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into the past with pain.LXXVI

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen near Obulapuram mines where iron oremining is going on at breakneck speed..lakhs of lorries are seen parked at the sites and feverishly loading is going on.)

Gandhi. Look Patel. Se the activity. It is so feverish. Do they need so many vehicles

Patel. It appears strange

Nehru. What is so strange here. It is a mine. Vehicles will be there. It is a very large mine

Gandhi. I read in news papers that some illegal mining is going on here in areas not covered in the contract

Nehru. There will be always some allegations by opposition parties

Patel. But it is not like that

Nehru. Then what it is like?

Patel Mr Jawaharlal. Please do not get worked up.

Gandhi. I suspect some mischief here. Why the activity is going on at odd time with so many vehicles. By looking at the site we can say that some mischief is going on

Patel. Bap. Recently a committee set up by the Hon Supreme court has indicted the state government on the actions regarding this mining company

Gandhi. Ramm. Ram.What happened to these rulers in the state government? Have I brought freedom to see this day ( Cries) eee..eee..aa…aaa.. Mera Bharat .. Mera Bharat..( He picks up a stone and hammers his head and sits down tired.

( In the mean time a worker sees them and comes to them. He sees Gandhi holding a stone )

Worker. Hey old man. Leave that stone. It is a iron ore. It is expensive. Leace it. I shall take it
Pate;. Can’t we even break our head with this stone

Worker. No.. The stone is precious. You guys go away from here. Soon blasting will take place here.

Gandhi. We shall stay here

Worker. You will die if you stay here.

Gandhi. We are already dead. We can not die again
Worker. Are you mad. How you have died earlier. Then how you are talking to me?

Patel. You shall not understand this. It is beyond your understanding.

( In the mean time a supervisor arrives there and asks the worker why he was there leaving his work)

Worker. Look Sahib. These men are not leaving this place. I told them it is dangerous to stay

Supervisor. True Why you guys are here. What work you have here

Gandhi. We learnt that illegal mining is going on here

Supervisor. Who told you. That is all cock and bull story.

Patel. You can not mislead us. We know everything

Supervisor. What you know? Even if you know what you can do? Get out from here

Patel. That you can not do. We know that AP Government has issued orders to stop miming immediately.

Supervisor. So what. We will not stop.The orders are illegal . we were told. Our Boss said the oreders wil be challenged

Patel. Bapu. The AP CM Rosiah ordered CBI Probe

Gandhi. That is good.

Patel. Hee..hee. CBI probe means it will never be completed. That is a trick in India to bail out the offenders

Gandhi. Why?

Patel. Bapu. In which world you are living?

Patel Bapu. We had so many CBI probes. Has any one seen the light of the day? It will go one for years and years and after soime time all will forget it. Look Bapu. What happened to Bofors case? Has any one been sent to gallows?

Gandhi. Leave alone gallows. No one has been jailed. So this is the rule that goes on here in India.

Patel. Bapu. You did a great mistake of your life time

Gandhi. What is that?

Patel. Getting independence to India is the greatest mistake you did.

Gandhi. But how long would Indians suffer under foreigners

Patel. Bapu. It suits us Indians

Gandhi. Come on Patel. Plesae do not be sarcastic

Patel. I am at least Sarcastic, and not caustic. Indians work well under external rule and we are habituated to get kicked well and then work well. We do not have national spirit. Whole nation is corrupt to the core.

Gandhi. Is it so bad?

Patel. Yes . Bapu. This was very well judged by sir Winston Churchill before India was granted freedom

Gandhi. Yeah I knew. He said India a would be handed over to a bunch of rascals.Patel. I think you are a bit more critical and stronger.

Patel. Fact I have told you. Look What is happening hewre. The guys are mining in areas in areas which do not fall in contract. They are greedy and are looting the state. They will strip the state till it gets naked.

Gandhi. Shall we do hunger strike here in protest

Patel. Nothing will work here. This is a dangerous site too.

Gandhi. Why/

Patel. They shall blast us off and can show that were killed in mine blasting.

Nehru. True. It can happen; Covering up is very easy here. There will not be any evidence. Let us escape from here. Hell to this mine

Patel. Jawaharlal. Please do not be scared guy. You faced English men’s guns.

Nehru. They were gentlemen to some extent. Inspite of great opposition and struggle they did not kill us in encounters

Patel. What you said is true. Now in India encounter is is the easiest way of getting rid of guys who oppose.

Gandhi. Strange indeed. But we must always fight injustice, misrule and corruption.

Patel. Bapu, Your days were over long ago. Now we are in different India. Your name is used only to catch votes. Otherwise you are not required. Gandhi in practice is a big head ache for them.

Gandhi ( cries) eee..eee…aaa…aaa

Patel. Bapu. Plesae do not cry. Things have changed

Gandhi. What shall we do now? Can’t we stop this mining?

Patel. Wisdom lies in our going away from here. Nothing will come out of the scam here. What happened to Ramalingarajus case. Case still goes on. They have not even charged him in the court. The case will go on for another two decades. By the time all evidence including Raju might die natural death. As it is he is very sick. Some time witnesses will die mysteriously. Finally nothing will come out of the case. Same thing will happen here too.

Gandhi. How sad/ then what happens to our struggle of establishing Rama rajya in India?

Patel Haa..haa.haa. Do you believe that Ramrajya can be established in India

Gandhi. Why not?

Patel. Bapu. It shall be Ravana Rajya, Mareecha Rajya, Hiranya Kasipa Rajya, Hiranyaksha Rajya, Duryodhana Rajya. Any one of these or all will work here

Gandhi. Patel. You are unfair

Patel. I told you fact. To accept or not is your headache

Nehru. Pate. Is this the way you speak to bapu, our great bapu

Patel. What I can do. The old man does not listen. He is still living in his past

Nehru. That is not his fault.He wishes good for the country

Patel. Only wishing will not work. The country is in the grip of cheats, rascals, criminals and thieves. Therefore these scams are taking place

Gandhi. Why blame Patel. He told truth. I failed to see truth in fact.Let us go from this shit pot affair

Patel. Thanks Bapu. Let us go

(The trio barely goes away and the site is blasted by big explosion and cloud of dust rises and darkens the entire area.)

( The trio hastily escapes from the site and disappear)



Prof Dr Col (Retd) K Prabhakar Rao

Rachakonda is an obscure place now in the district of Nalgonda barely about 60 KM from the twin cities. The place is hilly terrain full of boulders and stones and at present it is a strong hold of Maoist armed communists. Once this remote hamlet was the capital of Velama kings who ruled in 14 Th and 15 Th centuries while their kin ruled at Deverakonda, another important place in the District. Singama Naika a Velama scion who ably supported Prolaya Naika and Kapaya Naika in their fight aginast the Muslim Governor Malik Maqbool who was the Governor at Warangal founded the ruling dynasty of Rachakonda. Mohd Bin Tughlaq, The Sultan at Delhi renamed Warangal as Sultanpur under his Governor after he captured the Kakateeya kingdom in 1323. Prataparudra II was captured by the Delhi Sultan inspite of valiant fight and he committed suicide while he was being taken away to Delhi. Hindu confederation troops led by Kapayya Naika, Singama Naika, Prolaya Vema Reddy of Addanki and Veera Ballala of Karnataka defeated and drove away Muslims from entire Telangana and Kapayya was accepted as the successor to Kakateeya kingdom by 75 chieftains. This unity did not last long and internal rivalries resulted in Singamanaika declaring independence at Pillalamarri in Mahboob Nagar District. Subsequently he shifted the capital to Rachakonda also known as Rajadri. He placed his brother at Deverakonda as the ruler and this family was loyal to Rachakonda Rulers throughout its rule. His son Anapota Naika succeeded Singamanaika and he fought bitterly with Kapayya Naika and he succeeded in defeating him in a battle at Bhimavaram near Warangal and Kapayya was killed in the battle. Kapayyas son Vnayakadeva was earlier killed by Mahmood Shah I, the Bahmani Sultan in a battle earlier. With this Velamas gained control over Telangana and ruled for nearly 100 years. Some of these Velama kings were highly learned and patronized literature. Sarvagna Singa Bhoopala honored poet Srinadha of Kondaveedu.
Velamakings of Rachakonda ably supported by their brothers at Deverakonda fought tooth and nail with the Reddy rulers of Kondaveedu and the kings of Vijayanagar.In these battles, they took help of Bahmani Sultans and Telangana became a regular battleground for these frequent wars. These Velama rulers absolutely had no national outlook and colluded with Muslim rulers of Gulbarga for gaining supremacy and for settling their personal scores. In these political and selfish intrigues, the velama kings finally became vassals of Gajapathi Kings of Orissa and at last lost the power to Bahmani sultans. There is an interesting legend regarding the fall of Rachakonda.
In the closing years of Velama supremacy in Telangana, the dynasty produced a worthless ruler at Rachakonda who was a tyrant, highly suppressive and too cruel. He deviced ways and means to bring shame to his subjects. He deviced a peculiar way of taxation. He got manufactured metallic cups of various sizes that were similar to the shapes of female breasts. These cups were sent to all the ladies of the kingdom and the breasts were measured by the size of the cups fitting correctly. The ladies have to pay tax by filling the cups with silver coins. The soldiers of the king conducted this shameful act. There was great indignation in the kingdom. On one occasion, the king’s soldiers approached a house in Rachakonda and the ladies of the house had to pay the tax as per the practice. When the soldiers approached a lady, she pulled out a knife and cut off her breast and threw at the soldiers. She cried and cursed the king that the Velama kings would be ruined soon and they would never be the rulers in this land. She soon died and got transformed into a stone statue. The statue lying in a nearby forest is believed to be the transformed lady. The curse of the pious woman soon had the effect and Velama kings lost the kingdom to the Muslims. The dynasty became extint The members of the dynasty could not recover their kingdom and they served Vijayanagar kings as petty commanders and served in the Vijayanagar Army. Centuries passed. But the Velama community could not get kingship at any place. Although they ruled at Bobbili in 18 Th Century, it was a very small principality and the ruler Rangaraya was only a zamindar. He too lost power to the Raja of Vijayanagaram at the battle of Bobbili in 1757. At the closing years of Vijayanagar Empire, Jaggaraya at Chadragiri murdered Emperor Ranga Raya II along with his wife and children. Yachamanaika who was a Velama scion was the most powerful chieftain of the time and he could usurp the throne for himself had he wished. But wisdom and destiny prevailed on him and he was loyal to the fallen emperor and with the help of Tanjavur king Raghunatha Naika he fought and killed Jaggaraya at Topur battle in 1615. Ramadeva Raya who was young and survived the murders was placed on the throne. The curse continues as per the legend and in AP politics too, Velama community hardly plays a role although Jalagam Venkat Rao was a chief Minister for a short time. His son has no back up. Chadrasekhar Rao a Velama leader who was once with Telugu Desam parted ways with Chadrababu Naidu and had to form a separate party spearheading agitation for a separate Telangana like his predecessors who fought always against the interests of greater Telugu interests and unity for self elevation and ruined the regions interests in 14 and 15 Th centuries. They are again at the old game. If the curse continues, as proved he would not get power as contemplated and Telangana would be a mere myth or dream as it is proving to be. The curse is too powerful to be brushed aside and as centuries of history have proved, the community would not get power. Let the soul of the poor lady and of many Rachakonda Fort women at Rachakonda who cursed the community be in peace


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

Akkanna and Madanna were brothers and the sons of Bhanoji Pant an official at Hanmakonda in Golconda kingdom in the bye gone days ( 16 and 17 century). There is also a dispute that they were not real brothers and also were not Telugus and had Maharashtrian origin (1). Their lives were of importance as Madanna rose to become the Hindu Prime minister of Golconda State during the reign of Last ruler Abul Hassan Kutubshah ( tanasha .. meaning good king). Madanna entered the service of Syed Muzaffar Army Chief of Golconda State and by hard work rose to the rank of Mir Jumla with a title Surya Prakash Rao. There are stories that he betrayed his master Mir jumla and these can not be believed as most of historians were Hindu haters and Muslim abettors.
There is also a story that sultan Tanasha who was much impressed by Madanna and made him the Mir jumla. As per the story, once the Sultan received a letter from Emperor Aurangzeb and when it was opened nothing was found written on the scroll and the King was much puzzled. No one could answer him. When the Sultan declared that he would reward any one who could read some thing from the letter, Madanna revealed the secret of the letter by using onion juice that produces Ammonia gas. Under the effect of Juice, black letters were found in the letter and it was read by Madanna. At request of the Sultan, Madanna wrote a letter in similar way to the emperor. The Sultan was greatly impressed and made Madanna the Mir Jumla. The story is very interesting . However it is known that Syed Muzaffar who was the Mir Jumla became arrogant and was showing insubordination to the king. In fact Syed Muzaffar played key role along with Madanna in the struggle for succession after the death of Abdullah Kutubshah the 6 th king of Golconda. As a matter of fact the eldest son in law Nizamuddin of Abdullah kutubshah made all plans to become Sultan and Syed Muzaffar soon took over control of the palace and important installations being the commander in Chief of Golconda Army (2). He ensured that Abul Hasan became the Sultan after the death of Abdullah Kutubsha. Syed Nizamuddin the eldest son in law of the late king was put to death and queens of late king were put behind bars who withered away soon. In gratitude king Abul Hasan made Syed Muzaffar as Mir Jumla. But soon he became headstrong and this forced the Sultan to ease him out of the top post and he made Madanna as Mir Jumla with title Surya Prakash Rao. Akkanna his elder brother was made as army commander (3).

Madanna proved himself as an efficient administrator and Golconda state flourished under his authority and this was very much resented by many Muslim nobles. Aurangzeb at Delhi was a Suni Muslim and he hated Shiite Kutubshahi kings and always looked for some reason to attack and annex the Deccani kingdom. Shivaji the great Maratha king also visited Hyderabad during the times of Madanna and stayed for a month as a royal guest. A treaty for mutual support and help was drafted and was signed by both the rulers and this was very much resented by the emperor. Madanna developed strong Foreign Policy and stabilized the kingdom (4).Kutubshahi kings and Adilshai kings of Bijapur realized the danger from Mughals and signed treaties of cooperation and also this was strengthened by matrimonial relations. These developments automatically angered Mughals and they always planned to attack these kingdoms. Madanna in 1677 proceeded with 20000 troops to help Bijapur sultan against Mughal invasion. However he returned after he was persuaded by Bahadurshah the Mughal commander. Madanna political adjustments and policies made Golconda a prosperous state and this was the greatest eye sore to Mughals. In Golconda too they has natural enemies who could not digest rise of Hindu nobles. It was natural in those days of Muslim rule and Hindu subjugation by the Muslims. There were pressing demands from emperor Aurangzeb to remove Akkanna and Madanna as important officials in the state and the king of Golconda was very reluctant as he knew their worth. But palace conspiracies were growing.

Madanna knew about the impending attack on Golconda and advised the Sultan to take shelter at a far off strong fort such as Konda palli or Warangal. But the sultan with his queen s and others took refuge in the Golconda fort and was soon to be trapped by the invading Mughal troops. Certain queens of past king Abdulla Kutub shah were angry that the troubles faced by the state from Mughals were the result of presence of the brothers at the helm of affairs in the kingdom. They planned for their elimination. There are also arguments that the king had hand in their elimination, But this can not be believed. Some say their elimination was with full knowledge of the Sultan. On March 16, 1686, Akkanna and Madanna were returning from the palace after seeing the king and paying respects to the goddess in Golconda fort. They had no clue that their death was waiting for them. Their guards and escorts were already bribed and bought by the conspirators. At appropriate moment the killers led by Habshi Ghulam attacked the brothers while the escort and guards looked other way. Akkanna an Madanna were dragged out of their palanquins and brutally done to death. Their bodies were dragged on the streets of Golconda and their heads were cut off and were sent to the Mughal prince who inurn sent them to the emperor who was at Ahmednagar. He was much pleased and in the presence of his troops the heads were crushed under elephant legs (5). Thus ended the glorious power of the brothers who were the only Hindu nobles who rose to such positions in a Muslim rule.( Raja kishan Prashad was the prime minister to the Nizam 6 in 20 th century at a much later date in Hyderabad state under Asifjahis rule ). Akkanna Madanna perished in very sad manner because they did not build any military support for themselves and did not have their own troops for support. They were just helpless officials depending on the security provided by the state. Their security was very easily breached by the conspirators. Once the brothers were killed the attackers fell o the homes of Hindus and killed Rustom Rao a brave commander and sister’s son of Madanna. Scores of Hindu homes were looted and burnt to ashes. Their women were carried away by attackers. Many women died jumping in wells. n hearing the news it is believed that the Sultan became very much upset and lost stability of mind for some time. Such narrations indicate that the Sultan was never a co conspirator.

Soon the Mughal forces invaded Golconda and encircled the fort. But the administration well built by the brothers took charge of the fort and could withstand for nearly a year. The defense of the fort was impregnable and the emperor was getting impatient. Famine struck the area and many troops died due to sickness and famine. Aurangzeb paid no heed to his religious advisers who were very much against the persecution of co Muslim rulers. He was very adamant. Military victory over Golconda appeared remote to Mughals. His efforts to bribe Abdul Razak Lari the Commander of Golconda forces were fruitless. But Mughals succeeded in bribing a junior commander Abdulla Pani who opened a small window in the walls of Golconda on night of 21 September 1686. Some of the selected Mughal troops entered the fort at middle of night and made their way to the main gate killing the resisting men. Soon the main gate Fateh darwaza ( Victory gate) was opened and the Mughal troops triumphatantly entered beating drums. Abdul Razak lari on hearing the commotion along with few followers rushed on horse devoid of armor and fought tooth and nail with Mughal troops. He received multiple wounds and the horse carried him away to Nageena Bagh in the fort and dropped him there before it fell dead. The unconscious hero was rescued by the Mughals and was treated by the Mughal physicians to health. The much pleased Emperor was highly impressed with Razak lari and offered him service in his court that he politely refused and preferred to live retire life. Some claim that he took service with the emperor for some time and later retired. The sultan Abul Hasan was taken captive by the Mughal commanders an was taken to the emperor with due honors. The emperor welcomed him with respect and he was sent to Daulatabad Fort in present Maharashtra where he was interned at a palace. The captive Sultan stayed in captivity and died later on. Kutub Shahi dynasty was thus extinguished. It was annexed to Mughal empire as a province. Aurangzeb died after few years of his death and victor and vanquished were buried close to each other. That is the ultimate truth. Aurangzeb destroyed south Indian kingdoms but could not take a fistful of the soil with him when he died. He died broken, worried, and with humiliation at his inability to subdue Marathas in Deccan. His policies destroyed Mughal dynasty and empire.

Akkanna and Madanna rose to the highest level by their sheer hard work and efficiency. The courtiers who were mostly Afghans, Persians and Turks could not tolerate their rise and a section of them abetted their murders. Aurangzeb could not tolerate a Hindu noble to command the position of a Prime Minister. He probably engineered their murder through the palace at Golconda. The brothers although were wise could not defend themselves became easy targets to the killers. The saddest part is that the present government has not recognized their contribution to the state and the memory of these brothers are left to winds (6) (7). There is no monument for them. Not even a street has been named after them in Hyderabad state. There are two villages Akkanna Pet and Madanna Pet around Charminar that have become part of the city. On Tank Bund scores of statues are erected. In the city on various roads and in parks numerous statues of politicians stand to day collecting dust. But there is no place for these brothers. What apathy indeed! Is it because their origins as Telugus are doubted. Or is it due to false allegations against tem by the shady and biased Muslim historians. The main allegations leveled against madanna by the pseudo Muslim historians are many. These are Corruption, Insulting army, Killing of women of harem, persecution of employees, support to Sambhaji, negligence of defense of state and betrayal of sultan etc. these are false allegations and can not stand ground. On the whole Andhrites are ungrateful to the memory of Akkanna and Madanna.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

With a sparkle beaming in his bright eyes
And vigor reflected in his wrinkled face
The crown shining on the head
Rama raya entered the tent of Hussein Nizam shah with grace
His hands lay behind tied with fetters
Devoid of his glorious vicious sword
That vanquished Sultans several times before
Silence fell on the camp and none spoke a word

His head was held high as a peak
Although death stared at him oh dear
He face was free of fear and remorse
Raya stood towering without slightest fear
Hussein shah rose from his seat
While holding a naked sword in his hand
He walked to Raya standing with majestic grace
Who sacked many times his ill gotten land

“ Are you not guilty of mayhem and murder?
Vandalized Muslims homes when your troops streamed
The holy book Koran was desecrated by you
I hold you guilty” loudly the sultan screamed
“No “replied the composed king with gait”
Had I been anti Muslim to the core
How come I have Muslim troops?
They crossed swords with you several times before

I have built mosques for my Muslim troops
That they worship Allah the great and mighty
You have no case in real against me” the Raya quipped
“In war the defeat and victory are in the hands of destiny”
“Are not you nor scared of death” The sultan asked
“Not at all” the Raya replied looking bright
“Sultans anger had no limits and bounds
And he waved his evil sword high in air with all his might

The great warrior lay dead on the floor
His head still showing confidence to the core
Smile still flashing on his aged face
Rayas valor is beyond any description galore
Rayas head was cut off by the villains
And was displayed at the end of a lance
The sultans rejoiced as the head was paraded high in the battle field
And the Hindu army already lost the battle and the race

Raya was let down by his Muslim commanders on the field
At the call of Islam the traitors joined Sultans in block
Treachery is common in history for personal gains and rise
And the event has put back the Hindu empire clock

Hampi and Vijaynagar fell to the vandals in Muslim Troops
Who stayed in the city for five months at their will
Burnt each and every thing in the city
Ad destroyed the edifices to their hearts fill
The city has been destroyed to such an extent and people left it once for all
Over a period the city became a haunt for thugs thieves crooks and animals
Although statue Narsimha stands in a field defaced and tall

The destruction of the city is the testimony for Hindu hatred in medieval times
Although in modern times things are not different
The damage to our culture even stands naked today
And truth is bitter and stands out apparent
Ramaraya has faded into the history of India
Unsung and unheard while Muslim historians wrote absurd stories of him
The pseudo historians of India follow the ridiculous writings of these men
Only to get some and name with their faculties although very dim

Ramaraya valor glows like a bright star
Who stood guarding Hindu heritage culture
Some pseudo Indian historians write absurd stories of him
Pecking at a corpse like a filthy vulture

NOTE. Aliya Rama raya was the son in law of illustrious Sri Krishna Deva raya who was the greatest emperor of Vijaynagar empire that flourished in South India. After Krishna devarays death his step brother Achyuta Raya became the ruler and was challenged by Rama raya. The tussle for power went on for some time and after Achyuta Rays death Sadasiva raya became the emperor although Rama Raya wielded great power and in fact was a defacto king. Rama raya managed the affairs of the empire for more than two decades and kept the Deccani sultans at bay. He defeated them several times decisively and at last the Sultans waged Jihad against Vijaynagar by forming a confederation army. In the battle of tallikota fought on 23 Jauary1565 Muslim commanders of rama ray betrayed him while victory for him was at sight. Rama raya was captured and was taken to Hussein Nizam shah of ahmed nagar who immediately cut off his head. Hindu forces lost the battle and Muslim armies stayed at Vijaynagar and vandalized hampi and Vijaynagar to such an extent that it was abandoned soon. With this battle the power ad prestige of the empire was greatly eroded although it was not destroyed. The empire survived for another80 years before it faded out due to the treachery of its vassals. Rama raya has not been given his due by the historians although he struggled to keep Hindu flag high during his reign. Such heroes need no certificated from the Indian Marxist historians and pseudo leaders of India who are not leaving any stone unturned to appease Muslims and there by destroying the country. As a day passes the country is inching towards destruction.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

At last, the axe has fallen. It was inevitable. One day it had to come. Sadly he failed to see writing on the wall. Although all efforts were made right from the moment of YSRs death in the chopper crash to crown Jagan as the CM, the efforts failed. The supporters and coterie of Jagan imagined that there would be windfall for Jagan in the state as a sympathy factor. But sadly they were mistaken. National politics are different. The case of Rajiv was different. He was the son of a Fallen PM. Although YSR was a fiery leader and successful he was limited to one of the state in a bunch of states where congress rule. Politics and policies are always different at national level and state level. Congress party is literally a slave to the Nehru dynasty and the men in the party have no future if they go against the high command. The dictatorship has been built up over the years.There is no inner party democracy. It is more feudal and family oriented. In fcat this factor is not limited to Congress party alone. All political parties are thriving on the charisma of the families.Telugu desam or PrajaRajyam parties are no different. This is the shameful condition in the country where we boast of democratic values. Actual facts are highly shameful. Democracy practiced in India is no more a real democracy. It is a rotten and shitty democracy where people vote based on caste , religion, sect, region and language. Family rule still persists that is the continuation of feudal slavery that was prevalent in past. Jagan in fact had no base in the party except that he was the son of his illustrious father ( Politically). He is not from grass root level. He is a parallel entry . Thus he can not command respect at all levels in the party. On the other hand in state congress party there are old hawks who have been denied positions over the years and are waiting for the opportunities. YSRs death was a bolt from blue for the congress party. But for others it was great opportunity to fish in troubled waters.Although coterie of Jagan made hue and cry that he should be made the CM, high command had their own plans. Soon Rosiah emerged as the alternative strongly.Rosiah was the natural choice as he was the old horse an seasoned and a congress loyalist. He has no own base except loyalty to igh command and a safe bet. He was the aging and fading horse that was brought in to stem the rot in state party. High command knew that the cries of Jagna coterie would soon die and they would fall in line. Same thing happened. Some over enthusiastic men and women played a show of game that they would resign if Jagan was not crowned. Surekha was one among them and she was more vocal. Soon she left and Rosiah accepted her resignation the moment she gave it. They were happily waiting for it. There was some press meetings and her declarations and soon the rebels knew where they were and what was waiting for them. The coterie was strongly and stubbornly disciplined. Although they burned from inside from outside they put a brave face stating that they were disciplined soldiers and would abide by Sonia’s decision. They had no way. Well played drama indeed.
The next move was to field the small prince ( so called) of state from his father’s constituency of pulivendula. He tried to sneak in from that angle into state politics. High command was also clever. They have now roped in the wife of YSR to the vacant assembly seat. Jagan has no choice now except to put a brave face and laugh it off over his fate. Her election is a mere formality. It is an accepted fact that there is an understanding from political parties that in such elections others would not bother and may not field candidates even. There is some sympathy factor too. Her election is thus a foregone conclusion. High command of Congress party does not want another power center in AP politics. This they have ensured by removing him from state politics. But he would continue to play his destabilization game in some or other. He shall always remain a bed sore to the one who sits on CM seat. But will not have direct control. One must realize that a hidden enemy is very dangerous and more damaging than an open enemy who can be tackled. On the other hand, the Obulapuram mines controversy is also showing a finger at the gentleman and Congress would surely like to keep him away from any position. This controversy is likely to explode soon and engulf these men involved in the murky game. This could be disastrous to many stalwarts in very near future. Next four years are crucial for them. There is no strong leader in congress in state commanding respect like YSR did. Most interesting part is the recent GHMC elections and the results declared now. Congress was mauled very badly and scraped through. Telugudesam did extremely well scoring 45 while congress had just 52. They escaped defeat very narrowly. Now congress leaders are crying horse that some party men were involved in conspiracy to get congress defeated. As usual for congress party it isa cry baby game. Even in last general elections Congress did not do well and lost some of its base. The erosion process in on now. Great mountains have vanished by erosion in past and Congress party can not escape it.

Rosiah earlier declared that he would resign if Telugu desam part gets one seat in addition to congress. Rosiah narrowly escaped. He was clever too. In his fox like statement he put a catch that he would resign with permission of high command. He was sure that high command would not give permission. Such are the tricks of the old Horse ( a better word). Although Jagan canvassed at few places there was hardly any impact. One can not live and survive for long on fathers charisma that he has been doing. He can not continue like a cry baby. This charisma will fade out soon. Although Jagan’s meetings had some crowds, probably they were not converted to votes. The members of the crowd were only curious to see him and his father like mannerisms such as waiving hands and raising hands above head in salutation. Congress came out as a badly wounded tiger. Some times badly wounded tigers succumb to wounds later on while some survive limping for some more years before they collapse. Or become prey to wild dogs in forests. This election has put new blood in Telugu Desam party. This is a serious warning to Congress party and its future in the state politics. Next General elections would be very closely fought and Telugu Desam party is destined to capture power. There is no strong leader in Congress in state who can ensure victory for them. It is now a conglamation of opportunists where every one is waiting to become CM. The countdown for Congress party in the state has begun and its leaders have to read writing on the wall. Jagan has no alternative except to sulk in despair. Better he gets to grass root level politics and work among people and expect to rise in future by hard work instead of giving statements that he is destined to become CM one day and keep trying short cut methods to sit in his fathers chair. It is not possible in state politics.. The day may not come for him.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, November 20, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Battle of Bobbili fought on 23 Jan 1757 in fact had no political influence on the history of India or AP. It was fought between Raja of Vijaynagaram and Ranga Raya of Bobbili while the French troops under General Bussey supported Vijayaramraja. It was an action like a big fish eating away a small fish. But it reflects the jealousies and passions among native rulers where they took refuge under French or English men to settle their disputes. In turn the foreigners gained. Betrayal of national cause was the most preferred action for self gain. Battle of Bobbili is one among them. However the battle has gained significance in view of the valor and sacrifices of the defenders of Bobbili. The King Ranga Raya, Queen Mallamma and others preferred death than dishonor. Tandra Papayya the General of Bobbili sneered at getting kingship at Bobbili for betraying the cause of Bobbili and avenged the betrayal and defeat of Bobbili by assassinating King Vijayaramraja in a most gruesome way. How many of us are ready to sacrifice ourselves in such situation? A big zero.

The present generation leaders shamefully buckled under terrorist attack by Jihadis in Bombay on 26/11 and are still showing their darkened faces to the world as apostles of peace hiding behind incompetence, fear, lack of spirit to defend national honor, timidity and impotence for action. But men of Bobbili were made of different material. Ranga raya of Bobbili knew his hopeless position against a much superior enemy in strength and equipment. He sued for peace honorably realizing the effects of war on his state. However the jealousy, passions and action of treason by Vijayaramraja had upper hand. Thus Bobbili heroes had no option except to defend their state to the last men. Death was glorious than shame and dishonor. King Ranga Raya, Tandra Ppayya, Mallamma, Vengal rao ( Brother of ranga Raya) and many warriors have faded into golden pages of history of India while Vijayaramraja faded into dark pages of history as a treacherous villain. All his scholarly qualities are of no use and are darkened by his actions. Such traitors are required to be eliminated in the way Papayya did.

Sadly we are still holding to Afzal Guru the villain of attack on Indian parliament and are buying time to free him ultimately. What answer we can give to future generations about our incompetence and betrayal of national honor and cause? What answer we can give for our shameful defeat at the hands of Chinese in 1962? The architects of Chinese war have disappeared without being punished in a befitting manner. How shall we defend our apathy towards terrorists who dared to attack our precious temples at Akshar dham and Raghunath Mandir etc. The history in future would hold head in shame at our incompetence. We boast of victory in 1965 against Pakistan, But remember they celebrate 1965 war as victory parade day. They claim it was a victory. Lal Bahadur shastris death remains a mystery. Did the poor guy die of shock after betraying India s cause at Thashkent or was ita suicide byswallowing overdoze of sleeping pills? Who will answer this? But remember even after 250 years of Bobbili war we are proudly saying about Bobbili heroes. What a glory. They found glory in death than in shameful compromise and surrender. We are doing exactly opposite to what Rangaraya and his men did. Shame indeed.

Thursday, November 19, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The darkness loomed over the fort of Bobbili
Where men lay dead sprawled on ground everywhere
Stars twinkled through the moonless night
While eerie silence looked as if in war and love every thing was fair
In grip of death too hands held the swords
A symbol of valor and spirited fight against the French
While our own king betrayed the nation
The slaughtered corpses were emanating stench

The tiger of Bobbili had no clue of the fate that has befallen the fort
Papa Raidu galloped into Bobbili who was away
The fort walls lay shattered everywhere with downed ramparts
The evil night bird screamed hinting dance of death and its way
With feeble lamp the tiger went around the fallen warriors
Some lay with necks sheared and some had spears through chests
Corpses lay buried under the debris of fallen fort of Bobbili
While Papayya cried that he could not join the fate of the rest

I a corner lay dead the great King Rangaraya clinching his sword
The bullet has pierced the elephant like chest
He looked composed in his death on the battle field
Having done all that he could do to his best
Papayya’s sorrow had no bounds as tears rolled down in a stream
He drew his saber and looked at the heavens into dark sky
“Let the seas flood the entire land and the mountains split
I shall kill the king Vijayaramraja the cheat and traitor come what may”

Papaya thundered thus with his raised sword held high
While his men looked at him who was at towering height
He paid his last respect to the fallen king the great Raya of Bobbili
And rushed to the palace in the unearthly hour of dark and sad night
Ladies lay dead in heaps everywhere in the palace halls
Having stabbed themselves with knife
To die in honor was their pious and final motto
And they gave up their lives in that great strife.

The sight looked fearful and gory
As the ladies lay dead in pools of blood
Mallamma the queen was also among them
While blood was flowing all round as a flood
Papayya could not control himself any more
Drew out his sword and looked at the heavens in gait
Give me strength Oh God to kill the traitor
The rascal who has brought death to this prosperous state

Tiger of Bobbili thundered thus blood raging in his eyes
And rode out of Bobbili as a wounded tiger in the forest
His chest heaved up and down as he rode away
While the fate of Vijayaramraja looked sealed to its best
It was the dark and dead night of the fateful day
While the tiger prowled in its noble mission for its prized kill
Bussey the General and Vijayaramraja were asleep in tents
While the tiger sneaked in from behind the hill.

The guards were unaware of Tigers move
And Papayya found his well sought prey lying low
He climbed over the chest of the king
And drew out his knife for the final blow
The king opened his eyes in horror
Begged the tiger that he should spare his life
He promised the Bobbili kingdom to the tiger
If he was saved from the present strife

The tiger sneered at the wicked king
And drove his dagger with great force
For each and every warrior the great fallen on the battle field
The knife was plunged into the chest without any remorse
The blows were endless one after the other
Papayya’s blood was boiling like oil on fiery stove
The knife moved at tremendous speed
And with vengeance Papayya drove

Vijayaramraja laid dead chest grilled by the knife
His screams vanished into the dark eerie night
His body lay motionless on the royal cot
While his miserable soul vanished out of sight
Papayya rose like a growling tiger from its kill
Looked at the soldiers who made a ring around him to fight
Bussey the general stayed motionless in fear and aghast
And screamed that the tiger be held in that dreadful night

Papayya exclaimed “ The tiger of Bobbili can not be held by million soldiers,
Although I am dead many tigers would rise from my ashes,
The day of liberation is not far in India to throw the foreigners out”
And he plunged his knife in his chest in a flash
Papayya gave up his life having taken the revenge for his men
While traitor Vijayaramraja lay butchered in his royal tent
The king who committed treason against his nation
Now lay dead as a rabid dog killed at a municipal drain vent

Indian history is replete in its pages
Where our men have betrayed the nation
The valiant heroes who died for this country
Have vanished into past without recognition
Human history is full of treason and treachery
Where kings have been betrayed by their own men
India has lost its freedom and former glory
When our men have connived with enemy in their den
The present leaders who claim that they are patriots on earth
Have brought the nation close to a Cess pool
The nation is at the brink of disaster and doom
While Indians follow their leaders like mere fools.
Papayya could rule Bobbili if he desired
But national spirit flowed in his veins
He killed the traitor who committed treason
And the gods that night as approval sent down heavy rains


The battle of Bobbili took place on 23 Jan 1757.Bobbili is a principality near Vijaynagaram a coastal region which was ruled by king Pusapati Vijayaramraja Gajapathi who was a vassal to Salabat jung, Nizam of Hyderabad. Bobbili was ruled by Rao Gopala Krishna Rangaraya a velama scion. Bussey was the French general who was granted permission by Nizam to collect rent/tribute ( Kappam) from the areas of Sircar districts that included Vijaynagaram for his military support to his rule. There was some long standing bitterness between Vijayaramraja and Ranga Raya probably over canal waters. Ranga ray was not keen to pay Kappam to the French and the opportunity was used by Vijayaramraja to stroke passions and subdue Rangaraya. As per some citations it is learnt that some French troops were killed when they were passing through territory of Bobbili and this was attributed to Bobbili men ( this however can not be confirmed).Bobbili was attacked by the combined troops of Vijaynagaram ( 10000),500 French soldiers strengthened by their artillery. Hyder jung the commander of General Bussey led the assault on Bobbili fort. Warriors in Bobbili fort were only 250 who put a brave and valiant fight. The Fort was breached by the French guns. Tandra Papyya the General of Bobbili was away at other location near fort of Rajam while French and army attacked through another route. The fight was so severe that every soldier including the ruler Rangaraya and his brother Vengala raya died in action, while al women stabbed themselves and gave up their lives. They preferred death to dishonor. Some claim that Vengala Rao was seriously injured and recovered and he broughtup his brothers son china Ranga rao after who escaped death . It is learnt that the son of Ranga raya who was boy was saved from the slaughter and was subsequently restored to the throne. Tandra Papayya who learnt about the disaster in his absence with some of his followers in dark night sneaked into the tent of Vijayaramraja and stabbed him to death in most brutal way and took revenge for betrayal and for treason. He has gone down the history as the tiger of Bobbili and the valor of the warriors and sacrifice of women and all is still remembered in the form of various ballads and plays. Bobbili battle was a significant one in the history of Andhra Pradesh when the East India Company and French were fighting for supremacy. Vijayaramraja who was a learned scholar could not overcome jealousy and passions and it resulted in avoidable battle. he died a dogs death in a most gruesome way while sacrifice of Bobbili heroes shines gloriously in the history of Andhra Pradesh.

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Washington and President Obama and George Washington are seen sitting in the lawn of White House. They are smartly dressed and are found having drinks while guards are all over the place protecting the area)

Washington. Mr President ! How are things. It is almost one year since you came to white house.

Obama. True sir. Look How time has flown. It appears as if I cam here few days ag.

Washington. Hee…heee.. True. Time flies. Time and tide wait for no man.

Obama. Wells said sir.

Washington. Earlier we never had so many guards around here. Even when Bush was here we never had so many marines around .

Obama. Probably you are correct. Things appear to have changed. Intelligence says there is some increased threat around. So they are taking care.

Washington. Why not? Presidents must be well protected. We have sadly lost some very good men earlier.

Obama. True sir

( In the maen time a guard arrives smartly salutes)

Obama. What is the matter boy?

Guard. Sir. There is a strange man waiting to see you .

Washington. What is so strange about him. Doesn’t he have two legs and hands. Two eyes and one year?

Obama. Does he have one nose on the front of his face below the eyes and in between eyes

Washington. I hope he is not like Cyclops

Guard. He has all the things at proper places like we have. But he is strangely dressed. He has wrapped a white clothe around his groin and has no shirt. He has a blanket draped around him. He is also holding a long stick and wears strange round glasses from antiquity

Washington. I got it . haa..haa..hhaaa. He must be Gandhi; Indians also call him Mahatma Gandhi. He is from India. They call him father of India

Obama. Guard. Plesae bring him in.( looks at Washington) Sir This character must have come earlier here

Washington. True. He keeps coming here some times. He has strange ideas that he wants to implement here too. He wants to still live in past.

Obama. Sad. He may need some counseling to draw him out of the sickness

Washington. True.

( In the mean time Gandhi arrives into the lawn escorted by the armed guard. Guard saut├ęs smartly and goes back)

Gandhi. Hello Friends. Good evening to you

Washington. Welcome Mr. Gandhi. We are honored wit your presence

Gandhi. Nice to see Mr. Obama too here.

Washington. It is other way. He stays always here. I some times visit him

Gandhi. True. Well said.

Obama. Hello Mr Gandhi. I am sure you are keeping well and taking care of yourselves

Gandhi. I am perfectly well and kicking around

Washington. Mr Gandhi. What are the news? You visit many places.

Gandhi. Things are as usual. Terrorists are playing havoc in Pakistan and India is crossing fingers expecting another major attack in very near future. Pakistan is having tough time controlling Taliban and Al Qaida

Obama. True. They are paying for their deeds. They created Taliban and now getting well screwed by them.

Washington. Ha..haa.. well said.

Gandhi.( Sings and does jig)

These Pak guys need such kicks
Because they have been playing many tricks
Indians are finally the sucking lot
Their heads are weary and very hot

Washington. Yaa..yaaa. Good poem. Well sung. Mr Gandhi. You also dance well along with that stick

Gandhi. Thanks for the compliments. Shall I do more?

Obama. You shall get tired. Please relax. Do you care for a drink?

Gandhi. No thanks. Mr Obama I must congratulate you for the Nobel peace prize awarded recently

Obama. Thanks. I am obliged

Gandhi. You are very lucky. You hardly did any thing and were in office for one year and you banged the prize. I struggled for decades and nothing came my way.

Washington. Just bad luck Gandhi. It is not that you do not deserve

Gandhi.Even my pal Jawaharlal Nehru struggled with Panch sheel and Hindi Chini Bhai bhai.. and non alignment for decades and he was left out

Washington. All think Nehru died of shock after betrayal by Chinese.

Gandhi. May be so Finally he was much unhappy and disillusioned.

Obama.In that way I am very lucky. I hardly did any thing and I got it.

Gandhi. It is not that I am unhappy that you got it. Afgha war is still going on. Americans are still there in Iraq. Recently some crank American Arm officer shot his colleagues ina military center in Texas showing frustration.But they should have given you after you did something concrete. It is good that a black guy got it. It is a silver line in black hair

Washington. Hee…hee..hee.. Mr Gandhi. Such things happen in al countries. Do you know that in your country many army officers were killed by own troops regularly ? Frustrations are there everywhere.

Gandhi.. I heard so. Any how I congratulate Mr Obama for the nobeprize

Washington. I think they do not award these prizes posthumously

Gandhi. If so I must get and Nehru too.

Washington. Then Jesus , Buddha, Lincoln,Roosvelt, Gorbochev, All apostles of Christ, Vivekananda, Shankaracharya also must get.

Obama. I shall propose such things.

Gandhi. Don't you think these nobel prizes have become controversial?

Washington. I do not think so.

Gandhi. then why people around the world are commenting on Obamas achievement? Every one is feeling that Obama did not have achievements to get the award.

Washington.Better on emust the Nobel committee.

Obama. hee..hee..

Gandhi. Any how nothing can be done. things appear to be not

Washington. That is sir your view

Gandhi. i think there must be a rule that indian should not get Nobel peace prize.

Washington. Mr Gandhi. Why have hard feelings. You are termed as Mahatma that is great soul.

Gandhi. It is fine. Thank you sir. I shall see you again. Plesae enjoy your drink

Obama. Thanks for the visit

Washington OK Mr Gandhi. Bye. see you

Gandhi. Bye

( Gandhi walks away with his stick prodding the ground)


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Dr k Prabhakar Rao

( It is Hyderabad city and a public meeting is going on at Bashir Bagh Nizam college grounds. An youngster is addressing the crowd. He is clad in white clothes typical of AP Politicians. Every two minutes he is raising his both hands above his head and saying Namaste to the crowd with very sad looks. He is tired and occasionally a side kick ( A confidant ) standing next to him is helping by holding his hands above his head. There are many on lookers and Narsimha and Yadgiri are among them )

Yadgiri. Anna.( brother) Eedu alsi poyinde ( this guy is tired).Mati matiki chetulettutunnadu .Dannam betdunnadu.Zara soodu . Inkemautadi ( repeatedly he is lifting hands.Saying namste .Look. What else will happen?

Narsimha. Au malla. (True,) Hoiga intikada undi business sooskoka eedikochhindu.Enjaddamani?(Instead of nicely staying at home taking care of business he came here. What he can do here?.

Yadgiri. Emledubai. Eeayannu pakkanollu baaga ekkichhinru. ( there is nothing. The side kicks have instigated him)

Narsimha.. Ou Malla. Nijam. Papam. Poradu allaraipothunnadu gade. ( poor guy is ruining himself)

( suddenly they find some old guys standing behind them and listening to them)

Yadgiri. Who are you guys. Why are you listening to us

Gandhi. I am Bapu, Gandhi, MK Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi. We came to listen at the meeting.

Narsimha. You said you are Mahatma Gandhi.

Bapu. Yes

Narayana. You should not say yourself that you are Mahatma. Others should stay about you.

Gandhi. True. I am sorry

Yadgiri. That is OK . Relax. But you were dead long ago, before my dad was born. How are you here? Other two guys with you look like Pate and Nehru.

Bapu. True. They are not looking like them. They are actually they.

Yadgiri. I am not convinced. Any how I am least bothered.

Patel . That is fine.

( In the mean time the young leader speaks in mike)

Leader. This is the new hope for you. You know how much my dad has done for you and the state. But I am not made CM. But this can not go on eternally. I am sure to become CM. No One can stop me from becoming CM of this state.

( The side kicks standing close shout hip- hip hurray. Long live YSR and Long live his son. All of you clap loudly and cheer him up. All the guys in the crowd shout Zindabad.. Zindabad.. YSR and his son Zindabad. Some guys yadiah and Saidulu are not seen clapping. Others Ramnarayan, and Chotu ram get upset. They are raising abuses)

Ramnarayan. You.. Yadiah. Why are you not clapping ? You are paid Rs100 for this show and free lunch, Shame on you. Take this ( He punches on the cheek of Yadiah. And Yadiah retaliates)

Yadiah. You scoundrel Who are you to tell me. They promise Rs 100 and only gave fifty. There was no breakfast since morning ( He thrashes Ramnarayan)

Saidulu. We do not know all this shit. We were told to just sit in truck and were brought here. No one told us to clap.

Ramnarayan. Are these to be told? You guys are just jokers. You know that the side kick standing next to the leader is clapping. So you must do that exactly.

Saidulu. Now we understand. We do whatever he does.

( The leader is continuing to speak and the side kick finds a guy sitting right in front and dozing off. He gets annoyed and throws a small stone at him to wake him up as it was embarrassing for him and the leader)

Saidula. Anna Yadgiri. That guy is hit with a stone by the side kick. What shall we do?

Yadgiri. We must also do same thing. But others are not doing any thing.

Saidulu. We must be prompt.

( They search around and do not find small stones. They pick up big stones, the size of a coconut. They go to the front and pound the guy with the stones. The guys name is Ellayya)

Ellayya. Amma.. Margaya. Champesinde.. Naa. Koduku. Wammo.. Wayyo. Donga Sachhinoda Rallato kothao bay. Mammalni theeskochhindi smapanikena.. Arey…L… Oh Mother I am dead. I am killed. Who is the son.. of B… stoning me. Am I brought here to be killed?..

(Ellayya bleads and faints. All others gather around him and no one listens to the leader. There is an utter chaos)

Leader. ( Looking at the side kick) Why that guy was hit with stones? The whole show is ruined. No one will now listen to me. Let us go from here)

Side kick. True

( Both of them rush out from the dais and go away in a car waiting for them . In the mean time police men arrive and lathi charge the large crowd who gather around Ellaih and not allowing him to be removed to the hospital. )

Gandhi. Patel. Come on Let us escape. Probably ellaih is dead. The police men have not spared us. They hit me with lathis. Look here ( He shows hands)

Nehru. Bapu. This ellaih will surely be give Ashok Chakra if this new leader becomes CM of AP.hee..heee

Patel. True……haaa. well said Jawharfor first time… Bapu. I have also not escaped. They hit on my head with boots. But I am iron man of India.

Nehru. I actually was hiding behind a bush. No one has seen me.

Patel. You are a true political leader. You escape all episodes while others suffer.

Bapu. Come on ! Enough now. Let us go .

( The trio slowly walk away limping while in the back ground abuses are heard from police men thrown at the crowd who were clashing with police using stones)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Indian history written by the selfish Marxist historians containing the twisted versions of history has been pushed down the throats of children from generation to generation. In these books arrogant, religious bigots, killers, murderers, abducters, rapists and womanizers who ruled India have been glorified as the most benevolent and god sent rulers to appease a section of the people. Many valiant heroes and knights who fought to protect Hinduism and faith have been deliberately left out from these pseudo history books. Sarvai Papadu is one among them. Although he did not establish any major kingdom or empire, he fought Muslim marauders tooth and nail throughout his life during the end of 17 century in the region of Telangana from 1687 to 1724. After Kapayya Naika in 14 the century Sarvai Papadu stands out as the most valiant defender of Hindus in Telangana region. Although Velama Naikas ruled at Rachakonda and Deverakonda ( Nalgonda district) for nearly 100 years after Kapayya naika, they mostly colluded with Bahmani sultans to gain supremacy over Vijaynagar empire and betrayed Hindu cause. Men like Kapayya and Sarvai Papadu are the real sons of soil who should be glorified. They had no time to pursue arts and literature as they lived by sword all their years. Sadly tricksters, pseudo politicians and selfish men have been glorified and given great titles by our historians and modern leaders too and the innocent young children are misguided who grow believing the false and distorted versions of history printed in black ad white..

Sarvai Papadu also called Sardar Paparayudu or Papanna was born in Khilaspur village near Jangaon in 1650 in Telangana in a Goud family as per historians. His surname was Nasenollu His mothers name was Sarvamma. The ballads state that he was born at Belgaum in the present Karnataka state , but he grew up in Telangana region. He belonged to the caste of toddy tappers called Gouda sect. His childhood was spent in grazing the cattle in pastures and sadly he had no education. Once he was sleeping under a tree in hot sun while cattle were grazing in the field. A serpent saw him in the sun and spread its hood shielding the sun rays from his face. This was seen by some people who were passing that way. They were astonished. It is believed in India that such men are bound to rise in their lives and would become rulers of the land. The serpent ( cobra) went away soon and the passers woke up Papadu and blessed him that he would grow in to a bold youth and would rule the land.

As time passed, Papadu grew up into a smart and energetic youth. He was brave and mastered the skills in wielding arms. Soon he became ambitious and collected like minded youth. It is also believed that he had a widowed sister and using her money he collected arms, horses and men and thus raised army of his own from Idiga ( a sect) men. The period was closing years of 17 century. At Delhi Aurangzeb ruled. But he was mostly in Deccan fighting Deccani sultans and Marathas under Shivaji and then Sambhaji. After the fall of Golconda kingdom Hindus were greatly suppressed by the commanders of Aurangzeb and there was utter lawlessness in the region. There was no safety for Hindus. Women were abducted and dishonored. Papadu rose up in revolt and sacked Muslim armies. He sacked Bhongir, Warangal, jangaon and many towns in the region. Bhongir is a strong hill fort and it was over run by Papadu.Kolanupaka was the garrison for Mughal commanders and their army and Papadu sacked Kolanupaka too. To day, Kolanupaka is a very small village about 65 KM from Hyderabad . There is a very ancient Jain temple at that place apart from many Hindu ancient temples belonging to Chalukyan period including Someswaralayam and Veeranarayan gudi. Papanna was religious too and tolerant to others. He protected jain temples along with Hindu temples. Existence of jain temple in Kolanupak is a testimony to this fact. He raised money by attacking Zamindars, Chieftains and Landlords. Obviously such men had grudge against Papadu.

Soon Papadu built stone forts at Sarvayeepeta (1675), Vemulakonda, Tatikonda ( Warangal district) (1678) and Shahpuram near Jangaon (1700-1705). Shahpuram was his capital. He ruled over areas such as Kolanupaka, Tatikonda Karimnagar, cheriyala, Husnabad, Huzurabad, Bhuvanagiri or Bhongir ( Nalgonda district) and Jangaon ( Warangal district).
Muslim armies attacked him several times but were defeated. Aurangzeb sent Rustam dil khan to subdue Papanna and he in turn sent Qasim khan commader at Kolanupaka to attack Shahpur fort where he was killed by Papanna. Rustom di khan subsequently laid seize to Shahpur fort. However he was defeated and fled. Sadly Papanna lost his close friend and associate Sarvanna in this battle. Papadu having noticed that Mughal rule by Kambaksh Khan became weak in Deccan after death of Aurangzeb in 1707 attacked and captured Golconda too in 1708.Some claom that it was not Golconda , but was Warangal.
Mughal forces were routed several times by Papadu and he ruled for thirty years with impunity. All good things come to end too and Papadu was betrayed by some of his men when he was asleep at Husnabad. Papadu committed suicide before he could be captured. Muslim historians claim that he was tortured and beheaded and his head was hung at Golconda fort. This however can not be believed. Sarvai Papadu who could not see suffering of his country men revolted against the Muslim rule and liberated many areas in Telangana and ruled for thirty years before fading into golden pages of History. Muslim historians have depicted him as a dacoit and rebel. He is still alive through various ballads that are sung in Telangana. Long live Sarvai Papanna Goud.’’


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Dr k Prabhakar Rao

Sarvai Papadu was a knight from Telangana
Who has been forgotten by our pseudo history
The valor of brave knight although touching the heavens
Has remained great but a forgotten mystery
Although he ruled local areas with his might
The times were difficult with Muslims at their peak
All the south Indian kingdoms disappeared from the sight
And the remaining rulers remained weak and meek

Papadu grew in Telangana although born in Belgaum
He grew grazing cattle and sheep
He belonged the caste of toddy tappers
And it is said as a child he was never found to weep
Once he was sleeping in a field
While the sun was throwing on his face bright rays
A serpent passing that way saw him in open
It spread its hood over his face and luck has its own ways

Some passers saw the serpent with Papadu
And were sure that he would surely rule the lands
The days passed and the lad grew into youth of courage
While he planned to rewrite history with his armed bands
He raised money from his widowed sister
Got horses materials arms and brave men
He looted hamlets and further raised his wealth
While Muslim commanders lost their sleep in their den

Papadu became a terror to Mughal commanders
Who believed that Papadu enjoyed divine powers
All the efforts of these chiefs were in vain
While Papadu grew in power and reached top of the tower
Forts were built at Shahpur and Tatikonda
Papadu sacked Bhongir Warangal and many towns
He grew bolder day by day
While the Mughals ran away like mere clowns

All good things finally come to an end
As traitors in the land planned his capture and fall
He was betrayed while asleep
And some of his men connived with Muslims for his downfall
Papadu was captured by Muslim troops
Historians claim that he was tortured and killed
The head was severed and hung to the fort
And the body was thrown to the crows after it was grilled
The fact is that Papadu was very brave knight
He took hi sown life before he was held by men
He preferred death in glory than dishonor
And Papadu disappeared in to past betrayed by his own men
Men are few in our valiant history
Who laid down life for Hindu faith and heritage
Most of our knights were betrayed our own men
Or else the history of India would have been different in it’s golden page

NOTE..Sarvai Papadu ( papanna) or Sardar Paparayudu lived during the closing years of 17 th. century and was contemporary of Aurangzeb and Shivaji. He raised banner of Revolt in Telangana and was much feared by Muslim commanders.He reigned in the regions of bhongir, Jangaon an surrounding districts. He was very brave and chivelrous. He protected Hindus from Muslim atrocities and was steadily growing when he was betrayed by some of his men to Muslim commanders of Mughal army during the reign of Bahadur Shah I who ruled at Delhi after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707. Papadu committed suicide and faded into golden pages of our History.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Chevella in Andhra Pradesh where Chief Minister is to start a meeting for boosting municipal elections for greater Hyderabad. There are many police men in the area and entire Chevella has been made a fortress. The road leading to langar Houz is literally under curfew and lot of police checking is going on. Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen traveling in an auto to Chevella. They confront a police squad who stop the auto at the outskirts of Moinabad.)

Inspector. Who are you guys? Where are you going?

Patel. We are humans. We are going to a place where auto goes

Inspector (getting worked up) come on, behave guys. Is this the answer you give to police men?

Patel. What was wrong in it? By the by why are you stopping us . We are going to Chevella. Any how tomorrow is not a festival to collect mamools.

SI.Today there is a political meeting at Chevella. You guys can not travel to that place

Patel. Why so?

SI. Look only those guys will be allowed there who are hired and brought in trucks

Patel. That means the show is managed.

Gandhi. If it is left to people no one will go there. Only CM and Chevella chellemma probably will be there for the meeting. auu..auu..

SI. Things are not that bad.

Patel. Ok SI Sahib. Please allow us . We are getting late

SI. My name is Phirkiram. I am a direct selectee. We can not allow you to go. Please go back.understand!

Gandhi. That we can not do.

SI. Why? You have to go. You have to obey police orders.

Patel. That you can not ensure. Look at us. We obey lawful orders. You are not allowing us. This has to be real democracy. Not a family democracy.hee..hee.. We are vanishing. Do whatever you feel like.Lumpp it with you.

( Patel twists his hand and suddenly there is great smoke around and the auto speeds past the police men and they look dazed and keep rubbing their eyes. The auto rushes to Chevella and stops near the meeting ground. There are many people squatting on a ground and CM is seen addressing the crowd)

CM . Jai Hind. Jai Sonia Gandhi, Jai Rahul Gandhi, Jai priyanka Gandhi, Jai Indira Gandhi, Jai man Mohan Singh. Jai Rajiv gandhi, Jai Indira Gandhi,Jai Mahatma Gandhi.. Listen to me. I have become the CM. I have the blessings of Madam Gandhi. I shall stay for full term. I am committed to her words. If she says go I shall go. If she says stay I shall stay. If she says sit I shall sit and if she says stand I shall stand.

Patel ( from the crowd) this guy remembers you Bapu. This is strange indeed.Look.. If she says dance, you will dance. If she says run, you will run. If she says cry you will cry. If she says crawl you shall crawl. What else can you do?

CM . Who is that guy disturbing me? I shall see you. I shall take off that tongue. Earlier I threatened to take off hands right in assembly hall..

Patel. It is me and this is my tongue ( He extends his tongue from mouth)

( All the on lookers laugh.hhaa..haa..haa..hee..hhee)

Gandhi. Hee..hee..huu..huu..Look Patel. Let him speak. He has come much prepared for the meet. He has script also in his hand.

CM. (Scratches his head) I was telling you about my loyalty. I am loyal to congress and Gandhis. I am committed to YSR policies. I am made by YSR. I am indebted to him. His policies will succeed. I shall ensure

Spectator. I am Govinda. How can you say that? All are saying that YSR policies will succeed if Only JAGAN becomes CM

CM. Not necessarily. I can also ensure it. I have all the support. I am experienced. Look at my head. I am committed. I work more than 20 hours a day. I hardly sleep.

Govinda ( spectator). You can not sleep naturally ( sings) ( does Jig)

Sir, You are unable to sleep
Because in fear you weep
Better a tablet of Anacin you keep
And stop giving assurances that you utter in a heap

CM ( gets upset) Inspector. go and catch that rascal who is doing a jig and singing too causing disturbance right in front of me. How dare? I am itching to take off his hand which he is waving.

(The police men run to Govinda who hides behind Gandhi)

Gandhi. Inspector. Please leave him. He is in my refuge

Inspector. What does it mean? Are you so great like Arjuna that you can give asylum to this guy?

Patel. That you will soon see.

Inspector. How?( scratches his head after removing his cap)

( In the mean time many spectators shout “down with congress who sold away tickets to some guys for lakhs of rupees” for Municiapl elections.. Down with them)

CM. Ofo. This is getting shit soon. I must leave this place

Govinda ( From behind Gandhi) Where shall you go dear? You have to answer us. ( does jig)

You old guy you can not run away
Stay down and answer us
There is lot of time to relax for you
And do not make much fuss

CM . Inspector. I told you to catch that guy and hammer him out of his wits.

Inspector. Sir This guy is hiding behind this Gandhi looking guy

C M . So What? Gandhi is dead log ago

Govinda. And his principles too.

Patel. Haa..haaa


Gamdhi. ( sings and does jig)

Do you know me?
I am the same old Gandhi with a stick
You guys have forgotten me
So you surely need a good kick

Patel. Bapu. Well sung. You are

Gandhi. Thanks for the compliments

Inspector. Enough of this cock and bull poem. Move aside and I have to catch this Govinda

Govinda. Bapu. Mujhe Bacho ( save me)

Gandhi. Please relax. These guys can not do any thing to you. I am here. Keep seeing.

Inspector. Are you so great? (He draws his revolver from holster). Look at this pistol. This is Cols make. Move aside

Gandhi. Hee..hee.Come on Inspector. This pistol can not do any thing to us

Inspector. I shall show you just now. ( He fires in air)

( Nothing happens . No one is scared, they laugh haa..ha.haa. Many guysdo jig and some do break dance)

Inspector ( He aims at Gandhi) this is the last warning to you. Move aside

Gandhi. Relax. I told you that you can not do any thing to us

Inspector . You deserve it now ( He opens fire with his pistol and fires three rounds at Gandhi)

Gandhi ( Laughs) Hee..Hee.. Look Inspector. See these bullets. ( He throws the bullets at the police man)

( Inspector fires remaining three rounds from his pistol. Gandhi laughs after catching all the bullets)

Gandhi. You nut. Take these ( He throws the bullets at the Inspector)

Inspector. Oh God. These guys must be wearing steel armor and gloves too. He shouts “charge” to police men and fall on Gandhi.

( Patel standing next to Gandhi twists his hand like Mandrake the magician looking angrily at the police and all the constables and Inspector are thrown in to air. They fly and fall at Moinabad 15 km away. Many beak their limbs)

Gandhi. Look guys . Please do not underestimate us and misbehave. I gave freedom to you guys to rule properly. Do not be tyrants and boot lickers.

(The remaining police men make a ring around the CM and escort him to a chopper that flies away hastily.)

Patel. Bapu. I think we must go from here. All this is cock and bull.

Nehru. Ok We must go before army is called in. That will be embarrassing for them as Army also can not do any thing to us.

Gandhi. True

Patel. Very true

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel slowly walk away and sit in the waiting auto and vanish from the scene)


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

On a high seat in a hall in Kabul Ghori was seated
As guards stood all-round him with mighty spears
Nobles were seated in hall with ceremonial gait
While blind Chauhan was brought who shed no tears
Ghori mocked at him laughing in high pitch
“ Oh foolish king , What is your fate today in the court of my nobles,
You won many battles but you let me off
I brought you to this state where you are in my stables”

“We as Muslims never spare our enemy,
Kill them at the chance given by Allah in our life
You, fool a Kafir displayed code of conduct from your wretched books
See now you are struck in miserable strife”
Chauhan had no word to speak to him
He was blind and helpless at that moment
Destiny has deprived him off his power and eye sight
With Chand Bhatt beside he could not even lament

Chauhan was seething with anger inside
Although he appeared calm and cool
“You shall not understand Indian ethos oh descendents of Satan
Know all are in the hands of god a mere tool”
Thus spoke the king to the sultan
Although a prisoner with ceremonial gait
Silence fell on the court as he spoke
And Ghori looked at him with contempt

Ghori eyed at the nobles in the court
“This Indian is known as a great archer of repute
Let him show his prowess in this full court and prove himself”
Thus spoke the Sultan and others remained mute
A bow and arrows were brought while a bell was hung at a distance
The king was asked to shoot when the bell was hit
The arrow had to fly at the distance bell
And the king was given the shooting kit

Spirits returned to the hero at once
At the signal of Ghori the bell was struck
The destiny gave the nod while the bell was promptly hit
And Ghori was soon running out of the luck
“Wah, wah” the sultan applauded at the event
The next arrow flew fast in a second from the bow
The arrow found the mark in sultan’s throat
While Prithviraj at last fulfilled his vow



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Prithviraj Chauhan ruled at Thaneswar near Delhi ( it is near kurukshetra). During 1170-1192. As per legend, he married priness Samyukta the daughter of Jayachandra the king of Kanoj against his wishes. As per the ballads, Jayachandra arranged for the swayamvara for his daughter and he made a statue of Chauhan and erected it at the entrance as if he was standing as a servent. However Prithviraj Chauhan came to the scene and carried away the princess from swayamvara and they were married. This was great insult to Jayachandra and he seethed with anger and sought revenge. He invited Mohd Ghori the rulwr of Kabul in Afghnaistan to attack Delhi and connived with him. Ghori invaded India and was defeated by Chauhan in 1192. The Sultan was brought to Chauhan in fetters. But he was pardoned and was also given many presents and was escorted out of the country with all honor. Ghori soon invaded again with more forces and preparations. Chauhan was defeated at the battle of tarain and history states that Chauhan was captured and put to death immediately.

However there are popular ballads that say that Chauhan was not put to death. He was blinded and taken to Kabul and was put in prison. As per popular belief Prithviraj’s wives were taken to harem where they were raped by Ghori. Samyukta committed suicide unable to bear dishonor. This could be very true in view of the prevailing atrocities committed by Muslim invaders on India. Capture and rape of Indian women was most common by Muslim invaders in those days. It is also learnt that Chand Bhatt a minister of Chauhan was also taken as prisoner to Kabul. King Jayachandra in remorse committed suicide by jumping in to river Yamuna.

Once in Kabul mohd Ghori in full court asked Chauhan to prove his prowess in archery. A bell was hung a distance and a bow and a set of arrows were given to Chauhan. Prithviraj Chauhan was a renowned archer of the times and he was an expert in wielding Shabdabhedi baan ( arrow). It is a specialized skill in which the archer shoots at the target based on the sound it makes. The bell was struck and the arrow fired by Chauhan soon struck the bell. The sultan in great appreciation applauded and shouted “Wah.. Wah”.. In next moment another arrow flew from Chauhan’s bow and it pierced throat of Sultan and he lay dead. Prithviraj thus took revenge. It is also believed that Chand Bhatt and Chauhan immediately committed suicide in the court by stabbing themselves with daggers. Thus Chauhan passed into golden pages of History. Although he was brave he followed the ancient code of conduct against his enemies by letting them off with honor and this proved dangerous to India. Ghori did not reciprocate and being a practical man and a cruel and cunning Mulsim killed Chauhan at the first opportunity. Thus India was soon enslaved by Mulsims. It is not that Indians did not lack in valor. But surely they lacked vision and this proved disastrous to the country. Indians have never learnt from history and same thing was repeated in 1947 and Pakistan was created.Indian leadersleading the nation fr independence played policies of appeasement and mulisms ditched them to the core. Indian leaders again let down the nation. Situation is no different now. The pseudo secularism practiced by the Indian power mongers masquerading as patriots and great visioneries has taken the country to destruction and creation of many Pakistans in very near future. Indian leaders bask in glory of voyage to moon, misssile development, IT craze and international peace moves while back at home the roots are being cut by the minorities and digging graves for the nation. A dangerous situation indeed.When will these men learn?