulers made sure that the conquered rulers were killed ruthlessly and their women taken to harem.

There is another incident in the history of India when a Hindu king got the opportunity to annex the Muslim states. This was during the rule of Sri Krishna Deva Raya of Vijaynagar Empire in south India in 16 th century. Sri Krishna deva Raya was the most illustrious and powerful ruler of Vijayanagar empire and he ruled from 1509 to 1529. He brought entire south India under his control and kept Bahmani sultans at bay. Bahmani kingdom was established at the closing years of rule of Tughlaq. It was established on August 03, 1347 by Hasan Gangu Bahmani (3).

Ismail adil khan became the ruler of Bijapur kindom ( It became independent from Bahmani kingdom) after the death of Yousuf Adil Khan in 1510. He was a boy of 13 years when he became the ruler. There were disturbances in Belgaum ( Karnataka) during his rule and the people of Belgam revolted against the ruler and invited Krishna Deva Raya to take hold of the region. Krishna deva Raya captured many forts in Krishna – Tungabhadra doab including the strongest fort of Raichur. He captured Gulbarga, erstwhile capital of Bahmani sultans and then captured Bidar. At Bidar he freed the Bahmani sultan who was kept under captivity by Kasim Barid. The Bahmani sultan was reinstated on the throne of Bahmani kingdom. If wanted, Krishna deva Raya could have annexed the kingdom to Vijayanagr empire. Raya was bestowed with title “Yavana Rajya sthapanacharya”. What could be the reasons? It is known that Bahmani kingdom at that time was already in tatters and most of the regional nobles declared independence. Bijapur, Ahmednagar, Berar, became independent. Bidar was under Kasim Barid who imprisoned Bahmani sultan. Goconda was also free, but it did not declare independence and Kutub ul mulk was assisting the sultan with money etc. Yet Krishna deva Raya could have annexed Bidar and annulled the rule of Bahmani kingdom. But Raya probably wanted to buy sympathy from Muslims ( as our present leaders are doing) and also must have believed that keeping alive the tattering Sultanate would help in dividing the regional Muslim rulers. But sadly this did not happen ( 4). Muslim kings of Deccan always hated Vijaynagar empire.

After the death of Krishna deva Raya, his son in law Araveeti ( Aliya) Ramaraya became defacto emperor and ruled for the next twenty years.. He was an able ruler and greatly interfered in the affairs of the five regional Muslim kingdoms. He defeated Bijapur and Ahmed nagar convincingly and over ran their territories. However, all the Muslim kings except Birar joined together and fought Aliya Ramaraya at Tallikota in January 1565 and defeated Hindu army. Muslim generals of Vijayanagar betrayed Aliya Ramaraya and they joined Muslim federation armies along with their troops and this resulted in defeat of Hindu army (5). Remember that Muslims are very touchy about their religion and at the call of religion unite at all costs. Hindus lack this quality. Hence they suffered.
Ramaraya was beheaded by Hussein Nizam Shah of Ahmed Nagar when he was brought in front of him in fetters. Vijaynagar was devastated for five long months and left in ruins. It can be seen even to day (6). With Tallikota battle, The Vijaynagar power was very much reduced although it was not destroyed. The empire seized to exist in 1646. This shows how our Hindu rulers faltered in their fore thought. Had Krishna deva raya annexed Bahmani kingdom he could have successfully overcome other regional Muslim states. He was very powerful at that time. However Hindu kings were not of that mental make up and were not cruel. There was no thought of Hindu jihad. They were more considerate and treated all religions equally. This was the greatest fault with them that caused down fall of Hindu rulers from time to time. To day we are no way better. Krishna deva Raya was no different. He was noble, kind, yet very brave and patron of arts and literature. But he surely faltered in cutting down the Muslim states to size even after victories over them.

Similarly, Rama raya who wielded actual power for twenty years failed to destroy Muslim States in South India when he had ample opportunities. He was rather happy to play politics among the states although he defeated them decisively several times. He proved to be very kind to the sultans and mediated between them, gave assylum several times who in fact did not reciprocate. This is the main weakness among Hindu rulers in the past. The situation is no way better even now and pseudo secularism is eating away India. The present rulers ( In fact dynastic bred rulers and their stooges) are following similar policies of appeasement of minorities and ruining the nation step by step. It is also necessary to see how Rama Raya although very efficient and brave failed in destroying Muslim states although he had many opportunities.

After Srikrishna devaraya’s death his step brother Achyuta Raya became the king as per the will of the late king. But real power rested in the hands of Araveeti Rama raya the son in law of Sri Krishna Deva Raya. Rama Raya wilded power for twenty long years and in fact he was the actual effective ruler. Achyuta rayalu died after short rule and he was succeeded by his son Venkata pathi deva Rayalu. elder brother of Achyuta rayalu. But this young boy was soon murdered by a noble and his maternal uncle China Tirumala Raju who tried to usurp the throne. Rama Raya quicly acted and killed Tirumala Raju in a battle and ensured that Sadasiva Rayalu the son of Ranga Rayalu elder brother of Achyuta Rayalu succeeded to the throne. But Rama Rayalu was the actual king. Soon he assumed royal titles too and wielded power while Sadasiva Rayalu was the nominal king (7).

Rama Rayalu earlier served in the service of Sultan kuli the founder of Kutubshahi kingdom at Golconda as a fort commander before he married the daughter of Late Sri Krishna Deva Raya. He knew the intricacies of Islamic states. In his long wielding of power, Rama raya played key role in politics of Ahmed nagar, Bijapur, Bidar, Golconda and Birar. He defeated these sultans decisively several times. He invaded Ahmed Nagar kingdom during 1558-58 during the rule of Hussein Nizam Shah and devastated the kingdom and the city. He could have easily annexed the Ahmed Nagar state. But he kept away after devastating the kingdom. This was a grand opportunity for Rama raya in destroying Muslim states in South India one after the other as all these Sultans were totally at cross with each other. This laxity in this direction resulted in emergence of federation of Deccani Sultans with sole purpose of destroying the might of Vijay nagar.
There is a saying that grass twigs when alone can be trampled and destroyed by any one. The same grass twigs when wound together can hold on to an elephant and capture it. This has become true when all the Deccani sultans formed a confederation army ( except Birar) and waged Jihad against Vijay nagar. The both armies met at Rakshasa Tangadi or Tallikota ( north of river Krishna) in January 1565 . In the ensuing battle, the Muslim generals of Rama Raya betrayed him and along with their troops and joined the jihadi Muslim armies at the call of religion. The battle that was going in favor of Rama Raya suddenly took a turn and Rama raya was captured on the battle field. He was taken to Hussein Nizam Shah who at once cut off his head. Some state that Ram raya was stabbed by one of his Muslim generals from behind during the battle. The battle was thus lost and Muslim troops occupied Vijayanagar for five long months and destroyed every thing using fire, hammers, sickles, crow bars and all types of implement available. The ferocity of unwanted destruction can be seen even today that stands testimony to the inability of Hindu rulers to act decisively when they had opportunities to destroy Muslim states in India (8).

The only occasion when Hindu kings annexed a Muslim kingdom occurred when Kumara Kampana of Vijaynagar, Son of Bukkaraya the ruler of Vijaynagar empire defeated Sultan Sikandar Shah of Mabar ( Madura or Madurai) and killed him in a duel by cutting off his head. Madhura kingdom was annexed to Vijaynagar empire. The Mabar kingdom was established after Tughlaq armies defeated Hindu rulers in 1323. It was won over by Hindu kings in 1372. (9)

This is not to recommend vengeance. But Muslim sultans did not reciprocate in similar way and ensured the destruction of Hindu states whenever they had opportunity. Their plan was to destroy Hindu states and enforce Islam through out India. This is the truth although our History books written by Marxist pseudo Historians pampered by Indian rulers sing praises of Muslim rulers who in fact mostly were ruthless killers, womanizers, debauches and criminals of first order.

It was fine that all these happened many years ago , but Indians have not learnt lessons. The freedom movement and consequent creation of Pakistan in 1947 is the story known to all. Indian Muslim league spear headed movement for creation of Pakistan and all the Muslims voted for Muslim league. However Indian strange leaders declared that India would be a republic based on equality and Muslims could stay back in India even after screwing India thoroughly. Sardar Patel was the only person who realized that trouble would soon erupt in years to come and he declared that Muslims who stayed back in India must have full loyalty towards India and can not have dual loyalties (10). Alas! His prophecy has come true. Many Muslims are harboring dual loyalties ( In fact one sided loyalty) and abet terrorism and another partition of India ( rather many Partitions). India has allowed the grand opportunity of making India the land of Hindus to slip away and as usual in the past, the Pseudo leaders allowed creation of Pakistan yet clinging on to Muslims while Gandhi sang they were his children. Indians have not learnt lessons and the way things are going on, many partitions are inevitable unless the people wake up and save this nation from destruction (11).


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