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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

Whole world now knows that Pakistan is the nerve center for the world’s terrorism and that the most wanted terrorists on the earth are at present hiding and flourishing too in that country : Thanks to abetting by Pakistan. The saddest part is that it is the pal of United States of America embraced in tight hug. International thugs and criminals against humanity such as Osama Bin Laden and Al Zawahari and Mullah Baitullah Masood are having a safe haven in Pakistan. In the recent out burst, the notorious terrorist who is believed to be the organizer for killing Madam Benazir Bhutto has the audacity to declare that he would get the White House blasted off in repeat performance of 9/11 as if Americans would watch it and enjoy. (1). He is also carrying a count of 50 lakh dollars on his head. Having fully established that Pakistan is the culprit in the whole game that failed to catch or kill these thugs staying on their soil, what is preventing the Americans from getting into the game of wiping of the terrorists on their own? Is it because Pakistan is a sovereign nation? If so, how USA attacked Afghanistan under Taliban immediately after 9/11. How it invaded Iraq under Saddam Hussein declaring that it has WMD meant for waging war with USA although no WMD was found to much embarrassment of the establishment? It is known that NATO forces are carrying- on the missile attacks and un manned drone attacks in Waziristan areas which is the strong hold of terrorists. In the warning given by Baitullah Masood it was declared that they would blast the White House in retaliation to the American continued strikes in Waziristan. Will USA get perturbed by such threats? Probably they are not outwardly. But they will have enhanced security all over the nation as greater precaution. In recent statements, James Phillips a terrorism expert said , “ It is not too much of astretch to think he might be involved in an attack on the Us if he is able to get his followers inside the United Stataes. He is a militant extremist whose threats can not be ignored. ” Obviously These things can not be taken lightly. America probably has more internal enemies and some traitors too committing treason than the external ones that resulted in 9/11( 2). No major attacks would be possible without connivance of internal moles.
Pakistan too is plagued by the terrorist attacks. In the latest incidents terrorists carried out a well planned and co coordinated attack on their Police training School that was almost looking similar to Indian 26/11. The planning and execution were similar. Pakistanis are no way different from Indians in sleeping over security of the country and trying to wake up after the calamity. Indians and Pakistanis are of the same feather.Pakistan is crying loud that some foreign hand is involved.Hope they are not polinting finger at India. The terrorists could smuggle- in large quantities of arms and ammunition and hold many hostages and Pak army, rangers and police have to battle it out for long hours before they could kill all except and catch one alive as we did like catching Kasab during 26/11. Entire episode looks like reenacting Bombay attack (3). The tragedy is that a country that exports terrorism to India has also become a victim of terrorism. The proverb “As you sow so you reap” has come true.If Pakitan also awards its highest award for bravery 'Halal e zurrat' to the slain police men that completes the true copmparison with India.

Pakistan is supported by USA at international forums and is the staunch ally and bossom friend to US in international matters and USA has propped up Pakistan against India all these years as a check mate with a hope t maintain balance of power. USA does not want to change its concept. It also does not want to annoy Pakistan by taking any harsh options.. In the latest statatement, President Obama has categorically refused to conduct ground operations by NATO troops in Pakistan to eliminate terrorist inspite of the fact that all the thugs are at one place in Waziristan. Al Qaida and Taliban are ruling roost in Waziristan right under the nose of Pakistan and half hearted efforts of Pakistan have miserably failed to contain them. In fact, they have regrouped and prospered (4) (5) (6). He plans to aid Pakistan further and motivate them to fight terrorists. There is a saying in India that fruits do not fall from the tree by reciting holy verses from religious texts. One has to see the ground realities. George W Bush, the former US President has not succeeded ever since the fall of Taliban in his mission in Afghanistan and Waziristan. Obama too is unlikely to succeed unless some harsh decisions are taken with regards to Pakistan. He is determined to fire gun over Pakistan’s shoulder to greater extent than direct action although he has been vocal on this subject. The policy is no different from that of George W Bush.
The point of contention is, what these terrorists in Pakistan want? The Afghan Taliban now hiding in Pakistan in Waziristan province has succeeded in finding a new safe place for them. Al Qaida thugs too are fully concentrating in this lawless land and appear to be the main advisers to Taliban. Afghan Taliban aim at dislodging Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan and reestablish their medieval government going back to the times of the Prophet ( PBUH) with no education to women, and killing women for the sake of honor. The innumerable Madrasas in Pakistan have churned out scores of fundamentalists and they have turned into Pak Taliban. With Al Qaeda support, the aim is to extend Islamic influence right across Asia and reach Philippines. India is a great bottle neck in their mission with large Hindu population and considerable military strength. Therefore, the terrorist actions are aimed at creating Islamic Kashmir that would link Afghanistan and other former Asian USSR colonies such as Khajikistan , Azar baizan etc to Indian subcontinent. Although there would be still some sane persons in Pakistan who crave for a modern republic free of fundamentalism, their voice is suppressed and they are throttled. Terrorists also plan Pan-Islamic state such as Mughalistan in the heart of India linking Assam via Bihar, UP and adjoining area and also are trying to revive Caliphate. The plan is sinister and appears to be determined. The determined onslaught of Islamic fundamentalists in spreading Jihadi cells in India and propping establishments such as SIMI ( student Islamic Movement of India) right from Kerala in deep South India to other parts of India is a clear indication of attempts to Islamize India. Although Muslims ruled India for nearly 600 years Hinduism has strongly survived in India. (7) (8) (9) (10.)

Pak Taliban are aiming to wrest power from the sane Pakistanis. Invariably Islam does not believe in democracy and existing Islamic world governments are clear examples and stand testimony to this naked fact. Except Turkey, no other country has accepted modern western style democracy and other Muslim States are threatening Turkey with drawn sword. Probably they club Turks with heretics and Kafirs. Religions and politics are completely knit together in Islamic rule and jihad forms the permanent force. Although Jihad has not been accepted as the sixth pillar of Islam in general, practically it appears so. Although Jihad in religious terms indicate purification of self and struggle, and is linked to struggle against oppression ( mostly self conceived) in violent manner. Thus Pakistani Taliban aim at dislodging democracy in whatever crude and pseudo form it survives in Pakistan (11) (12) (13) (14). Military rule is always around the corner and the strong ISI ( Inter services Intelligence) is always ready to destabilize the country and engineer troubles. Terrorists in Pakistan want Pak government to distance itself from American influence and evolve as an Islamic fundamentalist Mullah dominated State devoid of any western values, modernization, scientific progress and thought. The situation is like Iran before 1979. Cleric Ayatollah Rohotullah Khomeini succeeded in turning Iran into a fundamentalist State spelling death to America each and every minute. It is craving for nuclear weapons with the aim of erasing Israel from the face of earth. After the fall of Nazi Germany, Iran appears to be evolving as a dangerous state that could draw world into a great conflict and suffering. Pakistan is following foot steps of Iran and if the terrorists succeed in turning Pakistan into another Iran, of course with nuclear weapons in its arsenal, one can imagine the threat to the world. Time has not been lost even now. This is the time for NATO forces to fully involve in eliminating the terrorists lock stock and barrel from all corners of Pakistan by direct action. Goody.. Goody behavior of President Obama will not do with Pakistan. He is again planning to sanction good amount of aid to Pakistan to fight terrorists to a tune of $ 2.8 Billion. This is apart from the $ 7.5 billions meant for other developments. However it is believed that US would have control over spending the grant and it would be ensured that it is not misused and spent for attacking another country. It would be a mere fallacy to believe that Pakistan would adhere to this wise belief. However fact remains that USA has not still read the writing on the wall and continues to toe the line of Pak with the aim of holding on to a strategic partner in the region. (15). President Obama has to cut a sorry figure at the end if these terrorist outfits carry out their threat by attacking US main land as threatened recently. The much acclaimed policy of Obama deviating from that of bush appears to be the same good old one in which Pakistan has taken USA on a wild goose chase and rough camel ride for the last eight years after 9/11. Lessons have not yet been learnt by the new guys at Capitol House and White House. Before he became the President, Obama in high spirits declared that he would order direct action in Pakistan if the native government does not heed to. But sadly after capturing power, Obama is sailing in the old boat of appeasing Pakistan with a hope that it would fight terrorists without committing American ground forces. Why some one should fight your battle? They would try all means for evasion and hoodwinking. Pakistan is doing this now and in the past too. Unless American ground actions take place in Waziristan, Al Qaeda and Taliban would not cease to exist. There is no alternative to this. India too is a cat on wall. It is expecting that terrorists would be eliminated by Pakistan army or NATO forces. Indians do not want to commit their army in Afghan war. If Al Qaeda and Taliban capture Pakistan their immediate target would be India and the night mare would soon start for the indecisive Indians were never assertive and did not exploit victorious conditions and caved in soon. Except the decisive war of 1971 other wars with Pakistan are debatable. Pakistan celebrates victory parade for 1965 war although India claims that it won war. There was no decisive victory. Indian troops went very close to Lahore, but did not capture it. Indians lost badly in Chamb sector at Munawwar Tawi River and even today Chamb village is in Pak hand. At Chickens neck in J and K it was an infantry battle and was a more encirclement by Indian troops using some armour. Chinese war was lost miserably by Indians. Thanks to the Nehru administration. War of 1948 with Pakistan was too remote for any comparison. Kargil episode was not an all out war and was more a skirmish of limited action. Thus Indian and Pak troops are evenly matched. The only difference is that Indian army fights with its hands tied while Pak army is free to exploit. How India would overcome Pak army and Jihadis in near future if the thugs flourish in Pakistan? Recently the Chief Minister of J and K state has demanded withdrawal of special powers for army and one will not be surprised if he demands withdrawal of army from the state too. He is trying to cut his own feet with his axe. If army withdraws from the state, soon the state would go the pak way. This has to be seen. Therefore Wisdom lies in eliminating danger when in infancy than allowing it to grow and accommodate it as faitaccompli.Hope Americans and Indians also would learn lessons soon.


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