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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( In the center of a room in heavens Gandhiji is seen relaxing. He is sick and coughing occasionally. In a corner old Charkha is kept. Many books and papers are lying on a small table. The room represents dejection and poverty)

Gandhi. ( within himself) What a sorry state of affairs? It is already 8 am and none came to see me. Till yesterday people used to come with lot of touching feet. I think I am not needed any more… (sings). Ram.. ram.. Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram.. eee..eee.. aa… aaah

(In the mean time door is opened and elderly gentleman walks in. He is in regal attire)

Gandhi. ( in feeble voice) eee… eeee. Who is there?

Guest. Good morning Bapuji. I am Hari Singh, Maharaj of Kashmir and father of Karan singh Sadr e riyasat

Gandhi. Oh! Welcome. Raja Saheb. Kaisa aana hua? ( What made you come)

Harisingh. I am fine. Although I was here for many years some how I did not see you.

Gandhi. That is ok. It is nice you made. Now a day I am not getting visitors. I am itching to see them Even Nehru is not coming now a days. He must be busy some where

Hari singh. He must be around. Bapu. I am feeling bad. My state is being ruined in free India.

Gandhi. It is no more yours. You were dead long ago.

Harisingh. Bapu. those days were of great turmoil.i was rather forced to give in. What I could do? I wanted to be a free state in the way Nizam tried to be

Gandhi.Yes . Nizam was hammered black and blue later on. In your case Pakistan wanted to grab you.

Harisingh.Over my dead body. Bapu. Do you think we were cowards? Our state forces too fought well in 1948.

Gandhi.But for India your state would have been swallowed by Pakistan. Indian army defeated them.

( In the mean time Mohd Ali Jinnah, Quaid e Azam ( Father of Pakistan) walks in. He is very lean a known TB patient with European suit with English hat)

Jinnah. Hello Gandhiji. Good morning. I overheard that India defeated Pakistan. When it happened? Gilgit and Hunza are still with us.

Harissingh. Yes. It is Pak occupied Kashmir. You have no business to stay there forcibly.

Jinnah.Don’t you think India is staying by force in Kashmir.

Gandhi. How come? Maharaja Hari singh acceded the state to Indian union.

Jinnah. I am sure that cunning Patel forced Hari singh to sign the papers

Gandhi. Any hoe all is over now. It is more than 60 years now

Hari singh. Bapu. Look. How bad Kashmir is being bungled? (Sings)

The state of Kashmir is paradise on this earth
Where visitors flock to spend their wealth.
Pleasant climate and flowing streams that are graceful
Sure to make the neighbors deceiptful

The heaven on the earth is being maimed
Where killers prowl with guns duly aimed
Entire valley is in great turmoil
Economy of the state is now in deep sub soil

Jinnah. Probably if you wee in Pakistan life in Kashmir would have been better. We would have given you many concessions.

Gandhi. What are those? See the life of Hindus in your state. They are worst than rats. They have no freedom. You declared your state as a Muslim state. But see us. We are for every one.

Jinnah. But none for any one. I remember a couplet ( sings doing fast jig)

Muslims in India are in peril
Although they are not evil
Always they are under great suspicion
Most of them now do introspection

( suddenly he develops a sprain in shoulder and falls down)

Hari singh. Jinnah sahib. Why do these tricks. You are very sick with a rotten frame and do you think you can do fast Jig? Look. You are hurt ( He rubs the shoulder of Jinnah)

Gandhi. Jinnah. Why blame us. You are no way better. See Mujahirs in Pakistan. What you have done to them? They are also Muslims like you. Only fault is that they came over to you after partition.

Jinah. Rather forced after partition

Gandhi. Could be in some cases.. They thought they were going to Jannat. But landed themselves in Jahnum.

Jinnah. ( angrily) Do not say it is hell. What about yours/ look at yourselves. Each state is fighting with one another over petty issues. See the castes and the troubles you have. Even in 20 th century you are treating the lower castes so badly. Shame.. shame

Gandhi Do not say that. We are doing everything to remove the evil. See we have given reservations every where except in Army , Air force an Navy.

Jinnah. Why not in Army? Will they not listen to you? Hee..hee..hoo..hooo

Gandhi. We do not want to sacrifice merit there. There is no dilution of merit there.

Jinnah. So you do not mind dilution in other services and in education

Gandhi. Come on Jinnah. Leave this topic. It is a dirty pot. Nation issunk in the deep shit pot of reservations. Now it is more for political issues than social issues We were discussing Kashmir. Suddenly we changed topic. Raja sahib. How about visiting your state? Sorry it is no more yours.hee..heee. It is India.

Jinnah. Do not say that. It is stil disputed land

Gandhi. May be yours POK. Not Kashmir. It is part and parcel of India . Like any other state.

Jinnah. Then why don’t you remove special article. Can you dare doing that. I know you guys can not do that.

( In the mean time Pundit Nehru walks in. He touches Gandhi’s feet and wishes Jinnah and Hari singh)

Nehru. What is happening Jinnah sahib? Salaam Walekum. How come you are here? I think you did not forget Pakistan atlesat. Why rake Kashmir issue. We already taught you a grand lesson.

Jinnah. What lesson? You never won the war. We are equals. In 1948, you were not wise rather foolish too and declared ceasefire and went to UNO. A great blunder done by you. You thought that you would get Nobel peace prize. But what you got finally? Hee..heeee..hooo..hooo. At that time Indian army would have massacred us and we would have lost Gilgit and Hunza areas for ever.

Nehru. Situation demanded that.

Jinnah. We will never leave you to rest till we snatch Kashmir from you Kafirs. Inshah allah. That day is near and not far off. See the mujahids and other Jihadis. They are doing good job killing you guys like cats and dogs.

Gandhi. Come on Jinnah. Stop this irrelevant talk. First set your house in order before tell others.

Nehru. Look at Sindhis and Baluchis. Or else you will have another Kashmir in Karachi..

Jinnah. That is your creation. You are instigating Mujahirs.

Nehru. Are they kids? They know what is good for them.

Gandhi. It is fine We had grand discussion. Jinnah sahib. Thanks for the visit. We shall again meet here and continue our discussions. Please do not forget to come. I am a bit tired . You see. Godse’s bullets are still troubling me even after I have died.

Jinnah. True. Please take rest . I shall come again. Thaks everybody

( Jinnah walks off while Muslin Pakistan fayindabad is played)

( Gandhi, Hari singh and Nehru say bye too him and relax in the chairs)


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