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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The recent initiatives and talks with Pakistan reveal that Hindustan has not learnt lessons even after years of persecution, undeclared Jihad, and war by Pakistan against Hindustan. Pakistan’s hatred towards Hindustan is well known. It‘s past time is anti Hindu hate actions in spirit and actions. Why our policy makers and so called protectors of the nation and so called elected leaders are unable to realize the grave implications of talks with Pakistan. Has Hindustan forgotten years of Jihad in Kashmir? Has it forgotten the 1948, 1965, 1971 wars that were unleashed by the hateful Pakistanis? Have we forgotten the Kargil episode? ( 1) Forget about the old events? How about the recent 26/11 in which India was screwed by handful of Islamic butchers called Jihadis. It is a different matter that they were all slain Except Kasab. It would have been a great shame if they were allowed to escape after the great carnage at Bombay ( sorry Mumbai) where we boast of feeding 10 lakh land army, Other paramilitary forces with strength as much of that of Army apart from state police forces wielding all types of weapons. So there is nothing to boast and beat our chests after gunning down all the villains (2). That was the least we could do after we were caught napping and with pants down and yet display our bright yet rotten faces to the world that has failed to be a vigilant nation fighting terrorists for more than two decades; yet being surprised by few handfuls from across the borders. Where is the requirement of bowing to the Jihadis next door and conducting talks across the table?

Pakistan has not done any thing to punish the culprits of 26/11. It has been conducting some stray trials, has been imprisoning some for some time. Leaving them again. It has not conclusively punished any one for the conspiracy and conduct of 26/11. It has failed to curb terrorism across the border. It has not closed the terror camps in the country. The recent attack at Pune has also origins in Pakistan and Hindustan has been sucking thumb and displaying its smiling face at Pakistan. Is Hindustan under some pressure? If so from where? Is it USA that is pressurizing Hindustan to conduct talks with the enemy. In all probabilities Hindustan is being bullied to go soft against Pakistan. Even at the time of 26/11 USA has praised Hindustan for displaying great restraint in the face of intimidation by Pakistan in the form of Terrorist attack. The leaders of India who never give up their long dream of Nobel peace prize have fallen easy prey to the American influence in the affairs between Pakistan and Hindustan. The golden chance of attacking Pak terror camps after 26/11 was lost. Except few saber rattling by Dr Man Mohan singh, Defense Minister ShivRaj patil, the well groomed guy with oily hair and trim suit, there was no action The rape was complete and was swallowed too. Lot of water has flown after 26//11.White clad Chidambaram, the new incumbent after Patil declared that Hindustan would not swallow things next time it happens. The next terror attack also took place in Pune. Has Chidambaram forgotten his word; probably he is thinking that the attack was not as strong as 26/11. The deaths were not many. Probably he is awaiting a bigger action to take place. Let this poor country get screwed strongly again before the Chidambaram acts. In all probabilities he swallowed Pune actions. It is a shame indeed. The elected representatives have failed to protect the nation. They are ever busy in murky game of politics, dynastic succession and protection of PMs Chair for the much awaited Prince and games of destroying opposition parties to win next elections. Security of nation appears top be the last on the cards. Hindustan also has N number of organizations that can probe these events. Time is lost in these frivolous evasive actions. Out come is of the least value. Precious time is lost in deciding the agency to which the investigation has to be entrusted. It is a very sad reading at the pathetic affairs in such matters.

The recent meeting between Indian Foreign secretary Nirupama Rao and Pak counter part Salman Basher is a matter of interest. Hindustan has demanded that LET Chief hafiz Saeed, retd maj Iqbal, Indian Mujahideen leader Asif Raja Khan, it’s memer Riyaz Bhaktal and AlQaeda accomplice Ilyas Kashmiri be handed over to Hindustan. Hindustan also sobbed that Pak actions were not sufficient to curb terrorism. Any sane person will laugh at the way the talks are conducted. Will a terrorist country agree for such demands? Even a child would laugh at such attempts (3).
Fcat is that no talks should be conducted with Pakistan till it terminates terrorism. Pak has already lost its public sympathy and the government is a stooge to the Generals. It is at the mercy of Gen Kiyani. Where is the requirement of holding talks with such nation. It is probable that some leaders are playing into the hands of terrorists. Hindustan government is unable to complete the trial of 26/11 terrorist Kasab and unnecessarily prolonging the trial (4). It has already spent 26 crores rupees over the trail and Kasab. It is high time he is sentenced and punished. condemned Afzal guru’s case is till pending. What is preventing his execution. Is some one awaiting another hijacking where he could be handed over in Karachi or Islamabad? Last time the central minister handed over the Jihadis from jail in Kabul after an hijacking during Vajpayee’s time. Hindustan has no back bone. It can not stand erect It is like a earth worm. Worms are always crushed under feet by the others.


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