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Velama kings fought Kapayya several times
Alas! in a battle under treachery Kapayya was killed
The battle was fought at Bhimavaram near Warangal
The greed of Velama scions was atlast filled

These kings ruled for the next hundred years
The Telangana region became a great battle ground
Velamas fought Reddy kings of Kondaveedu
With whom they already had a permanent feud

It is said when a tree is sure to whither away
Cockeyed fruits grow at its branches soon
The Velama kings too were on the rotten path
And the kingdom was sure to loose grace of the moon

Soon a king from the dynnasty took over the throne
And he had his own cranky and evil brains and plan
Day and night he passed evil orders
And he was found to be a real sadist man

The king planned to raise his revenue
And sent around his army bands
A novel scheme he devised
That brought shame to the women in the land

Several cups were made of silver metal
Those were made to shape of breasts of women
The soldiers measured women’s breasts with the cups
The cups had to be filled with silver coins to the hate of their men

The agony and shame went- on for some time
While the people went through great distress
The divine order was soon to arrive
And the women were subjected to great stress.

On a fateful day the soldiers approached a hamlet
Where they had to collect the taxes in the usual way
The soldiers approached a pious woman with the cups
While the woman grew in great rage looking at sky

Let not the grace be with the evil ruler any more
Who has insulted the womanhood of the land
The race of these kings would never be rulers of the land
Thus she cursed the king with raising to heavens her hand

With a swift stroke of a dagger she cut off her breast
And she threw at the evil army men the bloody mass with a moan
Her soul soon vanished into the heavenly sky as a glowing flame
While her mortal body turned into a figure of stone

The velama rulers at Rachakonda soon lost the power
While the Muslim kings betrayed them and threw them out
Fate paid them in the same way they did to others
And they never regained the kingdom and lost their clout

Velama rulers never reached glory of past
And they struggled as small commanders under Vijayanagar reign
They could never become important rulers till today
The woman’s curse thus has the sway and did not go invain

(It is learnt that near Rachkonda dilapidated fort in the forest, a stone woman’s statue lies down and the statue has no breasts and were sheared off and it is said that the statue belongs to the pious woman who cursed the Velama rulers of Rachakonda. Obviously rulers at Devarakonda too were affected.The Velama rule came to an end in 1435 after a rule since 1362 . The race could never get crowned as kings after the episode and if at all they wielded any power it was very limited as petty chieftains. During 18 th century, Velam doras ruled a petty province at Bobbili and it was a very small principality and although they were brave the kingdom was usurped by Vijayanagaram ( Coastal Andhra) ruler Raja Vijaya Ramaraju with the help of French forces led by General Bussey in 1757. All the warriors (mere 250 against 10000 troops of Vijanagarma and French forces )at Bobbili including the ruler Veera Rao Gopala Krishna Ranga Rao defending the fort valiantly along with brother Vengala Rao laid down their lives most gloriously. Raja Vijayaramaraju was also slain in the night in his tent by Bobbili puli ( Tiger)Tandra Bobbili Papayya a commander of Bobbili forces as a revenge.
Some important commanders from Velama Community serving the Vijayanagar empire played important role in the affairs of the state.In the closing years of the Vijaynagar empire with Chandragiri as Capital, a great battle ( 1615) was fought at Topur between Commander Yachama Naika the loyal chieftain of ruling dynasty and Jagga Raya who claimed the throne in a quarrel for succession. He earlier got murdered the ruler Sri Ranga Rayalu II ( 1614) along with his wife and children. Yachamanaika was so powerful at that time that if he wanted probably he would have usurped the empire for himself. But he was very loyal to the rulers of Vijayanagar and defended the family and succeeded in eliminating Jaggarya. Thus it is seen that although Velama commanders at different places were valiant and brave they could not regain kingship subsequently and it is part of destiny. In modern day politics Jalagam Vengal Rao became Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for few years and subsequently his son could not attain greater heights. He has been denied Congress party ticket from Khammam in the present elections to the assembly. Sri K Chandrasekhar Rao another Velama leader from Telangana province has been spearheading an agitation for formation of Telangana State. It has to be seen whether fortune would smile on him. It depends on woman’s curse.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)


Rachkonda is an old hill fort
That lies in utter ruins today
No trace of the past glory is left now
Although it flourished in its heyday

It has disappeared into pages of history
With no trace of glory left to feel proud
The kings although some were brave
Some guys also had evil brains under thick cloud

The kings of this land are of Velama caste
And were once the commanders with Kakateeya Kings
They were busy playing caste gimmicks and politics
As a result finally their king lost the empire and was out of the ring

Pratapa Rudra was the valiant Kakateeya king
He ruled at the famous Warangal fortress
He courageously fought the raids of Tughlaq the Delhi Sultan
But finally lost and was caught in great distress

He was caught and tortured and sent to Delhi
However on the way he took his own life
Kakateeya Kingdom lost the glory that it had
Warangal was thus caught in the middle of great political strife

Prolayya Nayaka a commander led a spirited Guerilla war soon
The mantle was soon taken up by Kapayya Nayaka his kin
He fought Guerilla war against Muslims for a decade with vigor
And finally drove away the Muslims who committed great sin

Malik Maqbool the ruler at Warangal fled disgraced
And Kapayya became coveted king the most without hassles
Andhra Surathrana and Andhra desadheesa the titled he held
While bowing to him loyally were seventy two vassals

Kapayya had a vision for the nation
He saw Muslim rulers as grave threat to the land
With great valor he kept Telugu flag high
And fought the Bhamani sultans with a firm hand

Jealousy soon took over the Velama scions
Who connived against the ruler and planned against the state
Anapota Nayaka soon revolted and formed his own kingdom
And at Pillalamarri soon he assumed kingship and flew his flag of hate

The Velama king soon shifted over to Rachkonda
And to Bahmani a Muslim neighboring state became great pall
They had no national vision of any kind
And fought wars with Kapayya and Vijayanagar claiming tall

To be continued

( Note..Rachakonda is located in the dry rocky hills in Narayan pur Samsthan which is hardly 60 km from Hyderabad in AP State and there are no proper approach Roads even today ( A great shame indeed). This was the seat of power for the Velama kings who ruled in 14 and 15 centuries and played poltics of deceipt against their Hindu brethern ruling at other places by aligning themselves with Muslim rulers next door.Brothers of Rachkonda kings ruled at Devarkonda

Warangal was the seat of power for Kakateeya Kings who held sway over entire Telangana and some Andhra provinces too at the time of Partaprudra Deva II te last ruler in 14 the century.Although it is claimed that Kakateeya dynasty ruled for 1000 years, they were very powerful rulers from the time of Beta RajuI during the last 400 years of their rule..)

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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

( It is Rawalpindi in Pakistan and it is a cold evening . The scene is old city where congested areas abound. The traffic is heavy and still in some places while in some corners people are lazily grouped. Some bearded men with white turbans are seen sitting under an old tree and they are wearing loose dress and all have Chadar wrapped around them. These men are MominMujahid, Zalim Katil, Masood Iqbal, Osman bin Ghori, Al Hazari, Katil e kafir, Mahmood Nissar aafat, Ahmedsha Abdullah Durrani, Mohammed bin Ghori, Bin Kasim, Mohammed Ghaznavi, Zalim Iftikhar Arafat and some more. They are PakTaliban.)

Masood. Yar Zalim , What a change in Pakistan? We never thought we could so easily land in Rawalpindi.

Iqbal. True. Our Afghan Taliban brothers must be thanked for this. If they had not landed in Pakistan we would not have got the idea of Taliban rule in Pakistan

Durrani. True. But all is not over. We are still far away from our goal. We entrenched in North western frontier areas and Waziristan at present.

Ahmedshah. But Al Qaida is also there. Although they are our advisers they must be having their own interests too.

Durrani. What interests they can have?

Ahmedshah.They may like to rule.

Durrani. But their strength is much less. Taliban are many in ranks.

Iqbal. These Zardari and others can not do any thing for Pakistan. They only can keep squabbling 24 hours. Look! How they quarreled.

Durrani. More over they keep bowing to American feet. They lick the white skins.

Zalim. My blood boils when I see him. These guys have lowered our country’s prestige.

Durrani. Look. It is time we strike hard and capture political power in Pakistan.

Zalim. But how? Pak army is great bottle neck. At present, we can not engage them in open fights. It is fine in Waziristan. It was a mountainous area. They can not bring tanks and air force for greater effects. In plains we will be butchered.

Durrani. Do not be pessimistic. Remember every Muslim is fundamentally a Mujahid and he has to wage Jihad. Pak army guys also turn into Taliban. In fact they are. Our people are already busy getting their support.

Mujahid. Heee..heee..heee. Well said. I like it.

( All the Taliban fighters get up and hold hands and dance and sing raising weapons)

We are the cruel blood thirsty Taliban
Devoid of any mercy and some sense
Are sure to take over this rotten land
Only to make it to live on pittance

We shall kill girls going to schools
And also measure length of men’s beard
We shall catch the defaulters
And thrash them on the road very hard

We shall go back to 700 years
And ruin the country to the core
We shall have fun when others cry
While every one the earth has to get sore

Iqbal. Haa…haa…haa. Well done .Well sung..

( In the mean time, they find some old man walking with a stick along with two more guys and they appear to be well dressed. They come close to Taliban)

Iqbal. Who are you guys and where are you going? You do not appear to be Muslims. Are you Kafirs?

Gandhi. We are human beings.

Durrani. That we are seeing any how. Are you a crank? Is this way you answer to our questions?

Gandhi. Who are you to question me? Any how we are Indians. We answer questions in the way it deserves.

( Taliban become very alert all of a sudden when they hear Gandhi)

Durrani. Why are you here? Are you not scared? Indians are not welcome here in Pakistan.

Zalim. Do not call Pakistan. Call Talibanistan

Gandhi. You guys appear to be mad. Why are you spoiling the country?

Zalim. What do you mean? Are we spoiling it? We are saving it infact. These present leaders like Zardari, Sheriff, Bhuttos, Ashraffs , Musharrafs, and others who are running after democracy are madand insane. They do not understand Islam. Islam means Shariat. There is nothing more than this. World was made by Allah and it belongs to him. Every one has to be Muslim. Or else there is no place for him. Look man. In what way you are interested in us. We will do what we like. Please do not waste our time. Go away.

Durrani. Why go away? Better catch hold of these guys and make them Muslims. We shall convert them.

Iqbal. That is better thing to do.

Gandhi. Look friends. That you can never do.

Iqbal. Why. We converted so many.

Gandhi. That is because you can not hold us.

Nehru. We are dead men.
Iqbal. What do you mean? Are you joking with us. I shall show you.

( He picks up his AK 47 and fires at the trio. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel throw hands up in air and shout haa…haa..haa…heee. Look What happened?)

Iqbal. You swines. You must be putting bullet proof jackets

Gandhi. (Removing his drape) Look. Nothing is there.

( All Taliban fall on Gandhi, Nehru and Patel and they fall one over the other. They are injured too and look surprised.)

Gandhi. Look ! Jokers. We are already dead and have divine bodies. You can not do any thing with weapons. Come on and get up you swines and fall in line.

( All Taliban are scared and they stand up and line up dropping their guns)

Gandhi. Patel and Jawaharlal ! Collect their weapons at once.

( Taliban weapons are collected and brought by Patel and Nehru)

Gandhi. Patel and Nehru! Pick up one AK 47, both of you and shoot these scoundrels

( All Taliban start crying while raising their hands. They shout please excuse us. Nehru and Patel cock the rifles and shout… Bharat Mata ki jai… Har Har mahadev…. Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj ki jai.)

Patel. India Zindabad. Zindabad.

( Patel and Nehru open bursts of fire and al Taliban are shot and they drop dead. Silence falls every where. Few vultures circle in the sky)

Gandhi.( Looks at the heap of bodies) Look Patel. These men are intolerant to others. They think Islam is supreme and want every one to be a Muslim. How it is possible?

Patel. True Bapu. They do not know that Hinduism and Buddhism, Jainism, religion of Parsees was existing much before their Prophet was born and Quran was revealed to him.

Nehru They are adamant. They do not see reason. Intolerance leades to own destruction.

Gandhi. True. But tolerance does not mean cowardliness and inaction. We must be firm and ready to listen to others too.

Patel. But Bapu. All Indians think that you were other way.

Gandhi. I Never said that one has to be a coward. I said use non violent ways first.

Patel. Now we have used violent way

( Gandhi has no answer)

Nehru. Look Patel! at times violence is also required. If we have not killed these swines, they would have killed us or tried to forcibly convert us to Islam. So we had to kll them. Bapu knows it. ( He looks at Bapu)

Gandhi. True to great extent. At that time we have to save ourselves from these dangerous men. So I had to order shooting then.

Patel. Bapu. Oh Bapu. What a change in you. I wish you changed long ago and we would not have seen the present day. It is time the guys in Delhi also change. They think Gandhism means accepting all nonsense from everywhere. Look Bapu. The guys in Delhi could not do any thing after Bombay blasts. They are a bunch of inaction and clueless nuts. They are the country to disaster and doom

Nehru. As you sow so you reap.

Gandhi. Let us quickly go back to Delhi and make them wise before it is too late

( The Trio holds hands after dropping the rifles and walk off into distance while the vultures descend on to the dead Taliban)


Friday, April 10, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

The babus and nuts think army to be a scarificial goat
These men can never make India cross the deep moat
The borders of India will rattle with enemy’s rifle fire
And dead jawans will be consumed in funeral pyre

Police guys are worried more for their ranks and status
Those in MOD have acted as a modern Brutus
The country burns in countless terrorsit acts
While these DODO police guys get highest awards which is a naked fact

Soon Taliban would be roaming in Indian lanes as armed bands
And they sport long beards with a rifle in the hands
They would kill girls going to school
As the present leaders make all of us a big fool

Army would be soon withdrawn from the Northrn state
Leaving the places and men to their fate
AlQaida would soon enter India with glee
While our leaders have to finally flee

Dr K Prabhakar Rao




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen watching an election meeting at Hyderabad outskirts, The meeting is being addressed by the ruling party leader. The leaders is found standing on a vehicle well decorated and he ties a towel around his head as if he is a farmer)

Leader.. Listen..Listen.. You guys. This is your leader speaking. Why do not you listen? Why are you trying to go away? I have ruled the state for the last five years. I gave you rains. I gave you crops. I started so many welfare schemes. Every scheme has been named after only one family who are our destiny makers. You must vote for us. If you vote for us, I assure you there will not be dearth of notes for you for the next five years.

Listener. Heee…heee. Hoo…hooo..heee…heee… Last time also you said same. Atleast at that time we had some land. Now you have grabbed it for ring road. You are still grabbing lands for giving to corporates. We did not get any money for it. If got it is pittance. Where shall we go now? Why should we vote for you? May god cause your defeat and down fall.

Leader,. There must be some problem. I shall give back every thing. If I come to power again I shall dig away the ring roads. I shall again construct slums for you that can be filthiest in the world where you can be most comfortable. Wherever houses were built I shall get them broken.

( The crowd shouts ..ho…ho..ho)

Gandhi. What are you talking sir? How can you construct slums again? Will you take them away to BC.Will you break houses.

Leader. Satisfying people is our motto. If we have erred we have to correct ourselves. By constructing international airport we caused great loss to people as we acquired lands. Any how soft ware boom has gone. After Ramlingaraju’s episode no one would believe us. West is running away at the name of Andhra Prdesh. They think every one is a scamster here. We shall not get Projects and there will not be outsourcing by USA. Then who will come to India through the international airport? Only pilots will come along with stewards and other crew. I shall shift back everything to Begum pet. The present international airport would become like Ankor Vat in Indonesian peninsula. I may allow all villagers to take whatever they want from there. After some time a forest would grow there. I shall plant special quick growing trees. I also would make roads dug. No car can go there. All Taxi cars would become useless. Owners have to sell them away. Scrap dealers would become busy. There will not be work for drivers and cleaners and travel agencies. They get frustrated and want to drink most of the times. I shall open more liquor shops. Revenue would go up. Their health also gets spoiled. There will be higher demand for medicines and hospitals. Doctors would flourish. To meet demand, I shall open more medical colleges. No facilities would be there at these colleges. Compounder would teach. More doctors would come out without any skills. They can not even administer intravenous injections. They will be more suitable as veterinary doctors. But after all they are called doctors. They can write Dr in front of the names. They will feel satisfied. In marriage market they have higher demand. They can get more dowries. Crimes will go up. So police recruitments have to go up. Many police men shall have no weapons. They will be given steel rods. That will be more effective. Hope You are happy with my plans. Vote for me. Please Bhai Vote for me. I am assuring you with my hand. Look at this how wide it is.

Gandhi. Come on You guy. Come down at once. Why are you fooling around people? You have no doubt have very wise ideas indeed (Sarcastically).

Leader. Hey. Who are you? Are you from opposition party?

Gandhi. You come down fast ( Waves his hand)

( Another elder leader next to the speaker grabs the mike and shouts… He is Bhoomiah

Bhoomiah.. Hey. What are you talking? Why are you waving hand? I shall take off your hand.. you…grr..grrr….)

Gandhi. What? Will you tear off my hand? Are you so great? Keep watching. Come! Take off my hand. I shall show you.

Leader. Bhoomiah. Please do not bother for him. He appears to be out of tune.

Gandhi. Me or it is you? First you are making all meaningless promises. Do not fool around.

( In the mean time, some police men and few inspectors gather around Gandhi and his friends. They are trying to pacify him)

Inspector Yadgiri. Look old man, Why are you causing trouble? Why do you buy problems to yourself. Look ! We are ruthless police men. Go away from here and let the leader speak.

Gandhi. Look Inspector! What is wrong in asking? This is an election meeting. Did you listen to him? Are you convinced?

Inspector Yadgiri. Look sir. We are Govt servants. What we can say? We have to watch and act. You know. The previous DGP was sent home because he was praising the leader.

Patel. Yes. I read in news papers. That was good

Nehru. Are you scared Inspector?

Inspector Yadgiri. We have to be impartial and do our duty. At present we see that you are causing disturbance at the meeting

Gandhi. Is it disturbance? Did I throw any stone or abused him? I am only contradicting him.

Inspector Yadgiri. After all he is still the boss. So we have to listen to him. You guys better go away from here peacefully or we have to act.

Patel. What will you do?

Inspector Yadgiri. We have to arrest you. We may leave you later on after few hours.

Patel. That you can not do.

Inspector Yadgiri. Why? You are only three. We are fifteen with arms too.

Nehru. Even then you can not do any thing. Your arms are of no use against us

Inspector Yadgiri. ( Looking exhausted) Come on guys. Behave. Please do not force us.

( The conversation between Gandhi and his friends and police men grow noisy and people gather around them. No one is listening to the leader)

Leader. Listen Oh guys.. Listen… Why are you going to that old man dressed up as Gandhi and others as Nehru and Patel? I am saying stay and listen. Look. The other party says they will do money transfer to poor. From where they will do. Where is the money? Everything is over. Please do not believe them. They will bring disaster to you

Nehru.. ( Shouts) Will it be more than what happened during the last five years

Patel. Hoo..hooo.. haa..haa

Gandhi. ( Shouts) Bharat Mataa ki Jai… Our kisika jai nahi…eeee…eee

( Inspector Yadgiri pounces on Gandhi and tries to close his mouth. But he can not feel Gandhi. His hand falls on the mouth of another Inspector Narsimha. He reacts angrily.)

Inspector Narsimha. Come on behave Yadgiri. Is this way you behave? I shall show you.

Inspector Yadgiri. What will you show?

Inspector Narsimha. Behave Yadgiri. We are in uniform . Remember this.

Inspector Yadgiri. So what (He draws revolver from holster and aims at Narsimha)

(Patel in the mean time covers up Inspector Narsimha by standing infront of him and Yadgiri fires a burst. The bullets strike Patel and he being iron man of India the bullets get crushed and nothing happens to Narsimha)

Patel. Haa…haa.. You Joker! I told you your weapons have no meaning to us.

(Hearing firing the crowd starts running away from the scene. The leader speaking at the mike throws the mike and runs to cover along with DGP)

Leader. What is this non sense going on? Why firing here? My election meeting has been ruined. To morrow there will be headlines in the news papers. ( Looks at DGP who is also hiding with him) Suspend the crank immediately.

DGP. ( looking at the SP standing close) Suspend that crank immediately. Conduct enquiry after that. I required transfer the guy to Sri Kakulam.
SP. Yes sir… Yes sir. Three bags full.

( In the mean time some police men pounce on Yadgiri and catch him and is taken away from there. His Pistol in confiscated. Other police men and Inspectors now confront Gandhi and his friends. They rush at Gandhi with vigor shouting and screaming and Gandhi looks at them angrily)

Gandhi. Stop ! You guys stop. You do not know us. Are you police or tormentors?

Nehru. Second one is right. You guys can not do any thing to us. You can not even touch us leave arresting

Inspector. That you will see. You think you are too smart.

Gandhi. In that case look. This is my hand. Now catch it and arrest me

( Inspector pounces on Gandhi and tries to hold his hand and he catches only air even after many attempts. Gandhi now stands in front of a big dust bin and the Inspector rushes at him head long and falls in the filthy dust bin full of all shit and night soil. Gandhi now stands in the middle of police men and all of them rush at him and fall on each other and fall in heap. Gandhi sneers at them and gestures like Mandrake the magician and twists his hand. All the police men fly and fall in a heap at a distance of twenty yards and many moan with fractured limbs. They shout.. yaa…..allah…mar gaya,..bacho..eee…amma…Ramaa….ayyaa…nayanaa…wammo..wayyo….akka….attta…)

Gandhi. Look at these guys. These gays are there to take care of the leader and not the public. See.. How they are crying… haa..haaa

Patel.. Heee..heee

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel hold hands and do jig laughing and many people join them..Slowly the trio vanish)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, April 6, 2009




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

( In White House lawn, General Washington and President Obama are having drinks in the evening hours and weather is pleasant. )

Washington. So Mr. Obama. Hope you are settled now well.

Obama. Sir. How can it be so easy? You know it is not easy. I inherited great problems from my past friend. There was Iraq war, Afghan war, NATO operations, headaches from Pakistan, Some from Korea,.. And the biggest head ache is the economic recession. These things are taking away my sleep.

Washington. True…true.. I understand.. What is the new problem now with Queen of England during your visit there recently?

Obama (Laughs) Hee…heee. .hua…hua…hua. There is nothing serious. The English customs say no one should touch the Queen ( Of course husband can touch). When my wife was with her, the Queen placed her hand over her and treated my wife as a daughter. My wife also reciprocated… haa….haaa….hua…hua..

Washington. The news paper reporters appear to have no work. They are busy with such sensational news.

Obama. True. One more thing sir. The economic recession is causing great frustration among Asians staying in USA in particular.

Washington. It appears to be so. I also read from the news papers.

( In the mean time a sentry arrives and reports that a visitor has arrived)

Sentry. Good evening sir. There is a visitor and he says his name is MK Gandhi and he is from India. Shall I send him in?

Obama. Please send him in with all respects and honors. He is a great guy of repute.

( MKGandhi enters in his usual attire holding his long stick. Obama and Washington get up and greet him)

Washington. Welcome Mr. Gandhi. You are here after many months. How are you?

Obama. Welcome sir. Please be seated. We are honored by your visit. How are you sir?

Gandhi. Thanks. I am doing great.

Washington. Hope India is busy with elections and the consequent fever.

Gandhi ( Laughs) haa…haa.. It has to be. How are things here? I read from news papers that many guys have lost the jobs and there is great recession.

Obama. True. Recently there have been many shootings in families among Asians… People have killed entire family and some friends too and committed suicide later..

Gandhi.. Appears to be out of frustration.

Obama. But all these incidents are bringing bad name to the country and the system here.

Washington. Yeah.. There have been many incidents recently and many Indians are involved in such incidents. What is wrong with Indians coming here.

Gandhi. Sir ! Indians are greatly sentimental and temperamental too. Many families have been living lavishly in false world for the last many years and the sudden fall in their life has not been digested. They are ashamed to return to the native country.

Washington. I say they are mad guys. Need to be kicked hard. They bring bad name to the country here and to their native country too.

Obama. True. Why kill kids too? Are they not human beings (Gets annoyed and sings). What they can achieve by dying?

These Guys are mere clowns and nuts
And devoid of sound mental health
They are committing grave crimes
After having lost their wealth.

I am going to tighten the laws here
And shall not allow all sundry into this land
Let them hang on in their own country
And burn their backs on the hot sand

They come and study here in the schools
Later they stick on to some jobs and run for green card
Some how they want to hang on to this nation
Even if their life has become very hard

Gandhi. True. Back at home too there is no scope for them. Your recession has caused slump in entire world. India too is badly affected. IT sector has collapsed.

Obama. I learnt it.

Gandhi. In fact when I was leading freedom struggle through non violence I propagated self sufficiency and development of cottage industry in the villages. No one cared my words.

Washington. Look Mr Gandhi. The present youth are carried away by the life style in USA. It is like a heaven on the earth. Every Indian youth wants to come down here. Then how about our own men and women? Where they will go for jobs? No country has been so liberal like us.

Gandhi. True sir. You are very correct. But the whole thing is not that simple. Your companies find Indian technical labor cheap than the local Americans. They are expensive. Therefore they prefer Indians, Japanese and Chinese.

Washington. But this can not go long. Our youth are becoming restless. There has been resentment against Indians in many states.

Gandhi. How about the dot busters in some states? Recently many Indian youth have been killed in USA. Police could not solve the mystery of these deaths.

Obama. They are doing their best to solve.

Gandhi. But situation is bad for Indians here.

Obama. No comments Mr. Gandhi. I am sure things will improve soon. But no one is asking your youth to come down here. No one is forcing them. I am sure the yiouth are involved in some thing or other. Otherwise why some one would kill them?

Gandhi. You may be true to some extent.

Obama. Thanks

Washington. Mr. Obama. You must make sure that every one is safe in this land. I find that there have been indiscriminate firings by some cranks killing innocents. That has become frequent in America. While world is aghast at such incident. They are loosing confidence in us and our ability.

Obama. Sir! I am making all efforts.

Washington. That is good.

Obama. (Sings)
America is for all the guys on earth
And it stands for liberty and freedom
We may find many nuts too here
While many try to reach the stardom

Gandhi. Yeah. I know. During freedom struggle Ghadar Party established itself here and they were revolutionaries. But the relations between USA and England made life difficult for them. You guys also harbored many present day terrorist organizations particularly during Russian occupation of Afghanistan. They had free access in your land. The situation has boomeranged now.

Obama. (Getting irked up) Look Mr. Gandhi. International situations change much now a day. Don’t you know that Pakistan blames India for engineering trouble in Sindh province in their country? How about your role in Lanka during Rajiv’s rule. What about Dalai Lama of Tibet? You know very well why China attacked you in 1962.No one is above the board.

Gandhi. True to some extent. It is Ok. Please take care of the lives of Indians here. I shall be much happy.

( Gandhi greets all and takes leave and walks off)

Washington. Ohfo.. Thank god. Great storm is over.

Obama. True sir.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, April 4, 2009




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen walking on a very crowded street in Hyderabad. There are numerous cars, motor cycles and all types of transport on the road. The trio are seen walking in middle of the road and reach a junction where traffic lights are fixed. No lights are working. There is one Police man standing there and trying to guide the traffic. He is chewing pan ( Beatle leaf) )

Gandhi. Look ! Jawaharlal. What type of traffic is here? There appears to be no order around

Nehru. True Bapu. But it is not only the road. Every where it is same. Story is same. It is not only Hyderabad, but throughout the country life is like that.

Gandhi. ( Gets excited) Look…Look… Patel. See How that motor cyclist is seated on the bike! Why he has bent his neck so much and still driving the bike. His face pointing to sky and making efforts to look straight. Is his neck broken?

Nehru. Bapu. Probably he is born with a deformed neck. Poor guy! God bless him.

Patel. (Laughs) Haa…haa.. Bapu and Nehruji. It is not like that. That joker is absolutely fine. There is no deformity. He is listening to a cell phone while travelling. The phone is pressed between his ear and shoulder. There is no doubt after some years he will have serious neck illness and will not be able to keep his head vertical. If he keeps his head would reel and would fall down. After some years their new born children would have deformed necks. You know Prof Darwin said that species would evolve to suit living conditions. So human beings in India in coming years could have bent neck with tilted head and eyes place at different plane. (Laughs) hee…heee

Nehru. Why do you laugh Patel? We must feel sorry for them. Better educate them on the dangers.

Patel. You may do it if you like. But Indians are nuts. They are good at breaking rules and have no discipline. I do not think your counseling would make any difference.

Gandhi. How dangerous it is to drive like that? Is it allowed?

Patel. No Bapu. Police has made a law prohibiting use of cell phones while driving. They can be fined heavily.

Gandhi. That is very good by police. But this guy is openly flouting orders. I must do some thing to stop this.

Nehru. Bapu. What will you do?

Gandhi. Keep seeing

( Gandhi runs to the motor cyclist who has halted at the crossing and his sudden running creates great confusion on the road and a car is about to hit him and another bike almost crashes into him)

Andhi. Eee….eeeee…. Save.. Can’t you see me crossing the junction. Don’t you have eyes

Motorcyclist. Hey old man. Better behave. Why are you running on the road? Are you mad?

( Gandhi goes to the motorcyclist and snatches his cell phone and the motor cyclist protests and looses balance and falls down and the bike falls on him and there is some commotion around. The Motor cyclist was carrying a bag full of onions tied to handle bar. All the onions fall on the road and roll every where. The motor cyclist gets up and starts abusing Gandhi and starts fighting with him. He snatches his stick and the watch too. Patel and Nehru also reach there and try to separate them. In the mean time the police constable also reaches the spot)

Constable. Hey Guys….go out…move out…Chal (Move) What is happening?

Motor cyclist. Sir. This old man came and assaulted me while I was sitting on my bike.

Constable. Is it true? If so why you have done?

Gandhi. Look Constable. I did not assault him. I saw him using cell phone while driving his bike. That was against law. So I ran to him and pulled out his cell phone. He lost balance and fell down. See This is the cell phone he was using.( He hands over the cell phone)

Constable (Looking at the motorcyclist) were you using cell phone? What is your name? Where is your driving license? Show me your vehicle documents!

Motor cyclist. I am Nathuram. This is my license and these are my vehicle papers. Any thing further. I was holding cell phone. But not talking.

Constable. How can you hold cell phone while driving a bike?

Motorcyclist. It was on my shoulder. It is fixed with a clip and tape

Constable. Is this the way to carry a cell phone. There is a pocket for you in shirt and pant. Obviously you were talking into it bending your head over it.

Gandhi. True. He was doing that

Constable. Look old man. This is not your job to catch people. We are there for it.

Nehru. But you did not see him. How can you? There are hundreds of vehicles every minute.

Constable. Still sir. You can not do that. You are not police men. Not even home guards.

Patel. So we should not catch a thief if we see. Is it OK?

Constable (Getting jittery) I do not mean that. Catching thieves is different. This is different.

( In the mean time large crowd gathers and there is a traffic jam and a mobile police team Rakshak arrives with a police inspector)

Inspector ( Gets down from the vehicle) What is happening here? Why this traffic jam?

( The constable explains everything to him and the police Inspector orders the constable to shift the bike to the road side and give a challan to the motorcyclist for talking over a cell phone while driving. He also wants Gandhi, and his friends to some to the roadside)

Inspector. Look sir. I do not who you are, but you look respectful and you are dressed like Gandhi and your friends are like Nehru and Patel. Are you from a drama Party?

Gandhi (Getting upset) Look Inspector. None of us are from any drama party. We are not fake. We are real Gandhi, Nehru and Patel.

Inspector. How can it be? You can not fools us.

Gandhi. Why should we do that?

Inspector. Does it mean that we are already fools?

Gandhi. I did not say that.

Inspector. Look. Your sudden running on the road caused trouble. Why should you try to catch that guy? How many will you catch like this? Can you amend all these undisciplined Hyderabadis? We have been struggling every day with these crowds on the roads. We are helpless. Any rule we make, they would break it. Any how, please do not do next time. I am much impressed with your dress and make up. How much you earn every day in this make up.

Gandhi. What do you mean Inspector by this? I already told that we are not fake and we are real. You can not insult us like this.

Inspector. I think you guys will not listen like this. You appear to be some educated tricksters. I shall deal with you at the police station.

( He looks at the mobile team and orders them to catch the trio and put them in the van and the itching constables rush at the trio shouting haa..haa..haaa)

Gandhi. Stop you guys. You do not know us. Look into our eyes if you have guts.

( The Constables stop and stare into Gandhi who twists his hand and gestures like Mandrake the magician. All the constables and the Inspector are thrown twenty feet away and fall in a heap among many vehicles and some bikes fall on them along with riders. Some roadside barricades too fall on them. Two cows that were squatting on the roadside get terrified and trample them hissing and puffing. There is again a great traffic jam and the fallen guys scream… arre…arte.. Bacho, Margaya,,, Ya allah.. Bacho… Maaa.. Bapu.. Abba…. Amma… Bacho. There is a cacophony of sounds with hundreds of vehicles blowing horns and hooting. Gandhi and his friends smile and walk away slowly. In the distance , song of Kavi Pra deep is heard)

Dekh tere sansar ki haaalat kya ho gayi Bhagwan

Kitna Badal gaya insaan

Sooraj na badla Chndna badla

Naa badlare aasaman…Kitna

Badal gaya insaan.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, April 3, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

Whole world now knows that Pakistan is the nerve center for the world’s terrorism and that the most wanted terrorists on the earth are at present hiding and flourishing too in that country : Thanks to abetting by Pakistan. The saddest part is that it is the pal of United States of America embraced in tight hug. International thugs and criminals against humanity such as Osama Bin Laden and Al Zawahari and Mullah Baitullah Masood are having a safe haven in Pakistan. In the recent out burst, the notorious terrorist who is believed to be the organizer for killing Madam Benazir Bhutto has the audacity to declare that he would get the White House blasted off in repeat performance of 9/11 as if Americans would watch it and enjoy. (1). He is also carrying a count of 50 lakh dollars on his head. Having fully established that Pakistan is the culprit in the whole game that failed to catch or kill these thugs staying on their soil, what is preventing the Americans from getting into the game of wiping of the terrorists on their own? Is it because Pakistan is a sovereign nation? If so, how USA attacked Afghanistan under Taliban immediately after 9/11. How it invaded Iraq under Saddam Hussein declaring that it has WMD meant for waging war with USA although no WMD was found to much embarrassment of the establishment? It is known that NATO forces are carrying- on the missile attacks and un manned drone attacks in Waziristan areas which is the strong hold of terrorists. In the warning given by Baitullah Masood it was declared that they would blast the White House in retaliation to the American continued strikes in Waziristan. Will USA get perturbed by such threats? Probably they are not outwardly. But they will have enhanced security all over the nation as greater precaution. In recent statements, James Phillips a terrorism expert said , “ It is not too much of astretch to think he might be involved in an attack on the Us if he is able to get his followers inside the United Stataes. He is a militant extremist whose threats can not be ignored. ” Obviously These things can not be taken lightly. America probably has more internal enemies and some traitors too committing treason than the external ones that resulted in 9/11( 2). No major attacks would be possible without connivance of internal moles.
Pakistan too is plagued by the terrorist attacks. In the latest incidents terrorists carried out a well planned and co coordinated attack on their Police training School that was almost looking similar to Indian 26/11. The planning and execution were similar. Pakistanis are no way different from Indians in sleeping over security of the country and trying to wake up after the calamity. Indians and Pakistanis are of the same feather.Pakistan is crying loud that some foreign hand is involved.Hope they are not polinting finger at India. The terrorists could smuggle- in large quantities of arms and ammunition and hold many hostages and Pak army, rangers and police have to battle it out for long hours before they could kill all except and catch one alive as we did like catching Kasab during 26/11. Entire episode looks like reenacting Bombay attack (3). The tragedy is that a country that exports terrorism to India has also become a victim of terrorism. The proverb “As you sow so you reap” has come true.If Pakitan also awards its highest award for bravery 'Halal e zurrat' to the slain police men that completes the true copmparison with India.

Pakistan is supported by USA at international forums and is the staunch ally and bossom friend to US in international matters and USA has propped up Pakistan against India all these years as a check mate with a hope t maintain balance of power. USA does not want to change its concept. It also does not want to annoy Pakistan by taking any harsh options.. In the latest statatement, President Obama has categorically refused to conduct ground operations by NATO troops in Pakistan to eliminate terrorist inspite of the fact that all the thugs are at one place in Waziristan. Al Qaida and Taliban are ruling roost in Waziristan right under the nose of Pakistan and half hearted efforts of Pakistan have miserably failed to contain them. In fact, they have regrouped and prospered (4) (5) (6). He plans to aid Pakistan further and motivate them to fight terrorists. There is a saying in India that fruits do not fall from the tree by reciting holy verses from religious texts. One has to see the ground realities. George W Bush, the former US President has not succeeded ever since the fall of Taliban in his mission in Afghanistan and Waziristan. Obama too is unlikely to succeed unless some harsh decisions are taken with regards to Pakistan. He is determined to fire gun over Pakistan’s shoulder to greater extent than direct action although he has been vocal on this subject. The policy is no different from that of George W Bush.
The point of contention is, what these terrorists in Pakistan want? The Afghan Taliban now hiding in Pakistan in Waziristan province has succeeded in finding a new safe place for them. Al Qaida thugs too are fully concentrating in this lawless land and appear to be the main advisers to Taliban. Afghan Taliban aim at dislodging Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan and reestablish their medieval government going back to the times of the Prophet ( PBUH) with no education to women, and killing women for the sake of honor. The innumerable Madrasas in Pakistan have churned out scores of fundamentalists and they have turned into Pak Taliban. With Al Qaeda support, the aim is to extend Islamic influence right across Asia and reach Philippines. India is a great bottle neck in their mission with large Hindu population and considerable military strength. Therefore, the terrorist actions are aimed at creating Islamic Kashmir that would link Afghanistan and other former Asian USSR colonies such as Khajikistan , Azar baizan etc to Indian subcontinent. Although there would be still some sane persons in Pakistan who crave for a modern republic free of fundamentalism, their voice is suppressed and they are throttled. Terrorists also plan Pan-Islamic state such as Mughalistan in the heart of India linking Assam via Bihar, UP and adjoining area and also are trying to revive Caliphate. The plan is sinister and appears to be determined. The determined onslaught of Islamic fundamentalists in spreading Jihadi cells in India and propping establishments such as SIMI ( student Islamic Movement of India) right from Kerala in deep South India to other parts of India is a clear indication of attempts to Islamize India. Although Muslims ruled India for nearly 600 years Hinduism has strongly survived in India. (7) (8) (9) (10.)

Pak Taliban are aiming to wrest power from the sane Pakistanis. Invariably Islam does not believe in democracy and existing Islamic world governments are clear examples and stand testimony to this naked fact. Except Turkey, no other country has accepted modern western style democracy and other Muslim States are threatening Turkey with drawn sword. Probably they club Turks with heretics and Kafirs. Religions and politics are completely knit together in Islamic rule and jihad forms the permanent force. Although Jihad has not been accepted as the sixth pillar of Islam in general, practically it appears so. Although Jihad in religious terms indicate purification of self and struggle, and is linked to struggle against oppression ( mostly self conceived) in violent manner. Thus Pakistani Taliban aim at dislodging democracy in whatever crude and pseudo form it survives in Pakistan (11) (12) (13) (14). Military rule is always around the corner and the strong ISI ( Inter services Intelligence) is always ready to destabilize the country and engineer troubles. Terrorists in Pakistan want Pak government to distance itself from American influence and evolve as an Islamic fundamentalist Mullah dominated State devoid of any western values, modernization, scientific progress and thought. The situation is like Iran before 1979. Cleric Ayatollah Rohotullah Khomeini succeeded in turning Iran into a fundamentalist State spelling death to America each and every minute. It is craving for nuclear weapons with the aim of erasing Israel from the face of earth. After the fall of Nazi Germany, Iran appears to be evolving as a dangerous state that could draw world into a great conflict and suffering. Pakistan is following foot steps of Iran and if the terrorists succeed in turning Pakistan into another Iran, of course with nuclear weapons in its arsenal, one can imagine the threat to the world. Time has not been lost even now. This is the time for NATO forces to fully involve in eliminating the terrorists lock stock and barrel from all corners of Pakistan by direct action. Goody.. Goody behavior of President Obama will not do with Pakistan. He is again planning to sanction good amount of aid to Pakistan to fight terrorists to a tune of $ 2.8 Billion. This is apart from the $ 7.5 billions meant for other developments. However it is believed that US would have control over spending the grant and it would be ensured that it is not misused and spent for attacking another country. It would be a mere fallacy to believe that Pakistan would adhere to this wise belief. However fact remains that USA has not still read the writing on the wall and continues to toe the line of Pak with the aim of holding on to a strategic partner in the region. (15). President Obama has to cut a sorry figure at the end if these terrorist outfits carry out their threat by attacking US main land as threatened recently. The much acclaimed policy of Obama deviating from that of bush appears to be the same good old one in which Pakistan has taken USA on a wild goose chase and rough camel ride for the last eight years after 9/11. Lessons have not yet been learnt by the new guys at Capitol House and White House. Before he became the President, Obama in high spirits declared that he would order direct action in Pakistan if the native government does not heed to. But sadly after capturing power, Obama is sailing in the old boat of appeasing Pakistan with a hope that it would fight terrorists without committing American ground forces. Why some one should fight your battle? They would try all means for evasion and hoodwinking. Pakistan is doing this now and in the past too. Unless American ground actions take place in Waziristan, Al Qaeda and Taliban would not cease to exist. There is no alternative to this. India too is a cat on wall. It is expecting that terrorists would be eliminated by Pakistan army or NATO forces. Indians do not want to commit their army in Afghan war. If Al Qaeda and Taliban capture Pakistan their immediate target would be India and the night mare would soon start for the indecisive Indians were never assertive and did not exploit victorious conditions and caved in soon. Except the decisive war of 1971 other wars with Pakistan are debatable. Pakistan celebrates victory parade for 1965 war although India claims that it won war. There was no decisive victory. Indian troops went very close to Lahore, but did not capture it. Indians lost badly in Chamb sector at Munawwar Tawi River and even today Chamb village is in Pak hand. At Chickens neck in J and K it was an infantry battle and was a more encirclement by Indian troops using some armour. Chinese war was lost miserably by Indians. Thanks to the Nehru administration. War of 1948 with Pakistan was too remote for any comparison. Kargil episode was not an all out war and was more a skirmish of limited action. Thus Indian and Pak troops are evenly matched. The only difference is that Indian army fights with its hands tied while Pak army is free to exploit. How India would overcome Pak army and Jihadis in near future if the thugs flourish in Pakistan? Recently the Chief Minister of J and K state has demanded withdrawal of special powers for army and one will not be surprised if he demands withdrawal of army from the state too. He is trying to cut his own feet with his axe. If army withdraws from the state, soon the state would go the pak way. This has to be seen. Therefore Wisdom lies in eliminating danger when in infancy than allowing it to grow and accommodate it as faitaccompli.Hope Americans and Indians also would learn lessons soon.


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