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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

Mahoba is a city in India’s heartland
Ruled by the famous Chandela Rajput kings
They were famous for bravery and chivalry
And history is replete with their stories and happenings
Durgavathi was the daughter of king of Mahoba
And she was the most beautiful woman of the time
She learnt all the arts of warfare and skill in handling arms
While she was bubbling with vigor in her youth and prime

Durgavathi was not to be married as per the word of a sage
Or else she would be widowed in her prime of her life
The king kept the secret for his life time
While the country was going through great strife
Dalpat shah was the king of Gonds
And he ruled at impregnable Mandla fort on a hill
He learnt about the beauty of the Rajput princess
And he reached Mahoba to watch the princess to his hearts fill

The princess was out on a stroll in the city
When Dalpat shah had a glimpse of her face
His heart was full of joy at the sight
And he at once fell in love at her delightful grace
He reached the lady and bowed to her
“I am the king of Gonds called Dalpat shah the brave
I rule the land Gondwana with might of my arms
And I pray that you be my queen and for your love I crave”

Dalpat shah spoke to the lady with grace
The princess blushed and bowed to the Gond king full of life
“Sir I have learnt the deeds of your valor,
And I am honored to accept your offer to be your wife,
But you must get my fathers consent for the wedding you seek,
I am the daughter of a Rajput scion of might,
And you know the Rajput for their valor and word”
The princess replied the Shah in the falling light.

Dalpat shah rode away without wasting a moment
He sent a letter of proposal to the ruler of Mahoba in respect
The hand of princess he sought from the Rajput scion
And said in turn he would meet all the aspects.
The Rajput king was aghast at the turn of events
To give his daughter to a Gond was seen as an insult
The king at once called for the counsel at once
Who said that king had to face the wrath of Rajputs and guilt

In medieval days Rajputs saw Gonds socially low
And the Rajput king declined the offer
The princess to surprise gave her consent
While the king warned her that she would suffer
Dalpat shah upset at the events sent a warning
That Rajputs have to face his wrath of war
The Mahoba king was a fearless warrior
And he led his army that had no par

The day arrived and both armies clashed
While Dalpat Shah led mighty Gonds to win his bride
Rajputs defended the honor at all costs
And hell let loose as the warriors fell on both sides
The battle was fought with greatest vigor
For Rajputs it was honor or death in the last
The Gonds had to win at all costs on the earth
Or else the princess would be finally lost

Destiny at last ditched Rajputs
And the Mahoba king lay wounded on the battle field
His army lost the much fought war
While the princess left him in the din of swords and shields
In the falling light the king lay gasping on the battle field
And a sage appeared in that unearthly hour
He walked to the king in his last moments
And said destiny can never be changed and truth was always sour

The sage gave some water to the departing king
Who paid his last respects to the sage
Soon the soul left his mortal body
And he passed into history’s golden page
Thus ended war between Rajputs and Gonds
While at Mandla Shah married Durgavathi in pomp and show
The marriage was a great event of the times
While river Narmada down the hills was in full and graceful flow.

The couple lived happily at Mandla
Soon they had a son Veer narayan the brave
They hardly lived together for few years
Alas the destiny sent Dalpat shah to the grave
Sorrow of the queen knew no bounds
But she was a woman of great strengths
Those were the days of Akbar’s military conquests
And Dalpat shah always defended his country across breadth and length

Soon Durgavathi crossed swords with Mughals
She was a woman of dauntless courage and spirit
She fought the Mughals tooth and nail
And she spread her power with courage and grit
The Mughals were defeated in many wars by her
Yet the Mughals never gave up their eternal wars
All good things in world finally come to an end
And her fate soon had to face reversed stars

Mughals again attacked with great force
And this was a battle of do or die for them
Durgavathi met them on battle front
Ready to fight and cut off the enemy’s stem
The battle was going on in her favor
And a chance arrow pierced her temple at the evil hour
She knew her death was imminent by the fatal wound
And she stabbed herself to save her honor

The day was won by the Mughals
Yet the war was fought by Veernarayan the brave to the end
The sea of Mughal forces had their sway
The prince was killed in war and he refused to bend
Durgavathi shines in history as a glorious star
Who laid her life for a national cause
Her memory is immortal in the minds of people
While for scores in Indian history treachery was no bar.


Durgavathi. Wife of Dalpat Shah and Rajput princess of Mahoba
Mahoba .. A city in Madhya Pradesh
Mandla. Hill fort aside Narmada river near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh
Dalpat shah. The brave Gond king. ( The area was also known as Gondwana)
Akbar. Third Mughal emperor and ruled at Agra (15 to16 century)
Veer Narayan. Son of Durgavathi and Dalpat shah
The Samadhi of Durgavathi is near Jabalpur town at the outshirts
Narmada. An important river in Madhya Pradesh and flows from East to west and travels through Vindhya mountains in Central India

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at Prashanta Nilayam in Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh. They want to see Saibaba. They are seen waiting. There is a great rush too as usual.)

Patel. Bapu. There is a great rush here. I do not think we can have darshan (audience) to day.

Bapu. Let us wait and see. If not to day, some other day we shall see the Baba.

Nehru. That means we have to come again..eee…eee. I am tired.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Relax. Don’t cry. Some times we have to put hard work. Things will not work as per our expectations.

Bapu. Hee…heee.. well said Patel.

Nehru. That means I do not have patience.

Patel. You know it better.

Bapu. Look guys Some VIP is coming.

{ Security people and Police Inspectors escort a VVIP who is accompanied by some white shirt clad leaders. They appear to be VIPs too. The Police men are pushing the others ( common people who are treated as untouchables by politicians) away from the place and shouting too}

Inspector. Get lost you guys. Move away from here. Stay away from here. Or I shall show. My name is Khoonkhar singh.

Nehru. Bapu, I can see the VVIP. But who are all these white shirt clad guys with him?

Bapu. They are his flunkies and are also called side kicks. Havn’t you seen Hindi movies with Gabber Singh or Ajeet as some important characters and vilains. Wherever they go they have men with them. Actors like Mack, Christo, Roopesh kumar, Ranjit, Imtiaz, and many used to be there. This is also like that. Whether you are from ruling party or opposition, these side kicks have to be there. Otherwise the leader feels insecure.

Haa…haa..hee.. Then why have Police?

Bapu..Haa…haaa..hii..hii.. Ou..ou..ouu. True. But police has to earn bread.

Patel. Hello. Inspector. Why this commotion at this place that is considered sacred? He may be a VIP. But we are also human beings.

Inspector. Come on. Look old man. You three guys are old. Why are you here? You guys are not even well dressed. Have you come here to beg?

Patel. Is being old a crime? Are we looking like Beggars? How strange in deed! You can not even recognize Bapu, MK Gandhi, the father of nation. ( sings)

How sad that you are clueless
From others you are no less
You do not recognize us even
Do you know at least to count seven?

Inspector. You know the famous Telugu poet Sri Sri wrote in Mhaprashtanam that all old guys must die.You guys actually died at least thirty years ago before I was born. We are more worried about present. Past is past. Look for present and future.

Nehru. I see.. Good thought. You appear to be practical. Same thing will happen to you too.

( Inspector gets upset and raises lathi at Nehru and Patel holds the stick with his hand while inspector struggles)

Bapu. Patel. Leave him alone. We are here not to fight. We follow non violence.

( But Patel does not leave the stick. In the mean time the VVIP takes note of happenings and comes near them)

VVIP. We are sorry and caused inconvenience to you. I do not have sufficient time to wait in line. I am the chief Minister of this state. My name is Rosiah. I have come to see the Baba and take his blessings. By the by who are you guys. You are dressed just like the famous Bapu, Nehru and Patel. Plesae leave the stick.

Bapu. We are actually they.

Patel. In fact we are they. They are we.

Nehru. We are no one other than them. They are not different from us. We and they are same. Same are we and they. These two guys and me are them.

Rosiah. Ohfo. Shit indeed. I am confused really. ( tries to pull his hair, but nothing is there on his head)

Patel. Relax sir. ( sings)

How sad that you are clueless?
From others you are no less
You do not recognize us even
Do you know at least to count seven?

Rosiah. Come on. Behave yourself. Do not annoy me. Are you joking with me. I can take off your hand that you are waiving while dancing.This earlier did in assembly hall too.

Nehru. That is good. Are you fond of collecting hands? ( sings)

Please take my hand
That can help you playing band
Why waste time in this place of stones and sand
Please abstain from this errand

Bapu. Yeah.. You need hands to vote in your favor when CLP meets. Take my hand also.

Nehru. Take my hand fast.

Patel. Rosiah Sir. Please do not get worried ( sings and does jig)

Look Oh Mr. Ayya
My dear Chief Minister M. Rosiah
We are the past great men
Caught now in this cockeyed den

We also came to see the baba
And waiting in line like sheep shouting baa.. baa
This Inspector wants to hit us with this stick
His tempo however did not click

Rosiah. What happened? Was he rude to you. It is OK you are imitating the past leaders. I am happy with your fashion show. You deserve some praise. Do you want to be honored at Ravindra Bharathi at Hyderabad?.

Pate. Mr. Rosiah. We do not need your praise. We actually want to see Baba.

Rosiah. I am in hurry, You may have to wait.

Bapu. It is fine. We have no other work. We can wait even eternally. By the by how are you getting on? Please do not waste time going around temples. That will not help you. What is needed is efficient rule and firm handling. I was told that Jagan and his coterie played tricks ever since the chopper crashed. Jagan wanted to become the CM

Rosaih. I do not know.

Bapu. How can it be? Entire news papers are full with these news since chopper crashed and you say you have no idea. Sir Don’t you read news papers? What does the state intelligence agency do? Don’t they brief you? What for they are? I think they are there to let you know about things happening around in the state.

Rosiah. I refuse to answer your doubt.

Patel . We know that you had to perform tight rope walk all these days.

Nehru. Some time people like you have to do such tricks.

Patel. You are experienced in these tricks. After al you were the first PM of this beleaguered and unfortunate nation ruled by all sorts of people.

Bapu. There are some ministers who claimed that you should be sent out and replaced by Jagan. Don’t you think you should drop them from cabinet?

Rosiah I know some guys do that every day. Look I can not take rash actions. For every thing there is a time.

Bapu. Hee..hee

Rosiah. The drama I think is coming to end.

Bapu. How?

Rosiah. Recently Jagan was called to Delhi and had meeting with the high command. Things have been made clear. He was made wise. It is sure I shall continue

Patel. The other guys must be boiling inside. I remember a great song sung by the great singer actor singer Surendra in Anokhi Ada the filmof 1948.

Bapu. What is the song?

Patel ( sings)

Jalena kyo.. Jalena kyo..
Jalena kyo parwana… jalena kyo Parwana
Shama dikhakar husneke jalwe..
Banade jab deewana..
Jalena kyo Parwana..

Jalna hai tho phir jal jaye
Husne ke sache mey dhal jaye
Husne ke sache mey dhal jaye
Ishk me dono ek hai jab tho
Jeena ya marjana.
Jalena kyo parwana

Bapu. Great song indeed.

Rosiah. No comments

Patel Sir . You are very clever

Rosiah. One has to be.

Nehru. Now Jagan wants to contest Puivendula seat that fell vacant after YSRs death

Rosiah. I know. But high command will not allow that. That will be given to YSRs wife or daughter.

Patel. Hee..hee. Sure. After all this is a family drama of succession. How it can be given to outsiders? If not Jagan, YSRs wife or daughter has to be there.

Bapu. Why don’tt you guys amend constitution that only kith and kin should succeed the departed leaders.

Patel Yeah. What can he say? Correct way of expressing your helplessness.

Rosiah. What can I say? ( sings)

I am in chair with madams grace
For last one month I had no solace
Although I said I would step down
I was surely not happy to leave the ceremonial gown

Pate. But every time you said, you are ready to step down in favor of some one nominated by high command

Rosiah. That I have to say

Bapu. I understand. After all you got this opportunity out of blue from sky that you never anticipated. It is lifes chance. Look How Jagan is struggling now. You got the carrot from plate so easily.

Rosiah. I can not say any thing on this. It is destiny

Bapu. I agree

Patel. Are you scared that you may loose this and so visiting temples and babas

Rosaih No . it is not like that. It is a custom.

Patel. I know. Leaders after assuming important positions run to Tirumala and puttaparthi to get blessings from the god and Babas. But God knows what to do. He believes in Karma siddhantha more than visits to temples

Rosiah. You appear to be atheist.

Patel. Certainly not. But I do not believe in shows

Bapu Leave him. OK Rosiah Saheb. Go ahead and have darshan of Baba

Rosiah Thanks for leaving me. When I go back to Hyderabad I shall call you at Ravindra Bharathi and shall grant you awards for this good show of good dressing.

Patel What is this Mr Rosiah? You are still not sure that we are actually they.

Rosiah. Ohfo.. I am getting mad. How can you be they? They died long ago.

Nehru. You shall not understand and it is above your comprehension. Please go to Hyderabad and take care of flood victims.

Rosiah. That I am doing.

Nehru. Please ensure that flood relief money is not swindled.

Bapu. True. There are many swindlers in the state and they wait for the opportunities and for them this is a golden goose.

Rosiah. But all that is not that bad

Bapu. Time only will prove this ( sings)

There are scores of swindlers in state
And that is your sad fate
To speak like this, I hate
Kindly go as you are getting late

( Rosiah leaves with his side kicks to see Baba )

Patel. Hee..hee.. well sung Bapu

Nehru. Bapu is great. You must be given Nobel prize for poetry

Bapu. Do I deserve?

Patel. When Obama can be given Peace prize every one deserves Nobel Prize. So you also deserve. Three Cheers to Bapu

Bapu. Eee…eee.. I could not get peace prize

Nehru. Me too

Patel. I do not care. Let us go

Bapu OK Bye. We shall come again

(the trio slowly walk off and vanish)


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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

In a dark and filthy cell in Mughal camp
Sambhaji lay tied with chains and ropes
His minister Kavi Kulash was a few cells away
While the Maratha hero looked into distance with some hopes
The day broke to the neighing of horses
The sun rose into the sky as done every day
Emperor Alamgir was seated on a throne in the camp
Sambhaji was brought before him as he had his own way

Alamgir was sitting high on the throne
While Sambhaji was brought into the court
The Maratha lion was in chains and fetters
While a trumpet blew over the Mughal fort
Alamgir looked at Sambhaji with contempt and ridicule
And laughed at him for his miserable state
“Where do you stand now Oh! Maratha pseudo king?
In my hand now is hanging your fate”

“ I can cut your head at this instant
And throw your body to crows and dogs on the street
You claim yourself as the bravest of brave”
Laughed the emperor while Sambhaji stood firm on his feet.
“ You gave asylum to my rebel son Prince Akbar
Who raised his arms against the throne
Prince Akbar has committed a treason
I hold you guilty”, screamed the emperor with a face of stone.

“Your son rebelled as you were no father
Cheated your own son with fake letters
What else you hope him to do for your wretched actions”
Thus spoke Sambhaji tied in iron fetters
“To give asylum is the duty of Kshatriya king practiced from yore
I have done nothing wrong by protecting him under my arms in my state
Know !Sambhaji is a sovereign needing no sanctions”
Thus spoke Sambhaji with an air of ceremonial gait

“You are not a king but a mere rebel and cheat like your father
The rat that escaped from my hold at Agra jail
At last I have laid my hands on you, beware
Although your father escaped, I shall kill you surely without fail”
The emperor screamed in rage fuming and fretting
While Sambhaji was clam and very cool
There was not a moment of fear on his face
Although he knew that he soon had to float in a blood- pool.

Sambhaji spoke“You are a no king having destroyed our temples
Let loose murder, loot and rape against Hindu religion
A king has to be fair to all his subjects
While you let loose on them your Muslim legions
God shall not spare you for misdeeds as a ruler
While you have sinned greatly on this earth
You killed your brothers to usurp the Mughal throne
All the sins shall stare at you while you die miserable death”

Aurangzeb was listening calm as Sambhaji spoke in defiance and spirits
He soon ordered that Sambhaji’s tongue be cutoff
The tongue was cut instantly by the devils
As Sambhaji stood like a rock of which he was made of
Emperor said he would spare the life of Maratha
Provided he embraced Islam and discard acts of revenge
A slate was brought with a writing pen
And Sambhaji was asked to write if he agreed for religious change

Sambhaji wrote that he shall not be a Muslim
Even if Emperor offered his daughter in marriage
Changing the religion is the greatest sin on this earth
And whatever be the result he shall not change
Sambhaji stood like lion although he was badly tortured
Blood flowed like fountains from his wounds
Death stared at him at very close range
Yet Sambhaji was brave and his bravery had no bounds.

Emperor’s anger grew no bounds and the devil took over
The Satan in him screamed that Sambhaji be put to death before lights are lit
The Maratha however was tortured for three days
While his flesh was cut slowly bit by bit
The flesh was thrown to crows and dogs on the streets
He was tortured in most inhuman way
Sambhaji yet stood ground like a stone brave and unperturbed
Faith in his religion was his vital and main stay.

Sambhaji raje was hanged on a scaffold
And his head was cut off by the devils
It was put on a public show and display
While destiny on the day sided with the devil
The brave Maratha King kept his head high
Although death was staring at him through the cage
He laid down the life for the Hindu faith
That Hindus live in honor at a later time and age.

Cranks to appease Muslims degrade Sambhaji as of low virtue
Devoid of moral values, cruel and being naïve
Indian crooked pseudo secularists are unfair to him
While Sambhaji no doubt was the bravest of brave
Sambhaji although in youth could be out of way
As a king he upheld the Hindu faith and grace
Tooth and nail he fought the devilish Mughals
It is time we give him all the due and his scared place

The land of Marathas has given India greatest sons
Shivaji, Tilak, Gokhle, Baji Prabhu, Tanaji, Mahdaji to name a few
Nanasaheb, Tantia, Baji Rao did not crave for their lives in the struggle
Sambhaji raje shines brilliant as a sun in the sky in the morning dew
As terrorists in India are at the nation’s throats
A day does not pass with out an event of mayhem and murder
Sambhaji inspires us to stand up to the pseudo secularists
While athey are damaging the nation more than with greatest disorder.


Monday, October 19, 2009



Dr k Prabhakar Rao

(Nehru, Gandhi and patel are seen sitting in a small room in heavens. The room is poorly furnished and gandhias usual is seen sitting on an old cot and coughing too. He is weak and famished,)

Pate. Bapu.It is Diwali now. These Indians must be celebratingit with all glory ispite of the recession

Gandhi. True. It comes once in a year. Why they should not celebrate. Hee..hee.

Nehru. They must celebrate surely. When I was the PM of India I used to take part in all these celebrations.

Patel. Those are official Diwali celebrations. Every thing is organized. People are also given duties to shout Nehru ki Jai..jai..People are also identified to clap loudly. For each person there will be a police man in mufti. Your security was more important than celebrations and mixing up with others with was just a show.

Nehru. You are highly biased and it appears so.

Gandhi. Come on guys. Stop fighting. It is Ok I made Jawaharlaal the PM after getting independence. It however does not mean that I did not like Patel. Patel was very efficient. But I felt Jawaharal would be more acceptable top the muslims.

Patel. You hit the nail .Bapu. Now you have come with truth. You wanted some one to appease Muslims who wrecked India.
Gandhi. Patel. Will it be appeasement of Muslims

Patel. It is surely so. Then what else it will be ?

Jawaharlal. Bapu. Why all that muck now. You should have made Patel the PM. You did a mistake.

Patel. At least India would have escaped dynastic rule. ( sings)

Look at our beleaguered India.
Where son succeeds father soon
No one is eligible to the throne
They are surrounded by clappers and goons

Look now at Andhra state.
Where YSR has sadly died
His so Jagan wants to be the king
And his goons want the state to be fried

Gandhi. Who is this Jagan?

Patel. Jagan is the son of late AP CM. YSR.
Gandhi. What are his credentials to become the CM of such large and troublesome state?

Patel. Nothing. Only thing is that he is the son

Gandhi. Hee…hee.. Has he worked for the state? Has he done any scarifices for the state and poor

Patel. Nothing like that. Recently he contested as Parliamentary member and won from Royala seema. The strong place for YSR

Gandhi. Naturally he lacks experience and not matured enough to become CM

Patel. The hih command exactly feels so.

Nehru. But all his supporters feel that he enjoys majority in CLP and therefore he must be made the CM.

Gandhi. How can it be? The state needs an experienced leader capable of running the show well.

Patel. These clappers say that no experience is needed to become CM. They say he would learn.

Gandhi. Hee..heee.. How can it be possible?

Nehru. Why can’t he be given a chance once?

Patel. Is it a joke. Is the state a private property? There are many seniors in the party who are capable and dynamic

Gandhi. I am sure only those guys who were benefited from YSR want Jagan as CM.

Patel. Hee..heee..hee

Gandhi. Hoo…hoo.. Any how it is a good past time in Hyderabad for people. By the by, Patel what happened to flood situation in AP. I was told that it was grave situation

Nehru. I was also told that Government ignored the warnings from central body about possible floods.

Patel. Will the state administration agree to this? They will never do. Ant how the state has goofed up the floods. Just think. The srisailam dam was about to break up. There was severe threat.

Gandhi. Thank god. It did not burst up. Otherwise it would have been a calamity of international magnitude

Patel. It would have been a gold mine for swindlers in the state.( sings)

The state is full of swindlers
Who steal money in all works to fathoms deep
The earthen dams have been breached
While they swindled the contracts in heap

Gandhi. How sad.YSR took up many projects and I was told these were gold mines for the swindlers and I am sure these guys will also swindle again if his son is elevated to CM’s post.

Patel. Sure. It will happen. Whether it is Jagan and Mohan bagan. Swindlers will be always there. Without them the rulers can not function. From where the party gets money?

Gandhi ( Cries) eee… Is this my India of dreams?Did I get freedom to see this day?

Patel. Why cry now Bapu?You have done the greatest damage already. You can not undo things now. Bapu. I have a suggestion. Now in India we have days earmarked for all occasions. There are fathers day, mothers day, Teachers day, Valentine day, Independence day, Republic day, Your birth day, Yours death day,.. It is high time we have swindlers day

Gandhi. Sure. Why not? When some thing can not be avoided, better we accept with a smile.

Nehru. Haa..haaa..hoo..hii..hii.

Patel. Which can be that day. We have to identify that day?

Bapu, We had many scandals, Mundra affair, Bofors scam, Helicopters scam, … and many more. The day should be identified with the biggest scandal.

Patel. Which can be? Sadly no heads have rolled in these scams and no one was hanged like in China. Most of the villains have escaped.In India no scam will lead to arrest and trial of culprits because all big wigs are involved. So they are underplayed and all efforts are made to bury them.

Gandhi. Hee..hee.. Doing scams is also an art. Such guys should be given a national award titled Scam ratna. We have many ratnas and srees now. Why have not this Ratna?

Patel. Bapu. You are I never thought you could be so witty.

Gandhi. I can not crack may jokes. But I am not a joker.

Patel. I did not say that you are a joker.

Gandhi. Haa..haaa. we have deviated from serious discussions.

Patel. Bapu. Humor is the part of life. India has been screwed up so much by the leaders after we left. We can not amend it. We can only laugh at them.

Nehru. Patel. You know very well that I lived for long time after you left That means you are hinting at me too.

Patel. Surely. One can not escape responsibility.

Nehru. What is so bad against me?

Patel. Did you not screw up China policy and led India to a shameful defeat and we lost so much of land. What you have to say on this

Gandhi. What he can say. He could not say any thing even at that time.

Nehru.( Cries.)…aaa.. I did so much for this nation. Is this the result?

Patel. You know what you have done. Why cry now. Did You not goof up Kashmir thoroughly?

Nehru. There was no goofing up.

Patel. Hee…heee..Is Kashmir problem not your creation? Even to day India is fighting the scoundrels across the borders

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Better you guys change topic. I am getting vexed up.

Patel Bapu. Please do not run away from hard facts and realities. Kindly own up al goofing ups.

Gandhi.We shall discuss some other time. I am feeling giddy

Patel OK Bapu. But remember. That matter is not settled. OK bye

( Nehru and Gandhi look at each other. Nehru weeps while Gandhi consoles him)


Saturday, October 17, 2009



Prof Dr ( Colonel ) K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

Rosiah sat in the CM.’s seat
He would have not dreamt in dreams too.
The guy is now with the silver spoon
Although the work goes on without a clue

When YSR died he got life’s chance
And being the old horse got the plum post
Others were doing shaky break dance
Although he was hounded by the smiling ghost

Rosiah is known to be an angry man
And also could loose cool very soon
History is replete in its pages
And his past also could peep over the moon

Once Rosiah shouted amidst the legislators
That he would tear off the arm one of them
He fumes and fretted loosing all his cool
Finally he felt sorry and swallowed his own flum

Loosing cool is his trait and displays often
This time he lost during a tour after floods for a time brief
In royal entourage he traveled to the struggling victims
While the wretched souls cried for relief

This was the time when he was to display his wisdom
He had to remain cool and not treat them as fool
People no doubt expect great assurance from him
Alas Rosiah was found loosing his cool

At some place he faced the wrath of people
They shouted slogans denouncing him
This made him loose his balance
Slowly his long experience appeared very dim

He assured he would give kerosene to people
And a woman soon was worked up and was angry as a cub
Should I pour it on my head she shouted in anger
And Rosiah was soon high in anger and got up with a club

Either you take it or go. Get lost he shouted in despair
Years of experience was of no use to the old man
He soon left the place in a huff fuming and fretting
Soon only to turn to the city as a peter pan

One must be happy that Rosiah did not threaten
That he would take away her arm
Thank god he only shouted and fumed in anger
God save this state from many inevitable harms.

Thursday, October 8, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

No doubt Gandhi MK sacrificed a portion of his life for the nation. But he no doubt very much sought self glorification. He wanted to remain at center stage, any one opposing him was hounded out. People allege that he did not respond to Bhagat singhs death sentence. Every now and then he went on fast to death to force his way. Why he did not go on fast to death to get Bhagat Singh released? This no one answers. Gandhi MK believed in non violence that was seen mostly as cowardice to some extent. Bhagat Singh was a real martyr. He embraced gallows most willingly with a smile. But Gandhi MK failed to get justice to Bhagat Singh. This will always remain as a blot. But who bothers? Young Bhagat Singh vanished into history. Gandhi MK lives even after death as father of nation with statues everywhere although they are dwindling now. Gandhi MK must be appreciated for his achievements. But weakness must also be accepted. This side of story is white washed by our pseudo leaders.

Gandhi needs recognition. But not that much as is being done. It is projected that he only got us freedom that is a lie infact. Memories of Stalwarts such as Tilak, Netaji, Savarkar, Bhagat singh, Azad and many are trampled down.Gopal Krishna Gokhle wwho was the political Guru of Gandhi MK is completely forgotten. Congress party has become the family party of Nehru and country is being driven to another few partitions. In fact the word father of nation is debatable. India already existed even before gaining independence. It is there since Emperor Bharatha. Our country is known as Bharat after him. There is no question of fathering one by another one. It is bogus indeed. At best he was a leader who motivated people to some extent. Glory must be given to that extent. Not more. Real deserving men should be brought up. Pseudo history written by Marxist historians should be re written and scrapped.

As long as Congress remains in India no adverse comments and sincere criticism about Gandhi MK will be allowed. No research is done on the failures of Gandhiji. Most of the ills India is suffering are no doubt his boon. He could not prevent creation of Pakistan. Yet he is glorified because without him Congress has no future in this country. If they drop the name of Gandhi MK they can never attain power. No one will vote for them. Not even their neighbors would vote. The bifurcation of this beleaguered nation has done more damage than attaining independence. A permanent wedge has been driven between Muslims and Hindus. The country is struggling to keep itself afloat all these years fighting wars with Pakistan. Probably we would have been happy under the British government than the present black sheep and turn coats who are ruling us year after year taking part in the bogus elections with money power and promoting dynastic succession.

The dynastic succession is almost getting legitimate in India. Dynastic rule is Gandhi''s gift to India that is unable to come out of this Cess pool. India has been engulfed in shit pot politics of dynastic succession and recently AP statae has witnessed this drama after YSRs death. One will not be surprised at some point of time a constitutional amendment also would be made accordingly. It has become almost sure that legislators and ministers when die open the gate to their sons, wives, daughters and even aunts and uncles. Innumerable examples can be quoted in each and every state.In AP Stat glaring examples are there. Shady characters with criminal records have won elections after fathers death based on sentiments on party’s ticket. As you sow so you reap. The people of the country get government what they deserve. No regrets.

Gandhi although deserves some credit for mobilizing public opinion for freedom , can’t be given full credit for independence. Netaji Subhas Chadra Bose is the person who really deserved the credit. He was potent and a man of action. The secrets of politics played at the time of partition are not revealed and any discussioin on Gandhi’s debatable role is a taboo now. The myth will be blown out once a person reads Nathuram''s statement that was banned for several years and still continues to be suppressed in disguise. Play My Nathuram bolto in Maharashtra was banned some years ago even after 60 years of independence Gandhi literally blackmailed the Govt to dish-out Rs 55 Crore to Pakistan in 1948 and at last this resulted in his being gunned down by Godse in coldblood with out any hesitation.He went to extremes of appeasement of Muslims
India is in the grip of misrule by selfish parties who treat the nation as a real estate. People lack national spirit and run after family name like sheep. It is a real shame and getting some name in IT sector is not the end by itself. Even with episode of Ramalinga Raju of Satyam computers, this vanity has been blown and Indian soft ware professionals and companies are seen as suspect and we have lost the ground. Raju no doubt has done greatest damage to the national prestige and this crime is no less than treason if looked upon in realities.

Men like Netaji, Udham singh, Azad, Ramprasad Bismil and Bhagat Singh were the real sons of India and they are completely forgotten. Gandhi although was a crowd puller, played politics to suit his position. The present chaos in the country is the gift of Gandhi to this land. Pseudo secularism has landed the country in dire straits. Yet he is the father of nation and a vote catching icon for congress.
History books in India glorify Gandhi and its is pushed down the throat of young minds. Tragedy is that Gandhian policy and actions resulted in partition of this country and scores were killed, raped, looted and wiped out. Yet Gandhi failed to see reason. At last he was eliminated by his own country man. The country is inching towards disaster day after day with continued policy and appeasement of Muslims. India faces biggest threat internally and from external Muslim terrorism. Yet the rulers have not become wise. For them catching votes is the main past time. God save India from calamity and disasters of further partitions.

Most of the people believe that Gandhi brought freedom to India. Infact INA actions and World war II were the deciding factors. Hindu Muslim..Bhai..Bhai shoulder rubbing went for six once Muslim league secured 97 % votes and Pakistan became a reality. Many Muslims having thus voted stayed in India and many are trying to wreck this country. Patel’s fears came out true and a section of Muslims are craving for another partition. Gandhi’s policies have ruined the nation . Gandhi’s policy miserably failed and India faces dooms day around the corner. Pseudo secularism has put India in eternal troubles from which it can not come out. Another partition stares at us. It is a Gandhian gift to this land. We lack courage to stand up and history is a testimony to this. Gandhi should be given a portion of credit, but not entire thing as done now.

Gandhi although sacrificed for the country in his own way, did not like any opposition and ensured that all those who disagreed with him were hounded out. Subhas Bose was the most important victim. He almost ensured that Subhas resigned as Congress Prsident. Finally Subhas organized forward block. His pseudo policies and self glorification resulted in partition of India that was the greatest disaster in Indian History. Of course he paid the price for it. But damage was already done. Gandhi is made a God by grace of Congress Govt that can not survive without his name. Gandhi ensured Nehru succeeded him at center neglecting Patel who was more dynamic and man of action. That did not suit Gandhi. They have no identity without him. If Gandhi’s name is removed from the party congress will be wiped out . The real drama of partition is never revealed to public. People are kept in dark even after 50 years of independence .. A great tragedy for a country with great past. Probably soul of Gandhi MK would preside over destruction of this nation.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The inevitable has happened. No one expected that this would happen so soon. Floods in AP have become blessings in disguise to the old horse Mr. Rosiah who was greatly uncomfortable at the arrows fired by the coterie including Surekha who openly gave a statement that she would no longer work in the cabinet of Rosiah if Jagan was not elevated to the throne in AP. After the sad passing away of YSR in the chopper crash, the only past time for congress party was to defend Rosiah against the onslaught of Jagan and his coterie. The news papers in the state had no other matter than Jagan politics and the drama that was unleashed in the state. The two sections of the ruling party blamed drama for full month while state suffered. Column after column in the news papers were full of Jagans cause with photos showing his supporters burning effigies and the reports on air trips to Delhi. The flexi board makers in the state made good business printing Jagans posters. The supporters at a later date burnt the government buses too in coastal AP. The saddest part is that poor RTC property becomes the target in all these murky games. The fools who burn these buses do not realize that they are causing a national damage. Buses are national property. Alas! When these foolish Indians would realize the fact? Most probably they will never as long as they are instigated by the rowdy elements who form the party cadres in the state. Such men are there in all parties. They are the sword arms of the political parties.

Sadly Mr Rosiah was at disadvantage and repeatedly gave assurances that he would step down in favor of Jagan if high command desired. He was greatly submissive and apologetic too in the beginning. His ministers did not co operate with him . Many did not even attend his meetings. There was an air of uncertainty in the state although Rosiah appeared to be in control. It was to the credit of senior leaders such as Kesav rao and Hanumant Rao that the coteries was pushed back. Of course there was lot of muck thrown at these senior men by burning effigies by the rowdy elements. A guy from district even threatened to kill one of them if they spoke against Jagan. The guy had no commonsense that such threats are never given from cell phones. The number can be easily traced. Many probably would be of opinion that these actions are spontaneous. But there is no doubt that these are all stage managed to keep the pressure. There could be some insane elements too who could do some damage to human life. Then came the tearing of posters of Sonia at Khamma. It was the last nail driven in the coffin of the departed leader and the message has gone down that Jagan had no chance and Rosiah became stronger. But all this nonsense has eaten away the most precious time of Rosiah and his advisers in planning the strategy and there was no time even to take care of probable foods. Although Rosiah claimed that he was in full control, things really did not move. Blame can not go to him. In the most difficult times he held the boat from the pirates. They were trying to hijack it.

The floods have devastating effect on the districts and the state too. The coterie suddenly became silent. In news papers there is no talk of Jagan and his moves. The message has firmly gone to them that Rosiah would be in chair for full term. They do not know what to do. The stalwarts in the coterie are no doubt desperate and probably are praying for a miracle. But miracles do not happen every time. Although demise of YSR was most unfortunate and sad it was an unexpected opportunity for Rosiah of his life time and he could have never imagined that he could become the CM of this great state. In fcat Rosiah was slowly eased out from the race of election by YSR showing his age and health. Retirement was staring at him very closely.

There is also a fear of the a split in the party and the supporters of Jagan voting against Rosiah when the day of reckoning arrives. Will it arrive? Probably will not. The only option for them is to split the party and claim for the rule. But they will never form the govt and in all probabilities. President rule would be imposed in the state. This no one would invite. So chances of Jagan have been very seriously eroded.

Mr Rosiah has taken breath and has acted by axing some of the officials like DGP and secretaries and soon ministers too would loose their position. All those men who openly defied Rosiah must go. Along with them, the shadow boxers also must be cut to size. New blood should be brought in who would co operate with the CM so that all flood relief operations would go on correctly. Rosiah must wield his axe without any mercy. He must act like Parasurama and assert himself. He has nothing to loose. He enjoys respect from opposition parties too as a senior person.The post of DGP became aya ram and Gaya Ram type. The coveted post held by distinguished men like Kalyan Rao, Bhaskar Rao, Mohanty and Swaranjit Sen became a place of severe criticism and it is the duty of the new man to restore the honor of the rank and post. Every one looks at DGP with lot of expectations and hope and dignity. So heads have started rolling and the guillotine should not stop till entire cabinet is flushed off the dead wood and undesired elements. Hope Rosiah would do it and bring order in the state. May God bless him and give all strengths. The latest controversy of failure on the part of humans in the present flood tragedy has to be taken in right spirit and some truth surely lies in it. At first count it appears that the flood waters could have been better managed avoiding the calamity. There can not be witch hunting. But the culprits must be accounted for. There are many allegations that the new projects and reservoirs were planed as part of Jalayagnam under cover of ill planning and there is a dire necessity of revealing real truth. The matter should not be brushed under carpet to protect some guys. It should be open examination by the government. Rosiah has great responsibility in front of him and he must come out successfully. People have great confidence in him.

Sunday, October 4, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is the Bapu Ghat at Langar Houz in Hyderabad where a memorial was built for Gandhi. It is not the grave of Gandhi. But is a place where all sundry leaders visit on Gandhi’s death and birth day and act as if they are praying although throughout the year they are engaged in the murky game of politics and money swindling. Most of them hurriedly pray and rush off as early as possible. Some passers stop at the gate. They are Lallu ram and Panjoo das.)

Lallu ram.. Are Panju. I am feeling very tight yar. I have to ease myself. Since half hour I am trying to find a place to piss off. Damne place. There is no place around. This pace has many bushes and appears neglected too. It looks as if no one visited this place for years. See how shitty the place is?

Panju.. Yeah. A nice place to ease off. Go ahead. I am staying near the motor cycle. Come soon.

( Lallu ram goes near the gate. It is a old and rusty gate that has twisted by neglect and some urchins have stolen some rods from the gate. There are innumerable wild bushes all over. The passage is narrow and Lallu sneaks in to have some privacy. He is about to ease himself when some one coughs from behind and lallu is scared and turns around al of a sudden. He finds an old man in Dhoti and half naked holding a stick. There are two more guys next to him. They are peeping through the bushes and come out)

Gandhi. Look boy. I am called MK Gandhi. These are my friends Nehru and Patel, in fact they are my followers. Do you conduct like this at public places?

Lallu. What to do? I am fed up. There is no public toilet around.

Gandhi. kindly button your pant or go and ease yourself. Be relaxed. This is part of game.

( Lallu eases himself and feels highly relieved. He returns and thanks Gandhi.)

Lallu. Thank you sir. Thank you so much.

Gandhi. Why thanks. This is India, a great public toilet of enormous size.

Patel.True. how well said ( sings)

Indians are happy to ease at road side
All of them have no shame and have thick hide.
We are all to be blamed for this show
The country survives like this some how

Gandhi. Well sung . patel

Nehru. What is so great in his song?

Patel. Nothing great I know. But why are getting worked up Jawaharlal. You also can song. Who stops you.

Nehru. I have refined tastes for writing poetry

Patel. That is fine. Find some. Plesae leave us to our fate.

Gandhi. Ok guys. To morrow is by birth day. I want to see how our leaders celebrate it.Have you seen this place. This is called Bapu Ghat having my memorial.

Patel. Bapu. How shitty the place is. No one takes care of this place. Looks like that. Bapu.. Look spme guys are coming here and theu appear to be some workers and sweepers

Nehru. I think they are going to clean up the area. All is not that bad as we think. People also feel responsible. I ensured it when I ruled India

Patel. Were you a king to rule. Why do you use such words. You became PM in a democracy and Bapu preferred you over me. This fact every one knows.

Nehru. Why speak all that? Fact is that I was the PM and you were only Deputy PM.

Gandhi. Come on guys . Why are you fighting now.

Patel. It is OK.

( The leader if the working party enters the garden and sees Gandhi and his friends)

Yadgiri. I am Yadgiri from Departmnet of PWD.I am responsible to take care of this place. You guys. Who are you? Why are you inside the garden? Are you some beggars or some cheats hiding here.

Patel. Come on friend. Are we looking like that? He is Bapu, Our bapu, Your Bapu, the Mahtma Gandhi for whom this place has been built.

Yadgiri. Hee.hee…hooo..haaaa. What a joke. Whom you are fooling? You will not get even one paisa for this acting

Patel. Come on yadgiri. Please do not insult us. There is no warning written here that no one should enter the garden.

( Yadgiri gets upset and his friend Narayan advises him to go ahead with the cleaning work instead of getting into arguments with the new people.

Narayan. Friends. You may go if you want or sit some where and watch. You may even help us

Gandhi. That is good. This is more human like talk.

Yadgiri.( gnawing teeth). Am I not a human?

Gandhi. Did I say that?

Narayan. Oh Bhai. Relax. We have some work to do.

( Yadgiri and Narayan orders the laborers to start cleaning the area and make it tidy for October 2 function. They complete the job in three hours and a water tanker with leaking tank throwing water on the road arrives in the mean time and sprinkles water everywhere. Then another lorry arrives with many flowering plants in big pots and the gardeners plant the trees breaking the pots. Suddenly the garden has many flowers and appears beautiful. Having finished they ask Gandhi and his friends to leave the place and when they go out, lock the gate. One guy is left there who starts painting the gate. His name is Narsimha)

Gandhi. Oh Bhai. Mr Narsimha. Why do all these things in the last minute? Is there any Chowkidar for this place?

Narsimha. Less said is better bhai. Chowkidar is there. But he is never found here. He works in the garden of a senior officer.

Patel. Oh shit. What type of administration is this.

Bapu. ( cries loud) ee…eeee. Have I given freedom for this?

Patel. Bapu. Are you thinking that you brought freedom to India.

Nehru. Then who brought it? You?

Patel. I never said. Most of the Indians do not believe it. You played some major role and there is no doubt about it. It is actually world war II that weakened UK and they left. INA was one of the major causes. Revolt of Naval rating was another reason.

Gandhi. Let it be. I am not claiming that I should be worshipped. I did my duty.

Nehru. Patel. Why unnecessarily start some discussion and Bapu gets upset about it.

Gandhi. Look boys. I am OK. I never wanted to be father of nation too. You guys have made me.

Patel. That is OK bapu. Forget the past ( sings and does jig).

Let us leave past history behind
Although ever one wants to remind
None can alter and history can not be bent
Inspite of great efforts and money that is spent

Gandhi. Yaeh.. nicely said. Hey . Look some leader appears to be coming. It is about 10 0Clock.

( A fat leader gets down froma white car and many small leaders also get down from the cars. There are many police men too with them. In the mean time many on lookers too assemble at the gate and it is found locked.)

Leader. What is this? Who has made arrangements. Is this the way?Why gate is locked. Where are the guys who are responsible to organize the show today.

Painter. Sir. The working party came here cleaned everything, locked and went away.

Leader. Where is that guy who has key. Or else break it.

( A police constable tries to open the lock with his keys and he can not do it. He brings large stone and breaks the lock and in the process injures his finger. Blood oozes out. He cries loudly)

SP Police. Constable. Well done. You sacrificed blood for the nation at a crucial hour loke this. I shall recommend you for a award.

Constable. Sir Please recommend me for Ashok Chakra award. It is the peace time highest award for gallantry. Recently Bombay police persons got it who were killed sitting in their jeep. I am no less than them.

SP. True. I shall do it. But I also must get because I supervised the ation.

Constable. Sure sir.

( He goes to the fat leader and requests)

Constables. Sir. Our SP Saheb also should get Ashok Chakra award in this operation gate opening for organiszing. Probably terrorists have spoiled the programme.

Politician. True. I shall surely do it.

( SPsalutes the leader after stiffening up. All the people along with security guys and the leaders enter the park and go to the Samadhi of Bapu. There they find some cows squatting on the stone platform. They are coolly seeing things)

Leader. Oh Shit. What is this? Why cows are here. From where they have come here?

Patel ( from the crowd) they are every where. India is the land of cows. Most scared animal of lord Krishna. No one can do any thing to them

Leader. That OK. But we have pay tributes to Gandhiji.

Patel. Why pay homage at the stones. Bapu is right here ( looking at Bapu). Bapu. Plesae come forward

( Gandhi slowly emerges from the crowd)

Ledaer. Nice show. This man is dressed like Gandhi

Gandhi. I am not dressed. I am real Gandhi. Your Bapu.

Ledaer ( Laughs) Hee…heee..haaa

SP. Haa…haa.. Hatt Buddhe, Chal . Nikal, Bhag Yahanse

Leader. There is no dearth of beggars here.

Patel. Please mind your words. We are not beggars. You have failed to see the real Gandhi, Patel and Nehruji

Leader. There is a limit to fooling us.

Patel. That means you are being fooled

Leader. I do not mean that. Any how things are getting late.Plesae drive these cows out

( Some constables arrive and beat the cows with lathis and they becomeangry. They puff loudly, stand up and give dirty look at the constables and they get scared)

Constable ram lal. Sir. The cows are angry. They may charge at us. Lathis will not do

SP. If they do not levae and try to attack fire in self defense. Weapons are with you.

Constable. Sir. To day is Gandhi Jayanthi. How can we fire?

SP. Does not matter. Arms are there to fire. Jayanthi or no Jayanthi. If Naxalites attack us to day should we keep quiet and sing ramdhun

( Gandhi gets excited at the word ramdhun and starts singing Ramdhun.. Raghupathi Raaghava Raja ram…)

Leader. Stop this drama. Get the cowscleared. I am getting late. I have to go to assembly function too.

SP. Why are you hesitating Constable Ramlal. Fire three rounds.

( Constable ram lal cocks his rifle and fires at the cows. He misses all the rounds and cows charge ferociously at the constables who drop weapons and flee for their lives. SP draws his pistol and fires at a cow. The cow ducks and escapes the bullet and in a flash the cow is on the SP who falls flat on the ground. He is badly injured. The cows trample him breaking his limbs. The Political leader and others run for their lives. The leader is very fat and is clad in Dhothi. His Topi falls down and Dhoti gets un wrapped in the melee.He runs in underpants gasping for air and drops down on the ground at the car door. Some constables lift him and put him in the car. People watching the scene laugh loudly. They clap and shout three cheers to the cows)

Laxman( On looker) This was the nicest show I ever watched at Langar houz all these years. Poor cows. What they have done.

Ram singh( on looker) True. Cows have done correct thing. They acted in self defense. Where was the requirement to fire on poor cows? Are the rifles given to fire on cows.
( In the mean time the cows collect at Samdhi and sing)

We are the brave Indian local cows
Look these leaders have taken many vows
That they would protect our people and cattle
But these men are good at their useless rattle

( Gandhi, Nehru and patel go to cows and Gandhi pacifies the cows and Gandhi sings)

Look my dear cows of India
Where has disappeared the great media?
The media guys run after the foolish leaders
Who are in the society mere germ breeders

I gave them freedom to rule well
But these clowns have made the land a hell
You cows have taught them a good lesson for all time
Now be happy and sing nursery rhymes

Nehru. Bapu . well sung. Patel How is it/

Patel. Bapu sings well

( Cows appear to be happy and they stand happily at the stone Samadhi bowing their hands as if they are praying, Gandhi feels happy)

Patel. Look Bapu.The cows are paying tributes to you

Gandhi. Appears to be. These cows are far better than these leaders and police guys. Good job done my dear cows. May god bless you.

Patel. Bapu. All is not well with these cows. They do not yield milk. Soon they will be sent to al kabeer or some local slaughter house

Gandhi. Ram. Ram.Is it true?

Pate. Absolutely true Bapu. What can we do?

Gandhi. I may have to take rebirth to prevent cow slaughter.

Patel. Bapu. Please do not do that. You will be slaughtered soon. Earlier also you were shot dead in cold blood. It was like slaughtering.

Gandhi. Plesae do not remind the old scenes. I still have pain from those bullets of Nathuram godse

Patel. Sorry Bapu. Let us go.

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel sing ramdhun and leave the garden and vanish into distance)