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                                                     NETAJI BOSE AND HIS LEGACY
                                                        Dr K Prabhakar Rao
                               Adolf Hitler addressed Netaji .. Your excellency... befitting an head of a govt of a nation.,Adolf Hitler also expressed surprise how a great and large country like India could be enslaved by the Europeans. In fact Hitler had very poor opinion about Indians as a race who failed to rise enmass and throw out the Europeans. However he respected Netaji very greatly and admired him. Bose was given all facilities in Germany and he raised his armed force and during WW II his soldiers did mostly sentry and guard jobs on Northern coasts.German officcers trained them. He addressed Indians over his radio station. .However soldiers of Bose did not take part in any offensive operations against Allies. He married his Secretary in Germany. Soon he realised that he can not meet his goals in Germany inview of German defeats, and he travelled to Japan in a submarine and in Japan he became supreme commander of INA. Rest is history.Luck did not favor him and Japan was nuked by USA and INA who were fighting along with Jap army in Eastern India had to surrender. There was no hope and Subhas tried to leave Japan to some unknown destination, probably Russia. Russia was his hope. nothing clear is known about him later.Congress party literally disowned him after he shook hands with Germans.MK Gnadhi ensured that he was hounded out of the party after his election as Congress President before WW II. His forward bloc was disliked by MKG . Netaji did not bow to the demands of MKG and his policies. His memory has been systematically under played by successive congress govt.His photograph was displayed in parliament after many years after 1947. He was dubbed as Nazi abettor by Gandhians. Todays history books in Schools hardly write a line about him.Generation after Generation in India has been brain washed about greatness of MK Gandhi and Nehru family while down playing Subhas.

                            Netaji'is death in plane crash has not been accepted by a large no . of people in India.Many commissions have been ordered to investigate his disappearance that has been a mystery. People believe following :

a. He was put in prison in Siberia in Russia where he passed away.

b. He was put in siberian prison for some time and later released.

c. While in Siberia Russia blackmailed Indian leadership to have trade with them and Nehru knew it.

d.The ascetic Gumnam baba near Faizabad who passed away some time ago in 1985 was none other than Netaji.

e. Netaji attended Nehrus funeral and this was caught on video.

f. Netaji was killed by the British agents.

g. Handing over of Nertaji to The British Govt if found in India was believed to be one of the condition included in the agreement document that was signed in 1947 by Indian leaders and Britain.He was to be tried for treason against the crown of England.Probably he would have been hanged by them if that took place.

                            Subhas said Give me your blood, I shall give you freedom. Todays guys say Give me your blood. I shall sell it and make money and store money abroad.Shame indeed.Sadly our youth have no time to think of Bose and shed tears for him and his untimely death at end of WW II assuming that he was killed in plane crash.Today we need leaders of Netajis devotion and patriotism and sacrifice. Most of our leaders in all parties are selfish and run after positions. They are scared to resign their positions to uphold principles.most of them are short sighted,timid and worthless

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                                     MAOISTS ARE  EVERYWHERE

                                         Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                 The term Naxalites has originated from Naxalabari in 1968 where locals under the leadership of Cahru Mazumdar and Kanu Sanyal rose against the land lords and killed many. It was ruthlessly crushed by the govt. But the movement has taken roots deeply in West Bengal  and soon spread  to Andhra Pradesh.  It became a very strong movement in the AP state and Srikakulam Naxalite movement or conspiracy took place in 1969 under the leadership of Nagabhushanam Patnaik, Chowdhary Tejeswar Rao,   Adibhatla Kailasam and few more. Many land lords were put to death by the armed bands and  it was also crushed  under the govt of Jalagam Vengal Rao the  CM of AP State.  In fact AP became nerve center for Comminist armed uprsings after it weakened in West Bengal. The buffer states like Eastern Maharshtra and Orissa also  became sanctuaries to the Naxalites. Of late newly formed smaller states such as Jharkhand and Chattisgarh also are very badly affected .Telangana province in AP state was the main stay for communists during the Nizams rule  during 1946 to 1951. Ravi Narayan Reddy, Chandra Pulla Reddy, T. Nagi reddy, P. Sundariah, Kolla Venkaiah and  Devulapalli  Venkateswar Rao were the  elite leaders of communist armed up rising during the last stages of   Nizams rule. However in 1951 the party gave up armed confrontation and joined  the main stream politics.The movement also deep roots in Sri Kakulam district in Andhra region.
                        However sympathy for armed communism always persisted in Telangana region and Sri Kakulam region. It never died. Therefore Naxalite movement could  soon be triggered by effective leadership in AP state and even today it has strong base although their activities are less at present. However in border areas of Orissa,  the actions are predominant.  Of late, any opposition to govt policies is being dubbed as leftist. Chattisgarh and Jharkhand became very active  areas for Naxalite actions  and at present these armed cadres are being called Maoists.

                In recent incidents in Delhi  thousands of  youth protested at Vijay Chowk against the rape of a woman in a bus and  were   seeking justice  and strong and quick punishments for the guilty.    The gathering was lathicharged by Delhi police  and they were victims of water cannons. Police apparently over reacted to the situation as the place is close to presidential palace. The anger on part of the crowd was very much justified. Instead of handling very carefully with  great restraint,  excessive force was used. Sri Sushil kumar Shinde the famous Home minister reacted that the gathering comprised of Maoists and that he  was not obliged  to go  and discuss  the issues at India gate and at other places whenever some gathering protested. How silly to state that the youth were Maoists. Sri Shinde of late over burdened with Maoist problem in various states and keeping age factor in consideration   has started seeing Maoists everywhere may be indreams too. Probably every agitation against the govt is being seen by him as if it was the work of Maoists. Maoists have become night mare for him. As per him Maoits are everywhere and omnipresent. May God bless him.     


                                                 INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN..283
                                                           Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen on a road leading to  Vijay chowk in Delhi. They are dressed as usual and Gandhi is  holding long stick in his hand. They are stopped by police men at barricades. )

Gandhi. Bhai, Why are you  stopping us from going further?

Constable. We have orders to do so.

Patel. That means you do not know why.

Constable. True. Our duty is to stop you. Not to know why.

Nehru. Hee…hee

Patel. Why do you laugh Jawaharlal?

Nehru. I am amused at his reply.

Patel. What is amusing in this?

Gandhi. Forget it Patel. Let us  see how to manage these guys.

Patel. Look police brother. We have some urgent work at a place and we have to go through this road only.

Constable. What can I do? I am obliged to do my duty. If I leave you, I shall loose my job.

Patel. Why so?

Constable. I  will be dubbed as a sympathizer of extremists.

Patel. Where is extremism in this?

Constable. Our Home minister feels that who ever has taken part in the recent show at Vijay Chowk are Maoists and they are extremists or Naxalites.

Gandhi. I feel pity for him. Poor guys is hard pressed with Naxal problems in Jharkhand and  Chattisgarh states.

Patel. He  is unable to sleep comfortably. Whenever he closes eyes probably A Naxal with a rifle is seen by him.

Constable. Look friends. Please leave this place. Or else I have to call my officer.

Patel. What he will do?

Constable. It is up to him. He may even ask me to open fire at you with this rifle.

Gandhi. Why bother him Patel.

Constable. Why can’t you guys travel by Metro rail?

Patel. All metro stations are closed. Trains do not ply.

Gandhi. There are no buses too.

Patel. Even if they play, no one wants to travel I them.

Constable. Why? You are males. You have to have no fear.

Patel. It is quite possible that driver and his friends could be homo guys. As it is, we are very old guys. If some one is after us we can not even fight back.

Constable. You are exaggerating. Till now no such thing happened in Delhi.

Gandhi. Now it can happen. For everything there has to be  some starting point.

Patel. We can not risk ourselves.

Constable. Please go away. My officer is coming this way.

Gandhi. Let him come. We are not scared.

( In the mean time an Inspector arrives with a carbine in hand)

Inspector. Constable. who are these guys?

Patel. We are Gandhi, Nehru and Patel.

Inspector. Why are you here? You were dead long ago.

Patel. We died long ago, True, But we are here for some work.

Inspector. Ohfo. We are tired of tackling living guys. How can we deal with dead guys?

Patel.  You have to. You are being paid for it.

Inspector. The fun is over. Can you fool us like this? Do you think we are fools.

Patel. We never said that way. You are calling yourselves.

Inspector. Now the jokes are enough. Go away from here. You are not allowed to go further.

Patel. Why are you so rude to old men like we three.

Inspector. You guys appear to be surely trouble makers. You are arguing with police men. Do you know the consequences?

Patel. At best you can open fire at us. What more you can do?

Inspector. Are you not scared?

Gandhi. Dead men are not scared of anything. They can not die second time. 

Inspector.  You guys appear to be fools.

Patel. You may think so. This is all fools world.  Every guy thinks other guy is a fool.

Inspector. That means you  think that we are fools.

Patel. Did I say that?

Inspector. But you mean it.

Patel. You may presume.

Inspector. Are you a Naxalite?

Patel. Am I looking like that? Look at me well.

Inspector. Nothing will be written on your face.

Patel. Why you have used word Naxalite to me? I feel offended.

Inspector. Why should you feel offended? Our Home mister Shinde Sahib called the youth agitating at Vijay Chowk as Maoists .

Patel. Hee..hee. He is obsessed with Maoists. Every one on the earth could be a Maoist for him. Any one against govt has to be a  Maoist for him. A new definition for Maoist has been found by him. Great indeed! Now you can use any amount of force against Maoists. Am I true?

Inspector. Very wells aid. You appear to be very intelligent.

Patel. That is why I was called Iron man of India.

Inspector. Come on guys. Forget about those old guys who were dead long ago.

Gandhi. But we are they.

Patel. And they are we.

Nehru. And we three are they and those three are we.

Inspector.…eeee… shh. Stop saying this..Or else I shall shoot at you.

Patel. What else you can do? We are Naxalites for you.

( Inspector lifts carbine and fires at the trio with a burst of fire)

Patel. Heee..heeeeee.. Hoo.. Hoo

Gandhi. Hoo…hoooo;;;haa ;;;haa

Patel. Look Inspector. We are not the poor youth at Vijay Chowk who were unarmed on whom you guys have shown your might. You can not do anything to us  as your bullets can not do anything to us.

Inspector. I shall show what I can do for you. I shall call a military tank to blow you guys.

Patel. Please get the atom bomb that is in store.

Inspector. Surely. After all I have to deal with Maoists.

Constable. Sir , If we use atom bomb all of us will die.

Inspector. True. Ohfo. Now what to do?

Patel. Best thing is to allow us to go through to Vijay Chowk.

Inspector. If we do that  we loose our jobs.

Patel. Then what is to be done?

Inspector. You only tell us.

Patel. Accept that you have done a mistake while  handling the youth at Vijay Chowk.

Inspector. I  shall say that  But Shinde sahib will not accept that.

Gandhi. He will also accept it some day.

Inspector. At least on my part I accept that we did mistakes.

Gandhi. That is good now. Relax. We are going back now. You will also get promotion soon  as ACP. Remember this in your life.

Constable. How about me sir. I am only a constable for the last 10 years.

Gandhi. You will become SI soon. Work hard and be humane and honest.

Patel .OK Fine boys , we are going

( The police men salute the trio as they walk back)

                                             CURTAIN FALLS 

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                          JUSTICE DELAYED.. IS .. JUSTICE DENIED
                                          Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                          Salman Khurshid the central minister commented that the criminals like Rapists can not be tried in public on streets and punished publicly as demanded by the aggrieved youth after the incident. As per him India has some legal system and courts are there where law will take its own course. True, This fact ever one knows. The demand for such trials and punishments indicate the frustration among youth and people over govts inability to arrest crime and anger over slow law process that would take years of time period. He should understand the public frustration and sentiment in view of the crime being a senior minister. Unfortunately this did not happen. His statement can be seen as a one that would not take public anger into account. No one expects that their demand would materialize.

                  It my be noted that in China some of the criminals like drug pedallers are executed publicly by firing squad. But it is a communist country where justice is dispensed very quickly unlike our system where criminals know very well that nothing will happen to them easily and they get bold. Our history after 1948 is an indication . In case of Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte the killers of MK Gandhi, the trial was reasonably quick and they were also hanged soon. But this happened because the victim was MK Gandhi. Congress was in power which he led earlier. The govt ensured that justice was dispensed soon. There have been many murders subsequently such as that of Pratapsingh kairon , the former Punjab CM, General Vaidya ( Retired), Indira Gandhi, Sant Longowal, Pramod Mahajan, and many more. The killers were not hanged quickly and the trials and punishments prolonged leading to frustration among public. Now ever one in India feels that nothing will happen quickly to the criminals and they can also manage bail.

                We find that many criminals including politicians are roaming on bail. This is the factual situation. Therefore public anger is well justified. Salman Khursheed tried to be in good books of govt and law ministry. How shameful it is!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


                                            MOST SHAMELESS THING

                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                  Delhi at Vijay Chowk has witnessed the public anger after the recent criminal assault on a woman passenger in a bus during the night by a gang of rowdies. The  woman   is admitted to a hospital where she is battling for life. She has been bold. The police of Delhi claim that they arrested the culprits at different places.  After seeing the  anger among youth, political parties too joined the chorus for  very severe punishments  and demanded death penalty for such offenses. We have to see what this  govt can do at this stage. This nation has taken years to hang Kasab and another  criminal Afzal Guru is being fed chicken and ice cream in jails although he is to be hanged. No one knows how long he will be kept like this. The nation apparently has no commitment to law and order. In fact Delhi has earned notorious name as the crime capital in India particularly against  women. Some time ago a foreigner woman was sexually assaulted in Delhi. Many years ago Billa and Ranga created sensation in Delhi when the school going daughtrer of a Naval officer was raped  after assaulting her brother and both were killed later. Bapu Jagjivan ram was the Defense minister at that time. This was long ago. But the incident  stirred the nation. But as usual  the govt slept. Such issues are forgotten. It forgot about the safety of the women in the country and particularly right in Delhi where a woman is the chief administrator of the state. Whenever  such incidents take place the leaders who are at  the helm of affairs appeal to people to maintain peace and remain calm and that they would make law stringent soon. However no concrete actions take place. Soon things are forgotten and Indian law  which is weak  bolsters courage among the criminals.

                   The saddest part is that many of our political leaders themselves are criminals. What we can expect from such stalwarts. In this particular case,  the police of Delhi failed to detect crime that was likely to take place and thus crime was committed. Now no action can bring back the honor of the woman.  It  is not easy to give death penalty in this case to the criminals as the law does not cater for it as murder did not take place. Some time ago  a man from Bengal was hanged for the rape and murder of a girl. The men involved in the present crime were drivers, cleaners and rowdy associates. They have no honor for themselves and lead ruffian lives.  Such men are danger to the society and such people  would be many in this land at every place. It is for the police to keep a track on such people throughout the country. Is it possible? Death penalty is a deterrent in such offenses. There has been article in  news paper by a  woman rights lawyer ( woman) and  she states that death penalty is not the answer. Please read   her own concluding words ( 1):-

“In India Rape does not attract capital punishment and even if the law is changed, it can not be applied retroactively to this case.Further if punishment for rape and murder is same, many rapists may kill the victim to destroy evidence. Thus we need more soulsearching answers from our parliamnetarians and experts about how we  can make our public places safe for our women.”

 The lawyer claims that the rapists could kill the victims after committing crime to erase evidence. This may not happen all the time and the  victim could escape after the crime. Her argument is surely not sound. By making the punishment lenient as at present, the rapists  are getting bold and are committing  such crimes. In many cases,  the criminals get Scot free for the lack of evidence. There is no doubt that  death penalty has to be imposed for the crime of rape.There is no second thought about this.  The govt   after the crime as per the news paper report attributed to Home minister Shinde stated that  centre would make amendments to criminal laws to seek a effective punishment  in the  rarest of rare cases of sexual assault including rape. The point  to note is what is rarest of rare case of rape (2). Rape is  after all a rape. There is nothing like rarest and rare and normal. Should we feel amused at such statements by the home minister? The courts also give lesser punishments if the offenders are young men and in this case the offenders are young persons. It is likely that these offenders get away with lesser punishments.

                       The uproar of youth in Delhi  was heard at Vijay Chowk  on 22 Dec, 2012 after the incident. Shamefully the police of Delhi over reacted and used water cannons and  made lathi charge on the  gathering. Many women and young men were badly hurt.   It is the most shameful thing by the police to indulge in violence against the youth are protesting about a genuine incident demanding justice to the victim.In fcat Delhi police is known for over reaction. Ramdeva Babas incident  at Delhi some time ago speaks about them. They should have shown great  restraint in this case. They behaved as if they will not  get a chance like this to wield lathis and get training on use of water cannons.Does it mean that the law  enforcing agencies are not concerned about such heinous crime. Do they not belong to the same society?  Are their women safe while they are on duty dispersing people  who are fighting to stop such crimes. How shameful indeed.The govt looks on  pathetically.  The govt should immediately order inquiry to the incidents of  use of excessive force at Vijay Chowk and punish the erring police officers who had given such orders for lathi charge and use of water cannons against the  youth. Can we expect from this govt. Let us Wait and see. Hope this case will not be forgotten like many cases of past including the various scams that are diluted day by day..


1. Flavia Agnes, Rape and Death,    Deccan Chronicle,Hyderabad,  Sunday 23, 2012, PP 10

2. DC Corrspondent,  Rape rage in Delhi, Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad, Sunday 23, 2012, PP1


                                               RAJA DESING’S VALOR

                                                     Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                  Perhaps the most popular legend in Tamil culture was that of the tragic tale of Raja Tej Singh of Gingee fort in Tamilnadu who lived in 18 century, popularly known in Tamil as Thesingu Raasan. He is also called Raja Desingu or Raja Desing. His name indicates that he was not a Tamilian by birth. He was the son of Swarup Singh a Chieftain of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb hailing from Rajasthan or Bundelkhand. The true life story of Tej Singh and his general, Mehboob Khan (aka Maavuthukaran), who were friends, has inspired many poems, street plays, and countless other stories.

                      Gingee Fort also known as Chenji or Jinji or Senchi in Tamil Nadu, India is one of the few surviving forts in Tamil Nadu, India. It lies in Villupuram District,160 kilometres (99 mi) from the state capital, Chennai, and is close to the Union Territory of Pondicherry. So well fortified was this place that Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj ranked it as the "most impregnable fortress in India" and it was called the "Troy of the East" by the British.The nearest town with a railway station is Tindivanam and the nearest airport is Chennai (Madras)-150 kilometres (93 miles). Gingee fort has a very long history. Originally the site of a small fort built by the Chola dynasty in 9th century AD, it was later modified by Kurumbar while fighting the Chola and again by the Vijayanagar empire in the 13th century to elevate it to the status of an unbreachable and impregnable citadel to protect the small town of Gingee. The fort was built as a strategic place of fending off any invading armies. It encircles hills named Krishnagiri, Chakkilidrug and Rajgiri. The fort was further strengthened by the Marathas under the leadership of Shivaji in 1677 AD, who recaptured it from the Bijapur sultans who had originally taken control of the fort from the Marathas. During Aurangzeb's campaign in the Deccan, Shivaji's second son who had assumed the throne, Chhatrapati Rajaram, escaped to Ginjee in the distant South and continued the fight with Moghuls from Ginjee. The Moghuls could not capture the fort for seven long years in spite of laying siege. The fort was finally captured in 1698, but not before Chhatrapati Rajaram escaped. It is learnt that Chatrapathi Raja Rams escape from the fort of Jinjee was abetted by Maratha General Ganoji Shirke who was in the service of army of Aurangzeb and present in the Mughal army at Jinjee. A senior Maratha diplomat of Raja Ram negotiated with him and issued a farman handing over the Jagir of Shirke that was seized by Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj earlier. General Shirke in fact was the person who betrayed Sambhaji Maharaj to Mughal commander at sangameswar earlier and subsequently Sambhaji Maharaj was tortured and was killed by Mughals at the orders of Emperor Aurangzeb. The Fort of course fell to Mughals after escape of Chatrapathi Raja Ram. It was later passed on to the Carnatic Nawabs who lost it to the French in 1750 before the British finally took control in 1761 despite losing it to Hyder Ali for a brief period.

                     After the ouster of the Marathas, Aurangazeb seems to have vested with a Rajput cheiftan from Bundela, named Swaroop singh, the rank of a Mansab, a jaghir and the killedari of Gingee as reward for his loyal services. Thus a Rajput came to assume charge of the historic fort of Gingee. With Aurangazeb’s farman in hand he arrived in Gingee and reported to Aurangazeb’s general Zulfiqar Khan to take over the fort in 1700. When Aurangazeb died in 1707, taking advantage of the confusion in Delhi and the hassled status of aged new Emperor Bahadur Shah I ( Eldest son of Aurangzeb), Swaroop singh failed to remit his dues. By now, it was running to Rs 70 lakhs or so and Sadathullah Khan as Nawab of Carnatic and representative of the Mughal throne threatened action against Swaroop singh. Sorrow stricken and with debts unpaid, Swaroop singh died around the end of 1713. He was succeeded by his son Tej singh who arrived from Bundelkhnad with his newly married wife and a great famous horse , according to Narayana Pillai’s chronicle. Narayana Pillai is believed to have lived near Gingee at the time of Swaroop singh’s death. But according to another historian CS Srinivasachari ,Tej Singh might have arrived from Bednur ( near Mangalore) where he was aiding it’s troubled Raja in his campaigns. The legendary horse of Raja Desingh may have been a gift from the Raja of Bednur.
                           Upon reaching Gingee, Desingh performed the obsequies of his father and took up the Governance of Gingee. With his father’s debt still unsettled, Nawab Sadathullah Khan of Arcot and representative of Mughal authority was not pleased and insisted that a new farman was needed from the reigning emperor for Desingh to be in possession of Gingee. Desingh categorically dismissed such suggestions and claimed that the farman of Alamgir ( Aurangazeb) gave all the legitimacy needed. Thus the stage was set for the confrontation from the start of his brief 10 month rule. Raja Desing gave scant respect to the orders of Carnatic Nawab to clear the dues and the Nawab decided to punish the Raja. He invaded with a large army of 85000 cavalry and 10000 infantry. Ginjee had a very small army of 500 soldiers and 350 cavalry. Yet the 22 year old Raja Desing decided to face the enemy bravely. He rushed into the hopeless battle on his steed and fought bitterly and very bravely and was killed along with his steed and his much loved friend Mehboob khan. His bravery and death moved friend and foe alike. His wife committed Sati at his funeral pyre. The Carnatic Nawab was much moved at the turn of events and built a city and named it Ranipet in the memory of the late queen.

                         The bravery of Raja Desing has inspired many and it has become a legend and the ballads have many interesting events and incidents included in the life of the Raja. His life story has been the theme for South Indian movies made in Tamil where famous actors such as MG Rama Chandran portrayed the role of Raja Desing. Top heroines played the roles of queens and other characters. Although the battle was purely onesided Raja Desing has gone down the history as a brave and valiant king who never bowed to be a slave and preferred to die in battle than to surrender in shame.


                                INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…282
                                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, patel and Nehru are  seen chatting at Delhi  Vijay chowk. The entire area is strewn with  chappals, shoes, broken bangles, spectacles, hand bags and many things. Poops of water  are around.)

Gandhi. Patel, What is this? This area always looks clean and neat. What is this. The area is horrible.

Patel. Bapu. Less said is better about this place.

Gandhi. What happened? You look dejected.

Patel. Bapu, I can not tell you.

Gandhi. Be bold. You are a freedom fighter that too a veteran ( Sings).

Be bold and do not hide
Tell me what happened here?
This area appears to be a battle ground
Now tell me all without any fear

Patel. Bapu, Please do not force me ( Sings).

I am helpless  and  I can not tell
Kindly forgive me now oh dear
This land has gone to cats and dogs
While on Delhi roads roam tiger and a bear

Gandhi. Jawaharlal, Do you know any thing about this?

Nehru. I do not know any thing. Patel knows everything. As usual I am cool.

Gandhi. If you guys do not tell, I shall go on fast right now here.

Patel. Bapu. Your fast has no meaning now. You are already a dead guy. What can happen to you now?

Gandhi. Ohfo. I forgot about it. Patel, Please tell me without any delay. I am itching to know Look, My hands and legs are getting scratchy ( He starts scratching violently).

Patel. Bapu. Please hold. I can not stand you doing this. I shall tell you everything.

Gandhi. I am a bit relieved. No wtell me.

Patel. Yesterday there was mammoth crowd here. All were  youth boys and girls.

Gandhi. Why they were here? What there any fashion show or cat walk?

Nehru. Bapu, How do you know about catwalk?

Gandhi. What do you think of me. Please do not underestimate me. I know everything.

Nehru. Sorry Bapu.

Patel. Bapu, there was nothing of that sort here. The youth were protesting about violence  against women. 

Gandhi. But it was always there in India.We never had such huge protests.

Patel. This was particularly  staged after a recent incident of violence against a young lady in a bus during night on Delhi road. It was a mass rape by a gang of criminals in the bus.

Gandhi. How sad!

Patel. The  woman is battling for life in an hospital. It is a shame to our country. So there was huge protest right in Vijay chowk.

Gandhi. Then what happened?

Patel. What can happen in India. The Delhi police as usual overreacted. They used water cannons against the youth. There was a severe lathicharge too several times. Most of the youth were injured including many young women.

Gnadhi. Why such police violence? Did the youth go berserk?

Patel. The police guys went berserk. This is another shameful incident against woman this time by the law enforcing agencies.

Gandhi. I know, Delhi police is famous for these things.

Patel. They should have shown restraint against the youth. They were not protesting for something funny.  Where was the requirement of using force?

Gandhi. What happened then? Did the PM of the country respond?

Patel. Who Bapu? Dr Man Mohan Singh was quiet seeing the tamasha. They can only say afterwards that law will take its own course. They say police arms are very long.

Gandhi. Shame..Shamee.. PM should have responded immediately and assured the nation.

Patel. You know how MMS responds. We have seen him after Bombay terrorist attack. He is meek and not forceful. No one will get assured after seeing him or listening to him.

Gandhi. It is a national misfortune indeed.

Patel. The govt after all these things says  that they will appoint fast track courts to punish the criminals.

Gandhi. Has the police arrested the guilty.

Patel. They say they did including the main guy.

Gandhi. Hope they caught the correct guys.

Patel. Hope so.

Gandhi.  I think Delhi is a state. How about the Chief minister of Delhi state? Where he or she is ?

Patel. She or he only knows. God bless this nation.

Gandhi. How shameful it is. Our nations prestige has nose dived. What face we can show at international forums?

Patel. If we have one Bapu.

Nehru. Patel, Please do not over react Our nation is great in fact.

Patel. Yeah, For rapes of course we  now stand first.

( In the mean time a Delhi police van arrives with some armed police men. An Inspector calls the trio)

Inspector. Who are you guys here? What work you have?

Gandhi. We are passersby. We have no special work here.

Inspector. Then pack off from here.

Patel. That will surely do. Any thing more?

Inspector. You appear to  be a stiff guy. If you do not go I shall show you what si more for you.

Gandhi. No requirement sir. We have seen enough.May god bless you. We are going from here.

Inspector. You appear to be the leader of the team. You look wise too.

Gandhi. True. We are going now.

(Inspector goes away in the van)

Patel. Have you seen Bapu, how  he was behaving with us.

Gandhi. That sit the usual police way. They are brought up that way. They also behave that way. It is no wonder they behaved that way with the crowd.

Patel. Bapu, This nation  can not   be corrected. It has  gone to dogs.

Gandhi. Patel, please do not feel dejected. Good days will come one day.

Patel. When Bapu?

Gandhi. You will know soon. I am sure about it. Let us go before that nut returns in the van.

                  (The trio walks away)
                                                     CURTAIN FALLS

Saturday, December 22, 2012


                               THE BALLAD VERSION

                                               Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                Swaroop Singh A Rajput chief was sent to impregnable Jinjee fort ( In Tamil Nadu) to rule as his representative by Delhi’s Emperor in 18 century and he won the respect and loyalty of the people of Senji ( Jingee) during his rule where Hindus and Muslims lived in peace and prosperity. A son was born to Swaroop Singh whom they named Tej Singh pronounced as Desingu in Tamil. Swaroop Singh had a secret wife called , and they had a son called Dawood Khan who was a little older than Desingu. Fearing that Dawood might pose a threat to the succession of the throne in years to come, on the advice of his commander and close confidant Yusuf Khan Swaroop Singh persuaded his wife to leave Senji, taking little Dawood with her. Desingu who had integrity and courage grows up with his childhood friend, another brave young man called Mohammed Khan and two were always inseparable.

                        At this juncture, the Sultan of Delhi offered to free any state coming under his dominion whose ruler managed to tame a wild horse in his stable. Hearing this in the intention to have a free kingdom, Swaroop Singh left for Delhi to takeup the challenge. Despite trying very hard, he failed to tame the wild horse and was imprisoned by the Sultan of Delhi as per conditions. Upon hearing this, the minister informed Desingu who rushed to Delhi where he met his uncle Bheem Singh for advice. The dauntless Desingu manageed to tame the stallion and rode it, to the loud cheers of the huge audience. Filled with admiration, the Sultan freed Swaroop Singh who had earlier failed in this endeavour and gave them a written proclamation ( Firman) of Senji’s independence. Desingu married Bheem Singh’s daughter and reached Jinjee. In course of time Swaroop singh passed away leaving many dues as taxes to the Emperor at Delhi and Desing took over Jinjee as the next ruler.

                   Meanwhile, growing up as an illegitimate child, Dawood vowed to rule Senji some day. But in her deathbed, his mother extracted a promise from Dawood that he would not cause any harm to Desingu. Dawood went to Arcot and won the confidence of the Nawab. The pleased Nawab appointed him as his General. When Dawood expressed his determination to subjugate Senji, the Nawab expressed his helplessness, stating that nothing could be done as long as Desingu had the written proclamation of Senji’s independence in his custody. It is around the same time Desingu dismissed his General Yusuf Khan from service when he was caught trying to commit adultery. The Nawab in the mean time managed some how to steal the proclamation of Delhi's emperor from Desing.

                        The nawab of Arcot sent Dawood Khan to meet Desingu to request Senji kingdom to pay tax. Desingu announced in pride that Senji would not bow to the Sultanate of Delhi. Now that Senji had no proof of its independence, Arcot declared war on Senji for non-payment of taxes. Under the resolute leadership of Mohammed Khan, Senji emerges triumphant in warding off the Arcot forces. Mohammed Khan was killed in treachery by Yusuf Khan . Wanting the brothers to fight against each other now, Yusuf Khan sent false reports to Desingu that it was Dawood who killed Mohammed Khan. Thirsty with revenge for the death of his friend, Desingu rushed to the warfront and soon challenged Dawood to a duel. Dawood was hesitant to fight with his brother, and even advised Desingu that they could leave the fighting to their troops. But Desingu was no mood to listen and soon the brothers are engaged in a bitter duel. Handicapped by his oath not to harm Desingu, Dawood was soon vanquished and was killed. Desingu’s delight is short-lived, as Yusuf Khan informed him that Dawood was none other than his brother. Adding to his grief at the death of his friend, Desingu is horrified at having killed his brother, and in a moment of abject remorse, killed himself. The Nawab’s troops soon entered the fort in victory, and Desingu’s brave wife Ranibai committed self immolation ( Sati).The Nawab sad at the turn of events built a town nearby and named it Ranipet in memory of queen of Desingu.

Note. Heeding to public demand, the Govt of Tamil Nadu has decided to erect a statue of Raja Desingu at Jinjee


                                          INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…281

                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in Ahmedabad streets. They are standing at  roadside shop and looking at people. People are seen in  groups  and found chatting.

Gandhi. Patel.  This is my state. I was  born in this state.

Patel. Me too. I am very happy  to be here. Jawaharlal how do you find this place?

Nehru. I feel as usual. I do not belong to this state. I am from UP. But I like every place.

Gandhi. That is good spirit. I was told that elections are being conducted here.

Patel. Bapu. Elections are over. To day the results are out.

Gnadhi. What happened?

Patel. Whatever expected happened. Modiji won hands down. Congress party lost badly. They  were beaten badly at the elections.

Gandhi. But congress party was confident that it would win.

Patel. Hee..heee.

Nehru. What is there to laugh? These things happen in elections.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Rahul baba the young prince was given the command in Gujrat to lead battle against Modiji.

Gandhi. Some one has to do that job. They found Rahul suitable. After all he has to be trained before he becomes the PM. Haa..Haa.Haaa

Nehru. Bapu. I am hurt. Why do you laugh? Why Rahul can not be PM? He is like any other leader.

Gandhi. Did I say that he can not become the PM?

Nehru. You did not say that. But you sounded differently.

Gandhi. Please do not imagine things. How I am bothered whether he becomes or not?

Nehru. I am sure you are not happy with my words.

Gandhi. I am not at all  worried. What I say is truth. Congress party launched him  with lot of fan fare as if he was going to Panipat war. I saw in news paper his snap with a turban.

Nehru. What is wrong if he puts on a turban.

Gandhi. Nothing is wrong. But sporting turban  will not get him votes. If turbans get votes, every one will wear turban .

Nehru. Patel. You are quiet. What happened?

Patel. I am listening. Rahul  was at the helm in UP lections. He goofed up and Congress lost badly in UP. Yadavas ousted his party. He now  does not know what to do. Now in Gujrat also story is repeated.

Gandhi. Hee..heee.. But Dr Man Mohan singh sahib and Sonia ji were also in Gujarat canvassing.

Patel.  They only blamed Modi. But people know who is what. They have shown in results. Now congress party is out in Gujarat. They have to sit in opposition and shout around. Modiji has done wonders.  All congress guys are tight lipped and keeping quiet.

Gandhi.  There is a term called iron leg.

Nehru. What does it mean?

Patel. I know it. The  guy who brings in only defeats and losses is called iron leg.

Nehru. Do you call the prince iron leg?

Gandhi. Did I say that?

Patel. I also did not say that.

Gandhi. Any  how,  congress party received good bashing in Gujarat. Next 5 years, they will be  doing leather hunting. I am sure Modiji will be the BJP candidate for the Delhi seat.

Patel. Surely. Congress will be having jitters. The trick of Muslim votes did not work. They have to do some  introspection with open hearts.

Gandhi. If they have open hearts ,so many scams would not have happened. They unleashed scams galore.

Patel. Haa..Haa..Haaa.. Well done Modiji. God bless you.

Gandhi. I also bless him. Well done my boy. May god bless  him.

( In the mean time , many vehicles with people waving flags and raising slogans.. Jai ho Modiji… Jai ho.. speed past the trio who look curiously at them.)

Gandhi. Nice day we had. I am happy today. Congress tamasha did not work. In fact after getting independence, I demanded that the Congress party be scrapped. People did not listen. Jawaharlal, you did not listen to me. Look What is happening to day..

(Nehru   looks otherway as if he did not listen)

Patel. It is time we leave. Soon there will be fire works  here. It is better we leave.

Gandhi. True. Better we leave this place.

( The trio walks away)

                                       CURTAIN FALLS



                           TRIUMPHATANT MODI
                              DR K Prabhakar Rao

Bastions of Red fort are shaken
When Modiji has won the vote
His opponents do not know what to do
Except to buy voters with a note

The iron leg  entered the arena from Delhi
With a show of support by the top brass
Alas! The guy has not done wonders in Gujarat
And  he had to  topple to eat dry grass

Modi emerged as the glorious knight
The battle for Congress went haywire
The leaders in Delhi fumed and fretted
With their ill deeds they sunk in a quagmire

Shiva  in Somnath  would soon open his third eye
And Modi would  soon break the gates of Delhi fort
Those in power in Delhi surely must be in jitters
With dreams  at night full of eerie laughing ghosts


Thursday, December 20, 2012


                                         INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…280
                                                         Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 (Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are  at city outskirts of Hyderabad and are sitting on a roadside boulder. There is a small tea shop at the site.)

Patel.  Bapu, Do you mind some tea? I am feeling cold.

Nehru. That will be nice. Let us have.

Gandhi. True.

( Patel goes to the shop and fetches three cups of tea and some   biscuits.)

Patel. I brought some  Osmania biscuits.

Gandhi. Strange. I never heard that such biscuits exist.

Patel. These biscuits are popular in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. I heard about Osmania university of course.Hope the university is manufacturing these biscuits.  But never knew that the previous Nizam marketed biscuits with same name.

Neehru. I do not think the Nizam marketed  such biscuits. He was a king.

Patel. Probably Hyderabadis out of love for Osmanshah ( Nizam ) named the local biscuits.

Gandhi. That could be true. Any how these taste good. Jawaharlal , Can you throw some light on the origin of these biscuits?

Nehru. Bapu. It is difficult for me to say anything. I do not know.

Gandhi. You are a great historian.

Nehru. I never claimed so.

Patel. People made you however. Hee..heee..hee

( In the meantime  Some open jeeps arrive with lot of  men in them.  All are wearing  white dresses and  carrying some flags. They are shouting Jagan ki Jai.. YSR ki Jai)

Gandhi. What is this going on? Are the elections going on now in this place?

Patel. No.  Still  an year is left for the drama.

Nehru. Do you call it a drama ?  We got freedom  and gave democracy. Do you call the elections a drama? Bapu, please look how Patel  is talking.

Gandhi. It is his wish. How can I stop him?

Patel. Look Jawaharlal, Do you call this democracy or idiocracy. Indians have defamed word democracy in fact. Are you sure they are practicing real democracy.?

Nehru. What  do you think they are doing.

Patel. These Indians are electing a bunch of nuts in every elections  who are taking the country for a ride. Criminals and all types of scamsters are getting elected and they establish family rules in states and center too.

Nehru. I am sure you are hinting at me.

Patel. Yes. I tell truth. You ensured that your daughter  was brought into lime light You made others powerless and sycophants. Every one knows it.

Gandhi. I did not do any thing. My sons died paupers. They were not in power. Eee..eeee..eee.

Patel. If wanted you could be the president of India.

Gandhi. These are all past things. Forget and forgive.

Patel. I am unable to forget and forgive . I should have been the PM. All wanted me to be the PM. You denied it. Democracy was killed then and there itself. Why talk all big things now.

Gandhi. Eee..eee..You are blaming me.

Patel. I am not blaming you. I am telling the simple and plain truth.

Gandhi. Patel. Now wht this slogan shouting is going on?

Patel. Bapu. In AP state there is a great tussle is going on to capture political power in next elections. Congress is shit scared that they would be loosing in the state.

Gandhi. Why so. AP was their bastion.

Patel. It was there once when YSR lived. Their image disappeared with YSR.Telangana issue has  badly damaged congress poarty. The electorate is completely divided. In all Telangana  districts congress would loose asTelanganites will vote for KCR who is spearheading the agitation for Telangana. Telugu desam under Chnadrababu is playing his own game doing Pada Yatra ( Foot march) and wooing the voters. His Party Ms LA from Telangana are unable to decide what to do. If they continue in the party they could loose elections.  At this stage, if they jump into KCR group  they might loose image as all these days they did not join them and played safe.

Gandhi. I think all these guys  resigned once.

Patel. Nothing happened. They knew that their resignations will not be accepted. It was gimmick infact.

Nehru. There was a guy called Jagan the son of late YSR.

Patel. He is still there. But he is lodged in jail and not being allowed to come out. He is  entangled in many cases. Bail is being refused for him.

Gandhi. How long.

Patel. Till the govt wants.

Gandhi. He   is also an MP.

Patel. MP does not mean that he can not be in jail. They are happy in jail. They get lot of  press coverage. These are not like old jails. They are like star hotels now. They get popularity. Bapu. Do you remember that whenever you were in jail you got great popularity.

Gandhi. Those days were different. I was in jail for different cause. I was not there for  making money  and for criminal  scams.

Patel. True. Jagan has a popular party called YSR Congress party.

Gandhi. But the party is leaderless now.

Patel. Nothing to worry. YSRs daughter is now holding the fort in absence of Jagan.  The party is sending shivers down the spines of congress leaders. One by one Congress leaders are  shifting to Jagans  camp.

Gandhi. Naturally ants will collect where sugar is there. They know that if they remain in congress they will be wiped out.Patel, You  used a word SPINE. Who has it now a days. Hee..hee..hee.

Patel. Rarely one has it in the congress party. People like Nijalingappa had one. All these guys do amma bhajan throughout the year.

Gandhi. I think YSR congress will make the big difference in next elections.

Patel. Surely. If Telangana is given , Congress will loose in Andhra area. It Telangan is not given it will loose in Telangana area. Under any case YSR will win.

Gandhi. What will happen to Kiran Kumar reddy then who is the present CM.

Patel. He will go to Rajya Sabha or play cricket for state.

Gandhi. Hee,,hee,, How sad for congress party that I developed.

Patel. It is not your congress. This is Indira Congress. She killed your Congress

Gandhi. Eee…eee…eeee.. Where my Congress has gone?

Patel. It is now in dust bin bapu. It is in archives

Gandhi.. aa..aa…aaa…aaaa… ( wipes tears)

( In the mean time the guys sitting in jeeps shout Jai Jagan..Jai Sharmila.. Jai Vijayamma.. Jai Jai YSR.. They speed away in jeeps)

Patel. Bapu. Todays drama is over . It is getting dark. Let us go.

Gandhi. Yes..

( The trio walks away)

                                CURTAIN FALLS