Sunday, July 31, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen walking on a street in Hyderabad and the area is a commercial center. Most of the city’s educational Institutions have displayed their flexies ( Banners). Entire area looks very crowded and milling with crowd.)

Gandhi. Patel. I think we have come for first time to this place.

Patel. True Bapu. We are new to this place. Any how place looks busy too.

Gandhi. Hey Look at that big banners. Please read. I am having some problem with my glasses.

Patel. Please do not worry Bapu. We both are your eyes. We were like this till you died having been shot dead by Nathuram VinayakGodse at Delhi during a prayer meeting..

Gandhi. Ohfo! Is it necessary to say every time that Godse shot me dead? I feel upset about it whenever some one s me about it.

Patel. Bapu. What is wrong in saying truth. You always preached that one must always say truth. I am following your doctrine.

Nehru. Patel. Was it really required to say every time that Bapu had no natural death.

Patel. Why you are getting worked up? Death is a death whether it is natural, accidental or getting killed. Only difference is that the soul will not have peace if it was not natural.

Nehru. How do you know this?

Patel. People have this belief and I am sure scriptures also say something on this. But whatever has to happen will occur. It is his fate.
Gandhi. That is OK. Please read it.

Nehru. That means such souls who had unnatural death keep wandering.

Patel. True. Look at Bapu now. Is he not restless? Have you seen at any time happy and quiet and peaceful. All the time he is worried abut India, his non violence and India.

Nehru. That is true. But we are also roaming with him. But we had natural death.

Patel. We were flunkies to Bapu. So we are with him.

Gandhi. Why do you use word flunky? It does not sound well. Better say true followers.

Patel. Both are more or less same. We are with him always. Wherever he goes we follow him. Invariably we accept everything whatever he says. Even if we do not agree on some thing we are generally scared to say anything against it. We clap to whatever he says. This we did throughout the freedom movement that ended with 1947. Is it not true Jawaharlal?

Nehru. It appears as if you are true. It is true that we did not have much freedom.

Patel. Even after 1947 where was the real freedom?

Nehru. Why. The Englishmen left us.

Patel. Say to our fate. That looks better.

Nehru. Why that addition you made.

Patel. Why not?. Is this country being run well? I said we had no real freedom although the English men left because you were forced on the nation as PM although I has mandate.

Nehru. So, you have not forgotten the issue.

Patel. How can I? It was a great injustice done to me.

Nehru. What can I say. It was complex state. Bapu had to be listened. No one can go against him. There was no freedom although the whites left.

Patel. It was Subhas Chandra who had guts.

Nehru. You know what happened to him.

Patel. He was bold enough to leave us, the party and the land too. He had his own way.

Nehru. What is the use?

Patel. Why? He became a Martyr. People love him so much more than us. Now hardly people remember us. Bapu, your statues have also very much reduced.

Gandhi. Why? Are the people ungrateful to me?

Patel. Bapu, It is not like that. Now Ambedkar has become more popular everywhere. Every where his statues have come up.

Gandhi. It is also good. There is a saying that anything going up has to come down. After freedom I became an icon. Now see, None is caring for me.. eee..eee..Any how it is the effect of time. Great emperors have vanished into time. What am I? Where are Asoka, Akbar, Chadragupta, Harsha, Raya?

Patel. Bapu. I am happy you said that.

Gandhi. In this confusion we forgot to read the flexy.

( Patel reads the flexy)

Patel. Bapu. This advertisement is about admission in an Engineering college. It says
.. Join us. If you have fire, we shall stoke it. If you are aflame, we shall make it in to a volcano. Join us. Free bus facility to all girls, handicapped students. For boys it is 50% fees for transport. Seat in management quota are given at very reasonable rate. For IT branch we take Rs 10000 per year in II, III and IV year. First year there is no fees for IT. Please come to us. Free calculators, cell phones with camera and college uniforms two pairs.. ZZZCET. Contact no @@@@@@ bla..bla..blaaaa, Mazelelogudem, RR Dist

Gandhi. That was good. Please read the next flexy.

Patel. “ Join us. Quick. Late comers will loose. All fun. Studies are also there at times. No fees for I year for management seats in all braches for the first 8 students in each branch. No harassment for fees. Pay at your convenience before final year is over. Yearly tour for final years students to four good places in North India including pubs. No detentions.Attendence is guarnteed. Please come fast. Jai Hind.. Join XYZCET. Time pass pura, Hyderabad.

Gnadhi. How nice it is for students? These are very interesting. Please read more and more.

Patel. Bapu. There are dozens of flexie here.

Gandhi. Read . Go ahead.

Patel. “Late comers will loose. Join us fast. We are waiting for you. Excellent staff. Good labs, Fine atmosphere is there. Many trees are in campus with a small zoo. Swimming pool is also there. Weekly you will have free periods for swimming. You will be taken for picnic on two days. One day is holiday for enjoying at pubs. You can come to college whenever you like. No harassment of students. Nominal fees for all. You can complete degree as fun. Please rush fast. .

Gandhi. Oh..Great.. Read more and I am getting inspired too.

Patel. This is from another engineering college. Its name is YYXX CET. It says, “ Come soon, Join us and get benefits. No attendance worry. Attend at your leisure and convenience. Teachers when required will also come to your house. Do not worry about practical examinations. Hundred percent pass in labs. You need not write lab records. We shall do it for you. You need not write assignments. We shall accept Xerox copies. Original will be on notice board. Come soon. Enjoy your stay with us. All fun. Very little studies. Degree guaranteed.

Gandhi. I am getting inspired to write EAMCET examination next year.

Patel. Bapu. I shall also write. We will get fees reimbursement too from AP govt. They will give to all. We are sure to pass EAMCET examination. Even if we fail still you can manage seat some how.

Gandhi. Will they give to dead persons?

Patel. They may give. They are giving to all guys. Who knows we are dead? We can always manage income certificates. In India, even blind persons get heavy vehicle driving licenses. It happened some years ago.

Gandhi. That was good. Everything is merry making in India now. Haa..haa..hooo..hoo

Patel. Hee..Heee.

Gandhi. We are wasting time. Read more.

Patel. Ohfo Bapu. I forgot to read. You deviated me from the tempo. Next College says, “Dear students. Welcome. Why worry for engineering admissions when we are here. We shall take care of you. No fear of examinations. No difficulty for English language. No fear of attendance and internal examinations, No fear of main examinations. Your future will be in our hands. We shall get you Visa too. Admissions in USA are guaranteed. Every one is guaranteed First class. Join without hesitation. Free buses are provided for all wherever they stay in twin cities. Our campus is beautiful. Lot of greenery is there. We have excellent canteen wilh all types of stuff. In free periods you can watch a movie in auditorium. Plenty of play fields are there.Weekly once you can pay cricket throughout the day. No one will trouble you. Every year, there will be four annual days. Enjoy and study for a change. Our campus is at Happy go lucky pura in RR District.

Nehru. What is this nonsense? Are these Engineering colleges. Oh God. How bad is Engineering education in AP !

Patel. Jawaharlal, Do you know that only 10 percent of graduates passing out of engineering colleges in AP are fit to be employable. Rest all is mere scrap. They can not even write their names and date of birth correctly. Forget about Technical skills and other skills. None will have writing skills. They only can understand their language.

Nehru. How they will pass then?

Patel. That question you should not ask.

Gandhi. This is very strange. I also heard that some students who fail to pass in few subjects are also given degrees. Is it true?

Patel . You are very true Bapu . They are given option to take degree with two left out subjects. Still they are engineers. All these are not mentioned in Engineering degree that they get. That is the trick. So employer does not know. Who will examine their memos of marks? They go abroad also to do MS at some third rate university.

Gandhi. Whys such things are done?

Patel. That is to help some guys who are not capable of passing some subjects. Bapu. You know that engineering drawing is the basis for engineers. The guy who is not good at drawing will be an useless engineer. Now even if the guy fails in that subjects throughout his four years of study still he gets his degree. University bails him out. Haa.. Haa. What a fun!

Patel. A stage may come when students are given degrees just after attending the four year course. There may not be examinations. We can not say anything in this country.

Gandhi. How about international values?

Patel. They go to USA too. They have no future thee too. They do some odd jobs here and there and learn some slang, talk like yankies and show off when they visit India. Any how these useless graduates some how join PG courses here and there and get M tech degree too. Even then he does not know any thing. That is the tragedy.

Gandhi. God save this nation. Will they do PG also?

Patel. True. That is another apology for PG degree. I know a guy who said at an interview that the voltage supplied at homes in India is 5 volts. He was a Post graduate in electrical Engineering. Such guys are also working as teachers in engineering colleges.

Gandhi. Let us go from here soon. I am getting upset.

Patel. I am also like that. Let us go. How about doing engineering in AP?

Gandhi. Never. Never. I shall forget whatever I know.

Nehru. Hee..Hee. For a change Bapu, you are right. Haa..haa

( The trio call an auto and vanish from the place soon )


Saturday, July 30, 2011


Power in India will go to the hands of rascals
While all will be rogues, freebooters and jackals
The leaders will be of low caliber and men of straw
And they hide their dirty hearts as if in a woman's bra.

They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts
While in mischief making they find ways of all sorts
They will fight among themselves for position and power
And the nation would fall down the high and steep tower

India in political squabbles would be eternally lost
And the day is not far off and it would occur very fast
Day would come when taxed would be water and air
While for these leaders in India all would be seen as fair

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, July 25, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen purchasing vegetables at a market in Hyderabad Rytu ( farmer) bazaar ( Market) and they are holding bags in hands.)

Gandhi. The market appears flooded with all types of vegetable. I am sure the prices must be low.

Patel. We have to see it.

Nehru. What is there to see?

Patel. OK Let we go in.

(They halt at shop and Nehru feels some tomatoes with hand)

Shop keeper. Oh Bhai. Please do not touch them.

Nehru. Why? What is wrong in it? What goes wrong with them if I touch?

Shop keeper. Bhai. Your hands may have some bacteria and virus. How do we know?

Patel (Angrily) Come on. Look at your shop. You have spread all vegetables on ground. Every where dirt is there. Once you are away in the afternoon, you will find all dogs pissing here. Pigs will roll here. It is so horrible. Look that child is urinating right next to your shop. Do you know that? I am sure you have not even cleaned this place before you occupied it.

Shop keeper. Look. I spread a plastic sheet on ground. I a careful.

Patel. Will it be OK? Whom you are fooling?

Shop keeper. OK Bhai. I am sorry. But this is not America to have great cleanliness. Life goes on like thgis.You may handle the tomatoes.

Gandhi. What is the price of tomatoes?

Shop keeper. Sir. Tomato costs Rs 10.

Patel. Is the price same for big and small?

Shop keeper. Yes. There is no change.

Gandhi. Give me two kilos. How much I have to pay?

Shopkeeper. It depends on how many consist of one Kg.

Patel. What does that mean? One kilo has to be 10 Rupees.

Shop keeper. No Bhai. Each tomato costs 10 rupees.

Gandhi. Oh no… eee..eeee.. aaa..

(Gandhi shrieks loudly and falls down. On lookers gather around him while Patel and Nehru are worried. Gandhi occasionally shivers with some froth at his mouth.)

Nehru. Patel. What happened to Bapu suddenly? I am scared.

Patel. I do not know.But he some times does this. Something must have bitten him.

On looker. Bhai. This place is very dirty. There could be some scorpion or some dirty insect or centipede that has bitten him. Take out these vegetables and search for it.

(The other on lookers throw out all tomatoes and search . But nothing is found. Shop keeper cries loudly.)

Nehru. Patel. Sprinkle some water on Bapu’s face.

Patel. I shall do that.

( Patel goes to a tap close by and finds no water coming out from it. The water tap is jammed and heaps of garbage is around. It appears as if the tap was not working since many years.)

Patel. Oh shit! What a place indeed! There is no water any where here.

( ( Patel goes near a dirty toilet room and finds some water in a bucket and he gets some water in a dirty plastic container available and sprinkles on Bapu’s face. Bapu slowly opens his eyes and moans. He slowly sits up.)

Patel. Bapu. How are you now? What happened to you? Has anything bitten you?

Bapu. No…. No . Nothing has bitten me. I heard the prize of tomatoes and collapsed after a shock.

( The on lookers laugh and go away. The shop keeper is busy collecting his tomatoes cursing every one around. He cleans them with available dirty water and wipes them with an equally dirty cloth.)

Patel. Bapu. Please get up. I am sure you are OK.

Gandhi. I am fine now. Let us move.

( They slowly walk to some distance and halt at a shop. The vendor is selling Bhaji ( Green vegetables)

Gandhi. Bhai. How are you selling these green vegetables?

Vendor. Bhai . A bundle costs depending on leaves. Each leaf is Rs one. On an average each bundle would cost Rs 40..

Gandhi. Ee..eeee…eeee. Is it so expensive? Is it gold? Aa..aa..aa. ( He picks up a stone from nearby and hammers his own head and shouts loudly)

Gandhi. Kill me..Kill me. I want to die immediately.

( Many people gather around them and enquire. They are Suresh, Ramesh, Narsimha, Yadgiri and Ramu)

Ramu. What happened to him? I feel bad about him. He is already bald.

Yadgiri. Why you guys are not stopping him?

Suresh. He may hit us. Guy appears to be a lunatic.

Patel. Come on guy. He is not lunatic. He is upset after hearing the prices of vegetables.

Yadgiri. We are also much upset about prices. But we are not breaking our heads.

Suresh. It is good to break swindlers’ and hoarders’ heads than breaking our heads. There is so much of price rise. There is no control on any thing. This govt is useless.

Yadgiri. You appear to be a fool. Do you believe that there is a government in the state and center?

Suresh. Some thing is there.

Yadgiri. What is the use? It is as good as not having.

Patel. What to do? In this country everything has become costly. There are so many types of taxes. Those who are in power are looting the nation. You guys. Do you know that some billions of crores of rupees are stored in Swiss banks by our men?

Suresh. Do you know them? I do not have even 20 Rs to hide in my pocket.

Patel. If I know them, I will be the first person to tell the names to media.

(Gandhi in the mean time gets tired of himself as no one has prevented him from hitting himself with the stone. He looks around sheepishly.)

Gandhi (Whispers to Patel) Look. No one has prevented me. You also did not bother. Of course Jawaharlal looked other way.

(Slowly on lookers go away from the scene laughing. The vegetable vendor curses the trio. The trio now is at the exit gate.)

Patel. Bapu. We have not purchased any thing. We spent hours here.

Nehru. Most of our time was wasted in Bapu’s Tamasha.

Gandhi. Was it a Tamasha for you while I suffered?

Nehru. Then what? You made a mocker of you and us also.

Gandhi. What was wrong in it? Is getting upset a crime?

Nehru. You know it better.

Patel. Bapu. You appear to be tired today. We shall go back. We can have milk in the night. Tomorrow we shall see.

Gandhi. I shall have only goats’ milk.

Patel. OK. I shall get for you some how. Let us go.

( The trio walks away from the market.)


Monday, July 18, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are near Delhi air port gate and they are watching people.)

Gandhi. This is interesting to watch guys getting into air port.

Patel. Bapu. Times have changed now. In our times air travel was very difficult and ordinary people could not afford it. Now all sundry characters travel by air. Things have greatly changed.

Gandhi. I agree. Now all types of guys are in politics. There are many criminals too in politics. Many are occupying ministerial positions although they are facing court trials. Laloo Prasad is one among them,there are many like him .Recent scams reveal how these shady men have cheated people of this country posing as great patriots.

( They come across a group of white clad men and they appear to be leaders from south India.)

Gandhi. Who are these guys??. They are so many almost plane load. Where they are going?.

Patel. Bapu. There is no dearth for such guys in India. Most of the times these tricks of visiting Delhi are played. Lot of public and private money is wasted in plane travels.

( They find the leaders shouting Jai Telangana..Jai Jai Telangana)

Gandhi. Oh. These are AP leaders.

Patel. Bapu. These guys came to Delhi yesterday. I read in news papers. They came to discuss with high command about Telangana crisis. Bapu. You know many MLA and MP from AP have resigned. A great drama is being played.

Gandhi. They are meant for Tamasha only. What was the outcome Patel?

Patel. Bapu. It is a big zero. They were scrubbed off by central leaders. They said that they were not bothered about their resignations.

Gnadhi. Now what they will do?

Patel. Each one of them has a thumb. They will start sucking the thumbs. Ha, ,Haa..Hee..hee

Gandhi. These guys think that centre is scared by the resignations. They will accept these coolly and the guys will be in trouble. They will not get party tickets next time. They will be rubbed down. this is done keep watching. All these men will go to amma crawling on knees to seek pardon and fall at her feet.

Patel. Sure. Then these guys will say , we have withdrawn resignations as center has promised to start the process. They will try to save their faces some how. There are many ministers among them, They are the greatest loosers.

Gandhi. These guys have no clear idea. Ha..haa..haa

Patel. True Bapu. You said correctly. The congress ministers can not be trusted as center would use the ticket card and thee guys are very sure that they will not win elections on their own. Most of such guys are like parasites and can not live on their own.Keep looking .All these guys will back track singing Amma Bhajan and rahul Bhajan. Otherwise there is no future for them. If they join they will become laughing stock. Already they have become like that.o..hoo..hooo..hee..hee

Nehru. You guys have nothing except to go after the congress party. Have you appreciated them atleast once in your life time?

Patel.You know very well that there is nothing to appreciate. They have not done anything worthy to be appreciated. There lies the matter( sings doing jig)

Look at the rulers with clear brain
You know well that they are of no use
They were busy in covering up scams all the while
Soon they have to thrown into bin of refuse

Jawaharlal, Let me know one good deed atleast
Where I can sing their praise in full throat
Their history is full of shady deals from days of partition
Soon they are sure to sink their boats in the moat

Gandhi ( Claps) Hear, Hera.. Great Patel. Iam proud of you.

Nehru. Bapu. You alos belonged to congess party.

Gandhi. The present party is not mine .It died long ago along with Nijalingappa and Desai.

Nehru. You are unfair Bapu.

Gandhi. I was unfair to Patel in 1947. I made you PM sacrificing him. I did the greatest blunder of my life.

Patel. Thanks , Bapu, I am happy you have realized now atleast.

(In the mean time the plane takes off for Hyderabad with the leaders.)

Gandhi. Patel. Now Tamasha will start at Hyderabad after 2 hrs.

Patel. Bapu. . Politics is great Tamasha. ( sings)

Politics is a great drama indeed
Where all the nuts are the players
People are kept amused like watching monkeys
While all are mere brayers

Gandhi. Patel. That was nice and appropriate. ( sings)

Democracy has become a joke in India
Where all are doing devils dance
The nation is thoroughly screwed
While you and me are in trance

Patel. Bapu. It is time now. We have to go to Hyderabad to watch the Tamasha

Gandhi. True. Let us go.

(The trio walks away while all look curiously at them singing Ramdhun.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen near Osmania University at Hyderabad. They are at the gate and watching people around. Plenty of Police force is present there.)

Gandhi. Look , Patel We have seen many dramas being enacted here. I do not know what is going to happen today.

Patel. Yesterday there was a Bandh in the city. All Educational Institutions were closed.

Gandhi. Why they have to be closed?.

Patel. Bapu, Who is interested in studies in this place?. It is free for all.

Gandhi. Why? What is the University doing ? Have they no control?

Patel. Telangana agitation is being guided by a Professor. Less of teaching and more of politics are here. Hee..hee..Education in this region has gone for a six. There are no studies even at Professional Colleges. Every one waits for a Bandh call to enjoy and stay at home. Haa..Haa…Bandh means paid holiday for all teachers. People are habituated and intoxicated with Bnadhs now.

Gandhi. Please do not laugh Patel. I feel bad for students. They are loosing greatly.

Patel. To gain something we have to loose something. Law of conservation of energy works.Telangana requires sacrifices and not lectures and Tamasha of Delhi trips.

Nehru. Do you mean the leaders belong to a Tamasha Party?

Patel. It looks so.officially the party is not named like that. It is high time the parties are named in that manner. Look at the congress guys. They went to Delhi in a plane. They returned empty handed and cut a sorry figure at Hyderabad. They can only say, We spoke to Amma Sonia. Chidambaram, Azad and all sundry guys. We bowed to them and we crawled in front of them. We went down on the knees. We begged like real beggars….Amma de… de Hame Telangana de…… Jaldise de de. Bahut late ho gay. Amma de de..( Oh mother give us Telangana.. Plesea give us.. It is very late). Now I remember a joke of Nehruvian times..

Gandhi. What is that? Please tell me and I am itching to listen.

Patel. Once Jawaharlal was making a statement in Parliament and repeatedly he said.. I delivered.. I delivered…There came a sharp reply from opposition ..But gave birth to none..

Gandhi. Haa..haa…haa.Heee..heee( Gandhi laughs loudly holdng his lean stomach and unable to control his laughter falls on ground and still laughs loudly.

( Nehru goes to Bapu and looks at him angrily)

Nehru. Bapu. What is this Tamasha? What was there to laugh like this? You are making a mockery of every one. Look, all are looking at us.

( Bapu continues to laugh and with great difficulty controls himself and gets up. Patel gets him a glass of water. Bapu drinks water and relaxes)

Gandhi. That means these Telangana Congress leaders made a buffoons of themselves after Delhi visit.

Patel. True .High command is least bothered.

Gnadhi. I heard Senior leader, Jaipal Reddy is slowly changing his plate.

Patel. Yeah. He claims that Telangana should be given and reportedly spoke to Amma, but had no courage to resign. After all, he got the post with great difficulty. Slaves generally do not revolt easily.

Gandhi. That guy is worried that Jana Reddy, former home minister is becoming popular and he may loose chance of being the CM if Telangana is realized. Of late, Jana Reddy is becoming more vocal and he always seen in center of group photos. Hee,,hee..What a Tamashaa is going on.( Sings and does jig)

Look everywhere Tamasha goes on
While so many jokers are in the fray
The nation is going to dogs
While the crooks enjoy fun come what may

Patel. Bapu.You are great. You care for minor details. Bapu, I told you long ago that all these guys are cats on wall. Each and every guy wants the chair. They have no unity to form a single party and fight for the state. They want separate identity and kingdom for themselves.

Gandhi. So they suffer. Grass twigs when are twisted to form a rope can catch an elephant. I heard Azad stated that Telangana can not be given unless all regions agree.

Patel. That they will never agree .They do not have that much intelligence. That means Telangana can never come through.

Gandhi. It looks so. Patel, Look, there so many guys with shaven heads. What is this Tamasha?

Patel. Bapu. These are all students. It is the latest form of protest. They are OU students who shaved off their heads to show protest.

Gandhi. How it will serve the cause? Telangana will not come through by shaving heads.They may get infections as dirty knives are used here. Haa,,haaa.

Patel. Bapu. The protesters do many tricks. They do Cooking on roads and call it Vanta Vaarpu. God only knows how they will get Telangana by all these gimmicks.

Gandhi. After all they have to do something. I saw them doing a dance too and ladies do it.

Patel. They call it Batkamma. Some times they walk on knees and crawl to show protest.

Gandhi. Whose ideas are these? Who told them that Telangana will be achieved by these tricks? Hee..Hee…Why they can not launch Salt Stayagraha like me.

Patel. Bapu. There is no sea in Telangana. The sea is in coastal Andhra.Haa..Haa.

Gandhi. Hee.Heee, These are fun games and people are laughing at them.

Patel. Every one gives ideas here. Every one wants popularity.

Gandhi. I feel sorry for these guys. Patel, Look at this. Central leaders are least bothered. They are watching fun. They know very well that these Telanganites can not do any thing. They are giving long rope to these guys. Keep watching. One day President rule will be imposed and all will be quiet.Now OU has lost its base. No one is caring for OU degree.

Patel. Who will do?. Whole country knows what happens here.

Gandhi. May god bless them. I am sure Mir Osman Ali Khan must be turning in his grave

Patel. You mean Nizam 7, who was over thrown after Police action in 1948.

Gandhi. True. But we must appreciate him for establishing this university building the mighty Arts college too.

Patel. You are OK up to that point.Bapu, Let us leave him in his grave.

Gandhi. That is fine. Poor guy, He died un happy. He has seen changed times in his lifetime. May Allah bless him.

Patel. I told you to forget him.

Gandhi. Patel. Why only OU is in news always?
Patel. Bapu, Better we talk less about it. The guys here are highly politicized. It started during Indias freedom movement with Vandemaataram strike and PV Narsimha Rao was an active member then as student. Many were debarred and they went to Jabalpur University for studies.

Gandhi. I see. I vaguely remember .

( In the mean time some police men come to the trio)

Constable. Who are you guys here. We are watching you since long. What wrk you have here. Go away.

Gandhi. We have no work. Can’t we stand here if we have no work?

Constable. This is a trouble some area and is under police watch. You appear to be elderly men. You may get hurt in police actions.

Patel. Thanks for your concern. We are happy like this.

Constable. But we are not happy. Please go away.

Gandhi. OK Bhai. We shall go after taking a cup of tea.

Constable. OK.You must go.( He goes away)

( The trio get into café and have a cup of tea and vanish)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Terrorists struck again in Mumbai their much sought after place with impunity. As usual, the law enforcing agencies were caught with pants down and unawares. The entire nation
alarmed at the way things happened while the innocents lost lives and many were maimed and injured.The official machinery was woken up from slumber and there was some commotion. After initial halchal ( alarm) all appears to be calm. In Hyderabad too there was activity with Police carrying out intense checks on roads, and two wheeler owners were the harassed lot as usual.What police can do? It is something like groping in darkness. In any terrorist activity, the attacker is always at advantage. He gains surprise which is the fundamental requirement for any such action. No initial information will be given to police or press. Only fools will do it. Mumbai appears to be the main target to cause fear in the minds of people.

The sad part is that Hon Minister for home Mr Chidamabaram as usual stated that Govt will act sternly in future to prevent such incidents. He also said similar words when terrorists struck at Taj hotels in Mumbai. It has become more or less habit for him and people of this beleaguered nation are accustomed to him and his words. No one takes him seriously as he has not delivered. Mr Shivraj Patil was replaced after Taj attack and will Chidamabram be replaced as he has failed too? Time only will tell. What we need are men of caliber who can deliver and build confidence among people. We have N number of Policing and intelligence agencies in the country under state and central control. Yet, the agencies could not prevent the incident. What is really wrong with us?USA has ensured that after 9/11 no single incident occurred in US main land. It is generally believed that lack of co ordination, inter departmental rivalries among various central and state agencies and jealousy is the one of the strongest reason for this apathy in this nation. Usually there is great uproar after incident and some fire fighting takes place immediately and the issue is forgotten. This time too the PM and other important personalities and flunkies made a bee line to the hospital in Mumabi to express sympathy to the injured and console the kin of dead. Assurance for catching the culprits and bringing justice was given as usual. Can any forget that Kasab the person sentenced to death in Mumbai terror attack case is still alive in the prison and country has already spent crores of rupees on him? Where was such necessity? Can any one believe that this government has commitment to tackle these incidents where innocents are killed. The answer will be a definite NO. None has faith in this country on the capability and commitment of rulers in preventing these incidents. They have been giving assurances again and again with out any result. Terrorists have been striking with impunity at the places of their choice. It has been revealed that central agencies gave intelligence reports to Mumbai police about the possible attacks, yet nothing could be done and this proves the laxity of system. It is agreed that Mumbai is a complex city and very large with scores of Mafia gangs, unsocial elements, traitors of the country having connections with underworld who have a free run most of the time.

As if rubbing salt on wound, Rahul Gandhi stated recently that it would not be possible to prevent such attacks every time. The corollary is that people must accept these incidents with smiling face as per the prince’s statement . It would not be possible to guard each and every place. Such statements are unwarranted and serve no purpose except causing severe irritation among people. Shiv Sena has already declared that such statement is an insult to people of Mumbai. Does the statement mean that Police of Mumbai has done a great job? Terrorists have been attacking Mumbai repeatedly, it being the financial capital of the country. Yet no fool proof methods have probably been evolved to tackle these incidents. Every one understands that justice in this country is much delayed and denied. Scoundrels get Scot free and escape punishment. Many criminals roam freely on bail as cases drag on for decades. Terrorists are fully aware of our weakness of policies, governing, vote politics, judicial deficiencies, lackluistre attitude, incapability and inefficiency. They are not scared and have no inhibition in carrying out these attacks. They are able to plan and execute them at their will while our state and central governments are absolutely helpless and cut a sorry figure in front of the nation. Unless the government follows certain methods, the problem will not die and the nation will continue to bleed:-

a. The political parties must stop playing vote politics to appease minorities.
b. Terrorists caught in the country must be tried and punished within certain time frame
c. Inordinate delays taking place at Presidential office for hanging the terrorists should be cut down. It should be laid down that the terrorists have no right to seek Presidential redressal.
d. Summary trials are necessary in case of terrorist cases.
e. Innumerable investigating agencies should be cut down to barest minimum.
f. Officers responsible for laxity in cases of terrorist strikes should be dismissed from service and punished .
g. All terrorist offenders should be tried for waging war against the nation and tried.
h. All abettots of terrorism within country who have been charged and convicted d with treason and sentenced to death and executed immediately.
i. Political parties who are sympathetic to terrorist prisoners should be banned and its leaders be tried for treason.

Unless above measures are instituted, India will continue to suffer the humiliation at the hands of Terrorists. This is a naked truth.
Sir Winston Churchill wrote 64 years ago..

"Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. All
Indian leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw. They will have
sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight among themselves for
power and India will be lost in political squabbles. A DAY WOULD COME
. His prediction has become true and we are caught in the web of inefficient leaders right from day i after 1947 and continue who cannot protect national interests and guarantee safety for innocents and honor of the country.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen at a meeting in Hyderabad and there is great commotion. Passions are high. People are shouting Down,,Down,,hoo..hooo )

Gandhi. Patel. What is going on here? I see great commotion and tempers are high. Please read some banners.

( Patel reads some banners and flags also and returns to Bapu)

Patel. Bapu. This is a Telangana Sabha. People are shouting that the ministers, MP and MLA who have not resigned must resign immediately.

Gandhi. What is this compulsion?. It is up to them.

Patel. Only some congress MLA resigned. Rest are cats on wall. Some are openly saying that they will not resign ( Name changed).There is a guy named Parve Ramnarayana who is aggressive.

Ramnarayan ( In mike) Why should I resign.? Have I to resign if KCR dictates?. Who is he?My seat is hard earned. People have elected me. Amma ( Sonia ) has given me this chance. Should I resign without telling her.? She gave me Annam ( Food), Should I give her sunnam ( Lime mortor)? Never,, Never.

( People shout hoo..hoo..hooo..aau..aau..aau)

Gandhi. Look friend. Are you not interested in Telangana state?. If you are sincere you would have followed who were bold to resign

Ramnarayan. Hey. Who are you buddhe( Old man) ? What cock and bull you are talking? In what way you are interested. By putting on dress like Gandhi will you be Gandhi?

Patel. Come on guy. He is real Gandhi. Please note this,

Ramnarayan. Shut up. Is he Bapu? He died long ago.

Gandhi. True. But I again came up. Listen son. Do not stab your friends in back. These positions are not permanent. You may become Charitraheen soon. No one will elect you again.

( Crowd shouts hoo..hoo.. Charitraheen get down..get down . Telangana Drohi.. go back.. Go back..hoo..hooo)

Ramnarayan. You guys. Keep seeing. I shall take care of you. You do not know me.I shall take care of you guys one by one. You will remember for life time.

Patel. Hey. Behave yourself. Is this your Pops place?. Is this your pops property? You .. were elected by people. The same people will shoe you out. Remember this and behave.

Ramnarayan. Who are you to speak?. You do not belong to Telangana. Go away or I shall get you skinned.

Gandhi. Hey. Please watch your words.You are not a dictator. These people will teach you a lesson for life.

( Crowd starts throwing cow dung and eggs at him and hastily he gets down and runs for cover along with his aides.Crowd shouts Jai Telangana..Jai Jai telangana.hooo.hoooo. Some people from crowd request Gandhi to address them)

Gandhi ( over mike) Dera friends. Unless you guys unite nothing will be through.e are many guys who have not resigned. They are all oppertunists. Some also think that they would loose the opportunity for making some buck. They are scared that they may not get this position again in life time. Take care of such guys. There are some centraCNN pass 6666 ministers . They are ministers from this state who are enjoying there and doing nothing. They are opportunists. Such men will try to jump in when Telangana is about to be realized. They should be taught a lesson. There are many such guys in state also.Unless you are united you will not realize your aim. Please do not be carried away by some silly assurances by the center that discussions will be started. They will discuss for life and you will become fools.
Patel. I think they have already been fooled again and again. Latest fooling is by Sri Krishna committee who prepared some trash and threw on the face of these guys.haa..haaa

Gandhi. You will be surely fooled again by central guys. Do not fall into trap. But you guys have no unity. I am saying again and again that unless you have unity nothing will come through. Beware. Some guys may be purchased too. Everywhere corruption is there. You know the scams very well. Most of the congress legislators are scared of high command and they are not sincere on Telangana. They are opportunists and back off when the time for action arrives. You have to guard aginst such nuts. Remember what happened in 1968. Chenna Reddy ditched you guys and became charitraheen in the history of Telangana. Beware.. Do not fall into traps. In all probabilities, all these congress ministers who resigned now will run back to amma and fall at her feet if congress high commend threatens that in next elections they will not get tickets. These guys will rush at once and fall at her feet standing in queue.

Patel. Bapu. You are foretelling things.

Gandhi. If such thing happens where do you stand. Telangana will not be realized.You guys lack unity. You are divided on party basis. Will congress guys resign and join local Telangana party? They will not do that. They hate KCR. They want power in Telangana.After getting Telangana they do not want KCR. All want to become CM. Even Japal Redy wants to become CM at that time. But people of Telangana will teach such guys lessons. Sadly memory of people is short lived. They forget soon things and votr devoid of brains. Leaders exploit this. Remember. All leaders who resigned now from various parties want power, Very few are really to be trusted. This is fact.

( People in crowd look at each other with suspicion. )

Gandhi. I am telling truth. No one among your leaders is Anna Hazare. No one is like Jaya prakash Narayan or Vinoba. They want chairs of power and also the money later.

Some leaders. Hey. What are you talking. Are we traitors?

Gandhi. Time only will tell this. What will you do if President rule is implemented. I agree, It will be a mini emergency in state. Can you do any thing? If Tealnagan is realized , Hyderabad will never be given. It may become common capital at best. Then again you keep fighting. Have unity. So many guys from different parties can never be . Thanks guys. Enjoy life. Soon you will have Presidents rule to suppress you. Let every one resign and form a common party. Then something may come through. Unfortunately You guys were never one. It happened from ancient days.I thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to you. Beware of traitors among you.there will be many.

( The crowd claps loudly and appreciates)

Gandhi. Patel. Enough for today. Some leaders must be angry with me for telling truth. Let us go.

Patel.OK , Bapu.

( The trio walks away while all the leaders keep fighting with each other and there is a great scuffle among them. Shirts are torn. Stonesa re flying all over)