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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Prithviraj Chauhan ruled at Thaneswar near Delhi ( it is near kurukshetra). During 1170-1192. As per legend, he married priness Samyukta the daughter of Jayachandra the king of Kanoj against his wishes. As per the ballads, Jayachandra arranged for the swayamvara for his daughter and he made a statue of Chauhan and erected it at the entrance as if he was standing as a servent. However Prithviraj Chauhan came to the scene and carried away the princess from swayamvara and they were married. This was great insult to Jayachandra and he seethed with anger and sought revenge. He invited Mohd Ghori the rulwr of Kabul in Afghnaistan to attack Delhi and connived with him. Ghori invaded India and was defeated by Chauhan in 1192. The Sultan was brought to Chauhan in fetters. But he was pardoned and was also given many presents and was escorted out of the country with all honor. Ghori soon invaded again with more forces and preparations. Chauhan was defeated at the battle of tarain and history states that Chauhan was captured and put to death immediately.

However there are popular ballads that say that Chauhan was not put to death. He was blinded and taken to Kabul and was put in prison. As per popular belief Prithviraj’s wives were taken to harem where they were raped by Ghori. Samyukta committed suicide unable to bear dishonor. This could be very true in view of the prevailing atrocities committed by Muslim invaders on India. Capture and rape of Indian women was most common by Muslim invaders in those days. It is also learnt that Chand Bhatt a minister of Chauhan was also taken as prisoner to Kabul. King Jayachandra in remorse committed suicide by jumping in to river Yamuna.

Once in Kabul mohd Ghori in full court asked Chauhan to prove his prowess in archery. A bell was hung a distance and a bow and a set of arrows were given to Chauhan. Prithviraj Chauhan was a renowned archer of the times and he was an expert in wielding Shabdabhedi baan ( arrow). It is a specialized skill in which the archer shoots at the target based on the sound it makes. The bell was struck and the arrow fired by Chauhan soon struck the bell. The sultan in great appreciation applauded and shouted “Wah.. Wah”.. In next moment another arrow flew from Chauhan’s bow and it pierced throat of Sultan and he lay dead. Prithviraj thus took revenge. It is also believed that Chand Bhatt and Chauhan immediately committed suicide in the court by stabbing themselves with daggers. Thus Chauhan passed into golden pages of History. Although he was brave he followed the ancient code of conduct against his enemies by letting them off with honor and this proved dangerous to India. Ghori did not reciprocate and being a practical man and a cruel and cunning Mulsim killed Chauhan at the first opportunity. Thus India was soon enslaved by Mulsims. It is not that Indians did not lack in valor. But surely they lacked vision and this proved disastrous to the country. Indians have never learnt from history and same thing was repeated in 1947 and Pakistan was created.Indian leadersleading the nation fr independence played policies of appeasement and mulisms ditched them to the core. Indian leaders again let down the nation. Situation is no different now. The pseudo secularism practiced by the Indian power mongers masquerading as patriots and great visioneries has taken the country to destruction and creation of many Pakistans in very near future. Indian leaders bask in glory of voyage to moon, misssile development, IT craze and international peace moves while back at home the roots are being cut by the minorities and digging graves for the nation. A dangerous situation indeed.When will these men learn?


Mohit said...

Dear Dr. Prabhakar,

There seems to be some mistake. Prithviraj's wives committed suicide. Also Jaichand had a fallout with Ghori on spoils of far and lost his life in a battle with Ghori the very next year.

alliyah khan said...

alliya khan a its true that samyukta committed suiside but she didn,t have been raped by ghori because of her husbands death she commited suicide if you dont know about their history then don,t write such stupid things and don,t insult them by writeing such stupid the history.

Unknown said...

@alliyah khan she was raped by ghori before she commit sucide .she was not able to sati because prithvi raj is not killed by ghori and acc. to sati rules a woman can be sati if her husband was killed but prithvi was not killed so she is not able to commit sucide ... if you dont know about their history then don,t write such stupid things and don,t insult them by writeing such stupid the history

Kaustav Patro said...

Abay bahan k lawda tui bahan chod proof dikha that she was raped ..