Friday, September 18, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is the white House lawn in Washington and George Washington and Obama are seen sitting in chairs in the evening hours They appear relaxed and having drink too. A smart sentry and some armed guards are waiting on guard at distance)

Washington. ( sipping drink) Mr President. How are the things now. I think you are firm in the saddle now

Obama. Sure

Washington. I learnt there was some recent trouble. There was a great demonstration against your health policies and I learnt there was big crowd

Obama. Yeah. I also learnt. These things are common. I have my own way of doing things

Washington. But public opinion is equally valid. Will you bull doze them

Obama. If required I shall do. I have lot of powers. I have become President and now it is my turn to screw the country

Washington. But the people voted you with great hopes

Obama. Could be. Can I solve their problems over night? Probably another two Presidents can not solve the current problem

Washington. That is bad. Americans enjoyed all these years. Let them get screwed for some years. Enough happy times for them

( In the mean time some agitators are seen at distance on the road near White House and they are shouting Down with Obama.. Down with Obama. Some throw stones too. One stone lands up in the lawn. The guards run to the gate to disperse the crowd).

Washington. That is bad . Our people have become lawless

Obama. True. This is the effect of outsiders coming into USA and staying down.

Washington. Do you know we have lakhs of Asians, Hispanics and all types of guys settling down here

Obama. Yeah. There have changed greatly this land. Earlier we had whites and blacks.Now we have so many Indians , Japanese, Chinese, Pakistanis and Vietnamese. They also brought their culture and indiscipline too in to this country.

Washington. True

( in the mea time a sentry reports that Mr Gandhi has arrived from India and is waiting to be let in)

Obama. Oh Mr Gandhi. Please call him in

Washington ( holds his head) Oh. No. The guy will eat our head.

Obama. Let us see. He is a bright guy I heard

Washington. But he has some strange ways and ideas some thing weird indeed.

( In the mean time Mr Gandhi walks in. He is in his usual dress of Dhoti and shawl without shirt and wearing slippers. He is also holding long stick )

Gandhi. Hello Mr Washington and Mr Obama. God Evening to you..

( Washington and Obama respectfully get up and wish and welcome Gandhi and make him sit comfortably

Washington. Mr Gandhi. Care for a drink

Gandhi. You know me well. No Thanks.

Obama. That is OK . Have some soft drink.

Gandhi. Thanks. I shall

( the bearer serves soft drink to Gandhi and he enjoys the cool coke)

Washington. How is India Mr Gandhi. Hope things are quiet after 26/11.

Gandhi. Now it is cool. Pak guys are just dodging the issue on trial of terrorists

Washington. What else they will do?

Obama. I am happy they are doing some thing atleast.

Gandhi. Probably so. Any how people have forgotten everything.

Obama. Hope they are not waiting for another thing

Gandhi. True. I am sure they are waiting for another one.

Obama. I am sure many police officers are dreaming to get Ashok Chakras too. I know everything how it happened last time.

Washington. It is their head ache. We will not give like that. One has to be really brave to get nations highes award.

Gandhi. India is different. Values are different.

Obama. I learnt recently that Mr YSR Reddy died in Chopper crash. I leant he was one of the most popular CM of India. He also came to USA

Gandhi. True . Very sad.

Washington. I feel sad for his death in that way. I heard he did many things for his state. I heard the best thing he did was by not allowing breaking up of the statae. Telangana was not given

Gandhi. It is strange. You know complete Indian politics.

Washington. That is why I am father of America

Gandhi. Haa..haa..haa

Obama. Ho..hoo..hooo

Obama. Why do you risk lives of such men by using old choppers? I was told the chopper was old and there was no proper security at the air port where it was parked. Any one could have sneaked in from the dilapilated fense. Mr Gandhi! Why you guys are so carefree?

Gandhi. All that is not bad.

Washington. I see. But look . a precious life has been lost, Can you bring him back now?

Gandhi. That we can not do. But his son is getting ready to become CM

Obama. Strange. He won elections for the first time to parliament on congress ticket. Winning was sure.

Washington. If that guy won as independent, there is some reason to believe that he was some recknoning

Gandhi. Sir In India things do not work like that.

Wasington. Indians vote based on caste, creed, Religions, sect and region.

Obama. It is only in India the leaders push their children into their positions.

Washington. That si the Indian type democracy. Hee…hee

Obama. Why you guys compare yourself as the worlds largest democracy?

Washington. Where is democracy in your country?. It is all family rules going on.

Gandhi ( feels uncomfortable). All are not like that. Look ! I did not push any one of my sons. They all died and disappeared without a trace. No one has been made PM or atlaest a CM

Obama. That si past. Say about the present

Gandhi. Yeah. At present what goes on is a mockery of democracy.

Washington. Then why call it a democracy. Better name it familycracy. That sia better word.

Obama. Why don’t you amend your constitution and make it mandatory that after father son or daughter should succeed.

Gandhi. I think you are correct.

Obama. Every day the supporters of late YSR run to Delhi and pray and beg and fall at the feet of Sonia Gandhi to make Jagan YSR’s son the CM. Don’t they have any other work as the MP. Are they getting elected to play these games and avoid work.

Gandhi. At present that is the only work.

Washington. I also learnt that ministers are not co operating with the old horse who is the CM now. I forgot his name. The Indian names are weird.

Gandhi. He is called Rosiah

Obama. Mr Gandhi. Your nation has become laughing stock in the world including your MsP and MsLA with the ongoing funny things. All have forgotten YSR.

Gandhi. What to say?

Washington. That is why sir Winston Churchill said India would be handed over to a bunch of scou…… where a glass of water and a piece of bread would be taxed. He said correctly.

Gandhi. (Within himself) It is better go away from here than getting embarrassed

Washington. What are you thinking Mr. Gandhi?

Gandhi. Sir I have some palpitation. Better I take some rest. Good night sir

Washington. OK Mr. Gandhi. Let us meet some other day.

Obama. OK Mr. Gandhi. Bye… Bye

(Gandhi gets up and walks off waving to them while his stick makes sound tak..tak…tak…)


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