Thursday, December 20, 2012


                                         INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…280
                                                         Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 (Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are  at city outskirts of Hyderabad and are sitting on a roadside boulder. There is a small tea shop at the site.)

Patel.  Bapu, Do you mind some tea? I am feeling cold.

Nehru. That will be nice. Let us have.

Gandhi. True.

( Patel goes to the shop and fetches three cups of tea and some   biscuits.)

Patel. I brought some  Osmania biscuits.

Gandhi. Strange. I never heard that such biscuits exist.

Patel. These biscuits are popular in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. I heard about Osmania university of course.Hope the university is manufacturing these biscuits.  But never knew that the previous Nizam marketed biscuits with same name.

Neehru. I do not think the Nizam marketed  such biscuits. He was a king.

Patel. Probably Hyderabadis out of love for Osmanshah ( Nizam ) named the local biscuits.

Gandhi. That could be true. Any how these taste good. Jawaharlal , Can you throw some light on the origin of these biscuits?

Nehru. Bapu. It is difficult for me to say anything. I do not know.

Gandhi. You are a great historian.

Nehru. I never claimed so.

Patel. People made you however. Hee..heee..hee

( In the meantime  Some open jeeps arrive with lot of  men in them.  All are wearing  white dresses and  carrying some flags. They are shouting Jagan ki Jai.. YSR ki Jai)

Gandhi. What is this going on? Are the elections going on now in this place?

Patel. No.  Still  an year is left for the drama.

Nehru. Do you call it a drama ?  We got freedom  and gave democracy. Do you call the elections a drama? Bapu, please look how Patel  is talking.

Gandhi. It is his wish. How can I stop him?

Patel. Look Jawaharlal, Do you call this democracy or idiocracy. Indians have defamed word democracy in fact. Are you sure they are practicing real democracy.?

Nehru. What  do you think they are doing.

Patel. These Indians are electing a bunch of nuts in every elections  who are taking the country for a ride. Criminals and all types of scamsters are getting elected and they establish family rules in states and center too.

Nehru. I am sure you are hinting at me.

Patel. Yes. I tell truth. You ensured that your daughter  was brought into lime light You made others powerless and sycophants. Every one knows it.

Gandhi. I did not do any thing. My sons died paupers. They were not in power. Eee..eeee..eee.

Patel. If wanted you could be the president of India.

Gandhi. These are all past things. Forget and forgive.

Patel. I am unable to forget and forgive . I should have been the PM. All wanted me to be the PM. You denied it. Democracy was killed then and there itself. Why talk all big things now.

Gandhi. Eee..eee..You are blaming me.

Patel. I am not blaming you. I am telling the simple and plain truth.

Gandhi. Patel. Now wht this slogan shouting is going on?

Patel. Bapu. In AP state there is a great tussle is going on to capture political power in next elections. Congress is shit scared that they would be loosing in the state.

Gandhi. Why so. AP was their bastion.

Patel. It was there once when YSR lived. Their image disappeared with YSR.Telangana issue has  badly damaged congress poarty. The electorate is completely divided. In all Telangana  districts congress would loose asTelanganites will vote for KCR who is spearheading the agitation for Telangana. Telugu desam under Chnadrababu is playing his own game doing Pada Yatra ( Foot march) and wooing the voters. His Party Ms LA from Telangana are unable to decide what to do. If they continue in the party they could loose elections.  At this stage, if they jump into KCR group  they might loose image as all these days they did not join them and played safe.

Gandhi. I think all these guys  resigned once.

Patel. Nothing happened. They knew that their resignations will not be accepted. It was gimmick infact.

Nehru. There was a guy called Jagan the son of late YSR.

Patel. He is still there. But he is lodged in jail and not being allowed to come out. He is  entangled in many cases. Bail is being refused for him.

Gandhi. How long.

Patel. Till the govt wants.

Gandhi. He   is also an MP.

Patel. MP does not mean that he can not be in jail. They are happy in jail. They get lot of  press coverage. These are not like old jails. They are like star hotels now. They get popularity. Bapu. Do you remember that whenever you were in jail you got great popularity.

Gandhi. Those days were different. I was in jail for different cause. I was not there for  making money  and for criminal  scams.

Patel. True. Jagan has a popular party called YSR Congress party.

Gandhi. But the party is leaderless now.

Patel. Nothing to worry. YSRs daughter is now holding the fort in absence of Jagan.  The party is sending shivers down the spines of congress leaders. One by one Congress leaders are  shifting to Jagans  camp.

Gandhi. Naturally ants will collect where sugar is there. They know that if they remain in congress they will be wiped out.Patel, You  used a word SPINE. Who has it now a days. Hee..hee..hee.

Patel. Rarely one has it in the congress party. People like Nijalingappa had one. All these guys do amma bhajan throughout the year.

Gandhi. I think YSR congress will make the big difference in next elections.

Patel. Surely. If Telangana is given , Congress will loose in Andhra area. It Telangan is not given it will loose in Telangana area. Under any case YSR will win.

Gandhi. What will happen to Kiran Kumar reddy then who is the present CM.

Patel. He will go to Rajya Sabha or play cricket for state.

Gandhi. Hee,,hee,, How sad for congress party that I developed.

Patel. It is not your congress. This is Indira Congress. She killed your Congress

Gandhi. Eee…eee…eeee.. Where my Congress has gone?

Patel. It is now in dust bin bapu. It is in archives

Gandhi.. aa..aa…aaa…aaaa… ( wipes tears)

( In the mean time the guys sitting in jeeps shout Jai Jagan..Jai Sharmila.. Jai Vijayamma.. Jai Jai YSR.. They speed away in jeeps)

Patel. Bapu. Todays drama is over . It is getting dark. Let us go.

Gandhi. Yes..

( The trio walks away)

                                CURTAIN FALLS

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