Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)


Rachkonda is an old hill fort
That lies in utter ruins today
No trace of the past glory is left now
Although it flourished in its heyday

It has disappeared into pages of history
With no trace of glory left to feel proud
The kings although some were brave
Some guys also had evil brains under thick cloud

The kings of this land are of Velama caste
And were once the commanders with Kakateeya Kings
They were busy playing caste gimmicks and politics
As a result finally their king lost the empire and was out of the ring

Pratapa Rudra was the valiant Kakateeya king
He ruled at the famous Warangal fortress
He courageously fought the raids of Tughlaq the Delhi Sultan
But finally lost and was caught in great distress

He was caught and tortured and sent to Delhi
However on the way he took his own life
Kakateeya Kingdom lost the glory that it had
Warangal was thus caught in the middle of great political strife

Prolayya Nayaka a commander led a spirited Guerilla war soon
The mantle was soon taken up by Kapayya Nayaka his kin
He fought Guerilla war against Muslims for a decade with vigor
And finally drove away the Muslims who committed great sin

Malik Maqbool the ruler at Warangal fled disgraced
And Kapayya became coveted king the most without hassles
Andhra Surathrana and Andhra desadheesa the titled he held
While bowing to him loyally were seventy two vassals

Kapayya had a vision for the nation
He saw Muslim rulers as grave threat to the land
With great valor he kept Telugu flag high
And fought the Bhamani sultans with a firm hand

Jealousy soon took over the Velama scions
Who connived against the ruler and planned against the state
Anapota Nayaka soon revolted and formed his own kingdom
And at Pillalamarri soon he assumed kingship and flew his flag of hate

The Velama king soon shifted over to Rachkonda
And to Bahmani a Muslim neighboring state became great pall
They had no national vision of any kind
And fought wars with Kapayya and Vijayanagar claiming tall

To be continued

( Note..Rachakonda is located in the dry rocky hills in Narayan pur Samsthan which is hardly 60 km from Hyderabad in AP State and there are no proper approach Roads even today ( A great shame indeed). This was the seat of power for the Velama kings who ruled in 14 and 15 centuries and played poltics of deceipt against their Hindu brethern ruling at other places by aligning themselves with Muslim rulers next door.Brothers of Rachkonda kings ruled at Devarkonda

Warangal was the seat of power for Kakateeya Kings who held sway over entire Telangana and some Andhra provinces too at the time of Partaprudra Deva II te last ruler in 14 the century.Although it is claimed that Kakateeya dynasty ruled for 1000 years, they were very powerful rulers from the time of Beta RajuI during the last 400 years of their rule..)

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