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BJP commanded greater respect when it was stronger on Hindutwa issue. When BJP made allies with other small parties to make a larger group ,it had to satisfy them and diluted its stand. Slowly they started appeasing Muslims and diluted their manifesto. BJP ruled for full term with Atalji as the head. He was the most respected leader out of all. Yet, BJP was seen as a force that can not achieve Hindutwa aims as it had compulsions.It has to disossiate with other regional forces even if it is dubbed as a Hindu fundamentalist party. Just think of Islamic party in India. All Muslims vote for them. They vote on basis of religion. Hindus have no such sentiments.Today Hindus in fact have no confidence on the diluted BJP. They voted earlier for BJP and brought them to power expecting them to do some thing if not miracles. But things did not happen. Pakistan attacked us and we also buckled and failed to teach them a lesson. Kashmir problem could not be settled. Bomb blasts also were regular. Terrorism could not be controlled with iron hand.These were the failures.The govt handed over terrorists to Kabul. Bajpaiji turned into a very moderate leader than a fire brand Atalji which he was earlier. It is time now for Modiji to do change things and take out BJP from entanglement with other parties and stand on Hindutwa and collect votes from Hindus. Think of Adolf Hitler who was a mere lance corporal in German army who motivated his country men and came to power. It is not to advocate evil actions of Hitler. But his leadership qualities have to be appreciated too. After treaty of Versailles, he woke up German nation like a sphinx and made it a very strong nation.What India needs is leaders like Modi who made Gujarat a very progressive state.Attitude of shiv Sena in Presidential issue is an alarm call for BJP and they must win on their own keeping away Shiv Sena. The problem with BJP is the bickering among the leaders of Hindutwa parties. National outlook has diminished if not disparaged. If they have many parasites they will become weak. Tape worms hiding in stomach make body weak. Same is the case with BJP. BJP should learn lessons and get out of the appeasement policies and come into power on their own. That is the only answer.


                                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao
              It appears now that country is destined to suffer further with Pranab Mukherjee as President. The only silver line is that he can no more goof up Indian economy as a finance minister in the cabinet. As a President, he would nothing to do except to go around the other countries,sit on files, search for cross marks where he has to sign, address parliament once a year after traveling in a buggy with cavalry escort where the horse cavalry has forgotten to do a charge at an enemy with sodiers wielding lances and swords. He will be also the ceremonial head of the Defense forces and would take salute at Republic day parade duly dressd in a Jodhpuri coat where Pregnant ducks Arjun will be parading along with other rusty nad antiquated equipment devoid of ammunition ( As per previous army Chief).Let us hope Dr Man Mohan singh the PM with finance portfolio can play with lives of Indians for some more time where a Rupee would collapse to 1/100 of a US dollar before the government is sent on leather hunt in next elections never to return again.Bengal also can beat its chest loudly that it produced a President although he is not good in Hindi.Dynasty also will be happy that the great obstacle for Rahul will be removed with a stroke of vote. Pranab would be a spent a cartridge that can never be relaoded to fire once he becomes the President. He will be like a ceremonial idol in a Temple that will be polished for dsplay twise in an year one on 26 Jan and the other is on 15 Aug.Kudos to him in advance for joining the the queue of Presidents that was once occupied by the great stalwarts such as Babu Rajinder Prasad, DrRadhakrishnan and DrJakir Hussein.One more thing. He will have ample time to get himself treated for major heart ailments in US as done by his seniors.Except the first three Presidents, whoever came later, spent time and vanished withouta trace.People do not remember their names. He would be joining the later group one day.

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                            DR K Prabhakar Rao

It is most unfortunate that shiv sena chief Sri Bal Thackeray has decided to back Pranab for the post of the President which should go to the most deserving candidate.Although Pranb wrote strong letters to Anna Hazare's team against his indictment, finger points at him. Dr Kalam is blemishless and if Shiva sena and BJP were together probably Dr Kalam would have stayed in the contest. Financial position of this nation was in the hands of Pranab and today it is in dolldrums. He has been assuring the nation that we were very strong and will not be affected by global economy and the ultimate result is shocking.Time is not yet up to change minds. This has thrown open the fissures in the Hindutwa group and opposition would score over them and bull doze them soon.In fact congress has been always systematically weakening opposition and it does not allow rise of strong leadership within the group for the post of PM and it has to remain with in dynasty. This is the leadership bankruptcy of congress party from the beginning.Pandit Nehru nourished the plan and promoted his daughter. Indira destroyed the erstwhile congress party by dividing it and the original congress was soon destroyed and erased from the history. Young turks like Nijalingappa, Krishna kant ( He died heart broken when he was not made President ) and Chandrasekhar and others were smothered soon.The bulls on congress flag were slaughtered soon.Today's congress is not MK Gandhi's congress, but it draws votes on Gandhis name which the foolish people of India can not understand and vote blindly in favor of congress.. MK Gandhi is dead and finished long ago. His ideals were buried at Rajghat in 1948 and are well entrenched under black marble so that it will not rise again. Gandhian ideals are only catchy slogans for elections and at the functions of 2 Oct, 30 Jan , 26 Jan and 15 Aug every year. Shiv Sena must think of the country instead of towing the line of Pranab blindly.In fact Pranab should have resigned from the party when he was denied the PM's position after Indira Gandhi's death. But he lacked will and wanted to play third fiddle. Why promote such man to the top post? Better they are forgotten.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


True. RSS probably is the only organization that can do something  towards promoting Hindutwa inspite of its failings. But sadly it has lost it's moorings. It is drifting away from it's aims like a lost ship and it also trying to play safe and safe guard it's existence from the official pressures and targeting. They conduct many conclaves and meetings.They appear to be happy with their own voices and photographs and media reports. Final Outcome appears to be dark and dull without clarity. Leaders are busy in their own games and the party has failed to revitalize the Hindu masses. Hindus are completely on defensive now and are scared lot. In this scenario, can we expect some thing from them? Only those who take some risks would flourish and succeed. Those who play safe like cat on wall shall remain behind and would be lost into pages of history.Hope it will have some introspection before it vanishes into oblivion.


So many posts have been written on this site
Most of them have gone over the readers skulls
Many hours of day and night vanished in this effort
While the stuff posted remain as treasure in sunken ship hulls


                           Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Hindus have been betraying their own cause from time immemorial. They have not learnt from History and they would never learn too. This is not something new. Minorities unite at call of religion. They go berserk and take to streets violently too most of the time. They feel proud in doing it. Hindus have no such sentiment. They are timid and self centered.They look other way. Religion does not bind them. This is because Hinduism is not seen as a religion but as a way of life. There are hundreds of Hindu sects ( If not thousands) and all have their own Swamis or gurus who do not agree with each other in most of the issues. They are like a cat on wall. Every one sets up a great ashram that floats in wealth. They move in AC cars and aero planes. A swami who is no more now even slept on a golden cot and stored lot of gold in his room. Yet they go around as ascetics. Some great men like Prime ministers even fell at their feet. What a fallacy indeed!The guys who got berths in the cabinet rush and fall at the feet of such men. There is no religious unity among Swamis. A naked truth it is. Pseudo secularists grow bold at this state and play with Hindu sentiments and appeasement of minorities. They arrest, intimidate and humiliate Hindu religious heads, but dare not touch a similar one from a minority community. Shahi Imam of Jama Maszid made anti Indian statement when Taliban attacked Bamiyan Buddhas and govt swallowed it and took no action. He grew much bolder. Muslims refused to sing Vande mataram and this has been swallowed too. The truths of Shah Banos case of Rajiv times is well known. So, Hindus are destined to suffer humiliation and have been severely exploited from many years. Political parties divide Hindus and rule. Like fools, Hindus fall a prey and elect the same rotten political stuff every time. Infact all rotten materials and garbage are required to be destroyed and discarded at the earliest or else disease would spread due to breeding of germs and bacteria etc. The political leaders in India are completely rotten and what we see to day is a testimony.The bacteria generated by them has engulfed the society. It is high time the electorate discard these rotten politicians amounting to garbage and throw them in dust bin at backyard at the earliest. But we have failed to do so as Hindus do not have unity and hence we suffer.



                                         DR K Prabhakar Rao
Entire nation has grown till date learning that Rajput King Prithviraj Chauhan of Thaneswar ( Near Delhi) was betrayed by King Jai chand in his fight against Mahmood Ghori at II nd battle of Tarain ( Tarori) in 1192 . Defeat and slaying of Prithviraj by Ghori resulted in enslaving of India by Muslims that could not be warded off till the Englishmen took over. Episode of Rani samyuktha is well known and love affair between Samyuktha and Prithiviraj was highly resented by Jai chand. However Chauhan managed to carry her away and married her. It is fully believed that this was the most valid reason for the enmity between both of them. There are also legends that Chauhan was captured after his defeat and was blinded and taken to Kabul along with his follower Chand Bhatt and they were confined in a jail. We have also learnt that Jai chand was a coward and he drowned himself in a river fleeing from forces of Ghori. No one believed that he was a hero. As per the ballads, Chauhan killed Ghori using Shabdabhedi arrow in full court when he was asked to prove his prowess with bow and arrow. First Chauhan shot at the bell after hearing the sound of the bell. Ghori shouted Wah.. Wah.. applauding the act. The next arrow like lightening flew from his bow and pierced throat of Ghori killing him on the spot. Later King Chauhan and Chand Bhatt stabbed themselves and committed suicide. It is also learnt that the graves of Chauhan and Ghori exist at Kabul close to each other and visitors ( Mulsims) worship the grave of Ghori while they throw stones and abuses at the grave of Chauhan. They also stab at the grave as vengeance (2).
However NCERT books during 2005 appear to have believed something different. These are govt approved and published books and the new theories can be seen as the deliberate attempts to twist history for the purpose of appeasement of minorities. They stated (3) :-
"Prithviraj Chauhan was a coward who ran away to save his life during the second battle of Tarain with Mohammad Ghauri."
"Jaichand (generally believed to be a traitor) was, in fact a 'hero' who gave up his life while fighting the forces of Ghauri."
. According to the new book, there were major political differences between the two kings and Samyukta was not part of it.
Edited by Prof. Satish Chandra, the fifth chapter of the book on Medieval History clearly stated that Prithviraj Chauhan tried to run away from the battle, but was taken prisoner. The book says that when Prithviraj accepted the supremacy of Mohammad Ghauri, the latter allowed him to continue as ruler of Ajmer. Prithviraj was later killed on charges of treason, according to the book, which goes on to say that Jaichand's valour was unmatched and that he was killed while fighting the forces of Ghauri in Kannauj.
This is the "new" history that students of Class 11 would have learnt under the CBSE and ICSE courses. The revised history book, Medieval India History, published by NCERT, demolishes old beliefs and tramples over heroes of history. Can we allow such blatant lies to be told to students? Who are the people behind such actions? Can any one dare to say similar things about minorities in this country? Answer can be guessed by any sane person. This is an important point to ponder over. RSS better wake up.
1.Oxford history of India
2. Save the grave of Prithviraj chauhan, Petition on line,
3.Amit Verma, NCERT: Prithviraj coward, Jaichand hero, - BOTTOMLINE


                       HARDSHIPS FOR GEN VK SINGH STRT
                           Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Gen VK Singh is now facing court summons for a defamation case as he accused a retired Lt General for offering him a bribe in Tatra ( BEML) truck case while he was in service. He is retired now and is out of uniform. He is a commoner now and in all probabilities will be facing many such hardships that are usually let loose for outspoken guys from uniformed services.Most of the times, the service chiefs keep cool and do not like to cross swords with the establishment that too at the fag end of service. We had many army Chiefs right from the days of Gen ( Later FM ) Cariappa. Except Gen Thimmayya ( 1962 fame ), all the army chiefs preferred to keep mum before and after retirement. They were happy guys and some also got plum posts after retirement like Gen Rao and Gen Roy Chaudhri also became an MP. Gen Singh is morally strong and would face these hardships and come out clean soon. So moral of the lesson is that the Govt expects guys to be yes masters who would clap, dance and sing.. YES SIR YES SIR THREE BAGS FULL.. ALL FOR YOU AND NONE FOR ME.. So there ends the matter.The rule also applies to all uniformed services including police and para military forces.


                               Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Once in a while I blink and look around
And soon would doze off in to a long sleep
Hindus in thisland are left to fend for themselves
Who have no other way except to weep
There is no respite for me from the sleep
And once in a while I scratch my belly with my clawless foot
Soon the sleep would engulf me like a thick cloud
While innocents at many places are subjected to plunder and loot
Good bye friends I am am off for a long cozy sleep
Better suck your thumbs and forget not to weep
Better jump in to a deep well taking a big leap
With no unity you shall remain as a big garbage heap


                                             DR K Prabhakar Rao

               The differences between Hindutwa parties are very much evident from the politics of choosing a candidate for the position of the Indian President. Shiv Sena is keen on Mukherjee while BJP wants Kalam sahib. Shiv sena is a staunch Hindutwa party. It gives life for the sake of Shivaji Maharaj who established a Hindu kingdom while mughals dominated India. Then why Shiv Sena differs from RSS policies? The cause of Hindutwa is seriously damaged by these differences and it is a sad affair. Congress party gains out of these bickerings and BJP is unable to dislodge it from center. For Shiv sena, it appears cause of Maharashtra is more important than whole India. Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj is an inspiration to whole Hindu race. What a change! It is high time all these Hindutwa parties walk on one rope and under one command and then only they can throw out dynastic politics and government in this country.Bal Thackeray is a seasoned and matured leader of great repute and he should come out of the shell and take lead in uniting all Hindutwa parties and attain Shivaji Mahraj's dream.


                                    FORGIVE AND FORGET (FF)

                                     DR K Prabhakar Rao  

                     New army chief is in saddle and he has to ride Roznette the famous Horse of Don Quixote the legendary knight who went around in search of knightly deeds.Indian army is now like Roznette the rickety skeletal horse and The Generals are expected to fight enemy of this land riding such horse.Hope the story of great Don is not enacted in real life. As it is, India is dumped with Bulky Matron with sagging breasts, The Arjun Tank that goes lumbering around dragging itself with great pain.The new Chief was also in some controversy. However he was cleared for the post. Finally the Govt got rid off Gen VK Singh and he proved to be a thorn in the flesh. and an uncomfortable guy in uniform. Now soon BEML will probably file case against him unless he apologized which any how he is not going to do. Life will not be easy for him after retirement as he will be shadowed at every turn.Anna Hazare asked him to join him in his crusade against corruption.He has to decide.Probably he will not join soon.I do not know whether he has flair for writing like Gen Sinha. He should write his memoirs for posterity.

             Antony the troubled Defense Minister already said the relations between army and civil services will start on new footing and all previous heart burns will be forgotten. It is easy to say thee things.Even the new army chief said that the mutual relations will surely improve and hotspots will be removed.Hope so it will be done in the interest of the nation. The civil govt should come out of the fear of a military coup whenever some crisis between both parties arises. It looks rather silly.Generally it is believed thatNo uniformed guy wants to bear the crown of thorn in India.It is generally felt that this is an useless nation to govern by self government.Indians probably worked better under some foreign power that too when they were whipped. A sad story indeed. the present misgoverning corruption, chaos in administration stands testimony to this.

              Let army be happy with officers mess parties, Star plates, Red lights,Ladies nites, Ball room dances, Liquor parties,Sahayaks, Jeeps and Jongas with flags and colorful uniforms, red tabs, Red tapes around turbans, golf parties, Red bands around peak caps,Gold braided insignia on cap, sand model discussions against unknown enemy and titles such as PVSM, AVSM and VSM with bars and sticks.As it is best talent in country does not join army and opt for corporate sector or they go abroad.Swinging arms and stamping shoes from 4 ft height is no more attractive to youngsters except to some guys. Any how it is for army to find proper people for its cadres.It is a changed scenerio. Colossal damage has been done by the present avoidable crisis with Gen VK Singh.MOD says past is past. Forget and forgive. That is fine. Hope country will not see another 1962 with another VK Menonn and Nehruji.. etc.


                                     INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…269

                                        Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen at Delhi walking on  Jama Maszid road in old Delhi. They are as usual in attire. )

Patel . Bapu. We are  seeing this place after many months.  Yet  there is no change here. Same old shops and dustbins around we find here.

Gandhi. What we can expect. Can we expect a miracle in India.  We Indians are very much used to be stale and lethargic.

Patel.  Sadly  the is no development here.Same old Meena Bazar near the Maszid and old parts markets are here. The whole area is filthy. Probably it looks as if  we walked into Shahjehans era.

Gandhi. True. Very true.

Nehru. You guys keep  saying yes and yes to each other. Nothing more that you can do.

Patel. Bhai, You also join us and say yes to what we say.

Nehru. No thanks. I have my own views, likes and dislikes.

Gnadhi. What are your likes Jawaharlal?

Patel. Bapu, I shall tell you. He wants to become PM again of this country.

Gandhi. Why? He was already been once.

Patel. True.  He continued to be PM till he lost his life being in office. He should have resigned after 1962 war with China. He goofed up everything.

Gandhi. I think every one wants to be like that. Do you think a govt servant wants to retire? Given a chance he will stay in office till life remains in him.

Patel. But govt has prescribed age limit for govt servants.

Gandhi. It is only for the politicians that there is no age limit. They can hang on till they are kicked out in elections. Some can not walk on legs sadly . But they want power. Constitution has been very nice to the politicians. It has not prescribed age limit for politicians.

Patel. Why it will  do? The guys who wrote it were  all mere politicians. They copied from  foreign western constitutions except this clause. Will they cut their own feet?

Gandhi. Haa..haaa..haa.. Well said Patel. You hit the nail on head quiet deep.

Patel. But the guys  who can not win elections are sent to Rajya Sabha or as governors. Some are made party presidents. I know a guy in AP  named Mr Srinivas who was made the party president of Congress. This man lost all elections. Only recently, he was made an MLC.

Gandhi. These are like the   old age homes. Some use  it for backdoor entry.

Patel. Mr Rosiah  of AP  used it and became CM too. Now he is a governor too.

Gandhi. I know that. He is also involved in some case in AP land case in heart of city.

Patel. How about Indian PM Dr Man Mohan Singh?

Gandhi. He is another classic example. Hee..hee..hee. He can never win any elections. He has no base. But he is the PM.

Patel. So things are like this.

Nehru. Be clear. Which way it is?

Patel. Like this ( He shows his thumb downwards)

Gandhi. Hee..Hee..Hee. Patel, You are witty too.( Laughs loudly)

( The trio are now near Red fort and they see Indian tricolor flying on the top of fort)

Gandhi. Have you seen the Indian flag? It is  proudly flying in wind and fluttering. I am very happy to see it.

Patel. Why not Bapu? You struggled so hard to get freedom to this nation.

Gandhi. True.  Struggled a lot.

Nehru. I also struggled.

Patel. Did Bapu say that he only struggled?

Gandhi. I never said that. I shall never say that. I would never say that. I can’t say that. I should not say that. I must not say that. I hate to say that.

Nehru. Bapu, I think you are hurt.

Gandhi. Not at all my friend. I am above all these things. I have tasted many such things in life. What else can be worst than getting shot by an Indian called Godse for all the sacrifices I made.

Patel. Bapu. Godse initially bowed to you before drawing his pistol and shooting at you.

Nehru. He also stated that he bowed to Gandhi for all the sacrifices he made for the country.

Patel. But he said in court  that he would not forgive Bapu for vivisecting the country and Bapu  had no right to do that.

Gandhi. Why you dig old graves? I forgot them long ago.

Nehru. I am sure Bapu is highly upset. But I shall not say sorry.

Gandhi. That is upto you. Relax. By the by why PM flies the flag on independence day and President on Republic day?

Patel. If you ask me, I shall say that both keep itching to fly flags on both the occasions. But each has to be satisfied. More over President is the supreme commander of Defense forces. So he must take salute from them on the parade. So he takes the salute after hoisting the flag. What is now left is  Independence day. It is given to the PM. He is happy  with that.

Gandhi. You appear to be correct. You have logic too.

Patel. Bapu, Do  you know  India will be getting a new President soon.

Gnadhi. What is so big about it. It is a routine thing. So many have come and gone in the past.

Patel. As usual there   is a tug of war between the ruling alliance and opposition.

Gandhi. These politicians are not interested in finding a correct person for the job. They play lot of politics. They want their party man. I know that Ruling congress wants the old guy Pranab to be the new President. Poor guy could not become the PM although he was dreaming for it since decades.

Patel. He is not from the dynasty. How he can become? He is not seen as a very safe bet as PM.

Gandhi. Dr Man mohan singh has been the safe  bet. He also said in past that he would vacate whenever Rahul wanted it.

Patel. Entire nation wants Dr Kalam back in the post, but congress does not want it. Dr Kalam also is not keen for a contest. He knows that it is a dirty game of politics. Aim is not choose the fittest person.  Opposition does not want the congress candidate. Ruling party does not want opposition candidate. Dr Kalam is a very wise man. He is above all these shitty games.

Gandhi. It does not make any difference whether Pranab becomes or Kalam becomes or Sangma becomes.  After all it is not an executive post. It is  most ceremonial post. All goes on well.

Patel. Then why can’t we make Dilip Kumar as the President?

Gandhi. Yes, why not? It will be a good suggestion too. He is the only guy left now after Raj Kappor and Dev Anand. Minorities will  be very happy. He does not belong to any political party.If Dr Kalam can not become it must be Dilip Kumar. When Presidenr Reagan could be US president, why not Dilip Kumar as Indian President.He has great histrionic talent.Three cheers to him.

Patel and Nehru. Three cheers to Dilip Kumar sahib

Gandhi. Let us go to some press office and give our suggestion.

Patel. Let us go.

                                (The trio walks away soon)

                                           CURTAIN FALLS

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                              INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…268

                                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen at cross roads of Chanchalguda in Hyderabad. The road is blocked towards jail and barricades are kept. Many police men are on duty wielding weapons of all sorts.

Gandhi. Patel. What is going on here? In fact, we wanted to go towards Dabirpura via Chanchal guda. I find this as a fortress. Only thing is that a cannon is missing mounted on walls.

Patel. Bapu. This is the jail that too very prominent one.

Gandhi. Why so? What is so big about it? After all criminals are lodged at jails.

Patel. Bapu. True. But this jail has become famous for other reasons.

Nehru. What for it is  famous? Do criminals run away from here frequently?

Patel. No. No. This is famous because all VIP  prisoners are kept here. This can be termed a VIP prison.

Nehru. Whoa re all the  VIPs here now?

Patel. The latest VIP is Jagan mohan Reddy.

Gandhi. I heard his name. Is he the same guy who was waging a lone battle against the congress party for several months?

Patel. Yeah. He  wanted to become the CM of this beleaguered state after his father YSR Reddy crashed in a chopper in inclement weather and passed away.

Gandhi. How sad? I feel sorry for the soul. ( Sings with closed eyes)

Raghupathi raghava Raja Ram
Patheetha Pavana seetha Ram
Sab ko swarg dede ram
Unke atmako kush rakho ram

Patel. Bapu. Your prayer may not be accepted.

Gandhi. Why?

Patel. YSR Reddy was a Christian and they do not believe in Hindu gods.

Gandhi. I see !

Patel. Bapu. There is nothing to see. You can see only blocked roads and police men with khaki uniform with weapons.

Nehru. Patel. Do you reply back Bapu in this fashion? Please learn to respect him.

Patel. I never meant  any disrespect to him. I only corrected him. YSR was buried in a grave in his native place as per Christian  customs.  His soul has to wait till the day of judgment to  get salvation or not.

Nehru. When it will be?

Patel. How do I know? If I knew I would have given exact date.

Gandhi. We side tracked. Why this poor Jagan is here?

Patel. He is no poor man. He is one of the richest man in India. At Bangalore  he is having a place type house with helipad.  CBI charge sheeted him for accumulating wealth by fraudulent means using his father’s position. Lot of water has flown under the mat all these days. The guy crossed swords with high command and got displeasure of the high command. Finally he is behind bars.

Gandhi.Pch.Pch. How bad!. How about YSR who helped his son in his deals?

Patel. What can be done about a man  who is no more now? Do you remember song of KL Saigal  sahib?

Gandhi. Which one? He sang many hit songs.

Patel. It is from  very old film Lagan made in 1941 ( sings)

Koyee bhi manush kitna hee bura ho
Kuch Hothee hai     bhalayee bhee
Eeswar ka ik gun  hai ye bhi 
Katonme phool khila dena.. aai..
Sath manushake gayee burayi
Rahgayi uski bhalayee
Tumbhi man me phool ko rakhana
Aur  kato ko hasa dena..aai..

Gandhi. What a song and lyrics!. He says that every person however bad he might be will have some good quality too. This is the trait of the god who makes flowers to blossom  
 among thorns. With death of a person, his bad qualities and deficiencies will vanish and good things only  will remain. Therefore one  must maintain love in hearts towards others  and make thorns laugh.

Patel, Bapu. You are great. Message by the singer in fact is very great. But I find that YSR has also been named in many CBI charge sheets. They have not forgotten him. He  also did many good things while he was the CM.

Gandhi. Law is different. It will take its own course. In some of the foreign countries even dead person are put on trial and if charges are proved against the person his memory is erased from history. India is different. His statues and memorials are removed. We have more sentiments.

Nehru. Bapu, Do you say, if charges against YSR are proved some thing will be done in that direction.  There are thousands of statues of YSR erected in AP immediately after his death. What happens to them?

Gandhi. It is too early to say any thing. Any thing can happen. One thing is that YSR belonged to Congress party and he brought it back to power in the state. Some soft corner will be there.

Patel. Hee..hee. Our nation is different and can not be compared to African or Western nations. Saigal sahib also says that one must look  at  good qualities of the dead man and to forget the bad ones. One thing is that  YSR made fees reimbursement possible for lakhs of students belonging to weaker sections and economically backwards sections in AP.

Gandhi. That has made the AP govt bankrupt. There is no money with govt. they are unable to pay to the colleges and colleges are not paying salaries to the staff. He landed the state in dire straits. They are in quagmire. If they back track they shall loose votes.Tragedy is that guys  traveling in Innova and Skoda cars produce certificates that their annual income is les than Rs one lakh  that is given by Mandal revenue officers  and apply for fees  scheme. Such a shame!

Patel. That is the tragedy. Black sheep are there at times.

Bapu. But black sheep are in plenty everywhere.  They damage all govt schemes. This is also like that.YSR without thinking for consequence  made the folly  and dumped the state in a shit pot. Now govt does not know what to do.

Patel. What can be  done now?

Gandhi. What can be done? Suck own thumbs and then others.

Patel. Haa..Haa..Haa

Gandhi.  Patel who are other VIPs in this place?

Patel. The list is long. Earlier Rama Linga Raju of Satyam computers was there. He is out on bail now. Some IAS officers are there. Recently minister Mopidevi is alos there. There many other stalwarts who helped Jagan are here. Many are in waiting. They are the most worried lot. They are having nightmares.

Gandhi. At last law is looking like working. But law should be commonly applied and not for suppressing opposition.

Patel. That is the allegation being made  by the wife of YSR in her speeches. Govt says  people are paying for their bad deeds.

Nehru. Time is a great heelers. I doubt something will coime out of all these rthings. Finally all will escape noose.

Gandhi. Hope not. God is there too.

Patel. Hope so. If congress  looses power in next elections opposition will fix up the others in retaliation. That is natural. Hee..hee

Gandhi. Any how you are going to eat cake. Why talk of taste? Haa..Haa

Patel. Hee. Hee . It is good. A good past time for all in the state.  In this confusion Telangana issue is forgotten.

Gandhi. It is a dead issue now.

( In the mean time some police men   go to the trio)

Inspector. Who are you guys. Why are you here?

Gandhi. I am Bapu father of nation.

Inspector. Good joke.  Did you not find any one to joke?

Patel. You are the first one who  asked us

Inspector. You guys must leave this place or else we have to take action against you.

Patel. What will you do?

Inspector. We shall put you behind bars and hammer you.

Patel That we have been many times.

Inspector. That means  you are established criminals. I shall chew you guys.

Patel. Please try. You shall repent.

Gnadhi. Patel. Leave him. Why get into trouble with these men. Feel sorry for them.

Innocent. You appear to be a wise guy.

Patel. All of us are wise.

Gnadhi. OK. Inspector. We are off, Try to catch us if you can.

( The trio vanish from the place while the police men are lost )

                                     CURTAIN FALLS