Thursday, October 8, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The inevitable has happened. No one expected that this would happen so soon. Floods in AP have become blessings in disguise to the old horse Mr. Rosiah who was greatly uncomfortable at the arrows fired by the coterie including Surekha who openly gave a statement that she would no longer work in the cabinet of Rosiah if Jagan was not elevated to the throne in AP. After the sad passing away of YSR in the chopper crash, the only past time for congress party was to defend Rosiah against the onslaught of Jagan and his coterie. The news papers in the state had no other matter than Jagan politics and the drama that was unleashed in the state. The two sections of the ruling party blamed drama for full month while state suffered. Column after column in the news papers were full of Jagans cause with photos showing his supporters burning effigies and the reports on air trips to Delhi. The flexi board makers in the state made good business printing Jagans posters. The supporters at a later date burnt the government buses too in coastal AP. The saddest part is that poor RTC property becomes the target in all these murky games. The fools who burn these buses do not realize that they are causing a national damage. Buses are national property. Alas! When these foolish Indians would realize the fact? Most probably they will never as long as they are instigated by the rowdy elements who form the party cadres in the state. Such men are there in all parties. They are the sword arms of the political parties.

Sadly Mr Rosiah was at disadvantage and repeatedly gave assurances that he would step down in favor of Jagan if high command desired. He was greatly submissive and apologetic too in the beginning. His ministers did not co operate with him . Many did not even attend his meetings. There was an air of uncertainty in the state although Rosiah appeared to be in control. It was to the credit of senior leaders such as Kesav rao and Hanumant Rao that the coteries was pushed back. Of course there was lot of muck thrown at these senior men by burning effigies by the rowdy elements. A guy from district even threatened to kill one of them if they spoke against Jagan. The guy had no commonsense that such threats are never given from cell phones. The number can be easily traced. Many probably would be of opinion that these actions are spontaneous. But there is no doubt that these are all stage managed to keep the pressure. There could be some insane elements too who could do some damage to human life. Then came the tearing of posters of Sonia at Khamma. It was the last nail driven in the coffin of the departed leader and the message has gone down that Jagan had no chance and Rosiah became stronger. But all this nonsense has eaten away the most precious time of Rosiah and his advisers in planning the strategy and there was no time even to take care of probable foods. Although Rosiah claimed that he was in full control, things really did not move. Blame can not go to him. In the most difficult times he held the boat from the pirates. They were trying to hijack it.

The floods have devastating effect on the districts and the state too. The coterie suddenly became silent. In news papers there is no talk of Jagan and his moves. The message has firmly gone to them that Rosiah would be in chair for full term. They do not know what to do. The stalwarts in the coterie are no doubt desperate and probably are praying for a miracle. But miracles do not happen every time. Although demise of YSR was most unfortunate and sad it was an unexpected opportunity for Rosiah of his life time and he could have never imagined that he could become the CM of this great state. In fcat Rosiah was slowly eased out from the race of election by YSR showing his age and health. Retirement was staring at him very closely.

There is also a fear of the a split in the party and the supporters of Jagan voting against Rosiah when the day of reckoning arrives. Will it arrive? Probably will not. The only option for them is to split the party and claim for the rule. But they will never form the govt and in all probabilities. President rule would be imposed in the state. This no one would invite. So chances of Jagan have been very seriously eroded.

Mr Rosiah has taken breath and has acted by axing some of the officials like DGP and secretaries and soon ministers too would loose their position. All those men who openly defied Rosiah must go. Along with them, the shadow boxers also must be cut to size. New blood should be brought in who would co operate with the CM so that all flood relief operations would go on correctly. Rosiah must wield his axe without any mercy. He must act like Parasurama and assert himself. He has nothing to loose. He enjoys respect from opposition parties too as a senior person.The post of DGP became aya ram and Gaya Ram type. The coveted post held by distinguished men like Kalyan Rao, Bhaskar Rao, Mohanty and Swaranjit Sen became a place of severe criticism and it is the duty of the new man to restore the honor of the rank and post. Every one looks at DGP with lot of expectations and hope and dignity. So heads have started rolling and the guillotine should not stop till entire cabinet is flushed off the dead wood and undesired elements. Hope Rosiah would do it and bring order in the state. May God bless him and give all strengths. The latest controversy of failure on the part of humans in the present flood tragedy has to be taken in right spirit and some truth surely lies in it. At first count it appears that the flood waters could have been better managed avoiding the calamity. There can not be witch hunting. But the culprits must be accounted for. There are many allegations that the new projects and reservoirs were planed as part of Jalayagnam under cover of ill planning and there is a dire necessity of revealing real truth. The matter should not be brushed under carpet to protect some guys. It should be open examination by the government. Rosiah has great responsibility in front of him and he must come out successfully. People have great confidence in him.

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