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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Chevella in Andhra Pradesh where Chief Minister is to start a meeting for boosting municipal elections for greater Hyderabad. There are many police men in the area and entire Chevella has been made a fortress. The road leading to langar Houz is literally under curfew and lot of police checking is going on. Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen traveling in an auto to Chevella. They confront a police squad who stop the auto at the outskirts of Moinabad.)

Inspector. Who are you guys? Where are you going?

Patel. We are humans. We are going to a place where auto goes

Inspector (getting worked up) come on, behave guys. Is this the answer you give to police men?

Patel. What was wrong in it? By the by why are you stopping us . We are going to Chevella. Any how tomorrow is not a festival to collect mamools.

SI.Today there is a political meeting at Chevella. You guys can not travel to that place

Patel. Why so?

SI. Look only those guys will be allowed there who are hired and brought in trucks

Patel. That means the show is managed.

Gandhi. If it is left to people no one will go there. Only CM and Chevella chellemma probably will be there for the meeting. auu..auu..

SI. Things are not that bad.

Patel. Ok SI Sahib. Please allow us . We are getting late

SI. My name is Phirkiram. I am a direct selectee. We can not allow you to go. Please go back.understand!

Gandhi. That we can not do.

SI. Why? You have to go. You have to obey police orders.

Patel. That you can not ensure. Look at us. We obey lawful orders. You are not allowing us. This has to be real democracy. Not a family democracy.hee..hee.. We are vanishing. Do whatever you feel like.Lumpp it with you.

( Patel twists his hand and suddenly there is great smoke around and the auto speeds past the police men and they look dazed and keep rubbing their eyes. The auto rushes to Chevella and stops near the meeting ground. There are many people squatting on a ground and CM is seen addressing the crowd)

CM . Jai Hind. Jai Sonia Gandhi, Jai Rahul Gandhi, Jai priyanka Gandhi, Jai Indira Gandhi, Jai man Mohan Singh. Jai Rajiv gandhi, Jai Indira Gandhi,Jai Mahatma Gandhi.. Listen to me. I have become the CM. I have the blessings of Madam Gandhi. I shall stay for full term. I am committed to her words. If she says go I shall go. If she says stay I shall stay. If she says sit I shall sit and if she says stand I shall stand.

Patel ( from the crowd) this guy remembers you Bapu. This is strange indeed.Look.. If she says dance, you will dance. If she says run, you will run. If she says cry you will cry. If she says crawl you shall crawl. What else can you do?

CM . Who is that guy disturbing me? I shall see you. I shall take off that tongue. Earlier I threatened to take off hands right in assembly hall..

Patel. It is me and this is my tongue ( He extends his tongue from mouth)

( All the on lookers laugh.hhaa..haa..haa..hee..hhee)

Gandhi. Hee..hee..huu..huu..Look Patel. Let him speak. He has come much prepared for the meet. He has script also in his hand.

CM. (Scratches his head) I was telling you about my loyalty. I am loyal to congress and Gandhis. I am committed to YSR policies. I am made by YSR. I am indebted to him. His policies will succeed. I shall ensure

Spectator. I am Govinda. How can you say that? All are saying that YSR policies will succeed if Only JAGAN becomes CM

CM. Not necessarily. I can also ensure it. I have all the support. I am experienced. Look at my head. I am committed. I work more than 20 hours a day. I hardly sleep.

Govinda ( spectator). You can not sleep naturally ( sings) ( does Jig)

Sir, You are unable to sleep
Because in fear you weep
Better a tablet of Anacin you keep
And stop giving assurances that you utter in a heap

CM ( gets upset) Inspector. go and catch that rascal who is doing a jig and singing too causing disturbance right in front of me. How dare? I am itching to take off his hand which he is waving.

(The police men run to Govinda who hides behind Gandhi)

Gandhi. Inspector. Please leave him. He is in my refuge

Inspector. What does it mean? Are you so great like Arjuna that you can give asylum to this guy?

Patel. That you will soon see.

Inspector. How?( scratches his head after removing his cap)

( In the mean time many spectators shout “down with congress who sold away tickets to some guys for lakhs of rupees” for Municiapl elections.. Down with them)

CM. Ofo. This is getting shit soon. I must leave this place

Govinda ( From behind Gandhi) Where shall you go dear? You have to answer us. ( does jig)

You old guy you can not run away
Stay down and answer us
There is lot of time to relax for you
And do not make much fuss

CM . Inspector. I told you to catch that guy and hammer him out of his wits.

Inspector. Sir This guy is hiding behind this Gandhi looking guy

C M . So What? Gandhi is dead log ago

Govinda. And his principles too.

Patel. Haa..haaa


Gamdhi. ( sings and does jig)

Do you know me?
I am the same old Gandhi with a stick
You guys have forgotten me
So you surely need a good kick

Patel. Bapu. Well sung. You are

Gandhi. Thanks for the compliments

Inspector. Enough of this cock and bull poem. Move aside and I have to catch this Govinda

Govinda. Bapu. Mujhe Bacho ( save me)

Gandhi. Please relax. These guys can not do any thing to you. I am here. Keep seeing.

Inspector. Are you so great? (He draws his revolver from holster). Look at this pistol. This is Cols make. Move aside

Gandhi. Hee..hee.Come on Inspector. This pistol can not do any thing to us

Inspector. I shall show you just now. ( He fires in air)

( Nothing happens . No one is scared, they laugh haa..ha.haa. Many guysdo jig and some do break dance)

Inspector ( He aims at Gandhi) this is the last warning to you. Move aside

Gandhi. Relax. I told you that you can not do any thing to us

Inspector . You deserve it now ( He opens fire with his pistol and fires three rounds at Gandhi)

Gandhi ( Laughs) Hee..Hee.. Look Inspector. See these bullets. ( He throws the bullets at the police man)

( Inspector fires remaining three rounds from his pistol. Gandhi laughs after catching all the bullets)

Gandhi. You nut. Take these ( He throws the bullets at the Inspector)

Inspector. Oh God. These guys must be wearing steel armor and gloves too. He shouts “charge” to police men and fall on Gandhi.

( Patel standing next to Gandhi twists his hand like Mandrake the magician looking angrily at the police and all the constables and Inspector are thrown in to air. They fly and fall at Moinabad 15 km away. Many beak their limbs)

Gandhi. Look guys . Please do not underestimate us and misbehave. I gave freedom to you guys to rule properly. Do not be tyrants and boot lickers.

(The remaining police men make a ring around the CM and escort him to a chopper that flies away hastily.)

Patel. Bapu. I think we must go from here. All this is cock and bull.

Nehru. Ok We must go before army is called in. That will be embarrassing for them as Army also can not do any thing to us.

Gandhi. True

Patel. Very true

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel slowly walk away and sit in the waiting auto and vanish from the scene)


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