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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

( In White House lawn, General Washington and President Obama are having drinks in the evening hours and weather is pleasant. )

Washington. So Mr. Obama. Hope you are settled now well.

Obama. Sir. How can it be so easy? You know it is not easy. I inherited great problems from my past friend. There was Iraq war, Afghan war, NATO operations, headaches from Pakistan, Some from Korea,.. And the biggest head ache is the economic recession. These things are taking away my sleep.

Washington. True…true.. I understand.. What is the new problem now with Queen of England during your visit there recently?

Obama (Laughs) Hee…heee. .hua…hua…hua. There is nothing serious. The English customs say no one should touch the Queen ( Of course husband can touch). When my wife was with her, the Queen placed her hand over her and treated my wife as a daughter. My wife also reciprocated… haa….haaa….hua…hua..

Washington. The news paper reporters appear to have no work. They are busy with such sensational news.

Obama. True. One more thing sir. The economic recession is causing great frustration among Asians staying in USA in particular.

Washington. It appears to be so. I also read from the news papers.

( In the mean time a sentry arrives and reports that a visitor has arrived)

Sentry. Good evening sir. There is a visitor and he says his name is MK Gandhi and he is from India. Shall I send him in?

Obama. Please send him in with all respects and honors. He is a great guy of repute.

( MKGandhi enters in his usual attire holding his long stick. Obama and Washington get up and greet him)

Washington. Welcome Mr. Gandhi. You are here after many months. How are you?

Obama. Welcome sir. Please be seated. We are honored by your visit. How are you sir?

Gandhi. Thanks. I am doing great.

Washington. Hope India is busy with elections and the consequent fever.

Gandhi ( Laughs) haa…haa.. It has to be. How are things here? I read from news papers that many guys have lost the jobs and there is great recession.

Obama. True. Recently there have been many shootings in families among Asians… People have killed entire family and some friends too and committed suicide later..

Gandhi.. Appears to be out of frustration.

Obama. But all these incidents are bringing bad name to the country and the system here.

Washington. Yeah.. There have been many incidents recently and many Indians are involved in such incidents. What is wrong with Indians coming here.

Gandhi. Sir ! Indians are greatly sentimental and temperamental too. Many families have been living lavishly in false world for the last many years and the sudden fall in their life has not been digested. They are ashamed to return to the native country.

Washington. I say they are mad guys. Need to be kicked hard. They bring bad name to the country here and to their native country too.

Obama. True. Why kill kids too? Are they not human beings (Gets annoyed and sings). What they can achieve by dying?

These Guys are mere clowns and nuts
And devoid of sound mental health
They are committing grave crimes
After having lost their wealth.

I am going to tighten the laws here
And shall not allow all sundry into this land
Let them hang on in their own country
And burn their backs on the hot sand

They come and study here in the schools
Later they stick on to some jobs and run for green card
Some how they want to hang on to this nation
Even if their life has become very hard

Gandhi. True. Back at home too there is no scope for them. Your recession has caused slump in entire world. India too is badly affected. IT sector has collapsed.

Obama. I learnt it.

Gandhi. In fact when I was leading freedom struggle through non violence I propagated self sufficiency and development of cottage industry in the villages. No one cared my words.

Washington. Look Mr Gandhi. The present youth are carried away by the life style in USA. It is like a heaven on the earth. Every Indian youth wants to come down here. Then how about our own men and women? Where they will go for jobs? No country has been so liberal like us.

Gandhi. True sir. You are very correct. But the whole thing is not that simple. Your companies find Indian technical labor cheap than the local Americans. They are expensive. Therefore they prefer Indians, Japanese and Chinese.

Washington. But this can not go long. Our youth are becoming restless. There has been resentment against Indians in many states.

Gandhi. How about the dot busters in some states? Recently many Indian youth have been killed in USA. Police could not solve the mystery of these deaths.

Obama. They are doing their best to solve.

Gandhi. But situation is bad for Indians here.

Obama. No comments Mr. Gandhi. I am sure things will improve soon. But no one is asking your youth to come down here. No one is forcing them. I am sure the yiouth are involved in some thing or other. Otherwise why some one would kill them?

Gandhi. You may be true to some extent.

Obama. Thanks

Washington. Mr. Obama. You must make sure that every one is safe in this land. I find that there have been indiscriminate firings by some cranks killing innocents. That has become frequent in America. While world is aghast at such incident. They are loosing confidence in us and our ability.

Obama. Sir! I am making all efforts.

Washington. That is good.

Obama. (Sings)
America is for all the guys on earth
And it stands for liberty and freedom
We may find many nuts too here
While many try to reach the stardom

Gandhi. Yeah. I know. During freedom struggle Ghadar Party established itself here and they were revolutionaries. But the relations between USA and England made life difficult for them. You guys also harbored many present day terrorist organizations particularly during Russian occupation of Afghanistan. They had free access in your land. The situation has boomeranged now.

Obama. (Getting irked up) Look Mr. Gandhi. International situations change much now a day. Don’t you know that Pakistan blames India for engineering trouble in Sindh province in their country? How about your role in Lanka during Rajiv’s rule. What about Dalai Lama of Tibet? You know very well why China attacked you in 1962.No one is above the board.

Gandhi. True to some extent. It is Ok. Please take care of the lives of Indians here. I shall be much happy.

( Gandhi greets all and takes leave and walks off)

Washington. Ohfo.. Thank god. Great storm is over.

Obama. True sir.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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