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Dr k Prabhakar Rao

(Nehru, Gandhi and patel are seen sitting in a small room in heavens. The room is poorly furnished and gandhias usual is seen sitting on an old cot and coughing too. He is weak and famished,)

Pate. Bapu.It is Diwali now. These Indians must be celebratingit with all glory ispite of the recession

Gandhi. True. It comes once in a year. Why they should not celebrate. Hee..hee.

Nehru. They must celebrate surely. When I was the PM of India I used to take part in all these celebrations.

Patel. Those are official Diwali celebrations. Every thing is organized. People are also given duties to shout Nehru ki Jai..jai..People are also identified to clap loudly. For each person there will be a police man in mufti. Your security was more important than celebrations and mixing up with others with was just a show.

Nehru. You are highly biased and it appears so.

Gandhi. Come on guys. Stop fighting. It is Ok I made Jawaharlaal the PM after getting independence. It however does not mean that I did not like Patel. Patel was very efficient. But I felt Jawaharal would be more acceptable top the muslims.

Patel. You hit the nail .Bapu. Now you have come with truth. You wanted some one to appease Muslims who wrecked India.
Gandhi. Patel. Will it be appeasement of Muslims

Patel. It is surely so. Then what else it will be ?

Jawaharlal. Bapu. Why all that muck now. You should have made Patel the PM. You did a mistake.

Patel. At least India would have escaped dynastic rule. ( sings)

Look at our beleaguered India.
Where son succeeds father soon
No one is eligible to the throne
They are surrounded by clappers and goons

Look now at Andhra state.
Where YSR has sadly died
His so Jagan wants to be the king
And his goons want the state to be fried

Gandhi. Who is this Jagan?

Patel. Jagan is the son of late AP CM. YSR.
Gandhi. What are his credentials to become the CM of such large and troublesome state?

Patel. Nothing. Only thing is that he is the son

Gandhi. Hee…hee.. Has he worked for the state? Has he done any scarifices for the state and poor

Patel. Nothing like that. Recently he contested as Parliamentary member and won from Royala seema. The strong place for YSR

Gandhi. Naturally he lacks experience and not matured enough to become CM

Patel. The hih command exactly feels so.

Nehru. But all his supporters feel that he enjoys majority in CLP and therefore he must be made the CM.

Gandhi. How can it be? The state needs an experienced leader capable of running the show well.

Patel. These clappers say that no experience is needed to become CM. They say he would learn.

Gandhi. Hee..heee.. How can it be possible?

Nehru. Why can’t he be given a chance once?

Patel. Is it a joke. Is the state a private property? There are many seniors in the party who are capable and dynamic

Gandhi. I am sure only those guys who were benefited from YSR want Jagan as CM.

Patel. Hee..heee..hee

Gandhi. Hoo…hoo.. Any how it is a good past time in Hyderabad for people. By the by, Patel what happened to flood situation in AP. I was told that it was grave situation

Nehru. I was also told that Government ignored the warnings from central body about possible floods.

Patel. Will the state administration agree to this? They will never do. Ant how the state has goofed up the floods. Just think. The srisailam dam was about to break up. There was severe threat.

Gandhi. Thank god. It did not burst up. Otherwise it would have been a calamity of international magnitude

Patel. It would have been a gold mine for swindlers in the state.( sings)

The state is full of swindlers
Who steal money in all works to fathoms deep
The earthen dams have been breached
While they swindled the contracts in heap

Gandhi. How sad.YSR took up many projects and I was told these were gold mines for the swindlers and I am sure these guys will also swindle again if his son is elevated to CM’s post.

Patel. Sure. It will happen. Whether it is Jagan and Mohan bagan. Swindlers will be always there. Without them the rulers can not function. From where the party gets money?

Gandhi ( Cries) eee… Is this my India of dreams?Did I get freedom to see this day?

Patel. Why cry now Bapu?You have done the greatest damage already. You can not undo things now. Bapu. I have a suggestion. Now in India we have days earmarked for all occasions. There are fathers day, mothers day, Teachers day, Valentine day, Independence day, Republic day, Your birth day, Yours death day,.. It is high time we have swindlers day

Gandhi. Sure. Why not? When some thing can not be avoided, better we accept with a smile.

Nehru. Haa..haaa..hoo..hii..hii.

Patel. Which can be that day. We have to identify that day?

Bapu, We had many scandals, Mundra affair, Bofors scam, Helicopters scam, … and many more. The day should be identified with the biggest scandal.

Patel. Which can be? Sadly no heads have rolled in these scams and no one was hanged like in China. Most of the villains have escaped.In India no scam will lead to arrest and trial of culprits because all big wigs are involved. So they are underplayed and all efforts are made to bury them.

Gandhi. Hee..hee.. Doing scams is also an art. Such guys should be given a national award titled Scam ratna. We have many ratnas and srees now. Why have not this Ratna?

Patel. Bapu. You are I never thought you could be so witty.

Gandhi. I can not crack may jokes. But I am not a joker.

Patel. I did not say that you are a joker.

Gandhi. Haa..haaa. we have deviated from serious discussions.

Patel. Bapu. Humor is the part of life. India has been screwed up so much by the leaders after we left. We can not amend it. We can only laugh at them.

Nehru. Patel. You know very well that I lived for long time after you left That means you are hinting at me too.

Patel. Surely. One can not escape responsibility.

Nehru. What is so bad against me?

Patel. Did you not screw up China policy and led India to a shameful defeat and we lost so much of land. What you have to say on this

Gandhi. What he can say. He could not say any thing even at that time.

Nehru.( Cries.)…aaa.. I did so much for this nation. Is this the result?

Patel. You know what you have done. Why cry now. Did You not goof up Kashmir thoroughly?

Nehru. There was no goofing up.

Patel. Hee…heee..Is Kashmir problem not your creation? Even to day India is fighting the scoundrels across the borders

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Better you guys change topic. I am getting vexed up.

Patel Bapu. Please do not run away from hard facts and realities. Kindly own up al goofing ups.

Gandhi.We shall discuss some other time. I am feeling giddy

Patel OK Bapu. But remember. That matter is not settled. OK bye

( Nehru and Gandhi look at each other. Nehru weeps while Gandhi consoles him)


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