Sunday, November 8, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

On a high seat in a hall in Kabul Ghori was seated
As guards stood all-round him with mighty spears
Nobles were seated in hall with ceremonial gait
While blind Chauhan was brought who shed no tears
Ghori mocked at him laughing in high pitch
“ Oh foolish king , What is your fate today in the court of my nobles,
You won many battles but you let me off
I brought you to this state where you are in my stables”

“We as Muslims never spare our enemy,
Kill them at the chance given by Allah in our life
You, fool a Kafir displayed code of conduct from your wretched books
See now you are struck in miserable strife”
Chauhan had no word to speak to him
He was blind and helpless at that moment
Destiny has deprived him off his power and eye sight
With Chand Bhatt beside he could not even lament

Chauhan was seething with anger inside
Although he appeared calm and cool
“You shall not understand Indian ethos oh descendents of Satan
Know all are in the hands of god a mere tool”
Thus spoke the king to the sultan
Although a prisoner with ceremonial gait
Silence fell on the court as he spoke
And Ghori looked at him with contempt

Ghori eyed at the nobles in the court
“This Indian is known as a great archer of repute
Let him show his prowess in this full court and prove himself”
Thus spoke the Sultan and others remained mute
A bow and arrows were brought while a bell was hung at a distance
The king was asked to shoot when the bell was hit
The arrow had to fly at the distance bell
And the king was given the shooting kit

Spirits returned to the hero at once
At the signal of Ghori the bell was struck
The destiny gave the nod while the bell was promptly hit
And Ghori was soon running out of the luck
“Wah, wah” the sultan applauded at the event
The next arrow flew fast in a second from the bow
The arrow found the mark in sultan’s throat
While Prithviraj at last fulfilled his vow

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