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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi and Nehru are seen sitting in a room in heavens. Gandhi is much upset over Indian politics. He is seen sobbing beating his chest. He tries to pull his hair, but there is none on his bald head.)

Gandhi.… I am very much pained to see the present opportunistic trends in Indian politics. Every one wants to become a minister. How it is possible? By the tiem they know something of the job the ministry is reshuffled or carpet is pulled under the feet and ministry falls. Musical chair is always around the corner.eee…eee…ee… ( sings)

In democratic India all wants to be ministers
Although many are mere sinisters
They always aim at grabbing the post
While the nation is made a sacrificial goat

Peoples mandate is blown into winds
As leaders act with dubious minds
Nation’s welfare is down the drains
While you and me feel perils of pain

Leaders of India have ruined the constitution
And Police has failed to check prostitution
Changing parties is the order of the day
Father of nation weeps in dismay





Nehru. Bapu. Please do not cry and feel bad. Your days are over. Why preach morals to a bunch of opportunists. Thank God , you have died, Otherwise there would have been many Godse with AK 47 rifles

Gandhi. What is this AK 47.looks like 1947?

Nehru. Bapu. It is a special latest powerful gun in the hands of militants and army and some police guys also use it. It is a crime for a civilian to have it although many like to have it

Gandhi. I was told that one film star was having one and he was put behind bars for owning it under TADA act.

Nehru. Yeah. He was Sanjay Dutt, the son of famous film actor and MP Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt the legend.

Gandhi. I do not know why he was involved in it. A sordid one ( sings)

No one in this country is above law
Although they act as if they have no flaw
Lawyers are busy in courts with open claw
Some innocents are also framed by the Law

Nehru. We can not say much on this. Sanjay Dutt was pardoned on some counts. He is still not free. But he is having a nice time and is out of jail and almost a free bird. No one is bothered for the law. He is influential and rich with lot of clot. So he has been dodging courts with impunity.

Gandhi. The law appears to favor rich and influential people in India.

Nehru. It is always there. If he was a common man he would have been hanged by this time.

Gandhi. Can I say Law is for rich, by the rich and of the rich

Nehru. You may. But you have to be careful. You may commit contempt of court.

Gandhi. Thank god. You saved me. Or else foolishly I would have said some thing and that could have put me and others in some trouble. Any how I am dead…a court can not hang a dead man. ( Sings)

As father of nation, I keep my mouth shut
While all fools abuse me who are just nuts
My statues on pedestals are found with deep cuts
While Indian morals are polluted with rusty rut

Some abuse me as a fool and multiple crank
That I swallow with smile as a prank
The nation watches helpless as cowards
The truth is as sore as the seed of mustard

The fact is that I am helpless nut the Bapu
Having been thrown down from the height as Thimpu
No one cares for my welfare
While leaders are ever busy with women and fan fare

It is better I was shot dead long ago
Disappeared from world as the bird DODO
Leaders are happy that without trace I vanished
Or else, their spirits would have surely diminished.

Nehru. I told you that you should not get sentimental. This is a changed world. Old values have died. They no more hold good. Please amend yourself or you will be miserable… that is all I can say. I am vexed up.

Say thanks to Godse who killed you
Or else, you would have swallowed potassium cyanide
Political ideals preached by thou
Are sunk deep in the debris of Bhopal carbide

Gone are the days when men blindly revered you
And abstained from making derogatory comments
They no more hold esteem for thou
And the nation is silent while no one laments

(The door opens and a badly disfigured woman walks in. She cries and bows to Bapu)

Gandhi. Madam . Who are you and why like this?

Woman. Sir I am wife of Sunil Sharma a youth congress leader from UP.I was murdered and was cut into pieces and then was burnt in a roadside Tandoor ( Stove).

( Bapu cries eee…eee… and is about to faint and Nehru holds him. Her sprinkles water on his face and Bapu recovers)

Gandhi. It is shocking indeed. What you say?. Are you cut into pieces? Who is the butcher?

Nehru. It is alleged that her husband did it. What a shame and ghastly act?

Gandhi. More over he is from congress party,. Let him be from Indira congress. I am happy he is not from my congress of twin bullocks.

Nehru. Your congress died long ago. Your bullocks were eaten too

Gandhi. People like this Satish Sharma must have killed it. How come such fools are given party posts. That means criminals are ruling the party. What is PM great PV doing? Do they recruit butchers in party?

Nehru. Where the time is for PM.He must be busy guarding his chair and also going around the world on tour. He is busy improving international relations.. Political parties thrive on criminals. This is the real democracy in India. Bapu. Please know truth. Please do not be in some illusions.

Gandhi. Yet we have poor relations with all. All countries around us are hostile towards us. That is our achievement. When we are in trouble, no on helps. USSR has gone off. Pakistan and Bangladesh are with drawn swords. Nepal is grinding the knife. Lanka is too not that happy. It feels threatened.

Nehru. Bapu. Whole nation is being mismanaged. Every where crime is on rise. Politics are full of crime. Lot of politics in crime too. (Sings)

Criminals are thriving in Indian politics
And politics thrive in criminals
Leaders are busy in the foolish gimmicks
While chaos is created by Indian radicals

( In the distance famous singer actor Surendranath BALLB is heard singing in pathetic voice)

Ab kaun hai mera ab kaun hai mera
Faryad hai.
Faryad hai takdeer ne loota hai basera
Mera loota hai basera.. Faryad hai
Barbad hai dil Ujada hua aashaonka mela
Hoo jagme akela..ujadee huee baste mei
Ghor and andhera.
Ab kaun hai mera…….. ( Surendranath BALLB from film Anmol Ghadi)

(Who is there for me?.
Who is there for me?
I pray..
Fate has looted me and my house..
Who is there for me?
I pray
My heart is ravaged
It is a scene of destroyed hopes
I am alone in the world
There is utter darkness all around me)
Who is there for me?)

The pathetic song puts Gandhi off and he sobs hysterically. After some time he gets composed and wipes his face with a khadi hanky. He goes to a corner and washes his face with water taken out from an earthen pot. Nehru goes to him and comforts him

Nehru. Bapu. The world has changed. India is going through a bad patch in its history. It always happens in history. Some periods are bad. Just look. We had bad days during invasions of Muslim invaders. We suffered for more than six centuries till English men started ruling us. Then again we had suffering under English men. We gained independence. Now people are suffering under self rule. Has not Germany suffer under Hitler?

Gandhi. But how long this suffering would continue? Earlier aliens were ruling us. So we had to fight and throw them off. But people are suffering under own governments. Whom they will throw off?

Nehru. They have to throw off our own guys. Now we have elections and democracy. People have to elect good people and show door to the rascals. But things will be difficult when every one is a rascal. I shall give example. Have you seen a troop of monkeys or Langoors where a strong male dominates and copulates with all females? Other males just avoid confrontation till the leader grows weak. Then they will fight for supremacy. Indian politics is also like that. These are pack of Langoors in wild. Remember Bapu. A nation always gets a government that it deserves. Our people failed to use their brains during elections. So the government also will have such people in plenty. So the government continues aimlessly and nation suffers.

Gandhi I agree. The parties have criminals with them. You take any party they have criminals with them. It is a failed nation.

Nehru. All parties are not like that. Some are good too. But misrule is India’s trait and birth right too. You remember Winston Churchill’s word in 1947. He stated The Englishmen would be handing over poor India to a bunch of scoundrels where a glass of water and a piece of bread will be taxed. His prophecy has become true.

Gandhi. Yeah. How bad we are as a nation? (Sings loudly beating his chest)

The stronger and ruffians rule this land
While the honest and weak are driven mad
Morals and ethics are thrown to winds
Nobles are found to close their minds

India the mighty nation of lord Rama
Passed into a state of trauma
Where rapes and killings are the daily routine
And people have food without proteins

Nehru. Bapu. Again you are getting excited. Take it easy and relax. You just can not make amends. The nation is on a path to doom.

( In the distance famous singer Hemant Kumar ( Mukherjee) is heard singing)

Zami chalrahee hai
Aasman Chalraha hai
Ye kiske ishaare hai
Jahaan chal raha hai
Zamee chal Rahi
Aasman charaha hai (song from film Pehli Jhalak)

(The earth is moving
And the sky also moves
Under whose command
The universe moves..
The earth is moving
And the sky also moves)

(Gandhi wipes tears while Nehru consoles him)


Note. This article was written by me during the tenure of PV Narsimha Rao as PM of India.

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Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Every one speaks on terrorism at present. Why not? This is the easiest subject at present. Lengthy articles are written in News papers, journals, editorials and spoken at seminars where experts (Some and mostly pseudo ?_)deliberate on the issues related. Many arm chair pseudo analysts, drawing room analysts, arm chair watchers, fake strategists, retired government personnel from Police and home department indulge in lengthy talks on the subject of terrorism particularly about Islamic terrorism. This activity has reached its crazy height after 9/11. But sadly none deliberates on State terrorism worldwide. They blink and act as if the word is not heard. They turn the head other way. This is because some of the retired Government men in all the nations are surely a part to this nefarious activity and that was a sanctioned holy act in their view. Some of them might have been as cruel as the members of German GESTAPO of World War II ill fame and many get Scot-free.
Can State terrorism be different from the routine terrorism? Can we have separate names for these two types of terrorism? Or is entire thing only terrorism? Can we condemn Islamic terrorism and ignore terrorism by the States worldwide? Is it in order? Mind bogging questions indeed!. Now let us deliberate the issue in detail.

Michael Stohl, Professor of political science at Purdue University defined terrorism as ( 1) :

“Terrorism is the purposeful act or threat of violence to create fear and/or compliant behavior in a victim and/or audience of the act or threat. ... this definition helps to distinguish terrorism from other forms of political violence. Not all acts of state violence are terrorism. It is important to understand that in terrorism the violence threatened or perpetrated, has purposes broader than simple physical harm to a victim. The audience of the act or threat of violence is more important than the immediate victim”.

The Encyclopedia Britannica Online defines terrorism as the "the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective. Terrorism has been practiced by political organizations with both rightist and leftist objectives, by nationalistic and religious groups, by revolutionaries, and even by state institutions such as armies, intelligence services, and police" The Encyclopedia Britannica also states that "Establishment terrorsim, often called state or state-sponsored terrorism is employed by governments—or more often by factions within governments—against that government's citizens, against factions within the government, or against foreign governments or groups. This type of terrorism is very common but difficult to identify, mainly because the state's support is always clandestine.." (2)
From above it is clear that line between terrorism and State terrorism is very thin . Both are unscrupulous acts of intimidation. While the first one gets world wide condemned, the second one is accepted universally under the disguise of governing and foreign policy. The state terrorism can take any shape from the following;
a. Inspired acts of intimidation by the ruling party over the members of the opposing groups in a country
b. Acts of assassination of opposition leaders and people of importance abetted by the intelligence agencies of a government
c. Funding the agents operating in a foreign country (Mostly neighbor) to carry out the acts of sabotage
d. Carrying out surprise raids and create terror in the border population by a neighboring country
e. Kidnapping border guards and killing them inhumanly
f. Deliberate invasion of country and use of excessive force including systematic annihilation of opposition
g. Seeking to change the government in a country by abetting crime, instability and lawlessness creating public unrest
The super power America notifies certain countries as sponsors of terrorism ( 3).
Countries determined by the Secretary of State to have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism are designated pursuant to three laws: section 6(j) of the Export Administration Act, section 40 of the Arms Export Control Act, and section 620A of the Foreign Assistance Act. Taken together, the four main categories of sanctions resulting from designation under these authorities include restrictions on U.S. foreign assistance; a ban on defense exports and sales; certain controls over exports of dual use items; and miscellaneous financial and other restrictions.
Designation under the above-referenced authorities also implicates other sanctions laws that penalize persons and countries engaging in certain trade with state sponsors. Currently there are five countries designated under these authorities: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.
Country Designation Date
Cuba March 1, 1982
Iran January 19, 1984
North Korea January 20, 1988
Sudan August 12, 1993
Syria December 29, 1979

In the above sponsoring activities of terrorism state funding is a must and it is clandestine. Most of the times arms are supplied. In some cases training to militants is also a part of the game. Most of the countries are resorting to the above activities at some time or other. It is not only the communist nations, but also the other so called democratic modern nations that resort to such nefarious activities. Most of the internal secessionist activities in any country like armed insurgents; Guerilla groups are abetted by some neighboring nation that has vested interest in destabilizing the country and drive advantage out of it. Most of the nations to day are suffering from internal troubles due to ethnic problems, regional imbalances and racial discrimination. Such countries are breeding grounds for the guerilla groups and insurgents. There is always some neighbor or some distant friend who is ready to fish in troubled water. It is widely known that many terrorist groups glorified as freedom fighters in certain countries were given safe haven in the United States of America that stands for liberty. Taliban and some more groups fighting Russian occupation army were patronized by USA and it is now an open secret. Now Pakistan is the home ground for Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters. It is better to call them lawless band of terrorists than a group fighting for some justified cause. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam enjoy support in European nations. Nagaland guerillas in India are patronized by UK and the leader hides there. Khalistan terrorists driven out from India hide in Canada and other European nations. Guerilla groups operating in Eastern India are abetted by Bangladesh and find safe sanctuary in the country. Some country or other patronizes these terrorists of various groups. In Africa, scores of countries are safe places for Islamic terrorists and are flourishing there. Thus it is a proven fact that states by them propagates terrorism in most of the cases, but clandestinely. At international forums they condemn terrorism, but behind the curtain they abet and sponsor terrorism.
It is most appropriate to quote Philosopher Igor Primoratz who provides four reasons why he believes that State terrorism is typically morally worse than non-State terrorism. First, because of the nature of the modern State and "the amount and variety of resources" available even for small states, the State mode of terrorism claims vastly more victims than does terrorism by non-State actors. Secondly, because "Stateorism is bound to be compounded by secrecy, deception and hypocrisy," terrorist states typically act with clandestine brutality while publicly professing adherence to "values and principles which rule it out." Thirdly, because unlike non-State actors, states are signatories in international laws and conventions prohibiting terrorism, when a State commits acts of terrorism it is "in breach of its own solemn international commitments." Finally, while there may be circumstances where non-Sate actors are in such an oppressed situation that there may be no alternative but terrorism, Primoratz argues that "it seems virtually impossible that a State should find itself in such circumstances where it has no alternative to resorting to terrorism." (4)
In his university-level textbook, "Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, Perspectives, and Issues", Gus Martin argues that the work of organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are among the "approaches to the analyses of state terrorism [that] are useful for evaluating different types of state-sponsored violence" arguing further that during the late 1970s and 80's “in its annual global human rights reports Amnesty International has extensively documented the escalation in State terror…Amnesty International identified the main forms of state terror as arbitrary detention, unfair trial, torture, and political murder or extrajudicial execution."
To day no country wants other country to be stable and peaceful. Therefore State terrorism is the order of the day and can not be eradicated. Even India that goes around bragging for peace and non violence a Gandhian fad around the globe has been charged by Pakistan that RAW of India is encouraging terrorism in certain areas of Pakistan. Thus no one is above board in the world. It is more inhuman, dirty, unethical and more damaging than normal terrorism.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The recent initiatives and talks with Pakistan reveal that Hindustan has not learnt lessons even after years of persecution, undeclared Jihad, and war by Pakistan against Hindustan. Pakistan’s hatred towards Hindustan is well known. It‘s past time is anti Hindu hate actions in spirit and actions. Why our policy makers and so called protectors of the nation and so called elected leaders are unable to realize the grave implications of talks with Pakistan. Has Hindustan forgotten years of Jihad in Kashmir? Has it forgotten the 1948, 1965, 1971 wars that were unleashed by the hateful Pakistanis? Have we forgotten the Kargil episode? ( 1) Forget about the old events? How about the recent 26/11 in which India was screwed by handful of Islamic butchers called Jihadis. It is a different matter that they were all slain Except Kasab. It would have been a great shame if they were allowed to escape after the great carnage at Bombay ( sorry Mumbai) where we boast of feeding 10 lakh land army, Other paramilitary forces with strength as much of that of Army apart from state police forces wielding all types of weapons. So there is nothing to boast and beat our chests after gunning down all the villains (2). That was the least we could do after we were caught napping and with pants down and yet display our bright yet rotten faces to the world that has failed to be a vigilant nation fighting terrorists for more than two decades; yet being surprised by few handfuls from across the borders. Where is the requirement of bowing to the Jihadis next door and conducting talks across the table?

Pakistan has not done any thing to punish the culprits of 26/11. It has been conducting some stray trials, has been imprisoning some for some time. Leaving them again. It has not conclusively punished any one for the conspiracy and conduct of 26/11. It has failed to curb terrorism across the border. It has not closed the terror camps in the country. The recent attack at Pune has also origins in Pakistan and Hindustan has been sucking thumb and displaying its smiling face at Pakistan. Is Hindustan under some pressure? If so from where? Is it USA that is pressurizing Hindustan to conduct talks with the enemy. In all probabilities Hindustan is being bullied to go soft against Pakistan. Even at the time of 26/11 USA has praised Hindustan for displaying great restraint in the face of intimidation by Pakistan in the form of Terrorist attack. The leaders of India who never give up their long dream of Nobel peace prize have fallen easy prey to the American influence in the affairs between Pakistan and Hindustan. The golden chance of attacking Pak terror camps after 26/11 was lost. Except few saber rattling by Dr Man Mohan singh, Defense Minister ShivRaj patil, the well groomed guy with oily hair and trim suit, there was no action The rape was complete and was swallowed too. Lot of water has flown after 26//11.White clad Chidambaram, the new incumbent after Patil declared that Hindustan would not swallow things next time it happens. The next terror attack also took place in Pune. Has Chidambaram forgotten his word; probably he is thinking that the attack was not as strong as 26/11. The deaths were not many. Probably he is awaiting a bigger action to take place. Let this poor country get screwed strongly again before the Chidambaram acts. In all probabilities he swallowed Pune actions. It is a shame indeed. The elected representatives have failed to protect the nation. They are ever busy in murky game of politics, dynastic succession and protection of PMs Chair for the much awaited Prince and games of destroying opposition parties to win next elections. Security of nation appears top be the last on the cards. Hindustan also has N number of organizations that can probe these events. Time is lost in these frivolous evasive actions. Out come is of the least value. Precious time is lost in deciding the agency to which the investigation has to be entrusted. It is a very sad reading at the pathetic affairs in such matters.

The recent meeting between Indian Foreign secretary Nirupama Rao and Pak counter part Salman Basher is a matter of interest. Hindustan has demanded that LET Chief hafiz Saeed, retd maj Iqbal, Indian Mujahideen leader Asif Raja Khan, it’s memer Riyaz Bhaktal and AlQaeda accomplice Ilyas Kashmiri be handed over to Hindustan. Hindustan also sobbed that Pak actions were not sufficient to curb terrorism. Any sane person will laugh at the way the talks are conducted. Will a terrorist country agree for such demands? Even a child would laugh at such attempts (3).
Fcat is that no talks should be conducted with Pakistan till it terminates terrorism. Pak has already lost its public sympathy and the government is a stooge to the Generals. It is at the mercy of Gen Kiyani. Where is the requirement of holding talks with such nation. It is probable that some leaders are playing into the hands of terrorists. Hindustan government is unable to complete the trial of 26/11 terrorist Kasab and unnecessarily prolonging the trial (4). It has already spent 26 crores rupees over the trail and Kasab. It is high time he is sentenced and punished. condemned Afzal guru’s case is till pending. What is preventing his execution. Is some one awaiting another hijacking where he could be handed over in Karachi or Islamabad? Last time the central minister handed over the Jihadis from jail in Kabul after an hijacking during Vajpayee’s time. Hindustan has no back bone. It can not stand erect It is like a earth worm. Worms are always crushed under feet by the others.


1. Dr K Prabhakar Rao, American failure in Containing Pakistan from promoting terrorism, December 09, 2008, 06:24 and also on Progressive on December 10, 2008

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( In the center of a room in heavens Gandhiji is seen relaxing. He is sick and coughing occasionally. In a corner old Charkha is kept. Many books and papers are lying on a small table. The room represents dejection and poverty)

Gandhi. ( within himself) What a sorry state of affairs? It is already 8 am and none came to see me. Till yesterday people used to come with lot of touching feet. I think I am not needed any more… (sings). Ram.. ram.. Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram.. eee..eee.. aa… aaah

(In the mean time door is opened and elderly gentleman walks in. He is in regal attire)

Gandhi. ( in feeble voice) eee… eeee. Who is there?

Guest. Good morning Bapuji. I am Hari Singh, Maharaj of Kashmir and father of Karan singh Sadr e riyasat

Gandhi. Oh! Welcome. Raja Saheb. Kaisa aana hua? ( What made you come)

Harisingh. I am fine. Although I was here for many years some how I did not see you.

Gandhi. That is ok. It is nice you made. Now a day I am not getting visitors. I am itching to see them Even Nehru is not coming now a days. He must be busy some where

Hari singh. He must be around. Bapu. I am feeling bad. My state is being ruined in free India.

Gandhi. It is no more yours. You were dead long ago.

Harisingh. Bapu. those days were of great turmoil.i was rather forced to give in. What I could do? I wanted to be a free state in the way Nizam tried to be

Gandhi.Yes . Nizam was hammered black and blue later on. In your case Pakistan wanted to grab you.

Harisingh.Over my dead body. Bapu. Do you think we were cowards? Our state forces too fought well in 1948.

Gandhi.But for India your state would have been swallowed by Pakistan. Indian army defeated them.

( In the mean time Mohd Ali Jinnah, Quaid e Azam ( Father of Pakistan) walks in. He is very lean a known TB patient with European suit with English hat)

Jinnah. Hello Gandhiji. Good morning. I overheard that India defeated Pakistan. When it happened? Gilgit and Hunza are still with us.

Harissingh. Yes. It is Pak occupied Kashmir. You have no business to stay there forcibly.

Jinnah.Don’t you think India is staying by force in Kashmir.

Gandhi. How come? Maharaja Hari singh acceded the state to Indian union.

Jinnah. I am sure that cunning Patel forced Hari singh to sign the papers

Gandhi. Any hoe all is over now. It is more than 60 years now

Hari singh. Bapu. Look. How bad Kashmir is being bungled? (Sings)

The state of Kashmir is paradise on this earth
Where visitors flock to spend their wealth.
Pleasant climate and flowing streams that are graceful
Sure to make the neighbors deceiptful

The heaven on the earth is being maimed
Where killers prowl with guns duly aimed
Entire valley is in great turmoil
Economy of the state is now in deep sub soil

Jinnah. Probably if you wee in Pakistan life in Kashmir would have been better. We would have given you many concessions.

Gandhi. What are those? See the life of Hindus in your state. They are worst than rats. They have no freedom. You declared your state as a Muslim state. But see us. We are for every one.

Jinnah. But none for any one. I remember a couplet ( sings doing fast jig)

Muslims in India are in peril
Although they are not evil
Always they are under great suspicion
Most of them now do introspection

( suddenly he develops a sprain in shoulder and falls down)

Hari singh. Jinnah sahib. Why do these tricks. You are very sick with a rotten frame and do you think you can do fast Jig? Look. You are hurt ( He rubs the shoulder of Jinnah)

Gandhi. Jinnah. Why blame us. You are no way better. See Mujahirs in Pakistan. What you have done to them? They are also Muslims like you. Only fault is that they came over to you after partition.

Jinah. Rather forced after partition

Gandhi. Could be in some cases.. They thought they were going to Jannat. But landed themselves in Jahnum.

Jinnah. ( angrily) Do not say it is hell. What about yours/ look at yourselves. Each state is fighting with one another over petty issues. See the castes and the troubles you have. Even in 20 th century you are treating the lower castes so badly. Shame.. shame

Gandhi Do not say that. We are doing everything to remove the evil. See we have given reservations every where except in Army , Air force an Navy.

Jinnah. Why not in Army? Will they not listen to you? Hee..hee..hoo..hooo

Gandhi. We do not want to sacrifice merit there. There is no dilution of merit there.

Jinnah. So you do not mind dilution in other services and in education

Gandhi. Come on Jinnah. Leave this topic. It is a dirty pot. Nation issunk in the deep shit pot of reservations. Now it is more for political issues than social issues We were discussing Kashmir. Suddenly we changed topic. Raja sahib. How about visiting your state? Sorry it is no more yours.hee..heee. It is India.

Jinnah. Do not say that. It is stil disputed land

Gandhi. May be yours POK. Not Kashmir. It is part and parcel of India . Like any other state.

Jinnah. Then why don’t you remove special article. Can you dare doing that. I know you guys can not do that.

( In the mean time Pundit Nehru walks in. He touches Gandhi’s feet and wishes Jinnah and Hari singh)

Nehru. What is happening Jinnah sahib? Salaam Walekum. How come you are here? I think you did not forget Pakistan atlesat. Why rake Kashmir issue. We already taught you a grand lesson.

Jinnah. What lesson? You never won the war. We are equals. In 1948, you were not wise rather foolish too and declared ceasefire and went to UNO. A great blunder done by you. You thought that you would get Nobel peace prize. But what you got finally? Hee..heeee..hooo..hooo. At that time Indian army would have massacred us and we would have lost Gilgit and Hunza areas for ever.

Nehru. Situation demanded that.

Jinnah. We will never leave you to rest till we snatch Kashmir from you Kafirs. Inshah allah. That day is near and not far off. See the mujahids and other Jihadis. They are doing good job killing you guys like cats and dogs.

Gandhi. Come on Jinnah. Stop this irrelevant talk. First set your house in order before tell others.

Nehru. Look at Sindhis and Baluchis. Or else you will have another Kashmir in Karachi..

Jinnah. That is your creation. You are instigating Mujahirs.

Nehru. Are they kids? They know what is good for them.

Gandhi. It is fine We had grand discussion. Jinnah sahib. Thanks for the visit. We shall again meet here and continue our discussions. Please do not forget to come. I am a bit tired . You see. Godse’s bullets are still troubling me even after I have died.

Jinnah. True. Please take rest . I shall come again. Thaks everybody

( Jinnah walks off while Muslin Pakistan fayindabad is played)

( Gandhi, Hari singh and Nehru say bye too him and relax in the chairs)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru, Bajpai, Advani and Singhal are seen hiding in a small room in Srinagar. Rifle shots and machine gun fire is heard outside. Screams and cries of pain are heard around. )

Gandhi. What is going on outside?

Nehru. Militants are firing at Army post.

Gandhi. But why they are not firing at them?

Advani. They have no orders to fire back every time unless most essential.

Gandhi. But why?

Advani The Indian government is shit scared that there would be adverse reactions from Amnesty International and other foreign agencies about Indian excesses.

Gandhi. But in firing some soldiers and officers could die unless you fire back

Advani. Very true. Poor fellows. What else they can do?. It is unequal battle. Their blood must be boiling when they see their mates being shot in cold blood and they are unable to react. Poor Jawans and officers are mere gun fodder in India. They can be easily expended. Who carres in this country?

Bajpai. That is why they become merciless when they get a chance. They become revengeful. It happens in every army. Ours is no different. After all they are humans.

( The rapid machine gun burst is heard and they see a Jawan rushing at the room. He is very badly wounded in the firing. He collapses at the entrance to the room bleeding profusely. Gandhi peeps outside. He sees many jawan’s watching the wounded soldier although holding rifles. They are not firing back. Gandhi rushes at the wounded soldier and comforts him)

Gandhi. Dear son. I am very sad. You are paying dearly for none of your fault and for the country. I am helpless. I can only sing Ramdhun in your last moments. You will become a martyr soon.

Soldier. Sir. My name is Narayana. You are Bapu. Isn’t it? ( Raises his hands saying Namste) Sir why are you here? This is not a safe place for you. Please go away. If you are shot dead, none will bother for you. I am dying soon. Who will care for my young kids, wife and aged parents.

Gandhi. Whole nation will be behind you.

Narayan. Hope so Bapu.But it is al bogus. None cares. A soldier is forgotten once he is dead. See the fate of ex -service men in India. Just go to any District Ex-servicemen welfare office. You shall know. No one cares for them. They are ready to bite leave listening. Once I am dead none will care for my family. They have to rough it out.

Bapu. Are things so bad?

Soldier. Yes. Better talk less about these things. Let me have peace before I die instead of discussing about army and the welfare.

Gandhiji ( Comforts him). Then I shall sing a bhajan.. ( sings) Raghupathi Raaghava Rajaa Ram.. eee…eeee..( looks around). Ohfo.. No one is singing along with me.

Soldier.. ( Feebly) Bapu. I shall give company.. ee…eee. Patheetha Pavana seetha Ram…( He dies)

Gnadhi. Ohfo.. he is dead ( weeps) eee..eeee… ( sings in pathetic voice)

The brave soldier is dead and faded away into wild
Having been shot and he was mild
Unjust politics and the leaders brought ruin
The country is sunk deep into the groins

Nehru. Bapu. Let us go. It is unsafe.

Gandhi. What happens to this soldier?

Nehru. Fate will take care of him. His dead body will be collected by army once firing stops. His family will be informed and body will be sent if possible to his home town for funeral.

Advani. In his town, some state govt. officials if have time will visit and pay lip sympathy and crocodile tears and vanish never to return. The body will be cremated with some jawans firing shots and sounding of last post. Some serving military officers will surely attend the funeral and wipe eye.

Bajpai After few days, he vanishes into pages of history. Then none cares.

Singhal. That is the sad story. Let us not dig graves. Skeletons will roll out

Nehru. True.

Advani. Bapu. This is not safe for you If militants see us they may capture us and demand ransom. They may even demand release of their colleagues.

Gandhi. Do you think our lives are still valued in India?

Nehru. I doubt. We are already dead. Others have some value. But they are from opposition parties. I doubt if any one cares in government if they are kidnapped Govt. may not care for them.

Gandhi. Then run.. run.. run away… fly. Fly… fly… away

(They all run to Srinagar bus stand as rifle fire stops and at bus stand they catch a bus leaving to Jammu Tawi)

In the distance, Surendra is heard singing a sad song.

Bhool Jaa…Bhool Jaa
Bhool jaa jo Dekhtaahai
Jo hai Dekha bhool Jaa
Yaad rakh kar kya karega
Ye tamasha bhool Jaa..

(Forget forget
Forget the past
Forget what you have seen
What shall you do
Remembering the past
Forget the drama
That goes on)

( Surendra nath BA LLB ( Surendra) was a very great actor singer and contemporary of KL Saigal in Hindi cinema field. He was a very popular singer hero during 1936 to 1960. He passed away in 1987)

Note. This article was written in 1993


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, and Nehru travelling in a bus from Jammu Tawi to Srinagar land up at Srinagar bus stand. They slowly alight from the bus. Gandhi has long stick in his hand while Nehru is as usual in hic achkans ( long Sherwani type coat), Topi and a rose at the button,. They are looking around with anxiety. They are worried at the presence of many paramilitary men and constables. A porter approaches them)

Porter. Sir any thing you want. I think you have come from India

Gandhi. What do you mean by saying India. Is this not India

Porter. This is Kashmir. And our land. Indians are staying here by force.

Gandhi. Come on. Stop this talk. Kashmir is part of India

( the porter gives a dirty look at Gandhi and leaves. They start walking curiously. Lot of army soldiers are around with arms)

Nehru. Bapu. It looks whole Srinagar as a military garrison. It looks like a cantonment. See How soldiers are pointing rifles with fixed bayonets.

Gandhi. Why so much of army is here? Are they scared

Nehru. No Bapu. HereMilitants are more than the local civilians. The local population is being coerced by the militants.

Gandhi. I see.

Nehru. Bapu. What are you able to see?

Gandhi. Come on Jawahar. Don’t be foolish. I think government gives lot of concessions to locals and spends lot of money here.

Nehru. Yes Bapu. Everything is Phukat here for them.The Government sels rice at throw away prices to locals while at other places in India the prices are ten times than this. The state has special status.

Gnadhi. Why so It is part of India. Every one who wants should be allowed to settle here.

( In the mean time LK Advani, Singhal are seen walking along with Bajpai. They see Bapu and Nehru and run to them. )

Advani.( Touches feet of Bapu) Namste Bapu. When did you come down? Are you seeing Kashmir?

Bajpai (touches feet of Bapu) Namste Bapu. What is there to see here except green vehicles and army guys? You know Bapu, all types of uniformed men are here.

Singhal. Namste Bapu, there men from army, Air force, Police, CRPF, BSF, ITBF, Railway police, Rapid action force, Rashtriya rifles, J and K rifles, Black commandos, Para commandos and what else and what not..

Gandhi. Yet there is no security for a common man

Singhal. Exactly Bapu. What I wanted to say you said.

Bajpai. The government has bungled the issue ever since you left Bapu,

Advani. We fought three wars and a non declared Kargil war with Pakistan. We have achieved nil. Even Bangladesh which we created in 1971 is drawing swords and mocking at us. They should be shown their place. They have no gratitude towards us. It is den of terrorists. They destroyed scores of temples in Bangladesh, Hindus molested and great atrocities were committed on Hindus. We remained sucking thumbs as usual.

Gandhi ( Closing eyes) . He god… give some wisdom to Indians. ( Sings)

Oh God show the path of wisdom to these Indians
Who are behaving as a bunch of ruffians
Morals and ethics have been lost
Where wisdom is found frozen in frost

( He cries beating his shriveled chest.. Mera Bharat… Mera Bharat..)

Nehru. Bapu, Mera Bharat Mahan hai… That is not true. It has been brought down by the crooked politicians ( sings doing slow jig)

Oh my mother the greatest of all
Standing highest in world and very tall
Has fallen into the hands of crooked devils
Who are ready and happy to bring disasters and in perils

There was a time al looked at reverence
For spiritual, noble and saintly guidance
Gone are the days when we were thus revered
Thieves and rogues and cheats are now amply bred

Bajpai. Punditji. What is the use now crying hoarse? Kashmir problem was created by you and also whiled away in your days with never ending debates in UNO and nothing came out. The problem was allowed to remain unsolved for decades and has become a virus in the country.

Advani. When part of the body has gangrene it has to be amputated. The state of India is like that. Kashmir is reaching that stage. If we are not careful Pakistan will cut it off from us.

Singhal. What Mr. Bajpai said is hundred percent correct. All the time the government is politicking. Army is fighting undeclared war in Kashmir since four years . (This article was in fact written in 1993 and Kashmir militant problem started in 1989 )

Advani. Indian army is fighting militants with hands ties at back. They have no free hand . We also have a retired army chief as J an K governor. What is the use?

Singhal. They are as good and as bad as a politician or a civil servant. Heee..heee

Gandhi. How come the militants are on our soil? I heard even Afghan mercenaries are abetting Jihad

Nehru. They are hiring any one who is ready to die for money.

Gandhi. Then what is govt doing?

Advani. Bapu. Where is govt.? Who has time now? All the Presidents men, PMs. and CMs are ever busy in guarding their chairs. It is a crooks galore going on in India

Nehru. Please do not say that. Leaders are not that bad?

Advani. Whole world knows it Panditji. ( sings)

Leaders of today are very happy in their chairs
All the time are busy with fun and fan fare
Governing is a phrase of by gone times
While speaking morals is a bi crime

Gandhi. Yeah. How well said, Advaniji. (Sings doing jig)

Very truly said my dear friend
All are busy and have axe to grind
The noblest nation is down the drain
You and me have to cry and feel the pain

The leaders in India have ruined the state
Misused the powers given to them in a plate
Caste and creed is used for political ends
Millions of rupees are wasted and spent
What else I can do in the present situation
Except to feel grief and perilous pain
Feel like committing glorious suicide
Which I can not do as already I have died.

Advani. Bapu, Plesae don’t get upset.What else you can do? You have done yopur duty by fighting for freedom and sacrificed life for the nation.

Nehru. True. My dear friends. You are all telling that I wasted time as PM and did not solve problems in Kashmir. What else I can do/ I worked for peace. I can not change the nations policy of non violence as preached by Bapu.

Bapu. I never said that non violence means inaction or cowardice. One must fight for right thing. Pakistan forcibly occupied some portions in Kashmir. For 15 long years you could not get it vacated by force.

Nehru. How can I do. I had almost a ceremonial army till we lost to Chinese in 1962.

Advani. Thanks to them. They opened our eyes. Our army would have been busy with bolt action rifles, and also busy with guard of honors for visiting heads of state and hands swinging in Republic day parades.. of course in dinner nights and ladies nites too.

Gandhi. I am happy that Lal Bahadur gave a befitting reply to them

Bajpai. What is the use? Every time we do well in war, suddenly we lose our heads and as a good boy hand over all territories to the enemy again. Thousands of lives are lost in these wars and nothing has been achieved. We must capture the land at other places and bargain. Suppose we captured Lahore as contemplated in 196 when were very close, we would have bargained for vacation of Pak occupied Kashmir.

Singhal. But do we have that spunk. Our leaders were too generous, god fearing and in competent too.

Bajpai. Last one is more true. In last war we gave away Chamb to them and also one lakh prisoners. We should have bargained Gilgit and Hunza in exchange for prisoners. Then see the fun

Gandhi. That could have been better. History could have been different. These are only hypothetical. We do not know what were the circumstances of Mrs Gandhi then. Any how past is past.. Kashmir issue is a burning pot. I do not think it can be solved by peaceful means. No fasting would help.

Nehru. Bapu.Are you teling this?

Advani. Bapu. Your days are over. Fasting will not help. Do you think if we take up satyagraha or do fasting the militants wouldgo away? What a foolish game? Now a days such things will not work. It needs action. Kicks are required. That too hard.

( In the mean time machine gun fire is heard.. Dhan..dhan,,,dhan.. Dhana.. Dhan… Gandhi and others run for cover, They hide behind a large cement pipe lying on roadside)

Gandhi. Look every one.. There is a room close by. Let us run there.We will be safe there.

Singhal. True Bapu. Let us be safe there

Nehru. Yeah.

Bajpai. true .First we have to be safe.

(All slowly crawl into the vacant room)



Saturday, March 13, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi,Nehru, Maharaja Harisingh are seen relaxing in chairs in a small room of Gandhi in heavens.)

Gandhi. Friends, Jinnah sahib promised to come. He is yet to arrive.

Nehru. He might avoid.

Gandhi. No. No.. He is not that type. I know him very well ( sings)

Look friends please listen
Jinnah is my second eye
Although he parted ways
Please do not as why

( Jinnah just walks into the room)

Gandhi. Think of the devil, it is here

Jinnah. Salaam walekum every one. Some one said the devil is here. Am I the devil you said?

Nehru. No.. No.. It was just a phrase.

( In the mean time Mrs Indira Gandhi walks in. She has a red band around her waiste. She touches the feet of Gandhi and wishes all)

Indira. Namste Jinnah Saheb, How are you sir.

Jinnah. Salam wale kum. I am fine. How are you Indira

Indira.Do you remember Zulfikar Ali Bhutto said he would wage 1000 year war with India?Where is he now/ Poor guy got hanged .I smashed Pakistan into two , never to get up..( Sings)

India my most loved nation that is
That has withstood greatest perils with ease
None can raise their head against my country
Which I would smash as if it is a poultry

Greatest looters invaded India some time back
However the nation could not be out of slack
The days of timidity are over
We would resist all tricks for take over

Gandhi. Dear Indira. You were really great. You have achieved certain things that no one has achieved. You have resisted greatest designs of the neighbour.You dismembered them

Jinnah. What is so big about it.? On western front you lost badly at Chamb sector. Did you forget battle of Munawwar Tawi? The broken bridge is still thee. Eastern wing of Pakistan was so far that any one could have cut it off.

Indira. Why it is not happening to Israel? It is fully surrounded by blood thirsty thugs. They have smashed all Arabs in the Palestine wars. You may fight number of wars with us. But you can not take Kashmir from us.

Gandhi. True. Remember this Mr Jinnah. Please do not have many hopes about Pakistan.

( In the back ground Marshal music is heard and Jinnah gets up wishes all and walks off stiffly not before throwing a dirty glance at Indira with contempt)

Indira. Bapu. Thanks. I am tired. I am going

Gandhi. May god bless you

( Indira adjusts her waist band and walks off smartly)

Nehru. Bapu. You wanted to see Kashmir. Maharaja sahib is not ready to accompany us. Let us go.

Hari singh. Thanks everybody. I am off. Ok Namste Bapu

Gandhi. That is fine. May god bless you

( Hari singh walks away. Gandhi and Nehru land up at railway station at Jammu)
Bapu goes to station master)

Bapu. Namaste Bhai. We want to go to Srinagar. Do we have a bus now? By the by I am Bapu, the father of this nation

Station master. I am khajuria. Look old man. I do not care who you are. Please do not waste my time. Go to Jammu bus station. I have better things to do.

Bapu. Look Jawaharlal. How arrogant he is? That too to an old man. There is no Tehzeeb

Nehru. Bapu. What to do? All are like this in railways from top to bottom. The counter clerks at many places will bite customers. There is none to check them. Eee..eee ( sings)

The government servants in India indeed
Are busy in committing man misdeeds
Many lack in minimum efficiency
This in fact is great deficiency

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. What we can do? It is our fate Let us go.

(They reach bus stand and try to enter a bus proceeding to Srinagar. Some Army men and police personnel confront them suddenly)

Police SI. Hey Buddhe ( old man). Who are you? You are dressed like Gandhi and Nehru. Hope you are not tricksters. Where are you going? Show your Identity card

Nehru. SI sahib. We are real Gandhi and Nehru. Why do you need our I cards. Whole world knows us.

SI. They were dead long ago. You are surely Pak spies. Come on. You have to come to police station at once

Gandhi. Come on SI Sahib. Your wisdom is clouded. Do not be harsh because you are in uniform. You are after all a servant of people. It does not give you power to misbehave

SI. Ye baat Hai. Old man. How dare to talk like this? Hey constable. Take his stick off and snatch hi watch also. He is already half naked. I will give a blow on his bald head. He will forget that he is Gandhi. Let us search him. They may be carrying explosives. Let us search this Topiwalah. He calls himself as Nehru. Topiwalah should be hammered left right and centre.

Constable. Haa… haa . I shall take lives out of them

( On search nothing is found. Yet they are taken to Jammu police station. They are lodged in a cell)

Nehru. What state of affairs here in Jammu itself? What would be the fate of Srinagar? I never thought we would face these situations and get this reception

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Look. In British days the police was better. In free India police is behaving as if it is a colonial power. They are no way improved after getting independence.

( In the mean time a police Inspector and a constable come to the cell. They want to interrogate the prisoners)

Inspector. Tell me old man. From where you are coming? I know that Gandhi and Nehru died long ago. Then why act this drama? What are your intentions?

Nehru. Listen, We are really Gandhi and Nehru. We have come down from heavens to see what is happening in Srinagar.

Inspector. Haa..haa. Really funny. If so why are you here? You could have just vanished. Why get imprisoned?

Gandhi. We want to know how bad the people have become in India?

Inspector. I am now sure you are mere rogus. You will not listen like this. Constable! Tie up this old guy upside down and insert pins under his nails. The other guy is claiming to be Nehru be suspended from roof by hands. Insert pins in his private parts. Then only these jokers would realize the things. How dare they are to enter Kashmir I shall show.

( Inspector leaves and constables go to fetch ropes and other materials. Nehru and Gandhi pounce on the lonely SI and put in the ell and run out of the jail. No one sees them)

Gandhi. Thank god. These fellows are really mad. Is it so bad in India? These guys were about to kill us.

Nehru, Bapu. What is this? You have not seen any thing. This is only a sample. They are capable of many. No one believes the police in India. That is the reputation they have.

Gandhi. Ram..ram.. Give some wisdom to these guys. We have barely escaped. Baal Baal bachgaye is bewakoofonse ( we havenarrowly escaped from these fools).

( At bus station they catch a bus proceeding to Srinagar)


Sunday, March 7, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi , Nehru and Patel are seen travelling in an open Willys jeep in Hyderabad. Gandhi is in driving seat. At Bashirbagh square some people stop the vehicle. Gandhi gets perturbed)

Gandhi. Hello. Bhai. Why you have stopped us? As it is there are red lights at every crossing.

Avataaram. Sir. We are Telangana activists. You can’t display AP name plate on your vehicle. Your vehicle name plate reads AP XX 1254K3455Y9123Z. We can not tolerate AP letters on the plate.

Patel. So what we should?

Avataaram. I shall show.

( He takes out a sticker with letters TG in bold print and sticks it on letters AP)

Avataaram. Look. Heee…heee . Your car carries now a Telangana number plate.. Jai Telangana..Jai jai Telangana.. hee,,,heee…hooo…hoo

Gandhi (Holds head) Ohfo. What a guy. Look friend. By pasting the sticker TG, will you get Telangana?

Avataaram. I do not know. But we are hopeful. We feel this is one way of showing our commitment ( Sings and does wild jig)

We are dedicated Telanganites
Although Andhrites consider us as termites
One day we shall get our state
Although others may surely hate

Patel. Well sung dear. I appreciate ( Claps)

( In the mean time, some police constables arrive and chase away the Telangana protesters who are troubling the vehicle owners)

Constable. Sir. Sorry for the trouble you had. Please pull out the sticker afterwards. These guys think that they will get Telangana by attaching stickers to number plates.

Gandhi. True. Thanks

( Gandhi starts Jeep and proceeds ahead)

Gandhi. Look Patel. This is very surprising indeed. A police man being so polite on the street with a vehicle rider, How strange? I thought he will hit me on my head with his lathi. He was carrying AK 47 with him. I was shit scared.

Patel. True Bapu. I was worried when he came to you. Look I am carrying a steel helmet for you on such occasions. As it is completely bald. You must put on helmet whenever you come on to street.

Gandhi. Sure in future. I was not scared of his rifle. I was worried, he may not know how to use it. I heard many times that police men died from their own guns that accidentally went off.

(They hardly went ahead for 100 yards and the traffic came to an halt)

Gandhi. Patel Abhi kya hua. Zara dekho to sahee. ( What happened now. Just look what happened?)

( Patel goes to the crowd , watches and returns)

Patel. Bapu. Some type of demonstration is going on there.

Gandhi. Good . Let us go there.

( He switches off the engine and the trio run to the crowd. Some people are trying to burn an effigy. Mahesh, Ratan, Zombi are among the crowd)

Ratan. Hai hai. Kya hua.? ( what happened?)

Zombi. Chor leader margaya…Margaya. ( the thief a leader died)

( Gandhi gets worried and enquires)

Gandhi. Bhai. .mere Bachho.. Ye kya karraheho ( My sons what are you doing?)

Zombi. Sir. We are burning the effigy of the Telangana drohulu ( traitors)

Ratan. Sir. These are the leaders from Telangana in various parties who are not resigning from the assembly and parliament posts

Patel. What will you get if they resign?

Zombi. Sir. These guys initially promised that they are with Telangana movement. Now we are in thick of battle and they are trying to save their skins.

Gandhi. This is bad. They must resign.

Patel. It happens always like that. Many of these guys are shit scared that they may loose their political clout. None of them is really committed to your cause. They are only opportunists and cats on wall. They fish in troubled waters ( sings and does jig)

Look My dear friends here
Never worry and have any fear
Go ahead with your plan now
To achieve success take a vow

Do not trust these black hearts
They are like poison darts
They are sure to ditch you at last
Even if you die in various fasts

( The students are impressed with Patel and gather around him and clap and shout jai Telangana.. jai Jai Telangana…)

Zombi. Wah.. Wah. Kya maza aagaya. Sir you are great What a song and What a jig?

Ratan. Chalo.. Let us burn this effigy

Mahesh. Chao.. Jalao.

Patel. Look. Will you achieve some thing by doing this?

Mahesh. We shall show our resentment against these jackals who are sticking to their seats

(The students bring down the effigy, put some kerosene on it and beat it with shoes and chappals. Then it i put aflame and it burns with great flame .The students dance vigorously abusing the drohulu of Telangana and do fast jig. They shout Jai Telangana and jai jai Telangana… Suddenly they hear police siren and within moments a police van lands with many men fully armed as if they are going to war. They start beating students mercilessly with their lathis. Some use gun butts too. Students retaliate using roadside stones. Luckily for them they re near a construction site. Plenty of small granite stones are kept in heaps. With in moments, the entire scene becomes a battle ground.. Gandhi and his friends run to their jeep sensing trouble and get into it. Gandhi starts the engine)

Gandhi. Chalo. Bach gaye ( saved, run)

Patel. Bal bal bach gaye ( Very narrowly escaped)

Nehru. True. Bapu. One stone hit me too

Patel. But plenty of police men also received stone injuries

Gandhi. Poor guys

Patel. Why poor guys? Action and reaction are equal and opposite. Any how, soon they will get Ashok Chakra awards as per latest govt policy.

Gandhi. True. ( sings)

All nuts and bolts will get the awards
Though they kill and maim their countrymen
You and me better suck our thumbs
As their deeds get glorified by a Parker pen

Patel. Hee..hee..hee Bapu. What a poem? You are great…tt…

Nehru. Bapu is always great.

Patel. True . Bapu Chalo, before these police guys are after us

Gandhi. True.

( Bapu quickly puts jeep in gear and races ahead at great speed and vanish into distance)

In the distance song is heard

Dekh tere sansar ki haalat
Kya ho gayee Bhagwan
Kitna badal gaya insaan…..

Jo hum aapas mein na jhagad te
Bane huye kyo khel bigadte…
Kahe lakho ghar ye ujad te
Kyo ye bachhe ma se bigate
Phoot phot kar kyo rothe ho
Pyare Bapu ke praan
Kitna Badal gay insaan……..



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi and Nehru and Patel are seen standing at a corner near parliament in Delhi. They are as usual. Pedestrians are looking curiously at them. A guy approaches them. He is Rattan Singh accompanied by Sucha Singh)

Rattan singh. Oh Bhai. Bade maze me ho ( appears to be happy).. I think I saw this old man some where. Where it could be? He appears familiar.

Patel. You must have seen his statues. You could have never seen him earlier alive.

Rattan singh. Why and How?

Patel. Because he died much before your dad was born.

Sucha singh. Mere Bap. Tell us, who is he?

Nehru. He is Bapu. Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi. Father of nation.

Rattan singh. Yeah. I heard his name. There used to be a statue near my house, Now it is not there.

Gandhi. ( Getting excited) Where it has gone?

Rattan singh. It has not gone any where by itself. It was in bad shape with broken limbs. It lost its ears, nose and one hand. It was standing on iron rods as there were no legs. So municipality has removed it.

Gandhi. Where they have taken it? I want to see it.

Rattan singh. They have thrown it in a scrap yard. Why are so inquisitive?

Gandhi. Eee..eeee.. Patel.. Have you seen my fate? (Cries loud) (Sings)

Look Patel at my fate now
I do not know whether to laugh or cry
My statues are now in junk yards collecting shit
And I do not understand for this fate how and why

Sucha singh. My dear old man. Why are you crying? How long people will remember you? Why they should? What is so big about you?

Rattan singh. True. My grand father and his relatives were thrown out of West Punjab after 1947. My uncles were killed enroute. My grand father barely escaped death. He was almost a beggar when he came to Delhi

Sucha singh. We were no less. We lost all our property. My uncle was killed in Lahore. My grand father also was killed while catching a train to India. My grand mama barely escaped. Our families suffered so long and so much! All due to you.

Gandhi. What can I do? I never thought it will happen like that.

Rattan singh. How can you say that? Please go away from here. I do not want to see you here.

Sucha singh. Rattan. This guy is not Gandhi. Some one is dressed like him. Now a day this is very common in India. Guys dress up and beg.

Gandhi (Annoyed). I am not a beggar. I am real Gandhi. Father of nation too.

Rattan. Better go away from here . Or else..

Patel. Bapu. Let us go from here. The guys are offensive. Your memory has almost vanished in this country.

Nehru. True.

Gandhi. Eee…eee.. ( sings)

Ab kaun hai mera ab kaun hai mera
Faryad hai…
Faryad hai takdeer ne loota hai basera
Ab loota hai basera…faryad hai ( Song from Anmol Ghadi by Surendra)

( The trio run from the place and stand at a far off place. A pathetic song is heard from a loud speaker)

Mukhda dekhle praani.. Zara darpana mein ..

Paap hai kitna.. punya hai kitna. Dekhle jeevan mein

Dekhle darpan mein.. mukhda….oh. ( Song by Kavi Pradeep)

(Look at your face in a mirror.. and know how much of good things you have done and how much of sin you have committed in your life…)

Gandhi. (Wipes tears with his dhoti) cries and sobs… Yeah. I have committed greatest crime of getting freedom for India ( sobs)..… aa.aa

( In the mean time a large crowd wearing black coats are seen crossing the road and traffic comes to halt)

Gandhi. Hey Patel. Who are these guys in such large numbers?

Patel. Bapu. I read in a news paper that 1 800 advocates from Telangana left Hyderabad by special train yesterday. They have come now to Delhi

Gandhi. Why so many? Are there not advocates in Delhi? Where they have vanished?

Patel The advocates of Delhi are in Delhi only. They have come here not to practice law, but to practice how to break law

Nehru ( Laughs) hee..hee

Gandhi What is there to laugh?

Patel. Bapu. These guys have come to protest against the government policy towardsTelangana.

Gandhi. What they will do.

Patel. They will plan same actions as done in Hyderabad

Gandhi. What they have done there?

Patel. They wear black coats. Sit on hunger strike and Dharna in front of courts. Stop traffic at some places. Raise slogans. Most unadvocate like show it is.

Gandhi. Then?

Patel. Most of the time police personnel lathi charge them, kick them, drag them on roads, beat them mercilessly, pull out their coats, pull hair, and kick them too with boots. Ohfo.. no end to the show.

Gandhi.. Ohfo. What a shit? Is this happening to lawyers on road?

Patel. Very much Bapu. Lawyer or no lawyer. Police guys are happy beating up the guys whoever is seen protesting and creating trouble.( sings and does jig)

Police guys beat all creating trouble
Simply reduce them in to a pulp and heap of rubble
They use sticks and stones too to play terror
The news papers from AP are full of this horror

( Some onlookers gather around the trio and clap while Patel does jig and sing. In the mean time truck loads of police guys arrive and land on the lawyers from AP state. Lawyers try to run towards parliament house and the police men try to prevent them. Some lawyers get into arguments with police personnel.. Satish, Yadgiri, Madhusudhan Reddy are among the lawyers).

Madusudhan. Come on guys. Run towards parliament. To day Telangana has to be decided.

Yadgiri. Chalo ( Let us go) parliament. Jai.. Telangana… Jai Jai Telangana

Inspector. You guys shut up. Khoon peejawoonga ( I shall drink blood)

Yadgiri. Tum kuch nahi karsakta ( you can not do any thing)… Jai Telangana

Madhusudhan. Krishna Committee go back… down down.. Andhra fellows down.. down.. Samaikyandhra murdabad… hai… hai…

Yadgiri. Ohh.. Police go back Delhi police hai.. hai.. hai..hai.

Satish. Telangana Leke rahenge.. nahee tho jaan dedenge( We shall take Telangana or we shall sacrifice our lives)

Inspector. I shall give you guys three minutes to go back

Yadgiri. What shall you do ?

Inspector. Chamdi utaar doonga ( I shall take off your skin)

( the crowd shouts loudly and lunges forward. Inspector runs to the ACP)

Inspector. ACP sahib. Order do sahib. Sab ko bhoon ke rakhdoonga ( I shall mow you down)

ACP. First lathi charge them. Kick them hard. ( Maa yaad aan chahi ye) ( they should remember their mothers)

Inspector..Thank you sir, Listen.. Go…….. Charge.

(The police men fall on the advocates and bash them up with lathis. The lawyers are thrown on the ground and trampled. Many are dragged holding hair. Lathis are mercilessly used. Most of the lawyers are injured and are seen bleeding. some skulls are broken)

Inspector. Vakil banta hai aur danga fasad karta hai. Dekhloonga tum sabko.. Mar apnaa state me jake mar. Dilli aanaa kya marneke liye.. Bhaag saale.. ( You guy want to become a lawyer? Then resort to arson and lawlessness? I shall see you. Die and go to your state and die. Do you need to come to Delhi to die? Run idiot…)

(Lawyers are found fallen on ground and most of them are lying bleeding). Few run away from the scene. The entire parliament street is littered with broken lathis , chappals, torn black coats and pulled out hair. Police men drag all the fallen advocates to roadside and vanish from the scene in trucks. There are great cries, moans and weeping. Gandhi and his friends slowly go to the fallen men)

Gandhi. I am very shocked to see these things. Is this happening in India, to Indians?

Patel True Bapu. This is India and the police men are Indians. The beaten up guys are also Indians. Look Indian parliament hose is also there. We are breathing Indian air

Gandhi. ( cries) Mera Bharat. Mera bharat.. (Sings)

Ye kaisa anyaa y vidhata.. Ye kaisa anyay… (a saigal song)

Patel. Bapu. Please do not sing. Do some thing for them

( The injured lawyers crawl to Gandhi and bow to him)

Madhusudhan. Look Bapu. How they have beaten us up? We came to demonstrate for Telangana.

Gandhi. This is a high security zone. You should not have come here,

Yadgiri. No one is listening to us in our state

Gandhi. Don’t you have a government in your state?

Yadgiri. There is one for name sake headed by an old man after YSR s death.

Madhusudhan.That guy is more worried to save his seat.

Yadgiri. It is police raj there in AP.

Gandhi. I learnt Osmania University is the hub of activities and no teaching goes on there now.

Yadgiri. It is all governments mishandling.

Gandhi. So you believe that Telangana is a must.

Yadgiri. Sure. Things have come to a point of no return. We can not co exist.

Gandhi. I am very pained to see the police behavior.

Madhusudhan. They act as per government’s orders,

Gandhi. Better you guys go back to Hyderabad and continue peaceful struggle.

Yadgiri. Sure Bapu. We need your blessings. Peaceful means getting beaten by cops.

Gandhi. True. Look Police is always with government. Best of luck to you guys. This is part of game. Nothing comes out without sacrifice. Look . we got independence. At what cost? Partition took place. Millions died on both sides. I was also shot dead like a sitting duck.. eee…eee… aaa… aa.. Margaya re. Godse ka Goli abheebi dard kartha hai… ammo… oh… ( Godse’s bullet is still painful..)

Madhusudhan. True Bapu. Take it easy. You became father of nation too. But not without sacrifice. We may die. But we shall get Telangana. Jai Telangana..

Patel.. Jai Jai Telangana.

Gandhi. Let us all sing ram dhun… and run away from here. Or else the police guys may return and enact another Jalianwallah Bagh here..

Yadgiri. Ok..Bapu. We are happy they did not fire on us.

(The fallen lawyers crawl to Gandhi and lying down try to sing Ramdhun while some cry in pain. All sing Raghupathi raghava raja ram…. And Gandhi and Nehru and Patel vanish in to distance slowly)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi , Nehru and Patel are seen sitting at a road side tea point at Koti in Hyderabad and Gandhi is seen reading a news paper. They are as usual in their attire. Patel and Nehru are peeping into it.)

Gandhi. Yeah. To day budget is out.

Patel. Three cheers.

Nehru. Hoo. .Haaa.. I am sure people are screwed well by the finance guy.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Do you react like this to budget? You were PM for 16 years and your finance minister presented budgets every year. You know, people expect a lot every time from the Finance minister. It is a tragedy that every time he ditches the people. Rich men are always benefited. Salaried classes are the worst sufferers in this game.

Nehru. So what? ( Gets up and sings doing fast jig)

Budget is passed every year
Kindly know this as our right, oh my Dear
We are there surely to screw the country men
After working overnight with a pen.

The same foolish people elect us every time
For us this is a great fun and nice past time
The idiotic people of the nation are always taken for a ride
While we have very thick animal hide

Budget is government’s coveted arm
With this we surely fire to disarm
All will be bowled plumb overnight
Although they pose as if they are wise and bright

In fact no one knows about the finance
Only thing politicians consider people as great menace
Our aim is to stick to the chairs at all costs for full term
We always consider voters as mere germs

Please know at times a guy handles finance matter
Who can not count bundle of notes given in a platter
Such men also decide lives of men in this nation
While poor struggle for a days ration

(While doing jig, Nehru slips and falls. He sprains his ankle)

Nehru. Oh.. Bacho.. Save me.. My leg is broken.. Oh.. Ohfo.. Save me.

Patel. Come on Jawaharlal. Please do not make a scene. Nothing has happened to you. Your ankle will be soon alright. Apply some pain relieving ointment and take Brufen tablet in the night after dinner.

Gandhi. Patel. I am shocked the way Nehru sang. Is India so bad?. Please explain budget. My spectacles are not clean.

Patel. Ok Bapu. Sure. I am honored (shouts).You have given me this task atlesat after 60 years of independence.. Suno.. Suno ( Listen) . Come down here. Look into our new budget.. Good things to learn. You shall be wise. Or become a garden mice

( Many onlookers rush to Patel and sit around him. The crowd slowly swells. Ramulu goud , Seetha, Phirkiram, Chamcha singh, Yadgiri, Pannalaal, Dhongu, Tiwari are among them)

Tiwari. Come on sir. We are itching to know.

Patel. Relax. Keep scratching fast. The first thing is the government has taxed all bald guys. In India there are many bald guys. Out of every four guys there is one guy bald in India..

Yadgiri. Sir. What is the tax? Any how I am not bald. I am saved.

Patel. All guys who are completely bald have to pay 20 % of their gross income as Tax.

Yadgiri. Hee..hee. Is it possible to implement it? How they will make sure that some guy is bald?

Patel. They have given the method. All guys have to take new PAN card now. While taking photographs for PAN card the team present there will pull hair strongly and any one wearing wig will be known immediately. He has to take photo with his bald head. When he files a return the photo is compared and no one can escape.

Yadgiri. If any one grows hair on bald head after taking PAN card, then what happens?

Patel. Simple. He has to take fresh photo and intimate IT dept. I tell you, there are hardly any one who got back hair after getting bald. Transplanatation is not recommended after 45years. Hee.. hee.. see my head. Bapus head, Nehrus head. We are all bald. Beautifully bald. ( sings and does jig )

Look at my head and shining plate
Which infact I really hate
When I was young I had great curly hair
All told me that I was like Devanand and very fair

( All guys laugh and clap)

Patel (continues to sing)

Look at Nehru’s head that is bald and shines
I am sure he rubs it every week end with may wines
People say inside he has great brain
Yet he struggled thus for years and died invain

( Now the guys get excited, get up and do fast jig while some do break dance.
Some shout Jayho.. Ganje. Long live the bald)

Patel. Enough of fun guys, let us see budget now further.

Nehru. What is next?

Patel. Petrol cost and diesel cost are also increased almost in same range. Earlier if Petrol was raised by Rs 5 , diesel went up by 2.50 or Rs 3. They want to slowly reduce the gap. One day they will make both of equal price. All diesel cars will be sold for half the price.

Tiwari. Now we find many rich guys are purchasing large and expensive diesel cars to save on fuel. They have to suck thumbs soon. ( sings)

They guys have to suck thumbs soon
While Indian cranks at ISRO want to go to moon
Their satellite has become a dead orbit goose
While budget is every ones noose

Patel Hear…hear.. Very well sung friend. I greatly appreciate

Tiwari. Sir, whether you appreciate or depreciate, I have told the truth.

Gandhi. True. Well said.

Patel. Look here. A strange tax.

Nehru. What it is?

Patel. If you are married, who have to pay 13 % of your gross salary

Gandhi. Chee…cheee. What an Idea?

Nehru. How about Muslims? Will they pay 4 times because they can have 4 wives?

Patel. No .Muslims are exempted.

Gandhi. That is very good. In fact I wanted to go on fast till I die if they forced Muslims.

Patel. What is the use Bapu? You are already dead. You can not die again.

Gandhi. Ohfo. I forgot that I died.( Cries).eee..eeee. My wounds are giving pain.. aa….aaa.. margaya

Patel. Bapu. Say hoi ram.. Hoi ram. That’s what people believe you moaned after you were shot by Godse. I am not sure what you really said. Some say you said just. Uh.uh and died.

Gandhi. Come on Patel. Why bring Godse now and remind me?. eee…eee..aaaa.. it is paining.

Patel. Listen. Listen. The most interesting tax now.

Gandhi. What is it?

Patel. Any one remaining bachelor after 30 years shall pay 25 % of their gross pay as tax.

Gandhi. Why this now?

Patel. The finance minister says by remaining bachelor, he is enjoying much and some woman unnecessarily being denied married life. So he must cough it off.

Seetha. This is very good. The guys will marry soon. I am trying to get married and I am not getting a groom.

Phirki Ram. Saheb. What are other benefits?.

Patel. News for ladies. At all hospitals They will collect Rs 1000 as Tax for every delivery for a woman. This is compulsory.Naturally hospitals collect this money from patients .

Seetha. Chee.. chee. Down down Finance minister down down

Phriki Ram. How about women who deliver at homes in villages, some times in RTC buses, trains?

Patel. They have to pay tax when they collect birth certificates

Seetha. Is finance minister mad?

Ramulu. Now I remember a similar tax that was laid nearly 600 years ago in Telangana area

Patel. That is interesting. What is this?

Ramulu. In the middle of 15 century, The coastal Andhra Belt was under the rule of Reddy kings. They were brave kings and poets too. They were always at war with Velama kings of Telangana and also the Vijaynagar kings. The last king of the dynasty was Racha vema Reddy. He ruled for only 5 years. He introduced a tax termed Puriti sunkam meaning delivery tax as done by the finance minister now.

Gandhi. Hee…heee. Funny guy. So the present attempt is not new and credit can not be given to the minister was inventing this

Ramulu. He collected this tax from one of his chieftains Balija Savaram Ellaih. He was much enraged and he planned and murdered the king at Mutyalamma temple at Kondaveedu when king went there to see goddess. With this Reddy dynasty vanished. Vijay nagar kings invaded and occupied Reddy kingdom and it was annexed.

Patel. What a tragedy?

Ramulu. God’s ways are very strange

Gandhi. You never know this tax may be removed. You know they are trying to pass women’s bill. If it is through do you think govt will collect delivery tax?

Patel. We never know. They may think it as a family planning move to discourage pregnancies in country.

Gandhi. ( holds head) Ohfo. The guys in govt appear mad.( Cries) eee..eee.. Have I brought freedom to see this day?….

Patel. Please do not cry. No one in India now think that you brought them freedom. They think you are one among some. In fact they are un happy that you created Pakistan and accepted it.

Ganhi. Is it necessary to discuss those old things?

Patel. I told this because you said so.

Nehru. Patel. Better leave Bapu and old things.

Gandhi. Any thing more special in budget?

Patel.. Bapu. This paper is not complete. Next page is missing. Enough for today

Gandhi. We can not do any thing without the next page.

Patel. Ok Gentle men. Please come tomorrow and I shall have the next page. I shall explain whole thing in detail

Phirkiram. Thanks sir

Seetha. Namste. Thank sir

Yadgiri. Thanks sir. We shall come again

Gandhi. OK Bhai. Ham chale ( We go ) Thanks for listening. By the by I am Mahatma Gandhi. The father of nation. He is Patel who explained budget. This guy is Nehru

Yadgiri. Yeah. We could recognize you. But who is mother. You can not be a fater of a nation without mother. There are some statues remaining in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. What do you mean by remaining?

Yadgiri. Now no one wants your statues. Look old man. Every where, we find Ambedkar. Rajeev, Indira. Now we are having YSR too.

Gandhi. Poor YSR. I feel sorry for him

Nehru. Bapu. Let us go. Getting late. If we start discussing there is no end. Soon Jagan will emerge. If we delay, some guys may demand tax for staying for so long here.

Gandhi. True.. Run.

( Gandhi. Nehru and Patel walk into distance singing Ramdhun)