Monday, December 24, 2012


                          JUSTICE DELAYED.. IS .. JUSTICE DENIED
                                          Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                          Salman Khurshid the central minister commented that the criminals like Rapists can not be tried in public on streets and punished publicly as demanded by the aggrieved youth after the incident. As per him India has some legal system and courts are there where law will take its own course. True, This fact ever one knows. The demand for such trials and punishments indicate the frustration among youth and people over govts inability to arrest crime and anger over slow law process that would take years of time period. He should understand the public frustration and sentiment in view of the crime being a senior minister. Unfortunately this did not happen. His statement can be seen as a one that would not take public anger into account. No one expects that their demand would materialize.

                  It my be noted that in China some of the criminals like drug pedallers are executed publicly by firing squad. But it is a communist country where justice is dispensed very quickly unlike our system where criminals know very well that nothing will happen to them easily and they get bold. Our history after 1948 is an indication . In case of Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte the killers of MK Gandhi, the trial was reasonably quick and they were also hanged soon. But this happened because the victim was MK Gandhi. Congress was in power which he led earlier. The govt ensured that justice was dispensed soon. There have been many murders subsequently such as that of Pratapsingh kairon , the former Punjab CM, General Vaidya ( Retired), Indira Gandhi, Sant Longowal, Pramod Mahajan, and many more. The killers were not hanged quickly and the trials and punishments prolonged leading to frustration among public. Now ever one in India feels that nothing will happen quickly to the criminals and they can also manage bail.

                We find that many criminals including politicians are roaming on bail. This is the factual situation. Therefore public anger is well justified. Salman Khursheed tried to be in good books of govt and law ministry. How shameful it is!

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