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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

( It is Rawalpindi in Pakistan and it is a cold evening . The scene is old city where congested areas abound. The traffic is heavy and still in some places while in some corners people are lazily grouped. Some bearded men with white turbans are seen sitting under an old tree and they are wearing loose dress and all have Chadar wrapped around them. These men are MominMujahid, Zalim Katil, Masood Iqbal, Osman bin Ghori, Al Hazari, Katil e kafir, Mahmood Nissar aafat, Ahmedsha Abdullah Durrani, Mohammed bin Ghori, Bin Kasim, Mohammed Ghaznavi, Zalim Iftikhar Arafat and some more. They are PakTaliban.)

Masood. Yar Zalim , What a change in Pakistan? We never thought we could so easily land in Rawalpindi.

Iqbal. True. Our Afghan Taliban brothers must be thanked for this. If they had not landed in Pakistan we would not have got the idea of Taliban rule in Pakistan

Durrani. True. But all is not over. We are still far away from our goal. We entrenched in North western frontier areas and Waziristan at present.

Ahmedshah. But Al Qaida is also there. Although they are our advisers they must be having their own interests too.

Durrani. What interests they can have?

Ahmedshah.They may like to rule.

Durrani. But their strength is much less. Taliban are many in ranks.

Iqbal. These Zardari and others can not do any thing for Pakistan. They only can keep squabbling 24 hours. Look! How they quarreled.

Durrani. More over they keep bowing to American feet. They lick the white skins.

Zalim. My blood boils when I see him. These guys have lowered our country’s prestige.

Durrani. Look. It is time we strike hard and capture political power in Pakistan.

Zalim. But how? Pak army is great bottle neck. At present, we can not engage them in open fights. It is fine in Waziristan. It was a mountainous area. They can not bring tanks and air force for greater effects. In plains we will be butchered.

Durrani. Do not be pessimistic. Remember every Muslim is fundamentally a Mujahid and he has to wage Jihad. Pak army guys also turn into Taliban. In fact they are. Our people are already busy getting their support.

Mujahid. Heee..heee..heee. Well said. I like it.

( All the Taliban fighters get up and hold hands and dance and sing raising weapons)

We are the cruel blood thirsty Taliban
Devoid of any mercy and some sense
Are sure to take over this rotten land
Only to make it to live on pittance

We shall kill girls going to schools
And also measure length of men’s beard
We shall catch the defaulters
And thrash them on the road very hard

We shall go back to 700 years
And ruin the country to the core
We shall have fun when others cry
While every one the earth has to get sore

Iqbal. Haa…haa…haa. Well done .Well sung..

( In the mean time, they find some old man walking with a stick along with two more guys and they appear to be well dressed. They come close to Taliban)

Iqbal. Who are you guys and where are you going? You do not appear to be Muslims. Are you Kafirs?

Gandhi. We are human beings.

Durrani. That we are seeing any how. Are you a crank? Is this way you answer to our questions?

Gandhi. Who are you to question me? Any how we are Indians. We answer questions in the way it deserves.

( Taliban become very alert all of a sudden when they hear Gandhi)

Durrani. Why are you here? Are you not scared? Indians are not welcome here in Pakistan.

Zalim. Do not call Pakistan. Call Talibanistan

Gandhi. You guys appear to be mad. Why are you spoiling the country?

Zalim. What do you mean? Are we spoiling it? We are saving it infact. These present leaders like Zardari, Sheriff, Bhuttos, Ashraffs , Musharrafs, and others who are running after democracy are madand insane. They do not understand Islam. Islam means Shariat. There is nothing more than this. World was made by Allah and it belongs to him. Every one has to be Muslim. Or else there is no place for him. Look man. In what way you are interested in us. We will do what we like. Please do not waste our time. Go away.

Durrani. Why go away? Better catch hold of these guys and make them Muslims. We shall convert them.

Iqbal. That is better thing to do.

Gandhi. Look friends. That you can never do.

Iqbal. Why. We converted so many.

Gandhi. That is because you can not hold us.

Nehru. We are dead men.
Iqbal. What do you mean? Are you joking with us. I shall show you.

( He picks up his AK 47 and fires at the trio. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel throw hands up in air and shout haa…haa..haa…heee. Look What happened?)

Iqbal. You swines. You must be putting bullet proof jackets

Gandhi. (Removing his drape) Look. Nothing is there.

( All Taliban fall on Gandhi, Nehru and Patel and they fall one over the other. They are injured too and look surprised.)

Gandhi. Look ! Jokers. We are already dead and have divine bodies. You can not do any thing with weapons. Come on and get up you swines and fall in line.

( All Taliban are scared and they stand up and line up dropping their guns)

Gandhi. Patel and Jawaharlal ! Collect their weapons at once.

( Taliban weapons are collected and brought by Patel and Nehru)

Gandhi. Patel and Nehru! Pick up one AK 47, both of you and shoot these scoundrels

( All Taliban start crying while raising their hands. They shout please excuse us. Nehru and Patel cock the rifles and shout… Bharat Mata ki jai… Har Har mahadev…. Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj ki jai.)

Patel. India Zindabad. Zindabad.

( Patel and Nehru open bursts of fire and al Taliban are shot and they drop dead. Silence falls every where. Few vultures circle in the sky)

Gandhi.( Looks at the heap of bodies) Look Patel. These men are intolerant to others. They think Islam is supreme and want every one to be a Muslim. How it is possible?

Patel. True Bapu. They do not know that Hinduism and Buddhism, Jainism, religion of Parsees was existing much before their Prophet was born and Quran was revealed to him.

Nehru They are adamant. They do not see reason. Intolerance leades to own destruction.

Gandhi. True. But tolerance does not mean cowardliness and inaction. We must be firm and ready to listen to others too.

Patel. But Bapu. All Indians think that you were other way.

Gandhi. I Never said that one has to be a coward. I said use non violent ways first.

Patel. Now we have used violent way

( Gandhi has no answer)

Nehru. Look Patel! at times violence is also required. If we have not killed these swines, they would have killed us or tried to forcibly convert us to Islam. So we had to kll them. Bapu knows it. ( He looks at Bapu)

Gandhi. True to great extent. At that time we have to save ourselves from these dangerous men. So I had to order shooting then.

Patel. Bapu. Oh Bapu. What a change in you. I wish you changed long ago and we would not have seen the present day. It is time the guys in Delhi also change. They think Gandhism means accepting all nonsense from everywhere. Look Bapu. The guys in Delhi could not do any thing after Bombay blasts. They are a bunch of inaction and clueless nuts. They are the country to disaster and doom

Nehru. As you sow so you reap.

Gandhi. Let us quickly go back to Delhi and make them wise before it is too late

( The Trio holds hands after dropping the rifles and walk off into distance while the vultures descend on to the dead Taliban)


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