Sunday, December 30, 2012


                                                     NETAJI BOSE AND HIS LEGACY
                                                        Dr K Prabhakar Rao
                               Adolf Hitler addressed Netaji .. Your excellency... befitting an head of a govt of a nation.,Adolf Hitler also expressed surprise how a great and large country like India could be enslaved by the Europeans. In fact Hitler had very poor opinion about Indians as a race who failed to rise enmass and throw out the Europeans. However he respected Netaji very greatly and admired him. Bose was given all facilities in Germany and he raised his armed force and during WW II his soldiers did mostly sentry and guard jobs on Northern coasts.German officcers trained them. He addressed Indians over his radio station. .However soldiers of Bose did not take part in any offensive operations against Allies. He married his Secretary in Germany. Soon he realised that he can not meet his goals in Germany inview of German defeats, and he travelled to Japan in a submarine and in Japan he became supreme commander of INA. Rest is history.Luck did not favor him and Japan was nuked by USA and INA who were fighting along with Jap army in Eastern India had to surrender. There was no hope and Subhas tried to leave Japan to some unknown destination, probably Russia. Russia was his hope. nothing clear is known about him later.Congress party literally disowned him after he shook hands with Germans.MK Gnadhi ensured that he was hounded out of the party after his election as Congress President before WW II. His forward bloc was disliked by MKG . Netaji did not bow to the demands of MKG and his policies. His memory has been systematically under played by successive congress govt.His photograph was displayed in parliament after many years after 1947. He was dubbed as Nazi abettor by Gandhians. Todays history books in Schools hardly write a line about him.Generation after Generation in India has been brain washed about greatness of MK Gandhi and Nehru family while down playing Subhas.

                            Netaji'is death in plane crash has not been accepted by a large no . of people in India.Many commissions have been ordered to investigate his disappearance that has been a mystery. People believe following :

a. He was put in prison in Siberia in Russia where he passed away.

b. He was put in siberian prison for some time and later released.

c. While in Siberia Russia blackmailed Indian leadership to have trade with them and Nehru knew it.

d.The ascetic Gumnam baba near Faizabad who passed away some time ago in 1985 was none other than Netaji.

e. Netaji attended Nehrus funeral and this was caught on video.

f. Netaji was killed by the British agents.

g. Handing over of Nertaji to The British Govt if found in India was believed to be one of the condition included in the agreement document that was signed in 1947 by Indian leaders and Britain.He was to be tried for treason against the crown of England.Probably he would have been hanged by them if that took place.

                            Subhas said Give me your blood, I shall give you freedom. Todays guys say Give me your blood. I shall sell it and make money and store money abroad.Shame indeed.Sadly our youth have no time to think of Bose and shed tears for him and his untimely death at end of WW II assuming that he was killed in plane crash.Today we need leaders of Netajis devotion and patriotism and sacrifice. Most of our leaders in all parties are selfish and run after positions. They are scared to resign their positions to uphold principles.most of them are short sighted,timid and worthless

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